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#spider man far from home

Rhodey: who is this child?

Tony: what child? Where child?

*Peter is literally hanging out on the ceiling with his book*

Rhodey: what’s your name?

Peter: *whispering* dangeeeeer

Tony: *internal screaming*

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tony: stay home

peter: but i want to help

tony: you will get yourself hurt

peter: i can watch myself

tony: you are sick!

peter: i am thirsty!


peter: for adventure…

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“Blind date”


Originally posted by hllandstom

Peter Parker x Reader

General audiences

Warnings: none

The request:

“Coffee shop au! Peter and you hate Valentine’s day. Especially since aunt May keeps trying to set Peter up on a blind date. You tell him about how ypur mom is the same and you bond over that. Neither of you realizes your each others blind date”

Ok, I KNOW I said my inbox was closed but… How could I ever resist this?


“… No, May, for the last time I do not want you to set me up with your friend’s daughter… I am not- I don't…” Peter Parker was sitting inside his favorite coffee shop, comfy and safe from the bitter, freezing cold outside. But not even that was going to be enough to keep his mood from souring if this conversation with his aunt lasted much longer. “No, you don’t need to send me her picture, this isn’t about that!” He pinched the bridge of his nose, focusing all his might into not crushing the phone in his hand. That would take some explaining to do, since you were starting to place his order on the table in front of him. “Sorry, May, my coffee’s here, gotta go now. Love ya, talk to you later!" 

He hurried to hang up, placing his phone back into his pocket. He had been thinking about this all afternoon inside his sad little cubicle at The Daily Bulge, today was friday, and friday was caramel latte and chocolate croissant day there at "Strange Brew”. But when he lowered his eyes, the creamy and chocolatey goodies were nowhere to be seen.

You watched in amusement the horrified look on his handsome face as he stared, uncomprehending, at the cup of steaming bright pink liquid, and red heart shaped pastry. 

“What the hell is that?” He blurted out, and you had to suppress a giggle at the way his cheeks reddened, embarrassed at his own outburst. 

“You ordered today’s special, didn’t you?” You replied, as straight faced as you managed. He was just too adorable. “Today is Valentine’s day. That is the Valentine’s special”

Peter raised his head, looking around at all the red candles, and lovey dovey couples crowding the usually quiet store, as if only just realizing their presence. 

Knowing him, that was probably the exact case.

“Right. Yeah, of course, sorry” He mumbled.

“If you want, I can take this back and bring you your usual…” The truth was you had his latte already waiting on the counter, you had just wanted to see the look on his face. And it had been absolutely worth it. 

He turned even redder, 

“No, please, I- I don’t wanna be any bother…" 

"It’s no bother at all, Peter, really”

You insisted, but he was terrified they might take it off your paycheck or something. Minimum wage already sucked enough, he wasn’t going to make you things more difficult.

“No, really, this is ok, see?” He hurried to sip the pink tea, flinching a little as the hot beverage burned his tongue. This time you couldn’t stop a soft chuckle. He smiled shyly. 

“Sorry, y/n. I didn’t even say hi… Hi, y/n”

Your smile turned even brighter,

“Hi, Peter”

“So, it’s-” He cleared his throat, “It’s nice to see you. Out here, in the salon, I mean”

You usually stayed in the back, baking the little delicacies he loved so much.

“Yeah, well, they need all the help they can get out here today” You shrugged. Peter’s eyes scanned the little crowd of lovers again, you were probably right. 

“Yeah, I can see that, I mean- I kinda didn’t before, I was…” He started stuttering again. You wondered if he knew what it did to you when he was all blushing and bashful. “…Distracted” He finished lamely, cursing himself internally. He never knew how to act when you were around.

“Yeah, I heard” You snorted, “Let me guess, your aunt is trying to set you up on a blind date. Again.”

“Yes!” Peter sighed, exasperated, “With the daughter of a friend from work. Apparently she’s a ’ successful young entrepreneur'…”

“Workaholic. Probably kinda bitchy” You interrupted.

“… I know! And hear this, she’s also ‘very nice and sweet’”

“Oof, does she have a great personality too?" 

Peter barked out a laugh,

"How did you know?!”

“Because my mom is the same” You confessed, shaking your head, “She wants me to go out with the niece of her boss, a 'very nice guy, very smart, a little nerdy but you’ll like him’…”

“So, probably an entitled douche who blames the friend zone for everything wrong with the world” Peter was not speaking out of jealousy. He wasn’t.

You nodded,

“Oh, and you haven’t heard the best part! 'He’s been through a lot but still has a heart of gold’…”

“Oh, yeah, cuz that’s the best turn on for women, right? Trauma” Definitely not jealousy: the guy sounded like he had a lot of baggage and Peter just didn’t want you to get hurt. 


There was a lull in your conversation, but Peter wasn’t ready for you to leave yet. So he took a hurried bite at his mini-pie,

"Oh, wow” He marveled, honestly, through a full mouth, “This is incredible!”

You smiled again, and he felt inexplicably proud of himself. 

“I’m glad, I haven’t had the chance to try them out yet…” You admitted. Peter swallowed.

“Do you want to share this one?” He invited, impulsively, pushing the little plate in your direction. You bit your lip, the rush hour was far from over, but you had been on your feet all day… you met his eyes, warm and hopeful, they made the desition for you. 

“Nikky, I’m taking my rest now!” You called back, at the girl at the register, taking off your green apron. 

“Now?!” The blonde girl frowned.

“I’m the boss, kid. Deal with it.” You dismissed, taking the seat in front of Peter. His eyes widened in surprise.

“You’re the boss?”

“Yup. 'Strange Brew’ is my baby” You declared with pride. 

