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village-of-simps · a month ago
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Heisenberg’s Factory - B4 Materials 
“Medical log, revitalization surgery. This is my... 18th attempt. Subject is Oskar the stable boy, 20 years old. He fell down the well while drunk. Body’s in good condition. Chest incision complete. Now to remove the heart and vital organs, and implant the control device.  Excellent. Cadou has begun adhering to the nervous system. It’s progressing even faster than before. It seems upping the ratio of meta-albumin in the artificial blood was the right choice. Now to pass a current through the brain stem using 6600V.  Come on...it has to work this time. Yes...Yes! Hahaha! Wonderful! My creation! At last! I’ll get that bitch yet! Hahaha!  ...Ending recording.” Stuff I learned about Heisenberg so far:
He tries to be professional and level-headed but gets carried away quickly, especially when excited
He’s very smart and creative but also a slave to his temper
And impatient
Heisenberg must be quite lonely as he’s the only one not buying Miranda’s bullshit
It’s unclear when the medical log was recorded but it must’ve been long ago, considering the amount of successful subjects littering the factory
Heisenberg’s been working towards Miranda’s demise for decades
He leaves anything and everything behind
Both factory and owner are a MESS
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steve-rogers-new-york · a month ago
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“Kilroy Was Here”
Want a cultural reference that Steve and Bucky would, 100% be familiar with? Kilroy is it — A long-nosed, bald figure, peeking over a wall accompanied by the words “Kilroy was here.”
This little doodle and quote is associated with World War II GIs, and over the course of the war could be found everywhere US soldiers passed through. Building walls, weaponry, bombed out ruins, barracks, canvases, vehicles and aircraft...any flat surface was fair game. To millions of military personal throughout the war, it was a legendary sight.
In the simplest terms, it was cheap and easy entertainment in the face of war. It was a morale booster, an emblem of pride, a challenge, an Allied rally cry, and a mark of progress. “When you saw that ‘Kilroy was here’, then you knew the operation was bound to be a success.”
This strange little calling card did not spring up fully formed from nothing, it in-fact had two key forerunners.
“Foo was here” During World War I, the First Australian Imperial Force (1st AIF) left “Foo was here” along with a familiar long-nosed figure peering over a wall, chalked on the side of railway carriages. “Foo” is assumed to have been an acronym for Forward Observation Officer (officer responsible for directing artillery and mortar ).
Mr Chad A similar doodle could be found through Britain from 1938, as a commentary on wartime rationing and shortages. Mr Chad would be accompanied by messages following the template of “Wot? No [blank]?” — “Wot? No Tea?” “Wot? No Bread?”. The figure itself was potentially based on the Greek Omega symbol, or a simplified impression of a circuit diagram.
I have no doubt that the boys, along with the Howling Commandos would have been familiar with the imagery. I personally love the headcanon of defrosted Steve or Post-WS Bucky absently doodling Kilroy on paperwork, napkins, or scrap-paper, the same way kids in the 90′s drew than dang “Cool S” on everything.
If you want more in the topic, my full research notes on all topics are available for all $3+ Patreon patrons!
Image Sources
Still from film “Kilroy Was Here”, 1947 | Source Kilroy Was Here Marker, Neilsville, Wisconsin, 1993 | Source Kilroy engraving on the National WWII Memorial, Washington, D.C. | Source Kilroy on aircraft, c.1944-45 | Source — Photographer: Dick Bastasch Brooklyn Daily Eagle Article, 3 Nov 1946, page 3 | Source
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This post has been sponsored by my much loved and long-time Patreon supporter Joanna Daniels. She and I would like to dedicate the post to the loving memory of her mother Joan Daniels. She will be sorely missed.
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tontonguetonks · a year ago
For anyone interested, I’ve put up a running list of articles/books on asexuality on a google doc. It’s open to the public to edit, so if you’re itching to share your findings, please do!
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nightphoebe · 13 days ago
Query for all the Kotallo fans. Did I miss a conversation where they discuss Hekarro not letting him do the post-maiming trial by combat thing? I can only remember that concept being mentioned in the mission where you help Sokorra and Korreh, but I've run into fics with the very specific circumstance where Kotallo wasn't allowed to undergo it so many times that I feel like I've somehow not bled every conversation tree dry.
