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#tom hiddleston fluff
immersed-in-mischief · 2 days ago
Something Good (Tom Hiddleston x Female Reader) Part 55
Happy Sunday Everyone! I am spending the last day of my long weekend curled up in my chair and typing like a mad woman! I figure the main series has possibly three parts left maybe? I would love to write a bunch of one-shots to fill in the gaps in their story, so feel free to send in ideas of things you want me to write about for our favorite couple!
Summary: Things take an interesting turn the following morning that leads to a major but important discussion.
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Your eyes fluttered open to the light pouring in through the large window to your side. It took you a minute to recognize your surrounding in the light of day. After traveling so much lately, it felt like you were waking up in a new place every day. This time, however, you finally felt like you were home…
His arms were wrapped tightly around you with his face nestled into your hair against your neck. One of his legs was tucked in between yours pinning you to the bed. Sensing you stirring, he adjust his position. When his arm wrapped around your hip to pull you closer to him, you couldn’t help but smile as he was draped around you as if you were his own personal body pillow.
The familiar ache between your thighs brought back the memories from last night. All the longing had been released during fourmind-blowing rounds of earth-shattering sex. Things had been amazing that night together in your bedroom in London, but it didn’t compare to being apart for so long and no longer holding a single part of yourself back from him.
After ruining dinner, the two of you had gone for two rounds in his bed before deciding that you really should eat something soon.
“Pizza or Chinese?”
You reached over and turned on the bedside lamp since it had already become dark in his bedroom since the two of you stumbled into it hours ago. Tom was lying on his back beside you with his arm over his eyes. Still trying to steady his breathing in between pants, he glanced up at you finally as his eyes adjusted to the light.
“You honestly expect me to make a rational decision on anything right now?”
His head fell back against the bed once again as you laughed at him.
“Pizza it is. I know the best place that still delivers this late. My treat.”
That was enough to get his attention as he rolled up onto his side.
“This was supposed to be a date, remember? You will not be paying for dinner, love.”
“Technically, I would still be using your money, Hiddleston. It’s just coming from my account instead of yours.”
“Baby, it’s not up for discussion. Your logic is not going to work this time.”
With a smirk, you lowered your phone and narrowed your eyes as he gave you the look that dared you to challenge him.
“I’ll do that thing with my tongue again…”
“I’ll go get your purse!”
He didn’t even bother to get dressed first before racing into the kitchen to retrieve the bag from the island. The sight was both hysterical and sexy as your laughter echoed through the house. Once dinner was ordered and paid for, with your card, he slipped on a pair of lounge pants and tossed his shirt at you. Before long, the two of you were curled up together on the couch enjoying the pizza and another round of beers as you showed him pictures on your cell of the adventures you went on during the time apart. Leaning you forward slightly, he reached over for the pizza box on the coffee table beside him and grabbed another slice before letting you lean back against his chest between his legs once more. The next one was a video and you turned and grinned at him.
“Okay, maybe I was a little unsafe, but the company had great reviews and all the correct permits.”
His eyebrows knitted together with concern as he took a bite and stared at you. When you pressed play, Scarlett appeared on the screen.
Tom, I’m so sorry. I really hope you never see this video. I tried to talk her out of it, but you know how that goes. So yeah… sorry!
Tom watched in horror as she flipped the camera back around to show you standing on the edge of a bridge with two men strapping your feet into something. Just before it clicked what was taking place, he watched you hold your arms out and wink at the camera before falling backwards off the bridge only to see you bounce back up again with a delightful scream.
He nearly choked on the pizza.
You looked up to find him tightly pinching the bridge of his nose as he tried to control his breathing.
“Have you lost your damn mind? Does your mother know about this!?”
“Hell no! Like I’m going to tell her something like that. She would freak out worse than you.”
Setting your phone down, you turned in his lap to face him.
“As you can see, I am perfectly fine. Nothing happened other than the biggest adrenaline rush of my life.”
“Baby, you really are going to be the death of me, you know that right?”
Smiling at him, you leaned in for a kiss.
“I love you too, Hollywood.”
Between the kiss and the sight of you straddling his lap wearing his shirt, he was distracted from the thought of you plunging off a bridge with the start of round three. Round four took place sometime just before dawn when you woke up a very sleepy Tom to fulfill your previous promise of repeating the thing that turned him into puddy during round two. Much to your delight, he immediately returned the favor.
Reaching over to your cell, you realized it was already after 9am. With Bobby now able to let himself outside as needed, you both were able to sleep in later. Just as you tried to slide out of the bed, Tom’s eyes shot open in a panic as he tightened his grip on you. You ran your fingers through his hair kissed his cheek.
“Just going to the bathroom, babe.”
With a grunt he loosened his hold on you and let you leave.
“Two minutes or I’m coming to find you and dragging you back to this bed, Georgia.”
You had just gotten your hair wet when you felt two arms wrap around your waist and a sultry voice in your ear.
“Morning, Gorgeous.”
“I knew you’d come find me when you heard the shower turn on.”
He started to let his hands roam as he kissed your neck.
“Is that so, love? You know me too well…”
Just when he started to get really handsy, you grabbed his wrists with a chuckle.
“Down boy. After last night, she’s on a break.”
With a sigh, he left a kiss on your shoulder and wrapped his arms around your waist. You turned to face him and cupped his face in your hands.
“I’m not going anywhere, baby. I promise. We have time.”
Tom stared into your eyes and seemed to relax a little more. His entire demeanor changed into one of less urgency and more calm and in the moment. While he was taking his turn under the showerhead to wash the shampoo from his hair, you heard the faint sound of the doorbell.
“I think someone’s at the door, babe.”
He seemed completely unbothered.
“I’m sure it’s a delivery. Natalie most likely overnighted the new phone.”
Just as he was switching places with you, it chimed once again.
“Maybe you need to sign for it. Unless you’re expecting company that you forgot about.”
You turned to find his eyes as big as saucers.
In a flash, he was out of the shower and furiously drying off with a towel.
“Words, Thomas.”
He called out over his shoulder to you as she sprinted naked into the bedroom to throw on a set of clothes.
Now you were the one rushing to finish up your shower.
Tom was still wet when he threw on a pair of pants and a shirt before running to meet Bobby at the door. As he flung it open, Ben was standing there with a not so happy expression on his face as he rolled his eyes.
“Nevermind, Natalie. Someone decided to finally answer the door. Thanks for the info. It might come in handy for next time.”
As he ended the call, Tom ran his fingers through his hair as his friend handed him the hidden spare key he had just retrieved.
“I’m so sorry, Ben.”
Turning to wave at Sophie in the car with the boys, she stepped out and began to unbuckle the car seats to let the three of them out. Tom would already hear them whining to be let out from the front steps.
“You picked a perfect time to shower, Hiddleston. I tried calling your cell to let you know we were on our way from the airport but its going straight to voicemail.”
He stepped aside to let them all inside.
“Yeah, it met an untimely death yesterday at the studio. Natalie should have a replacement here shortly.”
“Convenient… why do you look like you got caught in the cookie jar, mate?”
As if right on cue, the boys yelled in unison and raced across the living room.
Ben shifted his gaze between you and Tom, watching the way his friend was now rubbing the back of his neck and looking at the ceiling. The fact that you both appeared to have just stepped out of the shower was not amiss to him.
“Ah, and there’s the cookie jar, now…”
Sophie gave him a sharp elbow to the side before smiling at Tom. As the young boys talked over each other to tell you about their plane ride, you looked up and locked eyes with Ben. With Tom’s back facing you, you mouthed the words clear enough for him to read your lips.
“Thank you.”
Your mind was taken back to your last conversation with Ben, just three short days ago. Lying on your bed at your mother’s house, you were unwinding after a long day of chores around the ranch. The two of you had spent nearly an hour on the phone as you caught him up on your various destinations. After an extended silence, you finally asked the question he knew you wanted to since he answered the phone.
“How is he, Ben?”
“You know how Tom is, George. He asks the same questions every time but refuses to talk about himself. Out of all of us, you are the only most likely to know.”
You scoffed and rolled your eyes like he could actually see you.
“Very funny, Benedict. You know we haven’t spoken a word to each other in six weeks. How exactly would I still have an inside connection to the man’s innermost thoughts?”
“I know you haven’t replied to any of them, but surely his thoughts and feelings come across in all the messages.”
Sitting up on your elbow, you tried to decipher what he was saying.
“Messages? What the hell are you talking about Cumberbatch?”
You were met with silence before a long, frustrated sigh.
“You two will be the death of me, I swear it! Georgia, I fear I already know the answer, but have you not turned on your cell since you left?”
“No, why would I? Everyone I talk to knows this number.”
He let out a low growl.
“Not everyone, love… I know you have your reasons for leaving and they are all perfectly valid. The decision is yours if you care to respond, but please, just turn on your cell. I suspect you might want to check your email as well. The man tends to get wordy sometimes after a few drinks.”
You quickly changed the subject to something lighter before calling it a night when Sophie needed help getting the boys to bed. Later that night while lying in bed, you thought about his words again. It made sense that Tom would still try to reach you on the other number. What could he possibly have to say though? Your mind went to a dark place and imagined all the hurt and pain he would unleash on you. What if he was still mad about the leak to the press? What if he was hurt after waking up alone that morning? What if he felt used when you shared yourself with him, fully knowing you still had every intention to leave immediately afterwards? The worst thought that plagued your mind was the one that hurt the most. What if he had followed your instructions and moved on?
At the time you had every intention to leave him in your past… until you did. The more distance you put between the two of you, the more you missed him. The issue was you missed your best friend. The person you shared all of your secrets with and the one that made you laugh when you didn’t want to but needed it. You got a glimpse of him the last night you were together, but a big part of you was still scared that it was a mirage. You would get comfortable and safe, just so he could wreck you all over again. It had become a vicious circle of you taking turns hurting each other. Somewhere along the way, the relationship had turned toxic for you both. Some progress had been made your last night together, but what if that wasn’t enough to mend things? To say you were torn was the understatement of the century. It was a constant battle instead your head and your heart.
“Ugh, screw it!”
You threw back the blankets and moved to your still packed suitcase to dig out your other cell phone and charger. Plugging it into the wall, you hit the button on the side to power it on.
“It’s not like he’s going to know you read them. Just look at them. It’s not like I’m forced to respond.”
Still trying to mentally build yourself up for it, the home screen appeared and then the insanity began. The notification sound was cutting in and out as the screen filled up with boxes. For a second, you thought maybe the phone had gotten wet and malfunctioned. That was until you saw the contact name.
They were all from him.
For the next two minutes, the phone was overwhelmed until it finally went silent. You weren’t sure if it was done, or it just died a violent and painful death. With a shaky hand, you picked the device back up off the floor and flipped it over.
83 messages. 27 missed calls. 12 voicemails.
As you struggled to breath, you opened the text message application. A few of them were spam ones but all the remaining were Tom’s. You noticed that the last one was from early this morning. Scrolling to the top, the dates appeared on the side of the thread to reveal that there was at least one dated every single day. Finally, at the top of the unread ones, you slid down the wall beside the outlet until you were seated in the floor.
Please come back.
The first five were from the day you left him. It started out as begging and pleading, before shifting to confusion about you going to the press. The final one of the day was a longer one. He was in your room and found the letters.
Darling, I would give anything to know where you are right now. I’m currently sitting in your bedroom reading the letters you left on the laptop. I feel like an utter fool. I now understand that I was too late to get you to stay. You’ve been leaving for months and I was too stupid to notice. I’ll never be able to forgive myself for the pain I’ve caused you. It may too little, too late, but I swear to you that I will not stop fighting for you. I know you need time to find yourself again and you need some distance from me, but I want you to know that I will be here waiting for you. If the day ever comes where you need me, I will move mountains for you, my love.
The tears were already forming, and you had only read through the first day. Just as he promised, he never stopped fighting. Each morning since you left, there was a text from him. Some simply said he loved you or missed you. Others told you about his previous day or night and the things he wished he could share with you. Some messages made you smile, while others made you cry. There was a slight gap between them about two weeks ago when he was moving from London to Atlanta. Apparently, he was now less than an hour away beginning the pre-production duties for season two of Loki.
Feeling slightly brave, you clicked on the first voicemail. You could tell he had been crying. It was from the morning you left. There were several from that day. After three of them, all pleading for you to call him back, you couldn’t handle anymore tonight. It hurt so much worse to hear his voice, especially since it did nothing to mask the pain he felt.
Putting the phone away for the night, you crawled back into bed and stared at the ceiling as you let his words settle in your mind. Tom still loved you and still missed you. He had spent the last six weeks fighting to win you back instead of being hurt and angry with you. Just as you were drifting off to sleep, the screen lit up the darkness in your room as the text tone dinged once more. Grabbing it off the nightstand beside you, his name on the screen caused you to smile.
Goodnight, baby. Wish you were here.
After completing your chores the next morning, you raced back to your bedroom as you remembered that Ben had also told you to check your email as well. Pulling your laptop out of your bag, you quickly logged into the account to find it flooded with emails from him. They were all lengthy as you suspected they would be. Some were filled with grammar and spelling errors that signaled that he must have been drinking. Others were sent from his cell as he thought about you through out his day. All of them were as if he were sitting down to have a one-sided conversation with you. They talked about his day and the various meetings and things he had done. They contained stories on Bobby and the trouble he had gotten himself into as if he was acting out in your absence. A few of them discussed the upcoming filming of the show and things he was both excited and nervous about. Most of them had been timestamped for late at night. Your mind drifted to him laying in bed with Bobby at his side as if it was his own version of pillow talk with you. Through everything though, he had kept you included on his life as if you had never left.
The messages and emails from him only served to make you miss him even more. Tom had spent the last six weeks being the man you had needed him to be all along. He had begun to revert back to his old self again now that Jamie was out of the picture. Not only that, but he had stuck to his word. He wasn’t done fighting for you.
After dinner that night, you retired to your bedroom once more and prepared yourself for the hard part. One by one, you listened to each of the voicemails. There were funny ones, sad ones, ones where he just needed to vent. It was the last one that really got to you though.
“Hi, darling. I don’t even know if you are getting any of these, but it lets me feel like I’m talking to you somehow. I’m...uh… I’m sitting in your room right now and it still smells like you. I get on a flight in the morning to head to Atlanta and it’s harder than I had expected to leave. I feel like I’m leaving you behind somehow. Obviously, I’ll be back here. It’s my home. It just feels wrong to prepare the house to be vacant for so long. I don’t know whether I should bring your things, pack them, or leave them. I haven’t touched them since you left. Hell, my shirt is still folded up where you left it that morning. I guess I’m just really missing you tonight, George. I’ve just realized that I’ve spent nearly my entire career with you, and it feels wrong to do any of this without you, love. I know you needed your freedom, but I don’t know how to do this without you. I know the voicemail is going to cut me off soon. I guess I just needed to hear your voice on the recording before I left… I love you, Y/N… I hope you’re doing okay, wherever you are… Goodnight, baby.”
You were a sobbing mess and had to grab your pillow to muffle your cries. He felt like he was moving on with his life without you and in that moment, you were truly terrified that he would… As much as it scared you to be in the spotlight and deal with the struggles of fame and fortune, the thought of not having him in your life for the simple times was horrifying. Now that you had reviewed all the messages from him over the last six weeks, you were scared for the day that they stopped coming. What if Tom really did move on from you? Just like he didn’t know how to do it without you, you also didn’t know how to do it without him. You had wanted to find your identity outside of him, but the truth you were discovering was that he had become so ingrained in who you were, that you weren’t yourself without him anymore. Even now, you were back home with your mom, sleeping in the room you grew up in and it no longer felt like home to you. For a time, London had felt like home until it didn’t. For the first time since you walked out that door, you felt at home again in his voicemails and his words. Tom had become home to you. Yes, you wanted to have adventures and travel and see the world, but you wanted those things with him. It hadn’t felt the same, even with Scar and Evans by your side for the last part of it.
Wiping your tears away, you climbed into bed and made your decision. In the morning, you would get up and handle your responsibilities on the ranch. Once that was finished though, you were going home. You just prayed that you weren’t the one who was too late this time.
Sophie’s voice pulled you from your thoughts and you were standing there with Kit and Hal staring up at you. When Sophie leaned in to hug you, Little Finn lunched out of her arms and reached for you, leaving you no opinion but to hold him.
Kit’s attention switched to something behind you and his face lit up before looking up at his mother.
“Uncle Tom has a pool! Mummy can we go swimming? Please?”
Ben smiled at the boy and then glared at Tom who only laughed.
“Maybe we can talk your mummy and daddy into taking a dip later. I was thinking about cooking us all a proper breakfast but I’m afraid I would need two helpers in order to do that.”
Tom faked a look of disappointment which immediately had the boys sprinting his direction.
“We’ll help! We’ll help! Can we have pancakes, Uncle Tom?”
He gave you a wink before turning to gather his ingredients. Ben greeted Sophie with a kiss as the two of you joined them all in the kitchen.
“Look, darling. Uncle Tom has already perfected the art of the distraction.”
The kitchen was a complete disaster, but breakfast had been delicious. As Tom got started on the dishes, you came and wrapped your arms around his waist.
“I would offer to help, but I am being recruited by Soph to head into town with her and the boys to acquire swim trunks apparently. Plus, I suppose to need to pick up a suit as well. I can’t exactly swim in the only outfit on hand right now.”
He tucked his bottom lip between his teeth as he threw his idea out there to see how you would react.
“You know, George, if your belongings happen to reside here, that wouldn’t be an issue…”
Tom felt your body tense against his back, and he began to formulate his possible responses in his head depending on the level at which you were about to freak out.
“Thomas… you can’t possibly be asking me to move in with you right now.”
“Why not? I mean we did just live together for the better part of a year and that went great… well when I wasn’t acting like a drunken ass, but that’s in the past now.”
You let go of his waist and began to tidy up the rest of the kitchen. The activity told him that you were either strongly considering it, or trying to find an outlet for your panic, possibly even both.
“As roommates Hollywood. Are you asking me to be your roommate again or something more? I mean is this me moving into the guest room again or the master, because that’s two completely things, Tom.”
Drying his hands on the towel that was thrown over his shoulder, he turned and leaned against the counter as he watched you dart around the room with your back to him.
“I think we both know we are far past roommates at this point, darling. After our talk yesterday and our four discussions last night and this morning, I consider this a committed relationship. Do you not agree?”
You fluttered around the space at record speed now as you tried to put the various items back in their places. The fact that you were just now realizing that you had no idea where exactly those places were since this house was new to you, only seemed to further fluster you. Feeling his arms wrap around you to hold you still, you tried to not fight it.
“Breathe, baby. This is a conversation, Georgia. It’s just a back and forth of opinions, nothing more.”
It seemed to settle you slightly and he felt you relax into his chest as you reached up to hold onto his arms and tried to take a deep breath.
“Yes, I would call this a committed relationship if we are putting a title to it now. If that’s what we are calling it, then I’ve been your girlfriend or whatever for like a day, Thomas. Isn’t moving in together after 24 hours moving slightly fast?”
When he began to sway side to side with you in his arms, it only further calmed you.
“Technically speaking, yes, but I’ve considered you my girlfriend for a lot longer than a day, George. So much so that the term doesn’t seem to be enough. For most couples, it would be moving fast, but what about this has been normal, my love? I see it as we have known each other for eight years, we both love each other very much, and have both decided that we want to be together. Even when we lived together as roommates, it wasn’t enough for me. I don’t want you down the hall, darling. I want you in my arms each night and the first thing I see when I wake up each day. Plus, I have this entire house to myself and if you were here, you could come to set with me every day. You wouldn’t even have to do the work that was required since Natalie oversees that now. You would get runs with Bobby and I again…”
You turned in his arms to face him with a look.
“First off, you can’t tempt me with a dog that had decided he is mine now. That trick doesn’t work anymore, Hiddleston. Put him in the middle of the room and let’s see who he goes to first, shall we? Secondly, I am never using the logic trick again… it’s infuriating.”
He let out a deep laugh as he cupped your cheeks and pulled you in for a kiss.
“Noted and I don’t take bets that I can’t win, and two, we both know that’s an outright lie, baby. It’s your go-to move, but I love the fact that it drives you insane when the tables are turned on you.”
With the knowledge that he had successfully defused the situation, he held you against his chest as you calmly contemplated the decision. It was several minutes before you spoke again.
“I’m not saying no… it’s just a lot right now. How about this? I spend the weekdays at the ranch for now so I can help mom, and I agree to spend my weekends here with you and Bobby. I can occasionally come up for days on set when it’s slower back home. We are only 40 minutes away from each other and will obviously talk whenever you’re not busy on set. I know filming starts next week and it will be crazy for you anyways.”
Tom knew it was a slim chance you would say yes so easily, but he was glad he had approached the subject with you.
“That’s fair, darling. Just know that if you change your mind, the offer will always stand. Alright?”
She leaned up and smiled at him as he closed the distance for a kiss.
“Deal… now I should get going. That new bikini isn’t going to buy itself you know. Plus, now that you know my secret, I don’t have to stick to the ones with more coverage.”
“Is that why you always insisted on wearing shorts over your bottoms, baby? Because of the tattoo?”
“What can I say? That was an awkward conversation I wanted to put off as long as possible.”
He watched you carefully and trailed his eyes over your body as the thoughts of you in a suit with a little less coverage produced the most scandalous of images. The look he was giving you didn’t get by you.
“Come on, Aunt George! Mummy said we can buy a toy if we behave.”
