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writersblog20 · 23 hours ago
Tom Hiddleston x reader
Tumblr media
Summary: after a visit to your hometown unfortunately brought some nightly triggers and terrors. Tom helps you through it
Warnings: nightmares/ night terrors, anxiety, hints of depression, mention of traumatic experiences, ptsd and of course comfort!
Words: 1,5K
Hometown trigger
You went with Tom to your old home, today, for the first time so he could meet your family. Of course, he already met your mother but today it was time for the other part. You had fun and they loved Tom even though they had to get used to him. You’ve never brought someone home to them, so know you did, they had to make sure that you would get treated right.
Even though you loved your family, there was a reason why you had left. Too much had happened there in your hometown and going back reminded you of those things. You had to go past your older home, the one where you and your mother got kicked out of by her ex-boyfriend when you were 17. You had to leave all of your stuff behind including your pets and that tore into your soul.
You had stayed by your aunt for a couple of months before you could get back in your old childhood home again. You already had severe ptsd syndrome but when that had happened it got worse. You got treatment for it and were able to at least live your life a little. Of course there were good and bad days.
And like I said even though you loved your family you were happy that you’re in your own cozy shared home with Tom. He noticed that you were kind off out of it.
“Darling, are you alright?” he asked you taking a seat on the couch next to you. You were already in your pajamas with a warm blanket laid out over your legs. He gave you a warm cup of tea.
You nodded a little giving him a smile. “just old memories.” You told him. “do you want to talk about it?” you shook your head. “rather not, right now.” He gave you a warm comforting smile and a kiss on your lips.
You laid down, so your head would rest in his lap. He slightly scratched your scalp, helping you relax.
When the movie finished you both went upstairs and got ready for bed. You cuddled up against Tom, falling fairly fast asleep.
Tom noticed that you were more silent and clingy so he figured that today triggered your ptsd.
~Nightmare / terror skip~
Tom woke up alarmed to your muffled whines, tossing and turning and sniffles. He sat up and blinked a few times. He saw tears slipping on your cheeks. “love? Love, wake up.” He softly rubbed your arm.
You shoot right up, sitting straight up in bed. Tom sat straight next to you. You blinked a few times. Your heart felt heavy with sadness. You could feel Tom rub your back. After you came back a little bit and thought back about the nightmare you looked at Tom. You eyes started to feel with tears and you started to cry. You don’t think Tom ever saw you cry to this extreme.
Tom just held you through it all shushing you. You did calm down a bit after a while but the tears were still flowing. You felt such a heavy sadness in your heart. It wasn’t a nightmare but more a memory entangled with a nightmare.
“I’ll go downstairs to make a cup of tea. You can stay here, I’m sorry for waking you.” You told Tom. He shook his head. “darling, I’ll stay with you as long as necessarily and even longer than that.” He said trying to wipe away the tears only to be replaced with new ones. You sniffled and nodded trying to give him a smile.
He gave you a sad smile back. You both got out of bed, putting your pajamas back on.
He took your hand in his and let you downstairs. He sat you on the kitchen counter next to him, so he could make the tea. The tears were still flowing but at least you were out of your attack. He stood between your legs, waiting for the tea. He rubbed your legs up and down.
You wrapped your arms around him, hiding your face in the crook of his neck, starting to cry more again. He shushed you again and held you tightly against him. He gave you small kisses on the side of your head.
You both walked to the couch. Tom walked back to the kitchen to get the tea and came back. “Were you triggered today, love?” he asked you softly. You nodded “yeah but I didn’t thought it would have this much affect on me.”
You told him about your nightmare and the memory. You were still crying, your cheeks now red. He was in pain seeing you like this. He looked outside and saw that it was foggy outside, giving autumn vibes.
“why don’t we go outside for a bit? Get some fresh air and out of the situation.” He asked you and you nodded, sniffling. You walked upstairs to change into some comfy clothes. Luckily you and Tom had vacation so you wouldn’t have to get up in the morning.
Tom locked the door and took your hand in his. It was quiet on the streets, the leaves crunching underneath your feet. “You have never go through this alone again, I’ll always be here for you darling.” You smiled at the kind words of Tom and hugged his arm closer. “ I know, thank you Tom.” He gave you a kiss on your head.
“Can you tell me about Shakespeare?” you asked Tom slightly. He gave you a comforting smile. “of course darling.” He began to talk and you listened to his voice.
You walked around London with Tom telling you about Shakespeare and it calmed the sadness and tightness in your chest. You had let go of Tom’s hand but held him by his arm, your head resting against his shoulder.
“The walk really helped, especially you talking about Shakespeare. Thank you Tom.” You told him gratefully. He smiled sweetly at you “I'm glad it helped. I would do anything for you my darling.” He walked up to you and rubbed your arms. You placed your lips on his in a passionate kiss. He sighed in the kiss in relaxation.
Even though you felt a bit better you dreaded it to go upstairs. Tom, being the amazing boyfriend, could of course read you like a open book. “we can stay downstairs if you want to. We don’t have to sleep in the bedroom, we’ve slept on the couch before and if I might say so myself it’s rather comfortable.” He told you with a smile on the last part.
You knew him well enough to know that he said the last part to make you feel a little less guilty. “You don’t have to stay with me Tommy, I’ll be fine.” You said with a smile. He placed his finger underneath your chin and made you look at him.
“my darling, like I said, I will be with you for as long as necessarily and longer.” You gave him a weak smile. He placed his lips on yours again. It was a sweet kiss filled with love.
You climbed into your pajamas again and walked downstairs making some tea. Tom walked downstairs with blankets and pillows and made the couch even more comfortable.
Tom put on some warm lights that gave not too much light but more a warm glow. He put the tv on for some soft blues music that you loved so much. He got the tea from you and softly took your hands. He placed one hand of yours on his shoulder and the other on his chest. He placed his hand on your waist and back, swaying a little bit from left to right.
You giggled a little at his charm. He looked at you with adoration and love in his eyes. He spinned you delicately around, back to his chest.
After your little dance, he let you to the couch and tucked you in his side, handing you your tea.
When you finished your tea you laid down on the couch face to face with Tom. He cuddled you and held you tight until you fell asleep, even softly talking about Shakespeare again. This time you fell into a peaceful slumber.
Tom though wanted to make sure that you wouldn’t have any nightmares again so he watched you. He indeed never saw you this upset before, after a dream or since now, never. He was thinking about the day and knew he wouldn’t get any shut eye so he carefully got up and got his laptop and sat on the chair besides the couch so he could still keep an eye on you.
He scrolled through the internet trying to find more information and tips on how to help you. He saw and advert which gave him an idea. He knew you had two weeks off just like Tom. Both not planned on anything.
He searched on cottages so he could take you away for a while. Get some real relaxation like you deserved. He couldn’t wait to surprise you in the morning, he thought as he saw your peaceful form on the couch, deciding to crawl back to you and keep you safe in his arms.
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aphiandhephi · 3 months ago
Y/N: *Holds a knife to Loki’s throat*
Loki:…Oh no
Y/N: You haven’t kissed me in three days and it fucking pisses me off
Y/N, shrugging: I know it turns you on.
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zemosimp05 · 3 months ago
His Little Omega
Alpha Loki x F!Reader | SMUT | minors DNI | a/b/o dynamic
Words count : 6.2K
A/N: There will be lot of inner monologues so don’t get confused. It’s a smut with lil bit of plot. That’s it. Read at your own risk as I’m a shit writer. *mic drops* likes/ feedback/ reblogs are highly appreciated and encouraged. 😩 y’all better don’t let this one flop for Loki’s sake🥺.
Loki master list
Tumblr media
Never in your life you had ran so fast. Well getting chased by four other wolves who were ready to kill you wasn’t your plan at all on this fine evening. Steve had warned you for numerous times that it was dangerous to roam around in the forest alone, before dark and especially when you’re an unmarked omega. But your curious wolf ass was never to listen her alpha brother’s commands. You’re here for your summer break, to improve some of your fighting skills from you brother and other avengers.
The rules were simple…you cross your territory and you either get punished or killed by the other pack and there’s no coming back unless the other pack’s alpha was generous enough. The avengers were powerful but there were more powerful packs far more ruthless and dangerous. But todays situation was different. You got lost gradually and went bit far away from your territory, that’s where you accidentally came across bunch of wolves who were out for a hunt.
Come on Y/N you can run faster than these… you didn’t know how long you were running like a crazy wolf. They were bigger than you and hungry so you’re sure if you stop now, this gonna be your last day on earth. But it wasn’t your lucky day at all as your leg hit something sharp on the ground and your form just tripped over.
Fuck…the pain shot through your leg but you got up seeing the wolves coming behind. You tried to run again when two of them practically jumped on you attacking. It was all sharp claws and bites… you’re a good fighter but one against four of them was way too much. You growled loudly in pain when on of the wolves bite hard on your lower stomach. Your body was arching in pain, bleeding from several spots because of their attack. Your energy was draining gradually, you couldn’t defend anymore. You could feel yourself going numb but suddenly a high pitched howl literally ripped your ears apart and suddenly everything around you just took a pause. The woods got awfully silent.
Your wolf collapsed on the ground panting, whimpering in pain, that’s the only sound you could hear now, your own whimpers. Eyes were barely open , your senses got heightened for a presence of much more stronger entity. Someone was here, or to say something was here.
You noticed a blurry figure of a wolf in distance. It was big…at least twice of your wolf size and bigger than the wolves you’re fighting. You could see the green eyes were glowing in the dark, slowly approaching towards you. You scent glands got heightened. Alpha… It was an alpha wolf.
Well that’s it…now you’re about to die. The rest of the wolves started to back away when they saw the alpha coming towards your direction. The steps were bold yet so calculated. Your vision was little hazy but you figured out the raven colour. It was a stunning alpha male. Never in your life you had witnessed this kind of aura in a alpha.
The low growl rumbled from his lips and your wolf whimpered again in pain. You could feel the other wolves backing away slowly. Your body tried to scoot away from him when he was merely inches away but suddenly you couldn’t even move a single muscle. You closed your teary eyes , getting ready for a brutal death.
You heard another low growl just beside your ear before you felt his nose softly nuzzling the side of your face inhaling your scent. Your wolf immediately let out a soft purr making you confuse. You slowly opened your eyes only to meet with a pair of intense green ones. He’s not gonna kill you?
He backed away few steps and your eyes widened when he morphed back in his human form. Immediately a green shimmer surrounded him conjuring him with a pair of sweatpants. The lean tall figure , with that face literally crafted by a god, raven black hair and ocean green eyes ,his muscles clenching little bit was a beautiful sight to witness for your sore eyes. You let out a soft growl as your body was hurting badly, that you barely had any energy to divert your mind to this handsome man’s physical features. He knelt down before you conjuring a dark green blanket and draped it over you.
“Come on…shift back…” his voice, it was thick and low. If you could scream now you would have but you couldn’t even utter a noise. You tried to shift back but your wolf restrained it. The more you forced it the more your wolf restrained it. She knew your human form couldn’t handle this amount of damage so she preferred to stay in this way. You let out a frustrated growl when you tried again but failed.
His eyes were curiously watching you and he kind of understood what’s going on. He huffed bit annoyedly.
“Don’t move okay…? You will hurt yourself more…” his voice was soft. And before you could register anything he picked you up in his arms like you weight nothing. He was strong. You growled in pain wiggling in his arms as everything was hurting.
“I said stay still omega…” he snapped looking down at you before started walking. You growled lowly looking up at him. His jaw clenching unclenching. Your wolf purred softly looking at his beautiful face.
Well you didn’t know where this handsome stranger was taking you, and your wolf was too hurt to fight back so you just relaxed in his arms when you felt like he could easily carry you. His bare skin felt cold against yours soothing little bit of pain. You nuzzled your face in the crook of his neck purring softly, inhaling his scent. He smelled so good. But you scoffed when you saw you have covered the place with some blood as you’re bleeding from the side off your face, you gave few kitten licks to clean it up. His grip around you tighten suddenly for this and you whimpered for the sudden pressure.
“Don’t lick me…” he said but not looking at you. It was a warning so you stopped resting your face there, closing your eyes.
