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My Top Posts in 2021
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some normie geralt and onlyfans jaskier, based on the twitter post by @sad-comet
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Love, darling, sweetheart
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Whoah 🥴💞
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batshit-birds · 4 months ago
Tim: i don't get what classifies as a bad dream anymore
Tim: whenever i have a sickass dream, i tell my friends about it and they tell me i had a 'nightmare, are you okay Tim' like yeah i'm fine?
Tim: nightmares are fun. They're funmares.
Dick: *inhales*
Tim: suggest therapy and i disappear
Dick: alright
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girl-by-the-lake · a month ago
To celebrate Souya’s birthday, I’m rearranging my apartment and watching my favorite twin episodes of Ouran (because thats the only place I can get my blue haired twin unless i reread the manga 😭). I’ve taken apart one antique bed, have moved it to the other bedroom, am currently putting it back together, and will then put together the other antique bed, all by myself, COVID be damned.
I am only a little light headed. I am thriving.
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duke-rarepairs · 4 months ago
There was a time I was deeply mistaken about Duke Thomas. You know, I considered him - not the most "normal" one of Batfam, no; I remember him jumping out of the moving vehicle all too well. But, you know, the one who had the normalest, safest life out of all Batkids, before his parents were jokerized. 
And, you know, I couldn't be more wrong. Though, depends on how do you define normal, I guess: for Duke, and for all other kids of his generation in Gotham, it is normal. It's how their life is. One day, Riddle just floods the city, takes over, takes Gotham hostage, literally, and severs any ways of evacuation. Escape. Even during Cult, or No Man's Land, there was a chance to run away. Few days at the least. But here, no.
Tumblr media
And I don't know if Duke is catching fish in a flooded subway station because there's something like, really wrong with the food supply (read: non-existent; after a month of the total blockade, yeah, I see it) and it's the real dinner right here, or is it just a fun thing to do (also, please note, that whatever the case, he caught that fish with a stick. A stick).
And what you also need to consider here, as a testament for Duke's character, is that his parents at this point are both alive and well (as well as anyone could be in this circumstances), so he's not fishing because he has no other choice because his parents don't care for him. They do! He's not abandoned or neglected! So this right here is because Duke wants to help them.
Honestly, for me, this whole Zero Year - Dark City storyline, and the way Duke was living, and other kids must have too, like the Rows (also featured in the story, I think), it's... Not that much different from living on occupied territories. Or near an active war zone, where nothing is blowing up right this minute (well; sometimes), but the active fighting can start at a drop of the hat (read: you could die at the drop of the hat). And it really fucks you up, even if you're an adult; and it's far worse for kids. But. You see how Duke spends his time?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A more badass introduction of a character, I've never seen it. It's low-key on the build-up, just a random kid, weirdly into crosswords but okay, and then it's like, whoah! It hits you like a freight train.
Like. People die when they offer riddles to Nygma and he solves them. Lucius Fox is getting ready for this sad end by giving Nygma a riddle by the time Batman finds him. And here's Duke, just a boy - just a little guy - and he's like. I don't know a riddle that will kick Nygma's butt but I'm going to train myself for it. I'm going to end Nygma. Not: I will try. But: Yeah, I am going to do it.
He's not just training his mind. This resolve, this certainty. He's like. Someone has to take down Riddler, might as well be me. Is it crazy? Only if I fail. And he's ten.
And it's not because he's ten, either.
He's a teenager in We Are Robins when he joins the Robin movement - not just dangerous (their first team-up mission, one of them dies), but also soon to be outlawed one (in Robin War).
He's an adult in Future State - and he becomes the most wanted, the one who helps and saves so many people he becomes the biggest problem for the dystopian government of FS. Not Red Hood, not Nightwing, not Batman or others. Him.
And - he's the last hero, the Final Knight, of Dark Multiverse in Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Dark Nights Metal. There's no hope left, there's not even fear - but: "There is only the dark, and the monsters it hides. And me, left to hunt them through the Dark Multiverse."
I think it's fitting, that even at the end of basically everything, Duke is like, there's a job to be done and someone has to do it. Might as well be me.
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x-reader-theater · a year ago
Spence starts showing up to work with more expensive clothes like designer shoes and meaby even designer wool vests and the team is kinda worried that Spencer has picked up another addiction, gambling. (Except of course Spence is a genius and winns all the time but an addiction is an addiction) But Spency is all like 'nah i just gotta crazy ass rich boyfriend' and the boyfriend (reader) is like a brain surgeon and crazy rich because of that. So obviously the team wants to meet the reader over at dinner in the readers huge ass mansion so Rossi and the reader bond over being rich or something and the team is happy that Reid finally found someone nice
Sorry I didn't get to everything. I hope this is still good :) Edited by @mystic-writes
Warnings: Light Cursing and me knowing way too much about fashion for no reason other than it was a hyperfixation for me at one point. Also no Gucci because it has become less Haute Couture and more everyday couture because of how big it's moved away from runways and how ugly their shit is. It's not artistic. I could go on for hours but I won't bore you.
Tumblr media
Gif by @reidgifs
Spencer walks into the office, adjusting his new glasses on his face. The round frames are new, and not something he's quite used to yet, but the thin metal of the eyeglasses isn't in his vision as much, and he isn't bumping into as many things as before.
"Whoah," Derek says as Spencer sits down. "You got new glasses, Pretty Boy?"
Spencer nods. "My contacts dried up last night, so I decided to wear my glasses. My boyfriend's been pushing me to wear them ever since he got them for me for my birthday," he explains, pushing them up his nose.
"Your boyfriend, huh?" Emily asks, sitting down at her own desk. "Probably why you're wearing something you wouldn't normally wear. I mean, you're the epitome of nerd. You usually don't wear anything but square glasses."
Spencer rolls his eyes and takes his glasses off, putting them on the desk. He's not going to wear them if they're going to make fun of him.
Derek plucks them off the desk and takes a closer look, making sure not to touch the lenses, but he tries to see what kind of glasses they are. "Dior?"
Emily looks up at that, holding her hand out to grab the glasses. Derek hands them over and she inspects them as well, gasping. "Your boyfriend got you *Dior* glasses? These must have been expensive!"
Spencer shrugs. "He never tells me how much things are. Says I can look it up if I'm curious."
"Okay, well, I'm curious," Emily says as she sets down the glasses, and Derek rushes over to her computer, looking over her shoulder.
Spencer puts his glasses back on and takes an awkward picture of himself before sending it to you.
"Holy shit…" Derek says, leaning into the screen more.
"Spencer, those glasses are worth almost three hundred dollars," Emily explains.
Spencer just ignores her as you text him back, "*Wow. You look amazing. I'm so glad I got those for you.*"
He grins at his phone before putting it away. Emily and Derek are still gawking at him when JJ walks by and stops, before saying, "I like your glasses, Spence. They really suit you."
He grins again and replies, "Thanks."
Spencer walks up to the jet, new go-bag in hand, and when he walks on, all eyes are on him. He places the go bag overhead, before sitting down. He crosses his legs so one of his ankles is resting on his knee, showing off his new shoes as well.
"So…" Derek says, trailing off, obviously not wanting to be the first one to speak. "Where'd you get that new go-bag?"
"My boyfriend," Spencer says casually, reaching into his messenger bag and pulling out a book.
"And he just so happened to buy you a limited edition Louis Vuitton duffle?" Rossi asks.
Spencer shrugs as Emily says. "His shoes. They're Prada too. Expensive. Probably a thousand or more. They're from the newest collection."
"How the hell does your boyfriend have money like this?" Derek asks.
"He's a brain surgeon. And I always chip in a little for the things he gets me," Spencer says casually, as if this isn't a big deal. "Besides. You should see his closet. It's full of things right off the runway. He took me to Milan last year and bought a bunch of Haute Couture with, and for, me."
Everyone just stares there, gawking at Spencer, before Hotch cuts in, saying, "Focus. We have work to do. We're leaving in 15."
You grin at Spencer, who's wearing his matching, light brown coloured, wool, Yves Saint Laurent suit with his Versace, black shirt with the gold pattern on the collar, and he's even wearing the glasses and Prada shoes you bought him. You yourself are clothed head to toe in a classic, houndstooth Channel original from one of their 2006 runways.
"You look incredible," you say, holding a hand out on the table.
Spencer blushes as he grabs it. "You say that all the time."
"Well, I guess you look amazing all the time," you say with a shrug and a smirk. "I love when you wear the things I buy for you."
"People at work are starting to notice how expensive it is," Spencer says, almost ashamed to be saying this.
You roll your eyes and squeeze his hand. "Please. It doesn't matter what they think. As long as you like it," you say. "And besides, I'm going to get it if I can afford it. It goes back to the designers and helps them make more."
You shrug as you say this. "I know… and I feel good in it…"
"Then what's the problem?" you ask, kissing his knuckles.
"I guess I'm just embarrassed," he says.
You shake your head. "Don't be. They should be embarrassed for not looking nearly as good as you." Spencer blushes but grins and you kiss his hand one more time before letting go and looking at the menu for the upscale, French, expensive restaurant you're sitting in. "I heard from a friend at this fashion school that this atelier is going to finish out his four years at the school with a new and intriguing runway. I was going to go to it. If you're not busy, maybe you'd want to come with me?"
Spencer just smiles and picks up his own menu. "If I'm not busy, I would love to."
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kimthwariru · 9 months ago
Namjoon reaction—calling him a ‘friend’ when he clearly has a thing for you
Tumblr media
❀genre: smut, a bit of fluff
❀collage au
(This was originally supposed to be a quick reaction but something happened to me and I couldn’t stop writing)
“Look, Jisoo, I’d agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong” you flash a cheeky smile at your best friend. She’s being going on and on about how this Kim Namjoon guy had a thing for you.
You can’t lie, you’ve seen him around in campus and sometimes you’d wish he would suffocate you with these thighs of his. Ugh. The perfect combo, lean yet masculine physique with a brain that actually functions for a change. You’ve seen the way these collage girls were circling him around and you can’t blame them, the guy was a catch.
But he was not your crowd of people. He was outgoing, social and had loads of what you like to call “the lad friends”. You guessed his main activities were partying and getting shitfaced every night.
You’ve talked to him a couple of times. He uses the same bench as you to read now and then. You would eventually take sneak peeks at the books he was reading, check if he had any taste or not, and the result was always better than what you expected. This guy knew books. He was not just reading what was on the best seller’s that week to look sophisticated in front of others.
When he caught you peaking he’d started having small talk with you. You swear you’ve never experienced a better conversation flow with another human being. This guy screamed comfort. He seemed genuinely curious about the things you were saying. None of that painful act of pretending to be interested just because he wanted to get laid. You had been talking with him for a month straight and aside from a few moments of some what flirty looks his actions never suggested something more.
His aura was welcoming and he always paid attention to the little things. Unlike some other shallow guys out there, he felt…different.
But how different could he really be? You’ve seen the people he hangs out with. Kim Taehyung? He had a relationship with three girls at the same time. Didn’t even apologize for being the biggest jerk in history. You’ve heard Jung Hoseok’s body count was reaching a 3 digit number AND Jeon Jungkook once fucked 4 different girls at the same night.
Just thinking about it makes you sick. It pains you to admit but there’s only one truth to this. Even if Kim Namjoon was interesting, he was definitely a person you needed to stay away from. All the data point to a big fuckboy alert!
“Come on y/n…. If he wasn’t even in the slightest interested in you then why did he tell me explicitly that he wanted you to attend the party??”
“An invitation to a party doesn’t mean anything. Besides, I’m sure I’m not his style. Have you seen the type of girls he hangs out with? Yikes.”
Jisoo smirked at you “Oh, I see you’re stalking him now?”
You shake your head “Don’t be ridiculous! We take Econ together, that’s all. What? Am I supposed to cover my eyes every time I see him?”
“Maybe you should” Jisoo came closer to you “Y/n, we’re going to that party”
“This is a big mistake, I’ll get bored within the hour” You scream at Jisoo over the loud music.
“Don’t be a whiney ass and enjoy yourself for once” she handed you a drink.
Enjoy yourself for once. You and Jisoo’s definition of enjoying one self were clearly very different. You scan the room to look for any familiar faces you could talk to. Unfortunately, not a lot of your acquaintances attended frat parties.
Your head motion immediately pauses when you meet eyes with Namjoon across the garden. Was he looking at you this whole time? You feel your cheeks burn.
Initially, you don’t know how to react but eventually you flash him a small smile and focus back on Jisoo
“Kim Namjoon just gave me the biggest stare of all time” you say as you down your drink
“What!?” Jisoo’s eyes widened “This is the time where I say I told you so.”
You think for a second that maybe Jisoo was right all along. But that just makes the whole thing more dangerous for you. You can’t lie, Namjoon is attractive, but you knew he was trouble. Maybe he liked you today and then liked another girl tomorrow.
Suddenly, you feel a hand touch your shoulder “Hey y/n, Jisoo. Glad you guys made it” Namjoon’s low voice pierced your ears.
Jisoo gave you a look before replying to him “Hey!! We couldn’t miss such a night!” She smiled “right y/n??”
“Yeah!! Totally” you cheer kind of awkwardly.
Namjoon’s eyes fixed on you. You felt his stare eat you up. His whole presence felt angelic yet overwhelming. “Do you guys maybe want to join us? We’re sitting right by the pool”
“Oh! Sure, why not!” Jisoo answered almost immediately
You were walking towards the pool, Namjoon was pacing right next to you, he was so close to the point where you could sort of smell his cologne. You swear you could get drunk off his scent.
“I have to be honest, I didn’t think you’d actually come” He chuckled
“Are you disappointed?” You teased and raised an eyebrow.
You see a dimple smile making its appearance, how can this dude be so incredibly hot and cute at the same time? “I think pleasantly surprised would be the right way to put it”
Why do you feel like you can not breath? He hasn’t said much, yet you feel yourself burn up all of a sudden. “Good to know” you smile back.
“Joon! You have to see this” was the first thing Taehyung yelled when you arrived to the place where the guys were sitting “12 o’clock, Hobi making out with Mina from 3rd year. Can you believe it? After two years of trying to get it, he finally succeeds”
Of course the main talk is girls. No surprise there.
“Jungkook bitch, you owe me 20 bucks” Taehyung eyed Jungkook
Your expression screamed disgust. Apparently, Namjoon noticed “They are not as bad as they seem” he elbowed you.
You give him and awkward laugh “I’ll take your word for it” You lie.
“Guys, this is Jisoo and y/n. Can you stop trying to head lock each other and say hello? You’re embarrassing me” Namjoon introduced the pair of you to the boys who were still arguing about the bet. 