“Wow, that is awesome!” Peter’s genuine enthusiasm warmed your heart. You had worked so hard on your little shop. And maybe it wasn’t glamorous, and it definitely wasn’t going to make you rich, but it was your dream come true, and you loved it. “I love this place! This is the best coffee shop in all of Manhattan, I mean it”

This time, it was Peter the one reducing you to a blushing, stuttering mess. But before you could answer, the door flew open. The long haired woman’s eyes found you and Peter, and you could swear you heard him curse under his breath.

“Aunt may? What are you doing here??”

The woman came to a halt next to your table.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to barge on your date, I swear!” You could see where Peter’s nervous babbling came from. “It’s just… I texted you the address and the picture, and you never texted back, I thought you weren’t going to come so I came to apologize to y/n. Hi, sweetie, I’m May, I work with your mom?” She extended her hand to you and you took it, confused. “She texted you too, telling you we were sending Peter, but you didn’t reply either…”

“My-my phone is back in the kitchen…” You muttered.

“Wait. So, none of you got our messages?" 

Peter and you shook your heads,

"I don’t understand-”

“Wait, you?”

“You’re my blind date??” You both asked in unison, stunned.

May bursted out laughing,

“Oh my god! You didn’t know! You were both being so difficult… and still!” It took the woman a good five minutes to stop laughing enough to be able to talk again, “Any way, go on, kids. I’m just going to call your mother real quick… have fun!” She singsonged, sashaying away and out of the store as suddenly as she had arrived. Incredulous, Peter took out his cell and checked his messages, where sure enough, a very pretty photo of you in a sundress was awaiting him. He let his head fall on the table, banging his forehead.

“Oh god… we are never going to live this down, are we?”

You made a face,

“I don’t think so, no" 

Peter finally chanced a look at you. You were as red as he felt, and it somehow made you even more lovely. Your eyes seemed brighter, and the slight pout on your lips… god how he wanted to bite it, to kiss it off your face. His hand found yours on the table and he took a deep breath, encouraged when you didn’t took yours away.

"The thing is… meddling family members aside… I really like you…” He confessed.

“I really like you too…” you admited. His boyish, toothy grin made your heart skip a beat.

“Then, maybe… would you like to go out on a date with me? A real one, I mean. One my aunt hadn’t set is on" 

You couldn’t help it. You knew the whole salon would see you, but with all the PDA going on around those tables, you didn’t think anyone would really mind. So you crossed the distance between you, practically throwing yourself on the table, just to capture his lips with yours.

It took him about half a second to respond, his soft lips moving against your own, coaxing you open for just a little taste, but enough to make your head swim. You felt his hand go to your chin, cupping your face softly, tenderly. 

"Yes” You breathed against the kiss, “Yes, I’ll go out on a date with you" 

The whole shop bursted out in applause. 

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harley: have i ever told you how cute you are

harley: this cute little eyes

harley: ilysm

peter: aw well, …

peter: you are tackling to your cactus you glued goggle eye on again aren’t you

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Originally posted by underoos-tom

  • Youd probably expected him to cry a bit, maybe just a few tears and sniffles, but suprisingly enough peter will end up full on sobbing in your arms holding on tightly to both you and the frame of the painting
  • Aunt may might even cry a bit too, she’ll also be the one to help pry peter off of you and calm him down 
  • Peter absolutely loves it to say the least, is amazed that this is what you were making when you asked him to muse for you, after all that time of standing in that position wondering what this could be all for he finally gets to see it, feeling a burst of warmth and admiration in his chest the moment he processes what the image was along with a new urge to smother you completely into his chest 
  • Hanged up above this desk for him to admire every day as peter drags you under the covers of his bed to cuddle into you and satisfy his touch starved needs for you
  • You can continue to celebrate peters birthday later but for now let him sink into the plushness of his baby boy
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Jake and his new long hair are KILLING ME! Could you write something about running your hands through his hair pretty please??

Pairing: Jake Gyllenhaal x reader

Thanks for the request, hope you enjoy! Sorry it’s short and kind of stupid I wrote it fast. If you or anyone else has anymore requests, request away :)

Jake could stare at you all day, as creepy as it sounded, he really could; he felt as if you were a work of art, beautifully handcrafted, made to such perfection that someone could look for hours on end and never find a flaw. However, at this moment he would rather do anything else other than staring at you because Jake had been watching you, patiently, as you finished your book for the last hour.

At first, it was nice as he watched your bright (y/e/c) eyes scan the book in happiness as you read the words, but even though Jake could never get bored of you, he was getting tired of looking at the work of art that was your nose in a book, he just wanted your bright, beautiful eyes to look at him.

“(Y/n),” Jake whined.

You did not respond and instead flipped another page of your book.

“(Y/nnn),” he whined again. (Y/n), (Y/n), (Y/n),” Jake said in a sing-song voice.

Slowly you placed your bookmark in between the pages you had stopped reading and with a slow, slightly freighting snap you closed the book. Jake watched you nervously, now regretting his decision to disrupt your reading time.

“Your right Jake, I’ve been selfish, ignoring you all day.” You said inching closer to him.

“This is true, I’ve really missed you,” he said, a pout on his lips.

And in a second you were sitting on him, hands playing with his beard and slowly moving up to his long, brown hair; oh how you loved his hair.

A moan escaped his lips as your polished nails combed through his locks

“I’m never cutting my hair, I promise,” he mumbled, as your soft fingers continued to play with it.

“Good cuz I’ll never let you,” you said placing a sweet kiss on his lips.

The rest of the day was not spent with your nose in a book but instead cuddled you in each other’s arms, gently playing with the other’s hair, until you both fell asleep wrapped in a warm embrace.

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