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#loki headcanon
randominagines · a day ago
Loki: My plan makes sense.
Y/n: Yes, but mine is better.
Loki: *chuckling while staring at you* Ugh, I can't stand you, Pet. You're such a pain in the ass.
President Loki: I think y/n is right. *looking at you* Your plan is perfect.
Y/n: Thank you.
President Loki: I actually have never seen a smarter version of y/n. You amaze me, Darling. *caressing your arm*
Y/n: *rolling your eyes* Can you focus on the mission?
President Loki: *smiling* I love when you play hard to get.
Loki: Flirt with y/n one more time and I swear I won't hesitate stabbing you.
Tumblr media
President Loki: *raising his arms in surrender and leaving with an amused grin*
Y/n: For being someone who can't stand me you look pretty protective.
Loki: As I said; a pain in the ass, Pet.
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pink-duda · a day ago
Warnings/Notes: this headcanon happens a little after nova yourk's attack, as if loki were on earth helping to pay for what he did.
I honestly don't know what I wanted to do here lmaooo, but I liked it, so I hope you like it too
⚠️let me know if something is spelled wrong⚠️
♡︎Loki want to court you♡︎
Tumblr media
Since loki started living in the tower you somehow caught his attention a lot.
Your laugh, your opinions, your clothes and even your favorite food!
He is outraged that he started to like you.
After weeks of getting really angry and ignoring you, he decided to court you.
Before meeting you he never wanted to learn about midgardiada culture and how to court someone.
He thought about asking Thor for some advice, but he just thought.
So he went to the most trusted source he knows, books.
Loki has read almost every book in the Avengers Tower library and none of them would help him.
So he goes to a library nearby.
Now comes the hard part, finding the bookcase that has the right books all by itself.
He had to ask the old lady librarian for help because he got lost.
The old lady was fed up and asked what he was doing there, he saw no harm in the old woman and then told him as if it were an evil plan that he wanted to court you.
Surprisingly the old lady gave good tips and showed good books.
He returned to the tower very determined and with many books.
After reading at least 20 different books in the same genre, loki was ready to go.
It's going to start with simple things to see if you don't mind.
Now every time you talk or he talks to you, he'll look deep into your eyes, maybe even see your soul.
Will start giving you praise.
"For a human you are smart, pet".
Okay, it's not really a compliment or the best, but he tries.
It will always open doors and pull out chairs for you to sit on.
Books will magically appear in your room.
It will take a while for him to ask you to go on a date, he wants to win you over first, so be patient ;)
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Flufftober - Day 16
16 - Falling asleep together
Pairing: Loki x gn!reader
Part 3 of day 6. Promt "If we both stick to the story, they can't prove anything." from here. Written for @flufftober2021 's event.
Word count: 2,2K
Tags: alcohol and drunk people, implied smut (non explicit at all), I'm aware this isn't exactly fluff but it's the continuation of the other days. Idk I just had inspiration by the name of the days, leave me be.
Tumblr media
Loki really, really hadn’t intended to.
It wasn’t in his plans, and it certainly wasn’t in yours, he was sure. It was an accident. Accidents happen, right?
You were sleeping soundly, unmoving, almost even drooling. He was sure you weren’t a light sleeper —if he had managed to carry you a few weeks before, and you’ve barely moved your eyelids, then he would be just fine trying to escape from under the sheets of your bed.
He pleaded he had his clothes on. He checked —he did. He still looked for any signs of having had something more than an innocent sleepover with you—but nothing. He sighed in relief. He would not only hate himself for having lowered his standards so greatly —the whole compound would take him off his misery.
It was between the very specific set of rules of domiciliary arrest.
Do not harm anyone, in any way.
Do not get involved with enemies or potential enemies.
Do not trespass properties, or do not commit any felonies, for that matter.
He would harm you.
If he had anything to do with you, say romantically or sexually, he knew he wasn’t truly interested —a toy, a plaything, a midgardian. A lesser being he wouldn’t get involved in serious matters, of course—. That meant it would hurt you, if he had gotten your expectations up in the sky and then shot at them.
So, it was a terrible idea to have fallen asleep by your side.
How did that even happen?
He tried to recall the previous night’s events. All he could think of at first was the mind-numbing music from Tony’s stereos, the dizzying feeling of his brother’s asgardian alcohol, the heat and the neon lights doing wonders to feeling as disorientated as he could get.
So, it was a party. He looked around and saw at least three bottles of wine opened and empty around your floor. Have you ever been a drinker? Or was it the effects of being close to him? Not close —just overstaying the supposed time one should have around him.
You always overstayed, for the Norns.
He can remember now, a bit more vividly. He was too drunk, he knew. But you were too. You were drunk and easy-going. He remembered very well how his impression of you changed from one minute to the other. You did a thing with your… eyes. He was too intrigued as to why your personality suddenly changed, why you were being all suave and, somehow —Loki still can’t figure out what it was— charming. Attractive in the way only Asgardians could’ve been, he thought.
Yes, he remembers. It captivated him because you seemed… otherworldly.
It wasn’t to say that he actually felt attracted to any aspect of you —not even the slightest. His gaze traveled back to the current you, wrapped up in your blankets and with the pillow marks on your reddened cheeks. It was your normal self again, but he could still feel that sensation of attraction towards you lingering on his senses. Why was that? What have you done to him yesterday that made him so… confused?
He was sure there was witchcraft involved.
Because that could be the only explanation, right? All other explanations were out of reason, completely out of place, out of sense. Witchcraft it was. He would torment the Scarlet Witch about it later. For now, he had to escape the bedsheets and leave you sleeping, hopefully unaware of his staying.
But, how did he actually get there?
He also remembers talking to you. He flirted. He knew he had, because he just saw what you were wearing last night —there, thrown onto the floor, although he’s sure he had no part in taking it away; he cannot remember how the texture feels in his own fingers—, and he knew he would flirt with anyone wearing that. Anyone, of course. Not particularly you, although the image of you on those clothes made him let out a breathy sigh. Thought he has to push away, right now.
Alright, then. He flirted. Your voice in his ear saying something that gave him tickles everywhere. He remembers the feeling of your breath, your whisper against his ear. He leaned over the counter bar, drink in his hand. No, two drinks. He was taking your drink away from you, yes, he remembers now. You said,
“I might feel a little too brave, tonight”.
He didn’t understand what you meant exactly, but he could give it some context. He knew you were, somehow, flirting back. He didn’t know if you were hoping for results or not, but he didn’t care. He wouldn’t have you, in any way.
He remembers taking your drink off your hands and sliding his arm through your shoulders, escorting you somewhere. He bumped against his brother, too, and exchanged a few words he could not and didn’t want to remember, it was pointless. He walked you all the way to your room and opened the door for you. You did something. He does not remember how it went after that.
Hand in the doorknob. Greetings of goodnight. You took a step further towards him. Blank.
He cannot remember.
It doesn’t matter. He, with butterfly movements, attemped to peel off the sheets from his skin. A little movement and your eyelids fluttered. He needed to be quieter. He realized soon he wasn’t completely dressed. His v-neck t-shirt was on, yes. It was the black one that James gifted him for his birthday —after he’d told him he looked hot on it, he remembers he had flirted with almost every member of the team, at some point—. His dressing shirt was on the floor, just by your own clothes, and his pants were there too. He was in his less flattering pair of black boxers, and he blushed at the mere thought of you seeing him like that.
He needed to get off that bed.
You stirred around and he froze in place. You grunted, and muttered to him to close the curtains. He moved his hand slowly and conjured the curtains to close, accommodating the blanket over you again and getting up to leave. Hopefully you'd still be sleeping.
"Oh my God", he heard your voice behind him. He closed his eyes as if trying to avoid the situation. But no, you were wide awake. He turned around and saw your eyes fall on his body —he suddenly felt extremely self-conscious—since when? He'd never feel like that around anyone, could it be guilt? Had he slept with you? Have you seen him? "You're here. And... without... pants".
"I…", he stuttered —he never stutters—. "I'm afraid I can't remember what happened last night".
"Nothing happened", you hurried your answer. You sat up in bed and he noticed you weren't wearing any clothes underneath the blankets. "I remember, nothing happened".
"Then why are you naked, and I'm on your bed?".
"I don't know", you were being honest. He sighed and tossed your clothes from the floor. You grabbed them and observed they were stained with wine. "Oh, this seems to explain why, then".
"It still doesn't explain why I'm in your bed", he added, getting up to leave. You grabbed his wrist.
"You can't leave".
"Don't be ridiculous".
"They'll notice".
You were right. If Loki were to walk out of the room in that instant, everyone on the compound would know he slept in your bed.
"I can teleport away". You sighed out and gestured to him to leave, but he stayed. He still needed to know what happened. "What do you remember?".
"Oh no", you realized. Your grip was still on his wrist and he wanted to jerk it away, but something in him couldn't get enough of your skin against his, even your palm on his. What have you done to him? "They've seen us leave and get into the room. They know".
"Well. They can't prove anything, unless the recordings show otherwise… wait. Do you have cameras in here?".
"You perverted asshole!", you jerked his hand away, and laughed.
"No! Not like that! I mean for…".
"I know, Loki, I was kidding".
Again, you were a mystery. He is the God of Mischief and Lies. He is sarcasm itself, the guardian of jokes. Yet there you were, joking, and he, unable to recognize it.
"What happened last night?".
"We could delete the footage from the doorway. There was a moment where it looked like you were just walking me to my room…".
"I was doing just that, that's what I remember".
"...and delete the part where you come in".
"Yes, why did that happen, again?".
As he began to lose his patience, he got distracted by how you bit your lip. They looked soft, moist, warm. He can remember how it felt to press his against yours, to nib at them with his sharp teeth —he didn't make them bleed, he caressed them with his tongue. He can still taste you, a lingering feeling that will never leave him, now that he remembered.
That's what you did.
Doorknob. Good night. You stepped closer and grabbed him by the collar. You kissed him, softly at first, soon fervently. Passionately. You held on to him like he was the last drop of water in a desert; and he felt you were honey and he's had the biggest craving for centuries —since when did he have a sweet tooth?