“Oh, hey girls.” Taehyung paused to inspect Jisoo’s face. “Hey, business and shipping? Ain’t it?”
“Oh, yeah, right!” Jisoo smiled
“Hyung aren’t you taking that class for like the third time? How many times can you fail you recon?” Jungkook teased him and Taehyung answered by giving him a slap on the shoulder.
“Hey y/n, do you want to go grab a drink? I think you’ll need it if you are to tolerate these guys” Namjoon offered.
“I trust you know best” you smile and quickly follow behind him. His shoulders wide and his muscles very visible even through his airy shirt. This guy was a whole statue.
“By the way, I’ve never seen you at parties before. I think I saw you once at the December ball but that’s about it. Not really a big fan of these kind of things, are you?” He suddenly said. You can’t really decode his words. How did Kim Namjoon know you even went to the December ball? You’re pretty sure you didn’t even talk to him that night.
“Interested in me much?” You give him a cheeky smile but he was just looking at you, a couple of seconds passed without him responding “I’m only joking! It’s true I don’t really attend these sort sort of things.”
“And what do you do for fun miss y/n?” He laughs and you swear if you could bottle the sound and get drunk on it you would.
“Oh you’ll think I’m lame”
“Try me” he said in a serious tone while starring right through your eyes. Suddenly, your body felt too heavy for your legs to bear. How can he get to you like that?
“Okay…” You start, him looking at you like that didn’t help control your train of thought, but you manage to get a hold of yourself “So you know that little corner cafe on willow street? Every Friday they have these comedy music nights. A guy-“
“Park Jihoon and the little funny guitar, yeah! I used to go there every Friday during my freshman years! Do they still do that old thing? I swear the pun with the atom never failed to make my day.” He started laughing again.
“Whoah what? You’re telling me you’ve been to the shrieking shack?” That place was a little treasure you’d found earlier this year. It was an amazingly cozy place, perfect during the cold winter time. The staff were all so kind and wore these big oversized colorful ties. But the people going there were all much older than you. You’ve never heard someone your age talk about that place. Let alone a person like Namjoon.
“Careful how you talk to a veteran y/n. I’ve basically helped to build the place” he chuckled.
“Y/n is that you?” A familiar voice greeted you.
“Jimin! Oh my god, hey! It’s been ages since I’ve seen you!” You hug him.
Jimin was a great soul, he majored in contemporary dance and ballet. He had been traveling for the past couple of years enrolling in some extra ballet classes in the magical city of Paris. You envied him for his talent and admired him for his passion.
“Girl, you have to come visit me. You’ll love Europe!”
“I would also LOVE to have some money in my wallet” you laugh “Oh Jimin, this is my friend, Namjoon. We go to collage together”
Namjoon gave you a look and soon after shook Jimin’s hand “What’s up. Nice to meet you”
“Nice to meet you too! But y/n, I’m so so sorry, I have to go. I was actually on my way out just now. I sort of uhm, have a thing-you know” he coughed “I’m leaving in two weeks, can we please meet before that?”
You knew Jimin was probably off to his ex boyfriends house. They broke up before Jimin left for Paris but every time he got back he’d have a couple of hookups with him. “Oh yeah! I bet you’ve got something very important right now, you better go quickly” you teased him “I’ll text you tomorrow, ok?”
Jimin laughed so much his eyes were barely visible “definitely! text me! I’ll be off then! Bye mister Kim Namjoon” he playfully said and was out of your sight a second later.
“You two seem…close” Namjoon suddenly commented
“Yeah! We were! But he has been studying abroad for like two years now.”
Namjoon’s facial expression was quite enigmatic “Did you guys ever… you know”
“Oh no no no.” You pause to make a small chuckle “Jimin isn’t exactly interested in, well, girls like me, or to be exact, girls in general”
Namjoon’s eyes widened and he immediately bursted into laughter “oh… I see” he made a pause “So tell me then, how come the old soul that never goes to parties finally attends one?”
You feel your cheeks burn red. Partly because the reason you went was him. You don’t know why, but the past month you and Namjoon hit it off very well and you wanted to test Jisoo’s crazy theory, you wanted to make sure for yourself if Namjoon was interested in you or not. Now the problem was, even if it turned out he did like you, you didn’t know what you’d do exactly. Namjoon was a really nice guy, but he didn’t come without his red flags.
“Just wanted to try something different, I guess”
“And how’s that 'different' treating you so far?”
What could you possibly tell him? That you have enjoyed every minute you guys have been talking? That you think that just by staring at you he could make you feel things no other guy could? You barely can admit all of that to yourself. “I think pleasantly surprised is the right way to put it” you repeat his words from before.
You see him smile at that. “You know what y/n? I’m really happy you came”
How can he make your heart beat so fast with just one sentence? “Oh really? And why is that?”
“I don’t know, I guess… I just like talking to you, you know? Whenever I’m around you I feel at ease, like I can tell you anything. I feel different when I’m with you, but in a good way”
“Wow” that sound escaped your lips without your consent
Namjoon laughed “Why? Is it too weird?”
“No! Definitely not weird, more like, I don’t know, surprising?”
“In what way?”
“Well you’re… Kim Namjoon, you’re the 2021 class president and you’re like the most popular guy in the whole campus right now.” You made a pause “And I’m just..-“
“The most interesting girl I’ve ever met” he cuts you off
The way he was looking down at you made butterflies grow in your stomach “You really think so?”
He gently grabbed your waist and pulled you closer to him “I know so” he leaned down, you swear his eyes had the whole galaxy painted inside of them. You couldn’t even breath properly at this point. Kim Namjoon was too close and the only thing you were thinking about was how well his kiss would feel “God, you’re so beautiful” he said and pulled you in for a soft, gentle kiss.
You couldn’t believe your senses. Kim Namjoon was kissing you and you really thought the earth had stopped spinning right then and there. You could feel his big palms traveling up and down your back.
His kiss was breathless, jubilant, filled with the joy of life, and you should stop him, he is no good to you, you know that, but his scent is delightful and his lips are so warm.
Unconsciously, your hands reach the inside of his shirt. His skin hot and soft at the touch.
"y/n" he practically moans your name, and just the sound makes your knees go week "Don't do that, I don't think I'll be able to stop"
"Who said anything about stopping?" You say and go back to kiss him even more passionately this time.
“There’s a lot of people here, my room is upstairs, would you perhaps want to-“
“Yes.” You immediately say. You don’t care about anything anymore, you’d let your future self deal with the consequences of today’s actions. The only thing that has been lingering in your mind is how good he’d feel inside of you.
The moment you’re finally alone in his room, he lifts you up, swinging you around and kissing you. It was like a dream. Namjoon was everything you wanted. Your reluctance about getting with him didn’t matter any more, the tingly feeling in your stomach overtook every single bit of hesitation you had. You needed him.
“God, you’re lovely” he exhaled
He looks at you as he sinks you down on the bed. Planting a soft kiss before his hands quickly begun to peel away clothes, yanking his belt loose, fumbling hurriedly at his trousers.
You look at his lips tracing your skin and the faint moisture left behind, you look at his muscly arms as he lifts you up and sinks you down again, you look at him looking at you, with eyes brighter than the sun itself. Was this all a dream?
When your dress was finally off he undoes your bra clasp on the way down. Slowly planting kisses on your collarbone, the tops of your breasts, your sternum, and you arched you back as you were needy for more.
His lips finally reach your nipples .Your boobs smooth under his hands, your nipple firm under his tongue, and there, that makes you squirm again, a little more insistently this time.
“Fuck, I’m so fucking wet right now, I feel it” You moan
You see him raise an eyebrow. A vivid smirk painted on his face “Let’s check, shall we?”
He splays his hand low across your belly, and the first brush of his thumb over your clit makes you breathe in sharply and him forget to breathe at all.
“I’m your friend?” He breaths in, his voice dangerously low
“Oh come on” You manage to say in between moans “what was I supposed to tell Jimin?”
His strokes and flicks are light and teasing, his thumb carefully circling around your clit. He gives you a slow, constant, unyielding pressure that makes your breath come up short, makes your toes curl in the effort not to move.
“I’m gonna fuck the word ‘friend’ right out of your pretty little mouth” he covers your mouth with an intense kiss before slipping two fingers of his free hand inside of you, and you makes a noise like triumph and want all wrapped up together. If his fingers felt like this, you can’t imagine how his dick felt like.
“Hmm?” He doesn’t look up, he keeps his eyes on his hands, on you, spread out beneath him “You like that baby?”
God, just the way the word 'baby' sounded coming from his mouth could make you come right this second. You look at him, his eyes look as hungry as his voice sounded. This dude was out of this world.
“Please Namjoon, I want it, I want you inside of me right now”
Namjoon lowered his underwear, and simply pressed his hard member on your slit. You could feel his balls softly caressing your clit as he made subtle movements while kissing you. “Such a needy little thing” he teases “Tell me how bad you want my cock inside of you”
“Oh..” you moan “I’d do anything, please…give it to me… fuck me like you own me” you whined as you used your pussy to caress his length up and down. He seemed to enjoy they way you touched him.
“Fuck y/n… that feels so good” he rests his forehead on yours.
“Imagine what my inside will feel then” you whisper in his ear “I’m such a tight good girl” you move your mouth in front of his, bitting his bottom lip as he growled when he felt your movement grow faster
“Fucking hell” he immobilized your body with his hands and pressed you down to the bed. He immediately shoves his dick inside you, filing you up to the brim before staying there for a couple of seconds and then pulling out completely. That movement made your vagina crave to be filled all the way up again.
“More” you whine, a dopey expression all over your face. You were so needy of him, but you didn’t care.
He lowered his left hand towards your thigh and gave it a big squeeze, kissing you aggressively while doing so. He quickly braced himself back into you, you felt your walls completely wrap around his member. It felt magical.
His strokes long and steady in the beginning. Every time he went in and out completely you felt the pit of your stomach burn in pleasure. Namjoon was doing everything right, you can’t lie to yourself, this is the best sex you’ve ever had. Normally with other guys you don’t even come close to coming, but now, you feel yourself trying not to do so.
“You like my dick being inside of you baby?” He plants a small kiss on your neck and goosebumps run down your spine.
‘Like’ was nowhere near good enough of a word to explain how much the sensation of him thrusting his hard member in and out of you made you feel. “I love it Namjoon… I just love it…”
Your words must’ve turned Namjoon even more on, because his pace immediately started becoming faster and sloppier. Every time your skin touched a loud sound could be heard. Namjoon was thrusting deeper and deeper into you, and every time he’d fill you up completely you’d cry out his name.
“Ah, I like my name so much better when you fucking moan it like that” he says and started shoving his dick inside of you like crazy. You could tell he was close to coming, and so were you.
It wasn’t long until you felt your walls clenching and your toes curling. The sensation overtook all of your body, it was mad… your heart beat uncontrollable. Namjoon made you feel a completely new range of emotions.
“Ah y/n, I can feel you cumming all over my dick” his voice cracky, You could see how turned on he was by all of this, by you. “Fuck” he shoved harder “You’re so” harder “fucking hot”
Namjoon stopped and pulled out immediately spreading his cum all over your tummy. The sight was breathtaking, you’ve never found a man so attractive while coming before, but then, Namjoon is no ordinary man.
He quickly grabs a couple of tissues and wipes you clean before laying on top of you again, placing another soft kiss this time. His hand playing with your hair. You were both naked and sweaty and a mess but it felt so magical. You wrapped your hands around his broad shoulders, pulling him even closer to you. You didn’t want even a centimeter of distance between you and him.
He suddenly stopped kissing you and simply stared at your eyes. After a minute or two, or maybe three, you're not really sure, time didn't exist right now, he tacked a string of hair behind your left ear.
“Y/n, let me take you on a date. Please. I know you don’t normally go out with guys like me, but I swear I’ll make it worth your while-“
“Park Jihoon and the little funny guitar. How does that sound? Or are you too good for the shrieking shack now?” You chuckled
“I’d love that” he smiled, making your heart melt a little.
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ghostbusters-hq · a year ago
Workplace Distractions (Egon Spengler x Reader)
words: 1.3k
pairing: Egon Spengler x Gender Neutral Reader
summary:  Egon's been working a lot lately so you go to the firehouse to try and distract him for a while. (Established relationship, Egon trying to be a Good Boyfriend, lots of cute stuff!)
Tumblr media
Janine was sitting at her desk, her chin resting on her hand with her eyes cast down at the magazine she was idly flicking through. At the sound of the front door opening, she glanced up.
“Oh, y/n!” she perked up when she saw you, lifting her glasses off her face.
“Hey Janine.” You said, pushing your hands into your jacket’s pockets as you approached her desk.
“What are you doing here, ain’t it your day off?” Janine asked.
“Yeah, I was bored at home. Figured I’d come see what everyone was up to.” You said, and turned to look at the empty space where ECTO-1 was normally parked. You nodded your head towards it and turned back to Janine. “The guys out on a job?”
She nodded.
“Just Ray and Winston.” She said.
“Oh right, nice.” You said, rocking back onto your heels and fidgeting with the few coins that were in one of your pockets. “So um, is-“
“Egon’s upstairs.” She said, giving you a knowing smile, and you felt your cheeks heat up.
By this point, everyone knew that you and Egon were...romantically involved. Not that you minded, of course. In fact, you were actually glad everyone knew, and they were all supportive so that was nice. You just always got a little sheepish whenever it was brought up, even though the two of you had ‘officially’ been going out for a few months now.
“Oh, o-okay! Thanks Janine.” You said, giving her a smile before heading for the stairs.
As expected, you found the elusive Dr. Spengler hunched over his workbench the other side of the room as you reached the top of the stairs. You smiled and headed across to him. He clocked your footsteps as you approached and lifted his head from his microscope, glancing over his shoulder.
“Oh, y/n. I thought you were off today?” he asked.
“Thought I’d come down and bother you instead.” You replied, sidling up to him and giving his arm a playful nudge. He gave you a small smile.
“Fine with me.”
You grinned and peered over his arm to see what was on the desk. “Whatcha working on?”
“Oh.” He said, turning his attention back to his work. “Just taking a closer look at the ectoplasm sample we got yesterday. Very interesting, it’s different to anything else we’ve ever seen...”
He continued talking and you stepped over to an empty part of the workbench and hopped up onto it as you listened to him.
“Sounds pretty cool!” you said, having not actually understood half of the scientific terms he’d used. It didn’t hinder your interest, though. You did genuinely love listening to him speak about his work. He seemed vaguely amused by your summarisation.
“Yes, I’d say it was pretty cool.” He said.
His attention returned to his microscope, and you bit your lip as you watched him.
