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#Buck x Ravi
daily911 · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
EVAN BUCKLEY & RAVI PANIKKAR 911: Season 5 Episode 7, Ghost Stories
Image ID: 4 gifs of Buck and Ravi searching for a missing victim in the dark. They start to dig to rescue someone buried alive.
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i-have-zero-chill · a month ago
and if Ravi flirts with Buck and Eddie sees it and gets jealous? then what
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theawesomedashing · a month ago
Fans : We want Buddie
9-1-1 :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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(Buck and Eddie arrive at the 118, and are surprised to see what looks like a wedding chapel set-up in the firehouse - chairs split into two groups by an aisle running down the middle, covered in rose petals, and a big wooden wedding arch at the other end with Bobby standing under it, and Christopher beside him)
Buck: What the -
Eddie: - Hell?
(Chim and Hen, both wearing boutonnieres, rush over and pull Eddie down the aisle to stand next to Christopher - who is wearing a suit and grinning)
Eddie: What is going on? Christopher what is going on?
Buck: Yeah, what is going on?
(Maddie, wearing a dress and heels, rushes over, grinning, to stand next to Buck and smoothes out a crease in his uniform shirt)
Buck: Maddie what -
Maddie(to Ravi, upfront): HIT IT!
(Ravi hits a button on his phone and the wedding march starts to play. Maddie beams at Buck, loops her arm through his and starts walking him up the aisle. Buck sees some of the 118 squad, including Hen, starting to cry. They get to the end of the aisle and the music stops, and Maddie gives Buck a little shove forward to stand across from Eddie)
Buck(staring at an equally confused Eddie): Seriously what the fu-
Christopher: - Language!
Eddie: Bobby, can you please explain what the heck is going on?
Bobby(who is standing between Buck and Eddie): I'd be happy to.(to the crowd)...Ladies, and gentleman, we are gathered here today to join this oblivious idiot (gestures to Buck) and this oblivious idiot (gestures to Eddie) in holy matrimony...
Buck and Eddie: WHAT?!
Athena(seated in the front row): Fuckin' finally...
Christopher: Language!
Athena: Sorry, baby.
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Albert: You know, Ravi and I got off on the wrong foot but I think we’re gonna be good friends.
Buck: You be careful with that.
Albert: What? Why?
Buck: Because first, you’re petty and jealous, and What’s your problem, man? and now you’re annoyed and angry. Then You can have my back any day which turns you into a blushing stuttering mess because how can it not when he’s so unbearably hot? Then you find out he has the most adorable kid in the world and you’re swooning. Then one day, when you’re at your lowest and think he’ll never forgive me for this, you get shocked with There’s nobody in this world I trust with my son more than you and that’s when you know you’re screwed. And when things just started to get back to normal, he’s 40 feet under and you’re trying to dig him out with your bare hands. Then your shitty parents in town and once again managed to fuck with your life, and you’re not in the right state of mind to be dating. But then he asks his son’s former teacher out and you’re heartbroken because you thought you and him had something special, and he will wait for you but clearly not. Then his son shows up at your doorstep because he’s upset and you’re his safe space. Then you find a new friend and suddenly he is jealous, and you think maybe it’s not one-sided after all, and you want to talk about it. Then out of nowhere he gets shot and your whole world crumbles, and he whispers pained Are you hurt? when he’s the one bleeding out through your trembling hands. And now you’re breaking down in front of his son because this is too much and it should’ve been you who got shot. Just when things settled down, he’s all soft and Because Evan and that’s when you find out that he made you his baby daddy a freaking year ago and was sitting on this information for unknown reasons.
Eddie: 👀
Chimney: Wow, that... was oddly specific.
Buck: And when you’re lulled into a false sense of security, he dumps his girlfriend and the next thing you know you’re banging each other on his awful couch.
Eddie: In my defense I was left unsupervised.
Chimney: Buck was your superv-... Ok, I see.
Buck: I regret nothing.
Eddie: And my couch is not awful.
Buck: You did not sleep on it, Eddie. That thing is horrible!
Eddie: Well, it was plenty comfortable last night.
Buck: smooth fucker.
Eddie: *smug*
Albert: Does Ravi have any kids I should know about?
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swiftiediaz · 3 days ago
ravi: what are you guys most scared of?
buck: losing eddie and christopher.
eddie: aw, that's sweet.
eddie: ...
buck: ...
eddie: hildy
buck: ...
eddie: what?
buck: that's your biggest fear? hildy?
eddie: she's evil, buck!
ravi: you guys are weird.
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spasticbookworm · a month ago
Hen and Chimney meet in a utility closet to compare notes on Buddie at least once every shift.
They have notebooks and highlighters.
Hen claims she's gone through 3 notebooks already.
Chim has used up every yellow highlighter in the station and stole Maddie's pink one from home that morning.
"When they finally get together we're getting all this bound into a book," Hen says, starting her 4th notebook.
"It's too hot to be in this closet," Chim says and points out how Buck gave Eddie extra time on the charger all the time during the blackout.
"We're gonna get caught eventually. Why cant we meet on the roof?" Hen shows Chim her timeline of Eddie Smiling At Buck from lunch.
"Cap put a moratorium on the roof unless theres an emergency," Chim replies. He fans himself with Hens notebook before handing it back.
"It is an emergency if I have to stay in this closet breathing these fumes for much longer. When did we get so much cleaning supplies?"
"B shift decided storing the regular cleaning supplies with the truck cleaning supplies was better space management."
"They hugged twice, not once. Eddie brought Buck coffee this morning. You were half asleep in your own and didn't notice." Hen points to her Chart of Hugs for the day. They're actually averaging less then usual the last few shifts. Probably the heat. "So what's in the upstairs closet then?"