You gave him a look that was a mixture of ‘save me’ and ‘it looks like I’m leaving now’ as you turned to follow the boys out of the kitchen towards the front door. Just as you grabbed your purse, he swiftly wrapped his arm around your waist and turned you to face him once again. While the boys weren’t looking, he pulled you against him for a passionate kiss. Absolutely stunned as he pulled away, he leaned into your ear as he watched the entrance to the room behind you.
“Feel free to find a modest one since we have company with young eyes, but I suggest you buy a second for when it’s just you and me… the skimpiest little thing you can find, baby girl. The more of my mark that shows, the better.”
He left a kiss just below your ear that sent a shudder through you. Turning around to leave once again now completely flustered, his hand connected with your behind in a loud smack that you hoped wasn’t heard in the next room. The look you had on your face told him to behave, but the wink he gave you said he would do no such thing.
The remainder of the day was spent poolside with Ben, Sophie, and the boys with Tom taking a break in the later afternoon to set up the replacement cell phone that had arrived. After enjoying dinner together, you decided to go ahead and head back home. Since they were staying for a week while Ben filmed his scenes for the show, you promised to come back over the weekend. After being in town for two days, you felt guilty for neglecting the duties you had promised you would handle at the ranch. It took Tom fifteen minutes of kisses next to the car before he finally let you drive away.
It was pushing midnight when his phone dinged on the nightstand beside him. Setting down the script he was reviewing for the latest changes, he smiled to see a text from you. It was from your previous phone number so your name and picture appeared on the screen.
You still awake?
He leaned back against the headboard and typed out a response.
Unfortunately, yes. Still working. Did you make it home safe?
The next set of words caught him off guard.
So…about that. Does your offer still stand?
Trying to not get his hopes up, he decided to feel out where you were going with this.
Always, baby.
Good, because I’m out front right now.
Tom didn’t even bother putting his shoes on as he quickly made his way through the house, trying to stay quiet to not wake up the house guests sleeping off the entry way. As he opened the front door, he was met with you leaning against your car in the driveway with your arms crossed over your chest. The closer he got, the more he recognized that expression. You weren’t happy right now.
“She kicked me out. The woman actually kicked me out.”
“Wait… what?”
“I told her that you and I had worked things out and she asked me why the hell I was there instead of here with you. My mother said, and I quote, ‘If you think I am letting you turn down that boy’s offer, you are clinically insane. ’ She actually made me pack myself tonight and head back to town. Apparently, my room is being turned into a craft room so I don’t come running back. OH, and I’m also supposed to tell you that I am your problem now.”
He tried to hold in his laughter as long as possible since you clearly weren’t thrilled with being told what to do. You raised your eyebrows at him as if to ask if he was done. Pulling you in for a hug, he heard you let out a sigh.
“I’m sorry, sweetheart. I shouldn’t laugh. I know you don’t like being backed into a corner. I have to ask though, are you upset because you don’t want to move in with me or because your mother called you out on being scared?”
The eye roll told him everything.
“You know, she even had the nerve to tell me that I was the worst ranch hand she’s ever had? She would rather pay someone to handle my responsibilities than to wake me up one more morning for feeds.”
Seeing your frustration resolve, he tucked your hair behind you ear and leaned in for a kiss.
“Remind me to call and thank her later…”
You playfully smacked his chest before resting your forehead against it. Your words were muffled in his shirt, but in the silence of the summer night, he could still hear them.
“Are we really doing this?”
Tom stared down at you with the biggest grin.
“It appears so, my love.”
You patted his chest and gave him another quick kiss.
“I guess it’s a good thing I travel light then.”
The following morning, Tom woke up before you did. Before he even opened his eyes, he was already smiling. You were draped over his chest stealing as much warmth from him as you possibly could. His eyes settled on your belongings stacked up in the corner of his bedroom. The two of you got as far as unloading your SUV before calling it a night. For the first time, everything was truly right in his world. Well, almost…
Being careful not to wake you, he gently slid out from under you and grabbed his cell before leaving the room. Now in the privacy of the kitchen, he started a pot of coffee and dialed Luke’s number. He intentionally kept his voice low.
“Hey, mate. It’s me… we need to talk.”
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sabine-leo · 2 days ago
Always been you...
Chapter 3
Tumblr media
Author: @sabine-leo
Genre: Fluff, Friendship, Friends to lovers
Chapter: 3 / ..
Link to Chapter 1 / Link to Chapter 2
Wordcount: 1676
Song used in this chapter: Layla Eric Clapton
Summary: Since Toms´ sister Emma has been your friend since childhood, Tom was a part of your life for about 25 years now. Forming a deep and trusting friendship had been easy. You could count on each other no matter what. SO, when your flat got flooded Tom was the first to offer help and take you in.
But what will living together stir up?
Note: Tags are open!
Comments and reblogs are very much appreciated!
Tumblr media
Chapter 3
Toms´ behaviour was off the next two days. He was in his office a lot, only came out to get something to drink or when he went to bed. You knew he could get broody when he became involved in a new project. But he hadn´t told you that he had found one that had awakened his interest. Not that he needed to…it just had been that way for over a decade. With a fresh brewed tea, you softly knocked on his door. “Tom?” You quietly entered his office.
Tom’s chair was turned towards the window. He was staring out, biting the temple arm of his glasses. “Thomas?!” you softly tried again and put the tea down onto his desk.
The clink of the cup on the saucer made him turn around surprised.
“Sorry, I didn´t want to intrude…just brought you some tea.”
Tom rubbed his face. “Thank you…sorry I am…I…” He started.
“No need. Just answer me if you are ok? I don´t need to know more than that.”
Tom took in a deep breath and mustered a smile. “Yes, just thinking about…things…” He stood and came to stand in front of you. “Thank you for the tea.” He stroked down your arm.
“No need…” You started. “Just wanted to check if you are ok and if you need something else? I am headed out to the stores…”
“No…I am good.” Tom shot in.
“Ok, I need to run by the post office to collect a parcel from work since they can´t post it to my old address.” You smiled and looked up to him. “Just text me if you change your mind and need something.” His gaze followed you out when he added an “Will do…” That sounded as if he already was thinking about…things…again.
Toms´ head and his thoughts were in shambles after his mothers comment the other day. Then there was this darn green shirt that apparently had been his eons ago. He was wrecking his brain trying to think about the day he gave it to you. How could his mother remember and he did not? When Tom heard the front door falling close, he let out a deep breath. Bloody hell, what was happening with him? And what was his mother playing at when she said he had been blind to everything directly in front of him. His eyes were fine! Ok, mostly… he still needed glasses sometimes.
“This is ridiculous…” He went over to the small radio in his office and turned it on before sitting down again. He took a sip of the tea you had brought to him and tried to relax his mind. The rhythm of the song playing made him tap his foot. He began to hum and then sing along. This was, after all an Eric Clapton classic…
“Layla, you got me on my knees Layla, I'm begging darling, please Layla, darling, won't you ease my worried mind?”
His mind started to ease, he relaxed back into his chair.
“I tried to give you consolation When your old man had let you down Like a fool, I fell in love with you You turned my whole world upside down Layla, you got me on my knees Layla, I′m begging darling, please Layla, darling, won′t you ease my worried mind?”
“Upside down, inside out…that’s for sure. Mother you surely worried my mind...” He said to himself in between.
“Let's make the best of the situation Before I finally go insane Please don′t say "We'll never find a way" And tell me all my love′s in vain Layla, you got me on my kne…” Tom sat up straight. No…no. That wasn´t what his mother had tried to say. He was not blind when it came to you. He saw you, pretty clearly. Always had! Or did he?
His head hit the desk.
Tumblr media
Tom stared at his phone for a moment. Then he huffed but a smile lit up his face. He needed to screw his head on straight. Or ask his mother what she was trying to say… Either way, he was hungry and he was done hiding out in his office for now. Deciding he needed a quick shower to be presentable again and wash off the smell of his woolly thoughts he went into the bathroom. When you said you´d be back in ten you probably hadn´t count in the traffic around this hour of day.
“I´m back.” You loudly proclaimed with your arms full, balancing the parcel and the shopping bag with groceries. Tom came from the hallway, tugging a t-shirt over himself with wet hair, loose pants and barefoot. “Let me help you.” He took the bag of groceries off you and went into the kitchen. “Thank you.” You said with a smile and put the parcel away first before getting out of your coat and following him. “You seem less thoughty.”
Tom laughed and looked at you from over the fridge-door. “Thoughty?”
“Yeah..” you started, hopping from one foot to the other taking off your shoes. You went on when you headed to the hallway to put them away “..I know you can drift of when thinking or preparing for a new project. But 2 days without food is the maximum I will allow you.”
Tom chuckled again. “Allow me? What do you want to do? Spoon feed me?”
You grinned when you walked back into the kitchen. “If you force me to such extreme measures, I will!”
Tom closed the fridge and broke out a pot from a cabinet.
“Less talking, more cooking. Otherwise, you´ll really have to feed me because I am to frail to lift my fork.”
You bumped your hip against him with a smile and cleaned your hands. “Chop an onion, henchman.”
“Aye, chef!” Tom grinned and bumped you back.
See, he told himself. Everything was normal between the both of you…
“Don´t even think about dragging me off this couch tonight!” You said to Toms laugh. He, again, had lain down on the floor. Head propped on a pillow, in front of the fireplace.
“I actually thought about it, but I can´t even fathom the will to move right now. So, you are lucky…” He turned his head towards you. “You could always choose to come lay next to me…” Toms´ hopeful grin made you smile. “Nope…not moving.”
“Too bad.” He sighed but smiled.
After 2 minutes of comfortable silence, you said
“I picked up the paper with rent advertisements.”
Tom’s stomach clenched. “You did? Anything worth looking at?” He asked, rubbing his belly.
“Don´t know. I haven´t looked yet.” You answered and watched the light of the fireplace reflect on the ceiling. “I mean…I can´t live here forever…” You trailed of.
“Why not?” Tom asked and still tried to rub the knot out of his guts.
“I can´t…no I won´t bring dates over. And I know it will be awkward when you do.”
Toms’ brows furrowed. “How come?” Yeah, he really was the man of words tonight…
“We are not in our twenty’s any longer…The sock on the doorknob might actually scare your sophisticated dates off.” You quietly laughed. “And I won´t expose your address to anyone…so no dates for me…”
Tom gruntingly tried to find a more comfortable position. “You wanna date?”
God, his eloquence... he chastised himself.
“Dunno…I didn´t the last 2 years but…maybe…some day in the future I might want too again.”
“I think I am going to be sick…” came from the floor. You looked towards Tom and retorted. “Don´t you throw up my perfectly good food Hiddleston. My dating live isn´t that nauseating.”
“…´Cause it´s non-existent…” He huffed and tried to breathe through the weird feeling.
That actually made you laugh out loud and throw a pillow in his direction. “Doofus!” You wheezed and got up. “You are one to speak…When have you actually dated someone?” You asked and took the pillow you had thrown to lay down next to him.
Tom turned his head and said “You know it is not that easy for me anymore.”
“Semantics…” You shoot back. He gave it a good thought and spoke quietly. “I think I just concentrated on my carrier for the last years.”
Tom lifted his arm to make room for you to lay your head in the crook of it. He took in another deep breath. His free hand still rubbing his belly in slow circles while you moved closer to him.
“Still feeling sick?” You asked and put your hand on his moving one.
Tom nestled his chin against the top of your head, taking a sniff. “Slowly getting better now.” He smiled and closed his eyes, entwining your hand with his on his belly.
Two minutes of quiet contentedness later Tom started to chuckle.
“What?” You asked lifting your head to look into the blue depth of his.
Tom grinned smug and winked when he said. “In the end…you´ll always land in my arms.” He hugged you closer for a second. “Case in point…”
You laughed and swatted his arm.
“And I even didn´t have to drag you off the couch this time…”
“You are one hell of a magnet, Hiddleston.” You grinned.
“I thought I was a boomerang?!” He teased smirking.
You scrambled to get up.
“Where are you going?” Tom asked and lifted his head.
“As I said…” You stretched your back. “…we are not in our twenties any longer. My back hurts from your hardwood floor.”
Tom grunted when he got up. “Noted.”
“Sleep well Thomas.” You smiled and kissed his cheek before walking towards your bedroom.
“Good night…” Tom replied. “(Y/N)?” He said a bit louder before your door fell close. “..If you really want to look into new flats. I´ll help you find one. But you really don´t have to…I love having you here.”
You leaned in your doorframe and smiled. “I like being here too…” Then you closed your door.
Tom blew out a quiet breath. “Then don´t move out…” he whispered to himself and went to bed too.
@delightfulheartdream @huntress-artemiss @chezagnes @donaweasley @kiliskywalker666 @catsladen @hawksugarbaby @lots-of-loki @traceyaudette @ellaenchanted91 @dr-kayleigh-dh @mrsstyles033 @usedtobegoodfriend96 @hiddles-thomas-blog @noplacelikehome77 @ladyblablabla @myoxiisbroken @lumoswinchesterkazy2y5 @viviandarkbloom06 @snoopy3000 @alexakeyloveloki @archy3001 @itscalledfandomsweetielookitup @faeriedelalune-blog @lil-mewlingquim07 @amazinggraces-world @tanishahka @coniumalces @emomemelordess @devilbat @usedtobegoodfriend96 @cest-le-temps-de-lamour @adefectivedetective @karnita-mexicana @marvelc00kie35 @stressedoutsteph @maggiefollows @bi-spider-noir @klbates22 @my-fuckin-problem @deathofmissjackson @vesper-lou @bluefrenchfries604​ @maybell88 @moonstar86 @lokilvrr @wiczer @thisismysecrethappyplace​ @wiczer @otakumultimuse-hiddlewhore @geekwritersworld @kthemarsian @donaweasley @alexakeyloveloki @9osloki @tinchentitri @augustsnape @delightfulheartdream @loukisbuck
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The northern lights
Tom Hiddleston x reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: Tom made your wish come true and maybe many more.
Warnings: mention of smut and sort of smut but not graphic, fear of flighting and taking meds for it. A whole lot of Christmas fluff
Words: 2.4K
 The northern lights
“Keep your eyes closed darling.” Tom chuckled as he held his hands in front of your eyes, trying to guide you. “Tom, just tell me where we going” you chuckled and he laughed as you kept fishing. “Nope can’t do that, it’s a surprise and I don’t want you to know yet.” You giggled and let Tom guide you as you knew that this man was going to keep it a secret like he does with Marvel.
You were guided on a plane. That was something you knew for sure. You also had to pack warm stuff so you knew that you were going somewhere cold. You also knew that you would stay for at least a week. Tom helped you sit down. That was the moment his hands came from your eyes. You tried to look around for clues but it wasn’t helping. “Okay, I’m going to put headphones on you so you can’t hear where we’re going.” You rolled your eyes teasingly but the glistering in your eyes gave you away.
You let him put the headphones on and held your face between his palms so he could give you a kiss. “I love you.” “I love you too.” You responded, making him realize that you could still hear. He put the music a little louder and this time you couldn’t hear anything. You looked outside while you held Tom’s hand. He knew you weren’t a real big fan of flying but there wasn’t really a other way. He squeezed your hand as you got off the ground. Tom did let you know about the flying so you could mentally prepare and take meds so you kept calm.
The meds though did make you very tired and well… stoned. You rested your head on Toms shoulder and he gave you a kiss on top of your head. You fell asleep rather quickly and got woken up by Tom like a long time later. You were still out of it because of the meds. He helped you stand up and supported you on the way out. He did blind you this time as it was much easier. Where he got it from, you didn’t know.
You got your luggage and were placed in a car. The car ride was 2 hours and Tom sat next to you, letting you know that he wasn’t driving as he massaged your head as his arm was around your shoulder and held your hand with his other hand.
After a while you were at you destination and it was extremely cold you also knew that you were currently standing in the snow. “You ready darling?” Tom asked you and you could hear the excitement in his voice. “More than ready, I want to know now.” you told him chuckling and he laughed as response as he carefully took the blindfold off. You needed a moment to adjust and that was when you saw it. There was snow everywhere, you were in the woods and…. The northern lights….. You’ve always wanted to see it and here you were right now. You looked at Tom with big eyes as he smiled lovingly at you. “Surprise..” He said softly. You looked back at the lights and you were absolutely mesmerized.
Even though Tom saw them for the first time as well, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of you, as you were the most beautiful thing in the entire world. He turned you softly around and you saw a cabin. It was something you’ve always dreamed of. The fire was already on, probably by the staff but the whole pictures was just beautiful. Over the cabin, you could still see the lights.
“Come on love, let’s get inside and take a look.” You nodded and let Tom guide you in. Once you got inside it was the most coziest thing you’ve ever seen in your entire life. You smiled at Tom and flung around his neck, giving him a tight hug and fast kisses, making him chuckle. “Thank you so much Tom, this is the best surprise, I love it.” he smiled and pulled you against his body. “I’m glad you like it love, anything for you. You deserve it.” he told you as he gave you a passionate kiss.
You both smiled in the kiss and broke apart. You both decided to go to bed since it was really late and you were still a little dazed from the meds and Tom was exhausted. The bed had a big window that gave you the view of the lights, the snow and the forest. Of course you wanted to sleep on the side of the window. You and Tom stepped in the shower to feel a little more fresh from the flight and drive. Tom’s hands softly went over your body with the soap, cleaning you up as you did the same. You placed both of your hands on his cheeks, pulling him closer. He looked enchanted by your gaze. He let you pull him closer and you kissed him passionately. Before things could go further Tom pulled away. “Darling, I love you and I love making love to you. But you’re stoned and I’m too tired.” You chuckled and nodded giving him another kiss before you both stepped out of the shower.
You got in the bed, both naked so you had skin to skin contact. You traced the lines of his face with your finger and you could see him completely relax underneath your touch as he held you close to him. You kissed his forehead, his nose and lastly his lips before closing your own eyes and crawled up against Tom, sighing in relaxation.
~next morning~
You woke up from the light that came from outside. You blinked a few times and saw the snow falling on the snow that was already resting on the ground. You shivered a little and felt an arm tightening around you. Tom placed his face against you naked back, nuzzling his nose against you and tiredly placed kisses on your back and shoulder. He pulled you around so that you were on your back. He smiled softly at you and stared. “Good morning.” He whispered. “Good morning.” You smiled. He put his finger underneath your chin so he could kiss you.
You deepened the kiss and placed your hands on his back, pulling him closer. It was the most amazing lazy morning sex you’ve ever had with Tom. You both cuddled a while after before jumping into the shower together again., which led to more loving make outs and sex. If that was what you were going to do while you were here you were absolutely fine with that.
Once you got downstairs you saw that they decorated the whole cabin in Christmas ornaments, it felt like a fairytale in real life. You both ate some breakfast and after that you needed to go to the store and wanted to explore. You walked hand in hand with Tom in the supermarket. You bought everything you needed and a little more. after placing everything back at the cabin you both walked outside to explore. You walked through the forest. Everything was just so beautiful. You even found the city and it was decorated in Christmas decoration.
You both had a drink at a cozy pub before walking back, still tired from the flight and well this morning. Once you got back inside the cabin, Tom put on the fireplace and some music on while you made some cookies. Tom put his arms around you and rested his head on top of yours. He turned you around and placed his hand on your back and took your hand in his. He swayed you around the room and you giggled. You felt the happiness and peace floating through your entire body. As he twirled you around.
He pulled you closer to his body again and held you tightly. Your hand was resting in his hand on his chest as you both stared at each other. He softly smiled at you and he touched your nose with his before kissing you. He placed his hand on the back of your head to deepen the kiss. You pulled back when you heard the oven go off.
You placed the cookies in and Tom laid stretched out on the couch watching you. You got a smirk and pulled your eyebrow up and swayed his way. He got a mischievous smile on his face. Once you’ve reached the couch, you crawled on top of Tom. You gave him multiple kisses and his hand went in your hair. He softly tucked your head in his neck to lay down. you rested on top of him and he drew patterns on your back. “Can you read to me?” you asked him softly. “Of course darling.” He told you and took the book from the coffee table and started to read to you.
You felt into a peaceful nap, and Tom let you rest on him even though he couldn’t sleep but he found rest in watching you sleep as he softly played with your hair. After a while you woke up and looked at Tom, who was already looking at you. “Hi” you said softly “Hi” he told you and softly kissed you. “Let me make dinner for us darling.” You smiled and got off of him, letting him stand up.
He made his famous pasta and you both had a romantic dinner. After dinner you both wanted to go outside. You put on warmer clothes and got outside with Tom. He made a bonfire and you looked up. You were extremely happy that you brought your camera and decided to make a timelapse.
You took your mittens of so you could place the camera just right. You smiled and looked up until you felt something hid you. You looked and saw Tom throwing snowballs at you. You got some too and started to throw it at him. You both ran back and forth before he stood behind you all of a sudden, making you fall and pulled Tom with you. “Are you okay love?” he asked you a little worried but he got greeted with a lot of giggles from you, making him smile “I’ll take that as a yes?” you nodded, unable to stop laughing. Tom looked deeply into your eyes and you stopped, feeling in a trans. His face came closer until your lips touched as his cold nose touched yours.
“Let’s get warmed up mhm?” he told you with a smirk. “Sounds good mister Hiddleston.” You teased him, knowing it turned him on. He groaned and got a mischievous smirk “Alright let’s get inside.” He told you with a deep voice, helping you up, you knew your camera was safe here so you just let it run. before you got in the cabin Tom got the snow off of you. He playfully slapped your butt, making you walk in.
