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#why would you not??? like????? no treats???

Unpopular opinion but because everybody’s been hating on Jane since like. Day fucking one. I am officially a Jane Stan. I don’t care what she does I’m taking it in, thinking critically about it, and accepting it I haven’t even seen Jane’s A Car she could straight up run over a man and I’d be like “girl power” because somebody has to overcompensate for the complete and utter lack of appreciation for Jane Perkins and her being a flawed and nevertheless worthwhile and possibly good person. Everyone in Hatchetfield gets to be morally grey but I’ve seen people calling Jane all kinds of names and insinuating that her marriage to Tom was unhealthy or abusive or that she was a bad sister or a bad mother before she ever appeared so fuck it. Jane Stan.

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I really hope you see this and answer me bc I need to know.

#I unfollowed u after we broke up bc I was upset by how lightly you took the situation, #I hurt seeing you so happy and calm after the fact, #so I was just temporarily unfollowing you until I got over it, #but then you block me on EVERY social media AND got your friends to do the same, #and I just want to know why......, #how did I hurt you? bc I finally got the guts to tell you how I felt? and then you thought my feelings were bullshit and invalid?, #you were not me. you did not know how I felt., #and yet you say there and told me that you didn’t understand how I could feel so upset and jealous over someone who you treated, #so much better than me, #I wanted to stay friends so bad, #but you just stopped talking to me after I tried and tried, #even AFTER you asked ME if we still could be friends, #you baited me. you tricked me. and now ur constantly sitting in the back of my head mocking me, #why won’t you just text me and explain your side. what you said to everyone. why you told everyone when it was our own business, #cuz now im gonna sit here forever wondering what bullshit I told EVERYONE about me and it makes me so fuckinh sick and sad, #I can’t trust anyone every again bc of you., #I loved you for 2 fuckinh years. two. fuckinh. years., #and just like that, #you act like I never even existed..... I can’t trust anyone ever again bc of you....., #so I would just like to thank you., #if you’re reading this which I really truly hope you do, #just know that you ruined a person. and all of your friends are dealing with the devil 😌🤛
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im vibrating so hard rn i just found out that ny favorite zoo sim game from when i was i a kid is on steam holy shit i didnt think id ever see this again

#the base game + ALL expansion packs is 19.99€ & i might just treat myself just this once, #i can still hear the music in my head it was so good, #the graphics were shit but still the NOSTALGIA, #like this game literalmy has it all im talking dinosaurs dragons normal animals horses you name it, #it even had a feature where you could put a reasearcher next to some fossils & tgen you could get extra special extinct animals, #(other than dinosaurs), #it was SO GOOD, #it even had mermaids but they couldnt reproduce unfortunately, #and theres a marine life expansion pack & it has SO MANY FISH, #and HUMBPACK WHALES, #and so many differemt sharks it was amazing, #im sorry im just remembering stuff i loved that game SO MUCH before i got into the sims it was all i played, #and the free play mode is like an actual free play mode not like in the sequel & i think thar was the main reason why i stopped playing, #the sequel that is, #bec i had the base game for that bur it fprced you to build an actual zoo to get more animals, #not like this one where you can literally just fuvk around bec all animals & itemd are available from the beginning, #like you wanna build a breeding farm for albino crocodiles? no problem, #dont want to build a zoo at all & just have the animals live freely & get wayy to invested in their little families? YOU CAN DO THAT, #goz esp the dinosaur one was SO GOOD for that, #i would make familues of pachys or triceratopses & then a pack of raptors & a trex & then just. let them do their thing, #im so sorry i sound like a maniac but this is SO GREAT im excited sorry, #the only problen is i have shit wifi here so im not sure if its a good idea to download it here hhhhh, #i still have an open exam result if that comes back positive i might just get it oh my godd
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The first positive relationship I ever had as a child was with this girl named April and it was so long ago but I still miss her and wish for the life of me we kept in touch. I don’t think I even realized back then how kind her presence was to me but I’m glad little me got to experience that and I hope I was a good friend to her as well… Sending you good vibes, April idkyrlastname

