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Giving adequate space to others on the trail should never make you feel sheepish. As you climb to new heights and explore America’s national parks and other public lands, please recreate responsibly. Avoid butting heads, observe social distancing, leave no trace, and comply with state and local guidance. We believe in ewe. Photo of Bighorn sheep walking along a mountain top at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, by Jacque Howard ( 

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“Watch the flames from afar if we must, but don’t let our vanity convince us we can be the savior. Man as savior, pinned to two trees in the shape of a cross is an invention of man’s mind just as surely as the natural world isn’t. Embrace not knowing and accept our failure. It’s the natural conclusion of the American Conservation Movement: true conservation. Trees will fall and they will make sounds, even if we aren’t around to hear it.” (x)

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Going back through all your memories of Mount Rainier, do you remember your favorite sunset?

Now this can actually be a tricky question, because you first have to decide is your favorite sunset from inside the park or outside?

Some folks swear by scenic spots on the western half of the park. The fire lookouts do have pretty big, sweeping views of our favorite mountain. There are also many places along the Wonderland Trail where you might have glimpsed the mountain at sunset too.

But hear me out. Some viewpoints outside the park are pretty awesome for sunset too. Have you stopped at Dogwood Park, just north of Eatonville on SR 161? You can see all three summits from there. Three cheers for Kerry Park in Seattle for getting the Space Needle next to Mount Rainier. How much more Pacific Northwest can you get?

What is your favorite sunset memory of Mount Rainier? Do you think the best sunset view is inside the park or out? ~ams

NPS/S. Redman Photo (top).View of Mount Rainier near sunset from Eatonville area. January, 2011. NPS/E. Brouwer Photo (middle). Sunset from Gobblers Knob Lookout showing a mountain turned pink by sunset light. July, 2014. NPS/S. Redman Photo (bottom). A meadow full of fall color with Mount Rainier at sunset. October, 2014.

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There’s just no other place quite like Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. With its sheer size and scale, looking out across this massive landscape of canyons, cliffs and colors can be overwhelming. From every overlook at every time of day, the view is always changing, but never uninspiring. Currently open for Memorial Day weekend, the park is working with federal, state, tribal and local public health authorities to take a responsible approach to increase access of public lands while reducing the potential exposure of COVID-19. Photo by NationalPark Service.

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