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rye-views · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
A Quiet Place Part II (2020) dir. John Krasinski. 7.4/10
I would recommend this movie to my friends. I would rewatch this movie.
When this is Scarecrow's redemption arc.
When Marcus was exploring Emmett's upstairs, I was like what is he going to find? Also, why did he have to go exploring?
When the train station had a bunch of high heels laying around, I expected a female massacre or something bizarre.
Can you believe that island? The privilege.
Regan is so smart. Her Achilles heel was looking gnarly.
Emily Blunt looking too good for an apocalypse.
Man, being eaten by these aliens is probably crazy because of all their teeth.
That bear trap was crazy. Would I be better at controlling my screaming? I sure hope so.
When everyone broke up the baseball game, I thought it was unrealistic. I feel like many people wouldn't put their lives on hold until they knew they were at their death.
Why was that orange cutting scene necessary?
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rye-views · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Wish Dragon (2021) dir. Chris Appelhans. 7.4/10
I would recommend this movie to my friends. I would rewatch this movie.
This reminded me of Love Hina and obviously, Aladdin. I lowkey wish we didn't make it so similar to Aladdin, but it was good.
Din is so cute.
There were moments when characters sounded so American even though we were in Asia.
I vibe with shrimp chips.
When Din is on that door and Long sank, I was like..Titanic.
Lying is always wrong.
Li Na reminded me of the Incredibles's Violet.
I like Din's Nomoney suit more than his rich one.
I would love to touch Long. He seems so fluffy. I want to hold hands with him.
The dogs were so cute. Seems like something you can get from a claw machine.
That dumpling with the man's face was cute.
Memorable Quotes: "Go to school. Stop planning things."
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rye-views · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Squid Game. 오징어 게임. 7.9/10
I would recommend this show to my friends. I would rewatch this show.
The colorful stairs remind me of Harry Potter.
Love Gong Yoo. Love Lee Byung Hun.
The old grandpa is so cute during the mugunghwa game.
Sae Byeok is so badass. She's also really pretty and hot. Her death was tragic and unnecessary. Why did they blow up the glass like that? I knew they wouldn't let a North Korean person be the winner.
Bitches be fucked up for raping the woman organ donor.
Ji Young dropping the marble and the talk afterwards made me cry. I also wanted her and Sae Byeok to make out. Bro, the marble deaths got me fucked up.
That praying guy pisses me off.
I do love how cultural this show is. So many Korean games and even the neighborhood layout in the marble game.
I hate how a hateful character is repping my bday numbers -- 218.
I wanted the ending to be more fixing of the dead peoples' lives.
Memorable Quotes: "여기가 더 지옥이야."
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rye-views · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Blue Bayou (2021) dir. Justin Chon. 7.9/10
I would recommend this movie to my friends. I would rewatch this movie.
Sydney and Justin had such good chemistry and such a good relationship.
I love the tattoo Jessie gave Antonio.
Justin did such great acting. He could've been making a film like this all this time? I saw the potential since Gook though. I'm here to support it.
The Korean lullaby got me because that's what my mom sings to me and what I sometimes sing to myself.
Alicia sang Blue Bayou amazingly. Wow.
Wow, the passerby don't give a fuck that Jessie is crying out for her dad at the airport.
Could not stop tearing up at this film. I hate it being real life.
It's interesting to see the father figure be the one getting deported and seeing the struggle he faces without talking about it. It'd be a whole different movie to have the mother figure get deported.
I love how the other Asians in this film weren't the same type of Asian. Also, seeing the contrast of Vietnamese being subtitled but not Korean was a good way to bring about the foreign nature of his own roots.
Memorable Quotes: "Was that a blue thought or a true thought?"
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rye-views · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Luca (2021) dir. Enrico Casarosa. 7.5/10
I would recommend this movie to my friends. I would rewatch this movie.
I love the music.
There are so many cute and funny moments. eg. When Luca finger-eyed his fish, that breath Alberto took before falling into the water and breaking his Vespa, when Luca and Alberto danced, when Giulia was like, "sleeping under the fish, now I get it," the cat getting wet, and so on.
