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musclesandhammering · 22 days ago
Loki Westview AU
(Because platonic lokius could’ve done it so much better than romantic wandavision and you can fight me on that)
- Instead of an android/human couple living an idealistic married life in the suburbs, it’s a an alien/human buddy cop duo basically living out a vintage murder mystery in various locations.
-When I say various locations I mean that as in, like… instead of Westview being one suburban neighbourhood it changes into different neighbourhoods every episode. But it’s still called WV.
-The plot is that people have been dying around the town, and the local PD (including detectives Mobius & Loki, and their colleagues B-15 & Casey) are trying to solve the case and figure out what’s going on.
-Their main suspect is Sylvie, a suspicious drifter that no one in the town seems to know anything about.
-It’s slowly revealed that B-15 and Casey’s minds are being tampered with (and at this point, they’re assuming Loki’s and Möbius’s are too), along with everyone else in the town & they realise that Sylvie has supernatural powers (she kinda sorta fills Agatha’s role).
-They set out to try to track her down and apprehend her, but every time they get close, reality bends/they lose their train of thought/the evidence goes missing/she disappears/etc.
-The big reveal is that Loki was the one that was enchanting them, and Sylvie was just acting as the bouncer. The people coming up dead were actually TVA agents that had found them and wanted to take them back.
-Loki, Mobius, & Sylvie had figured out the whole “the TVA is controlling you” thing in one episode and had decided to hide out in a little pocket of the timeline- that Loki kept casting illusions over & shifting and blending with other timelines (changing locals) so that they wouldn’t be found (yes, he can do that. In this au he’s as powerful as he rightfully should be.)
-They weren’t able to/didn’t have time to convince B-15 and Casey of this so they just brainwashed them and dragged them along.
-A twist is that Möbius’s mind was never altered, he knew what was happening the whole time and was just playing along and helping cover up for Loki.
-The first episode is basically the same as the one in the Loki series- starting with him getting arrested and introducing the TVA and worldbuilding, etc. Except Sylvie basically makes her episode 2 appearance at the end of episode 1.
-The next 5 episodes are the decade episodes.
-Episode 7 is a mix of flashbacks (revealing to the viewer what’s been going on all along), attempts to convince B-15 and Casey to trust them again, and foreshadowing that the TVA is closing in on them.
-Episodes 8 and 9 are the big showdown ones. There’s a badass scene where the Superhero Group We Deserved But Didn’t Get (Mobius, Loki, Sylvie, B-15, and Casey) fights the assembled TVA agents in Westview. The end up in multiple different places all across the multiverse (Lamentis??).
-This ends with them being separated. Sylvie and Casey end up being taken in by the TVA, Mobius and B-15 end up stuck in the WV illusion, and Loki ends up in The Void.
-Kang and the other Loki variants and several other plot points either don’t exist in this au or will just have to wait until season 2, up to you.
-There’s no need for Jimmy or Monica in this au because Loki fully knows what he’s doing, while no one on earth (aside from his posse) notices.
-In this au Sylvie is a likeable person who isn’t forced to be Loki’s romantic interest, shows actual remorse over killing TVA agents, and has a believable build up.
-Loki gets to be the extremely morally ambiguous cunning and manipulative badass we know he can be.
-Imagine the main 5 in six decades worth of detective outfits omg.
-This is purely a suggestion but the Westview locals should be: a small suburban town in the 50s, a hippie trailer park in the 60s, a big city in the 70s, a creepy middle of nowhere ranch community in the 80s, a Miami-like city in the 90s, and a boardwalk town in the 00s.
-All of this is tinged with the looming question of what exactly they’re buying time for- they don’t know how to defeat the TVA for good, they don’t know how to free all the agents at once, they don’t know how to escape them permanently, etc. The entire show is just our main crew existing in a panicked limbo.
-Some episodes are super comical, some episodes lean heavily into the murder mystery theme, some episodes are downright foreboding and eerie, some of them of action packed, some of them are really emotional.
-The main theme running through all of it is trust. Loki and Mobius trusting each other completely after not knowing each other very long at all. The two of them grappling with trusting Sylvie when she still seems shady even to them. B-15 and Casey struggling to trust Loki and Mobius all throughout the story. Just trust issues all around.
-We don’t have to endure all the brown of the TVA for as long as we did in the series.
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pastabreadb0wl · 10 months ago
Not me crying cuz Loki has a friend. We stan platonic Lokius in this house.
