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#and typically I've been picked for this first month when it's not a theme I know much about lol
jakeperalta · a month ago
hello people who like reading I need help!! I just joined a virtual book club and I was one of the people picked to suggest a book for this month but the theme is "spooky" and I don't read much in that realm so please send me suggestions of good spooky books!!
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noctiilio · a month ago
On the ninth hour of the ninth day of the ninth month, I ask you but one simple question. What do you think of Cirno?
ACTUALLY i have been participating in my friend Cappu's one cirno fanart a day through september collab (cleverly named Cirntember!) so i'll post mine on the 14th since it's scheduled for that day!!! you should def check that out if you can i've also been on a shared canvas -v-/ BUT YEAH LEMME AT IT -sound of me comically cracking my knuckles and the impact reverbs through the solar system- ok ok ok cirno cirno cirno my beloved. back to my critically acclaimed essays with free character psychanalysis up to level 60 and the free expansion fanart. ok so. She's a charming character and i understand why she's so popular. Ppl again push too far into certain tropes with her but considering the touhou fandom at large its a given :') Cirno is SOMETHING ALRIGHT. She's just a kid with too much hubris for someone her size who's hellbent on flexing on people twice more powerful than she is. And you know what? I love that. genuinely.
Fairies are just all around fun characters in the touhou series and I love what ZUN made with them, from the three fairies of light to clownpiece, they're just all very enjoyable. But cirno? Cirno is the crown jewel of this bundle of joy. She's the premium experience.
My favorite instance of Cirno is 12.8: great fairy wars. Its just delightful. None of the decisions taken by either of the fairies make sense and that's what i love abt them all. Like she isn't stupid in the literal sense of the word, her thought process is just incomprehensible because that's the fairy experience for you. She'll take overly convoluted directions that are just unnecessarily complicated for absolutely zero reason and only a fairy would understand and her attention span is VERY short, she's in the moment you guys, she's really in the moment and i love that for her. She's got no forethought and she'll jump into trouble head first and NEVER see it coming. She just never learns and keeps charging there's no stopping that sassy lost child. My favorite example to illustrate that is when she tried to sell water flavored popsicles. Y. Yeah. It's that nonsensical, almost cartoony sense of goofiness that keeps me coming back for more every day. Seriously if i had to pick only ONE touhou character that reads like an animated toon, hands down it's cirno. (clownpiece is a close second, dare i say.... she's on thin iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.)
I also love the direction that she's not your typical winter-themed ice fairy. She's that sweet feeling of getting shaved ice in the middle of a hot midsummer day personified. And i LOVE that for her. Summer is THE extrovert of the four seasons its commonly accepted this way in media, summer is the noise complaint season by excellence so it fits.
I love that when she's a playable character (like in hidden star in four seasons) she ends up accidentally helping the other protags just because she wants to flex on the WORLD, not because she wants to solve the incident. Like she doesn't know what she's doing for gensokyo she just does it bc she wants to prove something for herself. And thats so funny to me. Like, what Okina was doing? Through one ear and out the other, she just wants to win she's not here to hear you monologue, she'll put herself in airplane mode until you're done she just wants to prove her own strength as recklessly as possible. And this is the exact reason why i hope we get to see her more as a playable protag in mainline games she's just hysterical to me.
Thank you and happy belated cirno day i'll be back with a fully illustrated on the 14th, so while we wait here's my doodle on the shared canvas!
Tumblr media
(fun fact: i draw her w triangular eyebrows to match the shape of her wings -v-)
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viking-raider · 5 months ago
Hoist the Colours - Part II
Summary: You try and survive being Henry's captive, while your father plans on how to get you back.
Pairing: Henry Cavill/Reader
Word Count: 7,629
Warning: PG-13 - Pirate!Henry, Some Dark Themes, Language, Kidnapping, Ransom, Captivity, Possible Trigger Warning, Unwanted Physical Contact, Angst, Fluff, Bondage
Inspiration: Pirates of the Caribbean and Henry Cavill!
Author's Note: Gotta love Pirates!
Tag List Blog: @viking-raider-taglist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Henry woke with the sun glittering off the ocean and into his face and groaned, rubbing at his bearded cheeks and sat up, rolling his stiff neck and shoulders. His body was sore after the battle the day before, he crossed the swaying room and poured himself a stiff drink and quickly downed it with a groan.
Splashing some water in his face from a small basin, Henry peeked through the narrow gap between bed curtains and saw you sound asleep, before a light knock sounded on the still locked door.
“What is it?” He asked, opening the door to his first mate, Benjamin Nullings.
“Morning to you too, Captain.” Nullings greeted him back, with a smile.
Henry shook his head at the man, a smile tugging at his lips. He and Nullings had known each other for a good many years, back when they were both crewmen on another Pirate's ship, before Henry acquired the Crimson Jersey, a Spanish Galleon, and he made Nullings his First Mate, being one of the only men that he trusted.
“Good morning, Benji.” He replied to him.
“Well, good is going to depend on how you take the news I have for you.” Nullings answered, his brow creasing.
“What news?” Henry frowned, not liking the tone or the look Nullings was giving him.
“It's Valentine.” Nullings said, clearing his throat and rubbing the back of his bald head. “He was injured in the skirmish yesterday, took a musket ball to the arm. The surgeon had to take it off during the night, but he ended up bleeding out and died early this morning.”
Henry's head dropped back with a growl. “Fuck.”
“Exactly.” Nullings nodded, pressing his lips together. “You know old man Norris entrusted us with his son to try and straighten the boy out, not get his arm blown off or him killed.”
“He's going to kick up quite the fuss back at the Island for this.” Henry groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Has Quartermaster Astley tallied up the new loot?”
“He has, and we should make a very tidy profit of ten thousand pieces of eight.” Nullings informed him.
“Divided by a thirty man crew.” Henry squeezed his eyes closed and did the math. “Three hundred pieces per man. Norris will want his son's portion plus compensation for his death. Give him Valentine's portion and I'll compensate Norris for the death of his son.” He told Nullings, pushing his jaw forward.
