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#i've never loved so much

Thank you so much, friend! I am unbelievably honored to hear that. Writing this series and interacting with everyone who read it has been a life-changing thing for me, and I am just really happy that these stories meant something to other people.

That is also a really good question! I have been planning the entire arc for a very long time, especially the backstory for Masaomi and Youji, so it’s a little muddled on when I came up with what idea. I will say–for sure– there were a lot of things I started setting up but hadn’t fully thought through by the time I started writing.

For example! In “Filthy Halls” I started setting up the idea that the Legacy was after an immune human, because I thought that would bring a really good narrative tension to the arc. But I had no idea why Kenji was after an immune human, or why that would matter in the long run. I think I was reaching the end of writing “Your Heart Ain’t Cold” by the time I finally figured it out.

As a random bit of trivia, while this series is wildly different than the inspiration (Dark Angel), there were some things I created to parallel the show. So the Legacy was created to parallel the events in the second season of Dark Angel when the weird breeding cult was introduced. BUT Dark Angel never had a third season, so I had no idea how the show was going to resolve the breeding cult vs. mutant issue, and therefore had a lot of trouble trying to figure out how I wanted to conclude this for my own story.

I don’t think I had the full details of Masaomi’s End Game figured out by the time I officially started writing “This is Love”, (it’s very possible I didn’t, I remember trying to figure out how I was going to resolve this issue for a good long while) but I know that I had it figured out by the time I started writing Chapter Four. Specifically, the scenes where Masaomi is bullying Hinami. I really wanted to set up the idea that Masaomi was capable of evil, and that he did things that were distinctly morally questionable so that when the End Game came along, it wouldn’t be like, a huge surprise or without any precedent in the story leading up to that.

Thank you again for your question, and your kind message, and for reading these stories.

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Hello, it is quite late now but I wanted to thank you for that great chapter. It was tragic and hard to read at times but beautifully written. We got answers to many questions and many passages take a whole new meaning, notably the part when Youji talks about the time he got drunk and tried to have sex with Masaomi. I have reread this part recently and I have two questions. 1, it is safe to say that Youji does not remember what happened exactly, but is Masaomi aware that he doesn't? 1/2

Thank you, friend!! I’m glad you enjoyed that chapter =D And yes all around to your questions! Youji remembers pretty much up to the point where he was about to leave, and then ~~plot conveniently~~ does not remember that Masaomi actually kissed him back. Masaomi is aware that Youji does not remember he kissed him back, and kept quiet about that fact, for his own reasons.

And yes!!! I was really hoping readers would make that connection =D =D When Youji is on the date with Everett, he is remembering Masaomi saying that to him, which is why he started acting the way that he did at that point. Thank you for noticing =) And thanks for reading the chapter!!!

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man this was an emotional ride

#the haunting of hill house, #i just... what a well written family. i've never seen this in a show before. they were so life-like, #like the one about the two storms? a family talking about family and reliving the same fights over and over again and then finding new ones, #that are also about the same thing if you look closely. and how they just stop and help each other and do things together, #the second pragmatic stuff calls for them to. just... family. and how it stays with you even when you're older., #i also finally understood that thing with the writing that i thought was too heavy when i realised it's actually THEATRE, #it's written exactly as if it were to play on stage and language takes a life of its own and becomes like an eighth character, #it supports the whole stories and makes it an ensemble of stories delicately stitched together and it takes a lot of words and povs, #and memories and other stories to make up just one. and that's accurate and it also reminds us how much we all rely on words and stories, #to take in reality., #i LOVED it. i loved it. it was fascinating that all along it isn't... only about ghosts, #or yes but the ghosts are about something else too. and it's not about a haunted house really or maybe it is. it's just that., #it's the people who are haunted and they are almost always haunted by each other and themselves and if you blur the imaginary with reality, #like young boys and grown up ones do all the time. it does become a very haunting world. and it is., #anyways i WEPT watching this and it was so good., #thohh
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y’know, i’m aware i know how to write to some degree. bc like, i’ve been writing steadily for 8 years now and it would be ridiculous to think i haven’t improved and i absolutely do take every compliment i get on my fics to heart so i know my strong suit lies in character/emotion, it’s what i’ve built my fics on - plot be damned. but god it was my 2nd week in the creative workshop i’m attending right now and the whole time everyone else was reading their pieces i was panicking bc everyone had written 300 word stories with actual plot!! and i’d gone for something v simple this week, just a little snapshot into a moment in life, y’know? and for an actual published author to compliment me on that, to tell me it was beautifully written and point out all the little phrases she loved????????? guys i could actually cry i never thought i’d have a chance to have my work taken seriously outside fandom spaces before but i’m starting to feel like maybe i might???????? 

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