"Seriously? I brought him baby pictures and all I got was a shoulder slap. Cap turned it into a pantry I think."
"Do you want more Buck hugs?" Hen asks. She closes her notebook and tucks the pen in the spiral.
"I mean the man gives amazing hugs so I wouldn't say no," Chim says. He finishes highlighting the seating placement of both men for breakfast and lunch.
"Fair point, I-" The door opens. Ravi stares at them. They stare back.
"I just needed a clean rag?" His eyes drop to the notebook in Chims hand.
"Nothing to see here probie!" Chim says and Ravi's eyes widen, catching on Buck and Eddie's names.
"Is this about them falling asleep in the same bunk the other night?"
Hen and Chim stare. As one the each grab and arm and pull him into the closet.
"When was this and tell us exactly what you saw!" Chim exclaims, readying his pen.
"This closet is too damn small and hot for three people. We need to find a better meeting place," Hen says. But she opens her notebook back up and writes down everything Ravi says.
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buddiepornasks · 9 days ago
Bobby: Ravi, you're with Hen today.
Hen: Not that I'm against working with Ravi, Captain, but why the sudden change?
Bobby: *looking at Buck and Eddie* Because Bert and Ernie over there have been harassing me in my office all week and I'd like to work in peace.
Buck: 🥺
Eddie: *looks away with hand on the back of neck*
Bobby: I already said yes, Buck. Enough with the eyes.
Eddie: He can't help it. He's part puppy.
Bobby: 😐
Eddie: *clears throat*
Ravi: They offered me 50 dollars to bother you, too, Captain, but I said no.
Buck&Eddie: Shut up, Ravi.
Hen: Idiots.
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daily911 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For security reasons, most residential doors open inwards, which is why the hinges aren't on the outside and you can't just saw them off.
requested by @maddieandchimney
Image ID: 2 gifs from 911: Season 5 Episode 5, Peer Pressure
gif 1: Hen looks confused as she slowly looks back at Ravi and Buck speaking.
gif 2: Hen stares at Ravi and Buck in confusion and disgust.
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morganofthefairies · a month ago
I’ve made this joke in the tags a few times but I feel like it deserves its own post:
Ravi has a crush on his hot new coworker Buck, and he’s been trying to figure out what the fuck is going on between Buck and Eddie because seriously? Are they dating? Married? Exes? What is happening?
(More importantly, how does it affect his chances with his hot new coworker?)
Anyway, the more he interacts with them, the more confused he gets, and the whole scene with Buddiepher + Ana just made everything 5 million times more confusing.
Every time he asks someone what’s going on between them, they either laugh and walk away, or sigh and walk away, and he just wants someone to tell him what his chances are of getting railed by Buck.
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Ravi:...Man, it's so great that Buck and Eddie are such close friends, y'know? I want a best friend like that at work with me! They're best friends who risk their lives for each other, give each other looks and smiles that they don't use on anyone else, they cry when the other's hurt, they don't like each others' exes because they hurt their bestie, and don't like each other's current girlfriends in case they WILL hurt their bestie, Buck is Eddie's son's legal guardian -
Chim: - I'm gonna tell him.
Hen: Don't you dare!
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incorrectbuddie · 4 months ago
Albert: How did you know you loved Buck?
Eddie: Well, a good romance starts with a good friendship.
Buck: And a bad romance starts with a “ra ra ah-ah-ah, roma roma-ma, gaga ooh la la”.
Eddie, to himself: You signed up for this. You said yes. You said “I do”.
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jackles-coded · 25 days ago
And we're that much closer Buddie peeps
When Taylor looked so worried as Buck walked in, I actually was glad. I was like 'okay if he isn't going to be with Eddie and Christopher, at least he's getting to come home to someone who cares about him and was worried for him after this ordeal'. And then I saw the look. The sort of side eye. Then I saw her interrogation under the guise of concern. Then I remembered the wording of her phone call when Buck was walking in. And then I immediately went 'yep'.
This relationship isn't going to be long lasting. And if there is anymore alleged "ethical conflict" between Eddie and Taylor happening, here it be... And just starting. (something we won't see progress until we see what happens in 5x08) It's going to be all about either this particular case or about her getting the info from Buck and using it in another case.
Don't get me wrong, I like Taylor but they are not holding back in letting the audience know that something is very wrong with Buck and Taylor's relationship. It almost seems as if both are being performative or going through the motions. They're both trying but it's obvious there's a disconnect that we still haven't seen be addressed or truly brought to the forefront. But it's there.
Plus, Eddie being the one to suggest using Taylor's reporter cred to Mitchell about getting the story of his son spread around vs Taylor not reporting on the story but so obviously trying to get information from Buck about it? Hello parallels, my old friend.
And they even gave us the contrast of the scene between Buck and Taylor vs the sweet heartwarming one with Eddie and Christopher. After they just had Eddie and Buck spaced out in the hospital waiting room (even though we know they were both clearly concerned about one another when being taken hostage, and we saw Buck's panic when he heard the gunshot) and very uncharacteristically not showing us any kind of emotional resolution for these two this episode (though it clearly calls back to the emotions for both in 4x13 and 4x14 & Buck "no one will ever fight for my son as hard as you" reacting each time Christopher is mentioned and even gets clocked in the head for it). And we also don't see Eddie panic even though he's on the other end of a gun again and he is one cool customer...
It's all coming together, folks. I'm not saying we'll get canon Buddie immediately but the final pieces are being moved into place.
Can't wait for 5x08.
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