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#bike ride
alexspinkhoodiean hour ago
You are invited to be in the cool kids club, we ride bikes and do cool kid stuff 馃憖
Ooo ok!
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aaron2point02 hours ago
Stuff I worry about that I have no stake in. Its unnerving how much microchips are in vehicles these days. Thinking about how would one fix said vehicle if it broke down in the middle of nowhere should a chip fry. Looking at you Arizona desert.
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silverbackbikes4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Powerful motor S-Electro Fat utilizes a reliable Bafang M400, 80Nm, 250Watt mid drive motor. This motor is designed around fat wheels and has ample torque to turn the wheels on even the steepest or most demanding terrain.
Oversize rotors on powerful hydraulic disc brakes, means that you can easily bring these massive wheels to a standstill. The Shimano brakes offer great modulation and decent stopping power.
A removable semi-integrated battery makes charging easy. If you don't have a power outlet close to your bike, take the battery off and charge it wherever you have access to electricity. No more dirty wheels in the house.
With 4.5"" tyres fitted to tubeless ready SUNRingle Mulefut 80SL wheels, the S-Electro Fat is ready for snow, mud or any other trail.
Bafang's water resistant intuitive controls and LCD screen makes the S-Electro Fat easy to use and understand.
The SBC rigid Carbon Fork is designed to offer a comfortable ride, bring overall bike weight down and with the help of the thru axle provides accurate steering.
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liu-anhuaming4 hours ago
while i was walking to the store this morning a pigeon swooped down really close to my head and i felt its feathers like brush my forehead, and i鈥檝e never had this happen before?? it was really fucking cool?
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foreignobjecticus8 hours ago
Gone on a reblogging spree so clearly I鈥檓 back mwahaha
60 hours 42 mins I think was about the total down time no power. Had to throw out a lot of the food in the fridge/freezer (not much, but welcome to Aus it鈥檚 still over $150 worth). Probably lost out on the contract job I was training for too since everything was timed - let them know what was happening, but they鈥檙e strict so doesn鈥檛 look good I was gone for 3 days. PLUS SIDE I found a really nice bike on curbside collection! Just needed the tyres pumped up and I鈥檝e scrubbed the light coating of rust off, greased what needs greasing, cleaned what needs cleaning, adjusted what needs adjusting... hello very nice 18 speed :D :D
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eurythmix11 hours ago
Yeah the fireplace thing is super interesting because my house is a tiny old house around 100 years old and one of the walls in the living room is just fireplace + mantle because it's essential! There's no heating besides a few forced air vents so the fireplace heats the house! Anyways there's def a fireplace spectrum? Like at one end of wood burning fireplace is poor/old/fireplace that is used for heating then you have gas fireplaces in the middle then you have new wood burning fireplaces that are rich people "rustic" decor
babe wake up new fireplace spectrum just dropped
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