“So, um…” you said after a minute, breaking the silence. Egon didn’t look up from what he was doing, but you knew he was listening.
“I was thinking, maybe we could…go out for pizza later?” you asked, restlessly swinging your legs.
“I-If you’re not too busy, that is. It’s okay if you have work to finish.” You added quickly, not wanting to pressure him.
Egon looked up and you had your eyes cast down at your lap, fiddling with the hem of your shirt. He suddenly realised he had been working an awful lot lately and you had been incredibly patient with him – as you always were, and he never took your patience for granted.
“I’d love to.” He said, straightening up.
“Really? You’re sure you’re not too busy?” you asked.
Egon smiled and moved across to where you were sitting on the edge of his workbench, stepping forward to stand between your legs.
“I’m sure I can make some time for you.” He said quietly, letting his hands rest on your waist.
You met those big brown eyes of his and felt yourself blushing up to your ears with how close he was.
Egon famously despised most forms of physical contact. He didn’t like shaking hands with people, never mind hugging them. So at the beginning of your relationship, it was mostly you initiating things – after you’d made sure he was comfortable with it, of course.
It had made you wonder if there really was any truth in Venkman’s teasing “40 year old virgin” comments, but you quickly learned that Egon was just self-conscious when it came to expressing himself physically. Despite not being sexually active during his younger years in college, he’d assured you that he had been with a handful of people through his adult life. You’d left it at that.
It made your heart swell knowing that he was comfortable enough with you to let his guard down a little now, even when you weren’t in private.
You couldn’t get any words out before he leaned down and kissed you, so gently that it was as if he were worried you might shatter under him. Your shoulders relaxed almost immediately, and you wound your arms around his middle, underneath his lab coat, feeling his warmth against your palms through his shirt.
Even sat on the workbench as you were, your height difference was still evident with the way you were stretching up to meet him. He pulled away (much too soon for your liking), and you were left gazing up at him, lips slightly parted. Egon smiled, lifting a hand to rest against your cheek, his thumb lightly grazing over the skin there.
“I like it when you blush.” He said, enjoying how you then blushed even harder at his comment.
“I-I…uh…” you stumbled over your words, mind still reeling from the kiss he’d just given you. “Shut up and kiss me again.”
He smirked and leaned down again, his grip on your waist tightening ever so slightly as he pressed his lips to yours. You could smell the hair gel he used, the smell of soap that still lingered on his skin from his shower that morning, and he tasted of coffee and candy bars (yeah, he really needed to cut down on those things). There was also something else that you couldn’t describe that was overloading your senses – something that was just uniquely Egon. You loved it, and you wanted more.
“Whoah, hey!”
The incredibly enjoyable moment you’d been having was abruptly halted by Venkman’s voice coming from the top of the stairs. You immediately yanked your head back and poked your head out from behind Egon to see him approaching, shaking his head.
“Please, no frolicking in the workplace, kids.” He said. At this point, Egon seemed immune to Peter’s teasing comments, but the fact you’d been caught in the act still got you all sheepish.
“Hello, Peter.” Egon said with a small smile, stepping away from you just slightly. “Did you need something?”
“Forgot my wallet. Ah! There it is.”
By chance, it was lying just beside you on the workbench and he reached over to grab it, then pushed it into his jacket pocket.
“Now, I’m going to meet Dana. Don’t you two lovebirds go havin’ too much fun now, you hear?” he said, giving you a wink before he turned to make his way back to the stairs.
“Mmhmm. Bye Pete.” You said. “Say hi to Dana for us.”
“Don’t forget to use protection!” he called as he descended the stairs. Your eyes widened at the comment, and you heard him chuckle before he went out of earshot.
You sighed and hopped off the workbench, letting out a small laugh. “I’m gonna hit him one day.”
“I think Janine might beat you to it.” Egon said, looking down at you. “But how about we get that pizza first?”
You grinned and nodded, suddenly overly aware of how hungry you were. “Good plan.”
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leviathans-watching · 10 months ago
so uhm… this is my first time requesting so im sorry if im doing this wrong but can i request asmo with a tomboy girlfriend that knows nothing abt make up, skincare, dresses etc and she asks him to teach her?? im sorry if this is absolute shit ;-;
mc wanting to learn about asmo's interests
Tumblr media
includes: asmo x implied fem!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
wc: .4k | rated g | m.list
a/n: you totally did it right so no worries!! thanks for requesting! my inbox is open to chat, leave feedback, or req, so stop by!!
please reblog!!
Tumblr media
“hey, asmo,” you start hesitantly, your tone alerting asmo that you had something important to say. “would you…”
he waits for you to continue, but when you don’t, he gently prompts you. “would i?”
blowing out a breath, you try again. “would you mind teaching me about makeup and stuff?” at asmo’s look of surprise you roll your eyes. “come on, is it really that crazy i’d ask you about it?”
“i mean,” asmo says, trying to figure out a response that won’t get him in trouble. “why do you want to learn? why now?”
drawing your knees up, you shrug. “i guess you’re always so good about trying things that i’m into that i wanted to do something you like.”
“we already do stuff i like to do,” asmo says, looking at you earnestly. “i don’t want to make you do something that would be unenjoyable or uncomfortable for you.”
smiling at him, you hope he knows how much you appreciate his thoughtfulness. “it wouldn’t be. i’ve been wanting to learn, a little bit. i think it could be nice to branch out and potentially a useful skill to have. i promise you it’d be fine.”
asmo searches your eyes, but you're nothing but certain. “if you’re sure,” he says, initial cautiousness fading, excitement taking its place. “oh this is going to be so fun! i could teach you about all the different kinds of products, how to use them,” he gasps, “even color palettes! if you wanted we could look at new clothing options too!”
“whoah, slow down,” you laugh, paying his arm. “ease me into it, alright? i’ll need to be taken through it from the beginning.”
“of course,” asmo says, chagrined. “maybe i should make a lesson plan or something!”
“do what you’d like, within reason,” you allow, and asmo’s mind whirls with half-baked plans.
“want the others in on this? or would you rather them not know you’re learning something like this?” asmo asks. not that it’d be that big of a deal, of course, he just wonders if you’d rather keep it on the dl for now since you’re learning a new skill at that can be a bit embarrassing, especially with people as nosy and blunt as his brothers.
“don’t care.”
“let’s keep it a secret, then! then, one day, you can show up to a gala or something fully glammed out and it will be amazing.” say what you want about asmo but he was nothing if not dramatic.
“sure,” you agree, and asmo fistpumps. “but let’s not focus on that right now, okay? wait at least until tomorrow morning.”
“okay,” asmo sighs, a tad reluctant. “i’m really happy you want to learn. its gonna be so fun teaching you.”
“and i’m glad i have such a great and knowledgable teacher,” you say, a tad cheekily. “even if he is sometimes an overexcited pain.”
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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stevenbasic · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
“Dr J where arrre youuuuuu…?” I heard one of them call, as they came up the stairway outside my apartment.
And then there was laughing, right outside my doorway, and a bunch of knocks,
“Come out come out wherever you are…!” sang another, through the thin door.
“Or we’ll huff…” That sounds like Randi.
There were three of them; I could hear the alcohol in their voices.
“...And we’ll puff…” Marisela.
“...And we’ll kick your goddamn door in,” said the last - Amelia. “Now open the fuck up...”
More laughing.
My heart - my heart was racing. My mind - it tripped over itself in panic. Why was I feeling this way? This was my place, my practice, my apartment. In fact these were my employees!! So why did I feel like a fear-stricken rodent, cornered in its hole? These were just girls, young women who’d been hanging around the office on a Saturday after a meeting, relaxing. Maybe they’d had a few too many drinks. That was no big deal, right? That shouldn’t bother me, sitting up in my bare little apartment all by myself. But ever since I’d hung up the phone with Melissa, I’d been getting more and more nervous, hearing them downstairs.
Of course, if I knew then what I know now I’d understand: I’d been reprogrammed for this. Aggressive female sexuality, these days, was slowly getting frightening, intimidating to the newly infected male race. We were becoming passive, timid, less sure of ourselves. We were, as the days went on, more and more in awe of the other, increasingly confident gender.
And Jesus Christ: these girls were bigger than me now.
“Wh-who is it?” I asked, finding myself already at the door, opposite them. I was trying to sound casual, surprised to have visitors.
The door handle jiggled, startling me.
“It’s your giiiirls,” Randi drawled, in her smoky voice, “we want to seeee you…”
“We’re having drinks downstairs…”
“We’re here to get you.”
“Don’t you want to have a drink with us?”
“It’ll be fun.”
“Just you and your girls.”
“Open upppp…”
“Are you scared of us?”
The handle jiggled again.
“Okay, I uh…” I began, sweating as my hand reached for the knob.
I unlocked it, and as I cracked the door open I was suddenly assaulted by the coos, giggles and wide eyes of three gorgeous women, looking down on me. At five-four, I was a good two inches shorter than Marisela, and at least six inches smaller than Amelia…and neither of them were in heels. In a big pair of clogs, Randi stood as tall as the statuesque blond, beaming in a tight grey sweater and short-shorts. Marisela wore a revealing purple top and ripped jeans, biting her bottom lip. Amelia, bursting at the seams of a white long-sleeve tee and black leggings, was dressed casually for a weekend and - whoah! - grabbing my wrist and pulling me through the door...
Tumblr media
Booze. I smelled booze. And mischief.
“You’re coming with us,” Amelia announced, dryly. The other two girls giggled, and the door shut behind me. Though I was in a tee-shirt and cotton shorts, I felt nearly naked.
“Hey w-wait stop I-“ I stammered, planting my feet after being dragged three steps out into the hallway by the surprisingly strong blonde, “Haha very funny but I don’t th-“
“Omigod he’s so adorable!” Randi laughed, taking my other hand, “thinking he has a choice!” She was - in fact, all three of them were - obviously inebriated, giddy and playful. Unpredictable. Each girl had a clear plastic cup - I recognized them from the type we stocked in the breakroom - filled with something pinkish, very little ice. Suddenly one was at my lips.
Cranberry, but mostly vodka.
“We’re gonna get you sooooo drunk,” Marisela said as she forced a gulp of her drink on me, even as Amelia and Randi began dragging me towards the stairs. “Whoopsie..!” she snorted, as a bit splashed out, dribbled down my chin onto my grey Amherst t-shirt.
“Mmm y-yeah thanks,” I sputtered, after swallowing the harsh cocktail, “d-d-delicious. But I-“
I tried to stop them, pull against them.
“Marisela, help us out, he’s...haha...he’s planting his feet”
Randi put down her drink.
“Grab wunna those chicken legs of his...”
I yelped as I felt the ticklish brush of Marisela’s hand, reaching around my legs and - erp!  The trio were now holding me aloft, my arms corralled by Amelia and Randi with Marisela at my legs.
“Girls! No! Haha uh…What are you doing!!” I finally managed. They had picked me up!!
“Let’s bring him to the waiting room - we can turn on the music there...”
“And dance!”
“Girls! Please!” I pleaded, trying to laugh, to sound less panicked than I actually was.
“Awww...don’t you want to dance with us??”
They laughed, they laughed and laughed and laughed as they began carrying me down the stairs. It was tight, a temporary spiral staircase set up during construction, leading down to Melissa’s office. But we squeezed down it, the four of us, despite all my protests as they carried me. Before I knew it we were through the office and in the waiting room with music throbbing from the speakers that typically soothed my patients with smooth jazz as they waited for their appointments. Someone had opened a new liter of vodka and I had a cup of it in my hand. I was struggling, putting on as brave a face as I could as the three girls danced with each other, laughing. I smiled, leaned back against a wall, awkwardly pretending to have fun but being just passive, watching the three tall, ludicrously well-built girls move. They did most all of the talking, boisterous among themselves. I gazed, at times, into my cup, watching the three lonely ice cubes melt. Apparently, though, I had their eye. I guess wasn’t drinking fast enough...
…so soon they started feeding me from the bottle.
“Drink up Dr Jjjjjjjjjjjj….!” Marisela cawed, as she tipped the bottle into my mouth, forcing me another shot as her two friends laughed and cheered. I’d never seen her like this - she was typically serious, acerbic, incisive and sardonic. Dark goth makeup and a dry attitude to match. But tonight her smile was wide and dangerously beautiful, teeth flashing, lips glossy and lurid. Her bright but darkly kohl-lined eyes were lit with drunken, feminine fire and as I coughed with the burn of the liquor, they met mine.
She leaned in and kissed me.
“Woooo hoooo!” the other girls immediately hooted, laughing and watching as Marisela held me, hand behind my head, mouth planted onto mine as I stood stiffened in shock.
“Kiss her back!” someone called, and as if on command I opened my jaw, tentatively, into the kiss. Immediately Marisela’s strong tongue thrust into me, filling my mouth. I heard her groan as it overpowered mine and she pulled me tighter to her, strong fingers cupping my skull, long nails digging into my scalp. I felt my knees go weak; I’d had too much to drink already, too quickly, and I began to wobble. I half-sat on the armrest of a chair. She’d released me from our kiss, but her intense eyes still burned down into my watery ones.
“OOOooooOOoo...someone’s got a new girlfriend…” Randi sang.
“Does your wife know about this?” asked Amelia.
The two of them laughed. As they gathered behind her, Marisela just stared into me, right hand still behind my head, petting my hair, peering down at me. Everyone was quiet, for a moment.
“You like Marisela, hm, Dr. J?” Randi finally asked, her voice dropping a bit, “You remember when you hired her? What was it? Five years ago?”
“MmmHm,” Marisela purred, not taking her eyes off me, “Five.”
“She started out, just an untrained assistant,” Randi continued, “now look at her-”
Amelia moved to stand alongside me where I half-sat, her hand coming up behind my head as well. “I’ve got him,” she told Marisela, who removed her hand and straightened her shoulders, pushing out her surprisingly impressive chest.
“You’d never really realized, back then, how gorgeous she is, had you?” Randi continued, “How smart and capable?”
“I...I don’t know w-what...you’re t-talking about…” I blurted lamely, stiffening in sudden surprise, feeling Amelia’s hands now on either side of my head.  Her hands massaged my scalp, easing the irritation from where Marisela’s nails had dug in and scratched.  I turned to try to look up at her but her grip tightened, holding me, forcing me to look at Marisela. Or, rather, at Marisela’s tits.
Confused and now a bit scared, I looked up at Marisela above me. As much as I could, I tried to focus on her grinning face, and not the big swell of breasts below it. But it was hard, my gaze seemed drawn there by some familiar perfume. ”I mean, look at her. You hired her for her d-cups but she tells us she’s put on fifteen pounds and two-”
“Three…” Marisela interrupted her, swelling her pale bosom even more, “it’s three cup sizes.”
