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(눈_눈) – smart and not pleased about anyones stupid bullshit.

They’re all damn extras, so why should i care?! And damn well I’m smart, glad you know, extra.

Yuuuup, life sucks, i wouldn’t say im smart, but man am i DONE with people’s shit.

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ok, here's an idea for a bnha comic strip (cuz I’m too lazy to do it myself). so Aizawa has assigned everyone in class  1-A  a “study buddy”. deku scrub is paired with bakahoe Deku sneezed and off in the background you can just see the bakubitch dousing himself in hand sanitizer.

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I don’t understand why people can recognize perverts as toxic characters but willingly romanticize bullying as being tsundere

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Everything. Literally everything. I-I-I just…just…how in the great existence of all that is holy AND unholy can ANYONE like this insufferable dickmunch fuckstick bitchcuck?!?!?!?!?!?! Motherfucker LITERALLY told Izuku to off himself by jumping out a window and hoping his Quirk would appear. TELL ME HOW THIS LIVING MISTAKE IS LIKEABLE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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Hey bae, guess who is sliding in here to answer the question thingy about how much I know about you, so here I go man First name: Charline Nickname: Lin (which i gave you winkwonk) Age: SHIT 23 Lemme be right here bc it was your birthday Gender: Female and a hot stud above that, keep your hands of this limited piece of beauty Sexual Orientation: We talked a lot about this so i'd say NO LABEL ATTACHED to you my love Nationality: We german patatas and part two is coming right up madam - Shiro

Here it is Relationship status: A boyfriend that Id like to punch Likes: ME, anime boys and chicks, seiyuus, music, ranting and lots more but im gonna keep it short bc im bad at keeping myself short anyways Dislikes: LINE COMPANY, salt (how can you), people Random fact: She is bad at voice messaging but I love to listen to her voice nonetheless and bTW HER SINGING IS GREAT - oops those were two not sorry at all tho - Shiro

FUCK add to the likes: OCs , did i pass? - Shiro

Cupcake 💕 You know everything, EVERYTHING! You pass with an S <3 Seems like you almost know me better than I do! 

I was so surprised because no one actually ever replied to this? 🙈

I had to laugh a lot and I hope everyone else reading this as well :D Guys, that’s all the plain truth and I never realized that my life reads like the script of a comedy series?  😂 Tho, I have to add that my singing is not that great, but Shiro’s is! 
By the way, no fear babe <3 I’ll forever be only yours!

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