“Once we get back to the Island, that is.”
“I'll have Astley make a note of it in his logs.” Nullings nodded, agreeing with his Captain and friend. “How's our bargaining chip holding up?” He asked, with a knowing smile.
“Stubborn and feisty.” Henry replied, glancing over his shoulder.
“Typical of all women.” Nullings laughed, his head thrown back.
“True enough.” Henry agreed, looking back at him. “Have Ellis keep us on course for Tortuga, but we won't be harboring there. So, have him anchor us off shore and the men will row out to it. They've earned a jaunt on shore after being at sea for the last eight months.”
“When we get the girl's ransom, do we still intend on returning to the Island?”
“Yes, we won't be able to hold anything more and we're already starting to ride lower in the water than we should.” He commented, running a hand through his hair.
“Well, we'll be in Tortuga within two days.”
“Excellent.” Henry nodded, pleased. “Have Valentine's body put in a shroud and we'll pay our respects to him this afternoon.” He instructed him, hearing you start to stir, disturbed by the sound of their voices.
“Aye, Captain.” Nullings nodded his head at Henry and went about his duties.
Henry closed the door as you pulled back the curtains, whimpering as the bright sunlight hit your unprepared eyes. “Good morning, pet.” He purred, smirking at you as you brushed your sleep tousled hair out of your face.
You huffed at him, rolling your eyes at his continued nickname for you, but didn't answer his greeting.
“Someone is a grumpy morning person.” He chuckled, openly teasing you.
“Only with bloodthirsty pirates.” You growled at him, trying to soothe the wrinkles in your skirts.
“Well, they don't call me Henry the Red for nothing, pet.” Henry grinned at you, unashamed and proud of himself. “We'll anchor off the coast of Tortuga in two days' time.” He informed you, combing his fingers through his messy curls.
“Tortuga?” You frowned up at him, surprised. “Why not Lockemirth?”
“I'm not going anywhere near Lockemirth until your dear papa has your ransom.” He replied, pulling his hair back with the leather string. “I'm not a stupid man, if I was to go near that island before hand, it would give him and the Crown amble opportunity to try and overtake my ship and crew. So, we'll wait in Tortuga.”
“Then, how will you know my father will have it?” You asked him, lifting a brow at him. “Tortuga and Lockemirth are eighty kilometers apart.”
Henry smirked at you, impressed. “A woman that knows her cartography.”
“I'm an educated woman, not the plague ridden whores you gallivant with.” You hissed at him, venomously.
“I have much finer tastes.” He replied, his stormy blue eyes scanning you for a long moment. “Anyhow, I have my ways of getting messages between the islands. So, you don't have to worry about that, pet.”
You glared daggers into him, wishing you had some means to wipe that smug look off his face. Henry stared back at you, he could see the thoughts flitting across your mind, you were either terrible at hiding how you were feeling or you weren't bothering to do so. Either way, he wasn't threatened by it or worried that you could pull it off or even attempt it to begin with, and he let that show on his own face.
“Enter!” He shouted, just as a knock came, causing you to jump at the sudden sound.
His cabin door opened and the same man from the night before entered with another silver tray with food upon it, he paid no attention to you as he bowed his head to Henry, set the tray down on his desk and left again.
“Are you starving this morning as well, pet?” Henry asked, picking up a few bits of food off of his plate and popped them into his mouth, making a big deal out of chewing and how good it tasted.
You watched him eat and felt your stomach rumble in your stays, you hadn't eaten since early afternoon the day before and were parched beyond belief. Henry lifted a silver goblet to his nose, swirling its contents and taking a whiff of it with a satisfied hum, before taking a deep swallow.
“Mmm, simply remarkable.” He said, after rolling the mouthful of wine in his mouth for a moment, before swallowing. “A 1681, Spanish Red.” He spoke, licking his lips. “I've always loved red wine, so it works out in the end.”
You gulped, feeling your hunger start to break down your willpower as you watched him enjoy the wine and food, purposely taking his time and making a show of it. With every bite of food and sip of wine your hunger and desperation grew, to the point you almost became unhinged. Henry set his goblet down and picked up yours, holding it out to you, a playful and teasing smirk and expression on his face, continuing to poke holes in your weak resolve.
“You know you want it, pet.” He hummed, lowering the deep timber of his voice, taunting you. “Wet those sweet lips of yours.” He purred, his tone teasing more than one meaning of his words. “Be a pity to let yourself go to waste.”
Gulping and licking your lips, the last of your will dissipating as you shot forward and snatched the goblet from his hand, making him laugh, as you hastily downed it, your mind not taking a moment to ask your taste buds how it tasted. Henry picked his own goblet back up, slowly sipping his wine, while you started to gorge yourself on the food. He plucked up the uncorked bottle of wine on the tray and refilled your goblet, the rich and deep red liquid splashing onto the stained oak wood of his desk as the ship bucked on the waves.
“Easy, pet.” Henry cooed at you. “Don't make yourself sick.”
You slowed down, looking up at him as you swallowed down the bit of food you had been devouring, the look in your hungry and exhausted eyes shifting, then you gulped down, audibly. A broader smirk crossed Henry's face and he rolled his eerily blue eyes at you.
“I ate the same food off the same plate, pet. It's not fouled up.” He laughed at you, increasingly amused at your silliness at thinking he, or the cook, had some how poisoned the food. He touched his fingers under your chin, smirking at you.
“For Lord's sake, you're no use to me dead or damaged.”
Another knock sounded at the door and it opened without Henry's permission, revealing Nullings. “Captain, Valentine and his shroud have been prepared, all we wait for is you.” He informed Henry, lifting a brow at the two of you.
“If you aren't busy.” He added, clearing his throat.
