lanasloner · 2 days ago
tw ed
When you've been restricting great all week and then you binge.
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lecc · a day ago
thinspo ~~
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mxrsc0re · a day ago
my goal is to become th1n$p0 to other people
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starving-for-perfection4 · 23 hours ago
Not me sitting in class, casually scrolling through thinspo.
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4nademigirl · a day ago
this is my thinspo for the day
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hoping to lose 10 pounds in the 10 diet im doing right now..
for anyone curious:
Day 1: 200 kcal
Day 2: 150 kcal
Day 3: 100 kcal
Day 4: Fast
Day 5: 25 kcal
Day 6: Fast
Day 7: 50 kcal
Day 8: 75 kcal
Day 9: 150 kcal
Day 10: 200 kcal
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skinnyfatgirlsblog · a day ago
why does my tiktok show me food videos when i’m fasting😫
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luluslemons · a day ago
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sashinka2 · 2 days ago
I need to remember that cravings are things that pass by time and I just need to take more control
Instead of eating hummus with pita or any of the shit I like to eat I’ll eat 1 boiled egg with tomatoes salad and green tea!
Wish me luck I’m literally a failure
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sludgem0nst3r · 15 hours ago
My entire motivation for doing literally anything is that it probably burns calories
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wastedvessal · a day ago
I would do anything to be pretty.
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devilwithdollface · a day ago
I wanna lose the fuck weight again but it’s so fucking hard ughh.
I don’t eat all day and then in the evening I start eating and it fucking sucks.
It pisses me offffff
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thinningdiary · 2 days ago
What to do after #2
The safest way to break a fast: 
Drink water (This is especially important if circumstances prevented it during the fast)
Eat a small meal  (Eating a large meal immediately after a fast can strain the digestive system)
Chew food thoroughly (Chew each bite at least 30 times)
Eat cooked foods (Go for foods that are easier to digest, such as cooked vegetables instead of raw.)
Avoid experimenting (Trying new foods after a fast can make digestion harder and may make a person feel ill.)
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lowcalfairybones · 23 hours ago
If there is one thing that tumblr taught me is that every ed girl wants to be a fairy / nymphet
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mxrsc0re · a day ago
hi everyone i just made a f@sting circle come join!!! <33
* click on the link, download the app if u haven’t already and join the circle! :)) /safe
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wonderlusted-flowers · a day ago
Tumblr media
I know sometimes eating can be really stressful, so I have some recipes that I go to that dont make me feel guilty and is satisfying while still being low in calories.
So for the girlies, who are having hair issuez. Make sure that you are either doing fish oil or incorporate some salmon here and there.
This recipe also has ginger and lemon, which makes it a type of detox soup. This is also pesecatarian and gluten free.
×salmon detox soup× ~187 cal-200 cal
>Salmon - season how you like , I used salt, pepper, garlic
>Zucchini noodles- salt and pepper
>Veggies-broccli, tomato, fresh ginger ( I use small amounts of everything so its all balanced)
>Squeeze lemon juice on top when serving
Tips: I put a little bit if minced garlic in the pan with a dab of oil before cooking noodles and veggies.
Fry salmon first, then cook noodles.
Stay safe~ this will look like alot of food but its low in cal and filling.
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ifuckinggiveup · 2 days ago
i’m 15 hours into my 48 hour fast i’m attempting this weekend… i’m starting to feel the hunger… please send me inspo to help me make it through bc i wanna binge so bad but i also want to feel as light as a feathery boney angel
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twigcxtie2199 · 2 days ago
The fact that my safe foods are all triggers for me is a very good example of my lack of character
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th1nsp1r4t1on · a day ago
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♧BMI 17.0♧
My accounts keep getting yeeted 😭
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anadelaide · a day ago
imagine being so weightless and floaty and dainty and small
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dy5ph0r1c · 2 days ago
cw: idk for now but the last time i weighed it was 81.1 kgs. (edit: i’m 80.2 kgs)
gw: 65 kgs
ugw: 50 kgs
smaller gw: 75 kgs
height: 165.2 cm (5.5ft)
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