When you got in he immediately got your clothes off. “making love to you underneath the northern lights is a dream come true.” He told you seriously and you didn’t waist anytime before you pulled him in. Your back hid the soft bed and he crawled over you before he hang above you. He kissed you with all the passion he could give you. It felt like the sex got better every time you’d done it. You orgasmed at least 5 times in a hour. You felt exhausted. Happy and satisfied but exhausted. Tom really gave his all. You laid in each other’s arms. “Did I go to rough on you darling?” he asked you a little worried. You smiled and placed your hand on his cheek. “No, you didn’t. I loved every minute of it.” you told him with a reassuring smile. He smiled back and pulled you in for a lazy kiss. You rested your head on his chest and you both looked at the northern lights but your gaze went towards Tom as you stared at him lovingly.
You had the most amazing week with Tom with a lot of passionate sex. You’ve played some games by the fireplace, watched movies and most important the northern lights, danced a lot, ice skated, you made some of the most beautiful pictures ( Also of Tom), cooked a lot together and cuddled a lot. IT was the best week of your life but the surprises weren’t over yet. Once again you got blindfolded when you had to go on an plane.
“I’ve always wanted to see the northern lights and their beautiful, but yet when I look at them, their not half as beautiful as you,”  You told him softly. He turned his head around quickly at you. he felt such a happiness when you told him that, that he got a little teared up. “
I can’t express how much I love you darling, but I’ll try every day.” You smiled. “I already know Tom.” He both cuddled and made out before you fell asleep.
Once again a long trip but once Tom took your blindfold off, you stood in front of your family, who all had smiles plastered over their faces. They all hugged you and you wiped away the tears, looking thankful at Tom, who just smiled lovingly at you. You both walked hand in hand towards your mothers car. You would spend the holidays with your family this time. ( as the other year, you’ve spend it with his family, which was just as lovely.)  You felt bad that you couldn’t spend some of Christmas with his family but he reassured you, that you would just spend it a couple of days later.
You laid in your old bed at home on Christmas eve, late in the evening. You and Tom just gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes, and traced the features on each other’s faces. You didn’t want Christmas ever to be without Tom. You wanted to spend your whole life with Tom and he felt that way too as the engagement ring was carefully hidden in his back, so he could propose to you on Christmas. What a sweet life it is.
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justseewherethisgoes · 2 days ago
Where You Lead, I’ll Follow - Chapter 10: A Smattering Of That Old Time Romance
She’s an unlucky-in-love musician taking her career in a new direction. He’s one of the most in demand actors of his generation. Can Eleanor De Luca and Tom Hiddleston find just what they need in the most unlikely of places?
Chapter Summary: Eleanor and Tom go on their first date together.
Chapter Warnings: TW: smut.
Pairings / Characters: Tom Hiddleston x Original Female Character, Tom Hiddleston x OFC, Tom Hiddleston x Eleanor De Luca, Tom x Eleanor.
Author’s Note: As this involves a real life ‘character’ (Tom Hiddleston), this is a disclaimer to say I do not know his personality or his behaviours, this is just an assumption for a piece of fiction. Chapter title is a lyric from ‘Four Simple Words’ by Frank Turner.
Eleanor glanced at the clock in the bedroom - 6:45pm. She exhaled deeply. Tom was due to arrive at 7pm, and the first date jitters were getting to her.
“It’s just a date,” she said aloud to herself. Seven weeks ago, she had no idea who Tom Hiddleston even was, and now after weeks of flirting and getting to know each other on set, they were about to go on their first date together. His invitation via the note under the door of her trailer was one of the most romantic gestures anyone had ever done for her in her life. She just needed a little bit longer to get ready, and she thought she’d better warn her friend about Tom’s imminent arrival.
“Steve! I need you!” She shouted through the house, and seconds later Steve burst through the bedroom door.
“What? You’re not the only one with plans tonight, y’know. How do you know he’s not going to arrive and want to take me on this date?”
“Dressed like that the only date you’re getting is the dried fruit kind!” Eleanor retorted quickly, spying Steve in his sweat pants and an old jumper.
“Harsh, but fair,” Steve replied, slumping on to the bed. “What do you need me for?”
“Tom will be here soon, and I just need a few more minutes to get ready, so could you answer the door and try not to scare him off, please?”
Steve gasped, “Would I ever?”
Eleanor shot him a cold glance through the mirror of her dressing table. “I wouldn’t put it past you, I’ve known you to try to steal my dates before!”
“It’s just a little test I put them through to see if they’re good enough for you.” He made his way from the bed to Eleanor’s side. “And, if they don’t pass the test, and fall for my charms instead, then they weren’t meant for you.”
The doorbell rang. Eleanor instantly froze as her nerves kicked in. “Ahh! I see door duty beckons me!” Steve dramatically exclaimed as he left the bedroom, and Eleanor flashed him a sarcastic look.
“Be polite! I’ll be 2 minutes.”
Eleanor stilled as she heard Steve open the door, and strained to hear his exchange with Tom.
“Ah, hello. You must be Steve,” Tom’s voice drifted through the doorway.
“And you must be Tom, please come in. She’ll be down in a moment.”
“Eleanor has mentioned you in passing,” Tom said casually, trying his best to make small talk between the two men.
“All good I hope!” Eleanor rolled her eyes at Steve’s remark.
“She’s described you as a chaotic older sibling who’s completely unrelated.” Tom’s comment eased Eleanor’s nerves.
“Yes, that would about summarise it,” Steve said disgruntled.
Eleanor thought it was time to rescue Tom from Steve’s company. She spritzed her favourite perfume onto her neck and wrists, checked her hair and make-up one last time, slipped her shoes on and smoothed down her dress. With a deep breath, she grabbed her handbag and left the bedroom.
Tom looked up the stairs as Eleanor greeted him, and he felt his breath hitch in his throat. She descended the stairs wearing a vintage knee-length dark green dress with full skirt, simple black heels, and her brunette hair styled to wrap around the back of her neck, cascading over one shoulder. He thought she was beautiful on set, but tonight she looked like a vision in front of him. Tom couldn’t help a broad smile from appearing on his face.
“Hello,” Tom said gently, “You look absolutely stunning.” He reached down and grabbed Eleanor’s hand, and placed a kiss to her knuckles. “Here, these are for you.” He presented Eleanor with a dozen red roses that he had held by his side.
Eleanor took the flowers and gave them a deep sniff to absorb their scent, her hazel eyes gazing at Tom over the tips of the petals. “Thank you, they’re beautiful.” She gave Tom a kiss on his cheek, and he felt the stirrings of anxious excitement in his stomach from the gesture. Eleanor handed the flowers to Steve and asked him to put them in a vase for her.
“As you wish,” Steve’s subtle sarcasm only noticeable to Eleanor from their years of friendship. “Now, go enjoy your evening.” Steve led the pair to the door and closed it behind them, before placing the bouquet in a vase. He grabbed snacks and drinks from the kitchen, made his way to the lounge and slumped on the sofa. “Who needs a date when you’ve got food and Netflix?!” he said to himself, placing a crispy treat in his mouth.
Outside, Tom offered Eleanor his arm as they walked towards the car awaiting them. He opened the door for Eleanor, then moved to the opposite side to give the driver instructions before joining her in the back seat.
Eleanor looked over at Tom, taking in the sight of him in a dark blue suit and white shirt, the top two buttons undone to give a more casual appearance. She couldn’t help but think how handsome he looked with his golden brown curls pushed behind his ear. She smiled to herself, thinking she was very lucky to be on a date with a man like Tom.
“So, what’s this surprise you have lined up for me?” Eleanor said as they drove through the streets of North London.
“You’ll see, trust me,” Tom said, reaching out to place his hand on top of Eleanor’s, his thumb gently rubbing her smooth skin. Eleanor looked down at their hands, then up to meet Tom’s eyes, a small smile on her lips as she felt intrigued by the evening ahead.
The car pulled to a stop and Eleanor went to let herself out. Tom stopped her. “Ah, allow me,” he exclaimed, before dashing out, opening the door and offering Eleanor his hand to help her out. She smiled, fully enjoying Tom’s chivalrous behaviour, which she thought was long dead in modern men.
She looked around to see where they were, and came across familiar ground. “Ohh, Islington Green,” she said brightly.
“You know the area?” Tom replied.
“Yes, I lived a couple of streets away from here when I first moved to London,” Eleanor said wistfully.
Tom smiled to himself. “It appears I have chosen well.”
Tom guided Eleanor through the backstreets before stopping at a small Italian restaurant.
“I didn’t realise this place was still open!” Eleanor said gleefully, remembering previous visits from years gone by. She smiled broadly at Tom as he gestured her to enter the establishment.
They were greeted and led to a quiet table at the back. The waiter pulled out Eleanor’s chair for her as Tom settled down in his seat. Water was poured for them both, and menus distributed before the waiter left them to choose their meals.
“How do you know this place? I thought this was a well-kept secret,” Eleanor asked inquisitively.
“I’ve heard good reviews, and decided tonight was as good a night as any to try it out. I had no idea you knew about it.” Tom was surprised, but secretly pleased at himself for seemingly choosing the right place for their date.
“I used to come here when I needed a reminder of home,” Eleanor sighed.
The waiter returned and the pair ordered their meals and a bottle of wine to accompany them. They chatted amicably while they waited and learned more about each other. They both delved into tales of their families and friends as they ate their meals, sipping wine and exchanging glances across the table. Eleanor wanted to try Tom’s pasta dish, so he gracefully fed her a forkful from his plate. He watched as Eleanor closed her eyes as she tasted the food, thinking how gorgeous she looked as she did so.
“Mmmm,” Eleanor hummed as she swallowed the taster of Tom’s dish, “So good!” This sent a thrill through Tom’s body as he thought of other ways he could get Eleanor to make that sound again. He shifted in his seat and snapped back to the moment.
The talk continued as the waiter cleared their empty plates and they ordered more wine, deciding to skip dessert. As Tom excused himself to use the bathroom, Eleanor took the chance to check her phone, and saw two new messages from Steve.
“He’s gorgeous, you’re lucky he’s straight otherwise I’d have him like that! You looked gorgeous and he knew it. I approve of him. Have a wonderful time x”
“PS; I’ve made sure there are some condoms in your bedside drawer, play safe kids x”
She smiled and rolled her eyes at the last message before shooting off a quick reply as Tom returned to the table.
He reached across and took Eleanor’s hand as they finished their drinks. When the bill arrived, Eleanor offered to contribute but Tom insisted on paying in full.
“Oh okay then,” Eleanor said playfully, “But next time it’s my treat.”
Tom smiled widely at the idea of a second date. “I look forward to that already.”
Eleanor took a sip of water, gazing at Tom over the top of her glass. ‘Steve was right,’ she thought to herself. Tom looked gorgeous sat across from her, and she couldn’t help herself from falling for his gentlemanly whit and charm.
Tom glanced at his watch. “As the evening is still young, would you care to join me in a walk?”
Eleanor could think of nothing better after eating such a delicious meal. “Lead the way and I shall follow,” she replied. She would walk the length and breadth of London Town just to spend more time in Tom’s company.
The pair left the restaurant and headed south, passing parks and monuments, taking a mixture of backstreets and main roads. The crisp evening air felt good against Eleanor’s skin, and she closed her eyes, breathing in deeply, trying to remember every detail of this moment.
“I didn’t realise how much I would miss London until I left,” she said casually. “For most of the time that I lived in New York I thought I was never coming back.”
Tom looked down at Eleanor, eager to know more, but there was something in her tone that told him not to pry much further, not just yet. “What made you come back?” he asked.
Eleanor sighed gently, “Mainly this film we’re shooting. Also my family. Things have changed so much and I wanted a sense of normality again.” Without saying anything specific, Tom knew exactly what she was referring to. “Besides, London is the greatest city in the world! That alone was enough to draw me back.”
Tom smiled, “I wholeheartedly agree. I know I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else on earth.” He reached across and gently brushed the tips of his fingers against the back of Eleanor’s hand, before slowly entwining his fingers with hers. Eleanor looked up at Tom and smiled subtly, before blinking slowly and turning her gaze to the horizon.
They reached backstreets familiar to them both, and they each started to point out landmarks to the other - Tom pointed to theatres he’d performed at in his youth, and Eleanor showed him clubs and music halls where she had graced the stage. A few streets further, and they’d reached the Thames at South Bank. They walked up to the rivers edge where they rested against the wall facing the water.
Tom stood beside Eleanor, gently wrapping an arm around her waist, pointing a hand across the river. “That building there is the National Theatre, and further on is the Southbank Centre.”
Eleanor reached for Tom’s outstretched arm, moving it down the river to the west. “And that…” she said when Tom’s arm reached the building she was searching for, “…is the Royal Festival Hall. It’s been one of my dreams to perform there. One day,” she sighed and looked wistfully across the river. Tom looked at her and saw a side of her personality he’d never seen before, so tender and raw. The all too familiar butterfly feeling returned to his stomach.
Tom gently turned Eleanor to face him, lightly reaching up and brushing a stray wisp of hair out of her face. His fingers felt warm against Eleanor’s skin.
“You’ll get there one day,” Tom said as he gazed deeply into Eleanor’s eyes which sparkled from the dull streetlights. “I’m sure of it.”
With one final brush of her cheek, Tom guided his fingers under Eleanor’s chin, tilting her head up as he leaned down and softly brushed his lips against hers. He paused for a brief second, before Eleanor leaned in and returned his kiss, slowly moving her lips against his. Tom’s beard created a perfect rough contrast on Eleanor’s smooth skin.
Tom wrapped both of his arms around Eleanor’s waist, pulling her close against him as her arms snaked their way around his neck. Her hand found its way into Tom’s hair, and she started to rub her fingertips along the base of his scalp. Tom’s tongue tentatively brushed Eleanor’s bottom lip as she moved her mouth to deepen the kiss. Tom moaned softly, one hand slowly moving up Eleanor’s spine to rest between her shoulder blades, holding her firmly. Eleanor sighed at the action, pressing her body closer to Tom’s.
As the kiss naturally came to an end, Tom pressed light kisses to Eleanor’s lips and cheek, before resting his forehead against hers, breathing deeply yet gently. The pair rested for a couple of seconds, silently basking in the moment just a while longer, before slowly parting. Eleanor looked into Tom’s eyes. Had they always been that blue? She smiled gently, feeling strangely embarrassed, and turned her head away. She couldn’t look at Tom without wanting to kiss him again.
Tom pressed a gentle kiss to Eleanor’s temple, removed himself from the embrace and took one of her hands in his.
“Now I think it’s time for that surprise I promised,” he said as he guided Eleanor towards the nearest bridge.
“You mean, that wasn’t the surprise?” Eleanor teased playfully, giving Tom’s hand a gentle squeeze.
“Far from it, M’Lady.” Tom said seductively, which made Eleanor blush softly, causing him to chuckle.
The couple crossed the bridge towards the theatre buildings they had just been admiring as dusk descended over the late spring evening. ‘Right on time,’ Tom thought to himself as they approached the next destination of the date.
They arrived at the Southbank Centre, and turned towards an entrance to the left. Tom moved in front of Eleanor, taking her hands in his. “Follow me,” he said softly as he guided her through a small alleyway.
Eleanor looked up when they reached the other side. “Wait, is this...?” she trailed off as Tom finished her question.
“Queen Elizabeth Hall?” he said proudly, “Yes, and we’re going to the roof.”
Eleanor was briefly stunned. “I’ve always wanted to come here!” She could not help but be very impressed by Tom’s choice of date venue. “How…?”
“I may have overheard you talking to the make-up team the other day, so I decided to make a reservation when you agreed to join me.” Tom said with a proud smile, “And I could not be happier that you accepted my invitation.”
Eleanor couldn’t help an excited grin burst onto her face. “Thank you, Tom! It’s a wonderful surprise!” She leaned up and cupped his face in her hand, grazing her thumb across Tom’s beard as she kissed him gently. She was impressed at the effort he had put into the date so far.
Tom gazed down at Eleanor and breathed softly, “You are more than welcome.” He gestured to the door in front of them, “After you, M’Lady.”
“Why thank you, M’Lord.” Eleanor teased as she walked in front of Tom, giving a small but playful curtsy as she crossed his path. Tom smiled, his hand resting on the small of her back as he followed her through the door.
What greeted Eleanor’s eyes was even better than anything she could have imagined. The rooftop was set out with spaces of green grass and wooden plant beds filled with a variety of flowers and plants from around the world. Small groups of people filled pockets of bistro tables, picnic blankets, and comfy wicker booths lit by candlelight that were dotted across the terrace. The balcony laid waste to panoramic views over the Thames, the London Eye visible to the left, while the horizon contained lights from across the city. She couldn’t help but think it was the perfect addition to an already wonderful evening.
A server led Eleanor and Tom to a secluded booth by the balcony’s edge, where a bottle of champagne and two glasses waited for them. Tom gestured for Eleanor to take a seat as he poured the champagne into the flute for her. Eleanor noticed the label and recognised it as a very expensive brand she once had before. Tom joined her and clinked their glasses together before she took a sip, and the taste was even better than she remembered, but that could have been due to her current company.
The pair quickly fell back into the same animated chat they shared at the restaurant earlier, this time peppered with more laughter and amusing anecdotes. Tom’s hand reached across and rested on Eleanor’s knee, while her fingertips gently traced over the sleeve of Tom’s suit.
As the evening sky turned darker, the cool night air sent a shiver down Eleanor’s spine. She had forgotten to bring a jacket or cardigan in her earlier panic. Tom noticed her shivering, and slipped his suit jacket off from his shoulders.
“Here,” he said as he draped the jacket across Eleanor’s shoulders, “You should have said you were feeling cold.”
Eleanor wrapped the jacket around her, the dark blue complimenting the green of her dress perfectly, feeling the residue heat from Tom’s body inside the jacket. “Are you sure you won’t get cold?” she asked Tom.
“I’ll be fine,” he smiled back, as he noticed how pretty Eleanor’s delicate features looked against the evening sky. A breeze blew a few strands of hair across Eleanor’s face, which Tom brushed away delicately with his fingers.
“‘Hear my soul speak: The very instant that I saw you, Did my heart fly to your service; there resides To make me slave to it.’” Tom recounted as he looked into Eleanor’s eyes, which suddenly looked much larger in the candlelight.
Eleanor was completely lost for words. No one had ever said anything as intriguingly romantic to her before. It sounded familiar, but also completely alien to her. “That’s so beautiful,” she said breathlessly, and in that moment she no longer saw Tom as just her co-star, but potentially as someone a lot more meaningful.
Before she could say another word, Tom leaned in and kissed her ferverishly as he cupped her face in his hand. Eleanor’s hand stroked up the outside of Tom’s leg towards his hip, where it rested and she squeezed gently. She moaned softly, suddenly wanting more and temporarily forgot their surroundings. She shifted closer to Tom, her hand ghosting up the side of his body. She felt his muscles respond to her touch through the thin cotton of his shirt, and heard Tom moan against her lips.
Tom broke the kiss breathlessly as he started to feel the arousal stir through his body. He had never been kissed by anyone like that before, Eleanor was something else entirely. He glanced at her to see her gently biting her bottom lip, and his mind raced to indecent places. He took a deep breath and silently summoned the courage to suggest a new plan.
“Would you care to join me at my house for more champagne?” Tom asked seductively as his eyes darted to the upturned bottle in the ice bucket.
Eleanor had to stop herself from leaping at the invitation. “I would very much like that,” she replied. A smile broke out across her face, hooded eyes gazing to Tom’s gorgeous glance in her direction.
“Excuse me one moment,” he said as he reached down and grabbed Eleanor’s hand, placing a firm kiss to the back, before standing up and stepping aside to make a quick call to the driver to arrange for the couple to be collected.
With Tom out of her eye-line, Eleanor sat back in the booth and breathed deeply. “Fuck!” she whispered under her breath. It had been a long time since a man had made her feel this way, and she had never met someone like Tom. It was as if old-fashioned romance was laced through his soul.
Tom returned and offered an arm to Eleanor. “Shall we?” he raised his eyebrows as he spoke, which caused Eleanor to blush.
“I think we shall,” she replied, linking her arm through his as they exited the rooftop garden to the car waiting for them at the curb side. Eleanor climbed in and settled herself before Tom joined her once more, sitting close to Eleanor, their thighs touching.
As they drove through London, Tom placed his hand lightly on Eleanor’s knee, his fingertips subtly slipping beneath the hem of her dress. Eleanor’s breath hitched at his touch. Her mind drifted back to the rooftop.
“Err, what you said earlier, about souls speaking,” she began tentatively.
“Shakespeare, The Tempest,” Tom finished her trail of thought before she could continue, “Are you familiar with the play?”
“I’m not, I don’t know much about Shakespeare if I’m honest!” Eleanor declared.
She heard Tom gasp and snapped her head to face him.
“I, uhh, um,” he stuttered, before Eleanor saw the tiny smile appear on his face, “Shocked! I shall have to tell you about his works at another time.”
Eleanor chuckled. “Oh I bet you could teach me a thing or two,” she said seductively, the back of her foot rubbing along Tom’s calf. She leaned in and kissed Tom passionately, her tongue swiping over his bottom lip. She could feel his hand glide under her skirt and up her thigh as she reached over and touched his waist, tightening her grip. She could swear she felt something twitch against her outstretched arm. She smiled against Tom’s lips as she gave a tiny chuckle of approval, before Tom let out a low growl, his teeth grazing Eleanor’s bottom lip.
The car pulled up, the driver oblivious to the couple’s actions in the backseat. Eleanor pulled away from Tom as he cleared his throat. She closed her eyes and let out a calming breath, before realising Tom was stood at the car door, his hand outstretched waiting for her. She thanked the driver, scooted along the seat, and took Tom’s hand. They walked to the front door in a comfortable silence. Tom fumbled to get his keys out of the pocket of his suit trousers, opening his front door with a stumble.