Just the memory of it was enough for him to step back.
"I need to get off this godsdamned tower. You'll get me killed", he assured you, and you chuckled.
"Don't be stupid. We didn't do anything. And even if we did, that's not gonna kill you, you know?".
"You keep saying we didn't do anything, yet I remember you kissed me".
"No, I didn't", you said, and he frowned.
"Don't try to deceive me for a second, I know what I…".
"You kissed me", you corrected, with raised eyebrows.
He stopped in place. Yes. He did.
His memories started getting rewritten in that same moment, over and over again.
Doorknob. Good night. You pulled him by the collar and kissed… his cheek. A faint "thank you" on his ear. You were grateful for him taking care of you like that. For walking you to your room. Loki didn't stop his impulses, for once, and he moved his head. A peck on your lips. He waited for you to react, to walk away, to yell. You didn't, still grabbing his collar. Your hands traveled through his neck to his jawline and you kissed him back.
"I remember", he muttered. "Then I opened the door again".
"You did".
"And escorted you to your bed".
"And we… drank?", he pointed at the empty bottles.
"I laid on the bed and told you… well, I asked you if we… you know", you blushed, and he held his breath. "You said no", and he sighed. "You said I was too drunk and I was making a mistake. So you summoned a bottle and said that we could talk until I was sleepy. You made sure I didn't do anything stupid while drunk. You stayed the whole time until I fell asleep. We talked a lot".
He needed to take in your words for a moment. He took care of you? He dared thinking you needed protection, when you were his doom, the truth that deceived the trickster?
"I spilled wine over your clothes", he pointed out again. "That's why you're naked?".
"I was already too sleepy to change, so I decided to stay like this".
"But I was in the room", he frowned in confusion.
"I felt comfortable enough".
He chuckled. You felt comfortable enough. You felt comfortable around him, enough to trust your naked and drunk body by his side, when the rest of the team was too drunk and immersed in their own world.
You felt comfortable enough with him, and he couldn't understand why.
"Then why am I in my underwear?".
"You fell asleep too. I guess you changed in your sleep, with your magic", you said, getting up and putting a new shirt on. He turned around out of respect.
"So we didn't have sex", he stated. "But they don't know that".
"Why would they care?".
"My brother would kill me. Probably in the literal sense".
You sighed out.
"Aren't you the God of Lies? Pull something off your sleeve that would make you sound less caring and more cold, and say that", you suggested, and he chuckled. You knew him all too well. "If we both stick to the story, they can't prove anything. Besides, isn't that what you're concerned about? Feelings?".
"I don't have feelings towards you", he added with raised eyebrows, pointing a finger at you.
"You don't. Except that you do".
"I don't".
"Then just say you stayed talking. What's the damage?".
"I don't have feelings towards you", he repeated.
Maybe if he repeated it enough he'd convince himself.
"Kiss me again", you asked. Maybe challenged.
Gods damn.
He pulled you against him by the waist and sank in between the pillows, tasting you once again. It didn't go unnoticed a little smile against your lips.
"What was our alibi again?".
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hesthermay · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
crafted by the norns themselves, the witch of asgard is one of the most powerful beings in all the realms, and with magick bound to her husbands, the pair are unstoppable when together. unfortunately, when loki made the deal to let the frost giants into asgard, that was the first step in creating the distance between the two. the second step was falling from the rainbow bridge to do the bidding of a mad titan. the third was entering her domain to bring chaos and ruin. perhaps the road will be long, dark, and damned; but maybe the taste of redemption is sweet enough to make it worth it.
ʚϊɞ angst, canon typical violence, explicit language, reader & loki have a kid, more to come i suppose??
ʚϊɞ not associated with loki (tv)
Tumblr media
THINGS TO CHANGE | sfw (oct. 22)
Tumblr media
ʚϊɞ interaction is always appreciated, thanks for reading! ʚϊɞ
Tumblr media
all works on this blog belong to do not copy, repost onto other sites, or claim my content as your own. 
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spideyyboii · a day ago
Being In Love With Loki Whilst Being Betrothed To Thor
Tumblr media
Warnings: none
||main masterlist||loki layfeyson masterlist||
Loki can still remember the first time he met you, the way you captured his eye and made his heart skip a beat. Thor and himself weren’t sure why they had been summoned.
Once Odin had everyone silenced he started his announcement. “My sons are old enough now and they also need to start their adult lives. So I want to introduce everyone to the woman my son Thor will be marrying.” When you stepped forward Loki felt his heart break.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you both.” You said to the two princes with a bow. Your gaze lingering on Loki. “The pleasure is all mine Lady, lets dance so we can get to know one another better.” The blonde son said and pulled you away.
As the months passed and Thor continued to court you, your attention was on always on Loki and how he was. Even though he tried to avoid you at all costs.
“So my Lady I was thinking I could take you to Midgard and introduce you to my friends.” Thor tried to discuss the idea with you once again. “Thor I don’t want to go to Midgard with you. I like it here.” You said not giving the real reason for why you wanted to stay. “Okay well my Lady I guess I’ll see you in a few weeks.” With that your future husband was gone again.
Once Thor was gone you began to seek out Loki the brother you found yourself more interested in. “Loki, would you like to join me for dinner?” You asked the God hoping he’d agree so you could start your plan. “Sure. I’ll meet you in Thor’s quarters.”
Whilst you waited for Loki you made sure you looked your best. “So darling why have you summoned me!” The God asked with a smile “Well Loki, I thought it was time I told you that I have no interest in marrying your brother. Instead I’d like to marry you.”
Your confession left the God of Mischief confused as he’d never been chosen over Thor before, “Darling you believe you want me but trust me you’d rather have my brother.” He said causing you to frown. “No Loki I’ve never wanted Thor and I have a plan.” You continued sparking the mans interest.
“So once again Thor has disappeared to Midgard and anyone can see that we’re not attracted to each other so I was thinking we could tell Odin that Thor has a lover in Midgard and whilst he’s been gone you’ve helped me get past the betrayal. Odin will be so ashamed he will offer me anything. Which is where I ask to be betrothed to you.” Once you had finished explaining your plan he realised this could work.
“Why me?” The man questioned showing he had some doubts. “What do you mean why you? Have you seen yourself, not only are you attractive but you have an amazing personlity you've always made me laugh and you're not afraid to speak your opinions on what's right or wrong. However, your brother is too afraid to argue with your father which is why I think we'd be the best to take control of Asgard." You told the man with a nervous smile as you were unsure as to how he felt about you
"Well darling. How would you feel if I told you I had proof of my brother's little affair, between the two of us I think we should do this. I've wanted you all to myself since the moment you were introduced to us both." He said as he began to walk round to you as he got closer, you were desperate for some kind of physical contact with the man. "Now darling you must control youself, if anyone sees us before we get to Odin then our plan won't work and it will be us getting exiled." He said with a smirk before he pulled away and left you alone.
It had been a few days since you spoke to Loki about framing Thor, "My Lady, I'm home and I believe my father has summoned us all. He said it's extremely important." Thor told you with a smile as he thought he was going to talk about your wedding and the both of you being crowned King and Queen.
"Lovely for the both of you to join us. Thor my son it's been brought to my attention that you have a lady friend down on Midgad, which means you can no longer be engaged. I'm sorry that my son has betrayed you like this. Is there any way in which we can repay you?" Odin asked, hoping you would want something that would be easy. "Well father, you promised the Lady a Prince and the one you promised her too is clearly unloyl to her so I believe it would only be fair for you to promise the lady to me." Loki said
"Father this is absurd, there is no lover on Midgard I've been faithful to my fiancee." Thor exclaied furious that not only had his secret been revealed he was also losing his only claim to the throne "Silence, you dare lie to me. I've seen you with Jane Foster. The two of you should be very happy with one another as I'm expecting you to marry her now." Odin said, silencing Thor before continuing "Loki my son we can arrange for the two of you to wed if the lady agrees to it."
Once the two of you came to an agreement in front of Odin all of your belongings were moved into Loki's room and the wedding plans were quickly undeway. Your gown was quickly changed to green so you would represent your future husband and show that you were united.
When the wedding came around Thor was still furious that you had been taken from him and everyone was worried that he would try and sabotage the day. "My Lady, you look absolutely stunning. I can't wait to get my hands on you later" Loki said with a smile loving the way you looked dressed in his colours. This was the first time Loki felt genuine love from someone other than his mother. "Thank you for giving me a chance darling."
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lazy-cat-corner · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Steve reading apology letter: And I’m sorry everyone for ruining your timelines.
Bucky: [slaps Steve’s arm]
Steve: And I’m....sorry...Loki, for sending you to space jail.
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bonky-n-steeb · 2 months ago
i think Loki needs a flower crown, so what if you made him one? Would he like it or not?
Thank you so much for this request! This made me soft.🥺 I hope you like this. Ily! 😘
the flower crown
𝙡𝙤𝙠𝙞 𝙭 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙚𝙧
𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 || fluff and a little bit of angst.
this is not proofread :/
This gif is so 🥺🥺🥺
Tumblr media
It was the New Year’s Eve on Asgard. A new year of hope and happiness was about to come and everyone was rejoicing.
And unlike earth, one of the traditions on Asgard was to give gifts to the royal family. From the kings to the little princesses, the commoners gave little tokens of appreciation.
The maidens used to make jewellery from flowers for their princes while men used to offer their craftsmanship. This year was no different.
Almost all the members of the royal family were bestowed with gifts. At the end of the day Thor was covered in fragrant flowers while Odin and frigga had collected pots and metals. Everyone except Loki had some gift or the other.
After all the deeds he had done the previous year and after the fact that he was a frost giant was revealed; no one dared to give him anything. Some out of fear as to how he’d react, while the others refrained due to their outright hate towards him.
Loki always maintained a calm composure in front of others. He pretended in the court that the gifts from those peasants were beneath his level. That he didn’t need their appreciation, he was a god after all.