“I'm not.” Henry replied, dropping his hand from your chin. “Just making sure the Governor's daughter had her breakfast.” He chuckled, gently patting your cheek, then polished off his wine and set it down on his desk. “Come along, pet. All aboard are required to attend.” He told you, starting for the door.
“Attend what?” You asked, staying where you were.
“One of my men, Valentine Tash, was injured in the skirmish yesterday.” Henry replied, pulling on his jerkin. “He died, after having his arm nearly blown off.” He explained to you, settling the garment on his body.
“What's that matter to me?” You snapped, narrowing your eyes at him. “You were the monster that attacked my ship. It's your fault, he's dea--”
Henry bolted across the room, the back of his big hand connecting to your surprised cheek in a harsh smack; if it wasn't for his desk, you would have crumbled to the floor, instead you fell upon the desk, sending the tray of food crashing to the floor and spilling your goblet and the bottle of wine across it.
“Every man, and woman, on this ship knows the difficulties and dangers of being on these seas and in this occupation. Death is part of that expectation, no matter who they are. If they die, from whatever the cause, they have been cautioned and informed of it, and still they chose to come. That isn't on my head or on my heart.” He hissed at you, face twisted with rage.
“So, I suggest you watch your tongue, especially when you speak of things an insolent and ignorant girl does not understand.” He grabbed you by the elbow and yanked you up onto your feet. “Do you understand what I've said?”
You looked up at him, sniffling, eyes brimming with tears and your cheek welted with his knuckles. “Y-e-s.” You hiccupped and gulped thickly.
“Good.” Henry replied, tense. “Now, we're going out there and you will behave yourself, and if you try anything stupid, you won't leave this cabin again, until I have everything I want from your father in three days.” He warned you, shoving you in the direction of the door.
You tripped over the threadbare rug on the floor, but was thankfully caught by Nullings, before you fell. He gave you a soft and sympathetic smile, supporting you until you managed to right yourself, then kindly let you go. Henry moved in behind you, making you shiver as you followed Nullings out of the Captain's cabin. You blinked at the bright light of the morning as you stepped out onto the main deck of the ship, it seemed by the amount of people there as well, that the entire crew was out and waiting for the ceremony to send Valentine off to his watery grave.
It would be a lie, if you said you weren't interested in how pirates dealt with their dead. You had spent much of the voyage on the Kilmartin dreaming up scenarios about pirates and their ways of life on the high seas; but being kidnapped and held for ransom wasn't one of them though.
You saw a canvas wrapped body on a long wood platform that was balanced on the edge of the ship with two men holding onto it, so it wouldn't prematurely fall into the roiling sea below. The men gathered around their Captain, removing what hats they were wearing and bowed their heads. Henry stood tall beside you, his broad shoulders straight and tense as he surveyed his crew, his expression hard and unreadable.
“We gather here in honor of our mate, Valentine Tash.” He said, speaking loudly over the waves crashing against the hull. “He was a good man, a hard worker and a sound fighter. It is unfortunate that we have lost him, but he will forever be remembered.”
The crew let out three cheers in agreement and honor of their fallen comrade, before Henry gave a stiff nod of his head and the two men holding the body, lifted the platform and the shrouded body of Valentine Tash slid off of it and into the abyss below, never to be seen again. The crew lingered for another moment of quiet, before silently returning to their stations. You stood beside Henry as he continued to stare after the now vanished body, you saw, now that his men were gone or distracted by their duties, the look in his ordinarily hard and guarded eyes was one of a raw heart, one that had lost many men over the years and, even after telling you he felt none of it, was a man that had felt all of those deaths as if they were his own.
Henry caught you staring at him. “What?” He snapped, regaining command of his face.
“Nothing, just enjoying the sunshine.” You replied, blinking up at the blue and cloudless sky. “You?”
His eyes narrowed, then blinked at you, softening slightly. “Same.” He answered, his voice calmer. “It won't last though.” He added a second later, squinting into the sunlight.
“Why do you say that?” You replied, frowning and trying to see what he was talking about.
Henry dropped his eyes to you, amused. “I've spent my entire life either on or by the sea.” He replied, moving to the railing. “All that experience teaches you the language and nature of it. Even if it looks calm, sunny and beautiful, there's always something brewing just beyond the horizon.” He told you, leaning his forearms against the worn and sun faded railing.
“There's a storm coming.” He whispered, narrowing his eyes at a very thin strip of dark clouds. “But, we should be off Tortuga by the time it arrives.”
“Will we make landfall then?” You asked, gulping at the thought of being on the ship, any ship, with a storm going off.
“No.” He chuckled, shaking his head and looked over his shoulder at you. “We'll be as safe on the ship as we are on land.” He could see the fear and anxiety in your face and eyes. “Don't fret, pet. I've sailed this ship around hurricanes and she hasn't sunk yet.” He grinned at you, giving you an odd feeling of safety, but also a feeling of uneasiness.
“Then again, she can't.”
“All ships sink.” You frowned, shaking your head at him.
“Not this one, pet. Not this one.” Henry replied, still grinning as he looked his beloved ship over. “She's special.”
“Special how?” You answered, starting to worry for the pirate's mental soundness.
Henry pushed off the railing and caught your chin in his fingers, tipping your head back to look up at his amused face. “That's nothing for you to worry about, pet. There are some things beyond your innocent understanding in this world and beyond it.” He told you, his eyes darkening with an almost sinister delight.
Tumblr media
You jerked up with a gasp as a crack of lightning struck the water, so close to the Crimson Jersey that Henry's cabin lit up like broad daylight. You gripped the blankets of Henry's bed as the ship tilted and swayed at nauseating degrees under the heavy winds, the torrential rain hammered every part of the ship, pattering against the glass of the stern windows like small pebbles. You gasped again as a hiss filled the cabin, but slightly relaxed again, a spark of light flared to life and illuminated Henry's face as he leaned over his desk to touch the flame to the blackened wick of his tallow candle.
“I didn't mean to wake you.” You spoke, barely audible above the storm.