Eleanor didn’t notice anything about Tom’s home as she could not take her eyes off of the man in front of her. He reached over to place his keys on the sideboard, missing the dish entirely, as the keys fell to the floor in a clatter of metal and wood.
Eleanor stepped towards Tom, closing the distance between the two. “So…” she began suggestively, walking her fingers across Tom’s chest, “…about that drink?”
In one smooth move, Tom wrapped his arms around Eleanor and pulled her body flush to his. He looked down into her eyes, their height difference now more noticeable. “That can wait,” he said breathlessly before kissing Eleanor quickly. His tongue darted into her mouth, hands trailed down her back and cupped her ass before squeezing it firmly, making Eleanor yelp.
Panting deeply, Eleanor looked up into Tom’s eyes, his pupils dark with lust. “Yup, that can definitely wait,” she said in a light seductive voice.
Eleanor pulled Tom’s face down to meet hers, kissing him intensely. Her fingers started to unbutton Tom’s shirt, while her tongue explored his mouth. Tom kicked off his shoes as he removed his suit jacket from around Eleanor’s shoulders, allowing it to fall to the ground before reluctantly breaking the kiss. Taking Eleanor by the hand, he led her up the stairs towards his bedroom, guiding her in and slamming the door shut behind him. Before he could move, Eleanor pushed his back flat against the door and kissed him with such eagerness he lost all control of his thoughts. With a swift move he grabbed Eleanor’s waist, pivoted her so she was against the door, and attacked her neck with his mouth, kissing and sucking the skin as his hand slipped under her skirt and roughly grazed the outside of her thigh.
Eleanor moaned at Tom’s touch, hitching her leg over his hip so his hand could wander with ease. Her hands made quick work of removing Tom’s shirt, and she glanced down to take in his torso. “Holy fuck!” she gasped breathlessly. She didn’t realise he was hiding such toned pecs and abs under his costume! She lightly trailed her fingers down the length of Tom’s body before starting to unfasten his suit trousers. He groaned in appreciation, his groin growing tight from the rush of blood to the area.
Tom’s mouth parted from Eleanor’s neck as her hand wrapped around his cock. The groan that spilled from his lips was enough to send a throb of arousal through Eleanor’s body. Tom bucked his hips as she started to stroke her hand along his length. Resting his forehead against the door, he started to pant and groan gruffly in Eleanor’s ear. He wasn’t going to be able to control himself if she kept this up for much longer. Hands moving to Eleanor’s hips, he backed away from the door, pulling her with him. He slid his hand up Eleanor’s back, finding the zipper on her dress, slowly pulling it down until the dress fell from Eleanor’s body and pooled at her feet.
Eleanor subtly stepped out of her dress, finding Tom’s mouth and kissing him lustfully. She felt Tom guide her towards his bed and soon her leg hit the side, causing her to tumble backwards, dragging Tom with her. As Tom stood up, she comfortably repositioned herself on the bed, thinking to herself how she made the right decision to treat herself to a new set of black lace lingerie for tonight’s date.
Tom made quick work of removing his trousers and boxers, now standing naked in front of Eleanor. Her eyes roamed his body, widening slightly when she saw his hardened cock. He was big. Bigger than any other man she had been with before. Eleanor smirked seductively, eager for more.
Panting breathlessly, Tom took in the sight of Eleanor’s body laying seductively across his bed. “Fuck! You are gorgeous!” He touched his top lip with the tip of his tongue, almost unable to control his urge to completely ravish every inch of Eleanor’s exposed skin.
“Why don’t you come here and show me just what you can do with that tongue?” Eleanor said in the most seductive voice she could muster. She saw a look of excitement fill Tom’s eyes as he slowly moved towards the bed, grabbing Eleanor’s ankle and removing her shoe, before repeating the action with her other foot. Her legs naturally parted for him, and he looked up at Eleanor, a devilish smirk on his face. He began to slowly work his way up the inside of her thighs, intermittently kissing and nipping at her soft skin. When he reached Eleanor’s knickers, he stilled, pausing to take a moment to appreciate the beautiful view he saw before him. Ghosting his lips over the tops of her thighs, his course beard caused the perfect friction against her sensitive skin. He gently tugged her black lace knickers down her legs, and ran the tips of his fingers across her entrance, relishing in the wetness between her thighs. He placed a solitary kiss on her clit, before flattening his tongue against her, teasing past her entrance back to her clit. Eleanor was powerless to hold back the gasps of pleasure that instinctively left her lips. Tom kept his movements light, teasing her, not wasting the opportunity to give her the pleasure he had fantasised about. For Eleanor, the sensation was almost indescribable. Her hands soon found their way to his hair, tugging him closer, silently directing Tom to give her what she needed. He slowly removed his tongue from her entrance, the tip lightly touching her clit once more. His lips ghosted over her folds as his eyes looked up at her before kissing her clit firmly.
In one swift move, Tom was kneeling between Eleanor’s legs, placing his hands on her hips, dragging her towards him so their bodies were aligned. Eleanor gasped at Tom’s sudden movement, her chest heaving with her deep breaths. Her eyes took in the sight of his very hard and already leaking cock. She couldn’t take his teasing for much longer, but also never wanted him to stop. Tom hovered his body over Eleanor, resting his weight on his hands. He was completely out of reach of her, so she raised herself onto her forearms and reached up to try to kiss Tom.
“Not just yet,” he whispered gruffly, smirking as he reached around Eleanor’s back and unclasped her bra. He rocked back onto his knees and removed her bra, leaving her fully naked in front of him.
“Wow,” Tom exhaled gently, “You are exquisite!” His eyes devoured her body, taking in the curves of her breasts and hips. Feeling his cock twitch, he knew he couldn’t last much longer. He reached between Eleanor’s legs and gently stroked her wet folds, sliding a finger inside. He pumped his finger in and out a few times, before adding a second. Eleanor moaned loudly at the stretch caused by his long fingers, causing the devilish smirk to reappear on Tom’s face.
He leaned up to whisper in Eleanor’s ear, his voice deep and raspy with lust, “Is that it? Is that the spot?” He began to slowly tease her again, his fingers moving tentatively slow, curling intermittently as he kissed her neck hungrily.
Eleanor wrapped her arms around Tom’s body and pulled him close. “If you don’t do something soon I’m gonna have to take things into my own hands,” she purred into his ear, reaching one hand between them to stroke Tom’s cock.
Tom moaned loudly, bucking his hips towards her hand, fearing he may come from her touch alone. He looked into Eleanor’s eyes briefly before kissing her passionately, grinding his hips into her hand. Eleanor felt his cock twitch, and broke the kiss.
“Uhh, Tom?” she started gently, “Do you have a, uhh, condom?”
Tom took a second to compose himself, before nodding. “Yes, Yes,” he gasped as he fumbled in his bedside drawer. He grabbed a condom, quickly rolling it down his length and positioned himself at Eleanor’s entrance.
Tom looked down at Eleanor laying underneath him and thought she was the most gorgeous women on earth. She looked a million times better than anything his fantasies could have imagined. He could not wait any longer.
He slid his hand under her thigh, hitching it over his waist. He steadied his cock into Eleanor’s entrance, slowly pushing forward, pausing to let her adjust to his size. He glanced at her, her face contorted with pleasure.
“More?” he asked.
“Yes,” she moaned breathily as she felt herself gradually stretching around his length. Eleanor moaned as Tom pushed even deeper inside of her, and she waited for the burn and discomfort to turn into a pleasurable pressure. She looked up at Tom, his eyes shut tightly and a look of bliss on his face as he gasped lightly. He stilled when he was fully inside her, and let out a deep, guttural groan that was pure joy to her ears. Tom filled her like no man ever had before, pressing deep inside her. She was so full, so hot, and she had never felt any sensation as absolutely perfect in her life. She moaned a soft demand for movement, and Tom was all too willing to comply.
Tom began to thrust inside her, jerky at first before establishing a steady rhythm. Eleanor clung to his body, feeling the muscles of his back rippling with every thrust.
“Oh Tom,” Eleanor gasped into his ear as she could gradually feel her orgasm building. It wasn’t long until she could tell Tom was getting close. His hip movements became more frantic and slightly sloppy, his groans of pleasure grew louder.
Tom arched his back as he felt his climax approaching. “I’m close,” he gasped breathlessly close to Eleanor’s ear, the muscles in his arms and neck straining.
Eleanor gripped onto Tom’s shoulder as his thrusts became faster, harder, and more erratic. She moaned breathlessly as she felt her own release building with every stroke of Tom’s cock against her walls. The only way she could verbalise her rapidly approaching peak was through a series of stuttered moans and whimpers. She felt Tom twist his hips with one thrust, as she clenched around his cock, causing her orgasm to hit her hard and fast, making her tremble deep inside.
“OhGodTomfuck!” she cried in one breath, as the blindingly powerful sensation pulsated through her. She was barely aware as Tom’s movements halted, a loud groan erupting from deep in his chest. He rode his orgasm out with soft, shallow thrusts, stilling and rolling his head back as his release came deep inside Eleanor. She felt him hit that spot inside her again and again, causing another orgasm to race through her, as her moans filled the bedroom once more.
Tom pressed his forehead against Eleanor’s, his breath shallow and fast. Panting breathily, he leaned down and kissed Eleanor tenderly as he carefully slipped out of her. She reached one hand up to stroke Tom’s beard as he regained his composure. His arms trembled and Eleanor pulled his body close to hers, kissing him passionately. Tom wrapped his arms around Eleanor, holding her close. Tom pushed a loose tendril of hair out of Eleanor’s face, trailing his hand down her shoulder and arm.
“You okay?” Tom asked through a breathless pant.
“Yes,” Eleanor replied in a gasp, “Are you?”
“Yes,” Tom said, pressing a kiss to Eleanor’s cheek. “Did you, err,” Tom paused, breathing deeply, “Come?”
Eleanor moaned gently in the back of her throat, smiling. She pressed her head closer to Tom, holding up two fingers against his back. “Twice,” she gently moaned.
Tom smiled to himself, a chuckle rising from deep in his chest. “Well, that’s something we’ll have to improve on next time,” he said seductively before kissing her gently.
Tom rolled onto his back, pulling Eleanor with him, his chest heaving. Eleanor rested her head on Tom’s shoulder. She pressed light kisses to his chest as Tom’s fingers made soft circles on her arm. She leaned up to kiss Tom, suppressing a yawn. Tom kissed her forehead, before reaching down to pull the quilt around the pair. Content, he wrapped his arms around Eleanor and snuggled into her body.
“That was amazing,” he whispered softly into Eleanor’s ear as he saw her eyelids fluttering closed.
“Your ‘mazing,” Eleanor mumbled, half-way towards sleep.
Tom smiled to himself. He did not regret one second of their evening together. He glanced at Eleanor, a soft smile gently gracing her lips. He pressed one final kiss to Eleanor’s forehead, and he wrapped his arms around her tighter. He never wanted this moment to end.
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clandestineloki · 3 months ago
pov: you're not used to a healthy relationship
loki: darling, i need your help.
y/n: yeah, sure, what is it?
loki: how do i block someone?
y/n: huh?
loki: scratch that, how do i block these...
loki: [pointing to three consecutive names in his DMs] ...these girls right here? they're still making advances even if i've already told them that i'm in a relationship.
y/n: uhhhh... you press those three dots there and-
loki: no, better yet, i'll report them. that'll teach them not to mess with a king who already has a queen.
y/n: ...
loki: dar-darling, are you crying?
y/n, full-on sobbing: marry me.
loki: WHAT? i mean, of course, in the near future, hopefully, if you'd like, but that doesn't answer my q-
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agentofbarnes · 5 months ago
You said Tom Hiddleston would get off with the reader sitting on his face, well imagine the reader sitting upon her throne, grinding down hard on his face and quivering above him, his cock rock hard and angry red and he just cums without her having to touch him because he finds her riding his face so sexy
throne — tom
warnings || smut, oral ( f receiving), face sitting
note || this is terribly written I’m so sorry
Tumblr media
You were a pretty little thing, his pretty girl with smooth thighs and a sweet body. Especially when you dressed up in that pretty lingerie for him. The baby blue set was driving him insane. His fingers dug into your hips, slotting between your thighs the second he could.
“My pretty girl, all dolled up for me?”Tom teased, hand slipping under the lace fabric of your panties into the wet slick between your thighs. His fingers dipped inside you, making you rock your hips against his subconsciously.
“You know how I like to please you,”You whispered, slotting your lips against his in a moment of heat. You moaned out into his lips, giving him the opportunity to lick into your mouth. As you moved against him, you stripped him of his clothes, laying him back on the couch.
“My good girl,”He praised, making you preen with accomplishment.”Mhm, why don’t you sit this pretty little pussy on my face, huh? Wanna ride my face?”His hands were already on your thighs, urging your body up until you were hovering over his face. He kissed at your thighs, beard rubbing against the soft skin and making you wetter by the second.
Tom pulled your panties to the side, guiding your hips down until his lips circled around your clit. He toyed at the sensitive bud with the tip of his tongue before lapping up your sweet juices.
You mewl in response, hand threading through his hair while you leaned your head back with your lips parted at the feeling of his tongue exploring you.”T-Tom—“
“So sweet for me,”He groaned, diving back into your drenching heat. His nose was pressed against your mound, his tongue poking inside of you. His arms anchored down your thighs, encouraging you to rock your hips against him.
Tom was obsessed with how you looked sitting on his face, his tongue buried deep inside your eager pussy. His beard scratched at your thighs while you rubbed yourself down against his tongue. You glanced back, licking your lips at the sight of his cock leaking and throbbing against his stomach. He loved having you like this, whining with his mouth pulling pleasure from you.
You rolled your hips against him, riding his mouth like you were meant to be like this. His beard rubbing against you with his lips suckling and lapping up every ounce of slick. His beard is glistening with your juices, eyes closed in concentration while he licked and licked until he had you absolutely trembling.
You pulled at his hair, moaning out while you fucked yourself eagerly against his tongue. The orgasm vibrated through you, thigh shaking around his face. You braved yourself, hand falling back on his chest with your back arched.
“Tom!”You cried out, his lips suckling at your over sensitive cunt. You fucked his tongue inside you until you rode out your blissful high.
Without even touching him, you felt sticky robes of cum splattered over your hands on his chest. You whined, realizing that Tom had cum just from pleasuring you.
You got off of him, biting down on your lip before placing yourself between his thighs. You eagerly licked up the cum on his torso, watching him the entire time through hooded eyes.
“That’s my girl,”He praised, making you beam with pride. You crawled up once your finished, slotting your lips over his. Your juices mixed together, making both of you quietly moan into each other.
“You really like when I get all dressed up for you, don’t you?”You whispered against his lips gently.
Tom replied,”Oh you have no idea, love.”
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youlightmeupfinn · 2 months ago
Erotic 》 Tom Hiddleston x Reader
request: Hey there! May I pretty please request some Tom Hiddleston x shy! reader where she first asks him to read erotic poetry into her ear in the bedroom and then smut happens? 👀✨ I absolutely adore your and can't wait to read more from your works 💖💖💖 P. S.: That man's voice should be illegal, no human voice should have all that power 😫😫💦
a/n: AHH, here it is, anon! i tried to find a good erotic piece to base it off of, and honestly, the one i have tagged is the best one i could think of. i hope this is what you were hoping for? enjoy!!
warnings: smutty smut smut (HIDDLESMUTTTT)
inspiration: this erotic poetry piece I discovered on this website (* it's the second picture* :)
main masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You could feel yourself grow nervous the closer it got to Tom coming home for the night. You and your husband had always been open with each other; honest in whatever you thought. However, there was one thing you were still afraid to talk about in-depth with him or ask him.
Tom had one of the sexiest voices known to man, as everyone already knew. It was sultry, luscious, smooth, and was literal sex to the ears. You had the privilege many nights hearing his voice conform with moans, groans, grunts, and filthy words only you were worthy of.
Which made you muster an idea. You knew Tom loved to read. It was a pastime that both of you enjoyed; more so he read and you listened. You would lie your head in his lap as his eyes scanned the pages of a book. He would absentmindedly tangle his hands through your hair as the words fell effortlessly from his mouth.
But there was also something else you loved. Having sex with him. So you sat there, twiddling your thumbs. You were about to seriously ask your dear husband… to read you erotic poetry into your ear and see where it goes. Dangerous, right? The worst Tom could say is no, but you had an awfully good feeling that he would agree within seconds of the question leaving your lips.
“Darling, I’m home,” Tom’s gentle voice called out from downstairs. Gasping, you pulled yourself out of your daydream to see him walking through the bedroom door, already unfastening the buttons on his shirt. You licked your lips at the sight of him. He usually headed to take a shower as soon as he got home, so you watched with intense eyes as he began discarding his shirt, revealing his extraordinary exterior.
“Mm,” You hummed aloud, piquing Tom’s interest. His blue orbs gazed over at you as he settled them onto you.
“How’s my sweet girl?” He asked you, unbuttoning his pants and you could feel yourself tighten your legs together for some sort of friction. Just the mere sight of him, without even uttering a single word, could make you go absolutely crazy.
“I’m fine,” You pushed the air from between your lips and it only made Tom smile at you. He settled his hands on his hips and your eyes eagerly moved to his black undergarment, knowing just what lies beneath those. He noticed the look in your eye and you sheepishly began to turn red.
“I know that look, baby,” He called out to you, walking over to the edge of the bed where he grasped your legs, pulling you to him. “What’s up?” He smiled as he nestled himself in between your legs, kissing your neck tenderly as a moan slipped from between your lips. You decided it was now or never.
“I want to try something,” You whispered. Tom pulled back, already his eyes igniting with wonder.
“What is it, hmm?” He asked as he pushed a strand of hair behind your ear, kissing your lips sweetly.
“...I want you to read to me.” You muttered finally. Tom’s eyebrows knitted together as he chuckled.
“Love, I always do that,” He didn’t catch it. You shook your head.
“No,” You kept your gaze off of him. “I want you to read… erotic poetry to me.”
As soon as the words left your lips, Tom pulled his into a grin.
“As in… you want me to read erotic poetry to you in the hopes of something happening?”
Grumbling, you felt stupid, but Tom immediately caressed your cheek, knowing how shy you would become during these types of conversations. He bit his lip, his eyes scanning your face before he pressed a tender kiss against your forehead. “Give me ten minutes and I’ll join you. Anything specific?” He asked, already turning to leave. You shook your head, making Tom smile even wider. “Narrator’s choice,” He clicked his tongue. “Sexy as hell.” He winked before hurrying into the shower.
Fifteen minutes later, you were nestled into Tom’s side. His lips were pressed against your ear, his phone in his hand as he found a few erotic pieces online. You two didn’t quite own an erotic poetry book, so he settled for a few he found online. You could feel your heart rate increasing as Tom cleared his throat, making you anticipate him more.
“She, straddling my lap, Hinges (wherewith I tongue each eager pap)
And, reaching down, by merely fingertips, the hungry Visitor steers to love’s lips
Whom (justly as she now begins to sit, almost by almost giving her sweet weight)
O, how those hot thighs juicily embrace!
And (instant by deep instant) as her face watches, scarcely come alive, that magic Feast greedily disappearing least by least --
Through what a dizzily palpating host (sharp inch by inch) swoons sternly my huge Guest!
Until (quite when our touching bellies dream)
Unvisibly love’s furthest secrets rhyme.”
As the words fell from his lips, you could feel your core already begin to shake. You closed your eyes, the warmth of Tom’s breath dancing across your skin as your legs had already started to wrap around his bare thigh. You were begging for any source of friction you could receive and Tom immediately felt as your body gave into him. He was becoming more turned on the closer he felt you push yourself against him.
“Darling, we’ve only made it through the first one; and you’re so needy for me.” He growled against your ear. “Does my pretty girl need to be taken care of?” He whispered, his lips closing around your earlobe, gently nipping at the skin that forced a moan to push from your throat. Your hand found its way in between your legs as you reached to touch the bundle of nerves that were igniting for sensation to which Tom grasped your hand, gently kissing the back of it.
“Do you need me, kitten? Is that what I’m getting from you?” Tom tossed his phone to the side of the bed carelessly as he draped his arm over your body. Pushing himself above you, you whimpered as his thigh left from in between your legs, only to have him spread your legs and press your knee against your throbbing core. You groaned, already moving your hips in a pattern, your eyes blown wide with lust.
“Words, baby,” He whispered. You gripped his arms, finding the courage to speak through your inner turmoil.
“Yes, Tom, please,” You murmured breathlessly. Tom, never having experienced sex with you upon reading erotica, made him a bit skeptical, but he was all for anything such long as you were okay.
The question he posed next, made you certain that the night was about to become something else.
“What’s our safe word, darling?” He hadn’t asked that in a long time.
“Peach,” You whispered and Tom still knew you were with him.
One thing about Tom is he had a great memory when it came to lines; being an actor, after all. Just that small piece, he had memorized in his mind. He whispered the words into your ear, making you quake.
“She, straddling my lap, Hinges (wherewith I tongue each eager pap).”
With that, Tom brought you onto his waist, moving you to rest against his hips. You straddled him, the connection of what was hidden underneath the hem of his underwear brushing against you in such an agonizing way, you wanted to scream.
Tom hooked his hand around your neck as he brought your face down, his mouth connecting with yours in such a way, it was filthy. His tongue crossed between your lips, yours meeting in the middle as you tasted the sweetness that literally oozed from his mouth. You moaned against him as Tom’s hands reached up underneath your t-shirt and grasped your breasts, squeezing each with just enough pressure to cause a groan to escape you.
