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#blood splatter

Dove’s Eye (2020) 

Since starting work, it’s been kind of hard to do art like I was doing before. So it’s kind of nice that I could get back into it, even if it is a little late for something this bloody. 

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Two versions :D

seems i forgot to post this yesterday oops <3

This is one of my fave vocaloid songs

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[ID: Gif of a black girl in her bathroom hovering above the ground. She is suspended by two bloody fairy wings that have sprouted from a new wound on her back. She is bathed in a red light emanating from above her mirror. Her body hangs limp and occasionally the wings twitch together weakly. :END ID]

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Everybody is taking pretty landscapes of Tsushima, and here I am - just realizing something new about myself. The thing I found GoT did beautifully and I can’t stop photographing. A macabre little thing called Blood Splatter. I know, it’s so Dexter Morgan - I just can’t stop.


Also - since tweeting is not an option for me, can somebody please reach out to Sucker Punch and tell them I suggest they take the story to the mainland Japan in the sequel and go full Batman/Jason Todd with The Ghost in Kyoto with Tomoe as his Selina Kyle. Helping people, hunted by The Shogun’s Samurais.

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Grifter’s Bone concert poster, signed by the man himself!

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When should you use one or the other? Well according writingexplained, “splatter” is used when one talks about a large splash of liquid. On the other hand, “spatter” is used when referring to a small splash of liquid, and is commonly referenced when describing a crime. An easy way to remember when to use one or the other, is noting “L” in the words “large” and “splatter”.

Reposted from @crimescenecleaning on Instagram

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My blood splatter headband came in yesterday. It reminds me of a few AUs, writing WIP and Dexter. I’m going to wear it while I write too.

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