“You didn't.” Henry replied, crossing the room with a small struggle.
“I'm impressed how well you and your men can walk across the room or deck, when the ship is bucking like a wild animal.”
“It's land that tends to be tricky for most sailors.” He chuckled, pouring a drink, unphased by the glasses moving across the table. “Your body gets so used to the sway of the ship, it doesn't know how to react when you're finally on unmoving land again.” He told you, picking the glasses up and crossed over to you, holding one of them out.
“It's like watching a newborn babe try to walk for the first time.” He laughed, sitting down on the edge of the bed. “I'm supposing this is your first time at sea.” He said, sipping his drink.
“It is.” You nodded, staring into your own glass for a moment, before lifting it to your lips. “I would have rather stayed in London.”
“With your mother?”
Your eyes jerked over to him.
“You were the only woman on board the Kilmartin that my men and I encountered.” He clarified. “I doubt your father had you himself, so that leaves your mother still in London herself.”
“She is still in London.” You nodded, chewing on your bottom lip and trying to hold back the overwhelming wave of tears that wanted to overtake you.
You were so consumed by all the events of late, being forced to leave the only home you had ever known, to sail half a world away to a teeny island, where you knew no one other than your father. Then to be kidnapped by Pirates and held for a ransom, that you feared if your father didn't or wasn't able to pay would only end badly for you. It was all adding up on you, especially when you were still trying to deal and come to terms with your mother's passing.
“I doubt we could have brought her, even if we wanted too.” You mumbled into your glass.
“Did she not wish to join you both?” Henry asked, head slightly tilting as he noticed the cloud that crossed your face, even in the crepuscular light of the cabin.
“I'm sure she would have come with us, if she could have.” You looked up at him, eyes shining and red. “But, sailors already believe a woman on board is a bad omen, I shudder to think what they would have said about transporting the dug up coffin of one.”
Henry's mouth dropped open for a moment, before he regained his composure. “She's passed on then.”
You nodded your head, dropping your eyes back to your barely touched drink. “A year ago, this past month.” You whispered, ringing the tip of your finger around the rim of the glass. “She was sick for a very long time.” You sniffled and gulped, feeling your strength start to waver.
“I'm very sorry.” Henry whispered, softly. “It must still hurt you deeply.”
His words were the keys that opened the floodgates to everything you had pushed behind it. The walls of your throat closed and your eyes burned with the liquid fire of your tears, your breathing hitched, catching in your throat, and your shoulders trembled as tears washed over your cheeks, dripping into the glass still in your lap. Henry sighed, his face pinching in concern and sympathy as he watched you melt into sobs. Setting both glasses on the rocking floor, Henry reached out for you, resting his hands on your arms and gently pulled you into his arms and lap, tucking your head under his chin and rubbed your back, letting the sway of the ship rock the two of you. You clung to him and cried yourself out in his arms, drenching the shoulder of Henry's shirt, but he didn't care, he was a pirate after all and used to being wet.
He gently traced the outline of the whale bones sewn into your corset, beneath your dress, feeling the steadily growing weight of your body on top of his as you calmed down and fell half asleep. Biting and pressing his lips together, then sighing, Henry stood with you in his arms and leaned over the bed, gently laying you down and covered you up, before tugging his tear stained shirt off over his head, tossing it on his desk. He studied your sleeping form in his bed and sighed again, before taking the two neglected glasses back to their tray, then returned to the bed, sitting down on the edge and stared out the stern windows as the storm continued to rage around the ship.
“Look after us.” He muttered to himself, before getting into bed with you and pulled the curtains closed against the bright lightning flashes.
Henry stiffened as you whimpered in your sleep, at a rumble of thunder, before rolling into his side and relaxing again. He squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head, but didn't move away from you, not that he could to start with, he was already laying on the very edge of the bed, so if he wanted to get away from you, he'd have to go back to where he'd been sleeping below the stern windows. So, he didn't move or push you away from him, knowing you would likely only find your way back up against his side, figuring if it gave you some measure of comfort, he might as well enjoy the warmth of your body pressed up against his, being the first woman of any standing to share a bed with him in many months, even since the last time he was on land.
Tumblr media
“Land ho!”
The cry woke you from a sound sleep and for a moment you forgot what ship you were on, until you opened your eyes and saw Henry pulling on his discarded shirt and his boots, before unlocking his cabin door and stepped out onto the deck.
Glancing out the stern windows, you saw the mid morning sun was shining and there was even the cry of seagulls, as if the storm had never happened, and the first real sign there was actually land nearby. Excitement blossomed inside of you and you jumped to your feet, quickly going out of Henry's cabin, hot on his heels. Henry was standing on the starboard side of the ship, a spyglass held up to one of his eyes as he swept it over the glittering water.
You didn't need a spyglass to see the approaching stretch of land and felt your heart and spirits soar as high as the seagulls beginning to circle the masts. Tortuga. You heard several of the men aboard murmur across the deck as they gathered, grinning and clasping each other on the back and shoulders, excited at the prospect of touching down on land again, getting their hands on quality booze and ladies of the evening. You couldn't wait for the opportunity to sneak off the ship and find safety somewhere on the island, surely some kind soul would point you to the Mayor or Governor, a British Subject, who would then give you safe passage to your father in Lockemirth.
“Nullings, have Ellis anchor us close enough off the island that the men can row out and enjoy themselves.” Henry barked the order, snapping the spyglass shut.
“Aye, Captain!” Nullings shouted back and ran up to the helm to relay the message.
“Drop the long boats once we're anchored offshore, men!” He yelled to the gathered men on the deck.
“Aye, Cap'n!” His men roared back, throwing up their hands in cheer.
“You.” Henry called, turning towards you.
You started and looked at him as he strode over to you, catching your elbow and turning you back towards his cabin, marching you through the door.
“From this point, until your father gives me my ransom, you are not leaving this cabin.”
“Why!” You protested, planting your hands on your hips.