“And, reaching down, by merely fingertips, the hungry Visitor steers to love’s lips,” Tom read the next line, pushing himself back. He took the words reaching down and put it to actuality. You felt his hands first whisk the shirt off of your body, leaving you bare-chested, the chill of the room making you shudder.
Tom kept his eyes trained on you as he moved his fingertips down, beginning at your neck, moving them in between your breasts, passing over your naval, until they settled on your drenched heat.
The lace underwear was ruined at this point and the night hadn’t even started. Tom used his fingers to tease you, using his index and middle to rub at your entrance. Holding his palm outward, he grazed those two fingers up through your covered folds before he pressed in a bit further, teasing your clit with a soft rub. You whined out loud as you braced your hands on his chest, pushing yourself back a touch, using a hand to rest in the space between his legs where the mattress was.
“Whom (justly as she now begins to sit, almost by almost giving her sweet weight).” Tom recited the next line just as you pushed yourself back, all of your weight-bearing on your hand as you groaned loudly into the bedroom, Tom’s cock twitching at the beautiful noises you made for him.
“O, how those hot thighs juicily embrace!” As Tom exclaimed the next part, he switched yours and his positions so you were lying with your back on the mattress, his body in between your legs. You watched as he made direct eye contact with you as he lifted your legs, kissing your inner thighs sweetly, sucking and nipping at the delicate skin that made your head fall deep into the pillows as your back arched.
You knew where he was going.
He finally reached your soaked core and instantly removed your lace without a single utterance, his own moan coming from his throat as he saw how wet you already were for him, but he never broke the voice he used to read. Still watching you with such intensity, Tom picked your legs up and draped them over his shoulders, your feet pressing against his bareback.
“And (instant by deep instant) as her face watches, scarcely come alive, that magic Feast greedily disappearing least by least --” He spoke next and you felt as the hot kisses were felt along your thighs again before he kissed underneath your naval, slowly trailing his tongue down. He bypassed your clit which nearly made you go crazy, instead choosing to lick a long stripe along your entrance.
You cried out loud, perching yourself up onto your elbows as you watched him. Tom’s tongue dipped inside of you, tasing you completely, another groan of satisfaction heard within the room. He continued the motion, devouring you as though you were an utter delicacy. You cried out again and your heels dug into his back when his tongue began to suck against your throbbing clit.
Tom broke the voice for just a moment, knowing how much you loved to be talked to during his sessions of enjoying you.
“Oh, darling, you taste so delicious,” He moaned. “You are soaking wet for me, kitten. Such a good girl for me,” He called to you, your moan escaping. “That’s right, my love, moan for me.” As he went back to sucking against your clit, that’s when you felt his fingers slip in between your folds, his fingers reaching the innermost depth of you as you cried out against him, grinding your hips against his face as you felt the sudden urge begin to build in your belly.
“Oh, Tom, I’m.. I’m,” You spoke, clearly out of breath, but Tom had other plans. Pulling his mouth away from you, you whimpered loudly, reaching to grab him. Tom removed his boxers and you watched as his cock sprung into the air, making your mouth fall open.
You remembered having sex with Tom for the first time, you were wide-mouthed when you finally saw all of him.
“Through what a dizzily palpating host (sharp inch by inch) swoons sternly my huge Guest!” He recited the next line of the poem before he settled himself in between your legs. He pinned your arms above your head as he pushed the tip in, both of you moaning at the feeling before he bottomed out, your moan roaring loudly.
He still had his hands pinning yours above your head and you wrapped your legs around his waist as he drilled into you, his cock twitching inside of you as your walls began to convulse around him.
He released your hands and allowed you to throw them around his neck, to which you could hear the grunts escaping from his lips and they danced through your ears. Your nails dug into the skin of his back, surely bringing blood, but neither of you cared at this moment. Tom pulled back and gazed at you, rubbing your hair.
You never understood how he managed to talk so smoothly even as he was thrusting in and out of you, but he was perfect.
“Until (quite when our touching bellies dream)” Unvisibly love’s furthest secrets rhyme.” Tom moaned the last part out as his stomach touched yours, his hips rocking back and forth, yours in sync.
“Tom,” You groaned your husband’s name, staring up at his wide-eyed baby blues. “Right there, yes!” You screamed as he hit that certain spot that nearly made you cry. Tom made a minor adjustment, but it was the best adjustment.
He situated himself up, unhooking your legs from around him. He pressed them back, giving him a much easier access point, but from the position, you could feel every single inch of his throbbing cock push into you until you were nearly seeing stars.
“Oh, my pretty girl,” Tom moaned and you felt him twitch.
You gazed up at him, your mouth falling open.
“Can I… please,” Tom immediately knew.
He kissed your lips hungrily, his accent laced thick.
“Come for me, pretty girl. Let me feel you unravel around me,” Tom said, and immediately upon the permission granted, your moan broke through and you cried out against his shoulder, stars forming in your eyes as the biggest climax you had ever felt took over you.
You shook against Tom’s body, your orgasm wrapping itself around Tom who was still inside of you, his thrusts sloppy. With one final thrust, you heard him groan aloud as he came undone inside of you, his sweaty forehead falling to rest against your shoulder.
You were breathless as his thrusts came to a standstill, both of you staring at each other with pleasure-filled eyes, your chests heaving and falling against the others.
He slowly slid himself out of you before he fell against your side, immediately pulling you into his side as you rested your head against his chest.
“Tom,” You gasped, reliving the moment. “I can’t believe I was scared to ask you to do that,” You laughed at yourself, feeling stupid.
Tom swallowed, heaving.
“That was the best sex we’ve ever had.” He confirmed.
You picked your head up and kissed him tenderly, smiling sweetly, your shyness returning. Tom’s mouth fell open.
“Darling, I don’t mean to be vulgar, but… my dick was just touching your cervix and now you want to act shy?” He stared at you. You slapped his chest, the sound echoing in the room as you started laughing, turning ruby red.
“Stop!” You hissed, laughing as you covered your face. Tom smirked, pulling you on top of him, kissing your forehead. He stared at you with a wide grin, kissing your lips sweetly.
And after that night, Tom reading erotic poetry became a thing in the bedroom. It resulted in the most passionate sex of your life.
Tumblr media
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lokiskitten · 2 months ago
hiii can you please do tom as dad's best friend/co-worker where they finally meet each other in her dad's office? and that y/n dad have to take an urgen flight trip thats why he needed tom to look after y/n for a couple of days. lots of sexual tension and dirty talk! (also age gap if that's alright with you?) 😌 make it real smutty and kinky u know the drill :) ty!!
Tom Hiddleston | unique babysitter
Tom Hiddleston x fem!reader
Tumblr media
plot : being a single father, your dad has no choice but to leave you at home with a friend after he has been called for an urgent business travel. Surprisingly enough, you manage to end up enjoying Tom’s exhilarating company.
warnings : smut, age gap, dirty talking, slight dub/con, virgin!reader, innocence kink, dry humping, unprotected sex, slight after care and cuddling.
Around a week ago, your dad had finally agreed to take you to his office in order for you to discover his job. You had never really understood the way he made a living, and it had therefore been the occasion for you to get to learn more about his work whilst earning the chance to spend some extra time with him. Ever since your mom had left, you had allowed yourself to drift away from your father- an unwilling habit which had brought harm to the two of you throughout the years. But now was your chance to do better by supporting the older man through his daily life and by letting him know that he was not alone. Though, your little trip to his office had allowed you to meet with one of his closest coworkers : a so called Tom Hiddleston.
The man worked at the desk next to your dad’s, which allowed you to get a good view of his friend whilst they both worked. The room remained silent- the sounds of the keyboards being put to good use offering a pretty symphony. Your orbs would sometimes divert towards the infamous older man, feeling your cheeks heat up whenever his blue eyes would take notice of your stares and look up at you- leading your embarrassed self to look away. From the corner of your eyes, you could tell that this gesture had amused him due to the way his lips seemed to curl up whilst his chest bobbed upwards gently. Your hands fidgeted together, this little game lasting through the entire afternoon until it was finally time for you and your father to go home. But even after disappearing from one another’s sight, none of you appeared to forget about the other.
The next day, your dad had announced to you that he would be forced to leave for a couple of days due to an important business offer he simply couldn’t push away. At first, you felt okay with it... until this one added up that his coworker and friend, Tom, would be in charge of taking care of you for the few upcoming days. This stroke anxiety within your heart. The man you had desperately stared at for hours yesterday would now be assigned as your babysitter? The thought of getting to spend time alone with him was surely exciting, but also intimidating. Therefore, you decided to use arguments in order to dodge your father’s announcement, and potentially call off this whole babysitter issue which you believed was unnecessary for a girl such as you.
The first argument you decide to pull up was the fact that you were eighteen, and therefore not in need of a babysitter anymore. You could take care of yourself, which you did whenever your father was at work. But to the older man, this wasn’t the issue. He felt pleased to remind you what had happened the last time he had trusted you to be alone for a couple of days, and you had no choice but to remain silent face to his prominent argument, and your lack of snap back. Even though you could’ve probably explained that this event took place a couple of years back, and that you were now a legal adult to society, you decided to submit to your father’s announcement and decision.
Coming back to the present, you were currently sat in the living room whilst waiting for Tom to arrive. Your father had left a couple of minutes ago already, as he didn’t wish to miss his plane due to his coworker being late- who he trusted in taking good care of you. But little did he know, the older man would do much more than simply cook dinner for the two of you before tucking you in for a good night of sleep. When the bell finally rang, your head diverted towards the door in a hurry before your whole silhouette made an effort to get up from the sofa in order to reach for the entry of your home. Nervously, your hand took ahold of the handle before twisting it and allowing the door to open, revealing your dad’s smily coworker. “Good evening, Princess. I’m sorry I’m late.” He affirmed as your eyes slowly slid down towards the postman bag he carried on his right shoulder.
Face to your prolonged silence, he decided to step in one more time. “May I come in?” Tom asked, hoping that this sentence would manage to pull you out of your thoughts. And it did. “Oh yes, sure. I’m sorry...” You responded, an awkward chuckle escaping your lips as you moved to the side in order to let the older man step inside of your house. As soon as Tom laid a foot of onto the floor of your home, you felt a rather uncomfortable sensation take over your organism. It was a mix of excitement- that due to his handsomeness and attractive aura- and anxiety. A single pressure applied on the door was enough to have it close, trapping the two of you inside of the construction. And from that point, things progressively started to get more risky.
If Tom had agreed to sit down at the living room’s table to work at first, he soon caught interest in your silhouette and the things your curves could potentially offer him. During the first evening you spent together, things remained rather quiet and calm. All he did was look at you from the corner of his eye once in a while, and so did you whenever you felt like allowing your hormones to win over your good sense. You had been the one to cook dinner, and the older man hadn’t stopped praising the meal you had taken time to prepare whilst he worked. You got the chance to listen to a few of his personal informations- such as his nice lifestyle as a single man who enjoyed cooking for himself, as a hobby. Tom even promised to be the chief tomorrow evening, a bargain which led you to feel more comfortable in his presence.
The next day was when you finally started to feel more comfortable about your father’s coworker living in your house. You didn’t get to see him during the day due to college, but coming back in the evening knowing you would be able to spend time with the older man never failed to make you feel excited. Tom had progressively let go of his work, claiming he had taken a one week remunerated break in order to spend some extra time with you. The days went along, and you found yourself skipping class as well to attend the man’s offers about going out to various places. Calling your dad to check up on him wasn’t a priority anymore, which easily led you to bump into multiple missed calls when you finally made your way back up to your room after spending a day with his friend.
On this delightful Friday evening, you had been given the honor to taste Tom’s most famous recipe : bolognese. The dinner went on wonderfully, and you soon found yourself bloated with sauce and pasta- a visual proof that you had indeed enjoyed the meal he had prepared. Wiping the corner of his mouth with a napkin, Tom’s blue orbs stared at your exhausted self who still tried to recover from the amount of food you had previously ingested. It had exhaust you. “I guess I won’t be asking you how it went, seeing the emptiness of your plate.” He affirmed with a chuckle before reaching out for both of your stained yet empty plates in order to carry them until the sink. Shifting in your seat, you allowed your vision to divert away from your guest for a moment- which Tom didn’t fail to notice.
With a smirk appearing on the corner of his lips, the man proceeded to rest the plates down on the workspace before silently making his way back to you, sitting down in the chair which was positioned next to yours before leaning in and allowing his lips to collide with your neck. You obviously reacted face to this unexpected sensation, body shaking just so slightly as you tiredly leant backwards in order to break the contact. “What? What are you doing?” You asked awkwardly, earning an amused smile from the older man. His hand travelled up to your hair, blue orbs following his own gesture as he brushed a strand behind your ear. “Just treating you the way you deserve. You’re a grown woman after all, aren’t you? And adults communicate with one another.” He purred seductively, those few words sending chills down your spine.
“So I’m letting you know... I want you.” He finished, hand still toying with your hair as both your heart and mind fell apart on the instant. Had you heard that right? Was your father’s friend truly offering you to hookup under his coworker’s own roof- a man who had given him his trust to look after his only daughter? But the will to rebel and prove to the world that you weren’t a child anymore turned out to be stronger then your good sense and the respect you held for your dad. Your cheeks heated up as you made eye contact with Tom again, a welcoming smile appearing his lips which led you to fall for him even more. “Okay...” you responded to his previous statement in an awkward manner, leading the adult’s smile to intensify. “Okay.” He repeated happily, hand sliding down to your thigh in order to take ahold of yours.
Tom easily managed to get you to stand up, leading you out of the kitchen and upstairs as his thumb gently rubbed against the back of your hand. Again, you felt excited yet anxious- still questioning whether yes or not you should give in his certainly appetizing offer. But before you knew it, the older man had managed to reach your father’s room- the room Tom had been occupying throughout the journey- which possessed a bigger bed for the two of you to enjoy. His first reflex was to turn on the lights before closing the door, those two gestures requiring for him to let go of your hand which allowed you to move closer to the bed without his help. “Ever done this before?” Tom asked empathetically as his silhouette turned towards yours, both his hands resting on his hips as if he was trying to contain certain pulsions.
Even if you felt ashamed of the answer you were about to give, you still trusted the man enough not to make fun of you nor make any degrading remarks about your sexual life. “Not really.” You answered as he moved closer to you, head bowed down to be able to make proper eye contact. “That’s okay.” He reassured, his hand moving up to your shoulder which he squeezed gently. “I’ll make sure to take good care of you.” Finished the male, his fingers now taking ahold of your chin only to lead your head to look up. Your lips aligned with his, his head slowly moving down towards yours until your closed mouths finally pressed against one another. This was the chastest kiss anyone had ever given you- which reinforced the feeling of safety you felt whenever it came to Tom. Though he quickly ended up softly breaking the contact in order to make sure you were okay.
You silently sucked in your bottom lip, as if you wanted to get some extra taste of his lips even after he had decided to break the kiss. Allowing your lower piece of rosy flesh to go, your orbs finally diverted upwards in order to make eye contact with the man who had just filled you with bliss. “I liked this.” You admitted, earning a smile from your partner. His hands travelled up to the first button of his shirt, progressively undoing the links until his bellybutton and abdominals were revealed to your innocent sight. Those assets made you shiver, and Tom could easily tell that you were too shy to step forward and lay your pretty hands onto his flesh. Smirking, the man dodged your silhouette in order to reach for the bed, removing his shirt through the process before allowing it to drop to the floor.
You watched silently as he sat down on the edge of the furniture, inviting you to take place beside him by laying gentle taps on the spot next to his thigh. Your submitted self obeyed, feet leading you towards your master until you finally took place beside him. “You’re such an obedient girl.” Tom praised, seemingly enjoying the way you agreed to follow all of his commands. An intimidated chuckle escaped your lips as his hand once again traveled up to your face, caressing your facial features and brushing your hair back in the loveliest manner. You couldn’t help but stare at his crouched abdominals, the way his skin formed muscular rolls for you to appreciate and praise. After all, it was the first time you ever saw a grown man bare chested in such an intimate situation.
“You want to remove a couple of layers? It’s the least we could do.” Tom offered gently, making sure to use the proper tone in order not to scare you off- and mostly in order to lead you to accept his proposition. Again, you agreed, standing up from the bed before removing your sweatshirt by pulling it over your head. Your bare breasts were revealed to his sight, though his blue orbs remained mainly focused on the skin of your waist and stomach. He found the bellybutton and stomach as a very attractive part of the female anatomy, and couldn’t potentially get enough of staring at this area of your body. Of course the grown man also felt grateful to be able to get a peak of your breasts- which he would make sure to cherish and praise later on.
His hands bluntly moved up to your waist as you took place between his legs, blue orbs still looking up at you before Tom allowed himself to lay a kiss onto your stomach. You abdominals contracted due to the small tingle you felt within you skin as the older man now took care of laying trails of gentle kisses down your belly. Looking down at him, you allowed your digits to travel up to his perfectly groomed hair before passing your fingers through the strands, messing up his mane in the softest manner. You were able to feel his lips perk upwards, indicating that your gestures were visibly making him smile. It reassured you to be aware of such a positive reaction.
After reaching the waistband of your joggers, Tom stopped himself through his track in order to take another look at your facial features- which in his humble opinion were perfect. Besides, spending time with someone who was younger than him somewhat sent the man back to his youthful days as well; which provided Tom a very blissful feeling. Without breaking eye contact, he began to unbuckle his belt before undoing the button of his jeans without even taking care of sliding the leather material out of the confines of his pants. Though he unfortunately found himself forced to look away after struggling to undo his button, your orbs still staring down towards his veiny hands which worked hard to reach their goal.
Once this step was finally over with, Tom placed a hand on your hip in order to gently move you backwards so that he could stand up from the bed. You could tell by his frustrated appearance that he seemingly couldn’t wait to end up in bed and fully naked with you. Though he always kept a reassuring smile on his face, even whilst pulling his jeans down to his ankle before stepping out of the piece of clothing. The grown man now stood in his briefs, feeling no form of shame nor embarrassment face to your younger self. Besides, there simply was nothing he could’ve potentially feel ashamed of. His body was perfect. A chuckle escaped his lips upon witnessing how clueless you appeared, a sight which could only make him feel more confident through the overall process.
“Well, kitten... there’s nothing you should be ashamed of. Real men are nothing like the boys you see at school.” He insisted, referring to how male teenagers often found many reasons to criticize the female anatomy and make young girls feel insecure. And his tone sounded extremely genuine- which was what led you to finally unleash your silhouette from all these pieces of clothings. You nodded silently, hands moving down to the waistband of your joggers before you slid the material down to your ankles. Sitting back down on the edge of the bed, you proceeded to remove the cloth from your ankles, now revealing your underwear to a rather eager Tom.
He jumped on this handy occasion to gracefully climb on the bed and lay down on the spot where he usually slept, waiting for you to be done and hand out the green flag like the gentleman that he is. Looking back at him, you once again felt your cheeks heat up due to crossing another line of the process. He smiled. “Don’t be shy. I want you.” Tom begged, arm extending towards your chest as an invitation for you to get closer- which you did. Now laying down next to each other, your hands rested against his chest as your bodies faced one another, feeling the warmth which emitted from his skin. He looked down at you, head leaning down and once again seeking for your lips before he was finally able to press them against yours.
You kissed back, now feeling more comfortable as his arms wrapped around your back in order to gently get himself on top of your body. You were consensually overcome by his much larger silhouette, one of your hands moving up to his shoulders as you carried on giving back what the man was generously offering you. As soon as grunts and low moans began to escape his lips, you could tell that things were about to move faster from this moment- legs spreading a little bit wider as you allowed the man to grind his hips against yours. You were able to feel his hardening member collide with and rub against your own clothed genitals- movements which soon led your entrance to leak juices and stains your panties.
“Look at you..” Tom began, breaking the kiss for a few seconds in order to catch his breath and finish his sentence. He was panting. “Legs already spread wide open for me.” The man stated, speaking nothing but obvious facts. You blushed. No one had ever spoken to you in such a way, and especially not on that specific tone which turned out to be quite exhilarating. Now moving his head down against the crook of your neck, you were able to feel warmth take over both your chest and crotch due to Tom still grinding his hips against yours. The movements stimulated your clit, sending chills down your spine and leading more love juice to leak out of your throbbing core. And even if the older man appeared more eager about the situation when it came to visuals, your soul was definitely suffocating with pleasure even if you remained slightly motionless and silent.
Sitting up on his knees, a smirking Tom made eye contact with you as he allowed himself to slide off your panties; taking them off your legs before carelessly dropping them to the side. Such a small piece of clothing certainly wouldn’t be a bother through your shared intercourse, which was the reason to why he decided not to pay much attention to where it landed. Besides, your father’s coworker felt too excited about what was to come to even care about such an irrelevant detail. You were panting, still trying to recover from this first contact which had left you damaged with pleasure and excitement. Though, little did you know, the real fun was only about to begin.
“My pretty girl’s got a pretty little cunt.” He praised, his fingers sticking together as he brought his hand down between your legs. You shivered, sucking in your bottom lip in anticipation to his upcoming touch. It would be the first time you would get touched by a man, by someone else than your own self. A part of you wondered how it was going to feel, though the second one couldn’t help but grow anxious and worried. However, before you could even think any further, you felt Tom’s fingertips collide with your sensitive core- sending chills down your spine and easily leading your hole to squeeze and contract. He chuckled, appreciating his good work and feeling satisfied about the way he managed to make you feel. Though, it wasn’t like Tom had ever disappointed a woman in bed before.