#not that id post her name online even if i knew it. its just weird that i dont know like, #anyones last names... this is also an issue i have with high school where theres a few ppl i wish i befriended that id love to reach out to, #but i only knos their first names. and idk if i even know the correct spelling, #my childhood mostly escapes me but i have random snatches of memories and i dont remember april ever being cruel to me, #i was always that weird autistic kid that got used as a punching bag or ppl would pretend to be nice so they could humilate me, #the latter form extended further in my life than id like to admit because it took me a while to realize the difference between laughing at u, #vs laughing with you, #my most recent irl friend who ive since cut off actually did occasionally hit me too., #so i basically only had one friend in my life who didnt hurt me. and i know at such a young age its easy to be toxic, #so im just really greatful april didnt see in me whatever everyone else did and she treated me kindly, #every time i think about the place i lived in when we were friends i think of this icecream place shed take me to. it makes me really happy, #:), #i havent had it since. idk if jt still exists, #idk the name because like i said my memory is shit. but i hope its still there and i can someday have that icecream again, #i figure this is also a good time to express gratitude for my current online friends... theres way too much to say to fit in a tumblr post, #but i love them dearly and im glad i was once again able to find friends that i feel 100℅ healthy with. i feel so judged just existing so+, #its just so nice to be around people that make you feel welcome and loved no matter what stupid or weird stuff yr saying, #i just want to keep improving as a friend and make sure my friends know i love them. and i hope april has friends that she knows love her, #...this is a funny side note but i just realized that april had brown curly hair and my friends flin and cry have brown curly hair, #the other friends ive had who were not so great were blondes fjdjjdjr omg is this why im never attracted to blonde ppl, #this is rambly but when are my posts not? i just been thinkin...., #xoxo
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[“You said you were alive, before all of this, right? Like, you had a body?”

“I did. What do you want to know?”

“Well, what did you look like?”

It goes silent for a long time, and when it speaks up again, its voice is quieter than she had expected.

“I had… arms. Eyes. Horns, I think…”]

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We watch a little girl about my daughter’s age while her mom works. A real cute, sweet thing who only communicates by humming and smiling and waving. Precious beyond words and so, so gentle.

She has this odd quirk where if you tell her “no,” which has only happened about twice or three times in the month and a half we’ve been watching her, she freezes and looks like you’ve ripped her little heart out and stomped on it. We have since tried to avoid saying it because she looks so upset and scared.

Today we found out why and my heart is breaking.

When her mom dropped her off, the little girl saw our neighbor’s potted plant on the doorstep. She went over and ripped a leaf off, because she’s a child and doesn’t know better. Her mom told her “no” and hit her hands. The girl immediately lost her smile, became very reserved, and didn’t want to come in and play, where usually she bounds up the stairs to see her best friend (my daughter).

Later in the morning, I was watching as our little friend tried to take something out of my daughter’s hands, so I told her “no-no” in a gentle voice, just as I do to my daughter when she’s trying to take something. She jumped back and held her little hands, and looked absolutely terrified. I immediately knelt down to offer a hug and tell her sorry, but she flinched away from me and was scared to let me touch her. So I just talked to her soothingly and eventually put a hand on her arm and rubbed it softly, and she launched herself at my neck to hug me and demanded I hold her off-and-on throughout the rest of the time she was with us today.

This tiny child is afraid of getting her hands hit when she hears the word “no.” It doesn’t leave bruises when her mom does it, it doesn’t even leave visible redness or marks, but it has absolutely left a mark on this tiny baby’s mind.

How is a child supposed to know why they’re not allowed to hit when you hit them? How is a child supposed to know why the person they go to for comfort is suddenly trying to make them uncomfortable and scared? How is fear and pain a teaching tool? And if it’s not about hurting or scaring them, why do you have to hit them at all? Because they don’t like it– and why don’t they like it? Because their trust in you is being undermined, because they’re afraid, because it hurts in their heart.

This little girl can’t even talk, but she hears one word and instantly freezes up and feels terror because the hands that are supposed to help and comfort and hold her suddenly turn into something scary, and she doesn’t understand why.