I like when Luca is very respectful like when he first started calling Alberto, "Sir." But, Luca is also disrespectful at times like when he gets upset at his mom when he's the one who didn't listen or when he went against Alberto. They were very selfish moments but I also know that he's very young.
This movie gave me Littler Mermaid, Shape of Water, and Soul vibes.
During the fantasy when the Vespa went to space, I thought of Sky Ladder.
Giulia's dad reminding me of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs's Tim Lockwood. Dad is very sweet. I love the whole relationship with Alberto.
Luca is very cute, innocent energy. I want a friend like him. He also has crazy imagination. i felt like this movie wasn't about the plot for me, but about the innocence of imagination and wonder.
Memorable Quotes: "Everything's always on you. I wanna step up."
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rye-views · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Black Widow (2021) dir. Cate Shortland. 8.2/10
I would recommend this movie to my friends. I would rewatch this movie.
Everyone is so resourceful and quick in their fighting. It's badass and intelligent.
I love the sister and the family dynamic. It's all so funny and cute. Everything's heartwarming and real.
Some Star Wars vibes with the outfits.
Florence Pugh is so hot and funny here.
This is the origin story we all craved.
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rye-views · a year ago
Tumblr media
Rocky II (1979) dir. Sylvester Stallone. 7.4/10
Everyone running with him reminded me of Forrest gump.
I sure do like Rocky. Him talking about his outfit and thinking it’s cute is amusing. I liked his outfit too.
Mickey really sticking through.
Okay, so have they been paying the bills? How long was Adrian in a coma? Who was taking care of Butkus?
Spoiler: [About Apollo trying to get Rocky to agree to a rematch since he wants to prove that it was pure luck that he did so well. He says he treated this too much like a show, but next time will be a real fight. In the meantime, they both heal at the hospital. Paulie asks Rocky if he can give his job of collecting for Gazzo to him now and he agrees. People come to get Rocky to agree to do commercials and he says he’ll get back to them. Rocky instead walks with Adrian past a tiger at a zoo and he proposes to her. She accepts and they get married. Since Rocky got a lot of money from the fight, he gets a car even though he doesn’t drive well. He then gets himself and Adrian nice coats. He also gets themselves and Paulie some watches. He gets a new collar and a matching wristband for him and Butkus. He then gets a new place for him and Adrian to move into. She brings up questions about them at times and he says nothing matters as long as she’s with him. She later tells him that she’s pregnant. Rocky goes and works on his first commercial, but the people get frustrated with him since he makes so many errors reading the cue cards and meaning what he says. He ultimately quits and gets fired. He reads at home with Adrian after. He then tries to get an office job, but no one accepts him, but offers him manual labor jobs. He then works helping out at the meat fridge that Paulie’s at. He comes home tired, but he is fired since they have to lay people off. He sells his car to Paulie. Rocky considers fighting again, but Adrian talks about how he promised he wouldn’t. She says she’ll go back part time at the pet shop even though he feels like he has to provide. He goes to Mickey and asks for his locker back. Mickey doesn’t approve since Rocky isn’t in good physical condition and his eye is hurt. He even does an eye test on him and he doesn’t do well since he can’t see. He asks to just work around the gym and cleaning so he’s around what he loves. Apollo’s people are against him fighting Rocky again, but he feels the need to redeem himself. Gazzo comes to the gym and offers Rocky work again with him, but he refuses saying he can’t be around that anymore. Rocky talks with Adrian about letting him fight and she’s still against it. Mickey comes over and agrees to train him after a broadcast of Apollo wanting to fight. Rocky goes despite Adrian not wanting it. Mickey trains Rocky hard and using unconventional methods. Rocky does horribly. Rocky has Paulie talk to Adrian for him since she’s upset. Paulie goes and yells at Adrian since Rocky isn’t doing well since he’s guilty with Adrian. She says she can’t approve since she loves him and breaks down from pain in her stomach. The baby gets born prematurely and Adrian is in a coma. Rocky doesn’t see the child and says he’ll see it with Adrian. He sits by her side all the time and goes to the chapel when visiting hours are over, but he waits. He even reads to her. Mickey stays alongside him too. She eventually wakes up and they see their baby boy together. He tells her he won’t fight anymore and she says she wants him to win. He works out harder and improves. He goes to the fight as Adrian stays at home to watch on TV since her doctor won’t let her go. Rocky goes to Father Carmine to get blessed even though he’s late for the fight. The fight happens and they both do well and cause damage. They both end up falling in the end and Rocky is the first and only one to get up. He wins.]
