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I’m 26, ace, and genderfluid. You can call me Gray.This is currently a dumpster fire of so many fandoms that it’d take me an entire day to list them all out. Just know it’s filled with gay ships and hardly anything else. *insert awkward thumbs up here*Could be considered 18+.
oh-i-ship-that · 2 days ago
Fan: Did you play Dean like he was in love with Castiel?
Jensen Ackles:
Tumblr media
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oh-i-ship-that · 3 days ago
you know… i posted this as a joke but finding out that there is (at least) one that could be is a little… shocking.
i wonder how many of misha’s poems are inspired by jensen
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oh-i-ship-that · 3 days ago
i’d just like to add that Jensen hurt his knee training for a marathon in 2018 and Radio Company was formed in 2018. so that tells me that this hike, if this poem truly is about Jensen, had to have happened at some point in 2018.
also there’s this trail that’s near Santa Barbara (a city which Jensen mentions in the video above) that’s 11.8 miles with a stream and significant elevation gain which would cause complaints about altitude. it’s also worth noting that the camping area is near the stream.
Tumblr media
i’m going absolutely bonkers. what i’m about to show you could be classified as legitimate cockles proof. get ready. someone on here posted a picture of a page of mishas book (posted at the bottom). it describes mish going on a hike with a friend, worrying that the friend will kiss him again, them skinny dipping, yada yada, very gay.
oomf found this hiking trail in ojai, california (below). 11.4 mile hike, as it says on the website. poem says it’s 12 miles, probably just rounded up/estimate. inch resting, is it not?
it gets even more fucking insane. in the may 22 gish jenmish introduction, jensen asks misha where he is, to which misha responds ojai. then misha proceeds to ask jensen, “have you ever spent time up there?” in a very high pitched tone and kind of knowing voice. jensen responds, “yeah, ive hiked up there, spent weekends up there, it’s a special place.” what the fuck guys. they’re so loud.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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oh-i-ship-that · 3 days ago
i can’t wait for the con when Misha shows up wearing Jensen’s green button-up from Denver Con because we all know that Jensen doesn’t wear the same shirt twice to a con and he always gives Misha his hand-me-downs.
we know this because he admitted it.
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oh-i-ship-that · 3 days ago
Chimney seeing scratches on Buck’s back while they’re changing: Damn, you and Eddie must’ve gotten a little kinky last night.
Buck hurriedly putting on his shirt and turning red: Uh, yeah. Sure. Ha.
Eddie smirking while fastening his belt: Oh yes, helping a raccoon down off the roof at 3am because “I don’t want him to fall and get hurt, Eddie” is very kinky.
Chim laughing: Okay, but that doesn’t explain the scratches.
Buck: Fine! The raccoon got on my shoulder and slipped which caused him to scratch my back.
*Eddie and Chim hysterically laughing as Buck storms out of the locker room pouting*
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oh-i-ship-that · 4 days ago
leave it to J*red Pad*lecki to hijack a question that isn’t relevant to him or his character and make an ass out of himself while shitting on something that made so many LGBTQ+ people feel validated. Misha worked so hard to accomplish giving us that “homosexual declaration of love.” Only for J*red to compare it to incest.
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oh-i-ship-that · 7 days ago
“Those seconds, half seconds, that the line of our gaze connected,
Tumblr media
were the only moment in my day that I felt anything at all.”
- The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller
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oh-i-ship-that · 15 days ago
dear 911 buddie fans,
“i loved the idea of us” is code for “oh i just realized i’m gay and can’t string you along anymore”
sincerely, a gay that said that exact thing to my ex-boyfriend before i started dating my girlfriend.
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oh-i-ship-that · 19 days ago
hey… pssst… did you know that physical touch with someone you care about increases dopamine which regulates the pleasure center of the brain that offsets feelings of anxiety?
hey… pssst… right before this shot, we see Eddie on the verge of a panic attack because someone had a heart attack (which Eddie thought he had a short time before this) and we also see Eddie shift slightly so he’s close enough to brush against Buck.
Tumblr media
hey… pssst… i bet that pamphlet the doctor gave him also said that physical touch is good for reducing anxiety.
hey… psssssssssst… hey… Eddie touching Buck helps reduce his anxiety because Buck is a solid figure in his life and he feels safe with him.
tl;dr Eddie touching Buck increases Eddie’s happy chemicals.
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oh-i-ship-that · 20 days ago
the last time i watched two grown men stare into each other’s eyes and ignore everyone around them for minutes at a time while refusing to acknowledge their feelings for one another, i was baited for 10 years and it was hell but dammit… i am ready to do it again. here’s to hoping the fruity firefighters don’t make us wait that long. cheers.
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oh-i-ship-that · 20 days ago
how Eddie and Buck go canon:
Buck walking into the station with Eddie: Hey, Chim. How’s my niece doing?
Chim turning and seeing Buck’s shirt: She’s great. The real question here is why are you wearing Eddie’s shirt?
Buck: What-what’re you talking about? This is obviously my shirt.
Chim flicking his sleeve where Diaz is printed: If your name became Diaz overnight then I’d believe that, but as far as we’re all aware, you two didn’t get married.
Hen walking down the stairs: Yet.
Eddie dying laughing: Buck, how did you not notice?
Buck mumbling: You ripped my shirt last night so I just grabbed one of yours. I didn’t know they put our names on the new ones.
Chim: What was that? Eddie ripped your shirt? I wonder how that happened.
Buck blushing: W-well, you see. It started in the kitchen after putting Chris to bed and I dropped to my kn-
Chim, Hen, Bobby, and Eddie in unison: NO.
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oh-i-ship-that · 22 days ago
Buck talking to Eddie after Eddie’s been shot: I got you. Hey jus-hey, just stay with me okay?
Eddie after he’s been shot and seeing Buck covered in blood: Are you hurt?
Not Eddie checking on Buck when he’s just been shot and nearly dying from blood loss. He’s just like ‘yeah, I’ve been shot and I’m in terrible pain, but are you okay? Please be okay.’ It’s only when he knows that Buck is okay that he finally starts to relax. Buck’s okay, so Christopher will be okay. Everyone he cares about most will be okay, so he can stop fighting so hard. The people he loves most will be alright and that’s what matters, even if he won’t be.
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oh-i-ship-that · 22 days ago
ya know… the executive producer of 9-1-1 saying “i write them how i see them (excuse, excuse, blah, blah).” when asked about Eddie and Buck’s ‘relationship’ sounds A LOT like another shows response about their main character’s ‘relationship’ and that show spent over a decade queerbaiting fans but… what do i know? i’m just a shipper.
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oh-i-ship-that · 25 days ago
Me watching The Witcher Season 2 trailer: yeah, this is cool and all but where’s the bard?!
Me after seeing the bard: *sobbing* NEVER MIND.
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