dramoor · 14 hours ago
If a person sincerely asks you to forgive him for his sinning against you - kindly forgive him every time he sins and love him staying close to him. When a wicked person pretends to be asking you for forgiveness so that he can then do what he wants, constantly entangling you in his affairs that harm other people spiritually - forgive him seventy-seven times and after that love him from afar and pray.
St. Paisios
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via-crucis · 5 months ago
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The Annunciation by Mikhail Nesterov. 
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opencommunion · 27 days ago
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Maria Constantinescu, Triptych with St. George and Angels, 2010s. Painted on glass using a traditional Transylvanian method.
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Underwater tombstone at El Salto Lake, Mexico
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redscharlach · 12 months ago
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In the Bible, Saint Martha is best known for being the sister of Lazarus, of returning-from-the-dead fame. However, according to a French folk tale, she later visited Provence in the south of France and tamed a ferocious dragon-like beast called the Tarasque, which had been terrorizing nearby villages and eating the locals. This event is still celebrated with an annual parade in Tarascon on the last weekend in June, featuring a float shaped like the Tarasque.
There’s a tradition in art of depicting the Tarasque caught mid-munch by Martha, with a pair of legs hanging out of its mouth and a very contrite expression on its face, like a puppy who’s been found eating your socks. Here are a few of my favourite Tarasque-shaming pictures.
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skytouches · a year ago
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St. Sebastian, Suehiro Maruo
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itsallwearecalledtodo · 4 months ago
St Therese of Lisieux also enjoyed making potions and mixtures like all little girls apparently do: “It was a great joy for me to prepare mixtures with little seeds and pieces of bark I found on the ground, and I’d bring them to Papa in a pretty little cup” from ch 2 of her autobiography
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catholicapuella · 7 months ago
Catholic Phrases in Latin
Ad maiorem Dei gloriam - For the greater glory of God
Ave crux spes unica - Hail to the Cross, our only hope
Contemplata aliis tradere - to hand down to others the fruits of contemplation
Credo ut intelligam - I believe so that I may understand
Cura personalis - care for the entire person
Deo gratias - thanks [be] to God
Deo optimo maximo - to the greatest and best God
Deus vult - God wills it
Divi filius - Divine Son
Ex indumentis - from the clothing
Ex opere operato - from the work performed
Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus - outside the Church there is no salvation
Felix culpa - happy fault; blessed fall
Fiat lux - Let there be light
Fides quaerens intellectum - faith seeking understanding; faith seeking intelligence
Gratia non tollit naturam, sed perficit - Grace does not destroy nature, but perfects it
In hoc signo vinces - In this sign thou shalt conquer
In necessariis unitas, in dubiis libertas, in omnibus caritas - unity in necessary things; freedom in doubtful things; love in all things
In persona Christi - in the person of Christ
Incurvatus in se - turned/curved inward on oneself
Mea culpa - through my fault
Memento mori - remember that you [have to] die
Missio Dei - mission of God
Nihil sine Deo - Nothing without God
Noli me tangere - cease holding on to m
Sensus plenior - fuller sense/meaning
Serviam - I will serve
Sic transit gloria mundi - Thus passes worldly glory
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stmichale · 15 days ago
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Make me your martyr
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bad-moodboard · 8 months ago
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St. Catherine's head in Siena                          
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jeannedarcenthusiast · 10 months ago
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Paintings depicting Jeanne d’arc in armour
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seeking-annwn · 2 months ago
Saints are like trees. They do not call to anyone, neither do they send anyone away. They give shelter to whoever cares to come, be it a man, woman, child, or an animal. If you sit under a tree it will protect you from the weather, from the scorching sun as well as from the pouring rain, and it will give you flowers and fruit. Whether a human being enjoys them or a bird tastes of them matters little to the tree; its produce is there for anyone who comes and takes it.
— Anandamayi Ma
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opencommunion · 7 months ago
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John Singer Sargent, St. Teresa of Avila, 1903
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apenitentialprayer · 10 days ago
Thinking about how all these young saints are also Eucharistic saints.
Imelda Lambertini, who died of joy after receiving the Eucharist.
Little Nellie, who was so desperate for Communion at the age of four that she would ask nuns who had recently received to kiss her so she could vicariously participate.
Carlo Acutis, who used to attend daily Mass and made the website for Eucharistic miracles
Tarcisius of Rome, who allowed himself to be beaten to death rather than hand the Sacrament over to Roman authorities.
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itcannothold · 8 months ago
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illuminations from hildegard von bingen’s book of divine works. her feast day is 17 september.
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angeltreasure · 3 months ago
Please show me your favorite art of St. Michael the Archangel.
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life-imitates-art-far-more · 3 months ago
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Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1680) “Saint Sebastian” (1617-1618) Marble Baroque
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heresylog · 3 months ago
I will likely never be canonized as a saint, but please make sure I make it to Servant of God status
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thingsfromthedirt · a year ago
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bad-moodboard · a month ago
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St Margaret of Antioch, bursting from the belly of a dragon.
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