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rye-views · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Pan’s Labyrinth (2006) dir. Guillermo del Toro. 6.9/10
What good lighting and color choices.
The deaths were done so ruthlessly. How beautifully horrifying.
I don’t fuck with all the bugs in this film.
Ugh. I hate battles rooted in such discrimination. How can you say someone is inferior?
Ofelia was so quick to accepting her life as a princess. lmao.
The fantasy element is so bizarre. It’s actually pretty amazing how imagination can create these kinds of worlds. How surreal.
Fantasy and dreams can be so beautiful in a harsh reality.
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rye-views · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Weathering With You (2019) dir. Makoto Shinkai. 天気の子 (2019) dir. 新海 誠. 7.5/10
I would not recommend this movie to my friends. I would rewatch this movie.
I love the cat. I also like the change after many years. Super cute.
I love the detail of everything.
An ecosystem in the sky that is more far-reaching than the ocean is a new concept to me and I'm interested.
Nagi is earnest, so I find him charming.
I love the ghost mascot costume thing.
Most of the characters are very likable.
I teared.
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rye-views · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. 7.4/10
From the three Hosseini books i have read, this one was the most helpful in letting me understand what Afghanistan is like and what the social levels  and languages are. It also gave me more exposure to the culture. Why am I so into this culture? I want to learn so much more.
This really makes me be thankful for living in a place where I’m not required to listen to what a man tells me to do or being forced to be married off. I can comfortably walk around outside to a much easier degree. I have the opportunity to stand for myself.
What is gained from beating up your family? What is gained from hurting others?
This makes me feel upset. Every time I read or learn about other country struggles and the privilege I have, I can’t help feel hatred for how the world works and how man hates man. What can I even do? It also makes me think of how ungrateful I am for thinking my life is so horrible even though I know my struggle are also valid.
My interest in this topic is brought about again. Refugees, war, etc. It always makes me question my career choices.
Memorable Quotes:  “a man’s accusing finger always finds a woman.” “Only one skill. And it’s this: tahamul. Endure.” “that of all the hardships a person had to face none was more punishing than the simple act of waiting.” “it always falls on the sober to pay for the sins of the drunk.” “You wouldn’t smile so much if you knew.” “Mariam had never before been wanted like this.” “How could she care about statues when her own life was crumbling dust?” “Had she ever justly deserved his meanness?” “this was the first time that she was deciding the course of her own life.” “And yet, she sees, people find a way to survive, to go on.”
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rye-views · a year ago
Tumblr media
The Tale of Princess Kaguya (2013) dir. Isao Takahata. 7.3/10
About a girl who is founded in a bamboo stalk by an old couple and raised to be a princess. She grows up rather quickly and learns the ways of the world and as a princess.
Fav character– Me no Warawa. LOLL Has me laughing so much.
The art is so so goooooood. I love it so much. Love that this can be a hit movie. Inspires me. I think the art is what gets me over the plot.
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rye-views · a year ago
Tumblr media
Inglourious Basterds (2009) dir. Quentin Tarantino. 8.3/10
Ugh this is good. One of the 2 Tarantino films i love. It’s on par with Fight Club.
Landa’s character is acted well.
I just like this amount of gore.
