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#catra redemption
scrabbleknight · 2 days ago
Some random dude: You can't like this character! They're a horrible person!
Me: That's exactly why I like them.
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mwagneto · 2 days ago
ok but i love this coz literally the main reason i hated loki was coz i hate characters who never rly face consequences or learn any lessons but i LOVE redemption arcs where they're forced to face the shit they've done and what it's gonna lead to and have a full ass mental breakdown like fuck yeah that's the insanely specific character development trope i love to see. hi
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raiicore · 6 days ago
Do you think Sasha is being handled well?
Ok so it’s very early in her arc, but yes, actually. She admits to her mistakes, and even though it takes her a while, she cares about her friends. She helped Anne, once realising that friends are more important than power, and she is trying her best. Gotta remember she’s only 14
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akari-hope · 9 days ago
Metas that describe how Catra’s redemption arc/ her learning to be a more selfless person hinged solely on Adora have never sat right w/ me bc there are clear canonical examples of her showing compassion & cognitive empathy toward others who’ve done nothing to warrant that (including SW). We see her personality change drastically when she’s away from the volatility of the Horde- she’s shown to be much warmer & softer. I’m not disputing her past problematic behavior, but she’s not some previously
2/2 petty brat who was a horrible person pre-redemption just because she felt like it (like some claim?!), she’s been routinely traumatized & her natural personality is buried deep under layers of trauma & associated survival mechanisms, one of which is shown to be fronting.
first off, i am SO sorry for being so late to this ask anon. wasn't my intention to ignore this for so long.
and yeah, i feel you! like yes adora was a catalyst for change for catra, but also...she was the one who enacted the change. she committed to a large-scale change largely bc of adora, but it's not like she didn't have any kindness or compassion in her before that. in fact, i'd argue she's NATURALLY fairly compassionate. like you said, it's just buried down beneath trauma. she's not an infallible person even before adora leaves, but pretending like she's some heartless person is so untrue it verges on hysterical (like WHY would she need to push people away at all if that were the case...). the kind of change she makes in season 5 isn't possible unless she WANTED to choose kindness. acting like that entirely hinged on adora and none of catra's own doing is disingenuous at best.
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chaoticnerdsstuff · 16 days ago
👏Azula👏being👏14👏 doesn't 👏excuse👏every👏 part 👏of👏his👏behavior👏
Anyways anon since I barely woke up. I will act on impulse and call you a dumb shit.
You're right Azula being a child doesn't excuse her behavior. She was manipulative to everyone and abusive toward Ty Lee. But since you're an idiot, I'm going to explain it to you
"BuT ShES ThE ANtOgaNist"
I apologize but Azula as far I'm concerned didn't kill anyone when she took over ba sing se. Or in her reign. Oh but look at fucking Iroh and the mess he did AND HE WAS AN ADULT?
Did she do fucked shit? Yeah sending the kyoshi warriors and her best friends to prison was fucked. No excuse for that.
Like Zuko she was abused by Ozai. But she didn't have the emotional support as he did. She didn't have anyone and the people she thought did care for her betrayed her.
OH BuT ShE TRIED To kill ZukO!!!
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thequeerunicorn · 17 days ago
How do you feel about Hordak and his redemption.I know it is difficult question.Can we just accept it and forget everything that the done?I think i can.If i don’t hate Catra for what she did i cannot hate Hordak.In many ways they are similar. Hordak was just a tool for Hord Prime.Tool that was discareded for its imperfection. He never knew love or friendship.He just knew war and when he found himself on Etheria he done what he knew with a hope that one day his "older brother" will recognize his worth.Could he choose something different?I don’t think so.Probably Entrapa was first person ever that befriended him and accepted him as he was.He did not need to prove anything to her.This changed him.Make him question,and when the time came he choose her instead of Hord Prime. Did he earned his redemption by doing it? What do you think?
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save-the-cat · 18 days ago
Shadow Weaver's """redemption""" is not her realizing she loves Catra/Catra deserves love, it is nothing like that. It is her realizing that Adora loves Catra, and that the only way left to save Adora is to make sure that Catra is safe, too. She's realized that the only times Adora ever pushed back on her is when Catra was at stake, because Catra comes first to Adora. And in the last few episodes of season five, Adora stands up to Shadow Weaver and tells her that she will never love/trust Shadow Weaver for anything, because of the way she treats Catra.
It was not a redemption; Shadow Weaver does not care about Catra, only Adora. She saved Catra because she was not enough for Adora anymore, and she knew that Catra would be.
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More Consistencies in She-Ra
Entrapta only eating tiny food
Mermista & the Fright Zone’s sewers
After Protocol where the Horde trio bonded, all their scenes together after showed that their relationship had improved
It’s such a small thing, but they do their best to remind you that there is canonical She-Ra merch out there. Like the poster in Double Trouble’s tent or the doll held by that kid in season 5 episode 1
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
No one liking or trusting Shadow Weaver. No one. Not one person. (excluding Glimmer for like half a season)
Scorpia not knowing that Shadow Weaver was in Bright Moon, bc Catra never told her what pushed her to go back to the Fright Zone at the end of season 3
In season 5, after episode 2, Entrapta got better at telling people when her current tech obsession was to help her friends, like when told Swift Wind that her analyzing the chip connections wasn’t about tech but about their chipped friends in s5:e11
Swift Wind being around Etheria before he came back to the main group in s1, like when he ate the apples in Plumeria
Speaking of, Swift Wind eating the apples in Plumeria being the only story Bow told at Princess Prom
The princesses in season 5 not instantly knowing that Catra was on their side
Ok the fact that they kept repeating the word “perfect” in s4:e1 was not appreciated, and gave me flashbacks to s3:e5
Adora not knowing that Catra was on Prime’s ship with Glimmer
Adora’s need to fix things(poor baby) leading her to misremember/misinterpret Angella’s last words as her needing to look out for Glimmer instead of them taking care of each other
(And no one being able to call her out on it bc no one else was there)
Catra’s goons from the Crimson Waste popping up every now and then to remind us that yes, they are still alive
Everyone making fun of Adora’s hair poof
Adora’s hair envy with She-Ra
The BFS gradually abandoning plans in favor of improvising
Bow having an arrow for everything, even things he shouldn’t have an arrow for(aka a magnifying glass)
Castaspella having none of Shadow Weaver’s shit
The Star Siblings actually starting rebellions across the universe like the agents of chaos that they are
Sea Hawk and Mermista being both hopelessly in love but also extremely chaotic
I mean, did you see their scenes in s5:e7? Their chaotic energy is unmatched
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also, how did Perfuma not see that, I’m actually wondering
Frosta is once again asking for people to pay her back for the destruction of Princess Prom
Tumblr media
Hordak and Catra’s “small” disagreement before being taken by Horde Prime
Swift Wind asking for a chair in the war room(and never actually getting one lol)
I’m actually surprised I was able to think of so many more of these
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