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#do the butts match
emma-d-klutz · a month ago
Tumblr media
“Bruce’s favorite ‘if I had to hide a body spot’” and “yet another Wayne secret” 👀👀👀👀 
(ok but Cluse Nation, how we feeling about them doing this from their official twitters?)
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hashtagonlyingotham · a year ago
I was sitting on my roof for some star gazing when I saw Nightwing's amazing ass fly by, followed by Red Hood's super tights! Best night of my life 😍😍 #onlyingotham
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ahrva · 8 months ago
Currently working on a joke Buzzfeed Unsolved: True Crime fic where Ryan and Shane are taking about Who Is the BatMan, and I need some food theories for them to discuss. I only have two so far.
Clark Kent, and Bruce Wayne. (The Bruce Wayne one will be as a joke at the end and be met with the 'do the butts match'). But I need more, and a few points to help prove the possibility of them.
Any that are used will be credited in the fic and thanked.
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wetwareproblem · a year ago
Sudden realization: I didn’t see the “Do the butts match?” joke until after Dick’s cover was blown in canon by someone recognizing his ass.
Conclusion: Discrediting the theory that Bruce Wayne is Batman is a nice side perk, but the real benefit of this campaign is to turn “Do the butts match?” into a superheroics meme just to annoy Dick.
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batfamfucker · a year ago
Back on my bullshit, aka, have some Gotham meme headcanons from your favourite shitposter:
We all know the The Butts Match MemeTM (by @raptorific), well to add to that, I headcanon someone at one point took Kim K's 'Broke the internet' pic and photoshopped it as Batman and did the exact same with Bruce and put the pics side by side and captioned it "the butts really do be matching tho 👀👀👀" Bonus if it was one of the Batkids (probably either Jason or Tim, double bonus points if it was Duke because he knew he'd be the last person they'd suspect)
Leading on from that, there is a 100% a Buzzfeed Unsolved episode where they discuss the identity of Batman and when referring the theory of Bruce being Batman, they have had to talk about the Butt Matching argument
Someone took the "does Bruno Mars is gay" meme and replaced it with "does Bruce Wayne is Batman". If you haven't heard about this one I highly recommend the Game Grumps audio clip and/or animatic where this is discussed (I think I made a post about this one before but I can't remember)
I'll add more when I'm not about to fall asleep, feel free to add more of your own
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zsadistcortel · 2 years ago
#onlyingotham does the Red Hood fund continuous productions of Holy Musical B@man! He likes that the Joker dies every show and that it makes fun of Batman. He owns season tickets to every production. The Batfam loves it and goes at least once a season. Batman seems to disapprove but comes along anyways. Bruce Wayne just seems happy they chose him as Batman's alter ego. . . Without even mentioning the butts! You aren't a real Gothamite if you haven't been at least once. Especially because the Wayne's pay for free shows every couple of weeks.
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bunny-bard · a year ago
I just remembered how someone compared the butt of the Adrien model to the butt of the Chat Noir model and now my third eye has opened and I realize Marinette isn't stupid, she just knows the butts don't match!!!!
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exolovek · 2 years ago
You know the meme about “do the butts match?”
Well Batman is a paranoid fellow, that just like 3/4 of his personality (well more like 3.5/4), so the moment the meme starts getting famous he starts wearing butt paddings either as Bruce or as Batman. No 13 year old with too much time in their hands and access to the internet will reveal his secret by matching his butt. No sir, he won’t let that happen.
And then one day during a fight with the JL (in this scenario Batman is the one waring the padding) his suit gets strategically comic book ripped for maximum Badass Effect™ and then his fake butt is just hanging there in plain sight of all the reporters and civilians who where running away from the fight.
How does Batman, the dark knight, one of the most proficient fighters in the world, tired father of (by his last count) at least 5 kids and all around scary ass dude can possibly explain that to anyone.