Spoiler: [About a story broken down into five parts. Part 1: SS Hans Landa comes into the home of a farmer, LaPadite. This is in Nazi occupied France. Landa is looking for the nearby Jewish family and talks in English. He speaks well enough to have LaPadite give up the Jew underneath the floorboards. Landa gets his men to shoot them while he speaks in French about leaving. One of the Jews manages to escape, Shosanna. Landa lets her go. Part 2: Th Inglorious Basterds are introduced. It is led by Lieutenant Aldo. He gets the men to kill Nazis. The quota is 100 Nazi scalps aka cut off their scalps after you kill them They are known by the Germans and have nicknames given to them. Donny is the Bear Jew and beats them with his bat. They are able to kill a bunch of Nazis in a specific area and have 3 of the men surrendered. The first refuses to give up the other Nazis so is beaten by Donny. The other was immediately shot. The last immediately gave away everything about the Nazis and is told to go back and instill fear, but he was marked with a swastika cutting on his forehead, Part 3: Shosanna has made her life in Paris as a Parisian going by Emmanuelle Mimieux. She owns a cinema given to her by her aunt and uncle. A German officer named Frederick Zoller takes notice of her one day as she is removing the title from the outside. He talks about cinema with her. The next day, he sees her and talks to her. She rejects his friendship or anything. She learns from soldier fans coming up to him for autographs that he is a war hero and the movie, Nation’s Pride, is about him and starring him. She is later taken by the Germans to a fancy dinner where Frederick has her eat with him with Joseph Goebbels, who is making the next wave of German Cinema. They want to change the showing of the movie to her cinema and have it be an exclusive event for just German elites and their friends. Landa appears and asks to have a conversation with Emmanuelle. They dine and talk and he said he had an important question for her, but has forgotten. A preview of the showing occurs that night and after, Shosanna plots with her Negro projectionist, Marcel, to set the place on fire the night of using the 35mm films that burn 3x faster than paper. Part 4: Operation Kino happens, led by Archie Hicox He needs to rendezvous at a basement tavern with a German Film actress, Bridget von Hammersmark. This is to plan the killings of all the men at the movie showing. Bridget is already dining with other German recruits because they are celebrating one of the soldiers giving birth to a son that day. She has them move to a different table where they continue to play a game similar to Guess who. The team begin talking to Bridget, but one of the soldiers interrupts because he wants her autograph. He’s clearly drunk and keeps intruding and Hicox reprimands him. The team is dressed as German officers so use their rank. The drunk accuses his accent to be off. Another German officer who was hidden nearby agrees and joins them. Hicox has an excuse from living in the mountains. This officer intrudes hard. They even play the guess who game themselves. At one point, he notices that Hicox raised his hand to ask for three glasses of drinks and didn’t use his first three fingers, which means he isn’t German. The officer aims his gun at Hicox’s testicles while they all aim back. A shooting happens and everyone dies besides the man who was celebrating the birth of his son and an injured Bridget. Aldo comes and saves her in the guise of a truce, but kills the man. Landa comes after and sees Bridget’s shoes and a napkin with her autograph and sees she’s the only one missing. He knows she’s a traitor. Part 5: Omar, Donny, and Aldo have explosives on their legs and plan to enter the showing as guests of Bridget. She was shot in her leg, but got her cast on and will claim to have had a mountain climbing accident. The men will pretend to be Italians because most Germans don’t speak it. Landa requests to speak with Bridget at the showing and he puts the shoe on her then strangles her to death.
Aldo is kidnapped to another place while Donny and Omar are in their seats. Landa and Aldo discuss about how a deal can be cut to allow the killing of all the Germans because he won’t stop them and he is allowed safe passage and a home in Nantucket with a congressional medal of honor for stopping the war. Frederick is watching the movie and doesn’t like seeing himself kill so goes to the projection room to see Shosanna. She turns him away and he barges in with anger. She quickly tells him to lock the door and he probably thinks he’ll get some. She shoots him. He makes a noise and she goes to him, because she internally might like him a little. He shoots her. They die together. The movie continues and the Nazis love it and at the end, it is replaced by a reel of Shosanna saying the Germans will die. This is Marcel’s cue to light up the film and the whole place goes into flames. Donny and Omar also machine gun everyone at the same time. They got Hitler first. Then the bombs go off and everyone dies. Landa and Aldo get out and Aldo has their radio operator killed and scalped. Aldo has Landa cuffed beforehand and promises the Nantucket thing will still happen, but he’s still carving a swastika in his forehead.]
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rye-views · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
The Little Prince (2015) dir. Mark Osborne. 7.2/10
About a little girl who was going through life following a strict life plan. Then, she comes across an old man who tells her the story of him meeting a little prince. This helps her rediscover her childlike wonder.
