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#the state of Joy
thebibliosphere · 7 days ago
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Tumblr media
Well, that’s a pleasant milestone to reach!
I know I said it was my goal to write less than a million words this year and take better care of my hands, but uhm, yeah. Sort of ballsed that up. In my defence, lots of folks with long-covid have been emailing me looking for resources and uh, yeah. Didn’t really know how to say no to any of that :/
The good news is my ring splints are doing a good job of protecting my fingers, and typing is no longer complete agony. Still hurts if I'm not careful, but I’m getting better at learning my limits and also recognizing the signs that I’m disassociating to avoid pain. So that is good.
Anyway, back to writing the fun stuff :D
Image ID: Two screencaps taken from Grammarly. The top one is on a green background, the letter “G” embedded in a golden square with the numbers 104 to denote 104 weeks of tracked writing. The top white text reads, “Gutenbergian,” while the bottom white text reads, “Two years of nonstop writing is an achievement to marvel. Keep this up and you may just change the world.”
The bottom sreencap is white with purple text, and the stalled image of a bread sandwich being pressed together. The text reads: 5,993,036 total words checked by Grammarly since Sep 15, 2019 (48,018 last week)
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nabrizoya · 7 months ago
The relationship Inej shares with her parents is so, so important to me. Not many YA books talk of the beauty of acceptance and support from a family and celebrates that love, which Inej’s parents do, for each other and their children. That’s just one reason though; found family is just as celebratory. 
More than that, Inej as a Suli girl, who is brown and an acrobat, severs many lines of linear and stereotypical thinking. Often brown cultures, with regard to parenting across continents, are thought of as very narrow or close minded, toxic, abusive, neglectful, overbearing etc. and the blame is so heavily put on the fact that these families are brown. People from these families are not held responsible; their brownness is held responsible. The cultures are used to justify that, as if such trauma were a commonplace experience in these families. If people of other cultures themselves can so plainly mention it and say parenting is just like that if people hail from these communities, imagine how much this line of thought is ingrained into children from within these cultures.
Walking into the book, I was half expecting the painful, far from her family or consistent disagreements that Inej might have seen or been subjected to. This comes in addition to the fact that YA books often loosely mention families, rarely address the impact they have on children. 
So the enormous joy of seeing such a healthy relationship between Inej’s parents, of such understanding and warmth between the morals, values and wisdom Inej holds with significance and the sort of respect she has for her parents is so deeply important to me. Not just because it breaks the aforementioned perspective, but also because it reinforces a positive influence and importance that families can have on characters. Something that YA books tend to not explore enough. It also implores you to think about healthy, established relationships and how else you could view them, no matter how minimal information canon provides about that.
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vandaliatraveler · 15 days ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
“Time is moss-green, damp. It lies on branches, serpentine. It sways to some breath we can't feel, a noiseless call; and sheds its skin to show a newer green. Anachronisms, we walk here as thin as ghosts, our inconstant color shadowless. No sound laps this island of years, but the drip of rain from a tree-top so far above us we can count to ten as each drop falls. Silent, we watch green wrap away the hour, our day, summer and an age of mind; and scan the huge hemlock giant near us, to find it rooted in a dead tree-trunk. Sustained by truisms of pattern, form, we return grateful into sun, backs cold from the green garden.”
In the Rain Forest - Beth Singer Bentley
Photos above from a walk on the Virgin Hemlock Trail in Coopers Rock State Forest during a steady, misting rain. 
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help-im-a-gay-fish · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Grief and Joy.
And here they are! Dream God of joy and new beginnings and Nightmare God of grief and death. These two are where the au started and it makes me so happy to finally draw out the designs properly. I'm not going to go to far into their story right now, but they follow and edited version of the story of Hades and Persephone 
Nightmare is the God of grief and Death
His aura doesn’t create negative emotions, but it enhances the emotions around grief. So if you feel sad, around him you will feel sadder
He was born from an apple that fell to the ground and rotted into the earth, before being watered by the tears of a titan
Very blunt as he believes people must face grief in order to get over it. 
Feared by mortals, not so much by the other gods. 
Spends most of his time alone
Dream is the only person who can make him smile
Had a garden of crystal plants made in his palace for Dream, as real plants couldn’t grow
loves yellow flowers but can never touch them.