“Oh my god…” your eyes shot open when you heard a worried feminine voice. Too much light…you growled lifting your head up to look around. You’re in a castle hallway, that’s what you registered first looking around and you’re still in his arms.
“What happened to you guys…” then you realised you have covered him with blood too.
“I’m fine…but she’s not…”
“Alpha Loki …is she’s an omega?” The moment the name left her mouth your eyes widened. No no no…not him…no…not this pack… not him…
You growled trying to wiggle out of his arms immediately whimpering in pain.
“Stop it omega…or I will just throw you back in the forest to die …” he snapped at you bit annoyedly and you immediately stopped growling at him.
The audacity of the man to talk to you like that. Might be you’re an Omega , but you’re Steve’s spoiled little sister, no body had the courage to talk to you like that except Steve. Oh god !Steve would kill you if he knew about you were in one of his biggest enemy packs.
“She’s too weak to shift back…I need a healer in the guest chamber right now…” Loki ordered.
“Yes Alpha…” she mumbled heading away before Loki took you to a room. He gently puts you down on a couch and your wolf whined, already missing his touch. Oh no no no…he’s enemy …he’s enemy…
You looked up at the man taking every feature of him in the light. He was covered in your blood here and there still looking beautiful . Immediately an another lady came in. He took few steps back from you. He mumbled something to the healer before walking out of the room closing the door.
“Can I touch you omega…?” She smiled sadly looking at your worn out form. You let a soft woof in approval. She slowly grabbed two of your front legs before applying little pressure and you felt a jolt of pain. A loud scream mixed with an animalistic growl almost immediately surrounded the whole room. Your form morphing back to human, it’s way too much of pain.
“It’s okay…it’s okay…I got you…breath omega breath …” she said as you started to scream and cry. Everything was hurting, the scares were like burning on your skin. She did something suddenly, and you body felt numb immediately.
“It’s okay…you gonna be fine…relax…” that’s the last thing you heard before you went unconscious.
Loki was standing outside the door. He never felt so anxious about any omega before. The moment he heard your scream his alpha instincts just went feral inside him. Make it stop….she’s hurting…
He couldn’t stay there , listen to your screaming and crying so he walked away to his chamber. He needed to get rid of this blood, most importantly you scent. God your scent was messing with his head all the time back here.
When your eyes shot open your body wasn’t arching that much, but you’re tired. The robe around your body felt so soft and warm. You looked down, you’re cleaned, lying on a bed wrapped around in a soft duvet. You looked at both of your hands covered with small scratches and few bite marks here and there.
“Don’t worry it will heal in few days…” the voice startled you from side and you saw that same lady.
“I have to say you’re a strong omega…” she smiled softly at you. And you just nodded in response. You sat up and suddenly felt something was tied to your left ankle. It was a chain. You looked at the lady in disbelief.
“I’m sorry it was Alpha’s order…” she said giving you a apologetic look.
“Well I am too weak to runaway so…” you shrugged.
“Sorry but I can’t…orders are orders…”
“It’s okay …” you huffed.
“Here… drink this…” she handed you a glass. You examined the red drink confusedly.
“It’s not poison right ?” You asked bit unsurely.
“ If we want to kill you…Alpha would not have saved you at first place…” she chuckled softly.
“It’s a healing potion…” she said again. And you took a sip bit unsurely. It tasted like wine. Well you’re in a enemy pack, too weak to fight, now if they just poisoned you, you would not be surprised. You gulp down rest of the drink. You handed back the glass and she got up walking towards the door.
“Well it will take a few hours to start working…you won’t get hungry now…but don’t worry if you feel your wolf senses getting bit high… or you feel little tingly or get in little heat…” she suddenly said turning to you.
“In heat?” You kind of mumbled in disbelief. She just gave you a potion to get in early heat!
“Oh don’t worry….it’s just your wolf will recover fast…as heat enhances the hormone levels and…”
“Well I know that…” you snapped angrily. No no no….you couldn’t just go in heat here. Your body was already weak and without medication heat was like a brutal torture.
“I can’t go in heat…do you even understand….I don’t even belong from this pack…” you yelled.
“Calm down….it’s not that bad… you won’t go on full heat…it will feel like a fever…” she assured you before walking out the room and closing the door behind. Great just great. You fall back on the bed nuzzling your face in the pillow covering yourself with the duvet. You tugged at the chain but it was of no use.
Steve would kill you. Wait how the fuck you’re going to escape. Alpha Loki.
And what about him? Your wolf purred inside you suddenly.
“Oh you stupid girl shut up” you scolded yourself.
Alpha Loki… your mind again drifted to him. He’s bad. If all the rumours you had heard about Asgardian pack were true then you’re really in a dangerous territory. But he saved you. Why he saved you? He probably didn’t know yet you’re from an enemy pack. God your sure you’re getting a brutal punishment for this.
Your senses got heightened the moment you heard the door open. You didn’t have to peek out of the cover as you knew already.
Alpha… your wolf purred softly inside your head. This little bitch gonna get both of you in trouble.
“ I know you’re not sleeping…” his voice was calm. You didn’t want him to see you like this , covered in bruises and scares. You were sure your face was bruised too so you just slightly dragged down the cover below your eyes to look at him. He was not shirtless this time. Though you would not have mind if he was. He sat down on the edge of the bed looking at you.
“Hi” you mumbled softly. Hi?? He’s one of the dangerous alphas and all you have managed was a hi? You should be begging for your life by now, but you didn’t feel any kind of fear.
Loki’s wolf squeaked inside him. Hi? Seriously? Should not you be scared by now?
“Do you know who I’m…?” Loki asked as he flickered his hands and the chain around your ankle unclasped. You’re in awe seeing this little magic. Of course you knew Asgard was famous for magic but witnessing it with your own eyes was different. He cleared his throat and You snapped out of your thoughts.
“I asked you something…”
“Alpha…Alpha Loki Laufeyson…” you mumbled softly and he nodded. God he needed to see you.
“What’s your name…?”
“Y/N…” your voice got muffled by the cover. So he raised an eyebrow in confusion.
“Y/N…” You said finally removing the cover and sitting up against the pillows. Loki was taken aback by the sight before him. Even with covered with little bruises here and there you’re looking so beautiful. The (y/e/c) complimenting with your (y/h/c) hair , everything was so imperfectly perfect that his wolf just purred inside him seeing you. As you sat straight, your robe slightly slipped down from your shoulder exposing some more skin but he looked away. You pulled it back up immediately realising that. Slut …your wolf chuckled inside you making you roll your eyes mentally.
“Pack…?” He asked few moments later looking back at you and you shyly looked away from his gaze. You hesitated to answer that. Here we go …now he would just punish or kill you.
“Av…Avengers…” you said above whisper, fiddling with your hands in your lap,looking down.
“My my…an enemy…” he chuckled darkly and your eyes shot up to him. Don’t be scared don’t…your wolf warned you.
“Do you even have any idea what happens to the trespassers in my territory…?” He asked with a soft wicked smile. You gulped nervously.
“They …they die?” You said still holding your gaze with him.
“I thought Roger was a responsible Alpha…he should have been more careful about his little mate roaming around in the dark alone…” Loki said ignoring your question.
“He’s my brother…” you replied immediately. Well that’s what exactly Loki wanted to know. Shit you should not have said that. What if he just do something wrong now. Every worst things were crossing your mind.
“ I’m sorry I didn’t mean to trespass…I got lost…” you said holding your gaze with him.
“Omegas like you …should not be roaming around alone at first place…but here you are…” he said. Your face frowned . How dare of him to underestimate your powers.
“ oh please… I am fully capable of my own…” you scoffed overconfidently.
“That’s not what I witnessed last time when I saved you …” he smirked. You rolled your eyes. You should be great full for him saving your life but still he’s an enemy. And beside that it was his pack wolves who attacked you so you’re not going to thank him.
What a feisty little omega…Loki really hoped that you would be scared of him, begging him for mercy but here you were rolling your eyes on him.
“So what now ? Are you gonna kill me?” You asked. He just smiled shaking his head.
“Perhaps worse than that…” he chuckled making you nervous this time.
“Rest…and don’t even think of escaping…you step out this castle and you will die…” it sounded more like a obvious statement than warning. He got up before leaving you alone in that room locking the door from outside.
So that’s what the punishment was? Held captive? Now what he’ll turn you into a slave or what? You felt a shiver but your wolf was overwhelmed in joy.
He’s our alpha… suddenly she purred inside your head making you scare.
“ No no no not him.” You shook your head.
But he’s so beautiful…smells so good.
“He’s evil….dangerous…” you scolded her.
That’s the thrill…We want him…
“YoU want him…not me…” you huffed annoyedly.
We are the same ….and That’s our alpha. That was true, you and wolf were two different personalities coexisting together. But she was more dominant than your human self.
“Please he’s an enemy… Brother will kill us…and what if Loki already has a mate…”
Don’t say that she whimpered. We want him…
“I said no…”
Please please please
“We are still so young…if we survive …we will find another alpha……” you huffed annoyedly lying back down but your head again filled up with the thoughts of him. You knew if your wolf get stubborn over something she won’t stop until she gets it. And the last thing you wanted was to get in heat because of that potion and make a mess. You got scared again, what if it goes out of your tolerance level. It’s been a long time that you actually been in a heat properly , thanks to your medicines. But now you’re practically fed with a heat enhancing potion. God it was better to die than to survive the heat alone.
Loki took a deep breath coming out of your room.
“You stupid idiot…” he murmured under his breath. I want her, his wolf just smirked inside him making him groan. He knew his wolf was so picky but choosing someone from an enemy pack was the last thing he wanted in a mate.
“So….she’s the one?” Thor’s voice startled Loki out of his thoughts. He looked at his brother in disbelief.
“ Have you lost your mind?” Loki said bit irritatedly walking away. But Thor followed him behind.
“ Then why did you save her?”
“She got attacked…” Loki immediately answered.
“You never saved anyone who has trespassed our boundaries…what happened this time Huh?” Thor asked but Loki didn’t answered.
“Look at you…breaking your own rules for a little omega…” Thor chuckled teasing him.
“Don’t get on my nerves…”
“Then admit it brother …”
“She’s not the one…” Loki said but his wolf just scoffed annoyedly at his human behaviour.
“Then kill he-“ before the words could fly from Thor’s mouth he was slammed against the nearby wall by Loki with a dagger to his throat. Thor just chuckled seeing this. It’s not even been half a day and his brother already got so protective towards you.
“I am happy for you…” Thor smiled before pushing Loki away from him.
“She’s an avenger…Roger’s sister…” Loki said barely above whisper looking away.
“And? That’s even better for this pack…you could dominate him now by using her…” Thor suggested. That really pulled a string in Loki’s head. Yes he could do that, and probably that would be the best punishment for you as he could not just kill you.
“When you have become this clever huh?” Loki just chuckled at Thor , before leaving.
“I wanna go home…Steve gonna kill me …” you groaned annoyedly after waking up from your 3rd nap. You were locked and there’s nothing else to do. You didn’t even know what was waiting for you so you hoped for the worst. Your body was still sore, little warmed up. But it was much better than it was few hours ago. There’s no mirrors in this room so that you could just examine your bruises but it wasn’t hurting that much, the temperature was rising and you could feel it inside.
“Please…I don’t wanna go in heat…” you said worriedly as your wolf was getting desperate inside you. Please no, not here…
The healer said it will just feel like a fever but it wasn’t feeling like a fever at all. The pre heat symptoms were getting prominent .
“No no no…” you shook you head in disbelief but before you could do anything you felt a cramp in your lower abdomen. Fuck. Your body was already weak and if you go on full heat you won’t survive anyway.
“ please….no…” you clutched you belly curling into a ball and growled loudly in pain. You whimpered and rubbed you face in the pillows. Everything was too hot, too painful.
“Fuck…” you yelled when another jolt of pain rushed over you. You would just faint for sure when you wolf senses got heightened suddenly .
“No…no ….not him…” you already knew this sweet smell. And when the door busted open that’s where you broke down in tears completely.
“YOU GAVE HER WHAT?” Loki yelled at the healer in disbelief. She gave you a heat enhancing potion!!
“It’s for…for fast he-healing…” she was crying already for seeing the Alpha’s rage.