“haha ok...three cup sizes,” conceded Randi, “And she’s grown two inches taller. She’s becoming a fucking goddess, Dr J…”
“I like the sound of that…” purred Marisela, “…goddess.”
My vision had started to swim - had I really drank that much?? - and the girls’ voices began to swirl around me, blending together. I couldn’t, now, peel my eyes off of Marisela’s chest..
The girls closed in around me, tighter.
“It’s not just Marisela that’s growing Dr. J...it’s fucking all of us. We’ve all started getting taller, stronger...”
...who was saying that? I couldn’t tell. I was...
“And look at our tits...”
“It happens, around Melissa haha,” someone said, cryptically, “girls get bigger. But not you, huh? No…now you’re one of the shortest ones here, Dr J…”
“And you’ve been getting smaller, haven’t you Dr J?”
“Yeah we heard that, we’re so sorry…<giggle!>”
Jesus look at her tits. They’re fucking incredible.
“Do you see how much bigger we are than you already? Here, hold up your hand, compare it to Marisela’s…”
“So much bigger…”
“So much bigger than yours.”
“Are you still shrinking? Melissa said you were shrinking...”
“I’m not...uh…’sh-shrinking’”
“Oh but what if you are?”
“Soon you'll be just a sweet, miniature little doll of a thing, for us girls to play with <giggle!>.”
Someone had grabbed me, through my shorts, and had started to slowly, teasingly, rub me, gripping my cock in her hand as she squeezed it tightly, then let it go, squeezed tightly, and then let go again, all the while going slowly up and down. NNnnngngggggghhh oh my god...how had I not noticed that?
“You’re small, everywhere but your cock…”
“God you’re so tiny,” she breathed down at me...I think it was Marisela, “Soooo tiny…”
What the fuck? What the fuck is happening? What is she talking about? I was confused, incredulous, high or drunk or something.  I didn’t know then, of course, that these women, already affected by the Pathogen, were just now coming into some of their new Melissa-borne abilities and were a bit out of their minds, drunk not only on vodka but on power. They were excited, nearly possessed by the idea of being with a smaller man, one they could easily outmuscle. Flexing.
Someone turned the lights down; I tried to run, I think, to get away, but was held fast by hands behind my head, on my cock, on my shoulders.
“STAY!” someone yelled, and then I was surrounded by laughing as I wilted,
They laughed.
“I think he likes when we yell at him...”
“We could really scream…would you like that, Dr. J?”
“He’s more than just vulni…”
“...yeah, he’s fucking submissive...”
“...he’s timid, he’s meek…”
“Get his pants down…”
“Hold his arms”
oh god...oh no...
“Jesus look at that…”
“It’s true…”
why do I look so big?!?
“I told you haha…”
“And he’s so fucking hard…”
I watched her, the one with the makeup, the hair like midnight, crouching in front of me.
“Hold him…”
“Stop squirming!”
“Don’t let him move.”
“I’ve got his arms.”
she was lifting up her top, and then I was slid up in there with her…between her bra and her chest…strapped to her…
“Oh god, yes, Marisela…you’ve got him trapped.”
“P-please...please don’t do this…”
…into her mouth, now, wet...looking into her eyes...and then out. sliding back in between the softest tits I’d ever felt. She began to move…
<<NSFW Imagery Removed>>
“Marisela omigod, yes…”
“You’re doing it…”
oh no...oh no no no...
“You’re fucking raping him…”
to appease the tumblr gods, I needed to remove some NSFW Marisela vs DrJ Titfuck imagery. Have a look at my Patreon for it, along with more bonus imagery and tangent storylines.
credit to jayjay88 for the boob morph in the Amelia image, and CaptainAmbiguous for help with the copy.
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amaichou · 12 months ago
I got this idea from someone in Archive of Our Own where people see in black and white until they meet their soulmate. Can you write a Oneshot from, uhh, Y/N's POV when she meets Johan with that idea?
Really appreciate it. 🥺🥺🥺
I originally planned for this to be angsty but decided not to lol. Johan needs a lil bit of happiness in his life. Im not really good at writing but I hope you like this though (^_^)
Your shoes look expensive. Take them off.
Johan Seong x Fem! Reader
Soulmate Au
Tumblr media
"Zack what colour is this?" I heard someone ask from behind me.
"Its red dumbass, what? You haven't met your soulmate yet?" Zack laughed while he boasted at how he can see colours clearly.
Red, Green, Yellow.
I always wondered what those colours actually looked like.
In a world where all you could see is black and white unless you meet your soulmate.
Indeed a world that sucked ass.
Especially when most of the people around you had already found theirs.
Once the bell rung, I quickly stood up to leave. Occassionally bumping onto some of the chairs on my way out.
"Whoah-! (Y/N) are you alright? You almost bumped onto the door there" Daniel called out while he walked next to me.
I sighed, rubbing my left eye out of habit. "Yeah.. my eyes just got blurry for a moment"
The soulmate idea isn't magical. Its a curse.
The more years you spend not meeting your soulmate, your vision not only stays as black and white, it also slowly gets blurry.
Until you reach a certain point where you'll permanently be blind.
"You sure you'll be fine on your own?" Daniel asks out of worry while Jay throws a spare helmet towards him.
I only smiled and nodded. "Ofcourse, you both have fun, i'll see you guys tomorrow". With that, I waved at them and walked around.
I didn't really wanted to go home yet, maybe I should hit up the arcade and play fighting games, might as well beat Taehoon's highscores if he isn't there.
Doing exactly that, I made my way towards the local arcade.
"Hah fuckin finally" I sighed in satisfaction, leaning my chair back as I looked at the highscores.
Checking my phone, I cussed at how late it was. "Fuck mom's gunna kill me!!" Panicking, I ran out the place.
"I should take a shortcut" I hummed to myself while speed walking towards a slightly dim alleyway. No one usually passes through it anyways.
Seems like there was actually someone there today.
Stopping my tracks, I stared at the amount of passed out bodies around the place, they all had no shoes on for some reason. And there was a person infront of me, but all I could see was their back and what looks like a couple shoes tied together?
Taking a couple steps back, I accidentally stepped on an empty can which alerted the person who quickly turned towards me.
Before I could even meet him in the eye, I immediately booked it and ran the opposite direction. But the guy seemed persistent as I heard his footsteps nearing mine.
"Oi" he called out as he grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards him. Preparing for the worst, I instinctively close my eyes waiting for him to hit me.
But he just held my wrist. Opening one of my eyes to look up at him and saw something peculiar.
"Are- are you seeing this too?" I asked, the whole place looked.. whats the word? Vibrant?
Its as if I was in a drama.
The way the street light had illuminated his looks
Like I was staring up at an angel.
His hair was really messy, eyes almost covered by his bangs. But what interested me is how one of his eyes
Which looked grey had slowly become vibrant in colour.
Not only that, I noticed how his hair was no longer black. It was near the colour scheme but not exactly.. what colour is that exactly..?
My world is no longer in black and white.
The dullness of my world was suddenly turned upside down as I saw different hues all at once. Not only that but the blurrness that had cursed me for a while now had completely dissapeared.
Is this..? Is this what having a soulmate feels like..?
"No fucking way" I gasped, holding the man's cheeks and looking at his hair.
The guy looked completely zoned out, surprise written all over his face. I even noticed a couple tears threatening to pool out of his eyes.
"Hey are you alright?" I asked, not sure if im allowed to wipe off his tears or not as he just waves my hands off of his face. "..im fine."
He seemed awkward, as if he didnt know how to deal with this.
Noticing how he still held a couple shoes on his backpack, I realized something.
"Holy shit my soulmate's a fucking thief" I spoke way too loud which made the man snicker and glare at me.
"And mine's an asshole, how can you say that the moment you meet me?" He frowned.
Feeling a little guilty, i sighed and pulled out my hand for him to shake. "The name's (Y/N) (L/N) sorry for calling you a thief, kinda wished we could have met under better circumstances"
The man didnt answer for a bit and only looked at my hand.
"Well? You gunna shake it or what?"
Reluctantly, he held my hand aswell.
"Johan Seong."
"His hands are warm" I thought with a small smile.
That's when I heard a slight growl from his stomach, it seems like he haven't eaten yet.
"Hey come on let me treat you food" I said, holding his hand and dragging him out the alleyway, which I was quite surprised that he complied so easily. Seems like he likes food.
"I know a great place, you're gunna love it trust me"
"You're gunna pay right?"
At that time. While we walked in comfortable silence. The only thing on my mind was.
Im glad I decided to take a shortcut today.
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romanianwilkinson · a year ago
A collection of sentence starters from the game Monster Camp. Feel free to change words and pronouns as desired. CONTENT WARNING(S) FOR: Monster Prom/Monster Camp spoilers, suggestive, cursing, crude content
“ I just have it here because [NAME] insisted that I offer it, as a marketing stunt. ”
“ And lastly, super-horny-type players no longer get a charm buff against tsundere types! ”
“ War machines don’t turn me on or anything! ”
“ I don’t wanna be weird, but do you mind if I climb inside of you and play around with your main turret? ”
“ A wine to DIE for, you say? Well, darling, don’t threaten me with a good time! ”
“ This one just says ‘ hmu with that reaper dick, daddy ’. ”
“ You on your phone, as always! Probably making blogposts on your Tik Tok page. ”
“ Yeah, you really don’t want to witness a repeat of the last time [NAME]’s diehard fans went without a selfie for fifteen minutes. My tailbone still hasn’t completely healed. ”
“ Now hold still, this will only hurt for a moment --- ”
“ Yay! You found a shenanigan! ”
“ My poems all have two or three emotions in them, AT LEAST. ”
“ No way, really? The way to WIN at poetry is by LOSING at life? ”
“ I dunno, maybe fall in love with someone who’s married and develop an opioid addiction? ”
“ It’s morbid, but... kind of romantic? ”
“ GASP! Google+? Are you kidding me? The psychopaths behind that global tragedy are here?! ”
“ Prison has changed me, [NAME]. Would you like to trade me some cigarettes in exchange for my fundamental dignity? ”
“ Undermining the laws of reality, subverting life and death, that’s the kind of stuff my followers expect. But CHEATING? No way. ”
“ Though we are imprisoned in chalk jail, we are free in our hearts. But our hearts are also imprisoned in chalk jail. ”
“ Um, no, I am NOT groveling. I am posing a dignified query to [NAME] that just so happens to be performed on my hands and knees. ”
“ I didn’t know you condoned playing the friend card to get free labor, [NAME]. ”
“ Ah, but saving the world doesn’t put avocado toast on the table. We indie seancers and necromancers need to pay our rent too, you know. ”
“ And as you know, I am illustriously Internet-famous, so if you could shower me with adoration and give me the pizza that would be fabulous. ”
“ Do you wanna fuck the pizza or not? ”
“ Are you ready to go swimming? I must admit, darling, I’ve always wondered what you would look like while... wet.”
“ Did you turn this date into an orgy without consulting me? ”
“ Gosh, I love it when you insult me! Please do it more! ”
“ Now who wants to make a baby? ”
“ What if she puts a curse on me that makes me magically forget the location of the clitoris?! ”
“ Hey, don’t knock wacky decisions that endanger us all! That’s how I always manage to stay a step ahead of my nemeses! ”
“ Oh gods, I’ve killed so many monsters, just for being monsters. This is making me question my entire moral foundation. I NEED MORE THERAPY. ”
“ I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: fish give better pedicures than people! ”
“ You’re not tricking me into parenting a stupid egg. I’ve never fucked even ONE chicken! The egg is not my son! ”
“ You came to visit me at camp, Daddy! ”
“ Don’t be ridiculous, I know your brand of horny, [NAME], and this ain’t it. ”
“ I thought we both agreed to be nothing but vague and haughtily aloof about our past dalliances. ”
“ Point EAST, compass! EAAAAAAAAST! You dumb fuckboot!!!! POINT! EAST! ”
“ One time I was told a soul’s worst fear was bugs and I inadvertantly sent The Beatles. It happens to the best of us... And the worst of us. ”
“ Why do you keep suppressing your monster half? Embrace your true nature! ”
“ Wow. I didn't think this was possible, but I guess I was... wrong? About social media? Oh dear God, is this how grandparents feel?!?! Am I a GRANDPARENT?! ”
“ I don’t know! I was relying on my friends to cover up my bold and idiotic statement! ”
“ ... I ate the oars. ”
“ PSYCHE. The ocean can eat my ass. ”
“ So pucker up, [NAME]! I'm about to declare mouth war on your FACE! ”
“ That's right. I'm talking about a classic Transylvania Hot Tub, a Seth Brundle, and a REVERSE Reverse Romanian Wilkinson. ”
“ Sorry, I was in your ribcage seeing if I could use it to cut strips of crepe paper into confetti and then I got lost in your kidneys. ”
“ There's nothing sexier than a doomed romance between a dating sim player and a hot fictional character. ”
“ That's right! I secretly replaced one of you with a bear while no one was looking, to teach you a valuable lesson about the art of disguise! ”
“ Enchant my armor. I’m going into the lake. ”
“ This stupid lake monster called me short the other day, but I was too low level to crush him like he deserved. ”
“ That dumb wet dinkhole won't know what hit him! But it will be me! I will hit him! ”
“ No, YOU'RE a fuckshark! Also, what does that even mean?! ”
“ You seriously didn't notice the enormous needles those interns jabbed into your veins as soon as [NAME] got here? “
“ It all makes sense! The Camp Dome is just an elaborate ploy to distract us from the giant mouth that eats campers! “
“ This is the BEST show I've ever seen in my life, which is now at an end! “
“ Am I high, or did he just tell us EXACTLY how to foil his evil scheme? “
“ What, like a few severed heads and visions of my grandpa screaming in horrendous pain are gonna freak me out? Where I'm from, you can buy that stuff at IKEA. “
“ ERROR: Due to the sixth mass extinction, the slaying of leprechauns is inadvisable. “
“ Then why do I have half-finished scarves, decoupage, pot-holders, friendship bracelets, and a taxidermied rabbit in my skeleton? “
“ The wang elemental. ”
“ I also have an uncle who works at Nintendo as a copy machine! “
“ What flavor of ice cream AM I?! Now I gotta know. HA! You know what I should be? 'Pistachio.' Because my outside is HARD, but I'm full of NUT. “
“ I mean, life is a bit like... this sandwich! No, stay with me, I'm going somewhere good with this. “
“ A survival situation without any sexy fun time isn't worth surviving in the first place. “
“ Rut the RUCK?! ”
“ The ' ambulance of the heart ' is just a regular ambulance! Ambulances treat all organs! ”
“ Yeah, that's why I made sure that my so-called ' emotional armor ' was also ' actual armor '. “
“ And being yourself is the key to living your dreams, which is the key to self actualization, which is the key to being really good at sex! “
“ So hot I'd buy that even without free shipping. 10/10, call me some time. “
“ Hi, quick question: does it count as kidnapping if I'm abducting you so you can help me do a thing you already agreed to help with? “
“ I could be wrong, but are you just upset because you DON'T have a skeleton that's inside your body? “
“ Whoah, whoa, hold up. You're fucking my grandma? “
“ No, [NAME], that is a popcorn bag full of more dynamite. Put it down. “
“ I hear that at least 70% of people on Patreon aren't murderers! “
“ If you want cash, just rob banks like the rest of us! “
“ Did it work? Do you feel any less horny? ”
“ Yes... incidentally, we are no longer allowed to enter Italy. “
“ Is anyone else turned on right now? ”
“ Yes! Yes! I know what you're feeling! I suddenly see how marrying a corpse isn't okay! “
“ Look, choose whatever you want, but I'm not responsible for whatever you put in your mouth. ”
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Heya !! Could i get present mic headcanons for if his girlfriend got hit by a genderbend quirk and got turned into a man for the day (could be sfw and nsfw if you would like)
Present Mic’s s/o gets hit with a gender reverse quirk
Summary: You get hit with a quirk that turns you into a guy!