But beneath the cold exterior, his heart ached. He desperately wanted someone to give him anything; even a stone would mean a lot. And all this proving the very point he was fighting for: he wasn’t Thor’s equal.
As the night approached, the festivities all died down and he retreated back to his chamber. And all he hand in his hands was one delicate bracelet given to him by his own mother.
He would keep it safe and close to his heart. But the fact that no one else cared enough for him, made deep cuts.
“How was your day, my Prince?” You inquired as he entered his bed chambers. You were waiting for him there all day.
Being a servant, your duty was to keep his room the way he liked and cater to his whims. But Loki wasn’t like one expected him to be. He pretended to be arrogant but despite that he did things no one else would do.
He asked if you were okay on the days you were sick and gave you a day off. He asked if you’d had your lunch and he noticed little changes like when you trimmed your hair.
These were the things that people overlooked. Running after big things, people forgot how precious caring for someone so much that you noticed all the small details was. And you couldn’t stop your heart from falling for him.
“How would it be?” He asked incredulously. You could feel the disappointment radiate out of the Prince. He had nothing except for the beautiful bracelet clutched in his hands and you had an inkling who it was from.
“I have something for you.” Loki’s eyes shot over to you as you looked at him shyly. You didn’t know how he’d react; whether he’d be happy or whether he’d think it was childish.
“What?” What would you have for him? He noticed how your hands were behind your back as if you were hiding something. Your hands trembled a little as you brought them in front of you.
Loki’s eyes widened then watered as he saw what you were holding gently in your hand. A flower crown. “I… I made this for you.” You had spent the entire day collecting and then weaving the flowers in a delicate pattern.
Dahlias, daisies and carnations made the main portion of the crown, while hydrangeas were filling the remaining spaces. It was the most beautiful crown Loki had ever seen.
He quickly wiped off the tears in his eyes and cleared his throat. “Thank… thank you.” Loki said accepting the gift. You couldn’t believe the god of mischief just accepted your gift and thanked you.
But before you could say any further, he dismissed you with a flip of his hand. Nodding, you walked away, only to peek back into his room through the small slit in the door.
You wanted to see what he did with it. Did he throw it away? Did he mock it? Did he wear it? You stood with bated breath as he got up walked towards the mirror. He stared at the crown for some moments before finally placing it on his head.
You gave a small squeal as you saw him smile at the mirror. Loki was treating it as if the crown was made of gold. You know that no matter what how cold he appeared to be, this man had a heart of gold.
Loki finally allowed himself to cry when you were gone. The crown was truly one of the best things he’d received. He couldn’t believe you cared for him so much.
He couldn’t believe that after everything had happened, there was this one person, you, who thought he deserved happiness too. He didn’t feel so alone anymore.
He couldn’t ever tell you, but he loved you. Since the day you had entered his life, his life was much brighter. But you didn’t belong together.
He was a monster and you were the only good thing in his life. If you ever got together, he would taint you too. And he wouldn’t be able to live if he ever dimmed your light.
So he did what he knew best; he hid his feeling and saw you from afar. Hoping that one day, one fine day he’d finally have the courage to tell you the truth.
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randominagines · 2 days ago
Pairing: Avengers x neutral reader
Warning: none, maybe kinda smut
Gifs belong to their creators.
Part 1 here (Tony, Steve, Thor, Natasha and Wanda)
Tumblr media
Vision would be confused. "Y/n, you are so graceful, you look like you were born for this." He compliments while looking at you dancing and enjoying the music. You smile. "Thank you, Vision, do you want to dance?" You ask and take his hand, he frowns. "I don't know how to..." he whispers and you softly chuckle. "I'll teach you." You say and he smiles qhile following you.
Tumblr media
Sam wouldn't be that shocked, he always knew there was something in you. "So, you actually know how to have fun." He teases you while smirking at you, you keep dancing. "Just because I never actually lose my composure it doesn't mean that--" he smirks at you. "I know, I was just waiting for you to let yourself go." He says and you roll your eyes, your hands crossing on his shoulders. "Come dancing, Nostradamus." You joke and he laughs while dancing with you.
Tumblr media
Pietro would be surprised but totally captivated. "Y/n, I didn't know you could dance like that." He says while his eyes travel on you. You keep dancing and smirk at him. "Well, maybe you never pay enough attention to me." You tease him and he shakes his head and chuckle. "Believe me, I do pay attention to you." He whispers while walking to you. You smirk, your hand grabbing his. "Come here, Maximoff." You say and pull him toward you.
Tumblr media
Peter can be naive sometimes, so the last thing he expected was seeing you, one of the fighters he never thought could lose the composure, actually dancing like that. "Y/n, you are so good at dancing, I can't keep looking at you, I always look at you but right now... Oh God..." he violently blushes and covers his face. "This sound so creepy, I'm sorry. I mean, I..." you burst into a laugh and put a finger on his lip. "Parker, shut up and dance with me." You say with the sweetest smile. He widens his eyes and smile too, his hand grabbing yours to dance with you.
Tumblr media
Bucky would be totally excited: he has a crush on you since forever and he likes the idea of finally seeing you in a situation that doesn't involve guns, fists and battles. "Doll, you always look so beautiful but when you let yourself go you have a sparkle in your eyes." He compliments while looking at you, your body moving while you enjoy the music. "Do you like what you see, Barnes?" You provoke him and he licks his lips, his eyes stuck into yours. "How could I not? You're breathtaking." He says and you bit your lower lip, your hand caressing his chest. "Do you want to dance?" You ask and he smirks. "I'd rather look at you, doll." He says and caress your hip, you smile and lean forward to whisper to his ear. "Then look carefully, Sergeant."
Tumblr media
Loki kinda of expected this side of you, he was just hoping to finally see it. "Pet, you never fail to amaze me," He whispers at your ear and you slightly blush but try to play it cool. "You're a work of art when you dance." He compliments while staring at you, his face a mix between surprised and mesmerised. You smile while pulling him toward you. "Thank you, Loki. Dance with me." You invite him: he caresses your cheek, his finger tracing your cheekbone and travelling to your lower lip. "Anything for you, Darling." He says and smiles at you.
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agentofbarnes · 16 days ago
OMG ZEE NO!!! if you see the alpha!steve thing ignore it (or don't, really it's up to you!!) but i just remembered our conversation about jotun!loki?? and him going through some kinds of heat and just needing to breed tiny/humanize!reader and therefore using magic to shrink and well... relieving himself and his need to put a baby in her??
(sorry I suck at making decisions and the I remember that I had other ideas before... sorry really)
-❄️🌪️ anon
size queen ~ loki laufeyson
pairing ~ jotün!loki x human!reader
warnings ~ smut, minors DNI, SIZE KINK, huge cock [i mean biggest dick you’ve ever seen], breeding, primal fucking, jotün heat, this is pure filth, not even realistic but hey, that’s porn! 😉, master kink, crying kink, implied multiple orgasms
notes ~ so i didn’t shrink him down because he’s perfect the way he is (also im a whore) sure it’s unrealistic but hey, it’s fun! if he can be a frost giant, you can take his cock bc you’re a motherfucking queen. also this takes place in jotunhiem so, just keep that in mind. ALSO HAPPY OCTOBER, i hope you enjoy this first fic, much love to you all!!
Tumblr media
Loki Laufeyson thought you might the most impressive little thing he had ever seen with tight little cunt wrapped around his truly massive cock. He had done his time, slowly opening those velvet walls to accommodate the incredible intrusion. His azure shaft was barely inside your pretty pussy, just a little over half way and covered in your juices.
He needed this, his cock throbbing inside your small core with each mewl that escaped your lips. Tears brimmed your eyes with every movement and you loved it. You loved him, the frost giant that had stolen the little human’s heart. His massive hand stroked your back, pushing your face slight further into the sheets.
Loki liked this position, your pussy all but presented for him like a bitch in heat, just ready to be bred. He knew that everything was enhanced at the moment, his need to fill his tiny girlfriend up was fueled by his mating instincts, his actual heat. He just thinks you’ll look so gorgeous, carrying his little frost baby.
A growl emitted from his chest, pushing his cock further inside you in a way that made your entire being quiver in pleasure. Your hands clutched the sheets, tears falling down your cheek as you whimpered,”Loki!”
“Hush, little one,”Loki assured you, smirking down at your body trying so hard to take him. You absolutely clung to his cock, tightest cunt he’d ever experienced with your walls squeezing every thick vein of him shaft.”So pathetic, can’t even take my cock without crying. My poor little human, you wanted this, didn’t you? You wanted my cock to fill you, say it.”
“I do!”You cried, gasping for air as you pushed yourself on his cock. You could feel the bulge in your tummy as you did the impossible and took a giant’s cock in your tiny cunt.”I want it, please. I want your cum, master, please.”
Loki groaned at your pleas, admiring how you tried so hard to take more of him. He began to pull his hips back, making you whimper at the loss of his massive intrusion before he thrusts back in with a growl.”You’ll get it, fuck, you’ll be drowning in it, little one. Gonna give me an heir, aren’t you? This pretty little body belongs to me now, doesn’t it?”
“Yes! Yes! I’m yours, master, I’m all yours to use…” It was true. You did belong to him, very willingly too. You had let him bring you back to his world, let him play with you, and ruin you in his own larger than life world.
“That’s right, little girl, you’re my little cocksleeve, aren’t you?”Loki taunted with a dark smirk, holding you still as he fucked his large cock into your mewling quim.”Been training you for this, you can take it, you will, because you’d do anything to make me happy.”
You nodded helplessly as he pressed his cock all the way in, and it should be impossible, but fuck, he had been training you. His fingers first, then every now and then, he would fuck you, but this was different. He was feral, primal, and he wanted to fuck the life from you until you’re nothing but his dumb little whore.
Loki licked his lips at the sight of his monster cock filling your tight pussy, so wide around his shaft and just squeezing him as if your cunt was begging him to fill you with his seed. When he pulls out and quickly thrusted back it, you threw your head back. Your thighs trembled in response, legs wide and open for him.