“Alpha…Forgive me…I was…”
“LEAVE…LEAVE BEFORE I JUST SNAP YOUR HEAD OFF…” Loki growled loudly. She immediately left his chamber. Loki let out a frustrated scream. He needed to calm down, but how. He won’t let anyone else to touch you but he didn’t know how to help you either.
He ran out his room to the guest room. The moment he took the last turn of the corridor he heard your screaming immediately. God it’s too late now.
He paused for few moments placing his hands on the knob. Don’t go inside. She would be fine. But when he heard another loud whimper he pushed the door open. His head got little dizzy with you scent, filling the whole room.
“Y/N…??” Loki asked approaching towards you. But you scoot away further in the bed seeing him.
“Please no…stay away…please…” you said crying but your body started arching for him the moment you saw him. Loki stopped in his track looking at you, worriedly.
“Y/N…I won’t touch you…but you need to calm down…” he said softly.
“Please….leave…alpha…before it’s too late…” you mumbled in between crying. But your wolf was screaming the opposite of this. You knew if he stays here for few more minutes you’d just loose control. His scent wasn’t helping the situation at all. For the first time Loki was clueless. He wanted to help you but it was so wrong. But he couldn’t just leave you like this hurting either.
“Loki please… leave…I will be fine…” you whimpered as another pain jolt through your body. Loki started to back away. You didn’t wanted him to leave you. Every inch of your body was screaming for him. You didn’t know how long you could control it. He was looking at you so intensely as if he would not even hesitate for a second to mate with you.
No you didn’t wanted your first time like this, with an enemy. He turned suddenly and you immediately whimpered in pain . He would leave you alone, in heat. How cruel.
When Loki’s hand reached the door knob ready to get out of this room despite of everything a soft whisper from you destroyed every resistance inside him.
“ Alpha…please don’t leave me…” it was barely audible but he heard that.
“Fuck it…” he growled lowly turning back to you. Your eyes went wide. What did your wolf do!!
“…” You tried to stop yourself before Loki was on the bed pulling you in his arms roughly.
He grabbed you by your hair and you whimpered softly. It should hurt you but you got more aroused.
“I will just help you to get through this…and nothing else…DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?” He growled lowly. Eyes going darker by the time and you nodded softly, eyes still full of tears.
“Words Omega…”
“Yes please….just make it stop…” you practically begged him, before he crashed his lips with you in searing kiss. You didn’t wanted to enjoy this. He was just helping you to get out of your heat. That’s it. But when his hand held the back of your neck as he deepened the kiss, tongue exploring your mouth you couldn’t hold back the soft moans, savouring his taste. He tasted like wine. Your body melted in his arms. All your resistance dissolved just by a kiss.
“Alpha…” you whimpered softly when he pulled back looking at you so intensely. This was so wrong but felt so good.
“Have you ever mated before…?” Loki asked and you immediately shook your head no. His eyes went little soft hearing this. Regret was prominent on his face. No he didn’t want this, this way, but he had not much of a choice. You’re hurting.
“Please…please…Loki…” you pleaded him cupping his face before pressing your lips again with him. You just wanted this heat to end.
“Just make it stop…I will do …anything you say…please alpha…” you said between the kisses making him groan lowly. He was resisting all his alpha instincts to go in rut and just fuck you senseless.
He hands ripped the house coat apart before wrapping around your frame caging you. He laid you down on the bed. He pulled back little bit to look at you. So fucking beautiful. But there’s no time for adoring your beauty now.
You tried to reach for him but he took your hands pinning it above your head. A green shimmer surrounded your wrist with a soft silk rope.
“Not too tight?” He asked softly.
“It’s okay…” you mumbled.
“Keep them up for me yeah… you will listen to my every command…” he said cupping your jaw.
“Yes alpha…” you whined. Your body was literally arching in heat. With a flicker of his hands his clothes were gone. You practically let out a purr looking at him. If the circumstances were not like this he would just smile at your little desperate state, teasing you , savouring you like he always had wanted to do with his mate.
“God omega your dripping…” he growled lowly when his hands reach down between you thighs. You mewled bucking your hips in his hands for more frictions.
“Need you…it’s hurting…” you whined as his fingers start to tease you lazily. No no no Loki couldn’t enjoy this. He’s here just to help. But his wolf was so desperate, barely in his control.
“You sure omega…?” Loki asked one last time leaning down to give you soft kiss on your forehead. You just melted by this little gesture.
“Fuck me Alpha…” it barely came above a whisper as that’s all Loki needed was to snap. In one swift motion he was inside you. You yelped with the feeling of him stretching you, eyes getting teary again. You tugged hard on your resistance. He let out a low satisfied groan, his hold on your hips getting tight.
“ so fucking tight…” he growled softly looking down at you. Your eyes were closed tightly.
“You okay?” He asked worriedly.
“Move …please…” you moaned softly buckling your hips little bit. You yelped in pain again when he pulled out thrusting it back.
“Omega….you’re hurting…” Loki got all concerned. He should have taken his time .
“No…please….” You whimpered and this time Loki didn’t hold back. He just wanted it to be over already. You’re an enemy. He kept reminding himself but his alpha instincts were reacting completely different, savouring your feeling around him.
Your desperate moans filled in the room as the pain subsided with pleasure. You need to touch him. You wanted him to hold you close rather than just fuck you like this but you couldn’t utter any thing but to moan and pant. His pace escalated when he felt you’re not hurting anymore.
“Alpha…” you moaned, pulling on your resistance, you tried to lift your head up , so Loki leaned down capturing your lips in a hungry kiss. He growled as you bite at his button lip before smashing your lips again moaning in pleasure.
“Please…wanna touch you…” you whimpered softly, looking at him, wrapping your legs around his hips to pull him closer. But Loki shook his head no. There’s no way he’s going to let this sex get more sensual.
“God your so fucking needy and tight…clenching around me…” he groaned as he got up, one of his hand coming around your throat, chocking you slightly. You moaned loudly at this new feeling as his thrust got more rough .
You could feel the pressure building in your lower abdomen. Your hips started you buck up meeting his thrusts . He groaned pushing your hips down so that you stop squirming. You have become a moaning mess by now.
“You feel so fucking good ‘mega…” he groaned as you started to clenching around him.
“Loki…Loki please…” you chanting his name certainly did something to him.
“You gonna cum for me darling…??? that’s what you wanted right…you pathetic little whore…” he growled leaning down to your face. You just nodded whimpering in pleasure. It was too much.
“Look at you… couldn’t even cross 24 hours here and already going in heat seeing an alpha…” he chuckled darkly which turned you more on.
“Gawd can you feel it how deep I’m in…” he growled placing a hand on your stomach. You body arching in his touch.
“Please alpha….need…to cum…please…” you eyes getting teary again.
“Then do it… give it to me omega…” he growled pressing his lips on yours for hungry kiss muffling your scream when the pleasure just exploded inside you. You’re literally shaking under him as the orgasm hit you more intensely than you expected. His thrusts got bit slower but didn’t stop. He fucked you through your orgasm until you got numb under him. You felt your hand resistance was gone and you softly whimpered when his thrusts came to a halt. You needed more.
Loki was just laying there top of you looking at your pleased form. You wolf was in awe looking at her alpha. You knew it wasn’t a good idea but you’re just too overwhelmed with emotions now. You wanted his mark. This fucking wasn’t just enough, you wanted him to make love to you.
You lifted your hand cupping his face, softly caring his cheeks with your thumbs. Loki could not even pull away. He felt like he froze there with your tender touch. You're looking so beautiful for the afterglow of the sex. Then you smiled and a deep regret filled within Loki that what he had really done. A part him still was holding him back from just submitting to your desires. Owning you, cherishing you like you should be, not like what just happened.
You pulled him down and softly place a kiss on his lips. It was a tender kiss, Loki's eyes closed for few moment. He was still inside you. He's wolf was just screaming inside him for more.
"Mark me..." You barely whispered against his lips as Loki opened his eyes in disbelief. You smiled softly before turning your head to the side revealing your neck.
“No…” he shook his head getting up. You whined for the friction as he was still inside you.
“I can’t…omega…” he shook his head no. Your eyes just teared up again. He just rejected you.
“Please alpha….” You whimpered softly pleading him you got up little bit pulling him down in your arms ,hugging him close to you.
“ your just in heat ‘mega” he protested but didn’t move away.
"Please alpha...." You mewled. Never in your life you felt so desperate for any alpha. You know you're still in heat that's why its happening but your wolf already accepted him as your alpha the moment she saw him.
Your hips buckle up once again making him groan.
"Stop ..Y/N..." He hissed but he thrusted back. He wanted to stop but he just could not. You felt so good.
"Loki..." You moaned and it was the most sensual moan you could manage that time and you felt him twitch inside you. Your one hand tangled with in his hair and another one griped on his tricep. The thrust were slow but deep. Loki knew what you're trying to do but he just could not give you a mark at very first day, like this.
"Please Loki..." your constant pleading was making him anxious now.
"Stop it..." He groaned looking at you. Your eyes started glisten with tears again. You should stop it. He already told you before he’s just helping you so there’s no point. You didn't wanted him to stop but you wanted to test the boundaries so you pushed at his shoulder. Loki's face changed immediately, but he didn't stop his thrust.
"Leave..." You murmured looking away as you couldn't hold back the tears anymore. You heart was arching inside.
"Please... Dont make me regret this Loki.... Leave ..." You tried to push him away but this time he wrapped you in his arms caging your body securely, just like you wanted it, thrusting into you. You closed your eyes in full bliss, trying hard not to moan out in pleasure.
"Look at me Y/N...." He said placing a kiss on your cheek. It was getting out of his control. He didn't want you to hate him, most importantly regret this. Guilt filled inside him.
"Please omega... Just look at me..."
"You're right... I'm just a pathetic whore in heat... Barely had any control over my wolf..." You whimpered crying this time.
"No no no.... don’t cry…Don't say that... I didn’t mean it…" Loki cupped your face in one hand making you to look at him, kissing you softly. His eyes were soft, holding so much adoration.
"Loki please... Stop..." You whimpered again as your emotions were messing between pain and pleasure.
" Y/N..." It came out as moan this time.
"You should have left me to die..."
"I just could not..."
"Why... I'm just another pathetic who- fuck..." you didn't get to finish the rest as suddenly something snapped inside Loki. A low sinister growl followed by a rough thrust.
"You. Are. Mine..." Your eyes widened looking up at him.
“You don’t own me…” you growled seductively.
“Oh I do …” he smirked . He knew what game you’re playing.
“Then what’s stopping you…I thought you’re a keeper…” you mocked.
“You don’t even know omega …what are you getting yourself into…” he chuckled wickedly making you moan.
“ oh baby boy …you do talk too much…” you chuckled teasing him.
“ I’m not your baby boy… I’M. YOUR. ALPHA…” just there Loki lost every resistance he held back from going in rut. Your wolf purred in pure joy. Finally.
"Yes..." You moaned finally giving in again.
" If you want this... Darling there's no going back... " he growled nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck, inhaling your sweet scent, licking your sweet spot.
"Please alpha...need your mark…claim me…" You moaned pushing his head more in your neck and suddenly a sharp pain jolt inside you through your neck. His teeth sink on your soft flesh making you scream, withering in his arms but he held you down. His thrusts never stopped. And your second orgasm just crushed you over from no where.
"MINE..." He chuckled darkly before pulling away to admire his mark. You looked so beautiful, whimpering, squirming just for him, just for your Alpha. You looked so owned. The feeling was enough to Loki set over the edge. He got his mate.
"Loki..." you whined, it was high and very feminine moan. Loki groaned loudly as he came inside you, filling you. His mouth captured yours in lazy kiss before he finally pulled out and lying beside you. You happily snuggled up to his side, giggling softly.
“Alpha…” you purred nuzzling your face to his side making him laugh this time.
“Why I’m feeling like You always get what you want…” Loki mumbled after sometime looking down at you.
“I’m the youngest in the family…so I’m a spoiled one…” you mumbled nuzzling your face in his chest making him smile again. Oh he gonna spoil you more. His little omega.
“My spoiled little omega…” he mumbled pulling you in a soft kiss.
“So are we done for tonight…or we can…?” You smirked.
“Aren’t you a needy little thing…!!” he chuckled seeing your excitement.
