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What Kinds of Coffee the Hargreeves Drink:

Allison: I feel like she drinks frappuccinos?? Like, they’re not HEAVILY caffeinated, so she likes them.

Klaus: Iced coffee. No doubt. He’s THAT kind of gay. Or Irish coffee, if you catch my drift

Five: Black coffee. Just straight, strong, black coffee.


Ben: Lattes or cappuccinos. He likes the little drawings in the foam:)

Diego: Americano. I can’t explain it, he just gives off americano vibes.

Luther: You think Luther drinks coffee?? He drinks decaf green tea, motherfucker.

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Five after he found out that he has to stop another “End of the world, everybody fucking dies, and it’s our fault” kinda situation, and he’s both too old and too young to deal with this, and he has to try to get to his dumb, but well meaning siblings again and…


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So with Umbrella academy being adapted into tv the vibes are obviously going to be different. But I didn’t even take into account how different time travel would be for the tv adapted characters vs the comic book characters.


I mean look how different they are from the comic books. Almost all of them are bound to be horribly discriminated against!

  • Luther has a bodily abnormality
  • Diego is latinx
  • Allison’s a women of color
  • Klaus is queer
  • Ben is asian
  • Vanya appears to be queer

This season should be very interesting to say the least. I hope they tell the stories right🖤

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seeing all these posts about the umbrella academy is so weird because i don’t watch it but it’s filmed near where i live so whenever i see videos or gifs or whatever im just like “hey that’s the restaurant i went to” “hey that’s the farmers market” “hey that’s where we park when we go downtown” etc lol

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@totallyevan and i recorded ourselves while we were on the phone on my way back home so we could watch the season 2 trailer. screaming followed—lots of it! :D

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Oh my gosh!!!!!.. I had a feeling that Netflix is gonna drop the trailer soon but it drop the bomb itself.

Ok my initial reaction after watching this trailer

Apocalypse again!!!!!!!

Fucking Klaus started a cult!!!!!!!.. Look how everybody is worshipping him!!


Okkaayyy apparently everybody is busy doing something in this era


Klaus and Ben, ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Oooh soo the Commisoner is Minion from MegaMind. That sneaky little fish!!

Wtf!!! Wtf?!!!! Thats fucking Reginald Hargreeves aaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

I am blown away by this trailer. I cant wait for the series and i cant wait to share my thoughts with all you… See you on july 31st.

Also if anybody dont know or forget who Minion is its this guy

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