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#incorrect she ra quotes
Catra: Glimmer, tell adora that she's an idiot, but I still love her.
Glimmer: Tell her yourself
Catra: We're in a fight
Glimmer:...but you're sitting on her lap..?
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Adora: Is stabbing someone immoral?
Glimmer: Not if they consent to it.
Catra: Depends who you’re stabbing.
Bow: YES?!?
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Frosta: Can I have a soda?
Glimmer: What did my dad say?
Frosta: He said no
Frosta: But he's not the boss of you
Glimmer, internally: It's a trap, it's a trap
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Scorpia: Perfuma and I are adopting
Catra: That's great! Who's the baby?
Perfuma, slamming down a document: It's you, sign here
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cr4zybookw0rm · 2 days ago
Frosta : can i have a soda
glimmer: what did bow say
frosta : no but he's not the boss of you
Glimmer internally: iTs a TrAp ItS a TrAp
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fandomtrxsh19 · 2 days ago
Catra: *sigh* Why was I born with all of the dummy AND NONE OF THE THICC
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Catra, tending to Adora's wounds: How would you rate your pain?
Adora: Zero stars. Would NOT recommend.
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avengingsoul · 2 days ago
Incorrect catradora quote
Adora: Ok you need to chill.
Catra: Or else what?
Adora: Or I’m not gonna speak to you for the rest of the day.
Catra: ...
Adora: You gonna chill?
Catra, quietly: yes.
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injuries-in-dust · 3 days ago
Catra: I've never had a hangover.
Adora: Thats because you've got to stop drinking first.
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Angella, going over Adora's resume: Okay, so right here, it says you’re creative.
Adora: Yes
Angella: Okay... may I know what you create?
Adora: Problems.
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incorrectsheraquotes · 5 days ago
Glimmer: So how long have you been going out with Catra?
Adora: That’s disgusting. And wrong. I don’t even get - Why would - I’ve never date anyone like her, at all. It’s none of your - You have - The nerve, the audacity, Catra is our enemy, technically, and she is terrible, face-wise, and how - How - Do I know, frankly, that you’re not going out with her? Maybe you are. Maybe you’re trying to throw me off? Hmmmm? Check and mate.
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Adora: So if smart girls go for smart girls, and dumb girls go for smart girls, what do the dumb girls get?
Glimmer: Cats, mostly
Catra: *blushes*
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Adora: Do you have a problem with the way I dress?
Catra: Adora, I love you very, very much
Adora: And I love you very much, but that wasn't the question
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Catra, pointing: Can I sit there?
Adora: That's my lap
Catra: That doesn't answer my question, Adora
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Bow: Hey, Catra, can I get some dating advice?
Catra: Just because I'm with Adora doesn't mean I know how I did it
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Catra: People are always asking me if I'm a morning person or night person
Catra: And I'm just like, 'Dude! I'm barely even a PERSON!'
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Adora: Date someone who will drag you outside at 3 A.M to look at the stars
Catra: If anyone, and I mean ANYONE, drags me outside at 3 A.M to look at the fucking sky they will be removed indefinitely from my life
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