“Oh, so pathetic, your little body can barely take it, but fuck, you are, look at that, just so full, baby,”Loki moaned, cock throbbing inside you. You cry out when he fucks you at a steady pace, feeding your cunt his massive shaft and rearranging you guts.”You humans are so needy to prove yourself, but you…you are an impressive little mortal, my little breeding whore, so good for me.”
Your arms give out completely, causing you to fall into the sheets. Tears stained the sheets as you clung the bed as Loki pounded into your cunt.”M-master, please…”
“Use your big girl words, little one,”Loki teased, shoving his cock back inside you, a distinct bulge in your stomach as he fucked the thoughts from your pretty little head.
“I..wanna…oh fuck, you’re so big and it feels so good, please! I wanna cum!”
“I’m sure you do,”Loki chuckled darkly, his cock pushed into you deeply.”But I want to you beg.”
“Please!” You didn’t even hesitate, you were too far gone on his big cock that you would do anything for him,”Please, I need it! Master, please, I want you to cum, fuck, Loki, give me your cum, breed me…”
How could he possibly deny such a pretty plea? He yanked you back on his cock, twitching inside your heat before painting your pussy in cum until you were dripping around him. Even then, he didn’t leave the comfort of your cunt.
You absolutely trembled underneath him, his cock resting deep inside you and filling you full of him. You moaned his name so loud that Loki is sure all nine realms know who you belong to.
“Good girl,”Loki grunted, his large hand stroking your back gently,”How about you sit on my cock now, huh? You think your pretty pussy can handle that or do you need your master to do everything for you?”
“I…I can do it,”You gasped desperately, wanting nothing more than to please him. He pulled out of your cunt, flipping you around and kissing you gently before having you sit in his lap as he laid over the bed. You sat on his cock, his shaft resting against his body. You leaked over him, his own cum dripping from your pussy.
“Oh, yeah? Then why don’t you show me?”
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darkacademicfrom2021 · 2 days ago
Flufftober - Day 15
15 - Silly Traditions
Pairing: Loki x GN!reader
Written for @flufftober2021 's event.
Tags: Tony being a little too much (like always). Some Crimson Peak references because *chef's kiss*. I swear this is funny.
Warnings: Loki might or might not die, if that could trigger you please don’t read. This is pretty fluffy, though.
Word count: 1,1K
Tumblr media
If the Avengers expected to be greeted to the compound’s common room by any way, it wouldn’t be like this.
"I want that woman out of my house!", you yelled to a teary Loki, who held his hands up to reach you from afar.
Tony and Steve looked at each other without much clue of what to do. You and Loki never fought, much less with… was that a knife in your hand? And Loki was... covered in blood?
“My love, I can explain”, he tried walking to you, but you walked back. You were bursted out in tears. “She’s…”.
“Don’t! You! Dare! Lying! To me!”, you growled, hatred consuming you, accentuating each word with a step towards him, and this time around, he took some steps back in fear you’d actually stab him out of anger. “You lying scum piece of shit! You’ve been cheating on me, haven’t you?”.
“I…”, Loki stuttered, now his back almost against the wall. Bruce seemed to be the only one who actually cared for Loki not to get stabbed, instead of appearing to be in need of popcorn, like the rest of the team.
“Say you didn’t, you’ll get yourself killed, idiot”, whispered Nat, as who whispers to the TV.
“Who are they talking about?”, whispered Bucky, rubbing his hands in expectation. “Sounds fun”.
“You lied to me!”, you yelled in between tears.
“I did”, he cried in desperation, desiring to grab your wrists to stop the knife from puncturing his throat.
“You poisoned me!”.
“I did”.
“He did what?!”, intervened Tony, but none of you paid any mind to him.
“You said you love me!”.
“I do”, he said. “I love you, you need to listen to me”.
“You cheated on me, what could you possibly say that…?”.
“I have. I’m sorry”, he admitted, and you froze in place. “Please, forgive me. She meant nothing to me… we were… I…”, he kept stuttering, some tears escaping his puffy eyes.
“You’re still lying, I can tell”, you said, throwing the knife to the floor and laying on the couch in defeat. “Do you love her?”.
“I do. I’m in love with her, always have been”, he muttered, and every single one of the Avengers gasped. Tony was ready to put his suit on, not so amused to hear his kid was being heartbroken by that bastard. Steve held him in place.
“If there’s a woman in the room, you’d want to get her out first”, he suggested in a whisper, as to not harm anyone involved except Loki.
“Were you ever going to tell me?”, you asked with a thin voice, looking him directly in the eyes. He sat by your side and grabbed your hands firmly, as if it were the last time he’d ever get to touch your delicate fingers.
“I wasn’t…”, he admitted, lies he could no longer hold, coming out like a torrent. “I only wanted you to use you. It benefitted me to date one of the Avenger’s kids and you were the easiest one to charm, because…”, he laughed through a sob, “because you’re so easy”.
“Alright, that’s it”, said Tony, putting his suit on and walking towards Loki, grabbing him by the neck and throwing him violently against the wall. The wall cracked and Loki let out a whine in protest. You yelled again, asking him to stop.
“It’s okay, I… I deserve it!”, said Loki dramatically. “They’ve been too good with me… I… tell her…”, he choked in between gasps as Tony closed his fist harder against his neck, “tell Adelaine that I love her”.
After saying that, he passed out. You ran up to him, still crying, and Tony backed up bewildered. Everyone ran towards him and scolded him, or yelled at him for having killed Loki.
“I barely pressed his neck! He’s not dead, come on!”, he defended himself. “JARVIS, take Loki’s vitals”.
“I’m afraid Loki Laufeyson is not presenting any vitals, Sir. It is too late to call the ambulance, but would you like me to call anyway? Or would you rather I call the morgue instead?”.
“WHAT?!”, it was his turn to panic now.
“Why would you do this, dad?! He was wrong, but I still loved him! You can’t just kill people for being bad!”, you sobbed uncontrollably, and Nat and Bucky hugged you and comforted you, while Bruce tried to take Loki’s vitals, just in case. He soon found out the truth.
“Uh… guys?”, he tried to say over the chaos that was reigning the compound, but Thor interrupted him by walking in and laughing.
“Come on, friends. Again?”, he asked while grabbing a box of Poptarts.
Everyone stared at him perplexed, as if asking are you not seeing your dead brother in here? Tony rushed to him and kneeled in front of him, pleading,
“Please, please forgive me, Thor. I’ve… I’ve killed Loki”.
Thor rolled his eyes and smirked, patting him on the shoulder a couple of times.
“You’re forgiven, Stark. You’re forgiven”, he said, and couldn’t avoid chuckling.
You changed your face as if pulling off a mask, and smiled with a pouty lip out, touching your heart.
“Aw, you’ve played along!”, you said, and everyone except Tony and Steve chuckled, realizing what happened. Loki got up from the floor and scoffed.
“We were doing so well, why did you break it?”.
“Sorry, I couldn’t help it. It was fun though”, you helped him up with your hand. “Thanks JARVIS”, you added. Bucky and Natasha clapped with a grin tattooed to their faces. You and Loki did a little reverence.
“What? Did you two just…?”, said Tony, more confused than angered.
“Ah, have they not done this in front of you already?” asked Thor. “They have this silly little tradition of doing some theatrical impression in front of people as a prank. Apparently they’ve managed to make JARVIS help, too”.
“Well, that would actually explain the weird clothing”, said Steve. Bucky and Natasha were still laughing, grabbing their stomachs, not being able to stop.
“You two are morons, you know that, right?”, sighed Tony, taking his suit off. “Scaring your weak-on-the-heart old man, I thought you’d do better”, he scolded at you sarcastically. “Anyway. Would you guys want to have chinese or pizza for dinner?”.
(Taglist: @lucywrites02 , @louieboo87 @the-departed-potato , @jesuswasnotawhiteman , @idontknow296 , @beksib , @spythoschei , @geekwritersworld , @whatafuckingdumbass , @mysticunicorn7 @shadowolf993 , @joscelyn02 , @t00-pi , @selfship-mishaps , @sallymagnoliaposts , @deadgirl88 , @theonewiththenerds , @vicmc624 , @spiderlaufeyson @theaudacitytowrite @bi-andready-tocry @alorev @justasmisunderstoodasloki @i-beg-your-pardon-laufeyson @theetoastyghosty @lokiprompts )
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hesthermay · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
ʚϊɞ loki x f!reader
ʚϊɞ a witch demands answers, and makes a promise to herself 
ʚϊɞ wc 1.5k 
ʚϊɞ sfw, angst, explicit language, cannon divergent, not associated with loki (tv)
Tumblr media
“Well, the missus sure makes an entrance,” Tony remarked, his voice coming out slightly distorted through the comms.
“I think that was more flashy than anything you’ve ever done; she might have you beat, Stark,” Natasha mused from inside the quinjet, eyes locked on the trio standing atop the expensive building.
“I wonder what they’re talking about,” Clint questioned out loud, and the redhead beside him chuckled at his ridiculousness, for there was only one emotion radiating from the woman who fell from the sky—and that was fury. She would never put herself in the same box as Loki to begin with, but if she had any idea as to what was going down between him and his wife, she would hate to be him.  
And the raven haired god really did hate being him in that moment, because the rage and hurt displayed fully on the love of his long lifes face was caused because of him, and directed at him. It shook him to his very core and rattled the bones in his body, how jarring it was to know that this anger, this betrayal, was not going to be easily mended. He’d made mistakes before, made her angry or hurt her feelings, said things or done things she didn’t deserve, but this was in an entire different realm of fuck ups.
“Y/N,” he breathed, hands raised by his shoulders with one palm open to show that he meant no harm, but the golden staff in his other said differently. Loki knew that she knew better than to trust the God of Lies after everything he’d done, but he couldn’t afford to let it go.
