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be-g0ne-thot · 11 months ago
it’s my comfort character and i get to project onto them
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The War of the Lance
Tumblr media
Dragonlance time again.
Ten stories and a poem. The opening and closing stories this time are both from Weis and Hickman. By having the stories set around the time of the War of the Lance, the authors have a chance to dig into some of the events that didn't quite make it into the original trilogy. It's a nice touch, and made nicer by only touching a few of the stories.
Raistlin and the Knight of Solamnia, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
Raistlin's an interesting character. He was morally ambiguous from the start, and hardly anyone trusted him. And it wasn't terribly surprising when he betrayed his friends and joined the forces of evil. What was surprising, in a way, was that he wasn't motivated by jealousy or resentment or bitter anger over the mistrust he faced. No, his friends were right about him all along, it was pure ambition. He never went through a dramatic change, he just grew a bit more firm in his convictions.
That means stories like this, that take place before his turn, let the authors show off his softer side a bit more than normal without fundamentally changing his character.
What can I say? I liked it.
Dead on Target, Roger E. Moore
Our hero dies. And then he gets angry. And then he gets revenge. And then he rests in peace.
War Machines, Nick O'Donohoe
A teenaged girl with a massive crush on a Knight of Solamnia risks her life to find the gnomish weapons that could destroy their dragonarmy enemies. She gets all that and a nice little bonus besides.
The Promised Place, Dan Parkinson
It's a gully dwarf story. Actually, it's the story that set up The Gully Dwarves. And it works much better than that did for me, mostly by virtue of being shorter.
Clockwork Hero, Jeff Grubb
Gnomes are terrible inventors. In many more senses of the word terrible than one. But they're not that bad at inventing stories when it comes right down to it. And really what's a hero but someone with a sword and the right story? It turns out there's at least one gnome with a real talent for inventing heroes.
I shouldn't have liked the thing with the love interest. It was a bit too cute. But I liked it.
The Night Wolf, Nancy Varian Berberick
With enough magic, you don't have to be a werewolf to be a man who turns into a wolf. But that doesn't mean it isn't still a curse.
It's a good story. But there's nothing about it that needed to be set near the War of the Lance, or needed to be a dragonlance story, or even a D&D story at all. I don't know if it was written for this collection or not, but if not then good job finding a home for it.
The Potion Sellers, Mark Anthony
The placebo effect is a wonderful thing. Sometimes even if it shouldn't be effective, a medicine can still be exactly what you need.
The Hand That Feeds, Richard Knaak
In a world where there are multiple, jealous, vindictive gods who can each grant some but not all miracles, it can be difficult to know how to balance your reverence and your tithes for best effect. A merchant gets an object lesson on that topic that he'll never forget.
The Vingaard Campaign, Douglas Niles
One of the things that didn't make the cut in the Chronicles trilogy was the story of how exactly Laurana almost single-handedly turned around the war. This story, told in bits and pieces of collected history from journals, only gives a view from 10,000 feet. But it's still a nice view.
The Story that Tasslehoff Promised He Would Never, Ever, Ever Tell, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
I think I'm supposed to sympathize with everyone's frustration over Tasslehoff's complete inability to keep a secret. But honestly those idiots should have all known better. And if instead of spouting off cryptically and then nodding at each other's shared understanding, they'd actually spelled things out for him, then his inability to keep a secret wouldn't have been a disaster in the making.
Final Thoughts
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Tumblr media
Ko-fi request for @nbdindjarin 
 Mandalorian Lance & Jedi Keith
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One of those days
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Justice Society: World War II | Official Trailer (2021)
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I’m going home to see my mother
And all my loved ones who’ve gone home
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late atla boys halloween version ❤️
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The JSA in “Justice Society: World War II” (2021)
Jay Garrick / Flash
Carter Hall / Hawkman
Diana Prince / Wonder Woman
Rex Tyler / Hourman
Dinah Lance / Black Canary
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Being an aston martin fan in this economy :
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Hey…. Sorry for not uploading ANYWAY…. This
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justiceforallura · 7 months ago
Pidge: what’s the fruitiest element? discuss.
Pidge: i think silver is inherently sapphic but im open to suggestions
Keith: Are you kidding me? Zuko is right there. It’s fire ofc
Keith: Oh you meant the periodic table
Lance: settle down aristotle 🙄
Keith: That joke has no right being that funny.