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theshelbyclan · 9 months ago
Quick question: if john’s born in 1895 and he had four kids with Martha before the war, he had them all before his 20th?
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happycreator3 · a month ago
Question about Trolls and Sunlight
I understand that trolls turn to stone in sunlight (i.e. Hobbit, Trollhunters). My question is would they still turn to stone in the rain as well? Cause technically the clouds cover up all the daylight. If so does that mean it's really UV rays that turn them to stone?
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charliepants · 5 months ago
during the end of supernova, is ruby still at the hospital or on bed rest i need to know for a fanfic and im trying to find it in my book but its late?
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jonesyjonesyjonesy · 4 months ago
My life is just a blur of moments in between Wildflowers updates
me too anon…me too…
for now, enjoy some of the research I’ve done (with help from @ledwallet) for a dress for Julia when she goes to [redacted] with [redacted] and ends up [redacted].
(Redacted suddenly sounds super kinky and I’m into it)
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so many choices………so little brain cells in my head……so little money to purchase these myself…..
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Research Request: help a fellow acafan!
Hello, my dear people!
First of all, I hope everyone is doing fine and taking care of yourselves. Things have been hard for me, this is why I'm not posting here or dropping by at all. Honestly, I'm living just by doing the bare minimum each day and my bare minimum right now is my undergrad dissertation and that's why I'm here! I need some help!
My research is about fanfiction and its characteristics. I'll analyze a few Tumblr posts written between 2014 and 2021 that reflects, criticizes or points out fanfiction aspects in a wide range in a way to to explore some thoughts of fic writers and readers about fanfiction and its characterizations. The goal is to compare to academic studies related to fanfiction and then contrast everything that was gathered with my own experience. During my research I'll take part of XiChengClipse, a fan event that you can create fanworks to a non-canon pairing from The Untamed series. My plan is to write a fic and document the whole process and compare my findings with the information I gathered not only from fans, but also academic researchers. That's the initial idea, not sure how the project will end up like, but anyways!!!!
My issue right now is that I only have got a couple of texts about fanfiction and I'd like suggestions to expand my very limited options and see if I can find more compelling texts.
It needs to be some kind of analysis, criticism or reflection about fanfiction - it can focus in any kind of aspect: format, linguistic, pacing, genre, comparison to original fiction, tropes, etc. It just have to be about fanfiction and its characteristics.
The post MUST have been posted originally on Tumblr between 2014 and 2021.
The post doesn't need to include just the original post, you can send a post with a discussion and/or relevant commentary added after the post got out in the Tumblr world.
You just need to drop the link in the replies of this post and nothing more. If you guys can reblog to put the word out, it'd be even better!
Thanks everyone who can help me and sorry for the long text!
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heart-of-a-rebel · a year ago
Battle to the End by Michael Kogge, a canon novelization of the Rebels season one finale arc, was published long before Agent Kallus hung up his ISB helmet and joined the Rebel ranks. Here are a few excerpts that I found fascinating. Before his meeting with Tarkin:
Tumblr media
Even way back when before the creative team had decided what to do with him, his motive was clear: order. Not to snuff out weakness, not to help his emperor conquer the world: to bring peace and prosperity to the galaxy. After the impromptu executions of Grint and Aresko:
Tumblr media
The author is spot on in his analysis of what has to be going on in Kallus’ head here. He is constantly anxious with the Empire, isn’t he? Think of his voice getting higher, raising in hysteria as he tells Zeb that the empire won’t pick up their signal on Bahryn or tells Ezra that the extraction mission will get them both killed. Kallus is acting to save himself.
If you’ve ever wondered how he could smirk when Minister Tua died, when he received the orders to burn down Tarkintown, or when he first told Zeb he gave the orders to use the ion disrupters, this is why. A mask for the fear, and a giddy feeling of relief. If someone else’s head is on the platter, Kallus is safe for another day. If someone else is being mocked and lied to, it means Kallus has the upper hand. I find this really insightful- it speaks to the dangerous, cultlike nature of the Empire.
