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inklore · 7 months ago
spectral tease.
Tumblr media
premise: druig loves to see how many times he can make you come by only using his mind.
pairing: druig x (f)reader
warnings: sexual content (unprotected sex), creampie, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, teasing, mentions of safe word, druig using his powers on reader (consensually), pet names (my girl, pretty girl), no spoilers! you are in control of your reading consumption so if you don’t vibe with any of the above please do not go on. 18+ only minors dni, you will be blocked.
word count: 1.70k+
etc: look i’m not saying i’m obsessed with druig but i’m also not saying i’m NOT obsessed. will i let this man consume me and be all i talk about for months? absolutely. and this little idea wouldn’t leave my head hours after seeing the movie so it’s probably not the best, but i just need more of this man in my life ok!
“I can’t–” your voice is hoarse from moaning, pleading, whining. You try to form a coherent sentence but only fragments are able to process in your mind and slip out from your wet swollen lips. Your body burns from sensitivity and pleasure that only seems to build more and more with each time you cum. Each time he fucks up into you. Each time you feel that beautiful haze in your mind.
And you’ve lost count as to how many times you’ve been thrown over the precipice. How many times you’ve begged and pleaded that you couldn’t cum anymore, even when the pleasure never seems to end, never seems to stop building. And Druig loves it. Loves to fill your mind with nothing but him, nothing but pleasure and a demand for you to keep cumming until you’re begging him to let up, or for more. The only sounds in the room coming for your aching throat, the squelch of your soaked cunt and the slap from his hips as he fucks you harder.
His hands are on either side of your head, his fingers digging into your hair as he holds you there, bending you so your foreheads are pressed together. His hips thrusting up into you sharp, harsh, fast. “Oh, I know you can take more.” He grins pounds into you harder, swallows down your moan when he kisses you devouring your mouth and moans as he doesn’t let up. Makes your already fucked out canal take more, he wants you to feel it tomorrow, the next day, after that. He wants you so sensitive that when you move all you can think about is him. 
“Cant,” you breathe, whimper. “Too much, please, Druig.” His soft chuckle sends a flutter through you, pools in your belly at his cruelty that you love so much. You know all you’d have to do is whisper those two words and this would all be over. He would stop, wrap you up, help you come down, there would be no hesitation. But the two of you get some sick satisfaction at seeing how many times Druig can make you cum untouched by his everything but his mind. And even with your body shaking and the wetness coating your thighs, your throat raw and burning with each moan. Part of you still wants more. Wants to feel even more pleasure. Your core burning so deliciously from his relentlessness, from how many times you’ve tightened and fluttered around his thick cock.
“You can do one more, I know you can.” Druig’s breath is hot against your lips, as he stares up at you, “you’ve been so good, you can do one more for me right?” He’s slowed his thrusts just slightly, if only to allow you to focus on his words, to give you the slightest of breaks before he goes back to pounding into you leaving you a whimpering mess again. One of his hands runs down your neck, thumb skating across your jaw and lifting your chin separating your foreheads so the two of you can properly look at each other. And you’re so beautiful like this he thinks; cheeks warm and tinted with heat and lust, eyes heavy from exhaustion. Your mouth swollen and coated from the two of you. He’s done this to you, made you a fucked out mess all because of his cock and mind, and fuck he loves it. “Do you want to stop, hmm?” He runs his thumb along your bottom lip, “we can stop, pretty girl.”
The over sensitive part of your body and mind is screaming yes, but the slow drag of his cock thrusting up into you, the languid gentle motion rebuilding that mountain of pleasure inside that’s begging for more. To reach, to jump off of, to let Druig make you cum again and again until you really can’t take anymore. Fuck you until neither of you know anything but this feeling, but this heat and pleasure shared together.
So you shake your head, whimper a soft ‘no’ that makes Druig smirk, pull your lips to his in a passionate kiss full of tongue, and teeth and moans. “Good girl.” The praise alone makes you whimper, but as you feel his thrusts pick back up, his hand going to your hip to push you down as he thrusts up. Your over sensitive core burning and begging for more. Your moans loud and incoherent. Your nails digging into his chest, your back arching slightly when you feel the palm of his hand make contact with your ass cheek in a hard slap. The deep groan Druig let’s out against your lips makes your stomach flutter. “My pretty girl, look at me.” You do, your body bracing to go over that precipice, to feel that deep bone shattering pleasure. To see his eyes glow that beautiful gold before all you can see is him, Druig, all you can feel is him in every fiber of your nerve endings. Your mind body and soul being flooded and taken over by him, his pleasures, his desires. Sending you through an euphoric bliss that even when it’s too much it’s not enough.
And when he does it your body freezes, trembles, shakes, your mind filled with that beautiful haze, every fiber of you letting him take over, letting him control you so willingly. Until your vision clears and you’re meeting Druig’s gaze, moaning and shaking as your orgasm rolls through you and he fucks into you while you clench and grip onto his cock. “That’s my girl, good, so good.” He groans, the warmth of his palm on your cheek grounds you. Druig watches your mouth hang open, eyes go from his golden hold to your beautiful ones. Watches your body tremble and wither above him, your cunt flutter and clench against his cock making him thrust faster, harder, until he’s finishing seconds after you. Praises on his lips, kisses and teeth pressed to your lips, shoulder, any flesh he can reach. Any part of you he can touch and consume.
Your body slumps over to rest on his chest, exhaustion completely taking you out. The after effects from another orgasm burning hot and white through your body and core. The two of you catching your breath, Druig running his fingers along your back, pressing soft kisses to your temple. “Think you broke your record.” He teases.
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writerzunite · 7 months ago
Beautiful, Beautiful ❦
Tumblr media
You were the Sun, and he was the Moon. He was fire, and you were ice. You were Persephone and he was Hades. Destined to be, eternally.
He vowed to never leave you. You were his whole heart, his reason for existing, and he loved you for 6,500 years.
And he never broke his promise.
Druig x Eternal F!Reader
Summary: how you and Druig fell in love.
Part Two
It took Druig approximately 300 years to finally realize that you were more than just an ally. And then it took about 200 years for him to realize you were more than just a friend. He loved you. He couldn’t describe how he felt, it was so intricate yet delicate, as if with one touch he’d ruin it. It was similar to a breath of fresh air after swimming in the river. The colors of sunsets. Gentle, yet powerful all the same.
He dreamt of you in Mesopotamia, when he fell asleep to the Milky Way. The early days where the purpose was fighting Deviants and emotions couldn’t get in the way of the mission. But in the night, Druig couldn’t help but let his mind wander to the possibilities, especially when they could go home to Olympia.
Decades turned into centuries. Humans died but more were born. The Eternals moved to Babylon. Trees grew taller, streams became rivers, but Druig’s love for you remained unchanged. He felt cursed but in the best way. The mission didn’t matter anymore to him, only you.
The nights become unbearable. He drifts off and wakes up alone, thinking of your mouth, your skin, your bright eyes, everything. All of it. He’s intoxicated but he doesn’t give a damn. He wanted you to himself, just you and him. Only you, forever.
He watched Sersi and Ikaris have what he didn’t. But instead of feeling discouraged, he only felt a spark. But Ajak made sure that spark became a forest fire.
“You love her. We do not know how much time we have here. Tell her how you feel.” Ajak could only smile at how truly lovesick the once brooding Druig had become. She had a keen eye and saw how he looked at you. His gaze would linger, his facial features softening, his frown becoming a relaxed smile.
She also noticed the small glances you made at Druig as well. You fidgeted with your fingers when flustered, which is what you did constantly around Druig. You protected him the most with your telekinesis powers during battles against the Deviants. Lingering touches.
The love between you and Druig was a beautiful love forged from longing during the centuries.
You thought of him at night when you couldn’t sleep. The way he would look at you, so soft and gentle. He hated everyone but you, only you. His eyes on you constantly. You clutched your chest where your heart slammed against your rib cage.
It all came crashing together when Druig got knocked aside violently by a Deviant’s serpent-like tail. You could hear Druig’s sudden gasp of surprise as the tail crushed his ribs and sent him flying across the sand. You let out a cry of fright and sorrow, and without thinking, you run to his collapsed body.
“Druig! Druig!” You outstretch your hands and his body moves on his own towards you, and you fall to your knees to catch him in your arms. You cradle his head in your arms, ignoring the resuming battle around you.
Ajak appears before you call out for her, kneeling down next to you. She opens her mouth to tell you to rejoin the battle, she can heal Druig, and that everything would be alright.
“No, Ajak, I cannot leave him,” you brush his raven hair from his blood-soaked forehead.
She said nothing, only healing him with a wave of her hand. The blood disappears from Druig’s forehead and his eyes snap open like a wild animals.
“Druig,” you whisper, crushing him in a hug and falling on top of him. “Druig, you’re all right. Oh, I was so worried…”
Druig almost passed out again from what was happening. He shakily lifted his hand and cradled the back of your head, letting himself close his eyes in relief.
“You’re all right,” he murmured. “Good.”
“No, you’re all right! I thought…,” you leaned back and he saw your eyes filled with unshed tears. “Don’t leave me like that again.” You close your eyes and the tears began to fall from your lashes.
Ajak only watched in bewilderment when Druig softly wiped them away from your cheeks. “Beautiful, beautiful Y/N, I could never.”
It was new love, precious and gentle like a summer breeze. Druig spent every waking moment with you while you worked on building structures, buildings, and homes for humans across Babylon with a wave of your hands. You both would explore hidden natural treasures Babylon had to offer. Sneaking small, delicate kisses. Hands intertwined. Then he would walk you to your bedchamber, leaving you with the feeling of his lips on your own.
“My beautiful, beautiful girl…,” he’d murmur into your hair, lips ghosting the shell of your ear, making you shiver. Hands on your hips, waist, everywhere. “You have stolen my heart.” Lips on your neck, collarbone, throat. You would think he’d put those thoughts in your head on purpose, but no. You were falling in true love with him, and so was he.
He’d make his true feelings known in the dark of night, whispering his love for you in your ear, just like how you had imagined it during previous nights alone. He’d have you against a wall in your bedchamber, breath hot and heavy from the jog from the roof to here. It was innocent, but when he saw you in that dress and a flower in your hair, he had to tell you his true feelings.
“I love you, Y/N, my beautiful girl.”
A kiss on the shell of your ear.
“You are a dream…you’ve stolen my whole heart.”
A small bite to your earlobe.
“Druig-“ your whisper was cut off by a chaste kiss, his large hands cupping your face, tilting your head up to meet his lips.
“My Y/N, I love you.”
“Druig…I love you.”
“Don’t leave me,” he’s dragging his lips slowly down your neck, and you bite your lip.
“Never,” you hold the back of his neck, nails slightly scratching him, and he pulls back so his eyes could meet your own.
“And I’ll never leave you, my darling. Nothing in the universe could tear us apart.”
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peterbarnes · 7 months ago
See You Again
Summary: Thousands of years after going your separate ways, Druig shows up at your apartment with his signature smirk and some bad news. You find yourself falling in love with him all over again…or maybe you never fell out of love.
Word Count: 1.4k
Tumblr media
“Druig! Druig wait!”
You felt your face get hotter as you rushed down the steps of the Aztec pyramid, closer to the raging fire plaguing the town, and closer to Druig. Smoke from burning buildings and burning bodies filled your lungs, and you had to fight for every breath you took. When you reached the last stair, you tripped over your feet, stumbling forward and into Druig’s back.
He whipped around, eyes glazed over and clouded as his powers worked their inexplicable magic.
“You’re just gonna leave like that?” You snapped, adjusting your dark red suit. Your eyes bored into his own, fiercely glaring at him. But it was helpless- when he used his powers, his eyes, the tether to all his compassion and empathy, vanished. You knew it came from a place of love, of wanting to protect the humans from themselves. But he was losing himself along the way.
“You heard what happened, they don’t want me there,” he asserted, tilting his head sardonically. “How dare I question the authority of our great leader Arishem?”
“That’s not true,” you told him. “Ikaris is stoic, cold even. But everybody else… you’re our family, Druig. They love you, I love you.”
You could see the white in his eyes flicker and his deep brown eyes shine through. He dropped his head down to the ground and clenched his jaw tightly, as if he were conflicted.
“My beautiful, beautiful [Y/N]…” he started.
Why does he sound like he’s about to say goodbye.
He lifted his head, brown eyes completely on display now, and softly smiled at you. It was infectious, and soon you felt your own lips quirking upwards to mirror his. He cupped your face in his palms and ran his calloused thumb over your cheek before pressing a delicate kiss to your forehead.
“You always see the good in me,” he continued, sighing. “But you belong here, with Ajak, my darling. I know where your heart lies-“
“It lies with you-“
“It lies with your duties, your morals. That’s something I’ve always admired about you,” he told you firmly.
“I feel the same about you,” you said, voice cracking as a lump grew in your throat.
“Then you know now our paths go in two different directions.”
His expression was unreadable. You swore you could see tears in his eyes, but knew he would never let them fall. He considered himself too strong for that. Instead, he pressed his forehead against yours and took the sight of you in one more time.
“This isn’t goodbye, not permanently,” you told him, locking eyes. “I’ll see you again, I will.”
He shot you his signature smirk that never failed to melt your heart, his sad eyes now filling with mischief.
“Then I look forward to that day, my darling.”
The Brooklyn chill ran up your spine as you rushed down the block to your apartment. You quickly greeted your doorman before racing up the stairs onto your floor, stumbling with the keys in your hand. A sight of relief left your lips as you opened your front door and basked in the warmth of your heated apartment.
“Finally,” you mumbled, dropping your bag onto the floor, slipping your jacket off onto your dining table chair and letting out a tired sigh. You flicked the light switch on and turned to head towards the couch when you noticed a dark figure sitting there. Your squeal echoed around the studio as you clutched your heart at the unexpected scare.
“What the fuck, Druig!”
The man broke into maniacal cackles at your reaction, falling over on the cushion and holding his stomach.
“That was not funny!” You scolded, crossing your arms over your chest and huffing. “I haven’t seen you in centuries and this is what I get?”
He rolled his eyes at your theatrics before pulling himself off the couch and towards you. You noticed he had something in his hands, but that he was hiding it behind his back so you couldn’t see it.
“What is that?” You asked him, furrowing your eyebrows.
“Well, my darling, I was looking around your place and couldn’t help but notice this emerald tablet,” he told you, smirking and pulling it out from behind him. “And here I thought you never got it.”
You tried to snatch it out of his hand, but he was too quick, maneuvering it out of your reach. He took your movement as an excuse to inch closer to you, until you were nearly nose to nose. You could practically smell the worn leather of his jacket.
“My beautiful, beautiful [Y/N], did you miss me?” He whispered seductively. You could feel his breath on your face.
“You wish,” you teased, smiling at him. “But… and not that I’m not happy to see you, but why are you here?”
His flirtatious smile dropped immediately, as if his heart had just split open for everyone to see.
“Druig?” You questioned softly, concern lacing your tone.
“Ajak is dead,” he spoke clearly. “The deviants are back.”
His voice may have been firm, but the look in his eyes betrayed him, displaying a deep grief and sadness you’d never seen him have before.
Your eyes widened, surely filled with the same pain, but the shock was too great for them to fill up with years just yet.
“No. That’s not possible,” you said, breaths quickening at an alarming pace. “I just talked to her a week ago. I mean it wasn’t really a full conversation, she texts like a grandma, but she can’t…she can’t be dead.”
“I’m so sorry, my love,” he whispered, his voice raspy and hoarse as he held you close. “But you have to come with us. The team is outside…they thought it would be best if I broke the news. After you, we’re headed to the Domo to find Makkari.”
It wasn’t until you felt salt on your lips that you realized you were crying. And it wasn’t until you felt the roughness of Druig’s fingertips that you realized he was wiping them away for you. You pressed your forehead into his, almost cuddling him, and sniffled.
“Sorry,” you whispered, voice breaking.
“No need to be. Take your time, those assholes can wait.”
You chuckled and leaned further into him, wrapping your arms around his waist and snuggling into his chest. You felt him nuzzle his head into the crook of your neck, pressing soft kisses to your skin.
“I love you too,” you heard.
“W-What?” You stuttered, pulling away from his embrace slightly. He was no longer smirking, his mouth now stretched out in the most beautiful and genuine smile you’d ever seen him wear.
“You said it to me, back in Tenochtitlan. I never said it back,” he explained. “I’ve been thinking about that moment for 2,000 years, my darling [Y/N]. But I do. I love you so much.”
“I love you,” you whispered, pressing a kiss to his cheek. “I love you, I love you, I love you.”
With each profession of your love, you left a kiss on any area of his face you could reach- his cheek, nose, forehead, chin. Finally, you stopped right in front of his lips, eyes flickering to his to see if it was okay. Before you could react, he surged forward, capturing your lips with his own. He was a passionate man, and his kisses were no different. He wrapped his arms around your waist tightly, not allowing for any space between your bodies. All you could think about is how you wanted to feel his warm body pressed up against you for the rest of your eternal life.
Your arms snaked around his shoulders, fingers entangling with his soft, dark hair and pulling on it gently. He groaned into the kiss, lips sliding possessively over yours. It was like a secret language only the two of you knew. Your native tongues.
You both pulled away from each other once all the air had escaped your lungs, causing heavy panting between your smiles.
“What do you say, beautiful? Want to go kill Deviants together?” He asked, lifting his eyebrows playfully.
“I thought you’d never ask, my love.”