“Because, I know in that little head of yours, you're already plotting on how to get yourself to that island and I'm not losing my bargaining chip, and if my men have to spend their first time on land, in months, looking for you, they'll bitch about it until we get home.” He told you, sternly.
“Now, stay put and behave.”
“And if I don't?” You retorted, lifting your nose at him.
“I'll tie you to a fucking chair for the rest of your time here.” He replied with a growl, then slammed the cabin door shut, the sound of it locking following.
You let out a frustrated shriek and stomped your feet, before angrily pacing the cabin, mumbling under your breath about how much you hated him and his stupid pirate crew, hoping your father and the Crown sunk his unsinkable ship with him on it. You soon felt the ship slow and the scrapping of the anchor chain unwinding from its storage as they dropped anchor, no doubt close enough to the island for the crew to row the longboats out to shore and enjoy themselves.
“I hope they all get the bloody pox!” You shouted at the cabin door, picking up a glass from Henry's desk and launching it at the door.
Tumblr media
“I want you to employ our usual method of message running for our ransoms.” Henry told Nullings as they stood on the deck, huddled together.
“Aye.” Nullings nodded, taking the heavy pouch of gold coins Henry held out to him. “The auction should be bustling, taking in all the ships currently in harbor.” He observed, glancing at how packed Tortuga harbor was. “I'll have Barnard and David take our messenger to Lockemirth Island. With any luck the Kilmartin survived the storm and is already anchored in their harbor. But, if they're late getting in, I'll have them wait.” He explained to Henry, running a hand over his smooth, suntanned and sweat drenched head.
“That leaves one other thing.” He sighed. “What if they wrecked in the storm? What do we do with the girl?”
Henry rolled his jaw, mulling over the possibility. “We'll deal with it, if it happens. Until then, act as if its still sailing.”
Nullings nodded. “Aye.”
With that, Nullings boarded the first long boat that had been lowered into the water and rested as the men manning the oars rowed them ashore. Once they landed, Nullings marched up the crowded beach, smiling as a few of the Crimson Jersey crew called out to him or made lewd gestures before vanishing into the streets to find the taverns and whore houses. As much as Nullings wanted to do the same, he was on official ship's business, so it would have to wait until later in the day, once his task was completed.
It only took a handful of minutes for Nullings to find the place he wanted to be, the Tortuga Slave Auction, melding into the crowd that pressed in on the auction block, voices from various positions in the crowd shouting out prices. He waited until he found one of interest and joined the chorus, not allowing the other buyers to push him out, until he finally won the bid and left the crowd to pay and collect them.
“You understand English?” He asked the teenaged boy, pulling him into a quiet and discreet corner.
“Yes.” The boy replied with a mild accent, and a nod of his head.
“Excellent.” Nullings smiled. “What's your name?”
“Well, listen here, Hany. I'm the First Mate of the Crimson Jersey, and I have a task for you; a task that once you fulfill, you'll gain your freedom and a passage to any place you wish to go or a place on our crew, that will be left up to you.” He explained to him.
“Do you understand me?”
“Yes, I do.” Hany nodded again, blinking at Nullings, wide eyed.
Nullings removed a small, rolled up piece of parchment out of his pocket. “You will take this to the Governor of Lockemirth Island, two of my men will take you there, then wait for his reply and return here with it. You will find me at the Golden Mermaid, ask for Nullings.” He said, handing him the note.
“Any questions?”
“No, sir.” Hany shook his head, tucking the note into the pocket of his filthy and tattered pants.
“Great! Follow me.” Nullings nodded, then took the teen to the boat where Barnard and David were waiting for him.
With that done and nothing else to do, Nullings went to the Golden Mermaid tavern in central Tortuga and ordered a room, a pint and a woman to fill his time, while he waited for Hany, Barnard and David to return with Sir Thomas's reply.
Tumblr media
Thomas was a mess after Henry had taken you for ransom, going from spurts of violent anger to deep depression and lamenting. Captain Davis tried his best to keep the new Governor's spirits up, but more often than not, failed at it.
“The vile things that damned pirate and his men could be doing to my beautiful and innocent daughter.” He raged, pacing the cabin in a highly agitated state. “I swear, if he harms a hair on her head, I'll hang the bastard thrice!”
“You must keep your composure, Thomas.” Davis replied, watching his friend pace from his seat behind his desk.
“Composure!” Thomas roared, stopping before the Captain's desk and slapped it with his palms. “I don't have to do any such a thing! You are not a father, you do not know the pressure and responsibility it is for one to care for their children, especially their defenseless daughters!”
Davis sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose and squeezing his eyes shut. “You know my meaning, Tom.” He replied, exhausted. “We'll be in Lockemirth harbor in a couple hours time, then we can muster what we need to rescue her, in safety.”
“Yes, we will.” Thomas growled, starting to pace again. “I'll be damned if I give that abominable pirate a cent from anywhere! The only payment he will get will be to the hangman's noose.”
Tumblr media
A few hours later, the HMS Kilmartin docked in Lockemirth harbor and Sir Thomas disembarked from the ship, meeting the welcoming party the gentry of the island had put together for him, and you had you been with him. But, Thomas was in no mood for a welcome party and good cheer under the circumstances. He demanded to be shown the base of his operations and have all the top officials of the island to be assembled there, at once.
Several people branched out from the large group that had congregated around him, to set about his orders, while the rest of them showed him the Governor's office.
“What is the meaning of this?” One of the officials demanded as he entered Sir Thomas's office.
“Yes.” Chimed another, entering behind the first.
“We have serious business to conduct.” Thomas snapped, glaring at the full room of officials.
“What business can be so urgent that you must conduct it the moment you've stepped on the island?”
“While we were sailing here, we were attacked and boarded by pirates.” Thomas replied, his temper mounting more and more.
“Pirates!” Several gasped.
“Yes, pirates!” He barked, impatiently. “They've not only stolen several valuables from the HMS Kilmartin, they've also kidnapped my daughter and are holding her for ransom.”