If Kallus was good at heart, if he just wanted order, why did he do all of the terrible things that he did? For one, he didn’t question authority. That was a grave mistake on his part, and entirely his own fault. But even if he didn’t like what he saw, even if he was traumatized and felt unsafe and was confused by the hypocrisy of his so-called infallible Empire, he couldn’t get out alive.
That’s what makes his sacrifice, his service as Fulcrum, so meaningful. Knowing that a single minute mistake would spell his doom, Kallus joined the Rebellion to bring peace and prosperity to the galaxy at any cost.
I like to think that on Lira San, Zeb and Kallus occasionally wake up before the sun rises to take a leisurely stroll together while everyone is safely asleep in their beds. Peace and prosperity. In the end, Kallus got exactly what he wanted.
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village-of-simps · a month ago
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Love the trivia fact that Dimitrescu was quite the famous jazz singer.  I wish we could hear Alcina sing while we’re sneaking around her castle... 
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steve-rogers-new-york · 4 months ago
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V-Mail Introduction to V-Mail
This is the first is a 2-month long series of posts on the WWII process of V-mail. They are an accompaniment of the Ephemera Club perks for February and March 2022.
What was V-Mail?
V-Mail was a hybrid mail process employed by the US military during WWII (1942-1945). Faced with competing issues of limited cargo space and the need for reliable mail to sustain the moral of troops, the US military adapted a British innovation. Letters would be captured to film, transported in this compressed form, them reprinted at the other end to then be delivered to their destinations. Rather than displacing vital supplies like food and equipment, equally vital mail could now be condensed into small film reels rather than bags-upon-bags of paper mail. Image 1 shows the difference in volume between paper mail and the same volume transferred to film.
How did V-Mail differ from standard paper mail?
Other than the benefit of volume when in transit, V-Mail varied from standard mail in a number of ways.
Stationery: Unlike standard mail, V-Mail required specific, standardized stationery to work. Image 2 shows a scanned example of this specialized stationery. These could be acquired by civilians at the post office, with the first two sheets each day being free, and the option of purchasing more there or at neighbourhood stores. They were produced by various sanctioned companies. These sheets contained directions on their up, where to write, and how to fold them. > More on how V-Mail was used later in the series!
Letter Format: With the specialized stationary, writers had to adapt their approach to letter writing. Due to the conversion to film and then re-printing, the letter writer needed to make sure their ink was dark and handwriting of a legible size when reprinted on a smaller paper size. Along with this, for the most part letter could not include any loose items, and lipstick marks were prohibited as they interfered with the machinery. > More on how V-Mail was used later in the series!
Format for the recipient: Rather than receiving the same physical letter sent by the writer, the recipient instead would receive a printed image of the letter. This re-print would be reproduced at a smaller scale than the original, on photographic paper, then sent on in a new envelope to the intended recipient. Image 4 shows an example of a re-printed letter. > More on the process of how V-Mail worked later in the series!
Security and Reliability: A big advantage to V-Mail aside from volume in transit was that the process had built-in security and insurance. As part of the filming process, letters went through censorship to remove information that could jeopardize the war-effort. Along side this, the process of capturing the images foiled many espionage efforts. Once transferred to film, the original letters were kept in storage on-site until they received confirmation the film reels had been safely received. This provided a back-up in the event of the reels being lost, damaged, or destroyed in transit. > More on the process of how V-Mail worked later in the series!
More on this topic to come — Follow @steve-rogers-new-york to seen new posts as they are released.
If you want more in the topic, my full research notes on all topics are available for all $3+ Patreon patrons!
“V-Mail is Speed Mail” Promotional image | Source V-Mail stationery scan | SRNY Personal Collection Re-printed V-Mail letter, July 18 1943 | Source “Reach Your Boy Overseas” Promotional poster | Source Volume comparison with clerk, NY embarkment center | Source
Tumblr media
This post series is thanks to my fantastic Patreon supports at the Ephemera Club level. For February and March 2021, the curated perks will be built around the theme of V-Mail. February will include a genuine sheet of V-Mail stationery (unused), and March will include a genuine re-printed letter received at the end of the process. If you would like to receive these and other cool items like them each month, head over to the Patreon. Spaces are limited!
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xsoftboyzx · 10 months ago
Daredevil fans, help...
