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support · 2 years ago
Everything okay?
If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, you are not alone.  
If you are located in the U.S., contact the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) Helpline at 1-800-931-2237 for support, resources, and treatment options.
If you are located in the United Kingdom, The Beat UK is here to support people who have or are worried they have an eating disorder.  You can find all of the support services they provided by clicking here.
If you are located anywhere in the European Union, you can find support resources in your area at Mental Health Europe.
If you need some inspiration and comfort on your dashboard, follow Post It Forward on Tumblr.
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mollysalt · 2 days ago
The non gendered urge to check your body in every reflective surface
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wheres-the-control · a day ago
[tw: ed]
I bought a skin-tight dress for a new year's eve party so now I have even more motivation to lose weight
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aaaaaaaaihaveproblems · 4 months ago
My goal in life is to look like a Tim Burton character without makeup
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jaellaela · 3 months ago
My safe foods / comfort food ideas / TW ED
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-1 cup of puffed rice has 70 calories.
- Popcorn With 31 calories per cup.
-with 1 cup (128 grams) of raw carrots delivering just 52 calories.
- Bubble gum zero calories.
-Cereal bar, 100 calories less or more. depending on which I picked.
-Rice cake 1 cake has 35 cal.
The last one but no less important. green tea, ever best friend. I recommend you a lot puffed rice. but could be addictive , just buy the individual portion. drink water and take care of yourlself . first post that i write... <333
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a-bonetopickwithmyself · 5 months ago
sending love for every person struggling with an ED right now. This shit sucks, and you are valid in your ED no matter what other people may say <3
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wanyang · 7 days ago
. 。 ♡ 。  ♡。  ♡
♡。 \  |  /。 ♡
. ° -15 lbs by christmas .°
♡。 /  |  \。 ♡
. 。 ♡。   。  ♡。
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ribc4ges · 4 months ago
this is just a reminder for everyone with a restrictive ed to always keep at least one snack (can be a safe food) on you that will bring up your blood sugar in case you faint/pass out during fasting!
some examples:
granola bar
hard candies
soda/juice (not diet)
rice cakes
dried fruit
fruit snacks
+ more
dont worry about the calories, this could save your life!
Tumblr media
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