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A sweet sakura microraptor arrives!! Sign up for the Monthly Merch Mailing list on my Patreon before March 1st, and this sweet friend will be sent to you in the form of a 3" clear sticker!!

(reblogs appreciated!! <3)

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Small and crafty little hunters, these high-temperature kaiju are the most common predators to roam the desert.


Species: Incineraptor

Element(s): Fire

Rank: C

Size: Small (1 m tall, 2.4 m long, 49 kg)

Rarity: Uncommon

Hp: 200, Atk: 42, Def: 25, Lck: 30, Spd: 40

Favorite food: Meat, Hated food: Veggies

“These compact and nimble predators roam the desert sands on slender scaly legs, living for the hunt as they track down prey.

Incineraptors are lone hunters, sprinting down prey before pouncing on top of them. Their small size and delicate jaws means they rely heavily on their claws for combat.

By venting excess heat through their extremities, Incineraptors can stabilize their temperature while super-heating their claws. These glowing hot claws can reach 1000°, allowing the Incineraptor to inflict devastating burns.

Unlike any other predatory kaiju, Incineraptors take the time to cook their prey once the kill has been made. An Incineraptor will stand over their kill, keeping their hot claws deep inside as the meat becomes more tender.”

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This is part 2/2! See part 1 here!


“Yep! That’s the first and last time we were almost caught!!”

We are so damn lucky that the diversion Jeff made was stealing her glasses.

“I think we still need to get him that catnip… We really do owe him big.”

But, yeah! Going to visit the raptors is a regular thing now. I take them to go play in a “dog park” while in disguise. Those guys really are my second family… I don’t know what I’d do without them.

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