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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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🚨 Important Hermit Crab Care Update!🚨

In the past, raw honey has been seen as a “healing food” for sick or injured crabs. Through research, the Land Hermit Crab Owners Society (LHCOS) has realized that this is a misnomer and there is no such thing as a “healing food”. All safe foods for hermit crabs are beneficial and necessary for the health of your crabs.

From LHCOS Mods:

“Honey is unnecessary and can be dangerous to ill, dehydrated and stressed out crabs. Legs get stuck and are dropped. Gills get clogged up and that’s how they breathe.”

We are no longer recommending you feed pure raw honey to your hermit crabs as a food source for the reasons above. It is too dangerous. This does not mean it is poisonous if eaten, but the sticky nature of honey can hurt the crab on the outside. Bee pollen can be used as a substitute for raw honey.

We have recommended people to feed raw honey in the past, but part of owning an animal is updating your methods as new research comes out. It is our job to keep you updated as well on new research and findings. Caring for animals is not linear. It is constantly changing and so we have to constantly work to improve the care we provide for our animals.

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[I.D: A picture of a German Shepard dog who is laying down. In the first picture he is looking away from the camera, but in the second he is looking up at it. End I.D.]

Meet my new doggo you guys!! His name is Chief and he’s nearly a year old (born sometime in August, will learn the exact date soon)! God he really is like a small horse for how young he is XD, I’m considering giving him the nickname Horse haha. I think this is the biggest dog we’ve gotten.

He still has a lot to learn of course, he is a little trained from who previously owned him but of course this is a new house with new people he needs to get used to. I hope he will be happy with us! :3

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Hey guys I need help

There’s a house finch with conjunctivitis and my mom and I are trying to figure out what to do.

We rinsed him with saline solution and put triple antibiotics on. We’ve got both eyes to open slightly.

There’s no vet/animal shelter/ nature preserve nearby. What do we do from here?

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The reef tank as it stands coming back from winter break. Had a major salinity issue at first but am seeing the results of carefully diagnosing an issue and fixing it, looking to add more coral and get another anemone at reef stock in March.


Clownfish 2

Bicolor Blenny

Yellow Clown Goby

Sexy shrimp 2

Clean up crew inverts

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