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tanyaluca · a day ago
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Summer Self Portrait...Tanya Luca
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geopsych · a month ago
Soft summer breeze by the lake.
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cozystayawhile · 3 months ago
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thatsuccubabe · 18 days ago
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jwjj420 · 2 months ago
Summer Breeze
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Something is in the air; the howling sound I can hear
Sifting through my hair, blowing all secrets in my ear
I’ll release every care; enticement from it being near
It finds the skin that is bare, to embark on the frontier
Indeed I myself must dare, for it’s the time of the year
When a night can be rare, as the pink clouds appear
A harmonious gusty affair, this feeling I greatly revere
Seasonal pair, Summer's windy breeze I hold you dear
Walata M.
Gif from Tenor `~ Noble Dame "Summer Breeze"
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sp00ky-p00ky · 3 months ago
Summer breeze
Makes me feel fine
Blowin' through the jasmine in my mind
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enbiart · 6 months ago
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summer breeze au but the only context you get is that kels a big dumb-dumb
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skirtmag · 29 days ago
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nenasspot · 10 months ago
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Fantasy Revival week 2: fave eras + outfits + blue wallpapers
pls reblog when you use these! I don't use watermarks bc of wallpaper aesthetics so I'd love it when you share :)
<<incorporated the blue through signatures lmao,, i put a lot of thought in my choices for outfits so pls go beyond the cut if you care at all>>
so the 3 eras I chose are rpm, summer breeze and tear drop;; mostly bc they fit perfectly in my 3 favorite kinds of stage outfits (combat/suits with just smth small off abt them/outfits I would just wear myself)
inseong, rowoon and chani for summer breeze: they all fit into the 'outfits I'd wear myself' category with those nice flowy french tucks. I adore french tucking with shirts like that, bc it lays so much focus on how nice their waists are :)))) chani's fit is even cooler bc of the knot at the front. tbh I'm not a big fan of white pants when they're not part of a white suit,, but legs like chani's and rowoon's can pull off anything so I'm glad I could pick out the golden chaser version of these fits for them.
dawon and hwiyoung for rpm: rpm was THE era for combat fits! gloves, chains, belts and ~~boohooots~~ (which like,, respect to these men for dancing in doctor martens' bc when I first got mine I felt it in my calves if I went for a walk in them). I sadly feel like dawon tends to get the shorter part of the stick in terms of styling,,, but in rpm he did get a couple of cool fits. he had one with a leather body chain combined with a shirtless suit,, but I wanted to get another combat look in here and this one had a slightly see-through shirt so I chose this one. for hwiyoung,,, rpm was after now or never, and I was so happy to see him keeping his longer hair bc youngkyun pulls that off soooooo well. fit-wise, I really like the asymmetry of this one! also those gloves---
zuho for rpm: he got a cool suit combined with leather belts, boots AND see-through sleeves???? this outfit is sososososo cool omg
jaeyoon, youngbin and taeyang for tear drop: tear drop fits were all so interesting, so styling wise this era HAD to be in here. youngbin's fully falls into the special suits category, with this cool halved suit that's tied together. jaeyoon's is suit-like, but again with the asymmetry and smth see-through, plus the belt it adds so much! and then taeyang.... taeyang killed it this era. he always looked great, got some legendary fits! I'm thinking about his cropped purple suit and the blue one with the chest jewelry... but this cut out black fit has smth special,,, i think it's the way how the black brings out his skin tone sooo well. he's got a beautiful manilla and black or white fits always contrasts with that. so that's why I chose this one!
so yeah, that was the thought process lmao
see ya next week, fantasy!!
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geopsych · 6 days ago
A breeze through the flowers making them dance.
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maarilena · a year ago
reading a book after getting out of the sea, laying under the sun and smelling the salty air is free therapy 
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styleclinic · a month ago
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Morning Sisters, Are You Summer Ready ? I Am !
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jaegerdog2 · 2 months ago
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Summer breeze … makes me feel fine …
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thegoodmorningman · 2 months ago
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they know who they are 
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bernadettae · a month ago
Ich vermisse die Schrottvideos aus Klaas‘ Büro, die es früher immer zu neuen BWB-Folgen gab.
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moonyfars · a year ago
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JAHDJDHSJ so sweet
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enbiart · 7 months ago
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omg i never posted this. anyway theyre walking <3
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