Um.. soo, *cough cough* what do you think Vladimir Ranskahov (played by Nikolai Nikolaeff in Daredevil) would smell like..Cologne wise? Does he wear cologne? For uh.. research purposes.
For real tho. I do be writing a fanfic and I want Matt to recognize him by his cologne or at least smell or whatever. Idk. I’m not really good at writing ffs, nor gathering information for them, so I don’t know how to do this.
Send help.
• How does one go about figuring out what a fictional character smells like?
• What does a Russian Mafia Boss smell like?
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lananiscorner · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
To my native English speaking followers, I need your help for fic writing. What do you call that part of clothing the yellow arrow is pointing to? It’s just like... a flimsy strip of fabric attached to the bracelet and the band on the upper arm. I don’t even know what I would call this in my own native language and it’s driving me nuts.
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sadiebwrites · 11 days ago
I will read a couple of your fics this summer when I go through my list but I'll give you 15 to answer if you want -- and give me your favorite fic you wrote to answer it with!
Aww yay, I can't wait! I hope you enjoy them!! ❤️❤️❤️
Hmm, something I learned from writing my favorite fic. Omg, I have to pick a favorite? From my babies?? jk
So I'll go with my main in-progress series, Broken Threads. Since I try to stay mostly canon (75% canon maybe? Should I call that AU-lite lol?) when I'm doing my research on Wookiepedia, I always take a look at the canon tab first on an article.
During one of my rabbit hole adventures, I found out Revan was technically canon. And not from like, the discarded Clone Wars appearance (which I think I'd debate a deleted plot point being canon anyhow, Wookiepedia). But apparently, he's referenced in the Rise of Skywalker visual dictionary as the "namesake of the Sith Eternal army's 3rd Legion." There's no other background and only Sith cultists apparently know the significance behind the name.
...So I'm going to have a lot of fun playing with this in the next part of my series. 😉
Thanks for the ask! ❤️
Ask me stuff
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bakerstreethound · 2 months ago
Finally started writing a little of my Fanfic research paper 🥳 still pretty rough but we're making it through.
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novakspector · 7 months ago
1 Galactic Credit = $5.85 (currently)
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grayintogreen · 9 months ago
Absolutely cannot figure out if Cree has high dex or not. She rolled last init TWICE, but the person ahead of her rolled a nine both times so she COULD have maxed out dex (as expected for a tabaxi) and she rolled second init in the Tombtaker fight. However, I’m pretty sure Lucien doesn’t have a higher dex than Molly, since Matt specifically implied Lucien and Molly have the same strength score (Molly had a +2 to dex and in the Tombtaker fight Lucien would have to have rolled a nat 20 to beat a 21 and he couldn’t have the same roll as Cree unless her dex really is lower than his and therefore he went first, which would put her at at the lowest a 16 dex which is suitable for a tabaxi but not super high either.)
She’s also the only Tombtaker who fucked up and fell in the lava at least once, but she made all of her other checks fine. She also has notoriously bad rolls so it’s hard to tell if any of her stats are bad or if dice just hate her.
The only thing I am GODDAMN SURE OF is her WIS and INT (her int has to be high because she can keep pace with Lucien, but assuming my theory that Molly and Lucien have a swapped int and wis scores to accommodate for the change in Blood Hunter stats is correct, his int is 16-18 depending on whether or not Nonagon perks gave him a boost to his intelligence, which means Cree probably has a 14-16 int, and then a maxed out wis because cleric.)
Does any of this matter??? Does it help me in my fanfiction?? KINDA??? Do I like knowing stats for personal preference??? A little bit!!!
All of this is really an excuse to justify that Cree is the not an extra dexterous cat lady, and her cult leader bestie is the flip bitch.
(Yes I’m making a lot of assumptions since NPCs DO WHAT THEY WANT and Matt will adjust as he sees fit so it’s pretty impossible to guess especially since some characters have higher than average stats but YOU DONT UNDERSTAND. MY FANFIC REQUIRE THIS KNOWLEDGE THAT NO ONE BUT ME WILL KNOW.)
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spacejammie-eimmajecaps · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
fanfic writers be like: what time does the sun set in Sendai during late March?
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scuttle-buttle · a year ago
Tumblr media
How my research is going
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