Hunk: Thulium has an atomic number of 69
Pidge: okay but that just means thulium is the SEXIEST element. im asking which element is the GAYEST
Lance: bismuth is literally bi and looks like a rainbow
Pidge: yeah but thats such low hanging fruit. also way to pigeonhole 🙄
Lance: damn u right. sorry bismuth 😔
Hunk: I think an argument for gold can be made
Pidge: ???? explain
Hunk: Well think about all the wars that have been fought over gold. I mean ignoring the colonialism of it all for a second. But what is war if not fighting other MEN? 🤨 Idk seems kinda sus to me
Lance: fellas..........
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
DC Proposal Reactions
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whateverafterhigh · 2 months ago
It might just be an “It’s not you, it’s me” situation I have with the worldbuilding of EAH but some these royal families and dynasties cannot work how royal families and dynasties usually do without shattering the image we have of them all loving each other and getting on fine, happily ever after.
The Charming’s extended family alone is a disaster waiting to happen because there are so many of them. I was headcanoning their succession system as being an Agnatic Seniority, which means the throne would be passed across the brothers before their children. So if you take out Siegfried Charming because he has a story already, Lance Charming would be third in line for the throne and Daring and Dexter anywhere between ninth and eleventh depending on where some of their cousins fall age wise before stories are counted.
Lance Charming and the Evil Queen were described as being in the same year, so it’s safe to assume his siblings all lived through an age of “why should I be content with following this” in addition to potentially not liking each other very much (my mother was one of seven and while we didn’t meet up for a weekly ball, nor are we stupid rich and therefore extra because the upperclass nobility do tend to do everything in extremes as a general rule, the drama that has occurred in my family has lead to years of not talking to each other and holding grudges for things the other person doesn’t remember saying is stupid enough as it is. Lance Charming is one of eight.). With the sheer number of children they have between them it’s possible that the options for the next generation is a combination of a) getting their kids in marriages or stories away from home before the fighting starts, or b) married for politics either to gain support or something else.
From this parts of Daring, Dexter, and Darling’s characterisation could be pulled or developed on. Especially with the consideration that their parents would likely be leaning towards point a, directing them towards stories.
It would explain how Daring feels a particular pressure to perform his role as Apple’s Prince, as well as Dexter’s desire for the stability of knowing where he’s going to go. Even if neither of them know the specifics of why their parent’s hold that stance.
Knowing that Dexter had overheard at least some of his parent’s discussions regarding him getting Beast or hoping Darling might marry into the Charming’s of Troll Wood, and felt a certain level of dejection over not feeling anything for Rosabella would support not only his desire to marry his true love or for love, but also reinforce either point of story or politics.
Darling’s feelings about her destiny not being something she wants is proof that it’s thought of by some members of her family and not just in the way Charity Charming thinks the family is too action oriented. Because she must have picked it up from somewhere. Selfors’ work implies she got the idea from trying to copy her brothers and a book provided by her mother and while I’m not saying that neither of these couldn’t have happened, it doesn’t feel like enough in the context of all the Charming’s as a family.
I have other thoughts on this as well, particularly how the Charming’s would view other kingdoms and their opinion on the Royal/Rebel conflict happening at Ever After High, but I think the post is long enough for now.
#I don’t mind answering asks I do have a job now though so I can’t promise getting to them super fast #Auspicious and Alluring Charming’s daughter is called Fairest which means they were either gunning for Snow White somehow before the Legacy #was assigned or they were intentially snubbing the White Family somehow. Either way the possibility of Daring and Apple being a political #thing (or rather an attempt at one) would explain why the two of them thought Daring would be Apple’s Prince Charming #This way of thinking about the Charming family dynamic does have me thinking that King and Queen Charming wouldn’t have that much of an #issue with Dappling or Dexven. Dexven is especially interesting becuase of the possibility that Raven’s own kingdom is likely close to Civil #War seeing as she’s The Good King’s only heir (Queen White having married out #which is a whole othee thing) because Dexter and Raven’s possible marriage would solve each other’s problems. But on top of that they might #gain support on the Charming side of things from races like the Orcs and Half Orcs who live in the Charming’s kingdom’s and also work in #their castles—potentially giving King and Queen Charming some security regarding what would happen with their home and living situation if #one of their siblings did turn towards them. At that point a safer political move would be to have one of their younger sons to work as a #Page or something in their castle hoping that Lance will like his nephew enough to name him heir. #ever after high #eah #dexter charming #darling charming #daring charming
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tbartss · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
When the war is over...