One of the older man’s hands landed beside your face, Tom holding himself up with the help of his left arm whilst his other hand took care of pleasing your core. His fingertips rubbed up and down your clit, sometimes pinching the hardened bud and manhandling it perfectly. His aim was to get your entrance to loosen up for him; and that especially after he took notice that you were a virgin. Tom wanted this intercourse to be pleasing for you too, and he was willing to use any tactic in order to help you to relax. His lips landed against yours again, trapping your moan within his cavity and pushing it back inside of your mouth with the help of his tongue penetrating your moist entry.
Once your moans began to get progressively higher pitched, Tom felt like it was now the right time to initiate you to the pleasures he was certainly going to provide you. Taking his soaked fingertips up to his lips, he allowed his tongue to taste the sweet juices before both his hands took ahold of the waistband of his briefs which was soon to be slid down to his mid thighs. You didn’t dare to look, eyes still staring at the ceiling until your view was blocked by your partner’s facial features. He smiled and you smiled back. “Well hello.” Teased the older man, a few words which easily led you to chuckle. In the position you two had adopted, you were able to feel his rocking hard shaft press against your clit- a sensation that didn’t fail to make you feel nervous.
“You ready, Princess?” Questioned your dad’s coworker, your legs immediately spreading a tad wider upon hearing those few words. Another kiss was laid on your lips, probably in order to distract you from the slight pain which was about to follow. And before you could know it, a warm mass was pressed against your cavity, soon penetrating your entrance and pushing past your hymen that broke on the instant. A high pitched groan escaped your lips which led Tom to intensify the kiss, his hips jumping on the occasion to move closer to yours until his cock had reached balls deep. Slowly pulling away from your face, his ocean blue orbs made eye contact with yours, analyzing your facial features in order to find out whether you were truly suffering or not.
“This is just temporary.” Promised the man, your entrance unwillingly clenching around his shaft which led him to let out a guttural moan. Taking his attention off you for a minute, Tom’s face looked down at your rubbing crotches- as if he wanted to make sure he was properly inside- before his head tilted upwards again. Noticing how you now appeared more relaxed, he was soon to begin the thrusting process- slow movements at first which progressively increased in pace with time. The friction created by the intercourse felt absolutely blissful- filling your soul with excitement and leading your heart to race. You were able to feel the muscle pump blood through your entire system as Tom continued to grind his hips against yours, happy grunts escaping his lips.
Both his arms slid underneath your shoulders, taking ahold of them in order to keep you more still through the pleasant process- and make it easier for him to thrust. Tom felt entirely satisfied with the situation that had taken place- taking notice of how you appeared to enjoy it too which could only make his member throb out of pleasure. Though his masculine ego still pushed him to check in order to receive a verbal confirmation. “You enjoyin’ this?” The man asked breathlessly, earning a single moan and nod from your exhilarated self. The man then proceeded to unexpectedly pull out, offering you no time to understand before you were flipped over onto your stomach. This once his hands landed on your bum, spreading your cheeks apart and admiring the way your entrance leaked with love juice. It looked extremely welcoming, and Tom was soon to step inside of your intimate home for the second time.
Feeling his cock penetrate you again brushed all of your worries away, eyelids shutting close as you began to be rocked back and forth against the bedsheets. Even without being able to see his face, you still managed to enjoy everything that Tom was providing you with on the instant. You could feel his pubic bone collide with your skin of your bum, your nipples perking up against the confines of the bedsheets. “Fuck baby.. So tight and juicy for me.” He praised, leaning down in order to offer your neck rough kisses and gentle bites. You moaned tiredly, rubbing your cheek against his like a cat would do against his owner’s legs. He had managed to take possession of your soul, and there was now only one way out.
Time passed, and Tom’s thrusts progressively began to grow sloppier. Being inexperienced, you couldn’t exactly tell that this indicated he was about to reach his high, though the way he appeared more tired and less energetic than before certainly gave you a clue regarding his state. Frowning out of exhaussement, the grown man was finally filled with temporary satisfaction upon sensing his shaft throb and pump semen out of his testicles in order to have the liquid spray out of his sensitive urethra. His semence stained your walls, giving no chance to the flesh of your cervix which was drowned in the thick liquid. You two moaned in harmony- this warm sensation providing you with one last bit of pleasure before your dad’s coworker agreed to pull out of you.
He collapsed on the bedsheets next to you, hand resting on his chest as he panted in order to recover from this intense moment. With the bit of energy that you had left, you managed to crawl until his silhouette in order to offer him a well needed hug, your arms burying against his ribcage as Tom was soon to turn to his side and secure your naked self with his large and muscular members. Feeling the warmth of his flesh in a whole other way still felt as satisfying as before, this cuddle providing you with as much happiness and bliss than the previous intercourse had.
Hullo thanks for reading! Thank you for liking and supporting my work. I genuinely hope you’re doing well! Take care.
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immersed-in-mischief · 2 months ago
Leg Day (Loki x Female Reader) 18+ Only
Warnings: heavy smut, 18+, unprotected sex, oral sex (F receiving), overstimulation, and pretty much being at the mercy of the God of Mischief! 
Tumblr media
For the first time in a while, you had the training room to yourself which was highly unusual for this time of day. After doing a few minutes on the treadmill to warm up, you had been doing a few rounds on the punching bag when you felt him watching you. In the mirror, you locked eyes with the picture of perfection leaning against the doorway.
“Hi, babe.”
Just as you stopped and removed your ear buds, Loki came over and handed you a bottle of water before wrapping his arms around your waist from behind. His lips on the side of your neck caused you to flinch and nearly choke on the swig you had just taken before letting out a laugh.
“Handsy today, are we?”
“What can I say, Darling? I love seeing you out of breath, even if it’s not my doing.”
He winked at you before reaching down to undo the wrist braces you were wearing to train in.
“I actually came to tell you that I told the others that we would join them tonight for dinner and dancing. How does that sound?”
You finished wiping the sweat from your face with the towel on your shoulder and gave him a lingering kiss.
“Sounds great. What time are we meeting them?”
“The dinner reservation is at 7, Love.”
Your head whipped over to the clock on the wall beside you before you let out a growl.
“Loki, that is in less than an hour!”
The god in front of you looked confused.
“Precisely, that is why I came to get you. There is still plenty of time though.”
With a roll of your eyes, you pushed past him to rush to the door.
“Not all of us can snap our fingers and get ready in a flash of light, Mischief. I still need to shower and shave my legs, not to mention hair and makeup. These things take time for women, Loki.”
“Then don’t shave. I don’t understand the Midgardian custom anyways. It’s just hair, Dear.”
You mumbled under your breath as you nearly sprinted down the hall to your room.
“Says the Greek God himself…”
He hated when you called him that and you knew it. In the moment though, it was worth it for the frustration he caused you sometimes.
When he followed you into your room, you stripped off your hoodie and tossed it at him, hitting him directly in the face.
“If you are truly concerned with time, I could join you in the shower and assist you if you wish…”
Striping by the laundry hamper, you let him enjoy the view before making your way into your shared bathroom.
“Cool it Lover Boy. That would be the opposite of helping and you know it. Just sit and wait like a good boyfriend. I’ll be out soon.”
With a sigh, he stretched out on your bed and pulled one of his books off your nightstand. In the few months that the two of you had been dating, his books were slowly expanding from his room into yours. The bathroom between your two rooms practically made it one big suite now that you shared a bed nearly every night. He had no idea how well your room assignments would be an advantage when you first moved into the tower. The passage between the two rooms even helped to conceal the budding relationship for as long as possible.
The sound of your “shower playlist” on the speaker in the bathroom echoed through the room and made him smile at all the times he had sat in his room and listened to your singing. After two songs, you opened the door once more giving him an incredible view of you in nothing but a towel wrapped tightly around your body. Just as he was about to return to his book, you lifted your leg up onto the vanity next to the sink. Loki had always loved how long your legs were whether in your skintight suit for missions or wrapped around his hips. This was a sight he hadn’t seen before, however. The book in his hands slowly closed and was discarded on the bed next to him. He watched as you applied the cream from the can you kept in the corner of the shower and began to drag the razor slowly up the length of your left leg. With your foot perched up in front of you into the sink, the slit in the towel gave him occasion peaks as to the treasures hidden underneath it. His eyes were locked onto your movements as you cleaned off the razor in the sink and continued making long strokes up your shin and across your knee to your thigh. It was such a simple task, but he had never seen something so sensual in his life. Loki leaned to adjust his position to get a better view and was mesmerized as you softly sang along to the song playing while staying fully concentrated to your actions. Without looking away from you, he felt around on the nightstand for his cell to send off a quick message to the group.
Just as you were finishing shaving and about to move on to blow-drying your hair, your cell phone dinged with multiple notifications, interrupting the music that was playing.
“Umm..hey Lohk? Why is the team telling me to feel better soon?”
His voice called out from his post on your bed.
“Because I told them you didn’t feel well, and we wouldn’t be able to make it tonight.”
You set the blow dryer down with a huff.
“Okay, and why would you do that after I’ve nearly finished getting ready?!”
The sultry purr was directly in your ear this time.
“When I’m finished with you pet, you will barely be able to stand, let alone dance tonight…”
A gasp escaped your lips as you locked eyes with him in the mirror in front of you. The look in the god’s eyes was dark and lustful but so full of promises. Before you had the chance to react, he spun you around in his arms to face him and lifted you up to sit on the counter. With a single fluid motion, Loki pushed between your legs and captured your lips in a passionate kiss hard enough to make you lean back against the mirror with force. Luckily, his hand gripping the back of your head cushioned the impact as his tongue intertwined with yours, causing a moan deep in your throat. He lightly grazed his teeth over your bottom lip before pulling away enough to reach up and pull the towel open. The fabric fell onto the counter around you as he slipped his hands underneath you to hoist you up towards him. Your legs locked around his waist as Loki turned and guided the two of you towards the door at the other end of the bathroom. Without breaking the kiss, he crossed the room and gently deposited you onto his silk sheets. His long fingers reached behind him to unwrap your legs before leaving a trail of kisses and bites down your neck and across your chest until he sucked and nipped at the underside of your breast. You moaned and arched your back, causing a smirk to form on his lips as they traveled to provide the other one with the same attention. The feel of him leaving his marks on your skin was the perfect amount of pleasure and pain. The long raven curls blocked your view of his face providing no warning of when his kisses would turn into bites as he traveled down your stomach and across your hips. A whine slipped when he skipped over the area you wanted him at the most.
“Patience, Darling…”
Lifting up onto your elbows, you watched as his fingertips lightly grazed down your leg until they reached your ankle, raising it up to his lips. Loki left rough kisses up your calf until he reached your thigh. He followed the same path up the other leg as well until both thighs were resting on his shoulders. The entire time he lowered his torso onto the bed between your legs, his eyes never left yours. Just as he left a love bite on your inner thigh, your head falls back. The moan that escapes increases in volume when you feel his mouth finally latch on to the spot you need him at. Your fingers tightly grip onto his hair, causing a deep groan to echo through your core. The normally perfectly placed curls are now wild and untamed, just the way you like them. When you look back down at his position between your thighs, you realize his eyes are focused on your face watching your expression. Locking eyes with him, your breathing comes out in small pants. With a wink and a perfectly timed flick of his tongue, you fall back against the pillows with a scream.  All thought processing becomes impossible as Loki sends you over the edge over and over without a break. You are vaguely aware of crying out his name like a chant as you fist the sheets until his face once again appears above you. The grin on his lips is almost sinful as he leans down to kiss just below your ear before latching onto your neck.
“Breath for me, Pet. I need you to stay awake for this. No passing out and ruining my fun like last time…”
Before you have the chance to completely regulate your breathing, he’s positioned between your legs and buries himself with one long slow thrust forcing the air from your lungs. The way his head rolls back releasing a loud groan is the sexist thing you’ve ever seen. You will never grow tired of the sight. Ever the gentleman, he restrains himself to let you adjust to him until your hand falls onto his thigh, your signal that you’re ready for him to move. The pace of his hips doesn’t stay slow for long. Feeling you already tightening around him, Loki falls forward to hold onto the top of the headboard above you to support his weight. The sound of the wood splintering under his grip is barely audible over the sounds that fill the room. Even though his face is shadowed by the curtain of black hair as he stares down at you, you can just make out the way he’s got his bottom lip tucked between his teeth to hold back his release. The vision above you is heaven and enough to force you to come undone once again with a scream. The way your locked onto him makes it impossible to hold back anymore. His hands slip from the headboard to let his body collapse onto you. Loki has you pinned against the bed beneath him with his weight supported on his forearms on either side of your face. His lips find yours for one more passionate kiss before his eyes roll back. You feel him tuck his head into the crook of your neck as the rhythm of his thrusts begin to become increasingly unsteady. With one final bite on your shoulder to muffle his cry, you feel his warmth spread deep into your abdomen.
His body slumps to the side, pulling you on top of him as he rolls onto his back. As the two of you begin to catch your breath, he gently kisses the top of your head as he grazes his fingertips down your bare back.
“Who needs dinner and dancing? This was so much better…”
You look up at him with a drunken expression as he chuckles. Loki’s hand tucks the hair behind your ear before narrowing his eyes.
“Was? Oh, I am far from done with you, Love…”
The god’s rebound time… or lack of any honestly… would always amaze you. You could feel him growing hard inside you and the next few hours were a blur of orgasms and position changes. Loki put you where he wanted you with ease as if you were a precious ragdoll. At one point, on the way back to the shower, he took you against the wall as he carried you and again on the bathroom counter while the water heated up. He made good on his promise of making sure you couldn’t stand,  which lead to him having to pin you to the back wall of the shower to keep you from falling.
After making you come undone one last time with his fingers, he turned off the water and dried the two of you off. While you got dressed, he went off in search of food from the kitchen since it was already quite late, and he had caused you to miss dinner. Absolutely spent of all energy, you laid propped up against the headboard of your bed while you finished the sandwich he had made. Loki had your legs draped across his lap as he lightly grazed the back of his fingers up your legs to your thighs and back down at a slow leisurely pace. He proudly smirked at the marks on your inner thighs before admiring the ones on your chest and neck that weren’t concealed by your camisole tank top.
“What got into you tonight, Babe? Not that I am complaining! However, one of us in fact mortal…”
Without tilting his head up, his eyes looked up at you briefly before going back to watch the path his fingertips were taking over your smooth skin.
“The little show you put on after your shower wasn’t intention, Darling?”
Show? Your mind replays through your shower to getting ready. He jumped you second you cleaned off your legs in the sink.
“Watching me shave my legs? That’s what got you so worked up tonight? Hmm”
His hand drifted up under your top as his fingers spread out across your stomach.
“The way your long, gorgeous legs were stretched out in front of you. The occasional peaks underneath your short towel. I found it extremely erotic, Pet.”
His hand once again ran down your freshly shaved legs until he laced his fingers in between your thighs, giving them a firm squeeze.
“It may not be a custom I am familiar with, but if that’s how you look doing it, it is something I can get used to. The silkiness of your skin is just a bonus.”
After the two of you finished eating, he curled up behind you and drifted off to sleep. Just before dawn, you woke up to him kissing down your neck. Loki promptly removed your pajamas and took you for another two rounds. When you emerged from your room a little while later, you found Nat and a few others already awake as they prepared breakfast. Her face lit up when she saw you step into the kitchen.
“Hey Sweetie, feeling better? We missed you guys last night.”
Remembering the text Loki had sent, you quickly covered.
“I am. I just went too hard on my work out yesterday. We’ll catch you guys next time.”
Loki pulled the chair out for you and gently kissed the top of your head before going to make you both a cup of coffee. When you sat down a little too hard, you winced at the soreness between your legs. Steve noticed the uncomfortable look on your face as you rubbed your thighs through your leggings.
“Those leg days can be killer sometimes.”
Loki set your mug down in front of you before sneaking a wink at you, hiding his smirk behind his own cup of coffee. You shook your head as a blush swept across your cheeks.
“Oh… you have no idea…”
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lokis-little-fawn · 26 days ago
Save The Last Dance For Me
Tumblr media
Paring: Tom Hiddleston x Fem!Reader
Word count: 2.8k
Summary: After being rejected from a dance with your ex-boyfriend, will you accept Toms hand?
This is the first fic I’ve written about Tom himself! (I’m not sure how I feel about writing specifically about him, but this idea got stuck in my head so here we are).
The song they dance to is Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae
Warnings: SMUT (ONLY READ IF YOU ARE 18+) fingering, oral sex (male receiving), unprotected sex.
‘Will you dance with me?’ You ask, holding out a hand to your ex boyfriend.
You had broken up a month ago, but due to filming commitments you still had to see each other. This wrap party was hopefully the last time you’d have to see each other for a while.
It was a black tie event, you had come dressed in a long, deep red plunge backed silk dress. As always your ex looked more dishevelled than dashing, but hoping to end things finally on good terms you ask him for a dance.
‘I don’t dance Y/N. You know that’ he states.
‘I’m sorry’ his voice is apologetic, noticing the mix of disappointment and dismay covering your face.
‘It’s fine’ you lie, turning and waking in the other direction, taking a seat by your table near the dance floor. You take your phone out of your clutch bag and bring up the Uber app, looking for a taxi to take you home.
A second before you confirm your ride you hear the familiar voice of your leading actor standing inches from you.
‘May I have this dance?’ Tom asks, the back of one hand hand placed delicately on his back. The other stretched out towards you, palm facing upwards hoping for yours to connect as a pair.
Without a word, you place your phone and clutch back onto the table and stand, taking his hand. Your wide beaming smile was all the answer he required, your eyes sparkling at him as you make your way to the dance floor hand in hand.
Respectful as ever he places one hand onto your bare lower back and the other hand locked with yours. Your free hand resting lightly on his shirt covered chest. Unlike your ex, he is pristinely dressed, every inch of his suit covered body screams sophistication and he smells like a mixture or citrus and fresh pine. You begin swaying to the music hand in hand.
‘You don’t have to do this Tom, it’s okay’ you state, blushing at him as he smiles down at you. You assume he must have watched the conversation with your ex unfold.
‘Darling, I asked you because I wanted to. Besides, you look divine in that dress’ he whispers the last part into your ear, your jaw verging on pain from smiling so much.
‘Pretend like I just whispered something dirty and delicious into your ear, let’s give them a show they’ll never forget’ he purrs as you giggle cheekily.
‘Oh Tom!’ You proclaim, your hand lightly, playfully hitting his chest.
‘Something like that?’ You whisper, your eyes meeting, smiles beaming back at each other.
‘Perfect darling, just perfect’ his words drawing our longer at the end of his sentence. Your faces so close you could almost touch as he bends over you.
Straightening up he spins you out and then back in, in time with the rhythm of the music. Pulling you back in you land with your back pressed against his firm torso. Facing in the direction of your ex partner who is still to leave his chair, you flutter your eyes open and catch a glimpse of him, mouth agape at the sight of you dancing with the dashing star.
You hear Tom whisper something you can’t quite make out, before you feel his lips lightly kiss your neck. You seductively gasp at the unexpected feeling. Spinning you back out again, landing in his grip facing Tom once more. Hand in hand with his other palm on your lower back and yours placed, once again, on his chest.
As the tempo picks up and the song nears its climax, he whispers to you once again.
‘Do you trust me darling?’ He asks confidently.
‘Of course, I’d trust you with anything’ you hum in response. Your eyes meeting with intense contact.
As the song nears its end you feel his hand leave yours. With both of your hands free, you leave one placed on his chest as the other sits lightly near his collar.
You feel his newly separated hand glide down your hip and then over your knee, holding your leg up to his waist through the side slit in your dress.
‘Are you ready darling?’ He inquires with a spirited tone.
‘Yes, Tom’ you reply.
He immediately dips you, his strong arms never threatening to give way, your leg pressed firmly around his waist.
As the song comes to an end your eye contact lingers. In a split second the feeling of everything and everyone else around you is drowned out into nothingness. It’s just you and him holding each other on an empty dance floor.
Your hand on his chest slides up to his neck as he leans in to press a lustful kiss onto your lips. As he pulls you back up into a standing position another song has started. Breaking your kiss with a moan that’s only audible to the two of you.
‘Would you like to continue this somewhere more private?’ He asks, anticipating your answer.
‘I-I have a room upstairs’ he stutters nervously, still holding you to him.
‘I know you do, I booked all the rooms for the cast’ you laugh, momentarily breaking eye contact before meeting his gaze once more.
‘I’d love to’ you sigh out, glimpsing at his lightly crimson coloured lips transferred from your lipstick.
As soon as the words leave your mouth he takes ahold of your hand, guiding you through the crowd, grabbing your clutch from the table quickly. Your thoughts of your ex declining your offer have long left your mind as you catch a glimpse of him heading towards the bar, looking desperate for a drink after the spectacle that you and Tom have just put on.
As you make your way through the lobby you walk quickly, your heels making a clicking noise on the marble floor. You manage to avoid most of the paparazzi cameras as you walk quickly into the elevator, hitting the button for the top floor.
The second you enter the golden mirrored lift you expect silence.
‘Tom I..’ you stutter out. Your words immediately halted by the feeling of his lips on yours. His body backing yours into the corner of the lift, one hand on your cheek, the other traveling over the silky fabric covering your hip.
Your kisses growing more intensely by the second, you’d be surprised if you made it to the room in time at the rate of things.
As the lift dings open and your kiss breaks you are both left panting for breath. Turning towards the exit you find a shocked looking older couple standing in the doorway of the lift.
‘Good evening, excellent weather we’re having’ Tom states to the couple, charming as ever as he takes your hand and guides you from the lift.
With crimson flooding your cheeks, never turning back out of sheer embarrassment, you both giggle loudly making your way down the hall to his room.