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greenorangevioletgrass · 7 months ago
only joy, only anguish (druig smut)
Tumblr media
masterlist | buy me a kofi?
pairing: dom!druig x human!fem!reader
summary: It’s a nice, peaceful summer morning in your little house with druig, so naturally, you’d want to stir shit up (aka the 2 times you messed with druig, and the 1 time he made you pay for it.)
word count: 5,339
warnings: language, domestic fluff, cottagecore vibes, no spoilers, so much smut! [d/s dynamics, oral (f), oral (m), edging, chasing kink, rough play, spanking, pussy slapping, degradation, orgasm control, overstimulation, fingering, praise kink, unprotected sex, face slapping, creampie, told you there’s a lot]
notes: here goes the first of the joycean druig trilogy! this one is based on A Prayer, by James Joyce, and it’s hands down the subbiest thing i’ve ever written sdksjdhfks big thanks to @cocoamoonmalfoy​ @cumholland​ and @inklore​ for giving me the fuels to go through with this! enjoy and pls reblog if you liked it! <3
The sloshes of steady river flow sound distant outside your bedroom window. The rural hustle and bustle of the village ever farther away. Only warm sunlight and gentle rustling of leaves luring you out of a deep sleep.
That, and the cold empty spot in the bed next to you.
Despite being a literal god, your lover is truly a man of simple pleasures. He enjoys catching the sunrise and morning walks in the woods and errand runs into town, catching up with the locals. And as miffed as you are about waking up alone, your heart can’t help but flutter at how endearing he is.
Just as you suspected, he’s parked by the kitchen window —a cup of coffee in one hand, a half-eaten Pop Tart in the other. Gazing out at the little patch of garden outside as the radio provides a steady drone of white noise.
He turns as he hears you padding into the room.
“Hello, my sunshine,” he greets you through a bite of his food— an all-too-familiar sight since the beginning of your relationship.
It’s a nice, peaceful summer morning in your little house, so naturally, you’d want to stir shit up.
“Morning, Druig,” you kiss him on the cheek, swiftly stealing the Pop Tart from his grasp and taking the last finishing bite. Eyes twinkling in mischief.
“Oh come on, that’s the last one!” he whines, and you almost forget that he’s not a young boy, but a 7,000-year-old immortal being.
“Yeah, and you didn’t think to save the last one for me?” you retort in feigned annoyance, scoffing, “Some lover you are, old man.”
And just as quickly as he scowls, he softens. Pulls you closer and nuzzles your nose with his. “You don’t really mean that, do you, love?” he gives you a peck on the lips, then on your cheek. Your shoulder.
“Maybe I do.”
He makes a face at you, like he doesn’t even have to read your mind to know you’re lying. “Why don’t I pick up some more for you later on, huh?”
“Mm, that’s more like it.” you smile in satisfaction, this time taking his coffee cup, holding your laughter as his face drops the second time.
“Okay, now you’re just taking the piss.”
He reaches out to grab it back, but you quickly turn away dramatically. “You don’t need caffeine, o great protector— I do!”
“Then get your own!”
You hold the drink close to your chest, reveling in the warmth against the morning air. “Tastes better like this. Tastes like…” you noisily slurp the warm drink like it’s the best thing you’ve ever had, “Victory.”
He smiles, but his next words are laced with warning. “Watch it, little one.”
It’s impossible to miss, that split second of dark gaze he throws your way. Any other human (or perhaps any other creature, for that matter) would cower in fear. He can be as cruel and ruthless when he wants to be.
But the thing is, you’re not just any other human. And you quite like the wicked side of him. So you say,
“Or what?”
Realization dawns on Druig’s face. It’s a game that you play —for no particular reason but for your own pure entertainment. If he didn’t know any better, one would think you were the goddess of mischief herself. And your little antics always end with a bang, in every sense of the word.
So he plays along.
“I gotta go into town, be back in a bit.” he kisses you squarely on the lips. “Hey. Be good for me.”
Not a request; an order.
You wait until he walks away, not the slightest bit deterred by his lack of response to your taunt, because you know you have the last word.
“No promises.”
Druig comes home with an armful of groceries and an empty house. He calls out to you, but there’s no answer —not from the kitchen, not from upstairs, nothing. It’s not until he tosses his keys onto the table that he finds your handwriting on a piece of paper.
‘Out for a walk. Join me?’
He shakes his head, not even fighting back the smile that breaks out on the corners of his mouth. Following the usual trail out the back of the house, towards the woodlands. Fighting the urge to look into your unbelievable mind; instead, he wonders, pictures, imagines what trouble you’ve got in store for him.
He finds you crouched under a tree, foraging mushrooms and putting them into a basket. Your yellow sundress a stark contrast against the dark browns and deep greens of tree trunks and bushes. Sun on your shoulders, bare, save for the straps of your dress tied behind your neck and the shawl wrapped around your forearms. Wind weaving waves in your clothes and your hair. So beautiful, so… lively. Sunshine personified. It reminds him of Sprite’s tale about Persephone’s downfall with Hades.
He wonders if Hades was the one that’s doomed after all.
You hear his footsteps, twigs and leaves crunching underneath him. “Need any help?”
“No, I’m…” you close the soil back up and brush the dirt off of your hands. “I’m done.”
He offers his hand, and you gladly take it, letting him pull you up. His eyes are twinkling with a hint of smile and you can’t help but ask,
“What is it?”
He wraps his arms around waist. “You look breathtaking.”
“I thought you’d like it.” you hum, his palms finding the thin cotton against your soft skin. Greedy on the swell of your ass and your supple thighs.
Druig’s eyes light up when he notices the lack of… additional fabric underneath. “Oh, I really, really do.”
“All for you, my devilish one.” you lead him towards a nearby red oak tree, not that he needed any further invitation.
He grins, gently nudging you back against the tall tree trunk. Nudging your nose as if he’s about to kiss you, but then he turns for the corner of your jaw instead. “Lift up that dress for me,” he whispers.
And with the sky a pale blue cup over the laughing lands, like a snowball of your own little world, you hike up the skirt of your dress, exposing your knees, your thighs…
Your naked cunt.
Druig draws a slow breath. Calculating. Composing himself. “Well. I think you’re the devilish one, sunshine.”
You lean closer for a kiss, but he’s already down on his knees, hooking your leg over his shoulder and trailing kisses up your inner thigh until he finds himself dead center at your glistening folds. He teases your opening, right where your juices are threatening to drip down, catching it with a lick of his tongue. The tip of his nose bumps into your touch-starved clit, and he nuzzles it like he would your face.
“God…” you instinctively grasp his hair.
He looks up, blue eyes blinking innocently. “Yes?”
“Fuck off,” your voice coming out a half moan, half chuckle.
His index finger traces your slit, head tilted to the side. “You don’t really mean that, do you, love?”
You feel that finger entering you, and your little quip comes out in a gasp. And as if one isn’t enough, he pulls out and thrusts inside with another one. It fires up all your nerve endings, sending you out of your body, and before you can react, his mouth takes in your clit —somehow anchoring you back to reality.
And the reality is you’re getting your pussy eaten out by your eternal lover in the woods in broad daylight.
And God, you’re getting it good.
Despite his icy demeanor, Druig is a gentle lover when he wants to be. He caresses you with great familiarity, knowing exactly how to hit which spot that sends you reeling. Renders you desperate to touch him anywhere. And he licks you and sucks you and consumes you like he’s savoring everything. All the twitches and throbs. All the pretty sounds you make.
He enjoys every single second of it.
His moans vibrate through your core, stuffed full with his fingers, and you can’t hold it any longer. The orgasm sends shocks of pleasure from head to toe, and you arch your hips for more, more, more until you can’t take it anymore and you’re tugging his hair back for some relief.
He looks up at you, marveling at how your face twists in pure bliss. Easing kisses down your thighs in sync with the rise and fall of your chest. Licking the wet, tasty slick off of his digits and smoothing your dress back down. You might be gone from the orgasm, but he’s gone for you.
You help him up, all too eager to kiss him— only then realizing that you didn’t even kiss him hello earlier. His lips meet yours halfway. The unmistakable taste of your arousal is palpable on his tongue. His chin. His perfect nose, and you kiss it all clean.
“My beautiful, beautiful sunshine.”
He says it with such wonder. Peace. And for a moment, you consider just… taking him right here, or lead him back home, back to your loving bed. Damn your antics, damn your wicked plan.
You smooth out his hair, all sticking out from your undoing, smiling as you regain your composure. “My turn now.”
He simply hums as you cup him through his pants, rubbing up and down his clothed length. “Go on, then.”
There’s no need for pleasantries anymore. You want this as much as he does, no questions necessary. So you bring yourself to your knees, hands deftly unbuttoning his trousers and taking out his beautiful cock. The length stands thick and curving, the tip already leaking with precum. Oh this is gonna be fun, you muse.
He tastes divine, and you make sure he knows it. Your mouth latches onto him, lapping up, taking more and more of him inside. His large, rough hands find the back of your head —though he’s not entirely sure whether it’s to bring you closer and hold you back.
Soon, your hand joins, palm slick with your spit, and you pump him faster. Tighter around his girth. Paying close attention to his breathy groans and needy murmurs.
“Yes, my love… just like that.” his fingers curl around your hair as you gag a little bit on his cock. “Fuck, so good for me…”
Druig’s painfully close. His hips start thrusting forward too, forcing it in the back of your throat. It makes your eyes water, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. The torture is sweet, and your little surprise in the end… even better.
You take his cock out of your mouth, keeping your pumping motion steady. “You gonna cum for me?”
“You gonna ask me nicely?”
“Make me cum, please.”
“Yeah?” your grin grows naughty, picking up the pace as he nods vehemently, welcoming the build up, getting ready for the high, and then…
No strokes, not even a still fist around his cock. Not your mouth teasing him, either.
You’re already standing up to your full height, gazing right into his blue eyes.
“What…?” he barely musters.
“I don’t think I’m gonna let you,” you answer casually, as if talking about the weather. Then, as quickly as you turned against him, you grab your basket and run for your life.
“Race you back home!”
Oh, yes. You’re definitely his downfall.
Druig can easily catch you within a few steps, even with his blue balls and terrible case of cruel, cruel edging.
It’s the flurry of your dress, your fit of giggles, the way you glance over your shoulders that keeps him one step behind. He gladly lets you think you have the upper hand. 
He might be doomed, but best believe he’s taking you with him.
He’s only a few feet away from you, just out of reach, but you rush inside and slam the front door in his face. There’s more laughter and footsteps retreating inside.
Calmness sweeps through his body, and he lightly opens the door. It’s his time to play now. “Come out, come out, wherever you are…” he teases you in a sing-songy tune. 
He peeks into the coat room, but there’s no sign of life there. He steps into the living room, scanning the corners. Under the dining table. In the kitchen. Nothing.
“Sunshine?” He calls out to you as he walks up the stairs. Drawing out the steps, the low creaks of the wood ringing clear.
He makes his entrance into the bedroom known. The door screech is slow and grating, footsteps falling heavy on the hardwood floors. He stops in front of the door, scanning the room for any sign of you and finding your trusty boots peeking out from under the window curtains.
You hear him chuckle, “You are so predictable.” his voice dies down, cut off by the draw of the curtain.
Hook, line, and sinker. You hold your breath, trying to contain your laughter so you don’t give away your hiding spot. Barefoot and tucked safely underneath the bed.
But he lifts the covers from the edge of the bed, a wicked smirk plastered on his face when his eyes meet yours. “You don’t actually think I fell for that, do you, love?”
Your heart is beating out of your eardrums as you frantically crawl out of the other side. But it’s too late. By the time you’ve got out, Druig’s already waiting for you and lifting you up by the arms. Seizing you with complete ease, despite all your thrashing.
“You’re a right troublemaker, aren’t you, little one? I think I need to set you straight.” he pins your arms behind your back, wrists together, keeping them there with one hand.
There’s no wiggling out of his grasp with force anymore, so you resort to gentle squirms and batting your eyelashes. “I’m sorry, I was just messing with you.”
“Oh, you were just messing with me?” His eyebrows shoot up, as if asking you a question with no right answer. He doesn’t miss how you grind against his front. “And you think you can get away with it? Think I’ll still fuck you just ‘cause you’re being sweet and needy for me?”
The heat rises to your cheeks, and you hide your face in the crook of his neck.
“No, no. Look at me.” Druig murmurs, having none of this. He grabs you by the back of your head and tuts in disapproval. “You’ve made your bed, little one. Now you’re gonna lie in it.”
“Please…” Your heart clenches— you should be terrified of what he’s planned in his fucked up little head, but your pussy clenches harder at the thought of receiving your punishment, knowing all the sins you’ve committed. It’s a twisted kind of pleasure the two of you indulge in.
“Bit too late for that now.” he chuckles darkly. And then his gaze turns cold --gone is the loving Druig who worships the ground you walk on. This Druig is gonna ravage you into pieces and you’re going to love every single moment of it.
He undoes the halter ties behind your neck and roughly yanks down the dress until it falls to the floor. You try to cover your modesty quicker than you can think, but he stops you even before that.
“Don’t get all shy on me, love. Bend over the bed.” he pushes you off with just a pad of finger, and you lay on your stomach. Legs spread, propped up on your tiptoes on the floor.
Your fingers bunch the bed sheets, feeling sure you’re gonna explode from his single featherlight touch down your hips.
“You sure you want this?” he asks softly, checking up on you one last time. “I’m not gonna go easy on you, little one.”
Maybe it’s the butterflies fluttering in your stomach. Or maybe it’s his firm warning in a hushed, gentle tone. Or maybe it’s what he calls you.
Little one.
You bury your face in the sheets, push your ass up high and nod, “Yes. Want this so bad.”
He hums. “Okay,” he whispers.
And then it starts.
The first strike feels delicious, and you let out a little moan for it. For him. He spanks you hard enough to jolt forward, but still leaves you wanting more. Harder. 
His palm smoothes over your tender cheek. And then he goes again, spanking your other cheek one, two, three more times. A mix of his soft side and rough edges.
“S’that hurt?”
You shake your head.
Smack! His hand lands in warning. Not as hard, but quicker than you expected. “Use your words, little one.”
“No, sir. Feels good.” You rasp, among your shaky breaths.
He’s out of your line of sight, standing just behind you, but you can definitely feel the smile laced in his voice. “Good girl.”
He likes it when you call him that, and you know it. What you don’t know is how much he likes to watch you in the in-between. Moments before he hits the soft swell of your backside, when your legs tense up in anticipation. The way you jut your ass out for him. And the moment just after; when you whine and whimper. Writhing and restless, trying hard to keep yourself propped up. No matter how rough.
In fact, you like it rough. Druig spanks you hard enough that you cry out in pained bliss —overwhelmed by the burn on your skin, and his low growl that fills your ears. And if you arch into the side of the bed just right, your clit gets the tiniest, slightest bit of relief upon the touch.
“Whoa, what do we have here?” he stops, like he’s catching onto your little grinding motion.
“I’m not doing anything,” you lie smoothly —or so you think.
But he dips his hand between your legs, knuckles grazing past your dripping cunt to touch the wet patch under you. “You’ve made a mess all over, little one.”
“Hmm?” you try to prop yourself up, but Druig’s already flipped you onto your back, pinning you underneath him, spreading your legs open.
He stares at you with a wolfish grin, and in that moment, you’re certain he’s gonna wreck you until you’re crying and begging for him.
(To stop or keep going, that’s another matter.)
“I guess this pussy’s just aching for a punishment, too, huh?” he slaps your inner thighs, one and then the other, more of a teasing than anything.
You’re dying for him to touch you there, but all you can say is, “Please.”
“Please what, my love? Punish you?” he asks pointedly. “Gladly.”
The feeling of his fingers smacking against your sensitive clit is truly electric, and the sound against your wet folds, your unrestrained moan that accompanies it… there’s no word for it. You’re just hurtling forward, not knowing whether to curl up or open yourself up to his cruel torture.
No matter. He decides that for you.
He slaps your pussy again. Alternating between light pats and sharper spanks, and soon you’re overwhelmed with the all too familiar feeling. The kind that makes your brain foggy and your limbs feel like floating. The pulsating ache in your pussy keeps building up, and it’s so easy to let it take over your body and give in to the pleasure.
“Don’t cum yet.” his voice comes crashing in as his hand halts to a stop.
You blink at him. “Were you in my head?”
“Didn’t need to.” he shrugs. “I know you, sunshine. I know exactly…” a sharp smack on your left thigh, “when…” another on your right side, “...you’re. Gonna. Cum.”
One for each word, hitting your pussy every single time.
“I… I can’t—” your resolve is slipping, and you’re finding it harder and harder to obey him.
“Don’t you dare cum, you fucking slut.” he grabs your jaw harshly, forcing you to look into his eyes as he lands lash after lash on your cunt.
But with those icy blues, wicked hands and that filthy name he called you, you stand no chance at all. The last one isn’t even that hard, but the pad of his middle finger presses right on your clit and you’re bursting for him.
Relief washes over you as you find some release. But at the same time, the same parts of you are screaming in agony because his heated touch, his weighted hand… all gone. He just watches you reach your orgasm and ruins it.
When your eyes shift back into focus, you find him looking down at you, shaking his head lightly. “Oh, little one. You disappoint me.”
Your heart falls upon hearing that. “I’m sorry, I’m really really sorry—” you grab at his waist, his shirt, afraid he’s going to get up and leave you. The cruelest punishment of all. “I can’t help it… feels too good.”
“Oh, it feels too good? Is that right?” he coos at you in mocking.
You nod fervently, eyes blinking heavy for your ruthless lover.
He nods back, the tight crease between his eyebrows loosens, and you think maybe your tactic is working. Maybe he’d allow you this little thing for once. “Okay,” he concedes.
And for a minute, he seems like he is giving in. Rubbing your still-tender clit and seeking open-mouthed kisses on your bite-worn lips. Listening intently to the rhythm of your body, letting it rise into another crescendo.
He swallows your moans as you cum a second time, easier and gentler than the first, falling apart in the comfort of his hand and his embrace.
But then he doesn’t stop.
He maintains the pattern he’s drawing on your clit —too hard, too fast, too… much. The euphoric sensation of your high grows overwhelming and before you know it, you’re writhing and thrashing desperately under him. “Wait—”
And through it all, he keeps his cruel calm facade. “I thought you wanted to cum?” he says, daring you to protest him.
It’s not that you don’t want to protest; you’re simply too fucked out to find the words.
