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ENTP || Aries sun- Aries moon || Slytherdor || Tiger Sign || Challenger Enneagram (8) || Female. (requested by @diggorypuff )

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DETROIT (AP) — The Detroit Tigers signed outfielder Robbie Grossman to a $10 million, two-year contract, adding a switch-hitting veteran to a rebuilding team coming off consecutive last-place finishes.

Tigers sign Robbie Grossman to 2-year, $10 million contract

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SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — The Kia Tigers in South Korea says it has signed right-hander pitcher Daniel Mengden from the U.S. Major Leagues to a $1 million contract.

Kia Tigers in S. Korea signs Mengden to $1 million contract

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honestly yes we 100% deserve this, except Sam attended-a-liberal-arts-school Winchester would probably already know ‘i love you’ so instead he’d be looking up the sappiest most earnest most pretentious-ass shit you can imagine, like how to sign a full Pablo Neruda sonnet

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Some of these imagines I don’t even remember why I have them saved honestly—

Send me 🎁 + a character and ill describe them using images i already have saved!

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DETROIT (AP) — The Detroit Tigers signed right-hander José Ureña to a $3.25 million, one-year deal Wednesday.

Tigers sign RHP José Ureña to $3.25M, 1-year deal

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You know, with the utter dystopian hell nightmare 2020 has been, the year might as well wrap up with a crack AU/fanfic idea becoming canon. Why not at this point?

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Here’s a HQ pic of my new poster!!! It’s already shipped and should be here sometime next week!

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@daemonsnow​ said: 😠 Death Glare at my muse (Aku to atsu)

Nonverbal RP Starters || Accepting 

                he could feel the air growing heavy with ill intent, as if the world around him was closing in, atmosphere growing thicker as it caused his lungs to stutter in the breath they were currently trying to take in. it was an ominous feeling encroaching on his person, one that brought the beast within him to life at the first sense of danger… a quick glance revealed a gaze that would have frozen most in their tracks, but by now it was one all too familiar to him. 


idle hands began to fidget at his sides. had he done something again? he couldn’t recall. “ akutagawa… “ there is a flash of pure gold as his unease fills the pit of his stomach, churning the contents, or lack there of as his senses strain to become even more heightened… fight or flight… “ what do you want? “ 

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