Warnings: Gender switching.
Notes: How unique!
Tumblr media
It wasn’t really a villain attack at all, it was just a kids quirk going haywire.
You and Yamada were spending the weekend together. He had finally had time with you after a quite eventful and hectic schedule.
A nice walk through the park is all it was, hand in hand. And chatting up a storm with each other about how the weeks been.
Until you felt like electricity zapped through your body, and your body felt numb and slightly painful in your lower groin.
“Are you okay?!” Yamada panicked, bending down to help you back up since you had doubled over in pain.
“Hey, look at- whoah.” Yamada was surprised once you looked at him. He saw almost a complete different face staring back at him!
Turns out, the kid that had hit you on accident had a quirk that could reverse people’s genders. A useful quirk that can also be considered useless.
Yamada and you both had to head home after that, since the quirk made your body more masculine, bulking you up where it made your clothes tighter on your body.
Yamada let you inside his closet and wear anything you liked. He was rarely used to you stealing his clothes. But this time it was much more needed.
He didn’t really care that you were a man now. He still loved you for you, and even if you stayed a man for the rest of your life. Yamada would still get married to you no doubt.
This did cause a lot of stir to happen with the news however. And with his friends such as Aizawa, and Toshinori.
You had visited Yamada during his break in the teachers area to quickly say hello and let him know how the quirk was still doing.
Surprise, he forgot to tell his friends and they all screamed at him for kissing a man when you weren’t around.
Nemuri was legit just about to beat him to next week, but luckily you explained the whole situation and everyone calmed down.
Aizawa still smacked Yamada’s shoulder for him not explaining the whole situation to him or the others.
Aizawa was good friends with you since you started dating Yamada, so of course he would want to be informed about you getting hit by an unknown quirk.
This quirk would last a little longer however, but Yamada is pretty exited to see where this’ll go. He wonders if he’ll be able to talk about it on his radio show.
Yeah, you told him not too. You’re no fun.
Yamada wouldn’t care what gender you are, or what you looked like. He still fell in love with the person he met and connected with. And that isn’t going to change any time soon.
He’s happy that he found you.
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Valtteri's Beyond the Grid - Ep 156
An abridged and largely inaccurate version.
Tumblr media
"Coffee is good. Coffee pushes me to the next level. CYcling4lyfe"
"Mercedes gave me a shot at the win but luck HATES me. Lewis is very consistent. Lewis is AMAZE. He always delivers. 10/10 would teammate for again "
"We need the right mindset before any race. Mental strength > Physical fitness, you need to be strong to beat the rest."
break- BUY EXPRESS VPN for safety and rainbows and sunshine :)
Wow, Val got William's 300th podium, good for him amazing.
"2014, I had good consistency, good mental health. First season with Mercedes was stressful, too many expectations, but 2019 was da best ok I did amazing."
"agaIN, luck hates me :("
"Williams my love, I miss you."
"MErcedes is family, and I'm proud of what i did haters go screw yourselves."
"I gave it all I had, but sometimes it isn't enough. No WDC yet, but I did everything I could. I was a team player and that was good for us in the long term. We discuss things openly."
Also wtf why was he offered only One Year contracts?? The fuck Mercedes? Feels very much like a dog on a leash
"Toto think PRESSUre is good for me. But come on man. GIVE me the multiyear contract you were so mean. SMH"
"But anyway Toto and me BFF he no be my boss anymore. We agreed mutually to break off."
"George is a talented Mercedes driver, and I wish him the best. I'm happy. He needs to think of the long term, and appreciate what he has, and he'll be good."
"FUCK YEAH ALFA ROMEO we have the simulator, the engineers, the wind tunnel AND we can work with low CASH MONEY."
Oh I see what Val's doing, building the team around him- just like Lewis did with Mercedes and Seb is doing with Aston.
"We got the SKILLS baby, we gonna nail the reg changes and be consistent in points. But anything can happen."
"My buddies GONNA join me (Maybe)in the NEW TEAM."
"Too many races bad, okay? Sure, maybe we can pull it off, but issnot very good."
"haha I know all the Mercedes car secrets eat your heart out I know everything (but not the next year's car that shady mf)"
WAIT he could've gone to Williams whoah WHOAH wow. Power team that could've happened, and maybe we would've seen Callum in the other Alfa seat :(
"drive with Ferrari? sure why not." *neutral expression*
"I will miss my friends :(, but imma get it with Alfa too. Having top car is not everything, but it is definitely there..."
"Nah not going to pull a Rosberg, I'm going to keep racing because it is fun. Maybe I'll join rallying. Race Hard always :))))"
ALso he's podcasting now? interesting. DTS VB style
"I'm going off grid early december haha suckers. But Tiffany is also important to me, and I want to support her so maybe we go to AUSTRALIA."
"Only one bedroom in my new house ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)."
If there was one driver who could survive the wilderness it would definitely be VB.
"Thank you. Bottas out."
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Curiosity // Luke Patterson
Summary: After filling up another journal designed his songbook Luke is left empty handed. With the offer to a shelf of blanket journals is given he’s immediately choosing. But Luke’s curiosity leads him to a discovery. In other words Luke finds Perfect Harmony in Reader’s bedroom.
Requested: Yes by @averyharrypotterlife​ 
Warnings: None.
Words: 1.7 (including lyrics)
A/N: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the 5000+ followers whether it was years ago and you didn’t unfollow or in the future. Thank you for enjoying and interacting in something I’ve always loved: writing.
Tumblr media
Luke’s always been a curious person going as far back as his early childhood. The most consistent evidence being during the Christmas holidays. Until he was ten, yes, he’s aware that his friends stopped believing in Santa way earlier. The young lad would stay up hidden in the living room waiting to catch Santa. Without fail, Luke would wake up in his outer space planet sheets having fallen asleep in his mission.
When he was twelve years old, he was left at his aunt and uncle’s house for the weekend due to a work-related thing. His older cousin was eighteen at the time and at college, so Luke stayed in his bedroom. Luke couldn’t help but snoop through Bryan’s personal items, and in a drawer with a false bottom, he discovered magazines.
Luke had a lot of fun that weekend diligently going through the magazines his mother would skin his hide even knowing about them. He may have had to use the excuse of having a cold for the entire box of Kleenex missing. No one was the wiser on that weekend.
Now when Luke was fourteen years old, he had snuck into the Rated R film Candyman with Alex and Reggie. Luke’s parents had been strict in their rules and definitely had shot down the question of seeing the film. The three didn’t sleep with the lights out for a month after that, and the truth came out when no lie was sufficient to their concerned parents.
Luke Patterson didn’t care about boundaries. Why ask for permission when you can just ask for forgiveness? It worked with going through Julie’s dream box, but all personal items got hidden from the ghostly guitarist.
“No!” Luke exclaimed flipping through his song journal once more in hopes of a blank page. The frustration in his body snapping the pencil he had been using.
“You good?” You questioned glancing up from the essay you graded as a teacher’s assistant for an AP course. Luke’s frustrated brown met yours with a cute pout on his lips.
“I’ve filled my journal up. I hate using loose-leaf, but no money means no buying things.” Luke roughly scrubbed one hand on his face.
“You could always just forever borrow one from the- “Luke quickly shot that down with a look of absolute horror, “Okay…so stealing a no.”
“I did listen to my parents on certain aspects. I would never steal anything, other than the food when we didn’t have enough cash.” Luke’s brown hue had softened back into the hazel that caused flutters in your heart, “I have no respect for thieves.”
You nodded before scribbling a suggestion on the paper in dark red, “I have a shelf in my room dedicated solely to blank journals. If you want to, you can take one free of charge.”
With a quick smile, Luke disappeared from the room to your personal domain he sometimes hung out with you in. You had no misgivings on the teen finding solace in your room and gave him free rein; your prized possessions hidden very well.
Luke appeared in the soft blue and lilac bedroom with the queen white iron wrought style bed in the middle. A white desk in the corner with a multitude of bookcases and shelves in the room. The desk chair neatly pushed into the desk as well he went straight to the shelf.
Journals of all colours and styles with a label on the shelf noting them as empty. It was packed with dozens, but it was the midnight blue one that called to the boy. In his reach, he bumped an emerald green one off the edge. It opened having hit the edge of the desk.
As he leaned down, he noticed notations in the margins, now remember how Luke is a curious guy? He only hesitated a second before he was reading the pages of words in your signature script.
The guilt flared for a second before he justified it as being on the shelf you declared free game. So Luke settled sitting criss-cross against the side of your bed reading the words so eloquently written. Even notes allowed Luke to hear the melody in his mind.
Assignment: Write a piece of literature from two points of views. Genre doesn’t matter as long as it is a minimum of one page and not exceed eight.
Step into my world
Bittersweet love story ’bout a girl
Shook me to the core
Voice like an angel
I’ve never heard before
The words took his breath away, recalling a moment he gushed to Alex on how he had caught you singing. He had described your voice as being angelic, and it took him by complete surprise. He remembered Julie, and you entered the room shortly after with a nervous feeling if you had heard. Now Luke had his answer. His phantom heart pounded in anticipation for the reply to this first point of view.
Here in front of me
They’re shining so much brighter
Than I have ever seen
Life can be so mean
But when he goes, I know he doesn’t leave
The smile threatened to split his face with the elation as he continued reading with a subconscious hum. His fingers tapping the sides of the paper as his hazel irises tinged green ate up the words.
The truth is finally breaking through
Two worlds collide when I’m with you
Our voices rise and soar so high
We come to life when we’re
In perfect harmony
Whoa-oa-oa, whoa-oa-oa
Perfect harmony
Whoa-oa-oa, whoa-oa-oa
Perfect harmony
The world faded as Luke distinctly heard your angelic voice singing the parts he could easily recognize as perfect for you. There was something so powerful in this incredibly personal song only intended for your eyes and your teachers.
The next handful of lines left him breathless and astonished as he visualized not sitting across from each other. But engaging in another art form that can be so incredibly intimate for people; he imagined singing this while holding you in his arms.
You set me free
You and me together is more than chemistry
Love me as I am
I’ll hold your music here inside my hands
We say we’re friends, we play pretend
You’re more to me, we’re everything
Our voices rise and soar so high
 We come to life when we’re
 In perfect harmony
 Whoa-oa-oa, whoa-oa-oa
 Perfect harmony
 Whoa-oa-oa, whoa-oa-oa
 Perfect harmony
Luke went from humming to softly singing to the heartfelt tune with a flutter of butterflies deep in his stomach. When Julie saw Unsaid Emily, he had denied it as an experiment, and it was the truth. Luke wrote rock anthems and rock-pop with his living friend. He never dabbled into romantic ones.
He’d never read something so poetically beautiful it felt him weeping at the sheer amount of feelings.
I feel your rhythm in my heart
Yeah yeah yeah
You are my brightest burning star
Whoah whoah oh
I never knew a love so real (so real)
We’re heaven on earth
Melody and words
When we’re together we’re
In perfect harmony
Whoa-oa-oa, whoa-oa-oa
Perfect harmony
Whoa-oa-oa, whoa-oa-oa
We say we’re friends (we play pretend)
You’re more to me (we create)
Perfect harmony
His eyes found the last line of the song setting him back in a dead silence returning to the start to reread it. On his third read, he found the notes from your teacher on a separate page.
Y/N, in my years of teaching, I’ve never read something with such meaning behind it. The longing, passion, respect and love you artfully encapsulated is rare. To have written, this means you’ve felt this. No corrects needed, and I felt compelled to not mark on the piece. Thank you for being vulnerable with me, for letting me step inside your mind and please never let this emotion fade.
Your grade is A+.
Luke’s lips pulled apart at the genuine words your teacher had written because it indeed was a word of art. Carefully Luke returned the notebook back to the shelf to retrieve the blue one that caught his attention. AS he turned, he found you leaning against the door frame with a soft smile.
“I am so sor-“
“No.” You replied, walking into the room, “You’ve got nothing to be sorry for. I told you any notebook on that shelf. I can’t get mad, and I’ve seen you can’t leave something half-read.”
“Probably why my book reports were insanely well done in school.” Luke joked as you stepped in his personal space. The tension faded from his shoulders as he took in your features, “You got a perfect grade.”
“I did.” You simply spoke, staring up into his eyes, “You helped me with it.”
“You told Alex what you felt about my voice. You looked nervous when I walked in, so I let it go. It wasn’t the time to bring it up. It’s called Perfect Harmony.” You told the ghost gently grazing your fingertips on his hand. The feeling sends shudders down his spine.
“I guess it just wasn’t the right time. With the band and-“
“-the whole soul owning thing. Too much but now that you’ve read that…what do you feel?” You hesitantly asked because reading it and discovering how someone feels is another to if the feelings are reciprocated back.
“That I was always meant to live in 2020. That I was meant to love you with every atom in my very being.” Luke murmured before he crashed his lips onto your own in a searing kiss that had your toe-curling.
The midnight blue journal dropped to the floor as his large calloused hands cupped your face to feel the warmth. The very journal would be filled with songs all about this person, Luke adored not matter his state as a ghost. Two worlds collided just as two souls came together in perfect harmony.