He smiles at you sweetly, deceivingly so. “You wanted to cum, so you’re gonna cum, over and over again until I say it’s enough. Okay, little one?”
You’re already so close again. You can’t think about anything but the persistent ache between your legs, drowning you in submission’s misery.
“Hey. Look at me.” He instructs you firmly. “Be a good girl and cum for me, yeah? Can you do that?” His voice softens, and you find yourself melting into his touch, his words… his being.
The contradiction between his sweet words and unrelenting hand is making you dizzy. “Yes, sir. I’ll do anything for you,” you murmur into his chest.
“That’s my girl.” He captures your lips with his, enshrouding you with love and warmth. Easing you into the thrust of his two fingers inside you at once.
You gasp, falling out of his kiss, but he doesn’t care. He just nuzzles your face, fingers pumps in and out of you just fast enough to keep you on your high. And then his mouth trails down your neck, along your soft breasts to suck on your diamond-hard tits.
You cum all over his fingers helplessly, shaking as he holds your body down with his own. You try to pry his hand away —a meager attempt, really- but he simply brushes you off. When you try it a second time, he swats your hand in warning. But it’s too, too much. You just want to breathe for a second.
But he doesn’t let up. Instead, he grabs your wrist and pins it over your head. Fucking you and playing with you impossibly harder. Punishing you more and more.
Your body ceases to fight back, your limbs are growing heavier the further you go. But your breaking brain is screaming, although what comes out of your mouth is simply,
“Too much… I can’t…”
“Yes, you can, little one. Just let go.” he sounds so tender, so comforting. He could be using his powers on you right now, but you’re beyond caring at this point.
You just nod along and give in to the erratic pulsing in your body. The pain is sharp and dull at the same time, and you’ve lost count how many times you’ve come undone. But it feels so fucking good, your eyes are watering, sobs hitching in your throat.
He chuckles, his breath is hot against your skin. “Look at you, so pretty like this. All mine. My dirty little slut.” Druig wipes away your tears so gently, a stark contrast to his unrelenting pace between your legs. “Haven’t even got my cock in you yet, but you look so fucked out already.”
Your mind is hazy, but another, more pressing need takes over when you hear the words ‘his cock.’ A string of pleas fall out of your lips, barely coherent. You sloppily kiss him, desperately trying to tell him what you want without telling him what you want.
He kisses you back like he understands. Like he’s got you. It’s a brief moment of love and reassurance in this twisted game you’re playing.
His hand slows to a stop, and you arch into him in joy and anguish —joy for a breath of relief, and anguish for the loss of his addicting touch.
And more joy, as you get to watch him tear off his clothes, revealing his lean muscles and alabaster skin, and then take his place on top of you.
He draws a bated breath as he teases your pussy with his cock. “So ready for me, aren’t you, little one?”
He nudges your sensitive clit and your eyes flutter closed at the sensation. “Yes. Fuck.”
“Hey. Ask properly. What do you want.” Not a question; an order.
Your tongue feels heavy, clouded and slurred. “Want you to fuck me, sir.”
“There we go. That wasn’t so hard, right?” he grins, infuriatingly chirpy over the state of you, lining himself against your opening.
He pushes in with one swift thrust, and knocks the air out of you. Even after having his fingers inside you, the stretch still deliciously aches. You’re so sensitive, so full, so flooded by him.
And he is every bit as drunk on you as you are on him. You close in around him, soft walls slick with desire gripping him like a vice. He is so thick, so big, so perfect inside you, and he closes his eyes in ecstasy, a moment’s silence in the eye of the storm.
“You’re breathtaking,” he sighs, sitting up so he can take a better look at you.
All gorgeous and wrecked for him and him alone.
He draws himself back, nearly all the way out of you. You whine at the loss and the emptiness, and once again when he fills you up again. He grinds in and out of you unhurried, finding delight in the twists and turns of your beautiful curves. How you leave crescent moon dents on his trim waist. How he can see, can feel your stomach bulge as he fills you as the sobs ripped out of you, singing broken melodies.
And how it sounds better than any song he’s ever heard in his painfully long life.
You have no idea how long you’ve been at this. Your body feels heavy, like the sensation is blanketing you and weighing you down. Your grasp at his waist loosens bit by bit, and soon you’re just limply carried through the motions as he fucks you hard.
His hand tucks away the wild strands of hair on your face, as if awakening you from your stupor. “You’re slipping, my love,” he softly points out.
“I know.”
“Wanna keep going?”
“Yes please,” you nod, arching closer into him.
Oh, how Druig’s heart swells upon this sight. So pretty and pliant. All for him to take and save and soothe and spare.
He smiles a little. “You’re an insatiable little thing, aren’t you, little one?” he hums, picking up the pace and watching you lose your goddamn mind.
“Only for you, sir— fuck...” you squeak as he hits that spot deep within you.
“Look at me. Hey.” his palm lands across your cheek. “Look at me.”
Your eyes find his, all dark and dangerous, but you’re too far gone that all you can say is, “Again.”
He smiles, adoring in contrast for what’s to come. “My dirty little fucking slut,” and then a slap on the other cheek.
Who is he to deny himself of such pleasure? The fucked up tinge in his core flares whenever he sees your jaw fall open upon the impact of his threatening hand. Clenching tighter around his cock as you inch closer towards yet another orgasm.
That very same palm soothes your tingling skin, thumb caressing your lower lip. You didn’t need any instructions —you put his digit into your mouth and suck like you sucked his cock earlier. Hard and sloppy, making his pace falter a little.
Druig pulls his hand away with a heavy heart, but eager to place his wetted thumb on your clit. Your cunt flutters around him, goading him to go harder, give you more, more, more all through your high.
And you need him more than you need air.
You blindly reach for his free hand, putting it on your chest. Maybe if he keeps you there, you won’t float away. Maybe he’ll bring you down again gently and all will be well.
His fingers pinch your nipples, a shooting sensation against his dulcet voice. “Just one more, my love. Give me just one more, okay?”
“I’ll try…” you purr, barely loud enough for him to hear.
“No, no. I said, you’re gonna cum until I say it’s enough,” he reminds you, cupping your jaw so you look right at him, “and I say, one more.”
His last words come out in a growl, your cheeks squished together and it sends you reeling. You blindly reach for his hand, guiding it on the column of your neck. Maybe if he keeps you there, you won’t float away, and you’ll be able to cum one last time.
He tightens his grip on your throat just a little, just enough to make your head dizzy and your soul ascend in a blissful little death. For a moment, you exist solely in the form of pleasure coursing through your veins. The pulsing of your clit. The clench of your cunt. The flutter of your inner walls until your lover unleashes his sweet release, painting it pearly white with his divine sex.
He collapses on top of you, forehead resting against yours. He lifts his hips to unsheath himself from you, but you whimper, wrapping your loose arms around him. 
Your high is dissipating, and now everything feels like it’s fading. The gentle hand wiping sweat off of your face feels like it’s simply hovering over your skin, and his raggedy baritone sounds so far away.
“My beautiful, beautiful girl...” he nuzzles your nose, peppering soft kisses all over your face. “Are you with me?”
You don’t say anything. You just take everything he’s giving you. At that moment, it’s the only thing you know.
“Look at me,” he whispers, kind and caring. Gone is the cruel, austere side of him, and you find yourself breathing easier. “Come back to me, my love.”
You try to fight the sleep in your eyes and gaze into his baby blues, soothing and shielding you from harm. From loneliness. “Hey,” you finally breathe out.
The specks of dust flying around in the sunshine makes the sight before you look like a painting. Your lover, soft and steady and so fucking enamored, gazing at you so tenderly. And then a smile, that goddamn smile that stole your heart, blossoms on his face and the painting comes to life.
“Hello, my sunshine,” he greets you, and it feels like home.
In all honest truth, it is home.
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itsapeterthing · 5 months ago
Sunshine || Druig
Tumblr media
pairing: druig x eternal!reader
summary: as the eternal with the gift of weather and nature, you use it to your advantage, especially with your husband, druig
a/n: this is based off of a request from a very long time ago, but i hope you enjoy!
word count: 1.1k
warnings: eternals insulting druig as always, fluff
masterlist || taglist
You laughed as Druig’s body pressed against yours, gently shoving you into the wall behind the both of you.
“Do you think it’s funny?” He asked, the smirk on his face evident that even he thought it was amusing.
“I don't know what you’re talking about.” You said, feigning ignorance.
However, of course you knew what he was talking about. Your husband was completely soaking wet, even with water droplets from his bangs dripping down onto your forehead as he stood above you. His clothes were drenched and his hands so slippery, he had a hard time pinning them to the wall behind you. It would be impossible not to know what he was talking about even if you weren’t the one who caused it.
“Oh you don’t know, do you?” He asked, leaning in closer. “Just so happens my own personal rain cloud was following me around all day, right?”
You looked at him and shrugged.
“You looked grumpy.”
“And you thought that would fix it?”
“No,” You smiled. “But I know what will.”
Before Druig had another chance to speak, you placed your hands against his clothed, soaking wet chest and leaned into him, pressing your lips against his. 
Even without your eyes open, you could tell he was smiling.
Then you heard them.
“Oh my gosh that’s disgusting!” You distinctively heard Kingo exclaim amongst the chorus of groans from the others.
This wasn’t uncommon- this had been going on since Druig and you had first gotten caught together by them centuries ago thus exposing your relationship. Though long ago you used to grow embarrassed under their teasing and vocal disapproval, it had been such a long time since, that you had stopped caring what they thought all together. Druig on the other hand used to tease you about it frequently, often flirting with you in front of them just to get a rise out of them and you.
However, all the time apart seemed to have an effect on him as Druig pulled away from your lips and a light blush coated his cheeks. As much as Druig liked to play things cool and act as though nothing bothered him, you could tell he was flustered.
It was almost entertaining.
“Oh please,” You said, purposely leaving your hands on your partner’s chest. “Did you guys get soft the past few hundred years or something? Haven’t you seen people kiss?”
“Yeah, people,” Sprite argued. “Not you and... whatever Druig is. He’s like a walking nightmare.”
Although you knew thousands of years came with bitterness between members of your group- especially Druig as he wasn’t so… cheerful- you had always hated the brutal teasing they inflicted on your husband, knowing that sometimes names like that could cut deep.
Without even realizing it, the sky above you had turned gray, the clouds that had once grazed the beautiful blue sky becoming one gloomy mess.
Hearing the grumble within the clouds, sure that it would start pouring any minute, Druig looked up at the sky and back down to you.
Leaning in, he placed one hand on your back and rubbed gentle circles against your clothed skin before connecting his mind with yours.
“It’s okay,” he thought. “Don’t mind them. I’ve already got rained on enough for the day.”
Hearing his soothing voice in your mind, you glanced up and saw the cloudy skies before looking back at Druig and nodding. You closed your eyes and before you knew it, the sky was back to allowing the sun’s rays to pour through the trees without a rain cloud in the sky.
“Why are you all here anyway?” You asked, turning your attention back to the rest of the eternals.
“It’s a long story.” Sersi replied.
As you crossed your arms, you shrugged.
“We’ve got time.”
“You’re going to want to sit down for this.” Ikaris said.
Though your husband had nearly always had a problem with him and vice versa, you had always gotten along with your fellow eternals, being open-minded and able to see from several different points of view. So, as you looked up at them, and especially Sersi and Ikaris and noted the sincerity on their faces, you understood the situation may have been more serious than you originally thought.
You glanced back at Druig worried and although you could both communicate with your minds, you had known each other so long that you could communicate with your eyes wordlessly as well.
Matching your expression and understanding the two of you were on the same page, Druig looked back at the eternals and nodded.
“Come inside then.” Druig said, not allowing his concern to show through to others. “Make yourself at home.”
Guiding them in direction of the building from behind, Druig stopped short before he stepped through the doors, gripping your own arm to stop you.
“Uh uh.” He said, holding you back. “You’re not going in until you fix the mess you’ve made.”
“And what’s that?” You asked, facing him.
Druig said nothing, only tilted his said to the side and stared at you blankly.
That’s when his dripping hair and soaking wet clothes caught your attention again.
“Oh!” You laughed, nudging off his grip on your arm. “Sorry, my love, I forgot.”
Leaning forward, you rested your own hands against his arms and stepped towards him, pressing your lips against his.
As you did, a gust of wind blew through the both of you, drying your husband instantly as you kissed him softly and brushed your hands up and down against the clothed skin of his arms.
No matter how many times you did that, Druig would never get over it. He was almost too embarrassed to admit that every time you did it, his heart began racing in his chest and he grew a little bit dizzy. No matter how headstrong Druig wanted to appear to be in front of the other eternals, he would always melt for you.
He almost welcomed your teasing rain clouds over his head, because he knew this moment would follow. These moments brought the warmth of a thousand suns that would make up for hundreds of rain clouds and he adored every second of it.
Through thousands of years, he enjoyed every second of you.
“Better?” You asked as you pulled away and smiled up at him.
Druig only smiled.
“Much better.”
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stranger-nightmare · 5 months ago
Make You Scream
Pairing: Druig x (female) Eternal!Reader
Summary: you’re at a family dinner with the Eternals when Druig starts to get handsy. However, he’s left seething after you manage to stay completely silent, and so he makes it his mission to take you home and make you scream...
Warnings: swearing, smut, fingering, semi-public sexual acts, Dom!Druig, oral (f receiving), overstimulation/ multiple orgasms, penetrative sex (m+f), tiniest bit of mind control, minors DNI
A/N: happy Eternals on Disney+ day my loves, here’s some more Druig smut bc I feel like it’s been a lil while since I did a full oneshot for him, hope you like this my babies!!🖤✨🥰
Tumblr media
This is for people 18+ only. Minors do not read on. If you click ‘keep reading’ you are hereby agreeing that you are 18 or older.
These were the moments you loved. Moments spent with your family. It was so rare that all of you would be together at one time, so you relished these small moments together.
You were all currently on the Domo, you and all ten of your fellow Eternals. Ajak and Gilgamesh had prepared the most delicious of meals. You’d all finished eating now, you were all just sat around talking and laughing, enjoying each other’s company.
You had all just come down from laughing at something Kingo had said when you suddenly felt Druig’s hand come to rest on your thigh. You were only in a short sundress so his hand was brushing against your bare skin. You pay no mind to the small gesture, continuing to chat away with the rest of the Eternals.
But then Druig starts to move his hand even high up your thigh, his fingers leaving goosebumps on your flesh as he travels towards your core. The slightest of sighs leaves your lips, quiet enough for only Druig to hear, and only because he was specifically listening out for you.
You can practically feel the smirk that stretches Druig’s lips when his fingers finally reach the apex of your thighs, brushing along your clothed core. He pushes his finger in slightly, just about making contact with your clit through the thin material of your panties.
You can then feel his brows furrow as you don’t even flinch at his contact. Your breathing remains steady, your face unreadable. Clearly frustrated by your lack of reaction Druig pushes his fingers harder against your clit, starting a circling motion. The only sign of you acknowledging this was your body tensing slightly, but still, nothing that anyone else would even notice.
You hear Druig huff lightly as he ramps up his motions, pushing your panties to the side and finally connecting his fingers directly with your clit. You smirk, cocking your head to pay better attention to what Ikaris was currently saying from across the table. Druig’s finger start to build a steady pace, circling your clit just the way he knows you like it.
You could practically feel the frustration rolling off Druig as you continued to show no reaction to him having his hand between your thighs whilst in the middle of a family dinner.
His frustration radiates into his movements as he again decides to take things even further, desperate to pull some kind of response from you. His fingers delve lower through your folds until he reaches your entrance. He circles your hole twice before he pushes two of his fingers inside you. You squirm the slightest bit as his fingers find home inside you, sinking down to the knuckles. But again, your squirm was no more than you would shift just to get comfortable in your seat, it was nothing to warrant any kind of acknowledgment from anyone else.
Druig starts to pump his fingers in and out of you, curling them expertly to hit that sweet spot inside you. He then latches his thumb onto you clit, circling in time with his fingers working inside of you. You keep your attention on the conversation at hand, even joining in the laughing when Sprite cracks a witty comment.
If anything, Druig is the one getting more worked up than you. You can just about hear his breathing start to get heavier next to you, the tiniest of grunts passing his lips as he works his hand furiously between your legs. You laugh lightly, enjoying how desperate he was to make you crack. But you knew you wouldn’t. You were good at this game.
Druig feels your walls start to close in around his fingers, your orgasm approaching.You feel the smugness start to rise in his body again, thinking surely you’d have to break when he actually made you cum. But you didn’t. Your orgasm washes over you, your pussy clenching and convulsing around Druig’s fingers.
But on the outside you merely sighed softly, your breathing ever so slightly heavier than normal. Once Druig has pumped you through your orgasm he pulls his fingers from you harshly, a tiny squeak leaving your lips.
You hear him grunt in frustration next to you, his jaw taught, his nostrils flared. You look over at him and smirk, winking at him quickly.
You’d barely closed the door to yours and Druig’s room on the Domo when he’s suddenly roughly shoving you against it. His forearm is just below your neck, pinning you up against the door. His other hands grabs the hair at the back of your neck, forcing your head to tilt upwards to where his face is hovering above you, his lips curved in anger.
“What the hell was that?” He seethes, his lips forming a snarl where they were just an inch away from yours.
“You tell me” you bite back, raising an eyebrow defiantly. “You’re the one who decided to finger me under the dinner table."
“And you didn’t even squirm. Didn’t make a single noise” his nostrils flare with anger again.
“Well what can I say, I’m just very good at staying quiet” you shrug teasingly, lifting your chin in defiance.
“Oh yeah?” He taunts.
“Yeah” you tease back.
He looks you up and down, raking his gaze over you. He then shifts, moving his hips forward, trapping your own hips between his and door behind you. A small gasp leaves your lips as you feel his hardened cock pushing against you, straining in the fabric of his jeans.
