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#tua cast

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Just how many Cubes are there in this show?? Also the cards, the get up, what is this???

#my brain working in circles trying to figure this out

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You know, ever since someone mentioned that Corpse should voice Christopher the Cube I can’t get it out of my head.

Needless to say, if that ever happens we will all collectively lose our heads omg 😂😂😌


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umbrellaacad: meet the sparrows 🐦💥


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merry chrylser to:

  • bitches who believe in lila pitts supremacy
  • elliot page simps
  • bitches with a massive crush on justin min
  • bitches who think emmy raver-lampman is underrated
  • peeps that gag at the thought of incest
  • bitches that don’t hate luther
  • bitches who will not hesitate to hit anyone who bullies aidan gallagher
  • bitches who understand he’s a minor and don’t sexualize him
  • lads who think five and vanya are twins
  • bitches with all the tua conspiracy theories
  • bitches who hate reginald with a burning passion
  • bitches who think vanya is a lesbian rather than bi
  • diego x lila shippers
  • bitches who want abba on the s3 soundtrack
  • bitches who think the young tua kids are underrated
  • bitches who think five and luther are asexual solidarity
  • bitches who just want to see klaus happy
  • and stressed gays who consider tua to be their comfort show
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Thanks! I’m bad at social media myself, and even though I’m a fan of Robert I’m not actually within the sphere of knowing these details about him not being on social media often, so I appreciate the info. I had heard they were close and from what I’ve seen I’ve assumed Robert was an ally, but I’ve never actually seen anything about his explicit support and I guess I was just a little in my head about not seeing his response so I wanted confirmation that it was normal for him to not be making a public comment :)

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Aidan Gallagher would be great Batman when he grows up. He has a chin for it.

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me, after watching the first episode of the umbrella academy: this is really cool, and i like the characters, but diego is kind of an asshole

me, exactly two episodes later: y’all better not be SHITTING on my SON diego hargreeves because he is a SOFT and SAD little bean who deserves HUGS

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