As you reach the door he places another heat filled kiss on your lips before swiping the key card and opening the door.
The door swinging open you walk into the dimly lit hotel room. The floor to ceiling windows display the city out before you as if it were a painting. Making your way over to the window you place your bag down on the desk, hearing tom locking the door and placing the room card down.
You hear him waking up behind you as his hands snake around your hips, pulling your back flush against his chest.
His lips colliding with your neck, placing gentle kisses from your ear to your shoulder. You lightly moan, one hand place on top of his, the other sliding up around his neck as your head falls back against his shoulder.
Your lips meeting once more, your sensual kisses deepening, the feeling of excited lips clashing as his tongue slides into your mouth tangling with yours. Spinning you around to meet him, your hands placed on his chest as your kisses intensify.
Holding you against him he presses your back against the tall window. You feel his hardening length press against your thigh as your hands roam freely over his torso, pulling at the knot in his tie before tugging it off him and dropping it to the ground.
Your hands begin unbuttoning his crisp white shirt as his hand slides up to your shoulders playing with the thin straps of your dress.
He slides the straps over your shoulders as the soft fabric cascades over your curves, leaving you bare before him. You are left wearing nothing but a red lace thong and golden heels, your backless dress not allowing for a bra.
Taking in the sight before him for a moment, he immediately recaptures your neck with his lips nipping at the sensitive skin. He makes his way down to your chest sucking your nipple into his mouth eliciting a breathy moan from you. As he kisses back up to your mouth you continue your work on his shirt, this time he assists you, easily slipping it off over his shoulders. As your hands roam over his freshly exposed chest, you hear the sound of him unbuckling his belt before dropping it onto the floor.
You reach down and undo the zip of his suit trousers before they join the rest of the discarded clothes in a pile on the floor, kicking his shoes off at the same time.
Remaining mutually in only your underwear you break the kiss working your way down his chest all the way to his underwear, pulling those off him too. Placing yourself on your knees in front of him you grasp his length with your hand, placing your mouth lightly over his tip.
Looking up catching his gaze looking down at you, you suck his length into your mouth deeper maintaining eye contact. He lets out a low moan as he runs his hand through his own hair before lowering his hand and intertwining his fingers in your hair. As your grip on him increases, your hand and your mouth pumping him in unison you press your spare hand against his thigh to stabilise yourself. His moans slowly turning into growls, you feel him begin to lightly thrust into your mouth, tasting his pre-cum seeping from the tip. Forcing himself deeper into your mouth, desperate for your touch.
‘Come here darling’ he beckons for you as he lightly pulls you up to him, pressing you into the window once more.
He kisses you intensely, tasting himself on your lips. As your kisses continue he slides your panties down, leaving them to pool on the floor. In the same way as you were dancing earlier he pulls your leg up around his waist as he slips one hand down between your legs. His fingers start by rubbing soft circles onto your clit, leaving you to moan into your ever intensifying kiss. As his hand slips lower he slides his long fingers through your wetness before sliding one inside you, pulling a gasp from your mouth. He kisses down your neck as his fingers begin to curl within you, gripping your hands onto his neck, lightly pressing your nails into his skin.
Feeling your pleasure build your head falls back against the vast window, moaning loudly as you break the kiss. His eyes watching the sublime pleasure express its way across your face. Your eyes flutter open to meet his, before he slides a second finger into you. Your moans increasing as you adjust to the size of his fingers, your mind wandering to the thought of how you’ll feel with his cock inside you.
Just as the thought crosses your mind he pulls his fingers from you, lifting them to his mouth sucking your residue from them.
Moaning at the sight, his hands drop to your waist and then down hooking them under your ass. Lifting you up and pushing you against the window he lines himself up with your entrance. At first he pushes his tip inside you gently, before sliding the rest of the way in, your mutual breathy moans filling the silent room.
As he begins to thrust into you, his eyes are hooked on yours, watching you unravel around him. Your arms wrapped tightly around his neck rocking yourself against him as he thrust into you. As the pace increases so do your moans, you bring his face to yours to stifle your sounds, kissing him before breaking again, your foreheads pressed together.
Without warning he lifts you from the window and places you on the bed, your head resting softly against the pillows.
He lifts your legs up over his shoulders, penetrating even deeper. It feels as if he is hitting every spot within you, his pelvis grinding against your clit giving you much needed friction. As he pounds into you, deeper and deeper you feel your climax building. Tom, feeling your walls tightening around him, grabs your wrists and holds them above your head.
‘Oh my god’ you breath out followed by his name.
‘I’m going to cum’ your words interrupted by loud moans. The sound of his growls spurring you on.
‘Cum for me love’ he moans out, his lips colliding with yours as your orgasm erupts from you. Your moans stifled by his kiss.
The feeling of you compressing around him, triggering his own release his growls hot and heavy on your lips.
As you lie with him atop of you, He releases your wrists, kissing you one last time before removing himself from you. The mixture of your passion spills down your legs onto the clean white sheets.
After a few moments regaining your breath he wraps you in his arms, lying on your sides facing each other.
‘Thank god filming has finished, there would be so many questions on Monday’ you giggle.
‘Oh I’m sure they’ll still find a way. We did become quite the spectacle on the dance floor’ he replies, laughing in response.
‘Come with me, let’s get you clean’ he says, kissing the back of your hand before leading you to the bathroom.
As you walk into the en-suite he turns the tap in the shower on. The warm water flows from the large waterfall like fixture as he pulls you underneath the water.
You take it in turns covering each other in soap, laughing playfully as you clean each other.
You reach up and place a damp kiss onto his lips. As he bends down to reach you, your height distance is even more visible now that your heels have been discarded in the bedroom. Your kisses intensify once again, his wet hands gliding over your breasts grasping them lightly.
Feeling his length harden under your touch you spin around placing your hands against the wall, raising your ass towards his cock.
He kisses softly down your back before lining himself up with your already moistened entrance. Sliding in easily he places his hands on your hips rocking you against him. Your back pressed against his chest he moans into your ear, your sounds reverberating off the walls of the shower.
His hand slips between your legs and massages your clit, immediately feeling your released tension from earlier return.
As your climax nears you feel as if he will soon meet his too. As you clench around his length your orgasm covers his length, noticeably, despite the warm water pouring from the shower.
As he cums inside you once again, he bites down softly on your shoulder, leaving the indent of teeth marks.
After a while of regaining your breath again, he pulls out of you and spins you around to kiss him.
‘We really should get clean now’ he jokes.
As your shower continues he convinces you to stay the night with him, which hardly takes any convincing other than him asking you once.
He gives you a shirt of his, wearing it you are enveloped in his delightful scent.
He pulls you in, wrapping you in his arms, sliding under the covers or the bed lying to face each other.
‘You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that’ he states.
‘Do what?’ You question back with a smile.
‘Everything, although the way I envisioned it, I had taken you on a date first’ he laughs out the last part.
‘Maybe you could take me on a date’ you ask.
‘I was already planning on it darling, but first let’s get some sleep. I’m already looking forward to waking up to you in the morning’ he says as he kisses you one last time before you fall asleep in each other’s arms. Dreaming of your date tomorrow with the man that will always save the last dance for you.
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second-stars-totheright · 3 months ago
THE OTHER MAN | Loki Laufeyson x reader
Tumblr media
Description: A soft morning with your love makes him realise you also see a future with him.
Length: 1.2k
Trigger Warnings: none i don’t think, foul language??
Tumblr media
As an avenger, with the general shit-housery that came in the terms and conditions of the job, it was a very rare occasion that you got a lie in. Even rarer than that, getting a lie in with your boyfriend with you too.
Loki, by his godly nature, didn’t need to sleep every single night as your mortal body did, and he was a fidget when told to sit still anyway. So to wake up just as the sun was peeking through the curtains of your room in the tower, and have him still laying beside you, one arm slung over your waist and his warm breath fanning over your collar bones was a treat sent from above.
You gently turned your head to look at your god of a boyfriend. His face, usually scrunched in annoyance or stress from the hardships of being god amongst inferior mortals, was smoothed out in the peace of slumber. Yet his onyx locks were neat as ever, caressing his head and splayed out over the pillow like tendrils of smoke. He had the softest hair you had ever seen; you were convinced he used his magic to keep it so pristine and had yet to reveal his secret to you. “That’s just my natural gow, darling. Not trickery needed,” He would say whenever you pulled him up on it, but the smug smile he held every time said otherwise. His shallow breaths released in time to every other thump of your heart beat, as though your bodies had naturally aligned in your sleep, and it only proved as a lullaby to send you almost back to sleep.
But you fought your tiredness. This was a rare sight, and you’d be damned if you missed it for an extra half an hour of kip. You smiled softly, gently lifting a hand to stroke the side of his hair, entranced with the noir mane and the urge to embrace your boyfriend overwhelming you so much you just had to touch him somehow.
He was one step ahead, as always. You almost gasped when his head turned, though he had seemed mid slumber, and caught the palm of your hand with his lips in a gentle kiss.
“Don’t you know it’s rude to stare, love?” His deep morning drawl met your ears before he returned his lips to your hand for another long peck. His hand emerged from under the covers to hold your wrist softly, keeping your hand barely touching your face as he nuzzled into your palm happily.
“I can’t help it when the sight is so beautiful,” You whispered back, and it was then his eyes, bluer than the clearest of oceans, met yours. They crinkled in the corners as he smiled at the sight of you, hair messy and sleep tantalizing your gaze but the greatest sight he could have hoped to wake up to nevertheless.
“And they say I’m the charmer,” He teased, squeezing your wrist benevolently with what you knew was only a mere fraction of his strength. He could snap your whole body in two with little effort, and yet with you he was so fucking gentle.
“Just telling the truth, love,” You replied, shuffling forward to nuzzle your face into his neck as he rolled to face the ceiling, pulling you half on top of him effortlessly.
He let go of your wrist and brought his hand to the back of your head to caress your hair. You lay like that for a moment, his motion very nearly sending you back to sleep until a pair of lips met your forehead, and you jumped the tiniest part out of shock.
A deep, quiet chuckle met your ears as you whined at his slight mocking of your reaction. “You do that any more and I’ll be asleep,” You said, lightly kissing his collarbone as he went back to his ministrations, despite your warning of the effect it had on you.
“I don’t care. Just don’t drool on me,” He replied, and at that your eyes shot open.
You sat up from your place slotted against his neck, resting on your elbows to look down at him. Your eyes narrowed on the way a smirk played on his lips that you held yourself back from kissing to make your point known.
“I don't drool in my sleep,” You said, slightly aghast at his accusation. You had been dating for all of six months at this point, so you were still susceptible to embarrassment around him. It was expected, though you were an avenger and you were powerful in your own way, he was quite literally a god, and you were a puny mortal with mortal flaws. He was a prince, and you were just a human.
Yet his laugh, this time not teasing but genuinely amused, stopped your worrying over whether he found your faults disgusting or annoying, and had you smiling also.
“I don’t!” You insisted, but he didn't reply. Loki didn’t disagree, or fight his case that he was the one in the right (you knew you did in fact drool in your sleep, so it surprised you that he put up no argument), he simply brought you back to rest your head in his neck.
“Alright, love. You don’t,” It was the best lie he’d ever told, because he felt your shoulders relax at the thought that you had gotten away with hiding your adorable nightly habit from him. There was a quiet again, where he kissed your temple and you settled into his arms once more. You were tough as nails in the battle field, but here with him you felt so delicate, like a white lace glove his mother used to wear.
You were the most precious thing Loki had ever had. He wanted to keep you for as long as he possibly could, he would sooner die than give you up.
“I’ve never loved anything the way I love you,” Loki confessed, whispering it close to your ear as though he was afraid FRIDAY would be able to hear him. Such a soft collection of words were meant for you and only you.
You smiled into his skin, kissing his neck tenderly twice. “And I’ll never love anything more,” You added trailing up to kiss below his ear, “Well perhaps one man,”
He tensed below you, and you felt almost guilty but you knew what you were doing. It was your turn to do the teasing. “Oh really?” He asked jokingly, but you could tell your words had stung. You wished he could understand that you loved him too much to be serious, “And who might that be?”
“Jealous are we?” You played along, kissing over his cheek, nearing his lips. He seemed impatient, or perhaps it was a hint of protectiveness at the way you’d confessed your love for another man. He tilted his head to catch your lips in a fierce kiss, pulling your body closer to his as if to erase the thoughts of someone else from your mind. He would understand soon enough though.
“Not at all,” He lied again as you both pulled away, not for too long before he was kissing you again however. “Just wondering who this mystery man is who’s stolen my love’s heart, is all,”
You chuckled, pecking his lips once more, “I don’t love him now, but I will one day,” You said, watching his brows furrow in confusion at your vague statement. “You’ll love him too though, darling. He’s going to call you dad,”
Loki teared up then and there. A future with you? He was the luckiest god there was.
He swore, then and there, that if anything were to happen to you and that future you'd envisioned, he would sit back and watch the world burn.
Tumblr media
Note: I didn’t proof read this and I kind of hate it but 👀 oh well
@greeneyedblondie44 @liadamerondjarin @pedrosgirlx @andy-rocks
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jensensloser · 4 months ago
Cockwarming with Loki? I also really really love sub Loki
i can see this going one of two ways; dom and sub loki have very different reactions to cockwarming
dom! loki
Tumblr media
now, dom! loki is the type to make you cockwarm him for any reason at all. as a punishment, because he’s bored, because he wants you close to him. nine time out of ten, it’s a punishment
you should know better than to brat to a god, and he makes you suffer. “come on, you know better pet. now, you’re gonna sit on my cock, and you’re not to move or cum until i say so. understand?”
sub! loki
Tumblr media
when he’s extra subby, he absolutely craves to be close to you, sometimes simply holding you isnt enough. sometimes though, he gets a taste of his own medicine
you can easily just sit there for hours edging him. after all it is only fair, he’s done it to you many times. as many times as he’s said that “gods don’t beg, little one.” he’s begged for your mercy several times. “oh, fuck. my queen, i’m sorry. please, let me make you feel good. let me cum inside your tight quim. i’m so sorry, i’ll be good i promise.”
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clandestineloki · 29 days ago
could u write something where the reader wakes up alone and falls into subspace and loki finds yn and helps them out of it <33
the morning after
tw: subspace, soft making out, implied smut, crying, mentions of sex, cuddling, fluff, i think i put a tad too much angst sorry
there's an pain in your chest when you wake up and loki isn't next to you.
did he really need you? you exhale shakily as you trace over the sheets, recalling the previous night when his hands had worked magic on you, leaving sparks of pleasure in their wake that, even now, you can still feel between your legs.
the pillow in his spot is the only sign that he, such a beautiful god, declared he wanted to bed you and make you feel good, and ruined every other man on earth for you before disappearing without a goodbye, leaving you so delicate, so broken, and lost without a way back to the life you lived before he stole your heart. you gingerly reach out for it, pulling it to your chest and burying your face in it.
god, it even smells like him.
he whispered his love for you, he said it so gently, he really did, but now you weren't too sure if he had meant it.
maybe he was just caught up in the moment.
and you squeeze the pillow to yourself, tears filling your eyes as you realize maybe you were too.
careful not to wake his lovely angel up, loki gently opens the door with his foot, walking in and placing two paper bags on the table, turning to your beautiful dozing figure with a gentle smile on his face.
only for it to drop when he sees you, asleep with a small, sad look on your face, hugging his pillow like it's your only possession in life.
concerned, he rushes over, almost tripping over himself. his eyes widen when he sees the half-dried tears on your cheeks.
"darling? angel, darling?" he whispers, patting your cheek gently. "what's wrong?"
you whine a bit, tossing around before your eyes flutter open to meet his worried gaze.
"i'm here, love, i'm here," he coos, hugging you to him. "what's the matter? did i hurt you? are you sore? did i leave any bruises?"
he gently checks your body for any injuries or reddened areas, but you take loki's cheek in your hand.
"you're... you're here," you mumble, almost in disbelief that you're actually touching his cheek, that he's right in front of you.
"yes-yes i am. do you need ice? a warm compress-"
you look into his eyes, whispering something he almost doesn't catch- "where'd you go?"
he sits you up against the headboard. "i got breakfast, came right back, did you-"
loki stops himself, realizing the possible cause of your distress.
"did you think i'd just leave?"
you try to reply, but all that comes out is a stutter before you swallow and tears fill your eyes, just nodding to answer his question. "sorry-"
in an instant, loki has you in his arms, kissing your hair and your nose and your cheeks and your lips and your eyes, mumbling apologies and shushing your cries. you melt into his touch, too weak to reply.
"goodness, angel, i'm so sorry," he whispers. "i'm sorry you thought i just went away-"
"it's okay," you nod. "m' just happy you're here."
he sighs, brushing some hair away from your face. "i'm here. i won't go away. i meant everything i said last night. about us. about how i feel about you. about how i wish to court you and make this official. and most especially, dearest-" he leans in real close and mumbles lowly, "about how i think you look prettier not wearing anything at all."
your eyes widen at that, and he chuckles, pressing his lips to yours, taking his time and making sure to treat you with care. he slips his tongue in, one hand behind your head as he takes control of the kiss. when you whimper and wrap your arms around him, he chuckles in delight, pressing you down on the bed and spreading your legs.
"why don't-" he kisses your neck, "- we finish-" he pulls down his pants, and rocks his hips into yours, slipping his cock into you and growling when you squeeze down on him immediately, losing his composure when you moan into his ear. "- what we started last night?"
even as you're melting under his touch, you meekly touch his hand. "but- but- hah- the breakfast-"
"breakfast can wait, i've been yearning to fuck you the way you deserve for too long."
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lostalioth · 3 months ago
𝘴𝘩𝘢𝘷𝘪𝘯𝘨 ; 𝘵𝘰𝘮
Tumblr media
summary: “since you’ve been practically begging me to do it” he began to tease and he steps towards you. “do you wanna help me and shave my face, love?” he offered with a small cheeky smile. he slips his large hands around your waist once he makes it to you. your body filled with excitement, bringing your mood up. you bounce on your feet a bit as you couldn’t contain your reaction. “yes please!” you squeal
warnings: real person fanfic, fluff, tom hiddleston x fem!reader, established relationship (married), mention of razor, if uncomfortable with this, dont read it
authors note: so this may be projecting slightly as idk why but I think it would be fun to attempt to shave your boyfriends or husbands face. also I have no idea how men do it as there are different way so the description of it may be off or odd. I have never written for tom and so I hope this is good!!
You sigh as you slump your body into the large couch. You mindlessly watch whatever was on the tv once you sat down. You were quite bored and lonely as you hadn’t seen Tom in a bit. You were pulled from your thoughts when your name was being called. You slowly begin getting off the couch when Tom yells out again “Darling could you come here?!”. Your husband's velvet voice rang through your shared home.
“Coming hon!” You yelled back as you made your way to the source of his voice. Your feet lead you into the bathroom.
“Yes love?” you stood in the doorway of the on sweet. Tom stood clad in his dark blue boxers in front of the large vanity mirror. “Since you’ve been practically begging me to do it” he began to tease and he steps towards you. “Do you wanna help me and shave my face, love?” He offered with a small cheeky smile. He slips his large hands around your waist once he makes it to you.
Your body filled with excitement, bringing your mood up. You bounce on your feet a bit as you couldn’t contain your reaction. “Yes please!” You squeal but then a thought hits you. “Wait, why are you shaving? I like your bread” you whine as you bring your hand up to his cheek.
You stroke his cheek softly waiting on an answer. “We need to start filming for Loki’s series darling” he chuckled softly. He seemed to find your reaction quite adorable. “I know you like my facial hair but I can’t have it for filming” he continued to explain.
You whine nonetheless as you wanted him to keep it a bit longer. “Finee, at least I get to shave your face for you” your mood brightens again. You knew Tom always had to shave before filming as Loki. It was what led to your questioning and begging for Tom to let you shave his face. You didn’t know why you wanted to, he could do it all his own but you just wanted to try. It seemed fun.
You grab one of Tom's hands off your hip and pull him further into the bathroom. “Dear, could you tell me how to start?” you question with a small chuckle. That was an oversight on your part, you didn’t know exactly what to do.
“Of course dear, here” He pushed you back softly against the vanity counter . “Jump love” he Instructed as he helped hoist your body onto the cold marble top. Your body was sat in the space between your his and hers sinks. He steps back, to grab shaving cream and his straight razor out of the drawer on his side.
“Okay love, I’m gonna do the first steps and then demonstrate what to do”
You answer your husband with a small nod, eyes fixated on his moments. He wets his face and applies shaving cream to the lower face. You continued watching him as he was about to start that part you were gonna do.
He pulls the skin back softly around the area he is gonna shave. He then glides the razor against his face, shaving a small patch of his facial hair off. “You got it?” He questioned as he quickly washed the razor off
“I think so but what if I knick your face and cut you” you whine with a pout. You didn’t wanna hurt him by being inexperienced at this. “I doubt you will bunny, just don’t apply too much pressure” he reassured as he pushed his body between your legs.
“If you say so” you chuckled nervously as you took the razor off the counter top. He offers you more reassurance with a smile and a peck to your cheek.
“Tommy!” You squeal, having to wipe shaving cream off your now flushed cheek. His chest rumbled with a loud chuckle at how you reacted. “You can start anytime you're ready darling”
You turn the sink to your right on to let the water run and return your attention to Tom. You begin to shave small patches of his facial hair off. He watched you with his eyes full of adoration and love. His hands rested on your thighs while you went to work.