“I mourned you,” she whispered, words as sharp as the enchanted crystal dagger she kept at her side. “I loved you, and gave myself to you, and I fought for you,” she gritted out, one hand clenched around his throat and the other placed on his chest, pressing forward with a force that almost dented his armor. Her fingertips glowed a dark blue, ready to strike at any moment and even she could not be sure of the damage she would do to him. “And I mourned you, I felt your death; and it was a lie.”
“I’m sorry,” he rushed out, words slightly hoarse because of the hand around his neck. His eyes flickered upwards and landed on his brother, who stood towards the edge of the platform they previously fought on, and malice filled him to the brim. Everything seemed to always point to him; he was never as good as Thor, never as handsome as Thor, never as worthy as Thor.
He had no business being crowned, and when Loki had stood up to voice his concerns he had been shut down. When words failed, actions came in and they had cost him everything. His life, his love, his freedom. And while he was gone, and his wife was hurt and abandoned, his brother was there. Once again, swooping in where Loki lacked.
He wondered, all the time, where he would be if he hadn’t let the Jötuns into Asgard; if he hadn’t fought his brother and allies, his wife; if he hadn’t fallen from the rainbow bridge and disappeared from her life. He wouldn’t have ended up on that monster’s ship and never been put up to this mission of taking over a planet his wife had helped take care of.
Personally, his care for Midgard and the humans that resided there was always little to none, but his love was another story. Y/N had always cared for places that didn’t care back; the mortals knew not of her existence yet she fretted over their safety and aided towards their happiness. She had her responsibilities to Asgard, and they were plentiful and time consuming, but she extended her time and duties to the other realms and though he had never understood it, he had respected it.
Her passion and empathy balanced out his cynicism and apathy, and he had admired it while also being confused by it for the larger portion of their lives.
“Y/N, darling,” he tried again after being met with a hard stare and cold silence. He knew that she was in his head, poking at his very thoughts just as he did to others as well, but there were things that he wasn’t ready for her to see—things he wasn’t yet prepared to reveal to any body or any being, especially not a Witch of Asgard.
“Why are you fighting me? What is it that you’re hiding, Loki?” She barked, the bite in her words strong and painful.
He grimaced as her hand tightened around his neck and her magick burned hotter. His heart pumped faster as his thoughts raced; the alarm bells were going off and the options were growing fewer and fewer. There wasn’t much he could do at this point, and if he wanted this day to end even somewhat in his favor, he knew he needed to take action.
And so, with the most regretful eyes Y/N had ever seen on her husband’s face and the saddest grimace ever given from the God of Mischief, he uttered an “I’m sorry,” and the witch was blasted away from the raven haired man with a bright flash of green—he’d used his own powers instead of the tesseract. She flew through the air and landed on her back, sliding towards the edge of the platform they stood on. His brother lunged forward to help her, and Loki growled to himself.
“Brother, you must end this madness!” Thor shouted as he helped his longtime friend off of the ground, though they all knew how unnecessary it was.
Everything about his older sibling sent fury coursing through his veins, and looking at him beside the woman he loved the most, who wanted to quite literally murder him, sent him off of the deep end.
Loki rushed forward, staff raised in the air, and swung at Thor. The blonde used one hand to deflect the attack with Mjolnir and the other shoved Y/N to the side. The two gods fought while the witch gathered herself, and instead of joining in she surveyed the sky around them.
Aliens and strange looking creatures brought upon by her husband flew about, but it was the large flying vessel that remained stationary that caught her attention. Inside, she saw two people operating the machine, watching the trio sort out their messy family affair.
“Y’know, it’s actually kind of scary when she’s looking at you,” Clint remarked, but his attention was directed to his newfound teammate as his head was slammed into something made of glass. “Nat?”
“I see him.” The quinjet moved, turning to face the otherworldly men, one currently throwing the other roughly to the ground. Gunshots rained down but none seemed to hit, and before anyone could do anything, before Y/N could move a muscle, Loki lifted the staff and shot a blue stream towards the floating vessel, and the wing caught fire.
There was a moment, one single moment where Loki was filled to the brim with satisfaction at what he’d done, at watching the man-made machine plummet through the air, before the God of Thunder roared a mighty roar and charged at him. Rage had taken over, all hope for his brother gone at that point. He’d lied, he’d stolen, he’d hurt, and he’d killed. And he would do it again.
A few feet away, Y/N made a silent promise to the Norns that she would clean up this mess. This mess that Loki had made, this act of violence and evil that she didn’t know he was capable of of committing. She stayed true to her words by raising her arms and whispering an enchantment under her breath, the words mixing with the howling wind until they disappeared completely. The quinjet, swirling wildly through the air, one wing engulfed in flames, ceased its movements. Inside, Steve’s mind raced with thoughts and questions, confusion coursing through his veins.
The assassin and marksman couldn’t take their eyes off of the blue glow that held them up, the magick coming from the woman hellbent to right the wrongs of her husband. Her gaze was focused and strong, and her form was nothing but perfect—her years of practice and experience coming in handy once again.
Over her shoulder, the two men that meant the most to her, her husband and her best friend, fought tirelessly. Her attention split off from her hold on the machine, and she grunted as she guided it towards the ground. Once it landed safely—roughly, but safely—she turned around and readied herself to join in, to fight off someone who made her angry and sad all at the same time, someone whom she had loved every day and every night despite the pain that rested in her heart right beside the warmth of her affections.
This fight would not be easy, but it was one that must be had. One that she knew she needed to be apart of, because she needed to be the one to stop him. She needed to be the one to end this mess because if she had caught on sooner, it damn sure would have been prevented.
Tumblr media
ʚϊɞ reblogs are always appreciated luvs ! ʚϊɞ
Tumblr media
all works on this blog belong to do not copy, repost onto other sites, or claim my content as your own. 
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starlight-loki · 3 months ago
The Heatwave (Loki x Reader)
Or, That Time You Saw A Different Side of Loki
Word Count: 2.8k
Warnings: none
A/N: It’s been a long time, but I’m slowly coming back :’) thanks for being patient with me folks. In return, I hope you enjoy this lil fic — it involves Jotun!Loki ;))
Tumblr media
Out of all the days for the air conditioner to stop working, of course it had to happen during the hottest week of the year.
Tony had built countless Iron Man suits, engineered a new renewable energy source strong enough to power all of New York, and yet somehow — four days of attempted repairs later — he still wasn’t able to fix the Compound’s air conditioning system.
The temperatures were skyrocketing in New York, hovering steady in the 100s for the last few days. At first it was nice to have the strong heat filter through the building. After a summer that began mostly with cloudy days and sometimes stormy skies, the sunlight was a welcome gift to you and the rest of the Avengers. Sure the air conditioning was broken in the building, but at least it finally felt like summer, right? Going a few days in the heat wouldn't be all that bad.
Your optimism quickly melted away the longer the sun shone, however, and soon enough you found yourself in a completely different mood.
“Okay, who took all the ice?”
You shifted your gaze up from your sprawled-out position on the floor as you heard Bucky’s angry demand. He was leaning so far in the freezer, he was practically lying in it.
A few halfhearted shrugs rippled their way throughout the handful of Avengers scattered around the living room with you.
“The ice tray was full an hour ago!” Bucky jabbed a finger accusingly at the now-empty spot in the freezer. “And there were five ice packs in here as well. They're gone now. Where are they?"
As if on cue, Thor lumbered into the living room with an ice pack, which he had fastened around his head using a T-shirt to keep it in place. The other four remaining ice packs were attached in a similar fashion around his arms and legs, bearing an odd resemblance to the floaties toddlers wear while swimming. As if that wasn't enough, Thor was also hugging a bag containing all of the Compound's remaining ice against his chest, as if it were a teddy bear.
Thor looked like, in every way possible, an absolute child.
You could almost feel the prickling anger radiating off the Avengers' glares as everyone watched Thor plop himself into an empty armchair. Or... maybe that was the heat making you feel itchy. At this point, it was so hot that it was hard to tell where the sun ended and where your body began.
"I swear on the gods," Thor mumbled absentmindedly. "It was never even this hot on Muspelheim. I'll bet Surtur himself would've rather died than endure this heat..."
"Are five ice packs really necessary, though?" You demanded, propping your chin up on your hands as you glared at the Asgardian from your position on the floor. "What about the rest of us?"
Thor simply dismissed you with a noodle-like wave of his hand.
"Your mortal bodies burn far less energy than mine." Thor reclined back in his chair, moving his ice pack so it covered his eyes like a sleeping mask. "You'll be fine. Myself, on the other hand-"
"Those ice packs had my name on them!" Bucky exclaimed, stomping into the living room. "I specifically said not to touch them-"
"If anyone deserves ice packs right now," Tony interrupted with a sharp glare. "It's me. I bought the fridge, after all. My kitchen, my rules."
"Well then, what about me, huh?" Bruce nearly sprung off the couch, and your eyes widened in alarm as you noticed the edges of his skin had a sudden green tinge. "I was the one who made the ice, I deserve the bag."
"Absolutely not." Thor tightened his grip on the bag of ice in emphasis. "I found the bag first."
"Oh my god, you guys." You sighed, pushing yourself up off the floor as you rolled your eyes. Even the little amount of physical exertion it took to get back into a standing position made you feel tired. "Just make more ice, it'll be ready in a few hours."
"That's too long of a wait," Tony answered, sprawling dramatically over his section of a couch as if to emphasize his point. "I'll have melted right into the floor before the ice is done."
You shook your head, the fog of the heat sparking your irritation like a lit match to gasoline. "Maybe you should've invested in a faster ice maker then. Or at least a second freezer."
"Hey." Tony pointed a finger accusingly at you, only to be met by stifled giggles from the other Avengers.
"Better yet..." You swiped a hand over your forehead, cringing at the sheen of sweat that now stuck to your palm. It was too hot to even simply stand in one spot. " could've designed an air conditioning system that would, oh I don't know, actually work."
You must have uttered the magic words -- or perhaps 'cursed words' was a better term in this situation -- because a newfound wave of bickering emerged from your teammates, all of them buzzing in irritation like little mosquitoes.
Your patience had already been worn thin over the last few days. You didn't know how much more arguing you could tolerate.