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just-watch-me-hachiko · 2 years ago
The butts match??? The fuckin butts match? I’ll have you know my girlfriend’s brothers’s best friend’s niece’s cousin once fucked Bruce Wayne at a party and she said his dick is WAY smaller than Batman’s. How does she know how big Batman’s dick is? Don’t even talk to me. You think Batman has a small dick? Shut the fuck up. Bruce Wayne doesn’t even COMPARE to the cosmic dick energy Batman gives off just fucking TRY to tell me they have the same size dicks who do you think you are talking about thenfucking butts match when Batman’s over here with an astronomical cock and bruciee Wayne juwtbfciebg fuck shitnthenfuck rul man fshtuc t the fuck up
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deadpanwalking · 2 years ago
the discourse already is that i'm not sure that you're not dril
Tumblr media
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beckanatior · 3 years ago
So some time ago there was a post floating around about how Bruce Wayne would make a joke blog about Bruce and Batman have to be the same person because the butts match (post here) and I have to ask for the love of god can we please make a running joke that @therealjacksepticeye and Jackie-boy Man must be the same person because the butts match.
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emma-d-klutz · 7 days ago
does tumblr user raptorific know what they’ve done to this fandom? do they realize what they did when they made the original “do the butt match?” post? how do you go on living knowing something you said was THAT adopted into fanon? I don’t think I’ve ever written a Batfam fic that didn’t mention the butts matching. half my shitposts include a reference to that post. It is integral to me personally. and everyone knows what I’m talking about when I add it! We all know! How do you go on living like that knowing you have created fandom legend without being fandom legend yourself? well, heck, I don’t even know if they’re still activated. I don’t even follow them. but they’re a legend to me. I can’t conceptualize making a post that reaches that far and holds its place. We just ACCEPTED it! Nothing I EVER do will have that kind of impact! 
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frostbittenbucky · a month ago
Bruce and Jason walking through an alley in broad daylight as their civilian identities
Jason: “I shouldn’t have worn these shorts, someone’s gonna recognize me”
Bruce: [puzzled] “no ones going to recognize you. You don’t wear shorts anymore for vigilante work neither, you’re fine”
Jason: “sure thing, “the butts match.” totally taking your word for it”
Bruce: [sighs and shakes his head] “I’m still confused on that one, my cape has great coverage”
Jason: “exactly, if someone can recognize your ass they can recognize these thighs—“
Goon: “holy shit are you the Red Hood? I’d know those legs an—“
Jason: [shoots him point blank in the chest]
Bruce: “Jason! What the fuck?!”
Jason: [putting his gun away looking around frantic] “aye! Ain’t nobody seen shit! Bruce, fucking run. The cops will be here soon”
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hashtagonlyingotham · 2 months ago
Sooo maybe I was hallucinating but istg Batman and Bruce Wayne are dating. That's the only reason i can think of for seeing Batman climbing out of the Wayne Manor building so early in the morning. My roomate thinks I'm crazy but they think Jason Todd is actually back from the dead which is like yeah okay but my theory is crazy. #onlyingotham #theresareasonthebathassomanytools #wayneisbatmanssugardaddy #likeofcwayneishookingupwithasuperhero
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wetwareproblem · 2 years ago
My personal Thirsty Gay bitch doesn’t know the show, so I’m crowdsourcing this as a question I’m uniquely unqualified to answer.
Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson: Do the butts match?
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jasontoddsguns · 2 months ago
‘The butts match’ is singlehandedly the best inside joke this fandom has.
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marlynnofmany · a month ago
Tumblr media
Not a writing prompt, but I feel like Tumblr should know this.
A tweet from @jelenawoehr with a close-up photo of a bat’s posterior, and the text “Timeline brightener: bats have buttcheeks. Now you know.”
The response from @Higgins_J says “Nanananananana BUTT CHEEEEKS!”
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timdrake-yumm · 26 days ago
Barnard going to Tim for all of his crazy conspiracies, and Tim joining in- sprinkling some of his own conspiracies from before he was Robin and was informed of everything (basically), and actually just flat out stating facts.
“Tim, wouldn’t you know if your dad was Batman? Like, wouldn’t he tell you?”
“Bernard, don’t be dumb. Of COURSE he wouldn’t tell me, that would just put me in danger! People might try to torture me for the information!” (Flashback to when someone tried to do just that, less than a week before)
“Okay, fair. But like, then who do you think the robins are then, wouldn’t he just use his kids?”
“What kind of parent would put their children in constant danger like that? No, I think they’re either A. His secret clones that he keeps in his secret layer, that only awaken during a crisis or for patrol, or B. Robots”
“But Tim, people have seen them bleed-”
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unpretty · 2 months ago
You had a post a while back about how Batman makes more sense as a millionaire than a billionaire, right? I can't find it
that's because that was @roach-works!
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