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It’s Roman’s Fairy Godmother And The Dragon Witch

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It has been 1416 days since we saw the dragon witch

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It has been 1415 days since we saw the dragon witch

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It has been 1414 days since we saw the dragon witch

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Aight it’s like almost 1am here so BULLET FICS BABEY-

  • Elizabeth is not having this sh**
  • “I’m not even that sick I can make dinner”
  • “You are running an almost 110 fever. You’re going to overheat.”
  • “I’m fine!”
  • “Remus?”
  • Remus proceeds to just
  • Lay across his mum like a limp sack of potatoes
  • Shes trapped now the rat has prevented any escape attempts
  • Roman tells her bedtime stories while Belladonna makes her some soup
  • The twins are very upset that they cant have mommy kisses from both moms before bed
  • Also that they have to take medicine so they domt also get sick
  • She gets better tho that’s the important part
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It has been 1413 days since we saw the dragon witch

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It has been 1412 days since we saw the dragon witch

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1,402 days and she still hasn’t shown herself. This is truly a tragedy

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It has been 1411 days since we saw the dragon witch

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1,401 days without the ever so lovely dragon witch. I’m back!! Hopefully I’ll stay and won’t just disappear again. I hope you all had a good holiday season

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It has been 1410 days since we saw the dragon witch

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It has been 1409 days since we saw the dragon witch

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It has been 1408 days since we saw the dragon witch

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If there was one holiday tradition that never got old for the Prince-Duke family, it was visiting Roman’s moms. Virgil was happy that it gave him an excuse not to visit his own parents, and the kids were just happy because lesbian grandmas meant better presents.

“Alright everyone you’ve got five minutes left to get ready!” Roman called up the stairs, followed immediately by lots of scrambling.

“Honestly it’s like living with raccoons,” Roman said, rolling his eyes.

“Well you say I look like one almost every day, so what were you expecting our kids to be like?” Virgil replied with a laugh, pulling Roman down by the scarf and placing a kiss on his lips.

“You got me there,” Roman replied with a laugh.

Soon enough four children were lined up in front of the door, ready to go.

The trip from Roman’s house in New Orleans to his mother’s house back in Gainesville was of course, extensive, but Virgil was happy here with him, so Roman never minded the drive.

“Oh my goodness! You’ve all gotten so much bigger the last time we saw you!” Was Elizabwth’s first response when they walked through the door.

“You’ll be taller than your mother and father in no time,” Belladonna said from the couch with a laugh.

“That’s not exactly a difficult task,” Roman said, snickering. Virgil proceeded to elbow him in the gut.

“Ow!” Roman yelped.

“Think before you speak next time then,” Virgil retorted.

“Merry Christmas midgets,” Remus had, evidently, joined the party.

“Hey just because you stole all the tall genes-” Roman was silenced by the smirk on Virgil’s face.

“Well are we going to eat or not?” Said Belladonna.

“I’m starving,” Helena said with a groan.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Elizabeth said before rushing to the kitchen.


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1,390 days without her. Why won’t she show herself?

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  • Roman woke everyone up at 3am because he heard footsteps and thought it was santa
  • Turns out the local raccoon has figured out how to open doors
  • Remus is very excited about receiving a pet raccoon for christmas
  • No one has the heart to tell him no so he does in fact have a raccoon now
  • Its name is Muffin
  • So of course the twins both get shepherded back to their room because four year olds arent supposed to be up at 3am
  • But now they’re all excited because they have a Christmas Racoon so Santa MUST be nearby
  • So Remus u n d o e s t h e w i n d o w
  • And had Roman climb on the roof
  • The very slanted roof
  • Long story short Christmas racoon ended up having to retrieve the moms and christmas morning was spent paying for medical bills
  • Don’t climb roofs in the middle of the night kids
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Romulus: *Exists*


Remus: 👁👄👁

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WOW! 4 year of Sanders sides is here!! I can’t believe it, It’s been such an adventure and I can’t wait to see where it goes next! To the man himself, Thomas Sanders! CHEERS!! <3

(side note, this is the design for thedragn witch, their human form!)

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I’d like to be a little more active here instead of just lurking all the time so heres a quick lil dragon witch sketch.

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Thomas Sanders Character Rankings

9th Place

1 Vote each

The Critic, Corbin (Cartoon Therapy), and the Dragon Witch

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