In the beginning, I thought it was just going to read the book out loud to me, but it wasn’t. Amazing how they can make the images from the book come to life and feel magical. Amazing that they keep consistent with making the story as a drawing.
Think about it. These moms exist.
I love how the old man is so okay with being weird and cast off.
Movie>Book obvi because it’s animated. I still needed to have read the book though, because it made me appreciate the story a lot more.
The big and the little fox are so funny.
I remember thinking that the book reminded me of a bible story. In the movie, the girl reminds me of faith vs. hard fact.
The skies are truly so dreamy to me.
Memorable Quotes: “What is essential is invisible to the eye.“ “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly“ “You run the risk of weeping a little, if you let yourself get tamed.“
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rye-views · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
The House Bunny (2008) dir. Fred Wolf. 6.8/10
About a playboy bunny who becomes the head of a dying sorority.
Shelley has such an amazing personality. She really knows how to get to the heart of things.
I really need some background info on how she came to live at the playboy mansion.
Amazing how easily you can attract frat bros. I hate that.
Emma Stone is so perfect for this geeky role.
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rye-views · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
The Dreamers (2003) dir. Bernardo Bertolucci. 8.1/10
About Matthew, who becomes friends with two twins in Paris. Their relationship unravels different aspects of intimacy and love.
I’m getting some Talented Mr. Ripley feels.
What a cinephile’s dream. It includes the actors’ replication/juxtaposition of films. How dreamy, how romantic it makes the world seem. Life seems fun.
What good dialogue.
Lighting and shadows are so well caught.
It’s like I get cinephiles, but I also don’t want to seem as arrogant as they do about the film world. But, it’s so passionate.
Pay attention to the pictures strung around the sets. The set design is so intricate.
These voyeuristic feels remind me of the camera lens. The sexual charge is tense, but not too strong.
You can write such a good film essay about this. They talk about so many things I’ve read upon.
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rye-views · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
힘쎈여자 도봉순. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. 5.8/10
About an insanely strong girl who is in love with a cop and begins to work for a rich CEO.
How can Korean girls act so cute?
Jisoo is such a fucking babe. He’s also so smart and so good. I didn’t care for Park Hyung Shik’s looks at first, but he’s actually really cute.
Kdramas are really about creating some freaky villains these days.
Kdramas are also increasingly adding in homosexual topics. Lol at all the gay ass scenarios including Bong Soon’s dreams. That gay drunken dance Jisoo did with Hyung Shik is fav.
All these rich houses in Korea are so damn nice.
Bless the dog.
Fuck infidelity. I understand that you can’t control your emotions sometimes, but you can always control your actions.
I hate all the men that treat these women like weak, little playthings. Also, fuck the gender discrimination. Fuck everyone being so rude to Bong Soon.
I fucking hate abuse. I fucking hate it.
I love seeing Bong Soon get touched by such small gestures bc same.
When Jisoo said, “Why are we friends?” I straight up would have melted in Bong Soon’s situation.
This actually talks about discrimination a lot. Eg. body image, sexuality, and gender roles.
I love Bong Soon’s controlled fighting. Much more realistic and badass.
Omg. lmao. I can’t with the mom and how she tries to hook up her daughter.
I love the emphasis they put on honorifics.
Memorable Quotes: “Significant things only ever happen at night.“ “Don’t look down on dogs.“ “Why are you having an alcohol competition all of a sudden? I’ll drink too.“ “Power shouldn’t be used to abuse the weak.“ “One person has to step closer.“ “Won’t you like me back?“ “Am I easy to you because I am violently in love with you?“
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rye-views · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
The Story of a Three Day Pass (1968) dir. Melvin Van Peebles. 6/10
This is about a black soldier finding love with a white girl during his three day trip away from the army. This affects his promotion.
This reminds me of all the random shit (boring or fun) that happens in new cities.
Majority of the background music, I like.
Some transitions were pretty choppy, but suggestive and amusing.
Turner ordering another beer and dancing to the jukebox after being promised another date is so cute.
This is one of the most interesting, awkward, and comfortable sex scenes I have seen.
