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#ts dragon witch

No one ever really plans for a matricide, but no one ever plans for their son turning into a maniacal monster either.

Yet here was Elizabeth, waking up covered in blood, and turning to find her wife bleeding out on the bed next to her.

“BELLADONNA!-” Elizabeth bolted out from under the covers to bring Belladonna closer to her.

Sure enough, there was a distinctly blackening sword wound.

“Bella its ok- itll be ok- stay awake for me please,” Elizabeth could hardly manage to tear herself away to get her wand, Belladonna was just barely responsive.

One wave, nothing.

Two waves, nothing.

And finally, on three, the wound sealed itself shut.

“Bella?” Elizabeth said quietly, running her fingers over Belladonna’s face.

“I’m here Liza, I’m here,” Belladonna said quietly.

“We’ve got to do something about Romulus,” Elizabeth said.

“Find Virgil, Remus can stay here with me, now go, quickly,” Belladonna said, practically shoving Elizabeth away before she could protest.

“So Roman has an evil form of himself then?” Virgil said, his fingers were tapping quite fast at the table between them.

“Yes, but it’s an easy fix, you only need two things, first, find Roman’s true self, most likely hidden in the woods, and second, you need to kiss both the sleeping form, and Romulus,” Elizabeth said, Virgil’s nose scrunched up in disgust.

“And I have to kiss Romulus, no exceptions?” Virgil replied.

“Unfortunately, yes,” Elizabeth responded. She watched as Virgil stood up to leave.

And breathed a heavy sigh of relief when she found Roman’s arms wrapped around Belladonna’s waist when she got home.


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1365 days with no d.w.

As for our theories as to where she might be. So far, we have:

  • She’s dead (Roman killed her in which we would have to as Remus to revive her)
  • She’s on vacation
  • She is lost in the imagination (direction is difficult dear, I know)
  • Remus ate her (wtf man)
  • Remus or Orange is the dragon witch
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