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Do you see me nowadays… When was the last you heard me truly speak?

I dreamt of your smile, its been a while.


Peer that hardened gaze my dove, the call of circling sparrows beckon the warmth of the home we made.

The ambered leaves left me in the strangest daze. The pier toward all the places we said we’d travel to abandoned to crowds we used to be kin to.

I remember the path yet the closer I ventured, the further it strayed. I caught the peculiar gaze of your reflection.

They tell me time is my fine, and that you remain aligned to lines outside my reach. I try to work through it, walk the other way, my soul slumped toward my waist as if expecting an imminent breach.

Though your voice resists the fade, the softest ping, the only hand upon my first love’s ring. The one I fell for, even in my mind’s eye be it in stillness, the relentless wake or the under the immersive sway of Vigilant slumber.

I know you sensed the slightest shift towards an anxious drift, we could rewind the arms of time just to reach that November when noone could tell us the days from nights apart. Before we grew, when all knew was the shortest distance between our hearts irrespective of the path.

Isn’t that when we really conceded that for us atleast that’s when life really started.

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