So, wrapped up in each other Luke didn’t notice something magical encased in the warm love. In the bedroom, the two teens were kissing in had two distinct heartbeats with a glow emanating from Luke Patterson.
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raven-at-the-writing-desk · 10 months ago
Ortho! We heard from your big brother that a special little kid is having his birthday soon! So we came to give our congratulations! We also put together an appropriate song list, hope you enjoy!-♦️🦇☀️
Tumblr media
“H-Huh?! Wh-Why are the flashy trio... I-I mean, why are you guys here?!” Idia demanded, pointing a shaking finger at the Light Music Club.
As per usual, they were in the process of carting in the tools of their trade and other equipment. Ortho floated far above them, marveling at each new instrument that appeared. Idia, on the other hand, was not nearly as pleased.
“I-I told you that Ortho is capable of p-playing his own music! I’ve installed high quality speakers in his Birthday Gear for this very purpose!!”
“Aw, lighten up, Idia-kun~ Having your lil bro work at his own party’s no good!” Cater tucked a hand on the small of his neck and threw a wink. “It’ll just put strain on Ortho-chan’s battery--so let the LMC come to your rescue! We even spent so long curating a song selection he’d like, you know? Lots of pop and synesthesia, plus some Vocalo—”
“Like! I! Said!” Idia gnashed his teeth. “I-If something goes terribly wrong with him, I-I’ve brought all my own equipment... I-I can mix any music I want, or just blast something I pulled from the internet via bluetooth speakers...”
“Whoah, you brought your own stuff too?” Kalim poked his head out from behind a drum set. “Sweet, we’ll let you know if we’re missing anything then. We appreciate all the help you’re offering, Idia!”
“I-I’m NOT offering to help you...!! I’m telling y-you to quit it!”
“Kufufu. I’m afraid the wheels have already been set into motion,” Lilia sang, twirling around a microphone carelessly in one hand. “It’s a bit late for you to uninvite us from our own performance.”
“Y-You really aren’t needed here...!!”
Besides, I can’t stand to stare at your flashiness for too long. It hurts my eyes so much, it feels like I’m going to lose my vision...
Idia felt a tug on his sleeve, which snapped him back from his thoughts.
“I think it’s okay, Nii-san. I don’t mind it,” the birthday boy reassured him. “There’s nothing like listening to a live performance!”
(“Nice save, Ortho-chan~” Cater called in the background.)
“B-But... Any song they can play, I’m sure we could make it a lot better, or find a better version of it online... R-Real people can mess up during live performances, and that’s too much trouble to deal with.”
“That’s what makes it nice!” Ortho grinned from ear to ear. “It’s what makes it... human!!”
“Human...” Idia stared at his little brother. “... I-Is that really a sound you want to hear? Even though ‘human’ is imperfect?”
“Hehe. Even as imperfect as being ‘human’ is, it’s a fun song. It’s always changing, and trying to get better... Like a program or an AI trying to learn from its experiences.”
A note rang out--far too flat to be considered show-worthy. It was followed by a burst of laughter.
(“Gahahah! Your guitar’s way out of tune!!” Kalim howled, slapping a hand on his friend’s back.
“I’m aware, yes. That is why I was testing out the chords before we went on stage.” Lilia looked thoughtful as he tapped a finger against his chin. “What an interesting show that would be.”)
“... Like that?”
“Exactly like that, Nii-san!”
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prismaticpichu · 3 days ago
A fun little project I gave to myself!!! Wanted to see how much brainpower I could wring out (spoilers: not much)!!
FF7 Fellas and Their Pokémon Pals:
Cloud - Immediate thought was Altaria for its floofy fluffy cloud wings, but I gotta go with Sandslash for being yellow, spiky, and wielding blade claws. Uhhhh, can also Amnesia through TM?? (Idk hardest by far. Not the bessst start xD)
Tifa - Mienshao for sure! Feminine martial artist thingy that doesn’t need any fancy weapons to save the planet!
Barret - Magmortar no doubt! Literally what other Pokémon has a cannon for an arm xD
Aerith - Shaymin for being flower-centric and a mythical! Can’t be the last remaining person of a species and not be considered one of a kind!
Nanaki - You’re already a magical animal; go stand behind the rope plz. Ty! <3
Yuffie - Greninja for what its name implies! (Fudge why doesn’t it learn Theif??!!)
Vincent - Okay, maybe Vincent doesn’t get hangry per se, but Morpeko does have vicious demons inside that it needs to control!
Sephiroth - Mewtwo ofc!!! Literal soulmates. Lab experiments that are the sole cause of fire-related massacres??? Both got psychic things going on?? Both hate humanity with a burning pass- nope, not making that joke. Anyways gimme a Kool Aid man oh yeah!!!
Genesis - Oricorio for its performance elements!!! (I couldn’t think of a straight up thespian Pokémon, so this is my best shot xD). Thing’s also got wings, so y’know, birds of a feather! <3 *dodges chair*
Angeal - Dewott for being christened the “discipline Pokémon”. This guy’s gonna be cross-armed while Papa Angeal shakes his head at his buddies for trashing yet another training room.
Zack - Growlithe!!! Give him the pupper now!!! Pupper NOW!!!
Jenova - Ewie ew. You don’t need anything! >:3 But I’ll give you a Nihilego for being an extraterrestrial ultra beast and brainwashing the cracked mind of Lusamine (Lillie’s mumsy) into devoting her entire life to you, annnndd eventually fusing your jellyfish body with the woman (whoah wait why are there so many similarities my lawd xD xD)
Just trying to pass my afternoon!! Now I’ll go do something meaningful! <3
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baymaksu · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Bringing Icarus Back Down to Earth
Megan waved goodbye to her friends, turning her head and taking notice of a certain teenage genius studying at a table on his own. Alaris always seemed to catch her attention and curiosity.
It didn’t help that her father was wary of the boy’s very existence but would never elaborate on it. It just made her inquisitive nature peak. And while her interactions with the new classmate have been brief, she did note that he seems to be getting more comfortable around her.
“I was half-jokingly going to ask you if you needed help on the assignment.” Megan found herself at his table, looking at the stack of completed homework. She chuckled, “But I can see maybe I should be asking you to be my tutor…”
Alaris shyly sputtered back, looking between his work and his classmate, “I-I don’t think I’d make for a good tutor, I’m not that good at… ummm… teaching…” Truthfully, that was due to his feeling of being socially inept rather than his command over the academic material.
“I’d have to wonder about that… I mean, you already did a whole week’s worth of assignments ahead of time. And…” Megan’s eyes widened, seeing the college-level coursework he was currently studying as extracurricular work. “These aren’t even for school, are they?! Well, not high school, at least!”
Alaris was a bit embarrassed at her outburst, looking around just in case others were watching. He shyly laughed, “Oh, these?! Ummm… Well, I’m trying to prove to my mom that I should be at SFIT, already.”
Megan adopted a deadpan expression, a hand along her hip expectantly, “Oh, I see. So, you’re saying you’re too school for high school? Better than us normal kids?”
Alaris quickly waved his hands at her apologetically. “N-No, sorry! That’s not what I meant!”
Megan laughed heartily at his response, waving her own hands at him to calm him down. “Relax! I’m just messing with you! You teen geniuses are too easy, sometimes.” It was too easy to tease Hiro and Karmi, there seemed to be a trend here with these prodigies.
“Huh? Oh, right. Sorry.” Alaris sighed at her in relief.
“Wait. Don’t tell me this is all you have planned for the day! You’ve finished all the required work already. Why don’t you do something fun?” Megan noted his confused expression, pointing out, “You don’t know what to do for fun, do you?”
“Well, I like to… I think I…?” Alaris’ sky blue eye looked up as he placed his hand along his chin, contemplating for a moment. Until he looked down in defeated admittance, “…No, I don’t…”
“Great! Then, I’m guessing you’ve never been to a concert before?!” Megan excitedly leaned forward, causing the boy to blush as he shook his head. “How about I take you to the Redemption Tour today?! High Voltage know how to put on a show!”
“Uhhh.” Alaris briefly thought about it, looking at her and then his textbooks. His mother did say she wanted him to experience life like a normal teenager. He smiled back at her with a nod, “Sure! I’d really like that!“
Megan clapped victoriously, “Then it’s a play date!”
“Whoah! A w-what?!” Alaris’ face flushed almost as red as his distinct hair strands.
“It’s a play. High Voltage is performing their songs in their own play about their lives.” The super sleuth responded matter-of-factly.
The teenage prodigy nodded, sagely, “Oh, okay that makes sense… Wait, that’s not what I was asking about-“
Before he could continue, Megan waved at him while playfully pointing at her phone, “Well, gotta run! See you later then! I’ll text you the details soon! Bye!” Leaving the boy speechless as she walked away gingerly.
Note: More Alaris lore finally! And as you can see, I ship Megan with him! Ship name? #megaris. I think they are an interesting couple-to-be. Megan is the perfect person to give Alaris not only a sense of what it is to be a teenage kid rather than just a young genius, but also to treat him as a person. He arrived to the world under difficult circumstances, as the clone of villain being created by a villainous clone. Megan is the person to show him a better side of life beyond those circumstances. And I hope I can explore their relationship further!
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rosalba-robi · a month ago
With Joel/Olli please (unsurprisingly) :)
It was a little challenging and got longer than intended, but I hope it's okay 😁
"Stop grumbling, it's gotta be fun!" Olli was so enthusiastic that Joel found himself giving in.
"I just think it's rubbish," he said again for good measure.
"And I've told you already, we'll just look at it and than have a few laughs over how silly the whole thing is," with these words Olli determinedly pulled him toward a fortune teller trailer. Joel sighed, but obliged.
That wasn't what he expected agreeing at Olli's suggestion to go to the Christmas fair. So far they had a great time despite the frosty weather: gaped at the counters full of different stuff, tried their luck at the shooting range (they didn't win shit, but Joel found Olli's concentrated face utterly adorable) and warmed up with some nice glögi. The last was perhaps the reason they actually were going to pay some stranger to "forsee" their future.
At the entrance Olli stopped and looked up at Joel.
"You for sure okay with that? I mean if you really don't want to-"
"There's a large snowflake on you," interrupted him Joel and carefully picked it up from Olli's beanie. "Look. They seem to like you."
Olli's eyes widened as he gently took it from Joel.
"Whoah, it's huge! You know, there's a belief, if on New Year's Eve you catch one and it won't melt in your palm while the clock strikes midnight, your wish will come true."
"If a snowflake won't melt after twelve seconds that's bad news," joked Joel and bit his tongue almost immediately, he didn't want to spoil the mood.
However Olli only elbowed him at that, saying that Christmas was not the time for his black humor.
"So, are we coming?" he asked again. Joel nodded.
The inside of the trailer wasn't at all what Joel expected. He thought it would be dark and smoky, with strange amulets all over the place and some kaale woman with wide skirts behind the desk. The neat, lighted with a lot of scented candles place with certificates on the walls and a long bookshelf rather reminded his therapist's office. The fortune teller herself turned out to be a nice old lady that could be his grandma. The only thing that looked a bit unusual were her clothes, a mantle and a hat Joel called "a witch hat" in his mind.
"So..." started Olli, apparently also surprised by what they saw. "You must be a fortune teller, right? Ot did we confuse the place?"
"I prefer the Doctor of Mystical Science," the lady pointed at one of the certificates. "But basically yes."
Joel loudly snorted. It was even more weird than he thought.
"You don't believe me, young man. I understand, not everyone can get it. But please, take a trouble and behave while you're here," she said in a calm voice. Under her gaze Joel felt embarrassed and stared at his feet.
"Sorry," he mumbled.
"What do you wanna know?" she asked Olli, seeing he was more interested. "Love, money, career? Or just what near future holds for you?"
"Just near future," decided Olli, Joel agreed silently.
"What would be better here, " the lady muttered under her nose as she digged through her desk. "Cards? No, too specific. Tea leaves?.. Oh, right, that's perfect!"
And she put a crystall ball on the desk.
The transparent ball with some fog inside it at least looked somewhat magical and even magnetic, Joel had to admit.
The lady nodded at them and they sat across from her. They waited silently as she put her hands over the ball and hummed. Finally she turned her attention back at them.
"Now you can try to ask your question. Clear your mind of everything else and focus on your future, ask the universe what's gonna happen to you watching at the very center of the ball. Don't quit if there'll be nothing for a while, first sessions take a lot time and concentration. After you'll tell me what you've seen and we'll decipher your message."
Olli squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head, then stared inside the ball. They waited.
Joel was getting bored soon, there was absolutely nothing interesting about the process, at least from outside. Just as he was about to change his pose for the fith time, Olli opened his mouth.
"It's still a fog, but it has change the color, and it's moving!"
"What color?" asked the lady.
"Green... wait, it's blue... oh, I think it's both green and blue. And it goes up."
"Well, green promises good health."
"They don't call me 'Mr.Recovery man' for nothing," said Olli, and Joel rolled his eyes at the running joke, nudging Olli's leg with his own.
"Blue," continued the lady as if she wasn't interrupted, "means the luck in matters of the heart." Olli quickly glanced at Joel, his cheeks slightly blushing. "And movement up is generally a good sign, there'll be a success in your future."
Olli was grinning contently, and Joel refrained from commenting. After all, there was no harm in believing everything will be great, though Joel himself had hard time with it.
"You want to try?" asked him the lady, bringing him back from his musings.
"Why not?" he shrugged and moved a bit to have a better view at the ball.
For some time nothing happened again and Joel was about to stand and go away, when the fog suddenly cleared, showing a sharp image.
"That's... a star?" he said incredulously, not sure his sight wasn't messing with him.
"Oh?" the lady sounded surprised as well. "You see a proper figure? Very rare for the first seance, you must have a natural talent, young man."
"And what does it mean?" asked Joel impatiently.
"So eager. Well, the star indicates a near future success, but also tells that on the way to it there'll be difficulties."
"I'm not afraid of any them!"
"That's commendable, but still you better to take care. Do you see anything else?"
"No. Though actually..." the image was morphing right before his eyes. "It's a jar of honey? Or a pot of honey, I'm not sure."
"But you're sure it's honey?"
"There's a label," Joel replied tersely.
"That's remarkable!" the lady noticed, she sounded sincerely impressed. She went to the bookshelf, searching for something, and muttering "Incredible! At the first try... good aura... but still? Only once before..."
She finally took one of the books and returned to them, opening it.
"The empty jar, or a pot, would mean a new love. But since it's filled with something, and you can even tell what is it... aha!" she poked her finger at the middle of the page. "Honey means there's already love in your life, a big and true one. That's it."
At these words Joel looked at Olli, who was blushing harder than before and had a shy smile on his face. Joel smiled in return.