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joestarslut · 8 months ago
it's time to read smut at midnight and forget abt my shitty family😩😁
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keefsteefs · 4 months ago
I feel like Keith loves showering and taking baths with Lance, especially after long battles, it comforts him knowing Lance is okay, sometimes when they bathe Lance will just embrace him from behind and Keith will lean back into the warmth and they’ll just sit there comforted by each other’s presence
Maybe they give eachother massages and just use that time together to relax
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firefly-in-darkness · 8 months ago
Firefly's Fic Recs - April
Tumblr media
Here are the amazing stories that I have read last month - as always, please check the tags and warnings, comment on the stories, reblog the fics and follow the writers for more fantastic content.
Appreciating the hard work and dedication of these writers just makes their day a little brighter!
Fic Recs 2021
Angst 💔 Fluff 💛 Smut 💋 Warnings ❗️ Series 📚 Favourite ✨
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes
Am I More Than You Bargined For Yet? - @buckysmischief 💔📚✨
As It Was - @heli0s-writes 💔📚✨
Begin Again - @sergeantbuckybarnes
Birthday Tiara - @babyboibucky 💋
Delicate - @sebbys-girl 💔💛📚
Disarming - @stuckonjbbarnes
Don't Give Up On Me - @angrythingstarlight 💔💛✨
Evaesdrop - @bestofbucky
Hello My Old Heart - @louhooo 💔💛📚✨
If We Were Stars - @writersbuck
It's All Coming Back To Me Now - @scarlvtbitch💔
Just Say It and I'm Yours - @whisperlullaby 📚
Lemme Deep Clean Your Hard Drive, Girl - @drabblewithfrannybarnes 💋📚
Losing You - drabblewithfrannybarnes💔💋📚
Lust at First Sight - @fandomfic-galore 💔
Perceive - @shurisneakers 💔💛✨
Riding Lessons - @gogolucky13 💋
Rooftop - @bestofbucky 💔
Situationship - @buckys-darling
Something Special - @demonsandmischief
Starved - @all1e23
Stress Relief - @honeysucklesteve 💋
Surprises - @louhooo
Used to be Mine - @girl-next-door-writes 💔
You Asshole, Bucky Barnes - @buckysforeverprincess
Sam Wilson
Honest - @xbuchananbarnes
Identity - @samwilsons-pillowpecs 💔📚✨
Shut In - @shurisneakers 💔📚✨
Sharon Carter
Permanent - samwilsons-pillowpecs
Rose - samwilsons-pillowpecs
Steve Rogers
Alter - @kleohoneyao3 ❗️
A Soldier and A Spy - @jurassicbarnes
Bikini Doubt - @thegetawaywriter 💛
Kiss the Girl - @girl-next-door-writes
Misunderstanding - thegetawaywriter 💔💛
Surviving - @nekoannie-chan
You're Happier Aren't You? - @girl-next-door-writes
Most Prized Possession - @little-diable
Ruin Me - drabblewithfrannybarnes 💋
Tumblr media
Dean Winchester
Don't Go - girl-next-door-writes
Life's Lessons - @deangirl93 💔💛💋❗️📚✨
Perfect - @mrswhozeewhatsis 💛
Tumblr media
Mistress of Death - @codenamewitcher ❗️📚
Lance Tucker
Mile High Gold - samwilsons-pillowpecs 💋
The Price of Gold - @moonbeambucky 💔❗️📚✨
Poe Dameron
A Lil Sneaky Peek - @propertyofpoeandbucky 💋
Ransom Drysdale
Jurassic Park Sex Game - @imanuglywombat 💋✨
Tumblr media
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same name!! (the sequel)
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brewerssupplies · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Alright folks! This week’s brew was very much inspired by various weapons such as the Leviathan Axe from God of War, Stormbreaker amd Mjolnir from Thor, Alucard’s Sword from the Castlevania anime, Zenith from Terraria, and the Chance Lance from the Adventure Zone. I personally very much enjoy the concept of a weapon that when thrown comes back to your hand when called. Hope y'all enjoy!
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