Dream is the God of Joy and new beginnings.
His aura doesn't create joy, but it enhances it.
Was born from an apple blossom that Nim nurtured and loved
As a baby the people of Olympus believed he created happiness and were obsessed with the baby. Nim kept him hidden in her garden after that.
He acts more innocent then he actually is.
Nightmare's aura slowly drains him over time which is another reason they need to spend half the year apart, he doesn't know this though.
He loves Nightmare with all his soul and will go feral if you insult his husband.
Both Dream and Nightmare also have there 'corrupted forms' these forms are for when the gods must smite or punish mortals. All God's have them and Dream and Nightmare are no different.
Tumblr media
Shattered and Corrupted.
Very little is known about them to the mortals
Corrupter's gloop is said to be made of pure grief and send any mortal who touches it into a state of pure despair
His tentacles can grow to any length
Shattered's body is completely covered in tiny thorned vines that wrap around his bones.
The spines on his tentacles are said to have a poison that will send a person into debilitating euphoria
The longer either of them spend in these states the less emotional control they will have on themselves, and the harder it becomes to change back.
Alsoooo just for a little fluff
Because Dream's shattered form covers his body in thorns, after untransforming his bones will all be covered in scratch marks. Because off this Nightmare insists on gently cleaning them with a damp cloth. Dream feels he's over reacting, but he won't say no to affection from Nightmare.
Thanks again to @zu-is-here for all your help and support with this au! It wouldn't exist without you
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pieceofwar · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
“It’s your game. Take it." — Vasily Borgov
The Queen’s Gambit (2020)
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shadowy-dumbo-octopus · 5 days ago
Faquarl: hello and welcome to the "Fuck Humans" club, where we get together to say "fuck you" to the assholes who oppress us! Let's get started with a word from our two newest members!
Bartimaeus: okay so I think I might have misunderstood-
Ammet, clamping a hand over his mouth: excuse us for a second.
#B: we need to leave this place#A: i mean we could just kill them all. Well I could - i don't know your limited capabilities#B: okay but let's not kill Faquarl. I like him#A: assassins. Egyptian princes. Corrupt politicians. Enemies of the state. Faquarl. Is there anyone you don't like?#B: I don't like you.#A: yeah fair#Listen#Just listen#These two spark joy like matches in diesel even though they wouldn't last 5 seconds without killing each other#Well okay maybe longer - they're both talkative dumbasses so I imagine there'd have to be some kind of banter/bragging/gay speeches first#But I'm just#I need more of shadow bastard ok and the idea of him and Bart interacting again after Bort realised he cares abt humans#Yknow. Fun stuff#Positive talks#Emotional support dumbasses but they provide different kinds of support and should ideally never be left together in a room#Well I mean I'd love it if they were bc I'd love to watch the chaos but for like. Bartimaeus's health safety and general wellbeing#Shit I might request a story abt them for the fic exchange for funsies. Idk if anyone would pick it up but its worth a shot#If not tomfuckery I'd get prime post-PG/post-Ptol angst which is also good#Listen I just think they're both really neat for very different reasons#Bart is a great lad to read about and I'd love to just talk to him for like 2 hours#Ammet is like a feral cat i found digging through my trash who scratched my arm bloody when I tried to hug him#Which absolutely doesn't mean that I won't try again#Listen I'm goth I'm stupid and I think shadow monsters are neat as hell leave me be#Morons. They're both such morons I LOVE THEM I WANT TO SEE AMMET AGAIN BC I'M SURE HE'S STILL ALIVE IN THAT FUCKING AMPHORA BY PG-ERA#GIVE ME CLOSURE GIVE ME ANGST GIVE ME BANTER I LOVE THAT SHADOWY BASTARD SO MUCH AND I LOVE BARTIMAEUS SO MUCH#ERGO. I'D LOVE TO PUT THEM TOGETHER IN A SPACE AND WATCH THE RESULTING FIGHT WITH A BUCKET OF POPCORN#Bartimaeus
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blacksinperiodfilms · 8 months ago
The United States vs. Billie Holiday Official Trailer
Andra Day brings Billie Holiday to life in ‘The United States vs. Billie Holiday,’ directed by Lee Daniels.
Premieres February 26, only on Hulu.  
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