They left the trailer side by side, their knuckles brushing against each other, and Joel thought he didn't regret the money they'd left there.
"You know what?" asked Olli.
Joel felt anxious over the possible meaning behind the question. He wasn't ready to discuss such important matters right now.
"What?" he said cautiously.
"There was a counter called 'Bear's bliss' with different sorts of honey. Do you think Tommi will appreciate such a gift, or will he try to choke us?" Olli's eyes were shining with mischief.
Joel laughed, relieved. Maybe this fortune telling business wasn't the utter nonsense after all.
"Let's find out!"
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hwanami · 11 months ago
(Fake) Dating #101
Tumblr media
pairing: park seonghwa x oc!femreader
genre: fluff, fake dating au
word count: 3916 words
summary: pushing your twenties, you never for once dating anyone. And an encounter with your not-so-close friend, park seonghwa, in a reunion turned your love life around.
a/n: gues i’ll write in as OC!reader again because it feels awkward writing “y/n” in my fic... i’m not used to it ;;
tags: @closer-stars​ @nevieatiny​
part 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ x
Lunch time usually just you sitting in your desk, exchanging a story or two with your co-worker who also happened to eat on their desk instead of going out or to the office cafeteria. You would be talking about Hani’s dog or Kino’s fail dates by then if it wasn’t for the man who helped you when you were drunk suddenly called you to have lunch with him.
“So,” you heaved a sigh as you took a seat in front of Seonghwa, “why do you want to meet now?”
“Can’t I?” he asked back, “I just want to have a lunch with my girlfriend.”
“God,” you almost choked on your iced tea, “stop calling me your girlfriend.”
“Why? You don’t like it?”
You rolled your eyes, “of course not.”
“Ah,” Seonghwa’s lips formed a smirk, “do you prefer baby?”
If you almost choked before, you surely choked this time.
“Or darling? Wait, maybe sweet–”
“Stop it already!” your hands came up to covered his mouth, which eliciting a chuckle from him.
“Just to let you know, I prefer to call my girlfriend with love.”
“Yeah, I don’t care.”
“Tsk,” Seonghwa rolled his eyes, “you should at least show a little interest to these little things, you know?”
“Why?” you asked, taking a spoon of your risotto.
“Well, for some, nicknames are ways to show their affection to their loved ones.”
“For some,” you pointed at him with your spoon, “not me.”
“But it is for me,” he replied with a pout.
“Fine,” you sighed, “now eat. I have to get back to the office after lunch hour.”
Seonghwa shook his head. You are still the same as who you were back then. You would rather miss out on hanging out with your friends than to be late for your task even if it’s just by 5 minutes.
“You know,” he started as he swirled his spaghetti, “sometimes it’s okay to put away your task for a while.”
You raised an eyebrow at him, “what do you mean?”
“Well,” he shrugged, “I just think you should give yourself some breaks. Some time to have fun, enjoying things.”
You chuckled, “I am enjoying things. What do you mean?”
“I don’t know,” he furrowed his eyebrows, “maybe things you missed out when you skipped going out with your friends?”
“The thing is,” you sighed, “I mostly skipped it because I was too lazy to go with them. We were not… really that close.”
“It’s because you didn’t give us a chance to get close.”
You frowned at that, “that’s not true…”
“That’s true,” Seonghwa’s eyes got widened, “do you ever wonder if you didn’t build your wall that high, how many people would have dated you?”
You scoffed, shaking your head, “come on. No one ever like me that way to begin with.”
“See? I think you build your wall too high you started to get blind.”
“Shut up,” you glared at him, “you know nothing about it anyway.”
“No, I know. In fact, I can name some names who ever liked you that way.”
A hopeless chuckle left your lips, “okay, try name them.”
“Hongjoong,” he said before sipping his lemon tea. Upon hearing the name, you let out a loud laugh.
“Seriously? Whoah…” you shook your head, “you’re good at making up stories, I see.”
“No,” he sighed, “he liked you for real back then.”
“Come on,” you coughed, “everybody knows me and Hongjoong only got close because he was after my best friend.”
“Yes. At first, he only talked to you to get to know more about Sumin but he started to like you as the time went by. Why do you think he didn’t end up with Sumin, huh?”
You furrowed your eyebrows, “because he didn’t like her anymore and started to see that Yuna liked him.”
“Wrong,” Seonghwa shook his head, “before he went into Yuna, he liked you. But you kept treating him as a friend.”
“Because he is my friend.”
“Yeah, he stopped being in denial that you see him as something more than friend on the night you played truth or dare.”
“Don’t even mention that event,” you glared at him.
Seonghwa put his hands on the air, “sorry, Ma’am. Will never happen again.”
You rolled your eyes, “there’s just no way Hongjoong was… seeing me that way.”
“Yes way. You’re just in denial. Now should I say the next one?”
“Who?” you asked lazily.
“God, you just have to mention him, huh?”
“It’s a public secret. Everybody knows it.”
“I know,” you scoffed, “and it’s still not valid because he never made a move. So–”
“He did. You just either turned a blind eye or in denial about it.”
“He did not.”
“Well, technically speaking, Minsoo was an idiot back then. He was panicked and embarrassed when people found out, so he kind of… you know, covering it by saying and acting like he was after another girl.”
You shook your head, “he was what? Embarrassed? For liking me?”
Seonghwa’s peeked at you before going back to his almost-finished food, “no, he was just embarrassed because they kept teasing him. Plus, he was scared it would make you uncomfortable and eventually left.”
“But he was the one who left,” you took another sip of your tea.
“Exactly,” Seonghwa’s heaved a loud sigh.
There was a silent. Before Seonghwa cleared his throat, “anyways, there were some others but I’m just going to mention those two.”
You looked up at him before landing your eyes back to your glass, “it’s still weird hearing you mentioned Hongjoong.”
He chuckled, “is it?”
You nodded your head. Missing the soft smile plastered on Seonghwa’s face, “I told you, you missed out on lots of things.”
You sighed loudly, “anyways, why did you ask me to meet you?”
“I told you, I just want to have lunch together.”
“That’s all?”
“Nope,” he smiled widely. Making you rolled your eyes again, “what is it then?”
“Don’t you think we have to talk about our terms and condition for our relationship?”
You chuckled sarcastically, “terms and condition. Wow.”
“Just,” you shook your head in disbelief, “how would it benefit you in any way? I’m genuinely confused.”
“That’s exactly what I wanted to talk about,” he said, a little proud with his own idea, “for me, I need a partner to go to several events. Be it family events, or events with friends.”
“That’s it?”
Seonghwa nodded his head, “I’m tired with the “where is your girlfriend?” question, really.”
“So… I just have to go to your gatherings with you?”
“Well,” he smirked, “I can arrange some dates just the two of us too if you want.”
“No, thanks,” you answered quickly, “tagging along to ggatherings won’t be hard though.”
“Do you prefer me making you my maid so it will be hard for you?”
“Jesus, you’re awful if you do that.”
Seonghwa chuckled softly, “the dates for just us two is the way I return the help, by the way. So you’ll know what people actually do when they go on dates.”
You stayed silent for a while. Listening to his offers actually made you hate yourself even more. For having such a “lame” love life. But again, it’s never your priority anyway.
“Okay, got it.”
Seonghwa stared at you for a while. Trying to find any doubts or if you feel force to do it. But he found none.
“Then,” he smiled, “are you free this Saturday?”
You shook your head as you frowned, “nope. I visit my parents every Saturday.”
“Every Saturday?” he asked with surprised tone.
You nodded your head, “you seem surprised of it.”
“It’s because I rarely do that,” he chuckled, “I only visit them when I want to.”
“Then, you should visit them more often. You know, they’re still your parents and they must be worried if their children aren’t with them.”
Seonghwa looked down to hide his smile, “yeah, I’ll do that.”
One by one, the restaurant’s visitors started to walk away from their tables. You looked at your watch, “I think we should get back.”
Seonghwa looked up to see you taking out your wallet. Quickly, he stood up to the cashier, “it’s on me.”
“What?” your eyes followed his figure as you quickly tidying up your belongings and ran to match up with Seonghwa’s steps, “let me pay mine.”
“No,” Seonghwa gave you a smile, “I suddenly took you out when you probably prefer to eat at your office. Just let me pay for this one.”
“That’s not fair,” you pout. Making him chuckle as he patted your head, “then pay for me on our next date.”
Next date. Those two words coming out from his lips have successfully making a blush crept into your cheeks. He took your hand as he walked you to his car, “I have one more thing to give you, by the way.”
“What?” you asked as you took the passenger seat
He took a paper bag from the backseat and handed it to you, “just open it.”
You slowly open the bag to be met by an alarm clock. The memory of that morning and the embarrassment filling up your head again. “Why would you… even…”
“You broke your alarm clock,” he looked at you then back to the road, “I figured you need one so I bought it.”
“You know… you don’t have to.”
“Why?” he smiled at you, “the reason you broke it was me, so.”
“Still,” you sighed, “I can just buy it myself.”
“Yeah, but I want to give something to you. It’s not even that big or something anyway.”
“Thanks,” you mumbled after staying silent for some seconds.
A wide proud smile formed on Seonghwa’s face, “the pleasure’s mine.”
The alarm clock rang waking you up from your dream. Lazily, you raised your hand to turned it off. Before you went back to sleep, you heard a laughter from the living room. Realizing it was not your housemate’s, your eyes opened widely and you quickly rushed to the living room to be met by Seonghwa laughing with your housemate.
“Seonghwa…” you called out softly.
“Ah,” he looked at you with a wide smile, “you’re awake.”
“What are you doing here?” you asked, not caring about your messy hair and sleepy face, “I told you I can’t go out with you on Saturdays.”
He frowned, “I thought I can take you to your parents today.”
“So, you’re going to take her to her parents’ house today?” asked Yunho, your housemate.
“No.” “Yes.”
You glared at Seonghwa who just casually smiling at Yunho, “it’s been so long since the last time I met her parents anyway.”
Yunho looked at you confusedly as you heaved a loud sigh. You waved your hand to him to tell him not to worry about it, “can you entertain him for a while?” you asked Yunho, “I need to get ready.”
“Sure,” Yunho smiled at you, “take your time.”
You smiled back at him before gesturing Seonghwa to sit next to Yunho, “I’ll be quick.”
“Okay,” he smiled lovingly at you. You noted how good he is in acting. Heck, he really looked like he is in love with you. Right when you were about to close your bedroom door, you heard Seonghwa said loudly, “take your time, love.” Making you slammed your bedroom door out of reflex and heat coming up to your face.
You didn’t take long to get ready. Maybe because you just wanted to take Seonghwa away from your place. Dragging your feet, you huffed once you reached his car, “why are you here?”
Seonghwa looked at you as he opened the car door, “because I want to take you to your parents? Don’t you need a ride?”
“I can take uber. Even Yunho can take me there.”
The man scoffed upon hearing your housemate’s name, “I’m actually amazed by the fact you’re sharing apartment with your junior high school crush.”
“High school,” you emphasized, “I don’t have any feelings for him anymore. We’re just friends.”
“Oh, really?” he asked, which sounded like a challenge, “get in.”
You got in anyways. Putting your seatbelt while waiting for Seonghwa to put his, “you’re only going to take me there, right?”
“What do you mean?”
“Are you planning to join in?”
“Of course.”
“Wha-” you scoffed in disbelief, “isn’t that too much for a fake boyfriend?”
“No?” he furrowed his eyebrows, “besides, I meant what I said to Yunho. I haven’t met your parents in so long.”
“It’s not like you were ever close to them,” you rolled your eyes.
“And what about it? I want to get closer to them now.”
You only glared at him before sighing and checked your phone. One of his hand on the steering wheel while the other one setting the radio, “so… Yunho?”
You sighed again, “both of us need to save up our allowance and he found a relatively affordable place near our offices. So, we guess, why not?”
“You don’t feel weird?”
“No,” you shook your head, “because I don’t have any feelings like that for him anymore. Do I have to tell you that I helped Yunho acknowledging his feelings for his current girlfriend?”
“He has one?”
“Mhm,” you nodded your head, “it’s obvious Hyunji is into him, and he is into her. I just helped him to stop being in denial.”
Seonghwa giggled upon hearing it. Making you looked at him confusedly, “what?”
“It’s just funny hearing it coming from you when you’ve been oblivious to those kind of things for as long as I know.”
“Shut up,” you pouted, “anyways, there’s nothing between me and Yunho.”
“So, his girlfriend knows about you?”
“Of course,” you smiled widely, “we exclude Yunho sometimes when we spend time together. Making Yunho nags at me after that saying that she’s his girlfriend, not mine.”
Both of you let out a giggle. Maybe there’s really nothing to worry about you and Yunho, Seonghwa thought to himself.
“I think both of them kind of see me as a little sister,” you thought out loud before heaving a sigh, “sometimes they just nag at me for the simplest thing. I think they forget that I’m the same age as them.”
“Isn’t it a good thing? You have people who take care of you.”
“Well, yeah,” you looked at Seonghwa whose eyes focused on the road, “argh, Yunho will nag at me later for not telling him about you!”
“Then, just tell him,” Seonghwa snarled back with a pout, “it’s not like you’re not allowed to date.”
You eyed him for a while, “is it okay to tell him that we’re fake dating each other?”
Seonghwa looked at you for a second, “just tell him we’re starting to get close, can you?”
“Why can’t I tell Yunho that we’re faking it?” you furrowed your eyebrows.
Seonghwa sighed, “it is called fake dating because we fake it in front of everyone. Why would you tell other people that we’re faking it?”
“But it’s only Yunho–”
“He’s still other people.”
“He’s my best friend.”
“He’s not involved in this, is he?”
You pouted, “no…”
“Then, don’t tell him.”
“Fine…” you mumbled.
Hearing your low voice, a hint of guilt crept into Seonghwa. His free fingers made their way to slip into yours, “I just want to keep it between us for now.”
Your eyes roamed to your intertwined fingers. His long fingers holding yours delicately. The soft touches let the warmth sept from his hands to yours, then into your chest. Before your mind could process it, your fingers moved to rubbed his. A movement he didn’t think you would do. Making his heart beats a little bit louder, the sound filled his ears.
“Damn,” you cursed lowly, “what is this? Your hand? Your fingers? They’re prettier than mine. This is not fair.”
Damn, Seonghwa’s mind screamed internally, you just had to ruin the moment like that, huh?
He rolled his eyes, “what are you talking about? It’s literally just hand.”
“No. Look,” you rubbed his hands again, “what kind of lotion do you use? Your skin is so smooth what the hell? My dry skin is literally crying in jealousy.”