My husband and I had a good cry about it, but I’m still just sad, and mad. That sweet little thing who beams and hums and giggles when she sees us in the mornings, who runs up to my daughter and gives her little bunny kisses, who takes my finger and leads me around the house just because she wants me to hang out with her…

Don’t hit kids. Spanking, swatting, whatever you want to call it– a) it’s been shown to actually increase problem behaviors, and b) it’s wrong. Why do you have to put a hand on a child to teach them? If it hurts, that’s wrong- we don’t hurt people to get what we want. If it doesn’t hurt, then what are you doing it for?

And I guarantee you it does hurt, even if it’s not physical. The look on that little girl’s face is going to haunt me for a long, long time.

Discipline is the goal- teaching, not punishing. And hitting, no matter how soft, doesn’t teach. Rather, if it does, it teaches the wrong things.

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i love that these kids just like.. know him. it’s never explained why, we just know that there is a pack of children that sometimes hangs out with him and i love that

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I think a very important thing to understand about me is the very specific aesthetic that I absolutely adore more than anything.

I love it when something looks cute and innocent at first, so you assume it is sweet and harmless, and then you are very, very wrong. Ooh, that’s the good shit. Kills me every time.

#Surprise Filth And Gore. It's better than when it's expected., #.It speaks, #About me yo, #I think I know the reason WHY I love it so much too, #I am 5'1'' and very pretty. And AFAB. And I HATE being infantilized. I am not a child or a doll I am a fucking adult here., #I just look cute. Oh well. It just kind of happened. I'm tiny and I have a pretty face., #I am also autistic. Yet another mark in the ''things that make people treat you like a literal brainless infant'' column., #Not to mention my mother raised me and she To This Day does not let me do fucking anything myself., #I am not allowed to cook or clean. Can't do the laundry; can't make food; can't clean up after the pets., #She explicitly thinks I'm just incompetent and won't ever manage to do anything right. She took all of the knobs off the stove. I am 21., #If I am trying to complete a task and she sees me; she will take that task away from me and just do it herself [or try to]., #I dismantled my Nintendo Switch and reshelled it and gave it fancy new buttons and everything and she tried her BEST to not let me., #She wanted me to give it to her and let her do it. Even though I'm the one who spent the whole fucking day looking up how to do it right., #I eventually got it done by distracting her the whole time. I kept giving her little harmless things to do so she'd feel like she's helping., #Spoiler alert she couldn't do any of it and got frustrated and abandoned it and I -- you guessed it -- am the one who did it all myself., #If I had given her any Actual Important parts to fiddle with she probably would have broken them and trashed the system., #My Switch looks damn good now btw and I am still very proud of it. And it functions just like it's fresh from the factory. Nothing's busted., #So yeah I hate being treated like a fucking baby more than anything. That Is My Life Though., #So I fucking love it when something that everyone thinks looks Soft And Sweet And uwu babby-ish is actually Exactly The Opposite Of That., #Ideally the ''sweet thing'' never even lied and SAID it was Sweet And Dumb. People just made assumptions that bit them in the ass.
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#u know... im not saying louis needs to be treated with special kid gloves bc he's a grown man, #but i do wish at times ppl would cut him some slack. and praise him when he has genuinely earned it, #like. do yall rmbr when we were getting walls reviews there was this one that harped on and on about how louis' music lacks emotionality, #even when he has songs like tou and dlibyh and fearless and defenceless, #and how the journalist said louis hasnt had enough 'real' issues in his life to write about, #even though anyone who knows anything about him KNOWS he lost his mother and sister when he just recovering from the loss of the former, #i dont need ppl to treat him like he's fragile but can they stop minimizing what he HAS overcome?, #yeah maybe they dont the syco bullshit and yeah maybe they cant write about it blah blah and that contributes to his numbers, #but his numbers arent BAD. theyre fine. and what happened yesterday is unprecedented as far as i know, #so WHY are people still hellbent on making it seem like he’s hardly scraping by when hes doing more than fine, #like hope said in her post.. its so fucking ugly when 'journalists' let their own ugly biases poison their work, #like fuck u this isnt about your feelings this is about louis' accomplishments, #which he has many many MANY of despite and in spite of every shitty thing life has thrown his way, #i see too many other fans making fun of him for xyz even thought he's nothing but a gem to everyone, #like its fine if his music isnt for u but what has HE done to YOU. theyre so insensitive bringing personal issues into petty insults i hate, #but anyway ... beating a dead horse again when i should be reading
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