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#blm protests

So I guess the new laws and reforms coming out of the BLM protests are heartening… But I think we have to remember that it was always illegal to shoot unarmed civilians without cause. Lots of things are illegal, it doesn’t matter what the law is, it matters who’s breaking it. As long as they still maintain their position of power we can change all the laws we want, they’ll still find ways around them…

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“But more white people have died than black people from police brutality”

  1. You’re ok with that? You’re actually using that as a fact that more white people have died? Aren’t you sad for all those people who have died?
  2. That doesn’t make black deaths any less valid! There doesn’t need to be more of them! The fact that there’s any at all is so sad!
  3. Not to mention there are statistically more white people in America so there would be more deaths
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