“Oh we’ll see about that.” His breath is hot against your lips, his mouth so close and yet so far away. “I’m gonna make you scream sweetheart, I’m gonna make you fucking beg for my cock” he growls, leaning into your mouth only to pull back again at the last second, leaving you hanging with want. A soft whine sounds from you as he pulls himself away from you, leaving you limp against the door.
“Strip. Then get on the bed” he commands, his tone leaving no room for argument.
And so you follow his instructions swiftly, shimmying out of your little dress before tugging your panties down your legs, leaving you completely naked under his watchful gaze. An approving smirk paints his lips as he takes in your naked form, a sight he’d seen a thousand times before and yet one he would never grow tired of.
You gulp lightly, his eyes on you sending a flutter to your core. You walk over to the bed, laying down on your back, sitting up on your elbows.
“Open your legs” his voice is somehow simultaneously sharp and smooth.
Your mouth hangs open as your breathing already starts to get heavy, just the anticipation of what’s to come setting your entire body alight. You obey his instruction again, spreading your legs open on the bed, revealing your already soaked centre to him. He lets out a cocky scoff as he takes in the view. He’s then sauntering over to you, pulling his shirt over his head and throwing it aside just before he reaches the edge of the bed.
His eyes lock with yours as he sinks to his knees in front of you. His smirk grows at the sound of your moan. That’s what he wanted, to hear all manner of sinful sounds fall from your lips. He licks those cocky lips of his before he dives into your pussy. His eyes stay on yours as his mouth latches onto your clit, sucking it into his mouth and flicking his tongue over it fervently.
You let out a small cry, tossing your head back as you revel in the feeling of his tongue gliding over your clit. He feels so good, your mind is already spinning. Going down on you was one of Druig’s favourite past times, so it’s suffice to say that he knows exactly what he’s doing, knows exactly how to work you. Your hips are starting to move of their own accord, bucking and grinding against his face. Another moan escapes you before you have time to swallow it. You resort to biting down on your bottom lip, attempting to keep your sounds contained.
“Let go of your lip, I want to hear you” Druig hums into your folds.
A whimper trembles through you as you dig your teeth harder into your lip. Druig sighs into your cunt, the vibrations surging through you. But you’re left wanting when his mouth moves off you suddenly. You look up just in time to lock eyes with him again, watching them start to glow gold.
“I said let go of your lip” he speaks slowly and deliberately.
You feel your entire body relax, your jaw going slack where your mouth suddenly hangs open.
“That’s better” Druig taunts, his eyes dimming as he reattaches his mouth to your throbbing clit.
You can hear yourself slowly start to get louder and louder as Druig coaxes you closer and closer to your climax. The fire burns deep in your core, Druig’s tongue working pure magic on your clit.
“Ah fuck, Druig” you cry, your head twisting to the side, your eyes screwed shut, one fist balled in the sheets beneath you, the other tightly wound in Druig’s hair. He hums in approval of your moans, the vibrations finally tipping you over the edge. A strangled cry flies from your throat as your climax races through you, pleasure coursing through your entire body. You gasp loudly with each breath as you convulse, Druig’s tongue continuing to work your clit as you flinch and jerk under his touch.
He finally pulls his mouth off you with a pop, looking down at you with pride plastered on his face as you fall back weakly onto the bed. Your chest is rising and falling deeply with your ragged breathing. You let out a hum of satisfaction.
But Druig just smirks again.
“Oh we’re not done yet sweetheart” he drawls, grabbing one of your legs and throwing it over his shoulder, pulling you close to him again. Another moan already escapes you before he even touches you again.
He bites at your inner thigh, nipping across your skin before he reaches the apex of your thigh. He attaches his mouth to you again, but this time he situates himself lower, his tongue swirling around your hole. He pushes his nose against your clit, rubbing in an up and down motion as he starts to flick his tongue in and out of your entrance.
“Shit” you whisper. He’d barely even started up again and already your core was tightening like a coil, pleasure burning in the pit of your stomach.
As your moans get louder Druig works his tongue against you with more fervour, as if he was rewarding you for being more vocal. Your hand finds its way back into his hair, helping hold him in place as your hips rock against his face. He has one hand holding your thigh in place where it’s hooked over his shoulder. His other hand finds your free one, his fingers interlacing with yours, giving you a small squeeze as more sounds fall from your lips.
“Druig... fuck” you cry. “That feels amazing” you whine, your voice cracking with pleasure. He hums again.
“Ah, Druig... I’m gonna cum. Fuck...” you gasp as your second climax crashes over you. Your back arches, your toes curling, digging into Druig’s back, your hand twisting painfully tight in his hair. You swear you can feel him laugh cockily against you as you ride out your orgasm on his face.
You collapse against the mattress again, expecting Druig to stop. But he doesn’t. He just keeps going, his tongue fervently darting in and out of you. Your body starts to spasm, something like a sob leaving your throat as yet another little death rocks through your body.
“Shit, Druig” you pant, a tear springing in your eye as your body becomes overwhelmed by the sensations. Your thighs clench around his head, locking him in a vice-like grip as pleasure rolls through your body. He finally relents are you cry out a pathetic mewl, your body flinching away from his mouth.
He kisses the skin of your inner thigh where it rests just next to his head. He gently pushes your leg off him, leaving you sprawled, a fucked out mess, on the bed.
Another chuckle rumbles through his chest as he kisses his way up your body until his mouth finds yours. He opens your lips with his own, sliding his tongue against yours, giving you a taste of yourself. You both groan into the kiss as your hands rapidly paw at each other. His hands snake around your neck, fingers twining in your hair. Your hands roam all over his bare chest, nails raking across his skin.
Your hands travel down his body until you reach the waistband of his jeans. But he just presses his hips tighter against yours, grinding the rough fabric against your sensitive slit, leaving your hands no room to unbuckle his trousers. You mewl into his mouth, a sudden desperation to have him inside you.
“What do you want little one?” He taunts, pulling back slightly, his eyes dark and lust-blown as they look down at you. You whine again, bucking your hips against his, silently asking for what you seek.
“Come on sweetheart, use your words. Let me hear you” he teases, his lips finding their way to your neck, kissing and sucking at your skin.
He continues his grinding movement, giving you just enough pressure to feel it, but not enough to really get you going. He was deliberately teasing you, waiting for your pleas to fall from your lips. You huff, finally feeling the same frustration that Druig must’ve felt earlier; the frustration of not getting what you want. If you wanted him to fuck you, you really were gonna have to beg for it.
You turn your head so your lips are against his ear. “Please Druig” you purr against the shell of his ear. He pushes himself up on his arms to look at you again.
“Please what?” He cocks his head to the side, his eyes dropping to your lips briefly. “What do you want baby?” He grinds particularly hard on that last sentence, finally causing you snap with need.
“You. I want you Druig. I want you to fuck me, please. I need you. I need to feel you inside me, please Druig please” you cry, kissing all over his neck and throat between each word, your nails digging harshly into his back as you desperately pull him against you.
“Please Druig please” you continue to murmur against his skin as your hands travel back down towards his navel again. He groans loudly in your ear.
“Good girl” he praises before he finally reaches down between your two bodies, helping you to undo his belt and jeans. You roughly shove them down his legs, freeing his already leaking cock. You moan as you capture his mouth with your own again, your hand grabbing his dick. You start to move your wrist, pumping him lightly. But he’s quick to stop you, grabbing your wrist in his hand. He grunts with the restraint, fighting the want to just let you keep working him with your hand.
But he’s then swift to line himself up with your entrance, gathering your slick by stroking his head through your folds a few times. He then, at last, sinks his cock inside you. You both moan as you envelope him with your warmth, a further cry escaping your throat as he bottoms out inside you. You see a smirk on his lips again as he suddenly starts a fast and brutal pace.
He doesn’t waste time warming you up or letting your adjust to his size or his rhythm, he simply begins to pound into you, his hips slapping harshly against yours. You’re now powerless to stop the sounds that fly from your mouth, moans and whimpers, gasps and sighs as he hits that spot inside you over and over again.
“Oh fuck Druig, you feel so good” you cry into his neck.
“Yeah?” He breathes into the crook of your neck. You nod frantically as his hips jar into yours.
“Then let me hear you baby, let everyone hear you” he demands, biting down hard into your shoulder.
You cry out loudly at the pain and you feel him laugh darkly. You completely let go, all inhibitions and anxieties put aside, you simply let every sound that your body wanted to make loose from your mouth.
“That’s it baby” he encourages as you start to feel your walls tightening around him, another climax inbound. You can feel how sensitive you are from your previous orgasms, but right now you don’t care because fuck he felt so good inside you.
“Ahh, Druig” you pant loudly, your voice cracking again. “Shit, I’m gonna cum” you squeak.
“Yeah?” He kisses up your throat again. “Cum for me baby."
And so you do. And so he fulfils his promise, his name a scream on your lips as your orgasm tears through your body.
“Shit baby, you sound so fucking beautiful screaming my name” he grunts as his pace stutters and falters, his hips jaggedly rutting into yours as he approaches his own climax. Your name is a curse on his lips as he finally stills, his hot load spilling inside you, his hot breath mixing with yours as both your mouths hang open in euphoria. He kisses you sloppily again as you both revel in your highs, your sweaty bodies clinging to each other. He pulls back the slightest bit to look at you again, a complete wreck beneath him. That gods-forsaken smirk back on his face.
“Told you I’d make you scream."
You and Druig walk hand-in-hand into the common area the next morning, finding most of your fellow Eternals already there and waiting. All conversation stops when you two enter, all eyes snapping towards you. You and Druig look around in confusion before Sprite finally pipes up.
“You do realise that all our rooms are adjoined here on the Domo?” She cringes.
“Yeah what we heard last night was just down right disturbing” Kingo chimes in, pulling a mock disgusted face.
You blush and bury your head in Druig’s chest, but you just know he’s just the most shit-eating grin plastered on his face, full of pride that everyone else got to hear the way you scream for him.
A/N: this may or may not have been inspired by my personal ability to stay incredibly quiet in bed👀 lmao, hope you enjoyed this!!✨🖤💫
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
he can hit me with a rock any day
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this whole scene is the reason i exist
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part two
pairing: Druig x eternal!reader
warnings: angst, unrequited love
notes: it’s finally here! hope you guys enjoy part two <3
summary: you once thought you knew what loneliness was— you were wrong
*part one can be found here
Tumblr media
There’s a knock at your door.
The village is quiet and the festivities have long since ended, and still there is someone calling upon you at your door. You assume it must be Thena, maybe even Gilgamesh, attempting to alleviate the aching loneliness that consumes you every time you excuse yourself for the night and lock yourself away in whatever room is available to you. You know they’re trying, and you appreciate their efforts, but you’ve long since accepted that no one would ever be able to fill the hollow pit of longing in your chest.
No one except Druig, of course.
The knocking becomes more persistent, and with a quiet sigh and a slightly annoyed ‘I’m coming’ you make your way towards the door to greet your visitor. However, the person waiting on the other side when you finally open the entry is neither Thena nor Gilgamesh— in fact, it’s the last person you’d ever suspect to come seek you out in the middle of the night.
“Druig? What are you-“
“Why didn’t you ever tell me?” He demands, his bluntness catching you off guard. Lips parted in surprise and brows furrowing in confusion, you take a step backward only for him to move forward and close the space between you. His hand flicks the door closed and you flinch at the harshness of its slam, but Druig remains unaffected. His face is neutral, but there’s a glint in his eyes that you can’t quite decipher, and for the first time in your entire life you feel afraid in his presence.
“Tell you what?” You ask with a frown. “Druig, you’re worrying me, what’s going on?”
“You love me,” he says lowly, watching the way your body tenses in response and all color seems to drain from your face.
“You’re my best friend, of course I love you!” You try to argue. Panic bubbles in your stomach and your chest is beginning to tighten in a way that makes it hard to breathe; Druig has you corned with no escape, and though you try you know you can’t lie to him.
“Don’t play stupid with me, y/n. You’re much too smart for that.”
“You’re being cruel,” you protest quietly, refusing to meet his gaze and instead choosing to glance out the window towards the moon— you wish it could swallow you whole right now.
“No,” Druig huffs with a humorless laugh, “no, what’s cruel is the fact that Thena knew of your feelings before I did. All this time spent together and you never once thought to tell me yourself.”
“And what was I to say?!” You argue defensively. Anger takes over then, and you find yourself much too annoyed to feel embarrassed anymore. How dare he burst in and accuse you of being cruel? Druig is momentarily startled when you take a step forward, nearly chest to chest as your hardened gaze burns straight through him. “What would it change?! You don’t love me, Druig.”
“Oh, please—”
“You think I don’t notice the way you look at Makkari? You think it doesn’t eat me alive every single day knowing I can never have you so intimately? I will spend the rest of my life being a second choice, and yet you have the gall to come in here and accuse me of being cruel?!”
Any malice and judgement that once was present is now wiped clean from Druig’s face. He stares stoic, face neutral despite his blown pupils and quivering lips. He says nothing as you yell at him, does nothing as you give him a hard shove against his chest, he simply stares and listens.
“You had no right to intrude in on my conversation with Thena, and you had no right to come in here and make me out to be the villain when all I‘ve been trying to do is keep you happy.”
Tears well in your eyes, reflecting the stars in the sky beautifully, and for what must be the first time in years Druig is rendered completely silent. His lack of response irritates you even further, but there’s also a small part of you that has already begun to mourn the fact that nothing will ever be the same between you two again. Not after tonight.
“Aren’t you going to say something?” You snap harshly. Anger and sadness begin to drain from your body, and all you are left with is utter exhaustion. Desperately now, “Druig, say something.”
“I shouldn’t have come here,” he utters quietly. “I’m sorry.”
And with that he leaves, never once looking back and never once stopping to explain any further. He’s made a mess of you, and yet he doesn’t stop to try and help you put the pieces back together. For the first time in your life he’s left you to fend for yourself, and it makes your heartbreak all the more painful.
You once thought you knew what loneliness was, but nothing will ever compare to the gut wrenching agony that took hold of you the moment Druig shut the door behind him.
You were wrong.
| tags: @notalxx @whelmedparker @lxdyred @cyanide-mustard @seattleiite @crazyclownchick @luvhiddlespugh @bilesxbilinskixlahey @mariaelizabeth21-blog1 @like-what3ver @sciencebros1128 @demoiselle-en-detresse00 @vampsclassiffied @neridavidson00 @poeticvintage @summerly-03 @freeshavacadoooo @trenchcoatedwings @lupinpetersclearwaterodairparker @sarahluvs5sos1dlm @charradelange @secretly-a-weeb @mardusstuff @mehnotenoughtime @jem-my-greatest-sin (disclaimer: if your user is crossed out it means tumblr wouldn’t allow me to tag you)
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Eros Flirts with the Wrong Eternal
Druig x Fem!Reader
Summary: Eros takes a liking to you, but he flirted with the wrong powerful and very married Eternal.
WC: 1.2k
A/N: Thank you o much for requesting @seraphinevalentine ! I hope you like it!
Tumblr media
"The enchanting, enchanting Y/N. The witch!" Eros all put purred as his gaze fell upon you. "Oh, the stories they tell about you. Reality bending to your will with just a point of a finger. You are just spectacular." He walks over to you like a runway model. His lips form a smirk as he stood in front of you. The smell of booze and odd-smelling cologne made you want to gag.
Druig looked at you from the back of the room. Slouching against the wall with his arms crossed, his hands clenched tightly into fists. Enchanting? He scoffs to himself and rolls his eyes. His eyes watched your back so intensely you swore he could burn a hole. You felt his presence of course. Druig rarely got jealous, but when he did you could feel it from the depths of your soul.
Eros took your hand that was at your side and kept eye contact as he brought it to his lips. You tried to pull away but his grip on your hand only tightened "I am honored to be in your presence," he told you charmingly. Your brain felt fuzzy as his smooth lips connected with the back of your hand. It wasn't because of the gesture but of someone tapping into your mind.
"I can feel you stare at me, my love," you think, your words echo inside your head.
"I'll cut off his lips if he doesn't remove them." You shouldn't admit that the echoey growl made you shiver in all the right ways. Once you felt Eros let his lips linger you pull away quickly, wiping your hand on your jeans.
"Eros," you begin. "My husband Druig," you announced, emphasizing Druig's title. Eros shifted his stare from you, eyes landing upon the man dressed in black leather. He smirked and politely waved.
"Pleasure," he greets quickly like he wanted to avoid him at all costs. He turned away and made his way back down the hall, saying something about the information he had for Thena and the rest of you.
Staying behind after Thena and Makkari left the room, Druig pushed himself off the wall and made his way over to you. He placed his hands protectively on your hips with a tighter than normal grip. "You're hot when you're jealous," you remark, tilting your chin up at him playfully.
"I'm not jealous," he grumbles, narrowing his eyes. You cocked your head and let a small smile tug at your lips.
"Right... just like you weren't with the French nobleman in the 17th century or the innkeeper in London. Oh! Or the old man who runs the deli across from our apartment!" Druig cut you off by placing a kiss on your lips. You laugh and pull him in deeper, your arms draped around his neck.
"You have my whole heart, Druig. You have ever since we met," you reassure him as you pull away, lips still dangerously close to his. He nods down at you and pulls you by the hips, your chest colliding into his.
He sighs. "I know, I know. I just don't trust him, and I'm not particularly fond of him."
"I don't like him either, but he's the only one that can help find the others," you tell him before kissing him again.
Later that evening, you were in the kitchen with your nose in a cookbook. Pots and pans levitated in the air from your magic. You flick your finger as you mumble the recipe out loud, a wooden spoon began to stir the large pot above the stove. It was a hard day for all of you with the endless search for your family. Eros, in between flirting with you and the other women was proving himself helpful.
In celebration of the progress, he invited you all along to one of his favorite bars in the corners of the galaxy. Fearing Druig might have an aneurysm from the offer, you declined, offering your husband a quiet night on the Domo instead. "It looks so effortless," Eros called over from the doorway. Dressed in a nice suit he smiled over at you. You look up from the book and offer him a smile.