A murmur went through the collection of men in the room, agitating everyone.
“What is the pirate's demand for her back?” One of the men asked, lifting a brow at Sir Thomas.
“Three-fourths of the islands money and goods.”
“Absolutely not!” The man roared back. “You can't just show up here and give them almost all that we have, I don't care if the pirate has your mother!” He protested, several of the others agreeing.
“I have no intention of giving them anything, you fools.” Thomas hissed, banging a fist on his desk.
“Then, how do you propose we retrieve your daughter back?”
“That—what is it?” Thomas barked as the door to his office opened to his clerk, Samuel.
“There is a boy here to see you, Sir.” The clerk replied, sheepishly. “Says, he has a message for you.”
“Tell him to wait.”
“But, Sir, he says it's from a man on a ship called the Crimson Jersey.”
Thomas stiffened at his words. “Let him in.” He said, pushing off his desk.
The clerk pushed the door open and stood out of the way, omitting Hany into the office. He looked around at the full room and gulped, slowly removing the note Nullings had given him out of his pocket and held it up, looking into the face of everyone in the room, not sure which of them it was meant for.
“Governor?” He said, hesitantly.
“Yes, that's me.” Thomas replied, stepping from behind his desk. “Hand it here.”
Hany took a couple steps forward, meeting Thomas halfway and allowed him to take the note from his hand. “I wait for reply.” He informed your father, uncomfortable.
“Yes, yes.” Thomas nodded, breaking the wax seal and unrolled the stiff paper.
“To the Governor of Lockemirth Island. I send you this note to inform you that I and your daughter, who is in good health and condition, are quite nearby to your island of Lockemirth. I send this messenger and expect him, and your answer, back before first light tomorrow morning. If he, or your reply, do not return by that time, I will take that as a sign of your refusal to pay her ransom and your leaving her to my mercy. Captain Henry Cavill of the pirate ship, the Crimson Jersey.”
Thomas read the note aloud, his hands slowly starting to shake with the multitude of emotions he was struggling to keep at bay.
“What is your plan, Governor?” One of the men asked, watching him restlessly pace the room.
He paced the room for several more moments, trying to gather his thoughts and form some sort of plan to get you back from Henry. Stepping up to the globe that was beside his desk, he studied it for a long moment, before turning to his desk and took up a quill and a piece of parchment paper, scribbling down his reply to Henry's note, and sealed it, pressing the signet ring on his pinkie into the cooling wax to make it official.
“Take this back to him and tell him we'll be waiting for him at that location.” He told Hany, then dismissed him to return to Nullings with the reply.
“Sir?” A man impatiently growled.
“We'll be meeting the pirate on Hafstead island.” Thomas replied, meeting the group's eye. “There is only one likely place that the Pirate and his men would make harbor in, and that's Tortuga. It's the only Island close enough to us and is friendly to their kind.” He explained his logic.
“Putting Hafstead island between Tortuga and Lockemirth, a perfect neutral ground for our transaction.”
“You stated you wouldn't be giving them their ransom demands? How then, are you planning to get your daughter back from them?”
“Misdirection.” Thomas smiled at him.
“We'll fill two crates with the goods and the rest with something else that will weigh roughly the same as the real two. They'll demand to see proof that we have their demands, so when they do, we show them the first two. Once they've handed my daughter over and move to start loading the ransom onto their long boats, we'll have guards from here attack, and all will be well.”
“I'll have my daughter back and the island will lose none of its profits.”
“You're sure this will work?”
“Yes.” He nodded, confidently.
Tumblr media
With what men who wanted to go ashore gone, Henry let some of the tension go out of his shoulders, before heading back into his cabin. He opened the door just as you were opening one of the windows at the back of the ship, crouching in it, poised to jump into the water blow.
“Don't you dare!” Henry barked between clenched teeth, pointing a finger at you in warning, his lip curling with anger.
You looked over your shoulder at him, heart racing in your chest and hands shaking as you gripped the open window frame. Both of your hearts paused for a frightful moment, and everything became slow-motion; Henry taking a slow step forward as you gradually let go of the window and tipped forward out of it. Reality caught up as you slipped out the window, free falling countless meters, just as Henry stuck his head out the open window to see you crash into the foamy waves.
“Fuck!” He shrieked, enraged and concerned.
Glancing behind him for a moment, Henry tore off his jerkin and boots, before swan diving out of the window and into the water after you. Making it into the water, Henry saw you slowly sinking and struggling to swim with the weight of your clothing bearing down on you. Bubbles rose towards him as you struggled to hold your breath and quickly losing the fight. Kicking his feet harder, Henry reached you and wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you against his sturdy body, buoying both of you, before his fingers dug into the ties of your corset and dress, ripping them open and letting the heavy garment slip off your body and sink into the oblivion of the ocean below. Kicking his legs in unison with yours, Henry propelled you both to the surface of the choppy waves.
“You fucking brat!” Henry hissed, shaking his head, his long hair coming free from its tie, before sticking two fingers into his mouth and let out a shrill whistle, right beside your ear, uncaring if it hurt you as you coughed and sputtered for air.
A shrill whistle sounded back as he guided you around to the side of the ship, the remaining crew leaning over the railing, to see the two of you treading water.
“Man overboard!” A call went out, the men jumping to action.
“Captain overboard!” Another corrected back.
Several of the crew helped Henry haul you back onto the ship from a small ladder built into its starboard side. You stood on the deck in nothing but your shift, hugging your arms against your chest and shivering violently in the strong breeze. Henry finally set his soaking feet onto the deck, the men huddled around him for a moment, to make sure he was all right, but his blue eyes were burning holes into you.
“Go back to your duties!” He bellowed at his men, who paused for a moment, then scattered out of sight.