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fifth-hargreeves · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
They really did huh
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paper-lilypie · 9 months ago
It’s the fact that Loki starts out in the series as the embodiment of chaos and Mobius as the embodiment of order, and by the end of the series, Mobius has molded Loki into the embodiment of integrity and Loki has molded Mobius into the embodiment of free will, in this essay I will
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marshmallowace · 10 months ago
Okokok imagine at some point Loki and Mobius have to go to Asgard for some reason around the start of Thor: The Dark World, while that Loki is meant to be in prison. Thor and some of the guards attack them thinking he escaped or is an illusion, and as Mjolnir is flying towards his face, Loki instictively catches it as if it were a dagger. At first he turns, wide-eyed, to Mobius, thinking that maybe he stopped it with the Tempad. Only he finds that the agent is just as shocked as Loki is, a proud grin slowly creeping onto his face that all-too-plainly screams "That's my Loki."
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wowkius · 10 months ago
mobius in ep 4 : your GIRLFRIEND ?? huh ?? that dangerous lady ?? well guess what !! we pruned her !! haha say goodbye to your stupid useless girlfriend loki !!
mobius in ep 5 , after knowing sylvie for approximately two seconds : why ?? why would you just get into a stranger's car ?? 😡🤬🤬😤😡 you need to be more careful !! 🙄🙄🙄😒😒😒 I like you better than loki tho 🙃🙃🙃😁😁🥰🥰🥰🥰😋😋😋😋💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
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seraph-novak · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Loki | Loki & Mobius in 1x04. 
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alice-in-marvelous-land · 11 months ago
Marvel probably at some point:
Tumblr media
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castawayyyyy · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
People hate on Tom as if he had any major say in the writing or plot of this series smh
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crmnlgy · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
after everything we’ve seen and learned about loki through the years, I never thought he’d be so comfortable with someone to go as far as to knowingly sleep/be unconscious around them. he’s very wary, guarded, and doubtful yet around mobius, all that goes away. instead, he’s comfortable, smiling, joking, real, and moreover, he’s able to fall asleep knowing that he’s safe and looked after.
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socially-awkward-saxoboe · 10 months ago
Mobius: I can't express how much I hate fucking bees.
Loki: Then stop fucking bees? It's really a simple solution.
Sylvie: Not after the bee movie we don't
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musclesandhammering · 2 days ago
They really should’ve played up the Loki + Mobius friendship though.
Like I needed about 100% less S*lvie and 74% more Loki and Mobius developing their platonic relationship.
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randomfandomss · 10 months ago
Not a pat on the back hug
They could've gone for it
They always do...
and what is that little caress for huh???
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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adhd-orion · 11 months ago
Me reading articles about the Loki series:
Article: “…love story between Hiddleston’s Loki and Wilson’s Mobius”
Me: !!!!
Article: “Platonically, that is”
Tumblr media
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gideonaweaponachild · 11 months ago
Thor & Jane using Mjolnir to fly:
Sylvie & Loki, desperately holding onto a roomba: *they scream as they move at 150 miles per hour*
Mobius, running after them: SYLVIE! LOKI!
Bonus ;)
Thor: that small man just said Loki *proceeds to follow the three*
Jane: did thor just choose his own brother over me again, he did.
Jane, following after them: THOR WAIT, YOU’RE MY RIDE HOME!!!!
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taikawaipeepee · 10 months ago
the fact that mobius immediately jumped to the "romantic interest" conclusion is so hilarious though!
like, he sees loki a bit sad that another version of himself is dead and he immediately goes all YOU WANNA FUCK HER OH MY GOD THIS IS BREAKING MY REALITY!!!!! I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN, OF COURSE YOU WANNA FUCK YOURSELF (because who wouldn't want to fuck you?) OH SHE HAS A NAME? GUESS WHO DOESN'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOUR GIRLFRIEND'S NAME
like mobius babe calm down don't you think that there might be another reason? that they might have another type of connection? that maybe he's upset about her death because they're LITERALLY THE SAME PERSON??? mobius, my child, my love, my sweet angel, you're embarrassing yourself
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villainsweakness · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This variant is... "Insubordinate, stubborn, unpredictable." Sounds like someone else I know.
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lovehungrygirl · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
A few moments later
Tumblr media
And I was like: GURL, you said their relationship is NOT NECESSARILY ROMANTIC... this scene doesn't say so
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juiceastronaut · 11 months ago
If Mobius isn't alive and well and coming back to being Loki's first friend that actually gives two shits about him I'm burning this place to the ground I stg
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carinyms · 10 months ago
Me enjoying the deeper themes of self-love and self-acceptance that would come from a platonic relationship between Loki and Sylvie while also vibing with both the Sylki and Lokius dynamics as antis go at each other’s throats in the distance
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