He crosses the room, admiring all the levitating parts "It's a shame you won't be joining us tonight," he sighs. You raise an eyebrow and bite the inside of your cheek.
"Oh really?" you question.
"Oh yes. But I could see having a husband like him makes it hard to have a good time." You look past him, Druig had arrived for dinner early. You shoot him a quick look and lower the dishes from the air. Druig stood upright, spine as straight as the blade he wanted to plunge in Eros' neck.
But Druig couldn't do that. He knew it would make you upset and the thought of you looking at him with sad y/e/c eyes would haunt him every night. He swore he wasn't typically a jealous person. There were times when men would get too close, ask you to dance, or wonder why he was standing next to you all the time. It was your words and small actions that brought him back to reality. He recalled statements like: "He's my husband" and "I would rather die than be without him" echoed in his subconscious. The sight of Eros stalking you with huntsman's eyes didn't bother him such anymore.
You slam the book onto the counter with a loud thud that vibrated on the marble countertop "What are you insinuating, Eros?" you scowled, he had crossed the lines of just being polite.
"Come with me, I'll show you the time of your life."
"I would rather choke...speaking of-" you point your finger in the direction of his neck. A squeezing feeling appears around it, an invisible hand clenching tightly. Eros grips at his throat, gasping for air. His fingernails were clawing at his Adam's apple. Looking at you with pleading eyes the whites in his eyes turn red.
You point your finger again. With a gasp of air, he leans forward, pressing his sweaty forehead against the cool marble. He coughs and finally looks up at you "Find someone else to flirt with, Eros," you hiss.
He was on his way out when he caught sight of Druig, a smug smirk on his face. Eros looked at his shoes, avoiding eye contact with him. Eros knew Druig could do so much worse. Druig grabbed him by the arm, his blue eyes staring into Eros' "You talk to her, look at her, or if you dare touch her I will do so much worse than choke you. Help to us or not I will kill you. Got it?" His blue eyes start to glow gold, he wasn't going to do anything, it was simply a scare tactic. All Eros could do was nod like a scared child before hurrying out of the room.
Druig laughed as he walked over to you, "My beautiful, beautiful Y/N. I think you scared our guest," he says with playful mocking. You made your way around the counter and sat on one of the bar stools, allowing your husband to stand in between your legs. Your hands touch the sides of his stomach while he runs his fingers through your hair.
"It was worth it," you respond, "but I really should get back to dinner." Druig shakes his head as he purses his lips. Lifting you out of the chair, he places you on top of the counter. While his lips connect to the sensitive spot on your neck he leans over and turns off the burners.
"Forget about dinner, my love. " he whispers.
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sapphireplums · 7 months ago
𝐛𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐤 𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞.
Tumblr media
description || druig walks in on you changing, but he doesn’t seem to mind his view
pairing || druig x eternal!reader
warnings || fluff, a little steamy (nothing explicit)
word count || 1,103
a/n || FIRST OF ALL THIS MF GIF WHAT- also, i got this idea from a tiktok haha.
Tumblr media
WITH THE FAMILY staying at the wonderful new house you and Druig bought together, everything was hectic. Sprite would be running around the house, Kingo chasing after her, while Sersi and Ikaris would bring food over at unannounced times.
You loved your family, but there were instances where you wish you had alone time with your husband, Druig. There were multiple occurances where you almost had it, but it would be interrupted by one of your family members.
Today, Druig invited you out for a picnic date, something he never did, nor would think of doing, but when it came to you, he would do anything for that smile on your face to become evident.
Your room was torn to shreds as you tried to find your favorite top you desperately wanted to wear for this occasion. Even though you wouldn't mind going on this date in sweats and a sweater, you really wanted to find the top, your mind not focused on anything else.
Unfortunately, since your mind was so preoccupied with finding your clothes, you didn't hear your door open. As you turned around, your head lifted up to see Thena at the door. She didn't know you were in the room either, hearing the small gasp that escaped her mouth when she saw you partly undressed in the room.
"Oh, Y/n, I'm so sorry, I didn't know you were in here. I was just looking for something ." Letting out a stifled laugh, your shoulders eased, not caring if Thena saw your body.
You trust everyone in your family, yes, but Thena was the one person you would always talk to whether it was for advice or just in general, so the two of you were closer than sisters.
"It's okay, T. Just startled me a bit." Thena walked into the room further and sat down on the velvet couch next to the door.
"So why is this room look like Kingo's bedroom?" You laughed at Thena's question, knowing this is exactly what Kingo's room would look like.
"I'm trying to find this one top for me and Druig's date. I usually wouldn't care this much, but now that I'm determined to find it." Thena let out a smile, something she loved to see. You noticed she was lost in thought, making you tilt your head slightly.
"I remember the days when you and Druig wouldn't even look at each other. I told Gil that we should make a bet to see if you two would fall in love, and I see I was indeed correct." Your mouth gaped open slightly, not aware of this bet.
"Wait, did you really do that?" Thena nodded her head and the room was filled with laughter soon after.
"The two of you are a beautiful couple. I hope you have fun on your date, darling." Thena kissed the top of your forehead before walking out of the door. As you were about to lock the door to your room, you got distracted once again as you heard your phone chime.
It was Phastos, asking to see if you could babysit Jack, but once you sent the text, your mind wandered off, completely forgetting about the door, again.
You took off your pants now, leaving you only in your bra and underwear, finally accepting the fact that your shirt probably is gone forever, so you decided to wear a floral dress instead.
Hearing the door open again, you attempted to cover a majority of your body, but when you saw it was Druig, your heart eased slightly, knowing he has seen a lot more than just you in your bra and underwear.
"Oh, it's just you." Druig walked into your room, locking it afterward as he traced your body up and down, biting his lips lightly.
"Well is that how you treat your husband now?" His voice was filled with tease. Turning around, you bumped chests with Druig, his body radiating his warmth off on you with his hands now wrapping around your waist.
"You're not the first one who walked in on me changing." Druig furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, concern laced in them as well. You saw his eagerness for explanations and you answered them before he could ask.
"Thena walked in on me changing right before you walked in so you're not the only lucky one who got to see this," you said, getting to your body with a smile.
Your face was subconsciously leaning in closer to Druig's, his sapphire eyes staring into yours. Druig's impatience took over his body as he smashed his lips on yours, the feeling of butterflies flying in your stomach. With his heart rate beating faster, Druig started to take off his shirt, you help him in the process.
As the kiss started to get more heated, Druig picked you up, not breaking apart with your lips. He threw you on the bed, your lips still in sync, his hands pinning your wrists slightly. Druig started to place small kisses on your neck, a soft moan escaping your mouth, knowing where your favorite places were.
Stopping his sweet kisses reluctantly, he stared into your eyes, and his adorable smile was plastered on his face.
"You're absolutely beautiful, my love." With that, Druig kissed you rougher this time, attempting to pin you down for dominance. But that didn't work as your body was now on top of his, you sitting on his private.
"That's not going to work, honey," you said in a mischievous voice. Druig's eyes widened in interest and lust, you kissing him once again.
At this point, the two of you would've completely forgotten about your date if it wasn't for someone knocking at your door, Druig groaning from annoyance.
"Stop making out and go get ready for your date, lovebirds. Don't worry, we'll definitely take care of the house," Kingo's voice was heard from the other side of the door.
You laid your head on Druig's bare chest, laughing slightly at your family.
"Come on love, let's spend more time together...without any distractions," Druig intentionally raised his voice at the last part of his sentence so Kingo could hear.
Once you heard footsteps receding on the other side of the door, you finally put on your dress as Druig put on his shirt then his leather jacket. He walked up to you and placed a gentle kiss on your lips.
"My beautiful, beautiful, Y/n. Words can't explain how in love I am with you." Stroking his cheek with your hand, you leaned in and kissed him once more, a smile on his face as if he was a kid on Christmas day.
"I love you more, my sweet Dru."
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inklore · 7 months ago
Could you do 16 and 19 on the dirty prompts for Druig?? Please and thank you
Tumblr media
“I can’t sleep if I’m not inside you.” / “‘No’? You’re such a bad liar.”
pairing: druig x (f)eternal!reader
warnings: cock warming (soft of) that turns into sex, a very needy druig, pet names (my love/love), druig speaking telepathically to reader, mentions of the other eternals, dry humping, teasing. minors dni or you will be blocked.
word count: 1.8k
etc: i may have let this get away from me a little bit but who can blame me?!??? when it comes to this man my only mood is feral.
send me a prompt !
You’ve felt him tossing and turn for over an hour now. Felt his distress with each turn and soft huff vibrate the bed. Your back is to him, but you’re sure his features are as cool as ever as his body is the opposite; restless. You’ve been on the cusp of sleep ever since sinking into bed, Thena having made all of you work overtime on an action plan all day. And as much as you loved the woman, her work ethic was draining.
Just when you’re about to turn and ask him if everything is alright you feel his arm wrap around you, pulling you closer to his chest. His nose nuzzles into the crook of your neck, his hot breath fanning across your skin. There’s a beat, a silent few minutes of calm where you think he’s finally settled down for the night and your mind slowly drifts to sleep. Only to be brought back when you feel the soft pressure of his lips on the back of your neck, leaving a trail along the exposed flesh he can reach within the crook of it. His hand at your waist rubbing small circles above the waistband of your shorts.
“Druig,” your voice is sleepy and questioning.
“Hmm?” His tone is laced with innocence and softness as he removes his lips from the your skin to rest his head back in the crook of your neck.
“What’re you doing?”
You feel the sigh he lets out rasp through his chest and against your back, his nose nuzzling in the hair at the back of your neck. His voice soft and whiney as he speaks against your skin, “I can’t sleep if I’m not inside you.” As the words come out of his mouth you feel his hips press to your back side, his hardness rubbing against your ass.
Your body reacting as if on command, a small whimper swallowed down your shaky throat. “We have an early morning.” Something that wasn’t an excuse more than it was a fact. And if your body wasn’t filled with the exhaustion of the day you know the minute the two of you got into bed Druig would of been buried inside of you, fucking you nice and slow into the mattress.
“We don’t have to, I just want to be inside of you.” You can hear his voice inside of your head, the telepath reading your thoughts. His hips rut slowly against your ass, you can feel his lashes flutter against your skin. His mouth falling open letting out a breathy, “please.”
And if your body was sleep ridden before it’s awake now. Your fist clenching the sheets beside you, the drag of his clothed cock against you making your core ache, lighting a new fire in your body that has it awake and responsive. “Druig,” you try to swallow down the whimper that threatens at the back of your throat. “We need rest, my love.”
You trusted him enough to know that he wasn’t bluffing when he said the two of you didn’t need to have sex, he didn’t need to finish, to even start. He just needed to be inside of you, feel the warmth of your walls wrapped around him.
But you knew yourself, knew that the minute you felt him stretching you, felt the slow drag of his cock as he filled you to the hilt, until you were so full of him. The two of you connected and whole, you knew you would want more. Need more. That’s how it always went if the two of you didn’t fuck before bed.
“Know you want it to,” he presses his lips to the back of your neck again, let’s breathy whimpers out hotly against your skin as he continues to rub against you.
Your mind is slowly falling in line with your body, letting itself be taken over by Druig, his soft noises going straight to your soaking core. The press of his lips making it harder to breath. But you still find yourself standing a little bit of ground as you shake your head. If the two of you overslept you would never hear the end of it.
“No?” Druig’s boyish smirk spreads against your skin after one last press of his lips. You can feel his fingers begin to move again against the skin above your shorts, before they disappear completely inside of them. His palm cupping your mound, his finger running through your wet folds at the same time he rubs deliciously slow against your ass, and you let a moan slip from your lips. “You’re such a bad liar.”
His other hand comes up to your jaw, gripping it slightly to turn your head as much as it can so your eyes meet. The warmth of his palm making you keen into everywhere he’s touching you, “Please, love. We both need it.” Druig presses his lips to yours in a deep kiss that burns through you. Completely takes over your body, and any reason as to why you two need to sleep dies somewhere in the back of your head.
As soon as you moan “okay” against his lips it takes him little time to remove the confines of both of your bottom half’s, and then the head of his cock is at your entrance and it’s just a little harder for the both of you to breathe. Your foreheads touching, moans mixing as Druig pushes inside of you so so slow. The drag of his cock stretching you in the best way, your stomach fluttering once he’s seethed fully inside of you.
And when he pulls back to press another kiss to your lips the two of you share a look, knowing, understanding that just this won’t be enough. It’s never enough, the two of you always needing more of each other; in every way. As if the two of you were destined to never be okay without some type of contact, touch, knowing from the other. Druig always needed to feel your body pressed and rocking against his, your beautiful moans in his neck, against his lips, the way you grip his cock as you cum. Amongst so much more, because that’s what kind of love the two of you shared together; more. More understanding, more strength together.
He thinks he’ll need you forever. And he’s more than okay with that if it means he gets to have you like this, touch you like this, watch you like this; pressed to his back trying to muffle your moans as he fucks you slow.
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buckysimp02 · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Trueeee 🤧
Tumblr media
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tokkiotears · 7 months ago
A fic where the eternals don't know you're a thing with Druig until they see years of photos of you and him all over your house.❤
Tumblr media
note: am i crying?? maybe.... i took some creative liberty with this one, but kept the main request there <3 i hope you all enjoy as much as i did. idc that its november,,, christmas now..
pairing: druig x (f)reader
summary: the holidays bring your large family of eternals over to celebrate. when they walk into your home and see photo after photo of you and druig, they realize something that has been under their noses for millenia
warnings: sweet sweet puppy love n lovey dovey druig
wc: 1k
Christmas wasn’t a holiday that Eternals celebrated, in fact, you weren’t sure if there were any that they did. Nevertheless, for the sake of old times and catching up on how eternal life was, you were all going to celebrate this year. It had been decided that you would be throwing the event, as it was known that you were the best event planner there ever had been.
The stone cottage you owned in the French countryside was the perfect venue. The interior was cozy, the walls plastered in photos and paintings, the floor with mismatched carpets and rugs. There was a small kitchen that led into the living room, warmed by a brick fireplace. The tree was decorated with an assortment of tinsel and ornaments that glittered from the flames.
“Druig!” You call, hoping to reach your husband on the modest second floor. The mug you held in your hands was filled with your favorite: hot chocolate. You double and triple check the food in the oven and that the cookies had been set out. The fireplace was cracking loudly, the ambiance just right. Eventually, you hear the rhythm of footsteps down the staircase, indicating that your husband was about to come rob you of your sweet drink.
“Yes, my darling?” He approaches you from behind, sneaking a kiss onto your temple, “Ooh, is that hot chocolate?”
You roll your eyes playfully, but you don’t resist when his arm reaches around yours and removes the mug from your hand. “You’d better plan on making me more, you thief.”
Druig slips his arm around your waist as he sips on the drink. He pulls your body against his and moves gently with the old Sinatra record playing from the living room. The man gives you a puppy-eyed look, “Oh but of course, my darling wife.”
You lean your head back and rest it on his with closed eyes, “I made your favorites.”
Your voice is nearly a whisper, but an excited hum escapes him. Gently, he takes your hand and twirls you much like he had in the countless dances you’d shared before. “Oh, how I love you, Y/N.”
He traps you between the counter and his body, peppering your face with kisses remnant of the hot chocolate that was once yours. Your hand finds its way to his low back, fingertips grazing over the knit sweater.
The harsh knock on the door startles you both. This is followed by a troubled Kingo shouting, “Let us in! It’s freezing!”
“Oops!” You giggle. Druig sneaks in one more kiss before letting you shuffle towards the door. You swing the door open, greeting everyone. A swift blur lets you know that Makkari has shot right past you and straight towards the fireplace. Snowflakes flurry in the air after her.
“Come on in guys! Welcome!” You squeak, “Please leave your shoes right by the door”
“I hope you heard that Makkari!” Kingo can hardly finish his sentence before there is another brief flash and a pair of boots wobble to a stop on the wooded floor. They file in one by one after the movie star, some shivering more than others.
“There are blankets on the couches and next to the tree,” You tell them in between greetings, “And there is cocoa on the stove.”
You shut the door securely after they all enter, adjusting so that all their shoes are against the wall with your foot.
“Oh, you’re already here?” You hear from the other room. It was Kingo asking the question.
Knowing Druig, he’s probably responded by momentarily raising his brows or with a curt nod.
“Dude, look at these,” Sprite drags Kingo and Ikaris to the wall where all your pictures are hung.
“What the…” Kingo mutters in disbelief, then shrieking, “I missed the wedding?!”
“Wedding?” Ajak looks a tad intrigued, joining the other Eternals at the wall. There are a plethora of photos. Not just the wedding, but the many vacations and triumphs you held. Plenty of candid photos that caught Druig in a softer light that the others didn’t often see.
“That is so much good content for my documentary wasted!” Kingo huffs. Sprite has a look of disbelief on her face.
“Like, when did this all even happen? It hasn’t even been like a thousand years since we last saw each other?”
Phastos grins, placing a gift under the tree. “If you guys paid more attention you would’ve seen it coming.”
You glance to Druig, who is smugly sipping his cocoa and sitting on one of the recliners closest to the fireplace. He throws you a wink. “You’ve lost your chance boys, I beat you to it.”
Sersi grins at you, wiggling her fingers as if to say “show me the ring!”. You girls all gather around, forming a little huddle as you reveal your sparkling ring. Phastos had helped make it. A gorgeous golden band, intricate and delicate, holding a gorgeous pear stone that matched the hue of your husband's eyes. His ring had threads of magic that matched your own. Thena smiles proudly, pulling Gilgamesh closer to look. Ajak turns to you, her fingers pushing a strand of hair from your face.
“I’m so very happy for you.”
“Thank you, Ajak.” You hum, leaning into her touch.
“Alright. Enough of the gossip. I want to try some of this food.” Gilgamesh grumbles, moving towards the kitchen. The room erupts in laughter and everyone but you and Druig crowds into the kitchen to serve themselves dinner.