“Only for my Alpha…” the last word came more of a seductive purr before Loki just flipped you over on top oh him.
Yeah it gonna be a long night for both of you….
A/N: I’m sorry if it’s bad but feel free to leave a feedback. 👉🏻👈🏻 have a nice day ♥️
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starshipsofstarlord · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Your teenage daughter brings her friends over for an sleepover and they thirst over her dad. Through the night the two of you have loud sex, resulting in an awkward breakfast
Pairing: Dad!tom hiddleston x mum!reader
Warnings: smut, daddy kink, p in v, unprotected sex, implied smut, spanking, sorry if your name is the one I used for the for your and Tom’s daughter, mentions of being sick, teenage crushes, swearing
Word count: 2847
Masterlist Link
Somewhere in London....
“So my dad’s not here right now, but my mum is in the kitchen. Guess I gotta tell her that you guys have arrived.” The two girls trailed after Juliet, as they had their bags slung over their shoulders, walking into said room, where your hands were drowned in the washing up, scrubbing at the plates that needed to be cleansed. “Mum.” The teenager groaned, to compel your attention onto her. She earned it rather quickly, when it came to your daughter, you were instantly compelled into devising your absolute devotion to tending to any of her needs, and it seemed this time she was instigating for you to do so, it made your lips stretch in a pleasant expression of endorsed motherly privilege.
“Julie.” You spun around, a smile upon your face, being met with not one pair of eyes, but six individual pinchers of sight, that sorely roamed you, nervousness being exploited by each. “Hiya girls, do you want to go and put your things away upstairs, dinner isn’t going to be ready for a while. We’re having lasagna, I hope that’s okay. None of you have any allergies or anything do you? I should have gotten Juliet to ask-“ It had been arranged that a week prior to Juliet’s 17th birthday, that she would be allowed to have some friends stay overnight in early celebration. The reason as to why it was moderately earlier to her official birth date, was because you and Tom had chosen to take her to Portugal.
She appeared to be pretty on board on the idea; even as a child she had loved to travel, often going around the globe with your husband, and visiting him upon set when all could be seen to be scheduled. It had always made her realise how small she was in the world, but it was not something that she minded. The beauty of nature extinguished a dull ache inside her, bringing a bubbly texture upon the surface, making her father adore her that much more. Tom was a man of play writes and poetry, and he was unfathomably swept away by Shakespeare’s magnificent flourish of works.
That’s where her name came from; Romeo and Juliet, though if her father had it his way, there would be no love interests to partake in the script of her life. He loved her very much and had an instinct as all parents should to protect his only daughter. Though that made you have doubts in his expectations of a calm latter for the night; teenage girls, at least back in your high school days, had a strong tendency to talk about boys their age, or whomever picked their tastes, whether they be celebrities or a cute barista who has served them.
“Mum.” Juliet groaned once more, cutting you off from your ramble of worries. “It’s fine.” She told you, cocking her head, hinting for her friends to follow her. You understood where she was coming from, most children were embarrassed by their parents, you had once been young, as long a time ago as that was. But you’d never choose to return back to that moment in your life, you had everything you wanted here, and it all lived under the roof that had your name written on the ownership contract.
“Thank you Mrs Hiddleston, and don’t worry it’s fine.” One of them spoke, as the other sent you a quiet smile. The two continued after your daughter, reaching the stairs and descending upon them. “You’re mum’s really pretty.” She added, fumbling with her fingers as she was unsure of what to say. Julia assumed it to be a polite gesture of verbal faith, and thus the blonde whom had inherited her father’s golden locks idly shrugged, breathing in steadily through her nose.
“She seems nice.” The other added, promptly nodding her head at the prospect of what she was saying. Juliet hummed, as she lead them into her room, them dropping their bags onto her floor, seeing the blank expression that bordered her face. To say that she was spoilt tested the balance in which she lived, however her parents never allowed her to go without. They wanted a good in between, where she appreciated the belongings that she had, and was grateful to those who had given them to her.
“She’s alright.” Shrugged your daughter, though she knew that you were more than nice. Whenever she had bad dreams, that she dared not share the fatal lack of slumber with anyone else considering her age, with fear of being judged, she would always confide in you. And you’d take her downstairs, and into the kitchen, where you would pour her a tall glass of milk and display chocolate chip cookies out for her crunch between her teeth. There was no one more grateful for her to have in her life, you had brought her into this world and continued to help her through it even as she neared adulthood.
The sound of the front door alerted you, this time you had the certainty to know of whom would be entering, since Juliet and her small entourage of friends had fled upstairs, and you felt a spark shoot up your spine. You turned back to your household duties, conforming your skills into revelling the stew in its cauldron like pot, as you awaited for him to traditionally come up behind you, his footsteps paving against the tiles on the ground, and wrap his comforting arms around your waist, as he rested his lightly bearded chin upon the plough of your shoulder. As expected, he did so, though you pretended as though you were unbothered by his presence, focusing at the task that you had belittled at hand.
“My husband is due home any moment now; I am sure that he would not be pleased to find me bunched up in your arms, as cushion like as they are.” To place a rile of emphasis upon your words, you squeezed his bicep, offering him a cheeky smile that flaunted your teeth. A guttural hum gravely escaped from your husband’s throat, as he pressed the front of his body closer to your back, putting a level of light pressure upon your middle.
“Well, I bet we’re going to have to be quick then, before he arrives.” Tom played along, his glasses balancing upon the bridge of his nose as his breath steamed warmly into your ear, though you laughed at his efforts to seductively sway you. “How long until Juliet gets home, wouldn’t want to scar the girls when they walk in.” Your fingers tended around the ladle that you stirred the edible mixture with, as you leant your head back, the crown of your skull pressing against his chest, against the lapel of his heart, as you looked directly into his eyes, swimming into the perceptive pools of creativity that stared back at you.
“She’s already home - with her friends.” You killed the mood, making a rumble of disappointment sternly escape his chest, as he loosened his effective circling around you, deciding to press his face into your neck. “And speaking of them, would you be a dear, my handsome lover, and tell them that dinner is ready?” Biting your lip, he was drawn into the swarm of obedience in his lungs, as he nodded, pressing supple pecks against your skin.
“Of course. I guess desert is just going to have to wait until later.” Tom pursued an inflictive pinch upon your bosom, extracting a surprised squeal from you, as he happily smirked, and walked backwards out of the room, vacating to the floor above, knocking on the door, a hollow ‘come in’ telling him that it was okay for him to do so. And thus he opened the door, being greeted with the sight of three young woman, one of which was his own offspring.
“Yes, can I help you dad?” Tom shook his head at Juliet, understanding that through their communication, she was trying to perceive an image of being cool and hip, as he thought the kids described it as, concerning himself with other matters than that. He gulped, noticing how he was being stared at expectedly, and that his daughter was awaiting an answer.
“Your mother said for you girls to come down to eat. I’ll let you girls take your time.” And with that, Tom exited, closing the door behind him and descending down through the family home. Juliet found herself receiving eager pats upon her arms and hands, her brows furrowed as she received their attention, finally growing tired of the contact.
“What?” The young Hiddleston sighed, exasperatedly wanting an explanation for their behaviours. Little was she to know, that the replies that she were to be met with, were ones that she’d prefer to not have heard.
“You’re dad is a total dilf!” The other hushed her, although absentmindedly agreeing, whilst Juliet escorted a grimace on her features, and fake barfed. She had heard the use of the term at school, it wondered around the halls like a forbidden ghost, but it was certainly something that she did not want to hear before she was to eat. There was no way she’d be able to digest anything but their description of her father for now.
“Gross.” Her nose scrunched up, wishing that she had never heard that description in association with her dad. “Let’s just eat before I throw up, at least then if I do the components that leave me will be somewhat solid.” She shook her head, wanting to rid their attraction to her parent from her brain. They were supposed to be speaking about boys and girls, not grown ass men that happened to be directly related to her! Of course many knew of who her father was, he was a worldwide famous actor, who had reprised the role as Loki once more to carry his own show. If they had a crush on her dad, she’d have preferred that they have kept it to themselves.
Sitting at the dining table was tense, she loved your cooking, but one thing that she did not condemn was her friends constantly asking questions to Tom, as well as ogling at him through their peepers. Juliet turned her gaze to see whether you had noticed, and she could tell you did. You were constantly pretending to wipe your mouth, but she knew that trick; you were laughing at their youth, slightly amused by how your husband would constantly look at you for reassurance. When all the supper was consumed, Juliet followed you to the kitchen where you had opted to wash the plates and cutlery whilst Tom was exhumed with a flurry of enquiries from the two guests.
“They called dad a dilf.” She muttered to you, watching as you quirked a brow, hardly surprised in the slightest. “Just... ew. Like they’re my friends, and they think my dad, the man who literally half created me, is hot.”
“I’m not sure I’m the best person to be having this conversation with J.” She stared at you, expecting a reprise of more knowledge to be shared with her, for she had not quite conquered the womanly wisdom that was transfused through your brain; she wanted to hot wire it, make it work without having to ask for the key. “I mean, I agree. Your dad is a total dilf, and don’t even get me started on that thing that he does when he u-“ Juliet held her hand up, silently begging you to stop going on about her father.
“Okay, I get it. Your like the worst person to talk about dad and people finding him attractive with.” It was a confirmation to herself, as she curtly nodded, before exiting the room, and gathering her friends before ascending to the privacy of her room. “What should we watch?” She asked them once they had got ready for bed, awaiting an answer from both.
“Thor.” They both agreed on, making Juliet sigh, however reluctantly she fell into the trap, setting up the movie on Disney plus, rolling her eyes as she heard the whispers from her friends when Loki finally appeared on screen. “He is literally a god.” They drooled, causing Juliet to gag.
“He is literally my dad.” Was her retort back, unimpressed with their assertiveness to put their opinions forward. “And-“ before she could structure her point, a sound louder than the movie interrupted her, and simultaneously scarred her.
“Daddy!” Your wail through the walls made her feel nauseous, whilst the other girls laughed at the sound, stifling their noises through the barrier of their hands. Juliet wasn’t so amused...
The bed frame squeaked as the head board lightly and repetitively hit the wall. “Harder daddy, please.” You breathed again his lips, as you attempted to buck up against him, as a means to force his cock to reach deeper within you. “Feel so fucking good.” Each of your hands clawed at his shoulders, lulling him to do as you asked, as he adjoined your lips, ripping a swallowed moan from you. “Yes, yes, yes!”
“You gonna cum for me sweetheart?” Tom asked from above you, huffing surprisedly as he found himself turned over, your positions switched as you were now the one on top. “Ride me then darling, make yourself cum and quiver around my cock.”
“I’d like to.” You teased him with a flirtatious wink, as you lightly leant back, giving him a great angle to view your breasts from, as you began to bounce atop of his hard shaft, making him groan out in pleasure from both the sight and the feel. “You’re so fucking big Tommy.” A sharp thwack registered on your behind, the pain emitting until it burned away into a pleasurable sensation, moving his hand back to repeat the action, to which he did.
“What’d you call me baby?” He asked, stilling your hips as whines slipped past your lips, urgent for some kind of friction to retrograde upon your most sensitive parts. Tom grasped your jaw in one of his large and soft hands, forcing you to maintain eye contact with him as you revelled your mind in thought for your mistake.
“Sorry daddy.” You poured through his grasp on you, almost making him pity you. “Just really like it when you spank me daddy, ‘s feels good.” To contribute what you were saying, another blow happened upon your backside, making you wince and keen altogether as you felt the blossoming heat erupt from under your skin.
“Now you’ve said that, I might have to spank you all night...”
8:17 am
Adjusting yourself upon the dining chair was painful, but not as painful as the flush to Juliet’s and her friends’ cheeks and down cast eyes that avoided you at all costs. Tom was cooking breakfast, attuning you to the presence of the minors for the moment. “So... what’d you girls watch last night.” When you had finished your session, you had realised that you could hear the telly through the wall, thus making you stumble upon the fact that they were certainly able to hear you vice versa on the other side.