Henry snapped across to you, his hand raised and stopping a centimeter away from your cheek, you scrunched up your body, wincing and turning your head away, anticipating the slap. He shook, throat bobbing up and down as he struggled to control his white hot anger. His hand unclenched and squeezed around your jaw, in a bruising grip. He jerked your head forward to look up at him, making you whimper. Your frightened eyes looked into his furious blue gaze, like he was tearing you apart with his sight alone.
You shivered again and whined, cold and scared, the suspense of not knowing what Henry was going to do to you, for your open and continued disobedience.
His hand moved from your chin and grabbed you by the neck, making you yelp with alarm, terrified he was about to kill you. But he growled deep in his throat; dull nails digging into your skin. Henry jerked you sharply towards him, crushing you against his soaking body and crashing his lips to your cold ones, in an angry and sloppy kiss, his other hand coming up to tangle in the back of your wet hair. You struggled against him, squirming, beating and clawing at his chest, but Henry wasn't deterred, his continued to kiss you, for a long moment, before breaking it, then, with his hand still in your hair, Henry dragged you back into his cabin and shoved you onto his bed, uncaring that you would get the blankets and mattress wet.
Stomping across the cabin, he retrieved a coil of twine that was on a sideboard and crossed back to you. Yanking your arms up, Henry tightly weaved the rough twine around your wrists and tied it off, leaving a length of it hang from it, before cutting the excess with a small knife that was in his belt. Taking the lead of your bonds, Henry tied it to one of the bed posts.
“You're a fool.” You hissed at him as he picked up his boots and jerkin, closing the window as well.
“Am I?” He laughed, tossing his jerkin over the back of his chair.
“My father doesn't suffer Pirates.” You replied, jerking on your bonds. “He never has and he never will. You may think you'll get what you want. But, the moment he has me. He will kill you.” You told him with a deep conviction.
“He's been killing Pirates, better than you, before you were alive.”
Henry turned towards you, eyes wide with focus as he regarded you and digested your words, but before he could answer you, the door flew open and Nullings came flying in, skidding to a stop as he noticed you tied to the bed, then looked to Henry with a questioning look.
“What's the word?” Henry asked, ignoring his expression.
Clearing his throat, Nullings replied. “The Governor has replied to our ransom, he'll meet us at Hafstead island with our demands in exchange for the girl, tomorrow afternoon.”
Henry gripped the back of his chair, drumming his fingers against the carved dark wood, then glanced over at you, before pushing off his chair and hustled out of the cabin with Nullings, closing the door behind them.
“It's a set up.” Henry told him, keeping his voice low.
“What?” Nullings snapped, brow and forehead creasing. “Why do you say that?”
“Something she said.” He replied, carding a hand through his drying curls. “I want you to go back into town, find a girl her height and appearance..”
“I'm sure the man knows what his own flesh and blood looks like, Hank.” Nullings huffed, shaking his head. “Be real.”
“Listen to me.” Henry growled back, chest heaving. “Cover her head, so they don't see her face. That way, we find out just how truthful the dear old Governor is being. Take everything they bring for the ransom, only after everything loaded, will you give her to them.”
“And where will she be?”
“With me.” Henry replied. “I know Hafstead island, I know a good place to keep her. If anything goes wrong, I'll take her back aboard here, we'll all come back to the ship and head for our island.”
“You want to take her back to Shipwreck Island, if something goes awry?”
“That was the deal.” Henry barked at him. “His refusal to pay, would forfeit her to my mercy.”
“What do you bloody plan to do with her?” Nullings asked, exasperated.
“I'll figure something out.” He replied, unperturbed. “Do you understand the plan, Ben?”
Nullings tapped his foot, antsy, as he ran through the plan in his head, things were getting so much more complicated than he anticipated.
“Yeah, yeah!” He sighed, giving in. “I got it, Hank.”
“Great, get about it.” Henry smiled, patting his friend on the shoulder and going back into his cabin. “You and I, my sweet pet.” He grinned, tilting your head back to look up at him.
“Have a date tomorrow.”
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razorblade180 · 5 months ago
I love writing Ilia. I've a lot of self discovery I reflect on the version of her that I write but I find myself fearful of the world daring me to use her for that. As if her being a lesbian is non-negotiable even though I've been in a relationships with someone who was a lesbian prior. Being childhood friends meant that we could look passed established preferences and see someone as a partner regardless. It was a part of discovering who we were but there's this looming anxiety of even wanting to share that part of my past in a character I feel could deliver it.
How do you deal with sharing that? You've a courage to be admired for writing a demi-Ilia, but how do you keep the fear criticism from getting to you?
I’ll be straight up honest and say sometimes I don’t; especially starting out. I think I played around with Sunshower in my head for a solid 8 months before even introducing the idea. There’s even sometimes till this day I want to write a simple fluff post about a ship and I don’t use Sun and Ilia because I don’t feel like stirring any pot and I want that post to gain notes. Not exactly the best reason but most creators can agree it sucks to make something that’s barely noiced. That being said, I’m happy to say that rarely happens nowadays and there’s a few key reasons for this.
First of all, I’d like to thank people like you and my other active followers for not only letting me know that you admire/adore this, but for coming to my defense respectfully to others who are rude in my thread. That genuinely means a lot and inspired confidence.
Second, I’ve come to terms that no matter what, there’s gonna be someone online that will be rude for some reason or another about any given thing I say. I am not above just hiding those comments or blocking those people. Most insults are weightless and I just make them disappear that way when it leaves my head, there’s nothing around for me to remember it. Others get flat out ignored. The only time insults grab my attention and I comment back are ones that sound really stupid, because I have a problem letting people just be stupid. They gotta know to a degree how insane they sound. I must work on not doing that. 😅
Third, I understand what I’m getting into vs what I’m doing. This isn’t my first rodeo. I understand why people would have a problem with what I’m doing and how there are other people who all but blatantly try to disrespect/erase what makes a character resonate with an audience. That is indeed rude, offensive and calls aggressive people forward. However, I understand that’s not my intention and that I’m not erasing anything. I’m not writing a story where Ilia wakes up one day and decides “I guess I’m straight now” or “I just had a phase.” No, Ilia is still very much into women and tussles with this feeling of being into this guy because that’s her friend and also being into guys is not a normal thing for her. Everyone knows this in the show and the fandom. We’re all the same page that this is different from the norm established and the story itself is trying explore and discover how that’s possible. I would blatantly write something to spit in the face of others. I can’t those who get offended but they also have to deal with the fact they can not read it or understand that I’m not attacking them.