You offer him a hand which he takes, joining you in standing. Even you can see that the infatuation in his eyes is just as strong as it was the day he first laid eyes on you. “Mine forever?”
“Forever.” He presses a kiss to your forehead, where you can just peek at the message Makkari was signing to you:
“You even have him in the matching Christmas socks? You’ve impressed me!”
You grin at her, leaning into your husband, so very happy that your family surrounds you.
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fireinmoonshot · 7 months ago
“awww, jealous?” with druig?
A/N: This ended up much longer than I'd intended for it to be. I'd wanted it to be a cute, short drabble and then it ended up being somewhat angsty and over 1000 words... but anyway. I hope you enjoy!
Druig had this habit of sneaking up on you when you least expected it. You could be sitting anywhere and he’d come up behind you and rest his head on your shoulder. Even after all these years, he still enjoyed the way you’d startle in surprise at his appearance, as if it was always the first time.
You’d thought it was just your thing. That he did it with you alone, since you’d never seen him do it with anyone else. He wasn’t an affectionate person in public, not even around the other Eternals, but he made exceptions for you. For this one, small thing he did. This habit of his.
What you didn’t know, however, was that Druig had been doing it as a hint for hundreds of years now. Trying to hint to you that he liked you, so he wouldn’t have to say it out loud. And he was getting bored of waiting for you to come to your senses and realise what it meant.
Hence the reason why he’d started doing it with others.
You’d been sitting in the Domo, eyes focused on the pages of a book in front of you, when you noticed him enter the room and make a beeline for Makkari. He attempted to sneak up behind her and rest his chin on her shoulder, but she’d felt him coming and moved out of the way just as his chin was about to land, causing him to awkwardly jerk downwards and then stand up, flustered.
She’d outsmarted him, and yet you couldn’t even smile at the fact, because a strange feeling had begun to curl in your stomach at the sight of Druig taking the thing you’d thought was yours and doing it with someone else.
Quietly, you’d excused yourself from the room, thinking no one would notice.
Druig, however, watched you leave, frowning.
Days passed without him sneaking up on you. You witnessed him trying to sneak up on Makkari several more times, all when you were in the room, and it felt like he was mad at you for some reason you didn’t understand. What had you done? Why would he be distancing himself like this if you hadn’t done anything? But what?
Everyone noticed that you were a little quieter than usual that week. Thena was worried, even pulling you aside once to ask what was wrong. You’d insisted it was nothing, you were just having a bad week. Missing home.
No one noticed more than Druig, though. His plan was backfiring.
Instead of you seeing him being affectionate with Makkari and confronting him about it, your jealousy becoming too strong to let him keep getting away with it (which had been his plan), you were taking a step away from him.
At dinner, nearly two weeks after he’d started his plan, Druig settled down into the seat beside you while the others talked and danced with the humans in the small bar you were in.
“You all right, love?” He glanced over at you.
Briefly, you glanced at him. Long enough to see the worry in his eyes. “I’m fine.”
Druig shook his head. “You’re lying. C’mon, talk to me.”
Why are you distancing yourself? Why haven’t you spoken to me in weeks? Those were the questions he wanted to hear you answer. Why don’t you care that I’m trying to make you jealous so you can see that I’m in love with you?
You answered none of them.
Arms crossed over your chest, you ignored him.
He nudged you gently. “Love, come on. Just–”
“Just go, okay?” You raised your voice a little too loud. “Go find Makkari or someone else to bother. I’m clearly not worth your time, as you’ve shown.”
Druig sat up straighter, eyebrows furrowed. He hadn’t expected an outburst from you. But you’d noticed – you’d noticed that he’d been spending time with Makkari. Not in the way he’d wanted you to notice, but still.
“Hang on–”
“Druig, please go.”
He shook his head. “Are you jealous?”
You met his eyes. “Why would I be jealous?”
His lips twisted up into a smile. “Aww, you are jealous.”
With a huff, you stood up from the chair and walked away from him, weaving your way through the few people dancing and heading towards the door where you could get some fresh air. The environment inside was clearly messing with your head. And Druig’s, too.
Jealous? You… of course you were jealous. How could you not be? You were jealous and hurt and angry and disappointed, and mad at yourself, too.
You stopped outside and stood staring out at the mountains in the distance. The night was cool, but not uncomfortably so, and the difference in the temperature calmed you down considerably.
Maybe you should go, you thought. Just leave, distance yourself properly from them. If your bad mood kept up, surely it would cause more harm than good, right? But… how could you leave the only family you’d ever known? You sighed, squeezing your eyes shut tight and letting out a deep breath.
You hadn’t noticed the door creaking open behind you, or Druig slowly walking up behind you. It was only when his chin rested on your shoulder that you realised, your body tensing up at the sudden surprise of his appearance.
“Wanna lie about how you’re not jealous again?” His voice was quiet in your ear.
You kept your eyes closed. “Wanna tell me what I did wrong to make you start acting this way?” Your words were just as quiet as his, even though there was no one else outside to be hiding your conversation from.
Druig frowned, yet kept his head on your shoulder. “What you did wrong? Love, you’ve done nothing wrong.”
“Your actions lately disagree.”
He smiled to himself. “My actions have been an attempt to make you feel the way you said you don’t feel. Jealous.”
You spun around, knocking his chin off of your shoulder and forcing him to stand upright as you faced him. “What? Why would you be trying to make me feel jealous?”
“Did it work?” His eyes looked mischievous.
“This is not the point, Druig.”
“It’s literally the entire point.”
You stared at him, and he stared at you in return. Neither of you spoke. The wind rustled the leaves on the trees, the branches creaked a little in the breeze. You could hear the music coming from inside the bar, muffled by the walls.
He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “Fine,” he began. “How have you not noticed that I’ve been in love with you for the past eight hundred years? That’s why I was doing our thing with Makkari. Trying to make you jealous so I didn’t have to say it.”
You blinked. “You– what?”
“I’m not saying it again, so you better have been listening the first time.”
“You’re in– in love? With–”
“Yes, with you.” Druig stepped forward, a hand reaching up to cup your cheek as he leant in and pressed his lips gently to your forehead. “Now, will you come inside and dance with me so we don’t have to have this whole awkward conversation? I think I got the point across, did I not?”
He pulled away just to see a smile beginning to form on your face.
“There we go,” Druig’s voice was filled with fondness. “I’ve missed seeing your beautiful smile.”
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stranger-nightmare · 6 months ago
I’m honestly fucking freezing atm and I can’t stop thinking about Druig warming me up lol (in a totally PG way!)
Maybe a comfort fic where the reader gets trapped under ice and the eternals save her but she is freezing and Druig takes it upon himself to strip her down and use body heat to warm her up?
I’m thinking the eternals are outraged like “Druig no! Let one of the girls do it!” And he’s like “Relax! I’ve seen everything before!” And they’re all like “oh … I see 👀”
Pairing: Druig x (female) Eternal!Reader
Summary: you’re fighting the deviants on an iced over lake when it cracks underneath you. Your fellow Eternals rescue you but you’re need of warming up and Druig is the first to offer. P.S. I’ve made reader’s powers that of being able to absorb / mimic the powers from whomever is in her proximity, so in this case she borrows Thena’s ability to make weapons from cosmic energy.
Warnings: one case of swearing, a lil bit of fluff, a whole lotta angst, nakedness but it’s not in a sexual way
A/N: ooh I really love this idea, thank you so much for your request!! I also love when I get to feature some of the other Eternals, I hope you like this! Also I hope you are warm and snuggly now anon😅🥰🖤✨
Tumblr media
Another day, another deviant. This time you and a few of your Eternals had been called to a frozen lake in Alaska where the deviant was closing in on a small village of people that lived adjacent to the lake. Your current team consisted of you, Sersi, Sprite, Kingo, Thena, and Druig.
You, Thena and Kingo had managed to push the deviant back onto the ice, away from the villagers. Sersi, Sprite and Druig remained at the edge of the lake, keeping the people calm as you, Thena and Kingo dished out punishment to the creature. You had decided to mimic Thena’s powers on this occasion, moulding yourself a spear out of celestial energy. Thena had gone for her classic sword and shield whilst Kingo continued to pelt the beast with his energy blasts.
You spin and slide on the ice, ducking under the deviant as it lunges for you. As you slide under it’s belly you lash out with your spear, cutting its front leg out from underneath it. It's head hits the ice with a deafening thunk just in front you, an otherworldly screech leaving its mouth. Underneath your body you can feel the ice crack before you see it. Cracks spring out in every direction from where the creature’s head had hit the ground.
A small panic settles in you as you scramble to crawl backwards, the deviant still lunging forward haphazardly, completely unaware of the imminent danger beneath it. The deviant is about to reach you when you hear a battle cry from above.
You look up just in time to see Thena leap gracefully through the sky, her sword in hand. It feels like everything is suddenly in slow-motion as you see Thena land on the deviants back, her sword going straight through its neck, hitting the ice below.
“Thena NOOO!!” You hear a deep voice bellow from afar. But it’s too late. Your eyes widen in fear as you see Thena backflip off the creature, soaring to safety, her lift-off pushing the deviant further into the already sinking ice.
The ice cracks around you. You hear a deep yell boom from across the lake. The last thing you see before you slip under the ice is Druig’s panic stricken face as he sprints towards you. But he’s just too far.
The ice water swallows you, the cold causing your chest to seize up almost immediately. You kick and paddle at the water around you but the current is strong, the darkness of the water confusing your senses. You’re no longer even sure of which way was up to the surface. You feel panic settle in your chest as your lungs scream for oxygen.
Ice invades your lungs suddenly. Blackness takes over your vision. You think you can hear someone calling your name but ultimately a numbing silence takes over your senses.
The next thing you’re aware of is a pressure on your chest, something was repeatedly pushing up and down on you. The next thing you’re aware of is lips on yours. You can feel warm air being forced down your throat. The warm air pushes the freezing water out your lungs and you gag as your body spasms. You choke and cough as you spit up the ice water from your lungs.
You blink wearily, your vision still somewhat blurry. You see a fear-stricken face come into focus in front of you. Druig. You inhale deeply, letting air back into your body, coughing again as your throat still feels tight.
“Hey hey hey, it’s okay” Druig coos, his hands cupping your face. “It’s okay, you’ll be okay” he whispers, his forehead against yours. You’re not sure if trying comfort you or himself.
You feel a gentle hand on your shoulder. You look up and see Sersi’s reassuring face above you. “Are you alright?” she asks gently.
“Of course she’s not alright” Druig snaps harshly, his head whipping around to face the other Eternals. “She’s fucking freezing. She could get hypothermia. We need to warm her up” he shouts frantically.
“Y/n, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realise you were still so close to it, I- I just didn’t see you” you hear Thena’s voice come from somewhere just behind you. You see Druig flare his nostrils in anger but apparently he decides it's better to stay quiet than lash out at Thena.
You want to reassure him, to tell him you’ll be okay. You want to reassure Thena, to tell her it was okay, you didn’t blame her. But truth be told you were too cold to even speak, your teeth chattering, your breathing ragged as your body fought to warm pump the blood around. You couldn’t feel most of your body and what little you could feel was painfully numb.
Druig’s face looks pained as he sees you struggling. He sighs in frustration and scoops you up in his arms, jogging over to the small settlement of people that lived beside the lake. You see over his shoulder that Sersi and Thena are right behind him.
As you approach the village you see Sprite and Kingo exit from one of the closest huts.
“In here” Sprite calls over to Druig. “They’ve got a fire going in the bedroom, take her in there."
Druig carries you inside, the other Eternals close behind him. Once in the room Druig places you gently on your feet, holding you against him as you were unable to bear your own weight. You’re shuddering against him as he tries to rub some heat into you with his hands.
“You know actually the best way to warm someone up is through body heat. Like actually being naked” Kingo tries a joke to lighten the mood, his hands mushing together to emphasise his point.
“I know” Druig says in all seriousness. “So that’s what I’m gonna do” he says determinedly, already stripping away your jacket and outer shirt.
“What?” Sprite says, clearly taken aback.
“Druig, let her have some dignity” Thena speaks cooly and calmly.
“Druig” you hear Sersi speak softly. “Just let one of us girls do it. Let me do it” she murmurs gently, placing a hand on Druig’s shoulder.
“No. I’m doing it.” He quickly shrugs his own jacket off, hunching over you and keeping you against him.
Druig releases a cocky chuckle in response to the shocked faces of your fellow Eternals. He looks up at them, a poisonous smile on his lips.
“Don’t worry ladies, I’ve seen everything before” he says as he pulls you even tighter against him. You wrap your numb arms around his neck, clinging to him desperately. You no longer care about the fact that your relationship was supposed to be secret. Clearly Druig didn’t either. You bury your face in the crook of his neck, breathing in his warmth as you tremble against him.
“What?!” Sprite exclaims. You can feel Druig smirk in response. Cat's out the bag now.
“Hmm, I knew it” Thena muses smugly. You simply bury your head into Druig’s chest, your cheeks flushing red from more than just the cold.
“Oh my god I have so many questions” Kingo gushes.
“Perhaps now isn’t the time, Kingo” Sersi chimes in.
“Come on, let’s leave them to it” Thena speaks cooly, gathering up the others and ushering them out of the hut. You release a shuddering sigh into Druig’s chest as they go. Druig rubs your back roughly, trying to warm you with the friction.
“Let us know if you need anything” Kingo sings as he heads out the door, closing it behind him. You can hear Sprite’s fading giggle in response.
“Don’t worry, my love, I’ve got you. I’ve got you” he murmurs into your hair, a serious edge returning to his voice. You nod your shaking head in response.
“Take off your wet clothes. Quickly” he tells you as he rubs your arms before letting you go.
You simply nod again, your teeth chattering too much for you to speak. You strip quickly, sucking your teeth when you feel the air hit your naked body. You turn around to see that Druig has also stripped nude. He quickly tosses the blankets and pillows from the bed onto the floor in front of the fire. He then grabs the massive fur duvet and wraps it around his shoulders before striding over to you. He envelopes you in his arms, a small gasp escaping him as your freezing skin touches him.
He pulls the blanket tightly over your body until you’re locked against his chest. He lowers the two of you gently onto the bundle of pillows and blankets, ensuring you were laying closest to the fire. He tucks himself behind you, curving his body around yours, trying to touch as much of your body as he could with his own. Any part of you that wasn’t touching him he made sure to tuck the fur blanket around tightly.
You’re facing him, your back to the fire. You tuck your face down into his chest, feeling his chin rest atop your head. Your hands are pressed flush against his chest, encouraging any kind of feeling to return to them. Your legs are intertwined, your bodies impossibly close. You know this must be uncomfortable for him, your freezing hands causing his stomach to tense beneath your touch. But he doesn’t relent, he simply keeps you pressed tightly against him, his hands rubbing up and down your back.
You start to feel your shuddering calm down as warmth slowly but surely renters your body. You sigh deeply, revelling in the heat emanating from Druig. He peppers kisses to your head, his breath warming your face. After a long while you finally lift your head to look up at him. You see relief wash over his face as he gazes at you.
“How you feeling?” He whispers.
“Better” you sigh, your voice hoarse from where you’d choked on the freezing water. He leans his forehead against yours, closing his eyes.
“I thought I’d lost you” he breathes, pain straining his voice, a tear slipping down his cheek. You move your hands to cup the back of his neck. All you can do is shake your head softly in response, your voice threatening to break if you attempted to speak. In your silence Druig continues to ramble.
“I was so scared, y/n. Seeing you just disappear under the ice like that. And there was nothing I could do about it” he sounds anguished, angry at himself. You shake your head again but he carries on.
“There was nothing I could do, I was just stood there helpless whilst you were dying. I- I don’t know what I would do if I lost you. I can’t lose you...” he trails off as a sob cracks his voice. You feel tears slip from your own eyes. He opens his mouth again to ramble some more but you cut him off by placing your freezing lips on his. He jolts slightly at the sudden cold on his lips but he quickly responds, moulding his mouth against yours. You revel in the warmth of his lips on yours.
It’s okay, Druig. I’m okay. You push your thoughts into his mind. I’m right here. You reassure him. You feel him smile into the kiss and know he’s heard you. I love you. You tell him through your thoughts. His lips break from yours momentarily.
“I love you too” he whispers out loud.
Tumblr media
A/N: lmao I really turned this into a like a whole-ass story. Sorry it’s quite long, I really liked the idea and was inspired by it so I just ran with it, I hope you liked it though!🖤🥰✨
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Tumblr media
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itsapeterthing · 7 months ago
For You? I Do || Druig
Tumblr media
pairing: druig x eternal!reader
summary: when you and druig are caught alone together in 1814 england, you two come up with a plan to fake your engagement and marriage to protect your new identities. as time goes on, you both realize that your feelings are far more than platonic and that calling each other your spouse may be what you both have always wanted
a/n: this one shot was originally based on a fake dating request that somehow became this! reblogs and replies are super appreciated!
word count: 4.6k
warnings: mentions of fire, marriage, angst and fluff
masterlist || taglist
Druig watched as yet another man asked you to share a dance with him before whisking you off of your feet and onto the dance floor. There wasn't a single song that had played that night that you hadn’t had a partner for and as the night grew old, Druig prayed there wouldn’t be much more. He understood the significance of it- the dancing, the society, the making yourself seem eligible- but he could barely stomach it regardless.
“Druig, if you don’t ask a girl to dance soon, they’ll begin to get suspicious.”
Sitting up straighter at the sound of your voice in his head, Druig glanced over his shoulder to where you danced with the man, your eyes straying to Druig’s before falling back on your dance partner and nodding along with whatever he had said.
“And if you don’t stop dancing, you’ll have a proposal by the end of the night.”
The smile on your face faltered just long enough for Druig to catch it.
“Please, Druig,” You thought. “It’s all in good fun.”
Taking a sip from his glass, he rolled his eyes.
“And they say I’m the selfish one.”