“Thor.” Was mumbled by one of the guests, for some reason, the title of said movie making your cheeks flush, as you remembered how handsome he had looked in his first marvel appearance. He still looked as good, he had truly aged like a fine wine. You hated the fact that Juliet had chosen to quirk her brow at your divine intrigue, clearly seeing through your tender facade; you were trying to protect your dignity, which had vanished in her eyes when you asked her father to spank you.
“Good choice.” You nodded, swallowing down a mouthful of orange squash as you held in a whimper from the soreness of your ass.
“I’d say so.” Tom chipped in, placing a plate before you, as he pressed a kiss upon his cheek. “I’d say, that Loki is quite the strapping lad, he definitely knows how to rule.” He spoke whilst looking directly at you, making you subtly squirm.
If you had to be embarrassed for your deed, then they could be too. But Juliet had an inkling of a feeling that her friends had wanted to listen to her father have sex, watching as they had done nothing more than try and watch the first in a trilogy, so far at least. She had sunk her ear plugs into her canals, not wishing to here the crude spells that left your mouth, nor the noise of his hand rasping down upon your ass. There was nothing that she wouldn’t do to erase those sounds from her kind, however it rather seemed that her friends were more invested in the muffled audio rather than the storyline of the movie. It was understandable, they thought that her dad was a dilf, but that didn’t mean that it couldn’t make her feel sick to the bone.
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writersblog20 · a day ago
Tom Hiddleston x reader
Tumblr media
Not my gif, credits to the maker!
Summary: the reader has to deal with a bad outbreak from eczema. Keeping everything bottled up isn’t helping the case either, making her snap at Tom
Warnings: anxiety and the troubles of having to deal with eczema.
Words: 1,4K
If you are able, could you write an imagine for Tom where the reader has really bad eczema (I’m in the middle of a HORRIBLE outbreak for the past year and a half on both my hands and want some comfort) and it’s taking a toll on her mental health??? If not, that’s totally fine, but i just thought I’d ask.
Delicate hands
It didn’t start as bad as it was right now. The eczema has gotten worse by the week and it took a toll on your mental health. You became very self-conscious about it and embarrassed even though there was nothing to be embarrassed about, you couldn’t help it. You were scared that your boyfriend, Tom, wouldn’t like you anymore and you grew more and more silent.
Tom noticed that you’ve been more distant lately, he didn’t knew why and so know and then he tried to ask you but you kind of shut him out, not wanting to talk about it. He respected you so he waited for you to come to him when you were ready, on your own time.
You’ve been to the doctor because of the extreme outbreak, and it didn’t help that you were stressed. So the doctor prescribed some sort of ointment with gloves so your hands would absorb it well enough. Even though there wasn’t anything to be ashamed of, you still felt like that.
One day it was just enough. You’ve been avoiding the emotions for way to long and bottled everything up. Your hands were at their worst right now and even though the ointment was working for the pain and itch, it still didn’t look better.
“Darling, would you like to go for dinner tonight?” Tom asked you sweetly but you just snapped at him. “No Tom, I don’t. I don’t want to go out with this.” you held up your hands with your gloves, tears filling your eyes. You went upstairs and got to the bedroom, crying your eyes out. Everything came out at once.
Tom stood in the Livingroom surprised at your reaction. You’ve never been so stern or snapped at him. He paced around the room not knowing what to do at that point. He had a feeling that this was not about him but your hands, seen by your reaction prior.
He walked carefully up the stairs towards the bedroom. He slowly opened the door, seeing you with your face in the pillow, sobbing at this point. His heart broke for you. He never, like never minded your eczema. Not even one bit. He actually loved your hands. He found them so delicate and it hurts him, seeing you hate them so much.
He carefully sat on the bed and rubbed your back for comfort. “Darling, talk to me.” he spoke softly. You were scared that he was a little mad at your reaction but he wasn’t. You sniffled. “My hands, Tom. I hate them. I hate the eczema and I want it to stop, and I’m scared that one day you’re not going to like me anymore because of it.” you said through the sobs. He looked at you and gave you a sad smile. “Darling…. I adore your hands and so should you. there is nothing wrong with them.” He took your hands in his and gave kisses on the top of your hand.
“I understand that it’s very hard, I do. But I love you and your hands. I wouldn’t change it for the world. Only if I could take the pain away I would. I’m never going to leave you. I love you so much darling. I promise.” He gave you a soft reassuring smile.
You came out of your hiding spot to look at Tom. “I promise.” He repeated. He softly got away of your tears with his thumb. You carefully sat up, feeling very vulnerable right now. He pulled you in a hug with his head resting on yours.
“I'm so proud of you, and I love you very much.” He whispered. “I love you too Tom, and I'm sorry I snapped at you before. “It's okay now love, don't worry about it. But please don’t stop talking to me about these things, or anything for that matter. I'm here for you and bottling everything up isn't heathy for you. I live and care about you so much.” You squeezed his waist a little tighter.
“why don’t we order some fancy take out instead of going to dinner mhm?” you nodded. “That sounds good.” You smiled at him. “Why don’t you rest for a bit and I’ll call you when dinner is here?” he asked you and you agreed feeling completely drains. He gave you a loving kiss before walking downstairs.
You must have fallen asleep since Tom woke you up softly. “Dinner is ready, darling.” You nodded and got freshened up before walking downstairs.
Tom had sat the table ready, with candles, romantic music and dimmed light. He took you hand delicately and guided you to the table. You were in an awe. You looked at him in surprise “anything for the love of my life.” He told you with a wink, which made you feel flustered.
“Thank you, Tom, for doing this and making me feel loved.” He smiled at you. “that’s how it’s supposed to be. I would do anything for you darling.” You smiled shyly and looked down. He took you hand in yours and placed a kiss on your knuckles. “I love you" he told you while looking deep into your eyes so the message would come over. It made you feel shy but extremely loved and cared for at the same time. “I love you too Tom.” He smiled with contain.
The dinner was absolutely delicious and of course he ordered dessert as well. It was in fact your favorite.
After dinner Tom made you a nice warm bath. He got your hands in his and looked at you for permission. You softly nodded and he got the gloves off. You looked away a little uncomfortably, until you felt his warm lips against your hands. “You never have to hide for me love. I don’t want you to. I love you exactly the way you are.” He gave you a kiss on your lips helping you in the bathtub.
Tom took a seat on the toilet so he could read to you. You closed your eyes and started to relax to Tom's velvet voice. After the bath, Tom helped you get dried off.
He took your hand in his before you could get into your pajamas. He led you to the bed so he could give you a massage. “You have a lot of knots darling. Let me help you relax.” He told you while already massaging your shoulders.
He was soft and careful but yet firm. After 15 minutes he stopped. “I’ll do it again tomorrow but I don’t want it to hurt you, so I’ll stop for now.”
You turned around and placed your lips softly on his. He sighed in contain. You felt his tongue slip. The kiss was sensual and Tom put all his love into that kiss. After the kiss could go further, he placed his sweater over your head and got you a pair of sweatpants.
You both got downstairs. Tom got in the kitchen to make some tea while you looked for the ointment. After you both sat down on the couch you placed the ointment in your hands. “Here, let me darling.” He told you taking the gloves from you. He helped you putting them on and once again kissed your knuckles when he was done.
Tom put your favorite movie on and pulled you half on top of him so he could cuddle you. His fingers softly massaged your head giving you kisses so now and then. He was very affectionate at the moment because he knew you really needed it right now and he was definitely not complaining.
He rubbed circles on your back and you felt yourself slowly doze off. “let's go to bed love.” You nodded. Tom held your hand and walked upstairs.
Once comfortably in bed you clang to Tom while he cuddled you. You felt so loved and there was no doubt in your mind about him not wanting you anymore. Of course, it was hard and you would get more days like these but it was bearable with Tom by your side.
Tom waited for you to fall into a peaceful sleep before he allowed himself some shut eye, thinking what he could do as a surprise for you, so you could feel even more loved.
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jensensloser · 3 months ago
soft sleepy sex with tom hiddleston? 🥺 (and tony stark!!)
i need this, i love tom so much. yes, tom has a lot of dialogue and that’s just because i find it easier to write for him ! sidenote: i absolutely love the gif of tom 👀 as always, gifs not mine!!!
tom hiddleston
Tumblr media
sleepy sex with tom is probably one of his favorite things, especially when he’s been away filming for a while. he wakes up before you, waking you up by kissing all over your body sweetly, leaving lingering kisses on your neck. “hmm, good morning my love. did you sleep well princess?”
sometimes you wake up before him, and when you do he loves to be woken up by a blowjob. “oh, shit. good morning to you too princess. your mouth feels like heaven.”
the sex itself is always very soft and loving. tom’s got your legs on his shoulders as he’s slowly thrusting into you. “you always look so pretty under me like this. you’re taking me so well.” he leans down so he can kiss you, and you run your hands through his short curly hair.
when you both finish, tom doesn’t bother moving, he just holds him, his cock still inside you. “i love you y/n. can we just stay like this? i don’t have anything to do, i just wanna stay with you princess.” tom can go for a few rounds, even when sleepy. he just needs you to be close to him.
tony stark
Tumblr media
tony is insatiable, he just always has to be holding you and you touching you. sleepy sex developed from this habit. it’s become part of your nighttime routine. aside from when he’s on missions, you spend your nights slowly riding your older boyfriend.
tony’s spent many a late night in his lab having to be dragged up into your room so you can sleep. “tony, please come to bedd. i can’t sleep without you.” “i’ll be up in five minutes, angel. wanna stay with me until i’m done?”
whenever you manage to convince him to go to bed, he always holds you close, even holding you while he has you on top of him. “my beautiful angel, you look so good on top, make yourself cum on my cock.”
even sleepy sex with tony lasts two or three rounds, man has stamina. “didnt tire you out yet angel? that’s fine, jus’ cause i’m older than you doesn’t mean i can’t fuck you to sleep.”
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lokis-little-fawn · 9 days ago
Paring: Loki x fem!reader
Word count: 5.5K
Summary: this is my first ever fic! I’ve never really written anything before so I hope you all like it! Any feedback is appreciated and my requests are always open 💚 thank you to @handmaiden-of-mischief for inspiring me to actually write something 💚
Warnings: SMUT (ONLY READ IF YOU ARE 18+) semi public sex, fingering, oral sex (male and female receiving), BDSM (being tied up, spanking), unprotected sex
It had been four weeks since you first started living in the avengers complex in New York. So far you had spent most of your time learning people’s names, where things were and most importantly, how to work most of the technology human and alien alike.
Over the last few weeks everyone had accepted you into their little family fairly quickly. After learning that your powers mainly included the ability to talk to plants in a similar way a telepath can with people and control the way they grow, you were deemed safe enough for them to trust you easily.
One of the people that you had grown closest to was Natasha. For hours on end you’d talk about your lives before all of this and when she’d get sad from talking about her family, you’d grow her some lilies from the palm of your hand and give them to her as a present. She had also been helping to train you to fight. It wasn’t that you were defenceless, you could grow any kind of poison you could ever dream of at a moments notice. But with this being said you had never seen the need to involve yourself in any kind of physical violence.
You had both spend a lot of time in the gym over the last few weeks and she had finally given you a few days off.
As you were one of the newer recruits you had been given a room on a slightly further down the hall from the rest of the team. The only other person further down from you was Loki. You had only seen him a handful of times over the last few weeks, but every time you had a deep seated feeling that he wanted nothing to do with you.
Since you moved in next door it seemed that he had spent every moment trying to stay as far away from you as possible. All you really knew about him was that he had been deemed fairly untrustworthy and that he loved to read. He seemed completely different from his brother Thor who had been nothing but kind to you since the moment you both first met.
Every time you wanted to find a new book you would visit the library down a few floors and every time you went in, you’d see Loki. Sometimes even when you had plenty of books to read you would go there just to see Loki. Sometimes it took him a while to see you, but every time he felt your presence in the same room as him, he’d immediately leave.
After choosing a book, usually on some kinds of green or earth magic, you’d retreat to your room and secretly grow him some thornless green roses. At this point your room was covered with them, it had almost gotten to the point that you would have been embarrassed if anyone had come into your room and seen them. Luckily whenever anyone had come to visit you had managed to change their colours just in time so that no one noticed the striking resemblance to Loki’s signature colour.
