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One of Australia’s famous black swans

Some Wildlife Photos I took in Australia

The biggest thrill for me in going to Australia, is getting to see the incredible wildlife.  Here are a few shots I took last month.


My favourite Australian bird - the purple swamp hen


A dingo - lots of these left in Australia, but most of them now have the genes of domestic dogs in them. 




I don’t know what these are called but they were everywhere in Queensland


If you look closely, this mom has a joey in her pouch


The iconic emu.  If you know where to go, you can see these magnificent birds in some numbers.


A mom foraging with her joey at a wildlife preserve set in the crater of an ancient volcano, near Port Fairy.  One of the most magical places I have ever been in my life.

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“ One saw, as one rarely does, the chinks of light between what are often casually elided—the Australian cricket team, Cricket Australia and cricket itself, the game and its place in Australian life.”

Gideon Haigh, Crossing the Line

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I’m really really glad that Shed-Possum is back ;_; possums are honestly very annoying to have living in your shed cause they like to pee on things (like your quad bike) but every time I go into her shed to get something I get to see her cute little pig nose and her big dark eyes and she just chills in her box. She full on made a nest in there, we just had some cardboard in there for the last possum but she brought in a heap of dried grass and leaves and stuff to make her baby comfy. I love her she’s such a good mum and I wish I could get a nice photo of her to show you all.

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