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#college struggles

My name is Jai, my mother just passed away I had to help bury her with all of my savings and I recently lost my job. I was supposed to be moving into a new place but, I unfortunately have no finances left. I have to find a place and a move in fee will be expensive along with uhaul fees and the first months rent which I had originally saved for. Please help me raise the money to move into a new place or else I will no where to go. My mother’s place wasn’t paid for and too expensive for me to keep. I would have to down size to something affordable. I am struggling to make ends meet anything would help.(LINK BELOW)

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I wish I knew what direction I was gonna take next in my life. I’m literally stuck in between wanting to drop outta college and going to trade school or just sticking it out and completing. Not even sure anymore. 

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Going home tomorrow for what is basically a month break-but-not-break because we’re moving to online classes for the month. Home really hoping we just stay online because transitioning back and forth is dumb. 

My fish is also gonna be annoyed enough on the trip home, it would just be easier to let him STAY home. 

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I’m stressed. My campus is closed for another week, and all of my classes are going to be transitioning to online coursework until mid April. That messes with so much for me. I can’t take dance online, I can’t take any of my theatre classes online, and I can’t take voice lessons online. This means I won’t even be able to audition for summer stock shows that we’re going around. I’m so upset because this is messing up everything. I don’t even know if the short film I’m in is gonna be a thing now or my trip to Scotland. I’m over it.

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List of things that have decided to happen today: 

-looming possibility of school closing due to the corona virus, which would mean finishing the semester online. I hate online classes and am super bad at them, so there go my grades if this happens

-panic over housing, but that’s sorted out now

-financial aid stuff going bonkers, and I’m tight for money at the moment anyway

-web content class getting close to costing me $100 that I don’t have, nor do I want to spend on this dumb thing since I won’t use it after the semester is over.

-anxiety through the roof the entire day so far

Can I just stop existing for a couple weeks? Please? 

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College Gothic

So I wanted to do something based off the college I attend.

  • The campus is strangely nice compared to the rest of the town around it. Don’t be fooled, this is how they trap students.
  • You’ll see a bunch of new students touring every day. You’ll want to call out to them, but after seeing what happened to that guy from your psychology class, you know better than to speak out.
  • The art building is haunted by the ghost of a young girl. Don’t forget to greet her when you enter the decrepit theater, or you’ll never be able to say goodbye to your loved ones.
  • The president is always seen around campus, keeping watch over the students. He is always there. He has been here too long. He has always been here.
  • The president and administration smile at the students, but there is something sinister behind their eyes. They never change and they never blink.
  • There are spots on campus where you don’t step. They are not magical or sacred spots. But they have a certain power.
  • There are other spots where people will see you, but the cannot hear you. Go behind the bell tower and try to scream. The other students will give you looks, but they will never hear a sound.
  • Try to stay off Eastern Campus at night. The hallways lead nowhere. Only back to where they started from.
  • You may hear scratching in the walls and strange chirping in the academic buildings. Don’t pay them any mind it is just the Researcher at work. If you see a pair of shadows, turn your back to them, especially the smaller one.
  • In the Library everyone has their spots. Look for the name carved on the chair legs. There is one for you go look. But you should dare not take another’s. The mess still isn’t out of the one chair by the stairs. Everyone in the library has their spots.
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