You weren’t exactly sure why you kept growing them, there was a unexplained fondness you felt for him. You had heard the stories about how he was adopted and had always felt like the outcast of his new family. You had lived in the woodland alone for as long as you could remember, the only memory you had of your parents scared you, so during the course of your young life you had created your own family of fauna and flora to keep you company. Maybe it was this that drew you to him.
Tonight you and Natasha had planned a movie night in the main lounge of the complex. You had both made sure that everyone living there knew what was happening and what time to be there, also to bring their best snacks.
The film you had decided on was a vintage horror, The Shining. You had read the book before and loved it but you had never seen the film.
When the time came for the film to go on you heard Natasha’s familiar voice calling you from down the hall way as you popped some popcorn in the microwave.
‘Come on Y/N! It’s about to start!’
‘I’m coming! I’ll be there in just a second’ you shouted back quickly pouring the popcorn into a bowl for everyone to share.
As you walked into the room everyone had already taken their seats. Clint and Natasha had sat together on one corner, Tony and pepper were sitting next to them. On the other side of Tony sat Bruce, and next to him was Thor. One face you never thought you would see tonight was Loki. He had sat right next to Thor on the long sofa drinking some kind of Asgardian wine. The only seat left on the couch was next to him.
As you walked over you felt your heart softly beating, it was at this moment you started to regret your outfit choice. As you assumed the only people that would be there were people who had previously seen you in your comfy pyjamas you went with your ‘little shop of horrors’ top and matching green and red shorts.
You placed the popcorn onto the table In front of you and took your seat next to Loki. You looked at him and his eyes stayed fixed on the tv screen in mid conversation with Thor.
‘Hey reindeer games, do you mind’ you hear stark sneer from the other end of the couch.
Thor and Loki’s conversation trailed off as the films opening music starts playing. It’s only then that Loki for the first time looks in your general direction without immediately vanishing without a trace. As he looks you up and down sitting next to him you feel a hand lightly touch your knee.
‘You know, if you wanted my attention that much you could have just spoken to me’ he says in a predatory tone.
‘Wha-what do you mean?’ You stutter, your voice barely over a whisper.
‘Your almost wearing my colours’ he says sounding almost amused.
‘I uh, I um..’ your sentence trailing off.
‘I’m just joking, I’m Loki by the way’ he says now offering you the hand that he previously held gently to your knee.
‘It’s my honour to finally meet you, Lady Y/N’. You reach out and softly take his hand. His voice is smooth and deep and you could have easily imagined yourself melting against his words. After breaking the hand shake you go back to watching the film.
During the course of the movie you can feel yourself grow colder and you bring your knees nearer to your body to keep warm. A couple of seconds later you feel a soft, light weight blanket fall over your legs. It was made of an incredibly soft, dark emerald green silk. Loki’s eyes never shifted from the tv screen.
After another hour you heard Clint’s voice a few feet away ‘we’re all out of popcorn’.
‘Pass me the bowl, I’m on the end I’ll run and make some more’ you say as the bowl is passed down the row to you.
You stand up and gently place the blanket onto your seat as you walk into the dimly lit kitchen.
As you make your way into the kitchen and look into the same draw as earlier, not seeing the same packaging as you did before, you bend down to look into the draw below.
As you do you feel two hard, cold hands wrap around your hips. You immediately snap up standing with your back against the unexpected visitor.
‘I’ve seen you watching me’ you hear the dark familiar voice say ‘and I’ve been watching you’ he growls as you feel him lean down to kiss down the side of your neck as he holds you against him.
The only light shining in the room is from the clocks on the kitchen appliances, you can see the reflection of the taller, dark haired man kissing you in the reflection of the floor to ceiling windows.
He quickly spins you around to face him and pushes you against the cold white marble counter top. You gasp at the coldness as his hand reaches up to softly cover your mouth.
‘Don’t make a sound, we wouldn’t want to give the game away now would we’ his green blue eyes feeling like they are bearing into your soul.
Before you can utter a syllable his lips are on yours and you’ve wrapped your hands around Loki’s neck, intertwining your fingers into the long black hair at the base of his neck. You feel him reach up and grab your hair that you had previously tied into a pony tail just before the start of the film, wrapping it around his fist.
‘Now now little one, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, when did I say that you were allowed to touch me. Are you going to be a good girl for your god?’
You nod silently as you see a mischievous smile spread across Loki’s soft lips.
‘Good little pet. Now, where were we’ he growls as he lets go of your hair and lifts you up onto the cold marble surface and begins to palm your clit through your night shorts.
You can feel your wetness forming already, you could feel it growing the second you felt his presence in the darkness of the kitchen. He harshly pulls against the straps of your top and tears them down. His mouth travels down your neck to your breasts leaving a trail of purple bite marks as he goes. When he finally reaches your right breast he pulls your nipple into his mouth, nipping at the sensitive skin. He travels over to your other breast and repeats the same movement. Once he had finished, he kisses his way back up to your mouth, kissing you deeply as you moan softly into his kiss. With a snap of his fingers you feel the coldness of the room creep over your skin. He pulls away from the kiss and slowly scans your naked body up and down. His eyes that earlier were so light are now blown almost black with lust. It’s only in that moment that you realise that you are now completely naked, in the kitchen with everyone else in the room right next to you. You can still just about make out the back of everyone’s heads and the the tv through the open door way.
‘Loki, we can’t. Wha-what if someone hears us, or worse sees us!’ You whisper in a breathy tone.
‘Then you best stay quiet little one, we wouldn’t want the innocent little witch getting caught in such a compromising position. Not when I was just starting to like you’ he snarls as he kisses down your chest all the way to your thighs.
Placing one hand on the small of your back he pulls you closer to the edge of the counter top. He begins kissing further up your thigh, sucking and biting as he works his way up. When he finally reaches your heat he places his other hand on the inside of your thigh and lightly squeezes. He trails wet kisses over your clit before his tongue begins to rub circles over your sensitive nub.
You lean back on the counter to give him better access to your soaking heat. Looking down you can make out the dark curls of Loki’s black hair, you see the way his hand is leaving it’s mark on the inside of your thigh as he moves it up to thrust one of his long dexterous fingers inside you. As a light moan tries to escape you reach to cover your mouth with your hand, realising that Loki has somehow magically bound your hands to the counter top either side of you.
You bite your lip to try and stifle your moans that grow louder and more urgent with every curl of his talented fingers.
‘Loki’ you moan, ‘please don’t stop’ you exhale as you feel his dark laugh against your heat.
‘My my, look at my needy little girl, so desperate for your gods attention. if you can’t keep quiet, I guess I’ll have to silence you’. As he says this he pulls you off the counter and pushes you down to your knees with your back pushed straight against the cabinets behind you.
You reach up with your newly freed hands and place them softly onto his leather clad thighs. As your eyes meet his crotch you dart your eyes to look up to asses his expression. He is steering down at you with a smirk on his face, he gives you a slight nod as he reaches down to undo the fastenings of his trousers. Your eyes dart back to his crotch as his length springs free from its constraints. Lightly pawing it with your hands you pull him closer to your mouth and gently lick the tip, Loki’s head falls back and his jet black curls fall down his shoulder. His mouth drops open as he lets out a deep breathy moan, you begin to move your hands up and down his length bringing him further into your mouth. Forcing himself as deep as he can push into your throat he swats your hands away and you feel strong silk ribbon bind your wrists behind your back. His hands move to hold your head in place, once again wrapping your pony tail around his hand to ensure that you can’t escape. Your head lightly taps the cabinet behind you as he thrusts into your mouth. Loki looks down at you seeing your saliva running down your chin as he softly strokes your face.
‘Such a good little pet, would you like a reward? Would you like to feel your gods cock inside your tight little hole?’ You nod slightly, watering eyes full of lust peering up at him.
He pulls out of your mouth and pulls you up to face him, kissing you and wiping the residue from your mouth and chin.
His eyes surveying your face looking at you with what to the naked eye, could almost been mistaken for fondness. With one last deep kiss he turns you around so that you are bent naked over the cold marble countertop. You immediately feel your nipples harden against the freezing surface as his hand glides over your hardened nub and squeezes harshly. Letting out a light gasp you feel his other hand silently but harshly spank your ass and then firmly spread you apart. You feel him guide his length over your soaking clit before thrusting brutally into you. Another louder moan frees itself from your mouth, instantly Loki’s strong hand is over your mouth covering you so that the others in the opposing room don’t become suspicious of how willingly you submit yourself to Loki. He slips one of his fingers into your mouth, you immediately begin to softly suck on his finger drawing it further into your mouth as you taste yourself on him.
Giving you a few seconds to adjust to his truthfully monstrous size, he begins to thrust into you. Softly at first so that you don’t scream out his name for everyone to hear in a blissful mixture of pleasure and pain. As his thrusts become more urgent you can feel his grip on your ass become stronger. Digging his nails into your sensitive skin you moan out his name as his hand that was covering your mouth slips to wrap around your throat to pull you up against his chest. His other hand readjusts from your ass to begin circling your clit.
‘I’m close my love, and I can feel that you are too, will you be a good girl and cum for your God?’
As you go to speak your words come out silent as his hand tightens it’s grip on your throat.
Just as your about to loose yourself to Loki’s assault on your throbbing bud you hear a voice shout from the other room.
‘Hey Y/N, what’s taking so long?’ Shouts Clint ‘your missing all the best parts!’.
‘Yeah one second! I’m just.. coming..’ you shout back trying to sound as unfucked as possible. As soon as the words escape your mouth your climax washes over you, your heat fluttering around Loki’s length as he empties himself into you.
As both of you heave for breath in the darkened room Loki places a gentle kiss on your neck and holds you close to him. Slowly slipping out of you he kisses you deeply and holds your face in his hand.
‘We’ll continue this later little one, run along, you wouldn’t want to miss anything now would you’ he says with a light chuckle behind his words. You lean up to kiss him and with another click of his fingers your pyjamas are back on, your hair is smoothed out and the previously empty bowl is filled with fresh popcorn.
With a huge smile across your face you leave Loki in the kitchen and walk back into the living room to rejoin the others. As you walk back in, popcorn in hand, you see Loki already sitting on the couch as if he never even moved. With a mischievous grin he turns to see your confused expression.
As you turn your head to look back into the kitchen you see Loki still standing in there leaning against the counter. From the corner of your eye you see the Loki on the couch lift his hand and with one small motion the Loki in the kitchen vanishes with a glow of green light. In that moment you realise that the Loki you had just had sex with was an illusion the entire time. A sudden rush of embarrassment and excitement washes over you as you will your legs to continue moving to sit down on the couch next to the original Loki.
Placing the bowl of popcorn onto the table in front of you once more you crawl back under the silk green blanket once more. Lifting a corner of it to cover the smile and the crimson flush of embarrassment cascading over your cheeks you feel Loki’s hand slide under the blanket. His hand rests in yours under the blanket as he apprehensively looks into your eyes. His fingers intertwining with yours.
For the rest of the film you sit in silence. Steeling glances from Loki when you can and hoping that the rest of the team don’t notice your distraction from the film.
‘Well thankfully that’s over’ says Stark from the middle of the couch. ‘Don’t we have enough monsters to fight here already. With reindeer games sitting over there anything could happen’ he taunts in Loki’s direction.
‘Don’t worry Stark, if I wanted to kill you I would have already done it by now’ Loki jeers back. Luckily with everyone so sleepy after watching the film and eating so much no one is really looking for an argument.
‘And with that, night everyone!’ Nat says from the other end of the couch, swiftly getting up and walking into her room. After she leaves everyone else slowly peels off themselves and returns to their own quarters.
You walk back to your room with Loki following closely behind when Thor’s voice slices through the deafening silence of your footsteps making their way down the hall.
‘Brother! Going to bed so soon? We still have a whole barrel of wine to finish!’.
‘Ah, yes. Well goodnight lady Y/N, I’m sure we’ll see each other soon.’ Loki says before turning on his heel and following his brother back into the living room.
As soon as you’ve watched Loki walk back into the living room you rush into your room closing the door behind you. You do a little giggle and jump onto your bed quickly thrashing your arms and legs around in excitement. Loosing yourself in the feeling of your heart growing fuller by the second, you feel flowers growing where you have placed your hands on your bed. Looking down more emerald green roses sit in full bloom all around you. Lifting them from the bed you clean up and place them onto your desk that sits under the window so that they can grow peacefully in the light when the sun rises.