Once you are finished, you quickly rinse the razor off and close it. “All done!” You chriped with a bubbly smile plastered on your face. Tom moved out from between your legs to wash his jaw and chin off quickly. Before doing his after shave he feels around his chin and jaw area. “You did really well darling!” He praised. Butterflies flood your stomach at his compliment. “Thank you my love” you giggle softly as you watch him apply his after shave.
You were bubbling with pride. “Might just have you shave my face more often now” he suggested with a smirk. He takes his place between your thighs once again. You beamed at the idea and brought your hands up to his now smooth face. He actually enjoyed it, it was more of an intimate moment than he thought having his wife shave him.
Now that his face wasn’t covered in shaving cream, you smash your lips into his. He lovingly and eagerly returns your kiss while his hands slide up your thighs. Your hands begin to slide down his chest to his toned stomach.
authors note: I hope you enjoyed and I loved writing for tom and would like to more. so I’d love some feedback. possibly send in requests for him to help me as well
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youlightmeupfinn · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
key: ☆ (features smut and/or is smut), ❀ (fluff), ✤ (angst)
“I guess the sexiest thing in the world is when I meet someone and they seem like they are themselves. You know, be yourself.”
Tumblr media
Wrong Number (COMPLETED) ☆ ❀ ✤ summary: Upon receiving a text message from an entirely unknown number, you are suddenly taken on a whirlwind journey of trying to discover who your mystery texter is, only to have it uncovered as none other than Tom Hiddleston himself. However, little did you know, your enemies who you claimed to be friends with, are adamant about tearing your world apart. You never know what'll happen when your past comes back to haunt you. pairing: Tom Hiddleston x fem!Reader
RED (COMPLETED) ☆ ❀ ✤ summary: A graduate student at Cambridge, you are on the journey of writing your first official novel, Red. Upon taking Professor Tom Hiddleston’s class for inspiration, you somehow find yourself creating your characters, Damian and Ava, into the prime replicas of you and Tom. When you accidentally forward a rough draft of your story over to the hot professor, his interest is piqued, leading him to help you advance your writing through physicality and the dirtiest sex you ever dreamt of. But here’s the issue. He’s your professor. You’re his student. pairing: professor!Tom Hiddleston x Student!Reader
Heart on the Dance Floor (ONGOING) ☆ ❀ ✤ summary: Bright and twenty-seven, you are a professional ballroom dancer who has been trained in many genres of dance. After serving three seasons on the hit show, Dancing With The Stars as a troupe dancer, you enter your first season as a professional partner. However, you come to find out that your partner for the season? Is none other than Tom Hiddleston. You two find yourselves journeying together throughout every week with extended rehearsals, drama, and quite possibly the deepest connection. But while in the spotlight, can you two handle it and make your way to becoming the winners of the Mirrorball Trophy? Did I mention there is a Battle of the Brits? 😏 pairing: Tom Hiddleston x Dancer!Reader
White Line (ONGOING) ☆ ❀ ✤ summary: You are the wife of the biggest, or so you thought to be the biggest, mob boss of London, Hayes Sinclair. A man who isn’t scared of anyone. However, when a meeting goes wrong with the ultimate leader, Thomas Hiddleston, whom Hayes is petrified of, Tom suddenly finds himself intrigued by the quiet demeanor of Hayes’ wife. Hayes wants you dead on his terms upon giving him what he wants, but Tom wants you alive with promises of a better life. You? You want to end it all. pairing: Mob!Tom Hiddleston x Fem!Reader
Little White Lies (ONGOING) ☆ ❀ ✤ summary: Having just turned 30, you were set to marry your boyfriend who you met in college, Drake Walker. However, after an argument that centered on you, Drake, and your best friend, Tom Hiddleston just as your families are about to embark on a getaway, Drake cheats on you, with your cousin, Hannah. After being forced into the wedding, Tom devises a plan to essentially get back at Drake and Hannah for what they did to you. His idea? You and he start fake dating. However, at the wedding, Tom takes it a step further... saying you two are engaged. With both of your families ecstatic, you two suddenly have to create little white lies in order to make your story believable. But here's the thing... you never thought you'd fall in love with your best friend. pairing: Tom Hiddleston x Fem!Reader
Waking Up in Vegas (ONGOING) ☆ ❀ ✤ summary: You're in Vegas for the weekend of your best friend's bachelorette party and wedding. When you disappear from your friends for the night and wound up in the arms of a stranger, you suddenly find yourself waking up in Vegas the next morning, married, with hardly any recollection of the events. Your world is turned inside out when the man you married? Is your celebrity crush, Tom Hiddleston. Is it true when they say, What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? pairing: Tom Hiddleston x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
During Your Pregnancy
Fun Times
Tumblr media
Olivia ❀ summary: You're an actress, auditioning for the role of Olivia, the lead character in a show, director Tom Hiddleston is producing. Little do you know, Tom wants to test your acting skills out against his.
First Date ❀ summary: After finishing up Coriolanus, Tom asks you out on a proper first date.
Destress ❀ summary: Your day started off absolutely awful. One thing after the other happened. Thankfully, you have an amazing boyfriend who ensures you're taken care of.
Erotic ☆ summary: You're nervous to try something new in the bedroom; Tom reading you erotic poetry. Little do you know, it turns into the best sex of your life.
Oh, Baby ❀ summary: You and Tom find yourselves in the limelight quite often while you're married, but you know you two can find privacy. Discovering you're pregnant, Tom goes onto the Jimmy Fallon show and... tells the world you're expecting.
Watch Me ☆ summary: Tom stumbles in to find you pleasuring yourself, so he decides to help you out...
Jealousy ☆ summary: Things have been rocky between you and Tom as of lately. However, when he sees another man put his hands on you, jealously kicks in.
Dirty Thoughts ☆ summary: With you working hair and makeup, while Tom works the acting part on The Essex Serpent, seeing him in that priest outfit... does something to you.
You & Me ❀ ✤ summary: Tom realized, he was the insecure one. His worries of you leaving due to his life are suddenly turned around.
Baby Love ❀ summary: Tom insists for you to leave with Savanna, promising you Sophia will be fine with him. Tom takes Sophia and Bobby out for the day, only to be caught by the press... resulting in your heart swelling.
Love in the Dark ✤ summary: You're tired of it all. You have decided it's time to leave London and Tom.
Little Red ☆ summary: The story of Little Red Riding Hood will never be the same once Tom's finished with you.
Too Close ❀ ✤ summary: Tom was fine with photos being taken of him and his daughter, except when personal space was invaded and it scares Sophia.
Fifteen ❀ ✤ summary: Sophia's first heartbreak and Tom is the one to console her tears.
Holiday Surprise ✤☆ ~ part one (Stepdad!Tom) summary: You met him first in a nightclub in the summer. But little do you know the surprise that awaits when you come home for Christmas after college.
Like This? ❀ summary: When Tom finds out your silly reason for breaking up with your boyfriend, he takes it as a challenge.
Work Crush ✤ ☆ summary: Tom hears around Hiddleston Enterprises that his personal assistant has a crush on him. He decides to confront her about it.
Waking Up in Vegas ❀ ~ part one summary: The night after your friend's bachelorette party, you find yourself waking up next to a random, hot stranger.
Déjà Vu ☆ ❀ summary: Tom stumbles across your old Tumblr account and reads smut you wrote. He decides he's going to act it out with you.
Baby Loki ❀ summary: You surprise Tom by dressing Sophia up as Loki for her first Halloween.
First Steps ❀ summary: When Tom misses Sophia's first steps, you decide to surprise him on set to showcase his little girl's accomplishment.
In His Hands ❀ summary: Tom finally gets to hold Sophia for the first time.
No Words ❀ ☆ summary: Tom has listened to you carry on about your day, but he knows exactly what you need.
Hide & Seek ❀ ✤ summary: A game of Hide & Seek for Tom and Sophia when you take your daughter with you without Tom's knowledge.
Pain & Pleasure ❀ ☆ summary: Tom comes home after a month away for filming... with a new toy, which ultimately leads to some very romantic sex.
Handsy ❀ summary: Tom loves your butt and isn't afraid to get handsy in public.
Not Your Fault ✤ summary: Just when you thought everything was picture perfect and you would get the family of your dreams, it all comes down in shambles.
Happy New Year ❀ summary: After the horrific miscarriage you experienced and now, the failed attempts at getting pregnant again, you have a surprise for your sweet husband on New Year's. 2nd part to Not Your Fault
Thesis Who? ❀ ☆ summary: Graduate school sucks and so do thesis papers. Tom decides to take your mind off of it.
Additionally ❀ summary: You and Tom have decided to expand your family. It's time for Sophia to become a big sister.
Bar Fight ❀ ✤ summary: Out for a celebratory night for Hiddleston Enterprises, you happen to hear the chatter of women across from you, making fun of you. That was a mistake.
Games ❀ summary: You, Tom, Chris, and Savanna decide to join together and play a game while drinking... but it suddenly turns into ganging up on poor Tom!
Calm ❀ summary: When your attention is diverted and you're getting distracted, Tom knows how to fix it.
Ruined ✤ ~ part one summary: Six months into dating Tom, the topic of kids had never arisen. Until you're sitting there with a positive pregnancy test in hand.
Wisdom Teeth ❀ summary: You're getting your wisdom teeth removed and Tom has to be there as your supportive husband.
Graduation Getaway ☆ ✤ ❀ ~ part two of Holiday Surprise (Stepdad!Tom) summary: You met him first in a nightclub last summer. After sleeping with your stepdad during Christmas break six months ago, you can't stop thinking about him. Graduation has just arrived and now you two can pick up where you left off.
Strong ✤ summary: During a walk with Bobby, you are soon sought out by a scum who thinks it's okay to put his hands on you. But wait until he sees Tom.
Call Out My Name ☆ ❀ summary: On the set of your new movie with intense scenes, you and Tom have been feeling the sexual tension... But it all comes to a head when he accidentally moans your name instead of your character's.
Bad Days ✤ ❀ summary: After a horrible day, Tom finds a way to make you feel better. You also decide baby #2's name.
Seven Months ✤ ❀ ~ part two of Ruined summary: The night Tom walked out on you after you told him you were pregnant, you never thought you'd see him again. Until...
Lullabies ❀ summary: When Tom has to leave for filming, it's detrimental for two-year-old Sophia, but Tom comes through each night with a lullaby.
Happy Anniversary ❀ summary: Tom arrives home from work, just in time for your one-year anniversary. To celebrate one year of dating, he's got a surprise for you.
Nine Months ❀ summary: You and Tom are pregnant with your first child. Let's take a journey through the eventful nine months.
Getaway Car ☆ ❀ ✤ summary: You have everything you want and more. The fame, the fortune, various platinum records, a fiancé. It's your wedding day and you suddenly can't stop thinking of that guy you shared a passionate night with three months ago.
Tremble ☆ ❀ summary: Tom always makes sure you're taken care of in the bedroom, but you decide it's his turn to be pleasured out of his mind.
Bitter Brit ❀ ✤ summary: You're a model who just did her first nude photoshoot, which your fiancé doesn't know about. Tom stumbles across the pictures and an argument takes place before you can tell him the real reason behind it.
Bite Me ☆ summary: It's couch sex for you and Tom, but you never realized your husband like to bite?
Broken by the Playboy ✤ summary: London's biggest playboy wants you, but you had your heart broken by him when you were 18. You can't trust him.
Control ☆ summary: After Tom has a bad day at work, you're the one that has to take care of it. But he's not letting you out so easy. He wants full control.
Sweet Ecstacy ☆ (Stepdad!Tom) summary: Your mother is gone for a girl's night/weekend and you're home from college. Your stepdad, who you met before your mother did, decides you two need some fun.
Baby Goats Melt Hearts ❀ summary: A farm date with Sophia and Savanna turns into a purchase... Tom told you what not to buy. So you bought it anyway.
Shake It ❀ summary: Tom catches you doing a TikTok dance...
I've Got You ❀ summary: College is stressful and Tom understands. He decides you're taking a break whether you want to or not.
Mine ❀ summary: Tom gets jealous, which leads to heavy making out on the couch, followed by soft loving.
Hot Water ❀ summary: It was routine for you and Tom to immediately take showers upon arriving home from trips... But he always uses up all the hot water.
Secret Love ❀ ✤ summary: You and Tom have spent the last ten months hiding your relationship from the world. But suddenly, all caution is thrown to the wind when Tom finally declares he's tired of hiding you away.
Oblivious ❀ summary: You're expecting your first child and decide to leave clues around for Tom... who doesn't get it.
Bad Day Cure ☆ summary: When you come home from work having an awful day, Tom takes care of you... In the best way.
Unexpected ❀ ✤ summary: You suddenly go into labor with your and Tom's second child. He keeps pressing that you need to call the midwife, but you're adamant it's not time... until Tom has to deliver the baby.
Scared ❀ ✤ summary: You're starting your first testosterone injections and Tom helps you.
Clingy ❀ summary: You were never the clingy type, but one day, you just need to be with Tom... and apparently in his skin?
Injury Scares ❀ ✤ (Tom x athlete!Reader) summary: After an injury that puts you out of your beloved sport for six months, you finally return to the game, but things don't go as planned.
Interrupted ☆ ❀ summary: You and Tom decide to take a dip into the pool on your rooftop, only to have your two-year-old son, Liam, ruin a moment...
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Darling: Tom Hiddleston x reader
Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x reader
Word count: 1,8k words
Requested: No.
Summary: Imagine Tom calling another woman “darling” even though it’s his nickname for you, and you end up having to talk it out with Tom - much to his glee.
Warnings: Reader overthinking things, use of wayyy too many pet names [Please tell me if I missed any!]
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Tumblr media
You were his darling- you had been for almost eighteen months now. Any time he would talk to you or about you he would refer to you as darling or his darling. Rarely was it your name, and he would even go as far as acting confused when interviewers, friends or family referred to you as his girlfriend, only correcting them and saying "Oh! You mean my darling Y/n?" afterwards.
It had also gotten you through many tough times; bringing immense reassurance in times of uncertainty, great calm in times of stress, and an overwhelming calm on restless nights where all you could do was toss and turn in bed.
"What's your name, darling?" you turn towards your boyfriend, thinking that he called for you, "Should I write your name?" seeing Tom leaning over the cluttered table and smiling at the young woman who's shirt you'd just signed, your own smile falling at the realization.
Finishing up with the signature, Tom laughs at something the girl says before biding her goodbye and greeting the young boy next in line. You frown, an ache in your chest which you only ever feel while reading a very sad book tugging at your heartstrings.
It was stupid, really, to be upset over a simple nickname. But... it didn't feel simple or irrelevant to you, not after the comfort it kept giving you in your darkest moments.
You cover it up with a half smile, turning back towards the two girls in front of you, the last ones in the line. "Hey," you greet them with faked excitement. They both giggle before one of them, the one you presumed to be older, started gushing over your role in the new Loki show.
"Did you already know that you were getting the part when you were filming Ragnarok?" the younger one asks and you look up from the necklace they had given you with a now genuine smile.
"Well, no. Not entirely, anyway," you laugh, "but they could hardly introduce a love interest and not continue the story, right?" you wink.
Pulling your hair over one shoulder and putting the chain with the purple pendant around your neck, you thank the girls again. They smile at you even wider, not seeming to believe that you wore it, "It reminded us of your suit!" the older one quips, "It's so cool that you have a new 'Shadowbreaker suit' for the show, and not the same one as in the movie."
"Aw, yeah, I know. We had a full mood board for the new suit, and besides, the tight letter and cape don't make me look half bad." you all laugh, they nod in agreement before waving goodbye and walking over to Tom.
Getting tapped on the shoulder, you turn to see one of the convention workers standing behind you. You smile at him in greeting, "Ms. Y/l/n, we have your shuttle ready to take you to the panel- just through those doors there." he nods to the side, gesturing at a pair of metal double doors in the back of the hall.
You move to stand, flatting out the short purple dress you had worn to honor your character, "Thank you," you look down and inspect the id-card hanging around his neck, "Robert."
Walking through the emergency exit doors your smile falls, no longer having to fake happiness as you walked over to the cart. Sitting on the back of it you look up at your security, Eddy, leaning against it.
"You alright?" he asks, arms crossed over his chest. Inspecting you over the rim of his sunglasses, he sees you leaning over your knees and taking calming breaths.
"Umm- Yeah. Sure, I'm just tired after all this." your hand points towards the back of the large building, you cart being parked in a loading alley.
"Uhu, sure." he comments, and you scowl up at him, "I've worked for you for what? Four years?" he smiles.
"Almost five, and you know I hate it when you say that," you hit his arm gently, a smile growing on your face.
"What I mean is- I know you, Y/n. Which means that I also knows when your lying to me. You get that deep wrinkle between your brows when your tired," his laugh is boisterous as he flicks you with a finger between the brows.
"Hey! I do not!" it's time for you to cross your arms defensively now. Eddy lifts a brow at you, eyes widening as if asking 'oh, really'. You take a breath, looking down at your feet and then up again, "Okay, you win Eddy. It's just- it's To-"
You sit up straight as the metal doors open once more, this time Tom and Robert walk out and head the short distance to you. "Darling!" Tom greets, both him and Eddy noting the way you try to hide your flinch.
Your boyfriend's eyebrows scrunch together in question as he sits down next to you, Eddy and Robert sitting in the front. The team of security following your boyfriend fit into an identical cart behind yours, following as Robert started driving towards the part of the building with the large stage.
"You okay, darling?" Tom inquires, you being successful at hiding the second involuntary flinch it sent through your body. You just nod slowly, hearing Eddy tell Tom that you were just tired. Oh, God bless you, Eddy!
You couldn't help but feel betrayed in some weird way, him sharing something that meant so much to you with other people.
Getting through the panel without problem, forgetting your sadness in the moments that Tom pulled you closer or held your hand, you got to you hotel room just after the darkness had set.
Damn him for still having such sway over you even when he hurt you. He hadn't even noticed!
"Should we just order room service and watch movies tonight?" Tom asks after locking the hotel door, saying goodnight to your security who had the surrounding rooms. Planning on ignoring your sadness from today and hoping to get over it, you nod with a smile before going to take off your makeup.
Toweling your face and applying moisturizer, you allow your thoughts to run wild. "Fuck," you sigh, thinking back to the time you and Tom had agreed on talking about your feelings and problems to avoid fights, and knew you had to talk to him about this.
Changing into one of Tom's long sleeved shirts which went to your mid-thigh, you sat against the pillows on your side of the bed. Taking a calming breath to prepare for the conversation you were about to have, you pull your hands into the sleeves and blow a hot breath against your knuckles.
"Tom?" you call into the suite, your boyfriend coming to stand in the doorway, "We need to talk." you cringe immediately, sounding like some teen drama show.
"Did something happen? Is everything okay?" his eyes widen in slight panic as he sat down opposite you on the middle of the bed, "Did I do something?" You lay a calming hand on his leg to slow his thoughts.
"Well, I wanted to talk about today," Tom scrunches his nose in confusion, "I wasn't just tired today, I was-"
You took a breath and looked up at Tom, meeting his gaze he takes your hand in both of his and squeezing it reassuringly. "I was hurt by what you said to that girl. And I don't know if i-" there was a knock on the room, interrupting you.
The man in front of you looked between you and the door, torn between what to do. On one hand he wanted nothing more than to listen to what you were saying, but he also knew that they wouldn't leave if he didn't open. "It's the room service," he explains.
He must have rung down whilst you were getting ready. You nod, squeezing his hand as another set of knocks sounded through the suite. "Go. I will still be here when you come back," you try to joke but knowing that Tom wasn't in any mood to find it funny. You offer a weak smile in consolation, instead.
He moves out the room, not turning his back to you and keeping his sight at you before almost running to get the door.
You can hear muffled voices from the sitting room, wrapping your arms around yourself as you wait. Hearing the door closing and hurried steps heading in your direction, you stand to leave the room.
Shaking his head in no, Tom leads you back to the bed and sits you both down without a word. "But the food, Tom?"
"It can wait. This can't." he shrugs before nodding at you to continue.
"Okay," you bite your bottom lip in thought, how should you phrase this, "I guess I just thought the whole 'darling' thing was kind of our thing..." you whisper, embarrassed.
Tom looks at you quizzically, "Y/n..." you choose to interrupt him before he can finish,
"I know! I know! It's a normal thing, and I swear it's not that I'm jealous because I know you love me, but... It just means a lot to me- it's come to mean a lot to me, thanks to you, and it kind of caught me off guard is all." a small self-deprecating chuckle escapes your lips.'
Looking into his eyes, you see a tentative grin growing on his lips, "Oh! What now? I know it's stu-"
Pressing his lips against yours, choking out any chance you had at continuing, he wraps his hands behind your neck and in your hair. Pulling you closer into him, he lets a small laugh escape through your meshing lips.
"You are the cutest thing, pet." he smiles, keeping you close even after pulling away to talk. You search his face for any hint of his own thoughts but saw nothing except that stupidly wide grin and a sparkle in his eye.
"What?" you breathe, unsure of what was happening.
"Of course it's an 'us thing', darling, I just didn't know it meant that much to you," he gives you a series of soft pecks on your nose.
All you can do is nod, "Well then, darling," he drawls with a thick accent, "I won't do it again, ever. Will that make you happy, pet?"
Insecurity takes over you, convincing you that perhaps you were overreacting to something insignificant. "I don't want you to have to change anything," you murmur.
"I dont have to do anything, Y/n. I want to. I want to do it if it will make you happy, besides, I want the entire world to know that you, and only you, are my darling."
You nod, finally smiling at him and giving him one finally kiss, "Now, can we please eat?"
A/N: I had a lot of fun writing this, and I might make Eddy a recurring character for when the reader needs her own security team/security guard! Hope you like it!
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