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suck-a-egg · 26 days ago
Rex, to Fives: My life is in the hands of an idiot! Fives, motioning to himself and Echo: No no no no no, TWO idiots!
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weebsonweed · a month ago
Tumblr media
"Ct-1409. That was Echo's number. He's alive!" - Rex
mine ask for permission before reposting
im considering doing prints of this but ill wait to see what kind of feed back i get from this post
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kamino-coruscant · 6 months ago
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Rex and Echo through the years
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pajamboree · 7 months ago
echo has waited his entire clone existence to use that joke himself huh?
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dominosqd · a month ago
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"It can be hard to see hope in stories like Fives’ search, where heroes die just before reaching their goals, or where it seems like the villains have won. The reassurance from Fives’ story comes from his competence. He discovered as much as he did through smarts and determination, learning what no other clone ever had. His story is also hopeful because it eventually became a victory for a larger cause. Fives’ discovery would enable Captain Rex to remove his control chip, and later to become part of the Rebellion that destroyed the Empire. Fives would never have guessed. He didn’t even know his enemy’s real identity. But his actions built a bedrock for others’ hope." [x]
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maygalodon · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Domino boys!
This has taken me absolutely months but it’s been worth it and i hope you all enjoy!
Reblogs and likes are always always appreciated but please don’t repost!
Details under the cut!
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cacodaemonia · 10 months ago
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[Image ID: A digital illustration of Domino Squad, from the fic "Dominoes," based on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. From left to right are Hevy, Fives, Echo, Cutup, and Droidbait. They are wearing Phase I clone trooper armor minus the helmets, and are pictured from the waist up. They're all tangled up in a group hug and their heads are facing the viewer, but all the bodies, besides Droidbait's are turned to the right side of the canvas. Hevy is smiling at looking sideways at the rest of them. Fives is looking at the viewer and making a face with his tongue sticking out. Echo is looking sideways at Fives with a crooked smile and raised eyebrows. Cutup is smiling and looking at the viewer, but Droidbait is squashing him a little, so only his right eye is open. Droidbait is leaning into Cutup with their cheeks pressed together and he is smiling and looking at the rest of them. Hevy appears as in the show, but has a short beard on his chin only. His blue armor paint is of flames traveling up his torso and arms, but his spaulders are blue with the Coruscant Guard symbol in white. Fives and Echo appear as in the show. Cutup appears as in the show, but has five blue dots on his spaulders, like the 5 side of a die, and a vertical stripe on his chest. Droidbait has an undercut, a simple reticle tattooed on his temple, and a few patches of blue tally marks on his armor. The background is a brown and tan gradient. End ID.]
I was doing a little art trade with @jadetheaverage and she asked for a sketch of Domino Squad snuggling. I've been wanting to draw the boys from Dominoes, by @meridiansdominoes for ages now, though, so I decided to turn it into a finished image. :)
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grandkhan221b · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
I wanted my cousin to watch clone wars, so I tried hyping him up but ended up hyping myself instead and now there I am rewatching this damn show for the 5th time. Oh Well !
Anyway, as always as I am nearing the end of my viewing, I am staved for more Content. And I stumbled onto this fic, "Dominoes" by @meridiansdominoes . And HOLLY SHIT it's so good !!!
It's definitely the best fic I've red in a while. It's a canon-divergent AU but everything that happens still makes so much sense ? Everyone is so in character and every one of their action is just perfectly fitting ? And even characters that had so little screen time in the show are developed in a way that just somehow feel in character ?? Anyway this fic is all I've been reading in the past few weeks and now that I finished it I already feel NEEDY for more so I figured i'd drew fanart of it ! Thank you again Medirian for this good ass clone content I craved
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clonememesfrikyeah · 4 months ago
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suck-a-egg · 28 days ago
Crosshair: Echo isn’t answering their phone Hunter: I’ll call Crosshair: Tech and I have both tried six times each, what makes you thi- Echo: Hello?