After recovering from your initial excitement slightly you walk into your bathroom. There’s a free standing bath to one side and a waterfall shower to the other. After all of the evening’s entertainment you decide on having a quick shower and climbing into bed. You undo your hair from your pony tail and take off your little shop of horrors pyjamas.
Stepping into the shower under the warm flowing water you turn the heat up as high as it can go. You’ve always loved showers and the warmth they bring as usually your hands and feet are freezing. Washing your hair and body quickly, the warmth helps to soothe the dull ache from between your thighs and the rest of your sensitive muscles. As you step out and grab a towel you wrap one around your hair to dry it and another around your body. You sleepily wash your face and brush your teeth before finding a new, clean set of slightly less embarrassing night clothes. You pull a baggy pink shirt with blue hydrangeas on it over your head and crawl into bed.
Just as you’ve turned the lights off and shut your eyes you hear a light knock on the door. Before you can get out of bed to answer the visitor has already opened the door slightly.
‘Lady Y/N, may I come in?’ You hear Loki’s voice say softly as you flick on the lamp beside your bed.
‘Yeah, hi Loki, come in’ you sit up straight in bed, trying to make it seem as if you weren’t already half asleep.
He walks over to the bed and sits just in front of you, he places his hand on yours and lifts it to place a gentle kiss on the back of your hand.
‘I apologise if I did anything to offend earlier, I thought you’d prefer if people didn’t see us together so soon. So I sent a copy of myself’ he trails off looking worried that he’s said or done something wrong.
‘It’s okay, I mean, the whole thing was kind of unexpected. I thought you hated me, you’ve been avoiding me since the second I arrived here’.
A small smile moves it’s way onto his face ‘I’m sorry if it seemed that way. Truthfully after being here for a few months I tend to distance myself from most of the team. They don’t trust me after, well, everything.’ He stills for a second before continuing.
‘But I never wanted to distance myself from you. I thought you were exquisite the first time I laid eyes on you, but after all the stories I’m sure you’ve heard of me I assumed you would want nothing to do with me.’ He looks down at your hand gently placed in his.
‘But Asgardian wine is strong so I drank the last of my supply and used my inebriated sense of confidence to approach you’.
As his words trailed off you felt a rush of confidence wash over you, lifting yourself onto your knees you climb into Loki’s lap and pull his face to yours, wrapping your arms around his neck.
You place a deep, urgent kiss onto his lips as he wraps his strong arms around you pulling you closer to him. After exchanging more passionate kisses you pull back to look into his eyes, looking at each other, it feels as if it’s the first time anyone has ever truly looked at another person so fondly before.
Placing one more soft kiss onto his lips you slide yourself off his lap to stand in front of him. Still maintaining eye contact you decide to use the last or your adrenaline rush to take control slightly, in your mind making up for earlier where you felt completely at his mercy. As you stand in front of him you lift your shirt over your head, leaving you once again exposed to the gods eyes. Unlike earlier where he looked at you with pure lust, now he seems to look at you with nothing but tenderness and longing. Longing to worship you and to devote himself to you.
Reaching forward you take him by his collar and guide your hands down to undo the leather buckles that hold his clothing in place.
‘How do you ever get out of all of this? Or are you just forever trapped in leather’ you giggle out.
‘On Asgard we have servants for these things, but here on Midgard I just use magic’ Loki smiles.
‘Well, hopefully I can be the first person to successful get all of this off on Midgard, as you call it’ you say as you use all of your strength to pull off the ties, both of you giggling as you do.
Finally after a few attempts his shirt comes off. For the first time your seeing more of him, you study his chest as you run your hands over his newly exposed shoulders. Noticing the scars on his abdomen, you assume from his many fights and battles, you softly kiss one of them, before moving back to his lips and pressing a soft kiss onto him.
Loki slowly stands, lifting you up by the back of your thighs, he wraps his large arms around you and kisses you delicately as he walks you over to the other side of the bed and lays you down.
Climbing on top of you he moves your hair from your shoulder to form a halo around your face on the pillow underneath you. He kisses down your neck attentively and softly palms your breast. You place your hands back onto his shoulders and pull his face up to meet yours, kissing you lightly as you both begin to breath heavily.
Removing your hands from his neck your hands clumsily wander down to undo his trousers, happily those were much easier to undo than the rest of his armour.
As soon as you’ve undone them you work to shuffle them down until he is completely unveiled before you. Taking advantage of this moment of vulnerability you lightly push his shoulder causing him to flip over to lay on his back. You move to straddle over him and kiss down his neck, taking your time to admire his striking form. You can feel him breathing heavily underneath you, his chest rising and falling with every kiss you place on his ivory skin. Moving your way back up to his mouth you kiss him intensely, setting heavy, breathy moans into every kiss.
After a long while, he breaks the kiss.
‘I want to taste you, let me worship at your throne’. The second he finishes his sentence he pushes your legs further up his chest and then over his shoulders so that you are sitting inches away from his face. Lowering yourself down to his mouth he promptly lays his tongue flat against your heat and places some soft kitten licks against you, drinking you in. During this you realise that he must also be tasting himself from earlier, he doesn’t seem to mind, if anything the taste of both of you together seems to be spurring him on.
After a few initial licks he begins to suck and circle your clit. Your hands reaching down to stroke through his soft hair below you as you gently grind against his tongue. Your head falls back, your hair falling over your shoulders, letting out loud seductive moans as your mouth falls open. Your grinding becomes more urgent and wanting as you drive yourself towards climax. Feeling your legs begin to shake Loki holds you closer to him quickening his pace on your clit. With one last euphoric moan you cum on Loki’s tongue, holding his hair in fistfuls in your hands. He continues to lick some slow, intense stripes along your folds tasting you one last time before you lift yourself from him. As you lay beside to him and wrap your legs around his waist you kiss him feverishly tasting yourself on his tongue.
He quickly rolls you over so that your once again on your back looking up at him.
‘Is this okay little pet?’ Loki sighs as he rocks himself against your wetness.
‘Yes my king’ you breath out, as he tenderly pushes himself into you. Unlike earlier he was softer, kinder and more loving. The Loki you had met earlier in the kitchen was desperate for you in that moment, almost forceful. This Loki was nothing but attentive and warm, making sure that every movement was engineered for your pleasure.
He slowly pushes into you, scanning your face as you tuck some of his hair behind his ear so that you can better see his face.
Gradually picking up his pace he lifts one of your legs so that it rests over his shoulder. Kissing you deeply you feel him filling every inch of you. Your moans grow louder and more urgent in this new position as he hits your g-spot over and over. You feel your eyes roll back in your head as you arch your back, sinking further onto his cock.
You could tell that he was getting close to cumming again, like earlier his thrusts were becoming more sloppy and irregular.
‘Do you think that you can cum one last time for me darling?’ He breaths while stroking your face.
‘I’d love to’ you moan as he reaches down with his hand and runs circles over your sensitive nub. After a short time you feel your body stiffen under the pressure of another orgasm washing over you and you feel your velvet walls grip around his length. A few urgent thrusts later you feel him empty himself into you with a deep, almost growl like moan.
You lie against each other catching your breaths for a few seconds in complete blissful silence. He places a tender kiss on your soft lips and climbs off you, as he does you feel his warm liquid run against the clean white sheets. He lies next to you and pulls the sheets over to cover you both. Pulling you closer to each other he places a soft kiss on your nose as you sit in the peaceful silence just looking at each other.
‘Um.. thank you?’ You giggle out.
‘Why are you saying thank you my love?’ Loki says with a low chuckle in his voice.
‘I don’t know, I don’t know what to say. I mean.. When I pictured this, I um’ your words trail off as you realise what you have just admitted.
‘When you pictured, this?’ Loki snickers ‘are you trying to tell me something little witch? I mean, I had seen you watching me but I had no idea you had been picturing this’.
He laughed as you reach to cover your face with your hand.
‘No! Yes!.. shut up Loki’ you laugh. He pulls your hand away from your face and places a gentle kiss upon it. Bringing his face closer to yours once more and kissing you lovingly.
‘Also darling, are we going to talk about all of this’ Loki gestures to your room.
‘All of what?’ You look up and realise that in your tiredness you had forgotten to change the colours of the hundreds of green roses when Loki came into the room. Another flush of red embarrassment covers your face.
‘I could speculate that it is merely a coincidence that all of your flowers match my colours exactly, but after your recent admission, I’m assuming that it’s not a coincidence at all’ he smirked.
‘I’ve been meaning to give you this’ you say with a soft smile as you open your palm and grow him a green thornless rose and pass it to him as a show of your affection.
‘I love it, thank you darling’ he says as he magics a emerald green vase filled with water onto your night stand, kisses the rose and places it in the water.
As the night grew darker you spoke for hours before finally falling asleep in each others arms. Occasionally during the night you would wake up with his arms around you, shuffling in your sleepy state to make sure that it was real.
When you awakened in the morning you reached out for Loki but you couldn’t find him. Opening your eyes fully you see a note on the pillow next to you, it reads
‘My love, I am sorry for not being here to see you awaken. I was called away on urgent business. I will see you this evening and I am planning on taking you somewhere special. In the mean time I hope you enjoy the gifts I have left for you. Your doting god, Loki’.
As you sit up and look around the room you see hundreds of gold and red roses spread across the floor. Bringing your knees up to your chest a smile spreads across your face so wide that you swear it may break your cheeks. You reread the note about a hundred times before curling up, imagining what the rest of your time with Loki may hold, your god, your love.
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zemosimp05 · 3 months ago
What about Loki being clingy and reader is happy because he started opening up
Marry me
Loki x Y/N | Pure Fluff (T-T)
An: Again I changed the prompt lil bit but reblogs/feedback/likes are greatly appreciated & highly encouraged!
Tumblr media
“Daaarrrrliiiiinggggg…..” you yelped when a heavy figure literally crashed over your body on the couch disrupting your peaceful reading session.
“Ow ow ow….Lokiii….god you’re heavy….” You yelled trying to push him away but he snuggled you more tightly in his arms. You looked up before you to Thor who was standing there with a sorry face.
“Y/N….” Loki giggled softly nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck, hugging you, nibbling your neck.
“Is he drunk?” You asked bit worriedly to Thor.
“Sorry …” He nodded at you before leaving the room.
“I missed youuuu….my looooveee…”Loki’s voice was slurring making you chuckled this time. It’s been a while you have witnessed him this drunk.
“Loki…You saw me few hours ago…” you chuckled softly, stroking his hair and he hummed in response resting his head on your chest. He was heavy so you tried to push him aside little bit to adjust your position but he huffed annoyedly.
“NO…cuddle me…” he mumbled. You smiled looking down at him. Usually you’re the clingy one always sticking with him like a Koala. But seeing him like this was rare.
“My head hurts…”
“Why did you drink so much?” You asked.
“I was sad…” he mumbled.
“Aww… why…?”
“See… we are together for a long time right?” He asked lifting his head up to look at you. You nodded in response.
“And I never really did anything nice for you…” he confessed sadly making you confuse.
“Loki wha-”
“Shhh…don’t interrupt your god…” he said placing a finger on your lips.
“You love me right?” He asked.
“Ahh…I said don’t interrupt me…” he said glaring at you and you rolled your eyes.
“So…I feel so bad that I never even asked you to marry me…” he said thinking. Your eyes widened, a amused smile plastered on your lips.
“Loki…you ” but he placed his hands on your mouth.
“Shh…you talk way too much…As I was saying…I know I’m gonna be an awful husband…” he said laying back over you again.
“Umm hmm…” you hummed in approval, playing with his hair.
“You know I’m so bad around kids…” he scoffed.
“That you are…” you said again stroking his hair.
“Don’t interrupt me Y/N… I know I will just annoy and tease you all the time…cause problems…”
“You do that…”
“Sorry… please continue…”
“I will get unnecessarily jealous and possessive over youuuuu…” he lifted his head up again looking at you. You’re grinning at him cheekily. He was looking so cute like this, cheeks bit flustered, voice slurring little bit.
“Don’t smile…I’m trying to be serious here…” he said bit angrily and you immediately make a serious face trying hard not to laugh.