Despite the fact that the group of eternals as a whole had separated years ago, you and Druig had never strayed too far from one another. Even when you tried to escape each other- wherever one eternal had gone- the other wouldn’t be too far behind. If he was the mind, you were the heart and together you made one fully functioning person that neither of you could survive without.
He came to these balls for you but as he checked his watch and saw the clock strike ten, he was nearly convinced he wouldn’t be able to survive another ten minutes.
“You know,” The older woman seated at the same table said. “It truly is a shame for a man to sit out when there are so many eligible young ladies waiting patiently to be asked to dance.”
And just then- Druig was thoroughly convinced he couldn’t spend another second in that sweltering room.
Without another word, Druig pushed himself up from the table and sought the nearest exit. On the other side of the room you watched as your best friend practically fled the ball, and without even apologizing, you separated from your dance partner and rushed as inconspicuously as you could out of the room.
“Dru?” You called into the foyer outside the ballroom. “Druig!”
Taking a second to breathe, you listened closely and heard a bit of rustling from a nearby coat closet. Stepping carefully towards the door, you swung it open and almost laughed at the sight of Druig sitting on the floor of the closet amidst a pile of outerwear.
“I’m sorry…” You said, crossing your arms and trying your hardest not to break into a fit of laughter. “Are you hiding right now? How very human of you, Dru.”
Druig only rolled his eyes and pushed himself off of the floor, towering over you once more.
“Very funny, Y/n.” Druig said, checking his watch. “Does your little detective game mean you’re ready to leave?”
“Why didn’t you just head back without me?” You asked.
For a moment Druig paused, staring at you in silence before shrugging.
“Didn’t want to leave you behind without the carriage.”
Just as you were about to open your mouth and remind him that you had the power to create almost anything for your mind in a second of thought, the door to the closet swung open- the host of the ball, Mrs. Taylor, on the other side.
Watching her eyes grow wide and her jaw drop before your eyes, you shoved at Druig.
“Do something!” You thought.
Druig only looked at you in confusion.
“Why?” He asked. “Who cares if some woman-”
At your frantic call of his name he froze the woman where she stood before turning back to you.
“What’s the matter?”
“Druig,” You sighed. “Don’t you pay attention to anything? She just caught us in a closet alone together.”
“And,” You said, your patience running thin. “That’s social suicide. I might as well flee the country. Nobody will want to be associated with either of us… unless…”
“Unless what?”
“We have a few options.” You explained, glancing back to the frozen woman beside the two of you. “You can either erase her memory of ever seeing us… or… or... never mind. You’ll hate it.”
“Just say it-”
Druig wasn’t sure what he was expecting you to say, but it wasn’t at all the words that fell out of your mouth next.
“Or we could get married.”
In the centuries upon centuries that he had been alive and roamed the earth beneath the two of you’s feet, he had never thought of himself as a marrying man and he certainly never thought that you would be the one to propose the idea of it to him.
But... he also never thought he would love the way you said “we” and “married” in the same sentence so much. So much so that he almost hated himself for it.
“Excuse me?” Druig whisper shouted.
You threw your head back before grabbing Druig by both of the arms, forcing his eyes to stay focused on yours.
“Hear me out,” You said. “If we get married, or even engaged, I don’t have to worry about some random man proposing to me thinking that he’s doing me a favor, and you won’t have to deal with any of these socialite social expectations anymore. You won't have elderly women telling you to dance or people whispering about you behind your back when you have a built in partner for life- me.”
Druig paused for a second.
“People whisper about me?” He asked.
Joking aside, Druig had to admit... he wasn’t all that opposed to the idea.
As much as the society centered lifestyle in 1814 England didn’t necessarily agree with him, he knew it meant a lot for you to be able to stay there for at least a few years before moving on to your next adventure. He remembered the day you had first arrived and the energy that had been drained from your body as you once again created a new life for the two of you in someplace new.
Although you had the power to create from nothing- a manor, a carriage, a library for Druig- every piece you crafted took a bit away from you and he still remembered the way you didn’t leave your bed for a week after creating your expertly painted ceilings that rivaled the Sistine Chapel’s. It was hard work for you that you poured every ounce of your heart into and he didn’t want to take that away from you.
Although Druig never cared much about the house he lived in, he was grateful to live in such a home with you.
And sure, he knew he could try to erase the woman’s memory, but the way you promised him that he would never have to appeal to some random lady or watch men fawn over you ever again was almost an offer he couldn’t refuse.
“Are you sure you want to marry me?” Druig asked, genuinely shocked you would want to be associated with him such a way- even if it was just a ruse.
You paused for a moment, taking in the question your best friend had just asked you.
Although you and Druig had never crossed the line from friendship to lovers, you two were undeniably partners in life. You couldn’t recall a time since you had stepped foot on the planet that you didn't have each other’s best interests at heart and would stop at nothing to be by the others’ side. The two of you had been through thick and thin and although the word “marriage” had different connotations for different people... to you.. you weren’t scared of having that devotion written into stone with Druig.
Smiling softly at Druig, you slipped your hand into his and squeezed gently.
“I’m sure.”
When Druig only stared at you, you placed out your left hand and allowed him to watch as a gorgeous, shining ring appeared on your finger, a box coming together in his free hand. The ring was so detailed and ultimately you, that he wondered how much thought you had put into it before this moment.
“You can stop freezing her now.” You thought.
And without another thought, he did.
“No, he really is the sweetest, Eliza.” You told your friend as you walked down your street, towards your home. “We really must have you lunch one day this week. I was thinking-”
You would recognize that voice anywhere.
Just as you stepped in front of the gate of your property, you stopped short when you saw Ajak and Sprite of all people standing on your doorstep.
Although you loved the both of them with all your heart, seeing them in town when everyone was out and about gossiping about your latest engagement to Druig was the last thing you wanted or needed at the moment.
Laughing nervously, you excused yourself from your friend and wringing your hands, made your way towards your two fellow eternals.
“Ajak,” You smiled. “Sprite. To what do I owe the pleasure?”
A pang of guilt hit you as you watched a bright and kind smile grace Ajak’s face, her hands reaching out to meet yours and squeeze them gently. You had always felt at peace in Ajak’s presence, knowing that there was nothing but kind sincerity in all of her actions, and you couldn’t help but feel awful knowing that you had not only been away from her for so long, but that you were hiding your truth from her as well.
“You look as beautiful as always,” She cooed. “I’ve missed you.”
Squeezing her hands, you returned her smile.
“I’ve missed you too, Ajak.” You said, before asking the question that was on your mind. “But what brings you here-”
Sprite was more than happy to answer.
“Well,” Sprite said, crossing her arms. “Two days ago when I was playing baccarat, this man at the table started complaining about how the woman he was courting wouldn’t stop gushing over this wedding that was happening in a few weeks. I, obviously, didn’t care until the names slipped out of his mouth- a Ms. Y/n Y/l/n and a Mr. Druig Valkin.”
There were few times in your life that you found yourself at a complete loss for words, but here, in this moment, all you were able to do was stand glued to your spot like a fool, without a single idea of what to say next.
You should’ve known better than to utilize the same surname you did every time, and you should’ve told Druig to use something besides his father’s name, but when you have to leave your life every couple of years, sometimes you couldn’t find it in yourself to break away from the few consistencies you afforded yourself.
“What a coincidence!” You said, laughing nervously.
“Y/n, you’ve been using the same name for centuries.” Sprite said. “We’re not stupid-”
“Are you ashamed of us?” Ajak asked, her face falling. “Why wouldn’t you tell us? This is great news!”
Unbeknownst to you as you were being barraged with questions, Druig was also on his way to your home after being told by some man at the pub that “that woman” was lucky to have him for providing her with such a nice home and comfortable lifestyle. Of course, Druig couldn’t help himself for providing that same man with the ability to pour his drink over his head for sharing so many unwelcome opinions in succession that couldn’t be farther from the truth.
The joy Druig found himself in knowing he would be seeing you soon quickly dissipated as he stepped in front of your home to see you talking to Sprite and Ajak on your doorstep.
Just as Druig was about to step away wordlessly, however, Ajak glanced over your shoulder and waved out her hand to him.
Of course.
Not opening his mouth, Druig only folded his hands behind his back and walked down the path to meet with the three of you.
“What’s going on?” He asked you.
Feeling Druig’s arm brush against yours as he took his place beside you, you communicated to him wordlessly through your mind.
“I came home and they were standing here.” You thought. “Sprite found out about the engagement from someone in town.”
Of course she did.
“Can you stop doing that?” Sprite asked, pulling the two of you out of your own world.
“Doing what?” You asked.
“The thing you two do?” Sprite explained. “Where you talk to each other in your heads? It’s annoying. We’re standing right here.”
Not even having to look at Druig to know that there would be a slight blush coating his cheeks at being called out for his intimacy with you, the both of you stood there in embarrassed silence.
“You know,” Ajak said, the corner of her mouth quirking up. “I always knew you two would end up together.”
If you thought you had been embarrassed before, you could hardly even bare standing beside Druig now.
“What?” Druig asked.
Ajak clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth and laughed.
“Please, Druig,” She said. “I’ve always seen the way you look at her. You look at her as though she created the sun and the stars herself. You may not have been as open with me as Ikaris, but I’m not oblivious, Druig.”
Druig wished more than anything that he had the ability to shut Ajak up in that moment, but he knew it wasn’t even worth the effort.
He also knew that she was right- at least partly.
Druig had never completely admitted to himself that he was in love with you, but he knew he admired you more than anyone else alive and that if it ever came down to it, he would sacrifice his own life for yours. You were everything to him. You were the only consistency in Druig’s life and even though he could explore the vastness of nearly anybody’s mind, you were the only person who had ever made sense to him.
He had never admitted to himself that what he felt for you was more than platonic before, but in the past few months since he had first been called your fiancé, the pieces began to fall into place and Ajak’s own account was even further proof of the truth he was too scared to admit to even himself.
“And you, Y/n,” Ajak continued, raising her hand to your face and brushing your cheek with her thumb. “I could always tell by the way you talked about him. You have so much love in your heart, I don’t think you even realized how much you would talk about him... or defend him. It came naturally to you. Both of you.”
“You can go,” Druig finally said as he watched the fires burn in the city below the of you. “You don’t have to force yourself stay with me anymore. You’re free to go.”
Turning your head to the side, you noticed how Druig’s eyes stayed trained on the destruction in the city below as he sat by your side. You watched as the burning flames cast a warm glow against his skin and highlighted the stern features on his face. It almost felt like a poetic end to a centuries long tale, but you were too stubborn and sentimental to let something like that sway your judgement. Being eternal meant you never saw an end, and you weren't about to search for one now.
“I’m not leaving Druig.”
“What don't you understand?” He asked as his eyes fogged over. “You’re free to leave... to live your own life. I don’t need you to stay here.”
You had to admit, it hurt to hear the words that he didn’t need you come from his mouth, but you also understood that it was not from a place of hatred, but one of love.
“Druig, what don’t you understand?” You asked. “I don’t want to leave. I don’t stay with you because of some sense of duty, I stay because I love you and care for you and... and don’t want to imagine a life without you there. You make it worth it, Dru. You make staying on this planet worth it. I’m not staying because I feel like I have to, I’m staying because I want to... if you’ll have me.”
Although he knew others cared for him, Druig had never felt kindness quite like yours. As hard as he attempted to hide it, the thought of you leaving him to navigate the rest of his days on this planet alone terrified him. He tried to push you away for your own sake but as he finally tore his eyes away from the destruction below and set his gaze upon you at his side, he realized that he couldn’t let you go. Even if it was selfish of him, Druig wanted you and that was a fact he couldn’t deny.
Even without peaking inside your head, he could tell just by the sincerity in your eyes that you meant every word. Rather than saying words that he felt didn’t need to be said and pouring his heart out to you over a burning city, Druig only looked at you and nodded.
And just like that, wordlessly, as you set your own head upon his shoulder, your hidden feelings and unspoken promise was written into stone.
Neither you nor Druig could find it in yourself to tell Ajak the truth- that your planned nuptials were born of a mutually beneficial plan to survive the time period- so instead you spent the next week listening to Ajak gush about your “destined” relationship over dress shopping and choosing flowers. Every time she told stories about the two of you from centuries ago that she felt sealed your fate, you couldn’t help but feel guilty for lying to her... and eventually... for agreeing to rush into a marriage with someone who didn’t feel the same.
Sure, you had been the one to propose the idea- not thinking much about why the idea appealed to you so much- but as time went on, you felt as though everything finally clicked in your head.
You loved Druig as more than a friend, more than a partner in life- you loved him. You were in love with him. Ajak had thought that Druig treated you as though you created the sun and the stars, but if it came down to it, you would create your own personal universe just for the two of you to thrive.
But, despite all of that, you didn’t believe that Druig felt anything more for you than platonic intimacy.
You couldn’t be more wrong.
Druig had heard plenty of times throughout his long life that some people just seemed destined to meet and it was fate that they would end up together. Druig was never sure how much he believed that, but realizing the love he had for you made him a firm believer.
Everything you did made him melt. People had said that they held a special place for a certain someone in their heart, but he was sure his heart was completely and utterly devoted to you.
When it finally came time for the day of your wedding and he stood in front of the floor length mirror you had created in his quarters, he wasn’t sure what to feel. Druig had realized that he wanted to be called your husband- more deserving of a title like that, he thought, than Ikaris ever was- but he couldn’t escape the feeling that for the rest of the time you spent together there playing husband and wife that you would cringe whenever anyone referred to him as such- as your husband. The thought nearly killed him.
He had never thought himself to be the marrying type, but he was thoroughly convinced he would kill to have you call him your husband with nothing but the genuine kindness you had possessed and presented to him millions of times before.
When he had finally convinced himself to make his way to the altar, he whipped his head towards the door every time it opened, waiting for you to make your appearance on the other side. He hated how anxious he was. Druig was supposed to be calm, collected, unbothered and he couldn’t stand how nervous waiting for you to walk down the aisle made him.
But when you finally did, it was worth it.
He had had his breath taken away by you plenty of times before, but none had quite the same affect as watching you walk down the aisle in a delicate white dress, your eyes meeting his through the snowy mesh of your veil as a violinist played from the other end of the room.
You walked down slowly, Ajak’s arm looped through yours and, unbeknownst to the other, you both wanted so badly for what was happening to be true. To be real. To be a real wedding with the people you cared about most at your side.
When Ajak handed you off to Druig at the altar before taking her own seat, you couldn’t help the nagging feeling at the back of your head that this wasn’t right. You couldn’t allow Druig to marry you for some ruse when you wanted him wholly, completely and honestly to yourself.
When you turned to face him and your hands slipped into his, your heart began to race against your chest so loud you were sure everyone in the room could hear it. When you looked up to meet Druig’s eyes, you saw a kind of sadness in them that you couldn’t fully interpret, but you understood then that no matter how badly you wanted it... you couldn’t go through with marrying Druig. Not like this.
“I’m sorry.” You whispered, squeezing his hands as you felt tears prickling in the corners of your eyes.
Druig felt his heart drop to his stomach.
“What is it?” He asked without opening his mouth, too afraid his emotions would get the best of him if he allowed himself to speak, knowing where this was headed.
Glancing at your fellow eternals sat in the aisles behind you with confusion written all over their faces, you turned back to Druig and shook your head, your eyes focused on his.
“I can’t marry you, Dru.” You said, your voice catching in your throat. “Not like this. Not in this way.”
The words that he had been dreading hearing all day finally fell from your lips and he was sure that if he was capable of it, he would’ve passed out then and there.
Still standing in shock, Druig watched as your hand squeezed his and you turned to look at the crowd of eternals behind you before facing him once more.
“I lied.” You said staring up at the ceiling, willing yourself not to cry. “Druig and I had gotten caught alone together and we came up with this plan to fake our engagement so we could stay here in peace. I... I never thought it would get this far, or at least, that I would feel the way I do now when I got up here. But...”
Your gaze fell back on Druig and you could tell he was utterly confused on where you were going with this.
As you admired the way the sunlight peaking in through the mosaic windows cast colorful light against his skin, you tried your hardest to will yourself to say the words you had been preparing ever since you discovered your true feelings for the man in front of you.
“It’s okay.” You heard his shaky voice in your head saying. “You can do it.”
Slipping your hands out of his, you moved them to rest over his clothed chest.
“I love you, Dru.” You confessed, finally finding the courage. “I know I’ve said those words a million times, but this time it’s different. I love you. I love you more than the way the sun loves the moon or Sersi loves Ikarus. I love you more than I’ve loved this planet since the day I've arrived and I love you more than I can even possibly fathom. I want to marry you, Dru. I do. But I want you to want to marry me first.”
In all the time that Druig had been alive, he had never felt the way he had in that moment, and had certainly never been the subject of such an emotional profession of affection like that before.
It had always been said that you were the heart and he was the mind, but as Druig stood there, everything he had ever learned seemed to fall apart as he watched the most amazing woman he had ever met confess her undying love for him. Although he was at a loss for words, he had gained so much more in knowing your love.
He thought of the first moment he had ever laid eyes on you on the Domo and felt his heart surge with joy knowing how much the two of you had grown from then to now. He smiled to himself thinking of how innocent and naive he was then and that he never could’ve imagined he would find himself here, in this moment, but he wouldn’t change it for a single thing.
“I love you too.”
When you heard those words fall from his lips, you stared up at him in shock only to find his loving, smiling face staring down at you.
You watched as Druig took the edges of your veil delicately in between his fingertips and pulled it away from your face and behind your head. Moving his hands from the veil to your cheeks, he cupped your face and pressed his forehead against yours, the smile never leaving his face for even a second.
“I love you.” Druig said, meeting your eyes as your hands reached up to hold his. “And I want to marry you if you’ll still have me.”
“You do?” You laughed, so lost in complete bliss.
“For you?” He asked, pressing a kiss against your forehead. “I do.”
The ceremony passed by in such a complete blur with both you and your now husband so lost in each other that even the officiant could barely hold your attention at your own wedding. Although your relationship began in the most unexpected of circumstances, you wouldn’t change a thing because as long as you had Druig by your side, you were happy and that was all that mattered.