The fourth is the most important reason. The slight anxiety I get from negative people does not come close to the joy and love I have for this story. There isn’t an ounce of my heart that doesn’t love making this, because it is this personal self expression piece to pretty big degree. I love writing a romance slow-burnish story about two people craving, yearning to be in love and accepted whole heartedly through all the insecurities; the mental and emotional loops they put theme through when the simple answer is just allow yourself to be in love and to be loved back. It’s how romanticize and envision the kind of love I want for myself. How could I not be thrilled to write it!? I put elements of that in multiple things. All my works are personal and intimate to myself to an extent. A person could argue if you’re that patient about it then why not write my own original story with it. One, those people are rude. Two, that’s a lot of work. Three, why wouldn’t I use perfectly good characters I can fit into this theme? Lastly, less people would read it. Fanfiction, I don’t gotta work for an audience lol! I pick characters that people already know and have an interest in. It hard to sell to people original characters; especially when you can’t draw.
Anyways, I hope this helped or made things clear. There’s two more important things I’ll leave off with. The first one is a bonus. If you’re ever anxious about what fans might think of what you’re doing, then take a step back and look at what already exists in comparison to what you’re doing. You realize certain things are kinda nonsense. People get angry because I want to write Sun and Ilia in this healthy relationship that explores their emotions even though that’s not canon, meanwhile some other account is drawing Cinder making out with Ruby or Jaune. Cinder, the woman that causes those characters immense trauma. I feel no shame in Ilia wanting to cuddle a guy.
Second thing is for anyone whose read all of this. Just wanted to say thanks and I genuinely love questions like these. I generally don’t talk much about myself or how my work relates to me because I don’t think people typically care and I’ve grown up in an environment where you simply don’t talk about yourself unless asked. I know I don’t need permission to talk about myself on my own goddamm account, but I get really excited when somebody gives me an excuse to talk about the things on my mind in detail in relaxation to my interests. Have a nice day.
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jaehyukkies-remade · 4 months ago
CHOICE Tag for A.C.E !
Rules: Answer the questions (if you want to skip one, feel free to do that too of course!). Tag 3 people (or more or less, you choose really). Tag your post with #CHOICE_tag so we can find each others’ posts! Have fun!!
tagged by @dongkwan (ty mare!) // tagging: @byeonggkwan @skygrayeeun @jimimon + @bisexualhobi <3
1. Introduce yourself. You choose how much and how little!
i'm erin (some call me eri on here), a 93z along w donghun & sehyoon, and a multi gif / (amateur) gfx maker ! off tumblr i'm a nanny, about to start nursing school, & probably planning something for my friends that does not need a theme but definitely has one.
2. How and when did you become a CHOICE?
mare sent me the mv for favorite boys when she found it ((we are irl friends for those who do not know)) and i was like OK COOL. i listened to some of their music but didn't fully become choice until maybe a month or so later, when i was ready to actually get to know them. so i'm pretty new here all things considered!
3. What is your favourite part of being a CHOICE?
i say all the time that a.c.e are my most fun, least stressful group to stan. like they are just so relaxing and comforting? on top of the fact that they're insanely talented? idk, i feel like stanning most groups can get stressful / overwhelming / frustrating at one point or another but i just don't feel that with these guys - it's always a good time to be choice.
4. What is your favourite A.C.E song? Do you prefer their title tracks or b-sides more?
miss clover ... miss baby tonight ... miss take me higher ... miss savage ... i wouldn't say i necessarily have a title or b-side preference.
5. Who’s your bias? What do you like about them?
sehyoon <3 honestly kind of not my usual type to pick bc i typically go for loud / sassy but i think i was drawn to the fact that in a group full of very bubbly / loud personalities, sehyoon is the grounding force & just so sweet i melt. and then he goes on stage and you're like ??? hello ???? sir wow ???? his stage presence is super captivating & i love his voice. like i'm gay but we're married. my second / more recent bias is yuchan ! he's just so much fun, he instantly boosts up my mood. and similarly he can just ... become a different person when it's time to perform, it's insane.
6. What is your favourite thing about A.C.E?
i've said this to both mare & al before but honestly they just ... they're different. i think they hold a lot of respect for one another & their company operates in a way that is also reflected in them, i think a lot of value is placed on them as humans and not just idols and that's the way they also treat each other. i think that's also probably why i feel like they are so not stressful lol. those base values lay an amazing foundation for them to be able to be the best performers & group they can be for us.
7. Which concept has been your favourite? What kind of concept do you want them to try?
i actually really liked what they did for fav boyz ! the trendy sci-fi thing was really cool. i think what they've got going on for siren is going to be my new favorite though - i loooove the mystical planetary witch coven stuff .... interesting how i made that tarot set hmmm ....
8. Which A.C.E friendship is your favourite? Which one do you want to see more of?
i'm such a sucker for wowkwan, and ofc i love dongjun, and the maknaes together! i think i'd like to see more of the 93z <3
9. If you could tell A.C.E one thing, what would you tell them?
that their hard work does not go unnoticed & choice is always rooting for them! i'm so excited for everything coming up and i love them a lot.
10. Which A.C.E member would die first in a horror movie?
def feels like it would be junhee ... i cannot explain why, just my gut feeling
11. Leave a small message for your fellow CHOICE!
i hope you're all taking care of yourselves, and i am so excited for all of us to experience this comeback! it really feels like it's going to be huge ... i cannot wait <3 and i'd love to meet more of you !!
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