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weebsonweed · 2 months ago
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i can't tell if hes getting lost in the background or not anymore, ive been working on this for hours and i finally like the background. his little backpack thing is going to be the end of me and i know it.
im trying to decide how to incorporate dominoes into the piece now and everytime i try it just doesnt work. I tried to frame it in dominoes. like just around the picture and maybe add some flowers around it. but if i add flowers i want them to have meaning and i dont know if theyll just make the whole piece more crowded.
also sketchbookpro decided to just shit out on me in the middle and made it where i couldnt bucket fill the way i wanted to and the only way to fix it was to make the canvas bigger.
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mwolf0epsilon · 3 days ago
Sometimes I think about how Kix had a near mental breakdown in Umbara due to the stress of trying to keep his brothers alive, only to realise he can't do anything to save them.
I also think about how we saw Rex collapse in near tears after he realises Krell tricked the clones into killing each other, just because he could. How, after Umbara, his next destination was Kadavo...
I think about how Dogma went against his own beliefs due to betrayal, and subsequently went into a state of shock because of the weight of the situation he suddenly found himself in. How Rex nodding at him in approval and respect was likely the last kindness anyone ever extended to him.
I think of Slick acting out violently against both Jedi and clones alike, working into the hands of the Separatists because he didn't feel like there was any other escape against the chains he suddenly saw around his neck and wrists.
I think about how Fives struggled uselessly against circumstances well outside his control when it came to protecting his brothers from certain doom, knowing fully well that he had very likely never gotten over the loss of Echo, and that he'd taken it upon himself to be a protector at the expense of his own relatively short life.
I think of Jesse in the aftermath of Maul's invasive mind probing, of how weak and vulnerable he sounded when talking to Rex because he felt like a failure in that very moment. How he was struggling against the chip when Rex was practically begging him to spare Ahsoka and that maybe, just maybe, had he not been captured by Maul his mental shields would have been strong enough to resist like his captain had...
I think of how Echo who was blown up, tortured, abused, left to look like a shell of his former self that he barely recognises, and who's struggling but pushing forward despite having lost almost everything and everyone he once knew and loved. How it's very likely that he'll eventually die never coming to terms with what happened to himself, and that he'll always feel like less than a man because it's how others treat him.
I think of Wolffe, years after Order 66, struggling with intense fear, guilt, and paranoia, trying to keep his only remaining family safe and accidentally hurting them and others in the process, because he's stuck living in a past that's yet to be explored but that we can assume is crushing him. Wolffe who is, without a doubt, a shadow of the former commander that had served proudly besides his Jedi. Who had always been and always will be a survivor of terrible things.
I think of Gregor who's suffered head injuries at least thrice, got blown up and been left with mental health issues, and who was still very willing to extend his aid and kindness to those around him because he took what he got and accepted it with a smile and a defiant spark to the very end...
I think about all these and more. And it makes me wish the clones had had better than what they ended up with...
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kamino-coruscant · 8 months ago
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Cody, Rex, Fives, & Echo
S03x18: The Citadel, S07x01: The Bad Batch
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jz-chaosden · 4 months ago
How I think @meridiansdominoes Dominoes will end…
Tumblr media
If you don‘t know what the kriff I‘m talking about, check out Dominoes on AO3 🤙🏼
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alozk · 4 months ago
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Some things never change 😠
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heidiss · 5 months ago
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Rex: How dare you wear that hat while in uniform?
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rexs-wife · 5 months ago
Best Star Wars ship? Literally any character and therapy
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clonewarsarchives · 5 months ago
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Domino Squad in training armour by Wayne Lo
Hevy (CT-782)
Droidbait (CT-00-2010)
Echo (CT-21-0408) (later identified as CT-1409)
Cutup (CT-4040)
Fives (CT-27-5555) (identified as ARC-5555 in season 4 and listed as CT-5555 in 2021 Character Encyclopedia)
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vxdfives · 2 months ago
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Remember how Hevy and Echo argue about who shot that droid? I decided to watch the scene frame by frame to find out who was right
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Echo hits him the first time
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hevy the second time
Tumblr media
Echo hits him again
Tumblr media
Hevy hits him again. This time in the head wich is what ended up killing the droid. So Hevy is right he did kill the droid (sorry Echo)
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crosshairscodpiece · 23 days ago
Idk about y'all but hearing Rex refer to Commando Droids as 'tweezers' is the funniest damn thing I've ever heard
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