You watched Thor angrily lob an ice pack at Bucky, only for his expression to morph into disappointed shame as Bucky triumphantly grasped the frozen treasure like a trophy, and you realized now would be a good time to go back to your own room.
It was a few degrees hotter in there, you thought to yourself bitterly as you walked down the hall, but at least you didn't have to share the space with these children.
As you passed by Loki's room, your pace faltered as you noticed his door had been left open.
He was hunched over on his bed, eyebrows furrowed in concentration as he lost himself in the worn paperback novel that sat in his lap. Your eyes widened as you took in the god's outfit.
He was wearing a thin sweater and jeans. Jeans. In 100 degree weather.
"You're insane." You couldn't help but splutter as you continued staring at Loki in disbelief from the doorway. Loki smirked, setting his book to the side before getting up to greet you with a friendly nod. You caught him look you up and down, before his features creased into a slight frown.
"And you... look like a wilted plant. Y/N, are you alright?”
You gave Loki a small shrug. "The kids are arguing in the living room again, Thor took all our ice packs, it feels like we have heated floors everywhere, and to be honest, I've started to feel a little dizzy."
Loki sighed as he took in your burst of information. With a small smile, he guided you into his room with a gentle hand on your shoulder.
"What about you?" You asked, gesturing to Loki's outfit. "Aren't you ready to pass out in that? Did you open a portal to New York in December and not tell me about it?"
Loki chuckled, the sound a warm gift to your ears compared to the screeching that had gone on earlier in the living room amongst the other Avengers.
"I'm different, I suppose."
"Well, whatever it is," you replied, stretching out on Loki's bedroom floor in an attempt to cool off as best as you could. "You and Thor certainly don't share the same temperature genes. You should see him, he's whining like a baby and he's got an icepack on each limb."
Loki smirked at your words, and you could've sworn you caught a flash of nervousness behind Loki's eyes. You couldn't help but wonder if you had said something wrong, but the emotion vanished as quickly as it came.
"I don't know how much longer I can survive in this heat." You mumbled as you laid down on your stomach and rested your head on your arms. "I haven't slept in nearly three days, I'm losing my mind."
Loki was sitting behind you, out of your range of vision, but you heard him let out a rather ragged and conflicted sigh. You frowned, unable to discern what exactly was going through the god's mind.
"I think I can help you," Loki began, his voice sounding rather constrained. Soft footsteps padded over to you, and you looked up just as he extended a hand towards you.
"How?" You asked with a frown as he helped you back up onto your feet. "Have you got a human-sized freezer you're hiding in your bathroom? Or better yet, a working air conditioner no one knows about?"
You laughed lightly at your own sarcasm, but your smile quickly faltered as you noticed how tense Loki had suddenly become. You were close enough to him now that you noticed he was clenching his jaw, and he kept picking at his hands.
"Icanhelpyou." Loki repeated, the words emerging out of his mouth in a jumbled mess. "I- I can help you. I can't bear watching you suffer in this heat. But you have to promise me something."
"Anything, Loki. You're my best friend, you know I'd do anything to help you in return."
"You must keep your eyes closed the entire time."
You blinked in surprise. You weren't sure what request you were expecting from the Asgardian, but it certainly wasn't that.
"Promise me that, Y/N." Loki demanded urgently. His hands gripped your shoulders tightly as his wide eyes searched your own. "Swear on the Nine Realms that you won't open your eyes, no matter what."
There was something so solemn, so incredibly fragile that had surfaced in Loki's eyes that you didn't even think to question him any further. Whatever this was about, you knew it was serious.
"Okay." You whispered. "I won't open my eyes, I promise."
Loki nodded, pressing his lips together into a thin line. It seemed as though the thoughts in his mind were close to being physically painful, and it hurt your heart to watch him go through this.
"You don't have to help me, you know." You closed your own hand over his for emphasis. "I'll be fine, the heat will subside in a few days."
"No." Loki's tone was stern. Final. There was no arguing with him. "I want to help you. I will help you."
You nodded, giving the Asgardian's hand one final squeeze as an attempt at comfort. With a deep breath, you closed your eyes.
You could feel your heart begin to pound in your chest as a thick silence enveloped the two of you. You waited for any sort of extreme event -- maybe a bright flash of light or sudden noise -- but nothing happened.
"Your eyes are closed?"
You couldn't help the small smile that formed on your lips when you heard Loki's question. His voice sounded so small, if it weren't for how serious he was being about this entire situation, you would've found it almost adorable.
"Yes, Loki, my eyes are closed. You can test me, if you like."
" many fingers am I holding up?"
"Wrong. Good."
You snickered, shaking your head at Loki's response.
The silence resurfaced once more, this time bringing with it a slight chill in the air. You sighed in relief, feeling your body relax ever-so-slightly as the air became cooler than it had been moments ago.
"If this is one of your illusions, I'm extremely impressed." You whispered. You were expecting Loki to chuckle, or perhaps boast even further about his powers, but all you got in reply was a bitter scoff.
"This does not merit awe or any such feelings." Loki mumbled. "Now, hold your hands out for me."
You extended your hands, perhaps a little faster than you had anticipated. Your fingers grazed something ice cold for a brief moment, the sensation feeling almost like a burn in contrast to the warmth of your hands.
You gasped as you jolted back, and as your reflexes kicked in, you accidentally opened your eyes.
The person in front of you was Loki, but then again... it wasn't.
His skin was now cobalt blue, with intricate markings spiralling their way up his hands and tracing the outlines of his cheekbones and forehead. His nails were such a dark shade of blue that they were almost black, and his eyes.
They were completely red, and filled with a mix of sadness and horror and betrayal as your gaze locked on his.
"I'm so sorry." You gasped, immediately squeezing shut your eyes once more. "I didn't mean to do that, it was a reflex, I didn't see anything-"
"Stop lying." Loki spat. "You can open your eyes. I know you saw."
Your eyes fluttered open slowly, but you kept your gaze glued to the ground.
"I'm really sorry, Loki." You whispered, feeling the sting of tears fill your eyes. It seemed as though his hurt expression had burned itself into your mind. "I broke my promise."
"Are you afraid?"
You looked up at Loki with a frown, his question catching you off guard.
"I'm sad that I hurt you. I regret moving as fast and as suddenly as I did, I regret not fighting my reflexes, but no. I'm not afraid."
Loki's gaze was unwavering, yet there was an absence in his eyes. It seemed as though he was somewhere far away in a memory.
"You should be."
You stepped forward, bridging the distance between the two of you, and held both of Loki's hands in your own. You inhaled sharply as your skin made contact with his and an icy chill coursed up your arms, but you didn't flinch away.
In fact, Loki was the one who tried to flinch away, but you kept your grip steady as you laced your fingers through his.
"I trust you with everything I am." You whispered. "I know you'll never hurt me. This is no exception."
"I'm a monster."
Loki's voice cracked almost imperceptibly on that last word. You shook your head, adamant to prove him wrong.
"This side of you is just as kind and loving as the other." You smiled softly, tracing a finger lightly across the ridges that marked his cheekbones. Loki turned his now-pained gaze to the ground as you caressed his cheek soothingly.
"You wanted to help me feel better, even if it meant revealing the side of you that you hated the most. No monster would do that, Loki. Hell, I don't even think some of the Avengers would be willing to risk their comfort levels the way you just did. And you did it all selflessly, because you didn't want me to overheat.
"In fact," you continued, smiling in awe as you studied the markings on Loki's face. "You're absolutely beautiful, both on the inside as well as the outside. You put Greek sculptures to shame, you're a work of art."
Loki let out a small choked gasp, and your heart skipped a beat as you noticed a few stray tears begin trailing their way down his cheeks. You brushed them away with a slow swipe of your thumb before leaning forward to kiss his cheek.
"Whatever events may have happened in the past to cause you to feel the way you do," you whispered, wrapping your arms around Loki and pulling him closer to you. "They're over now. The hurt ends here. I'll make sure of it."
"How?" Loki didn't even try to hide the disbelief in his voice. You pulled back from your hug, only to trail your hands down his arms and hold his hands tightly in your own.
"By being the first to love you as you are. Every part of you."
Silence passed between the two of you as Loki eyes allowed you to glimpse the war he was currently fighting internally with himself and his past. You knew this wasn't easy for him.
"You don't have to say anything, but I just want you to know that I'm here for you. This doesn't in any way change how I feel about you, Loki."
As silence settled between the two of you like little particles of dust, Loki stepped forward and caught you off guard. He pressed a delicate kiss to your forehead before wrapping you gently in his arms.
“Thank you for cooling me off, by the way.” You whispered with a small smile. “It’s only been a few minutes, but I’m already feeling much better.”
“I’m glad to hear that.”
“…Loki?” You asked as you rested your cheek against the god’s shoulder.
“This is way nicer than tying ice packs around my arms and legs. You give good hugs.”
That earned a genuine laugh from Loki, and although he didn’t reply, he gave you a gentle squeeze in acknowledgement.
Despite the chill that ran through your body as Loki remained pressed up against you in an embrace, you had never felt such intense warmth inside your heart.
This side of Loki — his true form — was more beautiful than you could’ve ever imagined.
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charnelhouse · 4 months ago
although it’s so romantic
Tumblr media
Pairing: Loki x F!Reader, Past Thor x F!Reader Wordcount: 2k+ Warnings: smut. drunk feelings. angst.  Summary: He had craved everything that his brother had so why not you, as well? A/N: got many requests for loki and he’s a difficult soul to write. honestly I read this back and am...not sure sine I wrote it in a melatonin haze last night. OH WELL. 
Loki supposes that it’s a cruel twist of fate. Perhaps - a rather comedic one.
He had craved everything that his brother had so why not you, as well?
His brother’s lover. Well - his lover once. Now - simply his partner - his closest friend and Loki is forever stuck treading after the both of you.
He hated watching you. He hated that you and Thor fought together like one slick-oiled machine. He hated that his golden brother had not only fucked you, but then still considered you his when you had stopped. 
