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kieumy-vu · a day ago
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MAKKARI & DRUIG Eternals (2021) dir. Chloé Zhao
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cruwlwinterr · 2 days ago
Druig is the dark one overthinking everything and asking hundreds of questions. Makkari is the one who has to know everything; has to know all the facts.
#just celebrated their 2000th anniversary
#someone said they probably together because he can hear her thoughts and I haven't been the same since
#its the grumpy x sunshine trope yall
ac remyhvdley (on youtube) // sc @poisonouspacks (on instagram) // song: how you get the girl by taylor swift // for the people who stan the "my beautiful beautiful makkari" line
+ bonus
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madsbuckley · 17 hours ago
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ETERNALS (2021) dir Chloé Zhao
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laurcnridloff · a day ago
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druig & makkari + text posts.
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angela-feelstoomuch · 2 days ago
So, we know Makkari likes to collect things, right? Sooooooooo maybe I'm thinking rly hard about a fic where she is slowly stealing collecting Druig's clothes. And he finds out.
That's it. That should be a fic. I may write it.
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fallenrosepettals · 2 days ago
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noticed this from the drukkari comic
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kyn-lyn-blog · 2 days ago
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You know what I feel...I feel this is a song that would have been written about druig and Makkari back wheb they had songs written and sung and tales told of the eternals. I know druig doesn't represent hades and same for makkari with persephone and the aesthetics are different but I can still it and whenever I hear this song it always resonates with drukkari. And I tried to avoid ever putting Drukkari in that Hades AU box because I feel it happens so much with so many ships (don't get me wrong it's one of my fav AUs I just didn't want to throw another ship into that) but...I don't know I just feel them in the words and I am even considering doing a song fic/breakdown (another thing I swore I'd never do, I usually really don't like them yet here I am) for it because I just see it.
And the song sounds kinda older it's not very modern it has an older feel. And I know the characters are different and that druig is not harsh or cruel (actually neither was hades but rahts a different chat) or some dark overlord and Makkari is not persephone BUT I still feel them in the song and it's words. Am I just grasping atp?
And even the hardest of hearts unhardened, suddenly when he saw her there.
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saintlopezlov3r · a day ago
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Marvel Comics
Matching Wallpaper/Lockscreen
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gydance-hd · 2 days ago
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These 3 would be chaotic together, change my mind.
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marvelwomanslut · a day ago
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writing-prompts-by-sybil · 2 days ago
💖 Hurt/Comfort prompts
✨1. A shows up on B's doorstep with a blue eye and a bloody nose. B takes care of A, letting them get cleaned up, eat, cry and insisting that they sleep over. (Bonus points if theres only one bed and they end up cuddling eachother to sleep)
✨2. A is prone to fainting, but hasn't told B, their partner, yet. So when A collapses one day, B does everything they can to take care of them.
✨3. A has been feeling extremely lonely lately, and goes through their contacts crying. When no one answers, they call B, who finally picks up.
✨4. A having a really bad day and not wanting to do anything so B cheers them up with cuddles and ice cream
✨5. A having a bad dream and B waking them up and holding them close. A ends up falling asleep to the sound of B's heartbeat.
✨6. A gets hurt but tries to hide it from B. B knows, but doesn't say anything until A goes to sleep, treating the wound while trying to make sure that B doesn't wake up
✨7. B taking care of A after they've been injured, with A trying to lift their head and ask what's happening only for B to push their head back down and tell them to relax (Bonus points if B brushes their hand through A's hair.)
✨8. A and B work together, and are the only ones in the office late in the evening. A is extremely stressed out, and ends up fainting, which means that B has to take care of them.
✨1. "Stay with me?" "I'm not going anywhere."
✨2. "That looks like it hurts."
✨3. "It's okay to cry, honey."
✨4. "Here, you can hold onto my hand."
✨5. "The room keeps spinning." "Okay, just sit down, alright? I'll get you some water."
✨6. "Don't move too quickly."
✨7. "You need to talk to me, otherwise I can't help you."
✨8. "Remember to breathe, okay? Deep breaths, in and out."
✨9. "Sweetie, what are those scars? Where did you get them?"
✨10. "You don't always have to protect me you know. You already have so much going on and I don't want to be a burden t-" "No, stop it, stop talking. You will never be a burden. I promise"
✨11. "I'm going to ask you a question, and I need you to be completely and totally honest with me." "Okay, go ahead." "How are you?"
✨12. "I don't– I can't breathe. I can't–"
✨13. "I've got you, just let it out. Let it all out."
✨14. "Can you please come get me?"
✨15. "When was the last time you ate something? And I mean really ate something, not a piece of chocolate." "I don't know." "Okay. What about sleep? When was the last time you slept more than 2 hours?"
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meril-tospen · 21 hours ago
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💖 I lived a thousand lives, each one with you right by my side 💖
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mrsbarnes107th · a day ago
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Someone should write a Lyric one shot with Druig to the song Stay but the Kid and Justin, if you listen to it and picture him and an oc? ughhhh 😩🥺
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ao3feed-drukkari · 2 days ago
by chahakyn
Makkari catches Druig's hand and presses a kiss to his palm, holding his gaze steadily.
He’s trembling, just a little. Always so brave, until he’s at his princess’s mercy.
A secret meeting for secret lovers.