“ I will probably forget our anniversaries even…buuuut…..” he slurred.
“Buuuut?” You asked smiling again.
“Will you still Marry me Y/N?” He asked finally with so much hope. That’s when you chuckled at him. God how much you love this idiot.
“Y/N…I’m not joking….I might be little full..little bit..” he said emphasising with his finger little bit and you nodded.
“But I genuinely love you…” he said.
“I love you too…” you giggled placing a soft kiss on his lips.
“So will you marry me?”
“But I’m married already…sorry…” you chuckled showing him your wedding ring. Loki got up in disbelief.
“How can you do this to me…” he mumbled softly not believing your words, then looking at the ring.
“Omg Loki…I am married to you…” you laughed at your husband’s drunken state. You’re so happy inside as he proposed you again.
“We…we are…married already…?” He asked astonished.
“Yes next month gonna be our one year anniversary…” you smiled at him.
“ Omg I’m an awful husband …” he yelled this time hiding his face in his hands in embarrassment. How could he forget about marrying you, the love of his life.
“Aww…come here…” you giggled pulling him again in your arms , cuddling him as close as possible.
Here’s the Zemo version 🤗
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yobekind · 3 months ago
Loki: The recipe says to beat three eggs.
Sylvie: At what? Hand-to-hand combat?!
Loki: Must be. Mobius banned swords in the kitchen, remember?
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thewritingdoll · 4 months ago
[ ᴍɪɴɪ ᴍᴜsɪɴɢs ] truth tea ❛ loki laufeyson
anonymous said: How do u think Loki and his son would react to someone flirting with the reader
fandom marvel
featuring king of asgard!loki x wife!reader & their son, henrik
rating sfw
content warning a little bit of magical violence but it’s mild
summary your son is fed up with midgardians staring at you
word count 1690
attention not proofread! do not translate or repost my work anywhere ever. please reblog and leave feedback if you enjoy, muah 💋
happily ever after masterlist coming soon !
Tumblr media
“Mum, he’s doing it again.” Henrik huffs, leaning his little figure over the expanse of the table to glare at your server. “Why does he stare at you like that?”
raising a brow, you reach down with one hand to brush his stygian curtains back over his shoulder before they drape across the table and dip into your teacup with a soft shush. “He’s not staring at me.”
“He is so!” Henrik protests, staring up at you as if incredulous that you can’t see the mortal’s eyes are glued to you. “He is looking at you the way that Da’ looks at you, but for a really long time. Every time we come to Midgard this happens, someone stares at you like this! why do they stare?! -“
your son’s excitement peaking, he’s all but standing on the padded booth seat the two of you share, but with a snap of your fingers, his butt is planted firmly back on to it. “Bottom on the seat, Henrik.” you remind him of his manners in a soft, yet stern, tone with a fond smile and a shake of your head. your palm careens to press flush against his nape and guide his head towards you, and you leave a chaste peck against the crown of it, his silken onyx tresses hardly disturbed by the action.
he huffs, with a childish pout pushing his lips forward. “Da’ says it’s because they don’t have women as beautiful as you on Midgard.”
blinking, you roll your eyes with a breathy chortle. “Of course your father said that. Henrik, your father is quite biased because of this, little thing-“ your hand flees from his head to tap upon the wedding band on your finger.
“Perhaps so,” it is Loki’s voice that chimes in, low and velvety beside your ear, “however, that doesn’t change the fact that I am right.” his couplet showers your heated cheek in a handful of pecks before his hand encases yours, and he slides into the seat on the opposing side of the table, interlacing your fingers with his atop the surface. he then turns to Henrik, oceanic gems glistening with genuine adoration. “Your mother is the most beautiful woman in Midgard, in Asgard, in any of the realms, and beyond. I could travel the galaxy until the end of time and still not find a fairer creature.”
swallowing a flattered hum, your empty hand soon busies itself by grasping the fragile handle of your teacup and bringing the rim to your lips. “Do not teach our son how to speak like you,” you warn with a sly smile after a moment’s hesitation. “We will be grandparents soon enough already.”
Loki returns your Cheshire grin, couplet coruscating.
Henrik, thankfully, didn’t hear you as he wasn’t listening. his attention hyper focused on the server with the staring issue, the small Asgardian prince bares his teeth as lapdog would, one that guards their owner with a ferocity unmatched and unexpected in such a teensy frame. “Da’!” he exclaims with venom on his tongue. “This man has been staring at mum since we arrived! He won’t stop!”
as if such a thing was a capital offense, Loki’s seafoam eyes appear to darken, obsidian brows knitting together as he leans over the table to inch closer to his son. “Which one is the culprit, eh?” he urges his son, the spitting image of himself, to out the offender. “Point him out to me.”
your son is equally as bitter as his little hand comes up, forefinger thrust in the direction of the waiter gathering empty dishes from a nearby table. “That one over there! The one with the face like a ferret-“
“Henrik Lokisson!” you warn in a hushed whisper as the server draws nearer to your table. shifting in your seat, you turn to face your son, who wears a sheepish and apologetic expression upon his countenance. your tone softens the moment you notice such a thing, and perhaps that is one of the reasons he is spoiled beyond measure, yet you continue. “We do not mock others for the way they look even if you dislike them, do we?”
“No, mum.” Henrik replies, cheeks significantly more rosy.
“Your mother is right,” Loki butts in, lowering his voice to match yours. “You shouldn’t call anyone names, even if their features are… quite weasely.” as he finishes, he gives your hand a gentle squeeze, and you can see the playful grin tickling his lips.
you want to sigh, or even act angry, but you can’t. a smile that mirrors his dances upon your own lips and you return the squeeze with a quirk of your brow. signifying that you will let that little remark slide, but he was on thin ice.
“How are we doing over here?” the server says with a grin as he approaches the table, though his gaze is unmistakably fixed on you, and he all but ignores Loki’s presence. “How is the tea?”
“Lovely, thank you.” you offer little in tandem with a polite simper, setting the teacup back upon the saucer.
“Awesome,” the server seems pleased, and thus turns to take his leave. “Just let me know if there’s anything else I can get ya.”
Loki’s free hand juts out to create a barrier in front of the boy, leaning back in his seat to look up at him. “Hi there,” he sneers, gaze dropping to the name tag pinned to his company shirt, “Toby, is it?” Toby nods with a quick but pointed look towards your hand in Loki’s atop the table. “Excellent! Toby, I’ll have the same as my wife.” the words are so sharp, it was as if they could slice right through the poor waiter, who hadn’t known he was ogling the Queen of Asgard. Loki grins and, with a nod towards the tea in front of you, he brings his hand back to rest at his side. “Thank you.”
“S-sure.” a little uneasy, and with a downward turn of his mouth, Toby all but gallops away from the table with shame taking the form of a cherry hue against the apples of his cheeks.
Henrik glares after him as he goes. “D’ya see what I mean, da’?” he exclaims, wildly flinging his arms about. “Does he not know who you are? Does he not know you’re a god?!”
drumming his fingers against the back of your hand, Loki watches the boy called Toby stumble over his coworkers in order to fetch his tea, although he’s keen to note that the mortal’s teeth are clenched in frustration. “Quite a greedy pair of eyes he has, wouldn’t you say, Henrik?” Loki asks, gaze locked on Toby even as he leans closer to his son. Toby holds a teacup identical to yours in front of him, and reaches for the kettle, however his eyes have landed upon you again. you can feel him staring, and you want to shrink, to shrivel up and disappear. you are well aware that bringing any sort of attention to it will only make your husband and son hungrier for revenge, but one look at Loki’s grimacing countenance tells you that he already knows.
“Quite.” replies Henrik, matter-of-factly. “Can we teach him a lesson?” there’s a devious edge to his voice, one that is all too recognizable in your husband’s as well. truly, Henrik was his father’s son.
“Well, how else will he learn not to ogle married women?”
you glance to the duo, practically huddled together at the end of the table, both glaring daggers at poor, unsuspecting Toby. you open your mouth to speak and, hopefully, bring your son back to a more collected state. however, a flick of his wrist at the coaxing of his father sends a wave of magic in the server’s direction. it goes mostly unnoticed, and isn’t strong enough to do any sort of real damage, rolling in spectral curls of smoke until it reaches him. the tea begins to spill over the cup in his hand and splatters over his flesh. for a moment, he doesn’t notice. you look up at him and your eyes meet, and it’s only then do you find his to widen as the pain registers. a loud cry erupts from within him and he throws the cup to the ground, effectively shattering it.
“Henrik,” you start. you want to scold him, however you find your fingers pressing into your bottom lip instead, stifling a fit of soft giggles as they fight to be freed, “that was… not very nice…” the corners of your mouth twitch with the need to spread a wide smile upon them, made all the worse by his incessant laughter. Loki seems especially proud of him, a smile from ear to ear ever present upon his face.
it’s then that Toby returns to the table with a fresh cup of tea, and you quickly take your own to use as a shield, so that he wouldn’t see your bemusement. he has a dishtowel wrapped around his hand, and he sets the cup down without so much as a word. for once, he doesn’t even glance in your direction.
“Thank you,” Loki is smooth as molasses, taking the cup to draw a long sip before he eyes the makeshift bandage. “That looks like a nasty burn, Toby. I would get that looked at if I were you.”
Toby, humiliated, slinks away from the table like a shunned pup with his tail between his legs, and Henrik bursts into another uncontrollable fit of laughter. “Can we do it again?!” he demands through ragged breath.
Loki tilts his head towards his son, a dastardly twinkle in his eye, but you squeeze his hand, instead. “Absolutely not,” you answer soft, after getting your bubbling giggles under control. “That’s quite enough magical torment for one day, isn’t that right?” you glance to your husband expectantly.
“Well…” Loki croons, playfully pensive. he mocks juggling the idea for a moment or two before one of your brows arch.
“Careful,” you warn with an equally playful glare, “I will ground the both of you, Your Majesty.”
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agentofbarnes · 2 months ago
I have some questions for you
1. What do you think Tom Hiddleston's most commonly used pet names for the reader would be?
2. How do you think he'd show affection to the reader? I suppose what would his love language be?
3. What's his favourite way to cuddle?
4. Does he like to show PDA to the reader? And what might these include?
5. How do you think he'd hold the readers hand? Fingers laced together? Palms clasped together?
Sorry if these are random and weird but it's just how my brain works when it goes into overdrive 🤣
introducing :  seeing blind au
pairing - tom hiddleston x actress!reader
Tumblr media
1. What do you think Tom Hiddleston's most commonly used pet names for the reader would be?
Tom has a lot of little pet names that he drops like love, dove, darling, dear, honey, but he usually calls you little dove or little bird. He calls you this because you are seen as this strong, independent woman and he loves that, but it’s a little reminder that you don’t have to do anything by yourself, that he’ll take care of you when you need him or want him because you’re his little bird and he’ll always take care of you. 
2. How do you think he'd show affection to the reader? I suppose what would his love language be?
His love language is either acts of service or quality time. I think it’s acts of service and taking care of you, I think he’s a giver and wants to be there for you. I think the reader in this au would be physical touch, and he always wants to give you affection because he knows how much you crave it. 
3. What's his favourite way to cuddle?
Tom’s favorite way to cuddle is with you curled into his side with an arm around you, but he likes to be face to face when you are cuddling so he can see you when you both talk, he loves caressing your face and gently kissing you between words. He loves when you lay over him, completely engulfing him in your scent. It gives you access to smother him in affection. 
4. Does he like to show PDA to the reader? And what might these include?
I think he is a private guy, but the reader in this au isn’t as much of a private person and is used to being in tabloids and what not. I think you like to flaunt it, and Tom will give you affection and PDA when you initiate in public (though sometimes he initiates it because he just needs to get his lips on you). He’s always holding your hand or has an arm around you. Some soft, short kisses are given and initiated by him, but when you end up plastered all over media with you in his lap with your hands in his hair as he kisses you’s usually your doing. You don’t have any problem with PDA, but you do try to keep it under control for your boyfriend.
5. How do you think he'd hold the readers hand? Fingers laced together? Palms clasped together?
Fingers laced, and he likes to compare hand sizes to you because he knows how much it makes you flustered. But he always likes lacing his fingers with yours and it always feels like you both fit perfectly.
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