You had abandoned him after what he had done to New York. You refused to visit him in his clear cell beneath the palace. You had said he was foolish and misguided and it had made his heart shutter with shame and regret. Not like he’d ever admit it. He had hidden his face from you - just as he had done with Frigga. 
“I know you better than you think, Loki.”
“I highly doubt that, little dove.”
“You try so hard and for what?”
You hadn’t let him answer that. You had left him to the throne room and his father. The implication of your accusation ringing like a funeral toll through the columns and the marble and the gold.
You only come back when his mother dies - your hand soft and papery when you press it into his own. 
“Don’t blame yourself, Loki,” you whisper.
His lip twitches - the bleak pump of his own self-hatred beginning to curl into his lungs. He stamps it down. It would not serve him.
“Don’t presume to know who I blame in all this,” he bites back. Your face crumples - your lip pulled white between your teeth. 
He almost says something - almost attempts to patch the growing rift between you.
But then you do what you always do when you’re in pain. You square your shoulders - straightening your back as your face blanks to something untouchable.
“Why must everything be a fucking fight with you?”
He had decided to help his brother after that. Died again. Ruled Asgard while you ran off with Thor to search for Infinity Stones.
He had been slightly tickled when you had mourned him. He had watched you while disguised as Odin. Enjoyed the moments you had sobbed into his chest. Your beauty twisting into something horrified and forlorn. The first time he’d ever seen you look broken and grief-stricken. It had sated him in a strange way. 
Maybe - you had cared for him more than he had thought?
But - what did it matter? It did not. He had Asgard beneath him - hundreds of loyal subjects and the freedom to do as he pleased. 
He had power and it tasted like the drip and pulse of a ripe fruit.
Perhaps, he’d forget you. A thousand years of craving and perhaps he would…
You’re drunk on Sakaar. Thor had yet to crash land - yet to ruin the moment.
It is just you and Loki and you haven’t been able to find a way off of this planet. It’s torn you up and once again he is reminded of your dedication to his brother - your genuine loyalty. 
“May I join you?”
You turn your head, brilliant eyes raking over him before your lips drift into a slow smile. Your lashes flutter - your skin flushed with sweat and heat and the throb of liquor. 
“You’re my only friend here,” you shrug. “Sure.”
“A friend?” he smirks. “Haven’t had that title for quite some time.”
He eases himself into the stool beside you - snatching your glass of chemical green alcohol. He sniffs it and nearly chokes. 
You lean against him - your bare arm brushing his leathers. You’re loose and pretty and Loki can see the glimmer of your spit on your lower lip. He’d like to take it between his teeth. 
“Do you think Thor’s dead,” you whisper - your breath warm on his bare neck - whistling past the curtain of his hair.
His brother. His fucking brother. 
Thor wedging himself between you - splintering every fucking interaction.
And then another part of Loki - a smaller, more intimate, more buried piece of himself thinks:  no - he can’t be - that wouldn’t do. It wouldn’t just end like that.
“I don’t know,” he offers - lamely.
You clutch his hand - just as you did when his mother died. 
“Loki,” you murmur and he stiffens. You lean forward - nudging your cheek against his own. He is stricken with the punch of your hair - the expensive oils that the Grandmaster had gifted you for simply “looking like a tender little tart” - whatever that means. Your silky dress spills into his lap as you push yourself into the bulk of his chest. He can’t breathe and he tries to still the twitch in his fingers.
“What - what is it?” 
“I missed you.” You peer up at him with a half-lidded gaze. He grips the edge of the bar to anchor himself.
“I missed you.”
You slump against him and he gently tries to maneuver you into a less awkward position. He wraps his arm around your waist and you whimper like he’d just slid his fingers into your cunt.
“I’m afraid I’m confused, darling,” he husks - playing with a lock of your hair that had fallen out of your bun. “We’ve been together the last few weeks.”
“No - that’s not what I meant.”
You sit back, prodding a finger into his shoulder. You miss the mark and it goes directly into his jaw.  He rubs it - grimacing. 
“Please enlighten me.”
“You’ve been gone, Loki,” you accuse - your brow pinching in frustration.  “You’ve - you’re not who you used to be.”
He scoffs. “I am exactly as I was.”
“There are hundreds of years between us, Loki,” you murmur - stroking his cheekbone in an act so intimate that it unnerves him. He feels out of his element - he feels tricked and confused. His heart is in his throat and he had forgotten that feeling - the implosion of scattered wings in his belly when you had put your attentions to him.
It truly felt as if the bleach-bone circle of the sun was expanding across his skin - warming him and blinding him all at once.
It was the same with Thor. When Thor focused on you, it was as if no one else existed. 
“Would you like to know a secret?” Your body is flush against his side - the opening in your dress revealing the succulent shadows of your breasts.
“And what would that be?”
“I thought you were sweeter than your brother.”
He - he does not expect that. It must be written across his face because you giggle. “Loki,” you tease - his name coming out fluid and lusty and like a whole breathy whine. “You and I both know that Thor used to be a smug bastard who fucked before he thought.” You frown. ‘Or did I mean fight before he thought.”
“Both apply,” he reasons tightly. 
“Yes,” you agree. “I suppose.”
“I wasn’t very nice,” He turns himself more fully towards you - his palm dragging across the hinge of your jaw. “I wasn’t,” he repeats as if to prove a point.
“You were to me.”
Yes - he thinks. Yes because I loved you and I could do nothing but wait and hope and he had felt nothing of hope since. 
His life had singularly sped down a path of failure after failure and he had lost his way - grinding his heels into the dirt because he refused to submit.
He drops his chin - his mouth hovering just above yours - the slight puffs of air between your lips as you blink up at him. He could kiss you now - he could take you to his quarters and have you as he had always dreamt. 
No. You were drunk and confused and emotional. You curl your fingers into his cape. 
“Loki,” you breathe again.
“What if Thor is dead?”
He sighs.
He had disappointed you. He had seen the way your eyes narrowed on Sakaar as he once again attempted to betray his brother. Maybe - it had hurt you terribly. Maybe - it hadn’t at all because you expected it from him. 
He recalls with stark clarity the way you had ripped your arm out of his grasp when you had seen Thor in the arena. 
“He’s here? He’s fucking here? Did you know?”
“No - I did not!”
Another lie, but what did it matter? He had no idea why he was even trying and yet he was. He was helplessly attempting to once again paint himself as a good man - as a man that you would wish for - long for - want. 
He watched you.
As he trembled and spasmed and sizzled at your feet, he watched your pretty face screw up into a scowl. 
“Really?” you hissed. “Pick a side, Loki.” 
You had turned on your booted heel, running back to Thor and all of his glory. 
If Loki’s tongue would have worked, he would have spoken:
It’s always my side, sweet one. It always is. I just wished you’d come to it.
The Grandmaster’s Ship is blessedly huge. He can avoid his brother and Banner and the Valkyrie. He can avoid you. 
He doubts he can avoid Heimdall’s all-seeing gaze, but that was out of his hands.
He stood by his brother as they crowned him. He’d accepted it - honored it even. He was exhausted - depleted. He didn’t have a lot of fight left in him.
He whirls around and there you are, leaning against the doorway to his quarters. He’ll probably be forced to share - a truly wretched thought. There were hardly enough beds for the remnants of Asgard’s population. 
But for now - it is his until Thor forces him to have some dreadful roommate. As long as it’s not Banner.
Your lips quirk as you cross your arms over your chest. There’s a cut crusted over the plump of your cheek. A bruise swelling below your eye. Your lip is purpled - fat from a hit. 
You look fierce and beautiful and he longs to touch you.
“Come to gloat?”
You brow wrinkles, confusion rocking across your features. “Gloat about what?”
“Thor being king.”
You step toward him. “No - I wouldn’t do that.”
“I betrayed you,” he points out. “Again.”
“You came back.”
He falters. He realizes quite suddenly that you aren’t regarding him with any anger or malice. You appear…hopeful…appreciative?
“I can assure you that it was all done with my own self-interests in mind.”
You sidle closer until you’re flush against his chest. “I wouldn’t think anything less.”
“What are you doing?” he grunts.
“You want me,” you declare - as if it is simple - as if it is just want.
“I suppose I haven’t been very subtle about that.”
A thousand years of yearning. A thousand years of waiting.
It’s just here in the open - the truth of his love now stretched before him as you pluck and prod it and apparently - accept it - judging by the lingering smile etched across your face.
You cradle his jaw and he flinches - the warmth of your palms feverish against his icy skin. He cannot look at you - not straight on. He is reminded again of the sun - too blinding and painful and so he shuts his eyes. 
Then there is the relief of your mouth on his - wet and plush and giving.
It is as he expected it to be. You slide down on his cock with your arms wrapped behind his neck. You’re fully seated in his lap - your cunt like a soaked fist around him as you ride him slow as syrup.
He plants his feet so he can snap his hips up into you - thrust himself as deep as he can get as you writhe and whimper and pant: Loki Loki Loki
He slips his tongue across the slit skin of your cheek - savoring the coppery tang of dried blood. He peppers kisses over the bruises and scrapes. He is struck through with awe as he wrenches his hand into your hair and yanks it hard enough that you gasp so he can plunge his tongue into the molten cup of your mouth.
You shudder against his parted lips when he angles his pelvis upward and spears his cock into just the right spot. The spongy tissue that blooms with sensation and makes you wet him like a fountain.
“Beautiful thing,” he croons. “Lovely girl - goddess - you feel like - like silk.”
You laugh against his temple. “You don’t have to seduce me, Loki. You’re balls deep already.”
He snorts - giving you another perfunctory thrust that lurches you against him as he swats your ass. The flesh jiggles under his hand . “Fine - you’re such a little brat.”
“You’re one to talk.”
“I can put you over my knee if you’re going to be rude.”
“Is that a promise?”
You lower your mouth to his throat - sucking a bruise into his stone-hard skin. It’s harsh - a sharp pinch of pain and it makes his hips jam up under your thighs. 