Even with the message of racism, this was a rather joyful film.
I want to go on a hay ride.
Memorable Quotes:  “How can anyone think that black is a compliment?”
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rye-views · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Run On. 런 온. 7.7/10
I would recommend this drama to a friend.  I would rewatch this drama.
I love how everyone’s friend complements them. We always find our people. May is perfect for Mijoo.
That first kiss and the first almost kiss between Mijoo and Sun Kyeom was so bold and abrupt. Regardless, I felt my heart flutter.
What a woke character Dan Ah is. It’s refreshing to have in a Korean show. She out here tryna educate. I love Sooyoung even more for being this character. She’s also so cool for standing up so boldly to every member of her family. She just doesn’t give a fuck. Her apologizing to Ye Jun was also good.  Dan Ah is the type of person I feel like or want to be like.
I only wish for Se Kyung and Sooyoung to have a love line together.
I love Se Kyung’s outfits.
I think many aspects of all the women are like me. Parts of Yeong Hwa too LOL.
I love Sun Kyeom’s relationship with the boys.
What up with the athletes’ whack haircuts? Woo Sik’s smile and attitude is super cute though. I can’t believe the actor is younger than I am.
Damn MIjoo and Seo Kyeom’s DTR is so straightforward and ideal. Pretty much all their convos are ideal. The way they argue, the way they make up, the way they clear things up. It’s all so honest and direct. It’s like me, but two-way.
I like Soo Bin.
Yook Ji Woo is a baller woman and a baller mom (in her own way). I respect her.
Assemblyman Ki’s secretary sucked until he realized he sucked.
I ship May and Mr. Jeong lol. He’s so cute when around her.
LOL at Kim Seon Ho showing up at the end.
This concept between Mi Joo and Seon Kyeom aka very different people not understanding each other but eventually really being compatible, I love it. People should view others more like that.
I teared up at times.
I liked all the movie references and love for movies.
Memorable Quotes: “원래 사는것 갑자기 힘들어.” “진짜만 의미 있나요?” “원치 않는 사랑은요 받는사람한테는 폭력입니다.” “선겸씨 앞에서는 원래 내가 바닥이 된것 같은 느낌이 든다구요.” “좀만 다르면 이상하다고 하니까.” “결정적인 부분에서 꼭 소외당하는 느낌이 들때가 있어서 그래서 그래요. 소외 감이라는게 혼자선 느끼기 어려운 감정이니까.” “내 기분 나아지게 할수있는건 나 밖에 없잖아요. 내 기분 이니까.” “책은 말을 못하잖아.” “돈벌기 힘들다.” “눈에 않보여서 더 오래 남는거에요.” “상냥한 사람들을 바보 취급 않했으면 좋겠어.”
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rye-views · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
The Favourite (2018) dir. Yorgos Lanthimos. 7.2/10
Sarah always dressing like a pirate, but I like it.
I literally thought Sarah was the Queen’s sister and when they started going at it…I was like..I must be confused.
No one here has love. Everyone here is sad. Everyone here is crazy.
They have no lives. There really must have been nothing fun to do back then for these activities to be happening. Everyone has to be psycho to have fun.
Abigail and Masham did vibe. It must’ve been fun to film the tackling in the leaves scene.
Everyone’s so vulgar.
The bunnies remind me of Us.
I can’t believe Rachel Weisz is older than Olivia Colman.
I would hate to be privy to all this toxicity.
I hope this is a film where no animals were harmed.
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rye-views · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
The Incredible Hulk (2008) dir. Louis Leterrier. 7/10 Updated 3 years later. (7.5.21) 7.5/10
I can’t believe Marvel has been connecting each other since the beginning.
People who are psycho need to not be experimented on. This is like Hollow Man.
The battle was pretty brutal.
Updated Commentary:
The amount of parkour is fun.
Funny that they put in Norton Antivirus when he's Edward Norton.
The Hulk holding onto Elizabeth gives me King Kong vibes.
Mr. Blue a little bitch. Informed consent my ass after all the experiments you've been doing with the blood.
The general using sound as a suppressive weapon and the Hulk using wind to stop fire are both innovative ideas.
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