Words: 1331, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Series: Part 4 of celestial bodies
Fandoms: Eternals (Movie 2021)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: F/M
Characters: Makkari (Marvel), Druig (Marvel)
Relationships: Druig/Makkari (Marvel)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Royalty, Knights - Freeform, Secret Relationship, Making Out, clandestine meetings, Mutual Pining
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laurcnridloff · 20 hours ago
"you were going to leave without saying goodbye?" - i think we both know why i'm here.
prompts / @barrykeoghcn
It only takes her a half second to figure out that she isn’t in her own apartment. The mattress beneath her is softer than hers and the blanket draped across her body is lighter than the heavy one she is used to. It only takes her another half a second to piece things together, the memories from the night before to slowly come back to her and remind her where she is. They’d gone on a date — a real date. The first of what she can only hope is many, after having been such a long time coming. Months of build up and anticipation, a game of Will They, Won’t They finally ending with her hand in his as they ate halfway decent pizza and enjoyed each other’s company. They had gone on their first date less than twelve hours ago and now she’s waking up in his bed and maybe if it was anyone else, Makkari would be a little embarrassed about her lack of self control but she isn’t.
Because it isn’t anyone else — it’s Druig, who she has been head over heels for practically since the moment they met. Who fixes her sink for her at three in the morning. Who smooths her hair back for her when everything feels too fast and too much, keeping her grounded when she wants to spin out of orbit. Who looks at her in a way that she doesn’t even have a name for, but it makes her feel like she’s the only one in the room every time. That’s who she is waking up to now, and Makkari isn’t embarrassed at all — only, maybe, that it had taken so long for them to get here in the first place.
But the restless feeling in her body makes itself known, the urge to move around causing her to shift in an attempt to get comfortable again before giving up momentarily. She blinks slowly, letting her eyes adjust to the little bit of light that slants through the curtains. Everything feels calm and still and Makkari can only assume that it is still early enough in the morning that neither of his roommates have ventured out of their own bed yet. Beside her, Druig stays asleep despite the way she had been wiggling only a few seconds earlier. She pulls her arms from the sheets, moving so one of her hands rests on the side of his face gently and she can’t help the silent laugh that shakes her shoulders at the faint smear of lipstick on his chin. Her thumb strokes against it gently and her chest aches at the way that, even in his sleep, he seems to lean into the touch, seeking it out as she pulls her hand away.
From the corner of her eye she sees her phone flashing, a bright light blinking three times catching her attention and she reluctantly untangles herself from Druig’s embrace. It only takes her a half second to cross the room, plucking her phone from the desk where she had tossed it the night before and unlocking it while pulling one of Druig’s t-shirts over the top of her head. The screen lights up to a plethora of text messages and Makkari rolls her eyes, clearing all of the notifications except for one from Thena, who had simply texted to let check in and make sure that she was okay. She crosses the room again, sitting back on the edge of the bed and typing out a quick reply, exchanging messages for a few moments with her best friend slash roommate. She’d been so concentrated on that, that she hadn’t felt the bed dip behind her as Druig stirred awake. She practically jumps off the bed at the feeling of his hand on her back, startled at the sudden feeling. She can see his shoulders shaking with a laugh as she turns to look at him again, a hand coming to rest on her racing heart dramatically.
“You scared me,” she signs, shooting him an accusatory look and he lifts his hands in mock surrender and apologises in return. But then there’s something else in his eyes, beneath the amusement at her jumpy nature Makkari doesn’t miss the glint of vulnerability and questioning though she can’t fathom why — until his hands are moving, and she begins to put two and two together.
“You were going to leave without saying goodbye?”
Makkari’s lips twitch up into a small smile, her fingers snapping together as she signs “No” swiftly, trying to squash that idea before it has a chance to plant itself any further in his mind. “I’m not going anywhere — not unless you want me to?” And now it’s Druig’s turn to give her a look that makes her realize how stupid of a thing that was to even think, and her cheeks flush just slightly. “I was just telling Thena where I am. She texted me a couple times last night,” she explains, holding the phone up for emphasis before dropping it back on his bedside table. He nods, seemingly placated by her answer and reaches his hands out for her in a way that makes her laugh, fingers delicately moving to spell out the word ‘needy’ teasingly.
Druig appears unbothered by it, his hands clasping around her waist and pulling her back down to lay beside him again, blanket tucked up around them. His eyes are half closed and sleepy and Makkari takes a second to admire how he looks right now — the genuine happiness and peace that radiates off of him makes her own heart feel so full that she can’t understand how it hasn’t burst. It’s nice, she thinks, and she lets her eyes linger long enough to commit the sight to memory. I love you, I love you, I love you — the thought dances around her mind, fingers twitching with the desire to say it but it’s too soon. Makkari knows it’s too soon even if she knows it to be true and he busies her hands with tracing the length of his spine instead.
“It’s early,” he signs and Makkari nods in response. One of his hands smooths over her hair, down to the back of her neck where his thumb runs across the skin gently, a trail of goosebumps left in its wake. “Let’s go back to sleep.”
His arms come to wrap around her again, pulling her in flush against his chest and the feeling of one of his hands twisting in her curls has Makkari practically melting against him. She settles herself there, her cheek pressed against his chest where she can feel the faint thump of his heart and a soft sigh leaves her when his lips press against the crown of her head gently. Druig falls asleep first and Makkari wonders if he had even fully come back to consciousness at all in the first place with how quickly his breathing had evened out again. But it only takes a few moments for her to follow suit, eyes fluttering shut and letting sleep consume her again.
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kieumy-vu · 7 days ago
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MAKKARI & DRUIG Eternals (2021) dir. Chloé Zhao
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ddaeing · 2 months ago
my new sexuality is hot powerful queer people in a m/f relationship :
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megandchill · 2 months ago
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they’re so precious I can’t ☹️☹️☹️
[clips from: eternals.scenes on insta]
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saintlopezlov3r · a day ago
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Makkari⚡️& Druig⛓
Marvel Comics
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stevenrogered · 12 days ago
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Lauren Ridloff and Barry Keoghan as Makkari and Druig ETERNALS (2021)
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