“Such a glutton for punishment, my love,” you tease - flicking his nipple. 
He goes rigid - the sweep of my love my love my love drifting through his veins and his chest and his cock. 
It’s a hilarious twist of destiny - his brother taking the crown he so longed for while Loki has you bearing down onto him - your prized cunt fluttering around his length. Your nails biting into his shoulder as you roll your hips over his lap - as he squeezes your ass and drags you forward - slick and wet and smelling of blood and steel and the ash of Hela’s army. 
Perhaps - he had wanted this more. Perhaps - this would be enough. 
More than enough.
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quicksilverownsmysoul · 3 months ago
Madam, A God Does Not Plead
Summary: Based off that line where Loki says Madam a god does not plead. So reader decides to overstimulate him until he breaks and gives in to her
Warnings: smut, overstimulation, sub Loki, +18
Word count: 1653
Tumblr media
Loki’s chest was heaving, his head thrown back against the headboard as you kneeled over him, your hand lazily stroking his long cock. You had been edging him for the past hour, it was your turn to be in charge and he had decided to be a brat. So as punishment you had been denying him his release, waiting for him to break and beg you for what he needed most. “Come on Prince of Asgard,” you purred, your hot breath making him shiver. “Beg me for what you need. You know you want to.”
You pressed an open mouth kiss to his neck, lightly nipping at the skin, before pulling away. You could feel him swallow thickly, forcing down the moans that threatened to spill. Loki forced his eyes open, his pupils complexity blown out. He tired to his best to retain what little dignity he had left. He licked his bottom lip, looking up at you through his tangled sweaty hair, giving you his signature smirk, “Madam, a god does not plead.”
You narrowed your eyes at him, increasing the pace of your movements, pressing hard on his protruding vein. His head flew back, his stomach muscles twitching underneath your palm, he was trying his best to hold back his release. You could feel his cock weeping precum all over your hand, and growing with each movement. You pumped him even faster but then stoped and squeezed the base of his cock, stopping him from cumming. A low growl erupted from him, his eyes looking at you with a mix of malice and desperation.
You mirrored his smirk from earlier “If you won’t plead, then beg.”
“Never.” He hissed out.
You removed your hand from his cock, making him whine at the loss of contact, you sat down on his torso, raking your nails along his chest, leaving angry red marks. “I will break you darling.”
Loki scoffed,“That’s very unlikely my dear you-“ Loki felt his words die in his throat as you began to rock your hips over his flushed member. His cock was pressing against his stomach and you were rubbing yourself over the base of it, putting pressure on his lower belly. You could feel your slick dripping down and mixing with his precum, smearing it over the both of you.
Loki’s knuckles were ghost white as the gripped the wrinkled sheets, his hands itching to grasp your waist and shove himself into you, but he knew better than that. You let out little moans, whining as you nudged the side of your face against his. He craned his neck upward, allowing you to mark his neck as you pleased. “Come on baby.” You mumbled, humming as you watched the deep purple color from your mark form. It contrasted beautifully on his milky white skin. “Plead for your release.” You could feel him twitching underneath you. You lifted yourself off him, denying him yet again. “Beg me.”
His hips rutted up, trying to chase your dripping pussy. He was breathless, looking at you with pitiful eyes, willing you to give him what he wanted. You shook your head at him, needing to hear him say it. You put your knees on either side of him, leaning close, your breasts dangling in front of his face. “You know I could just leave you here.” His eyes widened at your threat.
“You wouldn’t dare.” He watched as you slowly moved off of him, you gave his hard member one last squeeze, the tip was angry and red as it weeped onto his stomach. You made your way to the door, your hand ghosting over the knob. “Wait.” The call was soft, barely audible. You turned back to face him.
You came back to the bed, your fingers tracing the outline of his cock as he hummed in delight at your touch. You removed your hand making him buck up. “Please.” It was soft and desperate.
“Please what?” You asked, wanting to push him even further.
“Please fuck me.” You smirked at his pleading, it was minimal but for someone like Loki, it was practically begging.
“Why didn’t you say so sooner.” You lowered yourself onto his member in one quick movement.
“You little minx.” He growled. You gave him a warning look and lifted yourself off, threading to leave. He reached out for you his eyes blown wide. “Please, please. Help me.”
“That’s more like it.” You let yourself fall back into him and you moaned together, loving the feeling of finally being connected in the way you needed the most. You began to rock your hips, swirling them hard and fast. Loki’s eyes were squeezed shut as he thrusted up into you, his hips meeting yours, desperately trying to bring you both to your releases.
You clenched around him, making him groan and spill himself deep inside you. His grip on your hips were bruising as he continued to move your cunt on his member even after his and yours release. Overstimulating you both before letting you collapse onto his chest. You could feel him softing inside of you, letting him stay in, knowing how much he loved being connected to you even after cumming.
You felt his arms warp around you, pulling you impossibly closer to his chest. You hummed, tracing the outline of his peck. He hooked his finger under your chin, making you look up at him. He gave you a soft kiss, you returned it, pulling away with a smile. “I thought you said a god doesn’t plead.”
He hummed and brushed your hair away from your face. “A god doesn’t, but for you I’ll make an exception.”
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lazy-cat-corner · 4 months ago
Loki: [hands goldfish] Hey Casey, here’s that fish I was talking about.
Casey: 🥺 OMG he’s so cute I love him I’m gonna name him Loki and he’ll be my best friend! I’ll feed him and take him on walks and teach him how to play fet-
Loki: So since I gave you a present, it’s only fair you give me one too, right? Like a “welcome to the office” paperweight or idk stones something like that.
Casey: [opens drawer] What’s your favorite color?
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lostalioth · a month ago
𝘮𝘰𝘳𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘴 𝘪𝘯 𝘢𝘴𝘨𝘢𝘳𝘥 ; 𝘭𝘰𝘬𝘪
Tumblr media
summary: “loki..” you whine and press your ass against him, wanting more as a small knot begins to form in the pit of your stomach. “well good morning to you too needy girl, I’ll get you there baby don't worry” he reassured.
warnings: smut, loki x fem!reader, somnophilia, morning sex [unprotected], soft loki, loki cums inside reader, praise kink, cock warming at the end, nicknames [darling, princess]
note: I didn’t post anything for two days and I am sorry I haven’t been feeling the best as of late! this short and hasn’t been proof read so sorry if it is shit.
Mornings in Asgard were quite tranquil and beautiful, the birds chirping and flying around, the morning dew on the grass in the garden. The small sounds of all Asgard’s people slowly awakening and going about their days. You never wanted to get out of bed, the silk sheets and soft green blankets consuming your bare body, Loki’s hot swollen tip pushing through your wet folds.
Loki had woken up achingly hard with your gorgeous naked body all out on display for him. He couldn’t help himself, he also knew that you wouldn’t mind waking up to his cock buried between your legs. Even if he had only fucked you senseless just hours ago before bed. You were laid deep in sleep on your side with the god on his side behind you. “Fuck” Loki hissed as his head begins to push into your tight entrance.
You whine in your sleep due to the ache of your cunt being used once again. “There you go princess, I knew you could take me again” he praised through his half lidded eyes. Loki was barely awake himself but needed to relieve the pressure that was building in his balls. Your body stirs merely for a moment just as he bottoms out inside you “no, no come here darling” he lightly scolds your involuntary action and pulls your back against his chest. He rests his one arm over your side and under your breast’s hold you against him, his other begins to lift your leg to give him a better angel. “You feel so good my love” he grunts as he starts to rock his hips against your plump ass. His cock lazily and softly dragging against your walls as you squeeze his shaft periodically. You mewl softly in your sleep as he continued his soft and groggy thrusts inside you.
Loki gently leaves small kisses up your shoulder and up to your ear. The kisses begin to softly pull you from your delicious dream. “You just look so pretty like this my love, so pretty and pliant for your god in the morning” he growls lowly in your ear, his breath hot on your neck. You whimper as you finally awake, your eyes fluttering open and sleepily moaning. “Loki..” you whine and press your ass against him, wanting more as a small knot begins to form in the pit of your stomach.
“Well good morning to you too needy girl, I’ll get you there baby don't worry” he reassured you as he brought a hand up to your mouth, and slipped his fingers through your soft lips.
“Get my fingers wet would you darling”
You eagerly nod and begin to suck and coat his fingers with your saliva through your dazed state. “Good girl” he praised with a growl in your ear before he took his fingers out and dipped them through your other lips. You squirm a bit as he begins to rub and pleasure your clit, it causes his cock to almost slip out. “Stay still princess” he grunts and slams his throbbing cock inside you once again.
You left out a loud gasp that morphs into a whine as Loki continues his slow and agonizing pace inside you. “Don't whine you greedy girl, I told you I’d get you there and I will” he scoffs and starts his toying of your clit over. “Do you doubt your god?” He questioned will speeding up his still lazy and I patterned thrusts.
“I don’t my love, I’m sorry I just wanna cum” you moan and press your ass back gently meeting Loki’s thrusts. “I know darling, just a little bit longer I wanna cum with you okay princess?” He whispers as he buried his face in your neck and speeds up his thrusts more, chasing both of your highs.
The knot begins to grow and grow and so does your exhaustion. “Darling” you whine as a warning for how close you are “I know baby, I know” he mumbled against your neck as he thrusted deep and hard inside you, his tip kissing your cervix and staying in place. “Cum darling, cum for your god like a good girl” he commands with a growl and his high comes crashing over him, spilling inside you.
You let out a big whimper as your orgasm comes crashing into you, nearly knocking the air out your lungs. As you release all over Loki’s cock a sleepy smile forms on his face. “There you go good girl, such a good girl for me princess” he nods his head against your neck as he rocks his hips and guides yours, ridding out your highs. You visibly keen at his praise and melt into his chest as you close your eyes again. You begin falling back to sleep now wrapped and pressed against Loki’s warm body.
Loki is lulled back to sleep from soft sounds of your little whines as his hips keep rocking against yours until he is out cold. His cock sat heavy inside you, keeping the mixture of your fluids inside you.
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