“Ah, stop it,” he pulled his hand from you, “you’re exaggerating.”
You pouted, “at least tell me your lotion.”
He gestured to the bag at the backseat, “look for it yourself. It’s in the bag.”
“Tsk,” you took the bag from the backseat, “you could just tell me the brand. It will be easier.”
“I don’t even remember the brand,” he pouted too, “I just use whatever I found.”
“Whoah, look at you showing off that you have a nice skin.”
“I’m not!”
“Shit. Seonghwa, stop!” you looked back to your house, “guess it’s been so long since the last time you visited.”
“Sorry,” he apologized while taking a u-turn, “the last time I visited was when we were in last year of high school.”
You chuckled, “exactly. My parents probably don’t even remember you.”
“Come on, that’s too harsh,” he chuckled, “your dad cooked me noodles once when I visited!”
“Uhm, excuse you,” you smiled at him, “but you only visited once or twice–”
“No, I remember it was around five times!”
You rolled your eyes playfully, “yes, and the other probably came every damn week. My dad probably doesn’t remember cooking you noodles.”
“It’s okay,” Seonghwa smiled as he parked his car in front of your house, “we can start the bonding now,” he said, not forgetting to wink at you before walking out from his car to open the door for you.
You mumbled a thank you as you walked out from the car. Taking a dep breath, you prepared yourself for the questions you were about to face. A knock was all it took for your mom to open the door and looked at the man standing next to you confusedly.
“Hi, Mom,” you greeted her, “I don’t know if you remember him, but this is–”
“Seonghwa, nice to see you again, Mrs. Choi.”
“Oh! Seonghwa who used to come here to study, right?” funnily enough, your mom remembers him.
“Yes, that’s me,” Seonghwa gave her a wide grin. Relief washed over you knowing he didn’t have to be a stranger, at least to your mom.
“I didn’t know you’ll bring someone along,” your mom looked at you. You looked at Seonghwa then back at her, “yeah… he suddenly wants to tag along.”
“I only prepared food for us! What do I do–”
“Oh, it’s okay, Mrs. Choi,” Seonghwa quickly hushed your mom, “I’m okay.”
“You’re a guest! We need to treat you nicely, right?”
“Mom, come on,” you sighed, “you always cook too much for us. We always have leftovers. Of course, it will be enough for one more person.”
“Plus, I don’t eat that much. So, I think it’s okay,” Seonghwa reassured her.
“Okay,” your mom smiled, “just take your seat and make yourself at home. Your dad and your brother are already at the dining table.”
“Okay,” you smiled at your mother, “do you need help?”
“Oh, I could use a hand.”
You quickly looked at Seonghwa, “are you okay going to the table first? I’ll help my mom with the foods.”
“Of course, love,” he pecked the top of your head before walking away. Again, causing your cheeks as hot as iron and red as roses.
Your mom coughed, bringing you back to reality, “you didn’t seem to want a love life last week, yet you come with a boyfriend now?”
“I–” you sighed, “we just… happened to meet each other again.”
“So, it took you only a week to get close?” the same question was asked by your father at the dining table once all of you sat down.
You looked at Seonghwa in panic, while he smiled so calmly, “Yeah. Well, what can I say?” he looked at you with his heart eyes, “it’s like we only pick up where we left off, so it didn’t take that long to get close again. Right?”
You chuckled, “yeah, exactly.”
“I didn’t know you two were that close back then,” your dad said skeptically.
“Honey,” your mom called with a warning tone, “don’t treat our guest like that.”
“I was just wondering.”
Seonghwa smiled, “it’s okay, I understand. I’m not a father yet, but of course I’d be worry if one day my daughter randomly bringing a boy home.”
“See? Our guest understands.”
“But you don’t have to worry about me, Sir,” Seonghwa continued, making your dad looked at him, “I just want to be a help for your daughter whenever she needs it.”
“Like taking me here so I wouldn’t spend more money for uber,” you tried to reason.
“Anyways, she’s not a kid anymore,” your brother said, “didn’t you two ask if she’s seeing anyone last week? Isn’t it good that she takes your advice and actually come with someone today?”
“Exactly! Jongho understands!” you mouthed a thank you to him right after, “anyways, Seonghwa’s intention is good so please don’t make him feel bad.”
“Yeah, what if he regrets coming here and wouldn’t want to visit here again?” Jongho asked. Which Seonghwa replied with a chuckle, “don’t worry about that. I don’t feel any regret or unwelcomed here. Your parents must be surprised to see me with your sister, I understand that.”
“Can we talk about something else now?” you tried to change the topic. Which worked and finally the talk about Seonghwa was long forgotten. Once you saw your parents and your brother were busy into the conversation, your fingers reached out to Seonghwa’s sleeve, tugging it slightly. Seonghwa smiled at you and getting his ear closer to your lips.
“Sorry about that. You know… they must be surprised.”
Seonghwa chuckled lowly then tilted his head to look you in the eye, “I said, don’t worry about it.”
Your dad cleared his throat, making you and Seonghwa looked at him, “so, does that mean he will join us every weekend?”
“Well… I don’t–”
Your words got cut off by your mom’s, “oh, it would be great if you can join us every weekend.”
“I’d love to, but I can’t promise it since sometimes I have plans on Saturdays too,” Seonghwa answered politely.
“Ah, right…”
“But if you want me to come next week, then I’d love to.”
You glared at Seonghwa while your mom reacted happily to his answer.
“What do you mean by joining in next week?” you asked Seonghwa once the two of you back to his car.
“Means I’ll join in next week. Your mom’s foods are great, by the way.”
“Seonghwa,” you sighed, “I thought it’s only me who needs to tag along to your events, not the other way round?”
“Well, your mom seems to enjoy my presence so why not?”
“Of course, she loves your presence,” you huffed, “you kept complimenting her foods. Of course, she wants you to come again.”
“It’s not a lip service, you know?”
“Still, you don’t need to tag along every week.”
“But I want to.”
“God, you never listen to me, huh?”
He chuckled, “you should pay attention to how I interact with your parents though.”
“Why?” you knitted your eyebrows.
“I want you to accompany me next Sunday to my family events,” he smiled at you, “so you need to interact with my parents.”
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waywardpr1ncess · a year ago
Magic - Day 16 - Maribat March 2021
pixie hollow au time! @maribatmarch-2k21 ao3 link There was something in his room. Damian was sure of it.
He thought it was a bee at first, in which case he would’ve just ignored it, trusting it would find its way out on its own.
Then he caught sight of a large iridescent wing as it flitted across the room and hid in the corner behind his bedside table.
Hmm, strange.
It must be a butterfly, Damian thought. Must be seeking chelter from the rain. Though I have no idea how it got in here.
He decided to investigate, grabbing a small jar to safely secure the creature without hurting it. He was an animal lover after all.
He slowly approached the corner of the room where he saw the creature fly to, jar in hand.
Carefully moving his bedside table, he quickly placed the jar on the wall when the creature flew up to flee, trapping it against the wall.
What. The. Hell.
That sure as hell wasn’t a butterfly.
The tiny creature fluttering about the jar, was a tiny person, with a tiny pink dress and little shoes to match. She had midnight hair in two small braids. The long iridescent wings he’d seen before were attached to her back.
She was…a fairy?!
A very panicked looking fairy.
The tiny fairy was flying frantically around the jar, looking desperately for a way out. It took Damian a moment to pick his jaw up from the floor to register that the fairy must be scared.
He quickly lifted the jar, setting her free and she wasted no time in zooming up to the ceiling out of his reach.
“Um…hello?” Damian said to the ceiling, idly wondering if he was going out of his mind. Seriously, was he seeing things or was there actually a fairy in his room? “Are..are you a fairy?”
The little fairy just looked back at him in fear, pressed against the ceiling.
“Look, I’m not going to hurt you.” He assured. “I just, ah, wasn’t expecting this?” He scratched his head. “God, I must sound crazy.”
The fairy tilted her head, studying him for a moment. She cautiously flew down from the ceiling but stayed above Damian’s head.
“Where did you even come from?” Damian asked, though it was more like he was asking himself. “Grayson used to tell us stories about fairies when we were young, but I always felt like I was too old for them.” He mused, lost in thought. He didn’t notice the fairy fly down to his level until she came into his view at eye level.
“Oh!” He startled, quickly covering it with a cough. “You came down.”
The fairy was still studying him. Up close Damian could see that her tiny eyes were grey and she had itty bitty freckles on her nose. A cascade of gold dust flurried off of her wings in a constant stream.
She reached her little hand out and slowly flew even closer to Damian.
He was so entranced by the fairy that he wasn’t expecting it when she reached out and poked his cheek with a teeny finger.
“Hey!” Damian exclaimed, but there was no bite in his voice, in fact, a small laugh pulled from his lips.
The fairy quickly pulled away, but laughed too. Though the only sound Damian heard was that of a small bell…
“Do you always jingle when you laugh?” He asked. The fairy looked at him quizzically, opening her mouth to say something, but all that came out were more bell sounds.
“I guess you can’t talk.” Damian concluded, but the fairy shook her head vigorously. “You can understand me?” A nod. “And you can talk?” Another nod. “Then why do I only hear bells when you speak?”
The fairy shrugged, just as confused as he was.
“Alright then, I guess we’re just gonna have to play charades.” Damian held his hand out, palm face up. The fairy looked at it for a moment before tentatively resting on his palm, her legs resting daintily beside her in a mermaid position.
“First off, what’s your name?” Damian asked. The fairy scrunched up her face and tapped her chin, trying to think of how to answer. Spotting a book on his desk, she stood up and flew over and pointed to the letter ‘m’ on the page.
“M? Your name is M?”
The fairy shook her head and pointed to the m again.
“Your name starts with M?”
A nod and a smile.
“Okay, what’s the next letter?”
The fairy pointed to an ‘a’.
“A. Okay, let me write this down.”
The game continued until Damian had written out a full name, M-a-r-i-n-e-t-t-e.
“Marinette?” Damian tested, looking at her, “Your name is Marinette?”
The fairy, Marinette beamed and nodded.
Damian matched her smile, extending his hand to the little fairy.
“I’m Damian. Nice to meet you.” he introduced. Marinette took one of his fingertips in her tiny hand and gave it a shake. The air filled with jingling bells.
“So there’s a whole kingdom of fairies that lives in a meadow?” Damian asked.
Marinette nodded enthusiastically.
The past few hours had been absolutely fascinating to Damian. Marinette had told (or rather, charaded) him all about herself and the fairy world.
He’d learned that there was a place called Neverland that you could only get to by flying to the second star to the right. Apparently all fairies lived there, in a place called Pixie Hollow.
She’d explained that she was here on the mainland looking for supplies when it started to rain, and not being able to fly in the rain, sought out shelter in a small hole in the wall of his house. Damian was going to have to get that looked at.
“And the tree in the middle, it has all the dust that helps you fly?” Damian continued, looking at the small map that Marinette (with his help) had drawn of her home.
Marinette nodded, the sound of bells jingling as she spoke. It didn’t matter to her that he couldn’t understand, she babbled away all the same.
Damian smiled softly at her enthusiasm, he’d observed that she was quite eccentric and it filled him with amusement.
“So, back to the talent thing.” Damian continued. “You never told me your talent.”
Marinette let outa jingling “oh!” and smacked her head as if she was just remembering.
Marinette flew up in front of his face from her place on the map. She mimed using a hammer.
“A..building fairy?” Damian guessed. Marinette shook her head. She mimed screwing in something with her hand and polishing something. “A…repair fairy?”
Marinette shook her head again, growing frustrated.  She mimed fiddling with something.
“Um…a tinker fairy?” He guessed again. Marinette’s face lit up and she nodded happily.
“A tinker fairy…wow. So you create different things?” Damian asked. Marinette nodded again. “What kind of things do you make?”
Marinette mimed drinking tea, riding a cart, and even pointed to her outfit.
“You made your dress?”
A nod.
“That’s really cool, Marinette.” Damian praised. Marinette’s little face went red, and she waved her hand as if to say “no big deal.”
She then pointed to the pixie dust tree on her map, as if trying to get Damian back on topic.
“Okay, okay, back to the pixie dust. So, how much do you need each day?”
Marinette shrugged, cupping her hands as if to say “this much.”
Damian hummed, writing that down next to the map. Marinette landed next to his hand.
“Is flying fun?” he asked. Marinette nodded, doing a little twirl.
“Showoff.” Damian mumbled, a fond smile on his face. Marinette stuck her tongue out at him.
“I wonder what it’s like.” Damian mused. Marinette’s face lit up and she snapped her fingers, clearly having an idea. “What?” he asked.
Marinette fluttered away from the desk, tugging Damian’s pinky as she went. Damian stood up and followed her, nearly being dragged along. She was much stronger than she looked, especially for such a little fairy.
With Damian now where she wanted him, Marinette smirked and then began flying around him in circles, letting the golden pixie dust encase him.
“What are you- whoah!” Damian yelled as his feet left the ground. He was…He was…
“I’m flying?!” Damian sputtered. Marinette grinned cheekily at him, clearly pleased with herself.
“Did your dust do this?” He asked. Marinette nodded and flew forward take Damian’s fingertips again.
She slowly flew backwards, pulling along a floating Damian as she went.
“Marinette…this is..” Damian cut off with a laugh, smiling at her. Marinette beamed back, pulling him up a little higher.
The next several minutes acted as a flying lesson. Damian was by no means a natural (as humiliating as it was to admit), but he had Marinette to guide him. She gave him plenty of encouragement, patting his cheek and kissing his nose if he got discouraged, and in no time Damian was flying around his room at the same pace as Marinette.
Damian whooped in delight as he flew, even doing a few spins in the air. Marinette put her hands on her hips and looked at him as if to say “who’s showing off now?”
After a while, the dust started to settle and Damian started to sink down to the floor, Marinette tried to give him more dust but Damian declined, insisting she keep it for herself.
“It’s getting late..” Damian said, breaking the silence. He was lounging on his bed with Marinette sitting next to him on the pillow. She looked over at him, her grey eyes looking sad as she turned towards the window. “It’s still raining though..”
Marinette looked torn, while she should probably be getting home, it was still raining…and they were having so much fun..
“Marinette” Damian began. “Would you like to stay here tonight?” He asked. “It’s going to rain until morning.”
Marinette’s sad face brightened. She nodded and flew up to kiss his cheek.
Damian chuckled. “Okay, you can stay. We’ll figure everything out in the morning, okay?”
Marinette gave a small salute before snuggling up on Damian’s shoulder. The boy chuckled again.
“Goodnight, Marinette.” he whispered and joined his new fairy friend in the realm of dreams.
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