For your husband, however, he found that he loved the sound of calling you his wife coming from his mouth so much that he would remind you every time your lips met his of your commitment to one another. Druig’s favorite moments were when you laughed into his kiss as he told you that if he could go back in time, he would tell himself to pull it together and confess his love for you earlier because there was no greater feeling to him than being your husband, your partner, and even though your life was endless, he was sure he would never be able to get enough of it.
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starsvck · 7 months ago
somewhere only we know
Tumblr media
you and druig have been married for decades, soon turning into a century, the only thing is, none of the eternals know until now
warnings: MILD eternals spoilers, reader is referred to as persephone but she is an eternal.
With the air soft and gentle, humid but warm, forging for berries near the boundaries of the Amazon commune had always been a favourite past time for both you and Druig.
By your side, he’d help you part the bushes, the leaves, and partially, the thorns to aid you in picking the ripe berries. He didn’t do much as he knew that this was the very chore you adored doing. The mind controller knew his place and kept it.
As Druig kneels by your side, eyes focused on your features, his lips quirk into a grin when he finds the way you bite your lip in focus. He can’t help but smile at the action, ever so innocent and tangible, you’ve always been his source of passion.
“The berries are so ripe this season.” Your gentle tone brings him back from his reverie, your eyes settled on the handful of blueberries in your dirtied palm while his settle on the way the sun casts a glow on your sun kissed skin.
“Druig?” He turns to you and finds your gaze settled on him with a pinch to your brows. Your look of confusion makes his pale cheeks erupt with a blushing shade of pink. “Are you alright, dear?”
Druig nods softly and parts his mouth to speak, but the surge of presence takes him back. He’s controlled every part of the commune, he knows it inside and out and with that sinking feeling in his bones, he knows something is up. Yet, he can’t take himself to ruin your moment of serenity.
“You continue your forging, love,” he stands up tall and you watch him with a curious eye, unaware and almost innocent, “I’ll be back.”
You purse your lip in tow, watching him disappear deep into the woods and back into the village. You try to return to your activities, picking at every ripe blueberry and strawberry that your eyes could see.
Within fifteen minutes of a full basket, you grew rather bored and wondered of your husband’s presence. After all, unlike him, you couldn’t read his mind nor his whereabouts.
As you start your trek back into the commune, the people greet you in their native tongue, their expressions filled with glee to see you as you then handed your berry-filled-baskets to one of the elderly. They inevitably reuse them into many things, fabric dye, for food, or for wine.
Your lovely Druig adored the commune’s wine. Granted, he’s never tasted anything from the outside, it was merely up there on your list.
“¿Sabes adónde fue mi marido?” Do you know where my husband went? You had asked with concern and genuine interest as his presence didn’t waver around the area.
The grey haired woman smiled and pointed her finger to one of the bigger community lodges. You thanked her as she walked away, your focus now on the large building that had its doors closed for privacy.
You wondered as the twigs cracked under your bare feet what sort of secret your husband was keeping. He was not the type to keep one in the first place but as you neared the lodging, you couldn’t help but wonder if he had other sinister streaks beneath his facade.
After all, while he was foremost your husband, he was also an Eternal. One that could control minds and manipulate them into his serving.
While you could challenge his bidding with your own celestial power, you were made to provide nature for humanity, not control it.
Covered in dirt, your hands press against the wooden door in hope to push it open. To your luck, it hasn’t been locked, and as it creaked open, your greeted with eyes targeted on you.
Illuminated by soft artificial light, your eyes flutter in hopes to adjust. Only when they do, you’re met with your husband’s staring gaze. Unreadable expression, but his pink lips are sodden and wet from the act of his tongue.
“Sersi?” Your eyes continue to travel. “Ikaris? Thena?” You were appalled by the sight of your family, the majority of them sitting in one of the lodging you had built.
“I see you’ve kept our dear Perse under your finger.” Ikaris voices his displeasure and its ever so evident in his tone. “We’ve been looking all over for you.”
You frown. “I haven’t been anywhere expect with Druig.” You shift your attention from Ikaris to the man you just spoke about. His arms crossed while his gaze dark but focused on you.
“You forget that they weren’t at the wedding, my flower.” He cocks his head, settling his sole attention on you while he stands from where he leans against the table. “They wouldn’t know.”
“There was a wedding?!” Kingo rises with a shriek, the man behind him following him short with a camera present on his hand. When the Bollywood actor reaches you and raises your hand, he gawks at the gemstone that sits on your finger.
“This...” You watch as Kingo’s face contorts from excitement to confusion. “Is not a diamond.” He looks up and points an accusing finger at your husband. “I expected better from you, Druig.”
The raven haired boy tilts his head unbothered, watching as the interaction continues with you being the centre of attention. “She chose it. Not me. I just proposed.”
Sersi stands from her chair and follows Kingo from where you stand. There’s a grin present on her face as she approaches you and you’re wholeheartedly content with the fact that she’s more than happy to see you after decades.
“Blue sapphire,” Sersi stares at awe while Sprite joins in beside her, both the girls and Kingo analyzes your beautiful, beautiful ring that Druig had made for you.
You nod at her comment, grinning with glee when you look above them and find Druig staring at you with his own smirk. “Matches his eyes.”
Kingo shivers at your words and pulls away playfully, turning his attention to the man with the camera whom he addresses as Karun. “Classic. The beautiful Persephone and brooding Druig are married. Sorry to break it to you guys, but I’ve seen this coming since Babylon.” He gives the camera a wink and then motions for Karun to focus the camera somewhere else.
He moves over to you and you smile rather awkwardly, waving your free hand at the camera before he zooms on in at Druig, who raises an annoyed brow.
“How many cameras do you have in that bag?”
“This is so pretty,” Sprite makes the comment and you thank her for it. “I’m kind of mad you didn’t even invite me. I thought I was your favourite.”
Druig shrugged. “It was a spontaneous gesture.”
Sprite rolled her eyes. “Oh, yeah. I’m sure it was.”
You giggle at their reaction, shaking your head as you shared a smile with your lover. Soon, Thena joined in and you couldn’t help but fawn at her validation of your marriage. She had never been one to be approving of such human behaviour, let alone marriage and love, but with the gentle smile she gifted you along with the nod, you didn’t need her to vocalize that she was content.
“I’m so happy for the both of you,” Sersi beams with a smile, her eyes hopeful and soft that love between the group was a thing again and that the failure in her relationship didn’t define others future. “Wedding or not. I’m glad you and Druig are happy.”
When you pull away from your friends and family, your lover stands beside your side with no hesitation. His lips is quirked into a soft smile, gentle and barely there, but if you stare long enough to find his features prominent, it’s all there.
His love for you. His promise. His oath.
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helaintoloki · 7 months ago
pairings: Druig x eternal!reader
notes: this is kinda short bc i’m still getting used to writing for the character so my apologies
warnings: angst, pining, unrequited love
summary: in which you come to terms with your life of eternal loneliness
Tumblr media
Your existence is lonely.
Having been given extraordinary gifts and near-immortality, you should have considered yourself blessed to be granted the life of an Eternal. The people of earth adore you no matter where you go, the planet’s elements bend to your will with ease, and you get to spend your time here on this world with people you consider family, so you should be grateful. What more could you possibly want?
But as you witness the laughter spill from Druig’s lips and the smile he saves for Makkari’s eyes only you’re harshly reminded of the one thing your existence is missing.
Requited love.
You aren’t quite sure when it happened or even why it did, but you had foolishly fallen in love with the man you considered to be your closest friend, never once considering the possibility that your closeness could lead to heartache down the line.
There had always been a sense of understanding shared between the two of you, a balance that kept you both from falling off the edge. When it all became too much you looked to Druig to chase away the monsters and put your emotions back in order when you couldn’t. You kept him from making rash decisions and often talked him down during his times of frustration with the humans and his inability to interfere. It wasn’t always perfect, and there were times when neither of you could see eye-to-eye, but it worked, and it was what kept you sane throughout the years. Druig was your confidant, your best friend, but he would never be yours.
He would never look at you the way he looked at Makkari, would never shower you in compliments and give you coy smiles when you melted into his touch. Though you were a friend, you would not be the one he went searching for in the middle of the night. You would forever be a second choice, but you had learned to be okay with that. You would accept his scraps, cherish the small moments shared in the shadows of the domo, savor every spared glance and lingering touch. A single brush of his fingertips against your own could satiate the hallow pit of longing in your chest for centuries— you’d take what you could get no matter how pathetic if it meant maintaining your friendship.
“Sulking so early in the evening, my dear?” His voice is teasing, smile mirthful as he pokes at your side and breaks you from your contemplative state. Brought back to the present, you are reminded of the party taking place before you. The locals play their music and dance, taking extra care to include you and your group in their festivities, though Sersi seems to be enjoying herself the most.
“I suppose I’m not in a very festive mood,” you reply with a meager shrug and a timid smile. “You go on and enjoy yourself.”
“I’ll be coming back for you,” Druig promises with a wink before heading off in search of Makkari. Your heart pounds in your chest, close to bursting at the seams as you longingly watch him disappear into the crowd.
A new presence joins you then, following your yearning gaze in silence before returning to carefully analyze your features. You huff in mild annoyance and shift uncomfortably where you stand, but the woman says nothing. “Don’t poke fun, Thena.”
“I wasn’t going to,” she replies calmly. “Gilgamesh sent me to check on you.”
“I’m fine.”
“You’re in love.”
“Is that so terrible?” You muse quietly.
“Are you ever going to tell him?”
“Look at him,” you whisper softly, swallowing to keep your forming tears at bay as you watch him and Makkari banter playfully from across the way, “he’s happy. How could I ever be selfish enough to ruin that?”
“And what of your own needs? Your own happiness?”
“We each have a job to do here on earth, a duty to fulfill, and my happiness is not a priority,” you reply solemnly before looking over to meet Thena’s neutral gaze. “You must think I’m pathetic.”
“No,” she replies carefully. “Cynical, maybe, but not pathetic.”
Her attempted jest brings a faint smile to your face, and for a moment the ache in your chest is relieved. There are times when your fellow Eternals make your world deem less empty, and for a while you feel as if perhaps your existence isn’t so isolating after all. But you know better, and you know that when the festivities are over and the moon hangs high in the sky you will be alone again, and no one will be able to stop the loneliness from swallowing you whole.
Not even Druig, who has heard your every thought and felt your every emotion since Thena approached you.
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siempre-bucky · 7 months ago
Team Effort
Druig x Fem!Reader
Summary: Sprite and the other Eternals team up to finally get Druig and the reader together after centuries of pining. Angered by all the illusions you both confront your feelings.
WC: 1.7k
A/N: Thank you anon! I loved writing this for you! ♡ It's 3am I edited this the best I could :')
Tumblr media
Ancient Greece was by far your favorite place to be, you loved shopping with your friends in the town center since it was the best way to occupy the time on this planet. "What about this one?" Sersi asks as she picks up a gold bangle off a table, holding it up to you. You scrunch your nose and take it from her, inspecting it closely. Closing one eye so you could see all the small imperfections in the bracelet.
"No, it's a rip-off," you inform her, placing it back on the table. Scanning the table you notice a glimmering blue gemstone hanging by a silver chain. You lowly cock your head and pick it up.
"This is-"
"Druig would like it," Sersi blurts out before sucking in her lips, avoiding your gaze. Trying to fight a blush off, you narrow your eyes at her "If you're still insisting I like him, you're wrong," you huff.
You look at her demeanor change, her brown eyes weren't looking into yours but over your shoulder at the fruit stall. You almost missed the small nod she gave "So you understand?" You ask her for confirmation.
"Yeah, sure, Y/N," she laughs it off "Listen I need to go...catch up with Ikaris, I'll see you back at the Domo tonight for dinner." You watched her run away, it was so odd since you planned to shop all day. Your eyes flickered back to the necklace, maybe Druig would like it? You should buy it.
"What did you find?" His raspy voice behind you sent a pleasant chill down your spine, you felt his clothed chest nearly pressing against your shoulder. You clear your throat and turn to face him. His ocean blue eyes peer down at the necklace.
The gemstone hovers above his hand as if he was hesitant to place it in the palm you were desperate to hold, "Let me buy it for you," he insists, his smirk sending shockwaves through your nerves.
You chuckle a little "I can't let you do that, Dru."
He rolls his eyes and steps a little closer to you, the sheer magnetic force of his being drawing you closer to him "Let me buy the woman I love a necklace." Your eyes go wide, stepping back with the ball of your foot, moving ever so slightly away from him.
"Y-you love me?" Your voice was shaking, the words barely creating sound.
"I've loved you since the moment I met you, darling."
"I love yo-" you stopped yourself mid-sentence, annoyance filling your chest. Your shaking hand rises to smack him, the metallic gold of an illusion dissipating at the touch, "enough with the tricks, Sprite."
The illusion of Druig disappears, the short redhead smirking below you "So you do love him?" She accuses playfully, her expression full of arrogance.
You shake your head "No."
"Well it sure seemed like it... you were about to say it."
"Enough!" You bark, your angered tone getting the attention of the Athenians. You smile politely at the patrons as you looked around the small area, setting their nerves.
"Fine... but how did you know it was me?"
You smile softly and dip your head so she couldn't see the lovesick eyes you had "He never calls me darling, he calls me beautiful."
Sprite shrugs her shoulders and with a roll of her eyes, she walks away. You clearly missed the Grinch-like smile on her face. You toss the necklace back on the table and never look back at it; simply was just a pipe dream.
The sky turned dark, the moon rising to take its place amongst the stars, lighting the lush green hilltop. Druig coolly leaned on a stone pillar, a vine of sweet red grapes in his hand. "3," he counts as he throws one of the small orbs in the air, catching it in his mouth. He chews with a satisfied smile as he watches the ocean in front of him.
"Didn't you get enough at dinner?" You joke from behind him. He turns and smirks, hanging the vine teasingly in between you two.
"Want some?" he offers with a hum.
You shake your head and move closer, your hips swaying side to side. Naturally, he watches you and the way your body moves, but he soon squints as you pass him "No," you say simply as you walk towards the edge "I had too much at dinner."
"Well then my beautiful, beautiful Y/N... what brings you up here?" he places his hands behind his back and walks up behind you.
"There's something I need to tell you," you say nervously, afraid of your words getting jumbled together. It was a big moment and you just wanted it to be perfect. "Druig, you know I care about you, right?" You ask.
He sidesteps and walks to be shoulder to shoulder with you "Of course, just tell me," He tells you, short in anticipation, his poor heart was thundering against his chest. This was the moment he waited years for.
"I've been in love with you since I could remember," you admit to him, looking away. He drops the grapes and steps in front of you. His wildest dreams coming true, if only it was real. His eyes clouded over with a golden haze, Sprites illusion disappearing as he controlled her.
She growls and crosses her arms "I'm getting really tired of this," she muttered under her breath. Druig's eyes return to normal, towering over her. She moves back as he advances, hands taking their place behind his back.
Druig was one of the very few that struck fear into the smallest eternal "Sprite," he chuckles darkly, accent thick as he spoke, "you should know better than to mess with me, you've seen what I can do to those who cross me."
"Ok, whatever! You're the worst to mess with," she whines.
"For the next time, if you dare," he prompts, "she doesn't need to move like that around me and she never eats when Kingo cooks."
The girl turned on her heels and looked over her shoulder, cutting the silence "Stop blushing, you look desperate."
Sprite walks onto the Domo with a prideful skip in her step, knowing the information she did. Stepping into the main room she sees her fellow Eternals "Ladies and gentlemen!" she announces with a wide toothy grin "we have now completed the second stage of the plan, both admitted it. What's the next step?"
"I don't know... maybe not meddle in their love lives?" Kingo calls out from the back of Phastos' lab.
"Overruled," Ajak speaks up, gathering up her blue robes to sit down comfortably beside him.
"We need to get them alone somehow, none of us can interfere," Sersi joins in the conversation. Ikaris places his arm around her green-clad shoulder and nods in agreement.
"Send them on a mission, fake a Deviant sighting," he offers.
The blonde goddess in the corner peels herself off the wall with elegance, she'd grown tired of the plotting and meddling. She loved you both dearly and knew the perfect way for you to finally confront the feelings you secretly shared "Stop!" she waves her hand at them "I will handle everything."
And she did. The next evening Thena told you of a party Ajak was hosting for all of you to celebrate another year on earth together. She placed a new white gown on your bed, telling you it was a formal affair.
As the sun began to set, you walked the town center at the exact spot Thena told you. "Are you just early or did you plan this?" Druig accuses smugly from the bench on the corner. You turn to look at him, his black robes highlighting the blue eyes you loved so much. It wasn't him. You were tired of Sprite's game.
"No? Thena told me to be here... or was that you?" Your final words came out with an undeniable bitterness. Druig rises from his seat and looks at you, not falling for Sprite's illusion. Almost like a dance, you two start slowly circling each other, wary of the presence of the other.
"I'm tired of being tricked," you sighed, defeated.
"I've never tricked you."
You scoff and shake your head "Your illusions are blurring together," you taunt.
Druig lowers his eyebrows in frustration "Illusions? You're the one who keeps fucking with my emotions!" He yells, stomping his foot. You stop your circling and you bring your shoulders back, unwavering.
"I have never messed with you!"
He growls and clenches his fists so tight his knuckles turn white. Even if she looked like a child he was still going to beat her up. His face gets closer to yours, trying to look into the eyes he believes aren't real "I don't know what the hell you want from me! Stop hanging my love for the real Y/N over my head!" He screams in your face, his red with fury and his eyes starting to turn gold, getting ready to take control and end this.
Your face softened almost instantly, you weren't scared at his yelling any longer. The words he spoke echoed in your mind. Timidly, the pads of your fingers reach to touch his jawline. Dragging them along the smooth pale skin "You're real," you whisper. They touch the tips of his cheekbones, tracing the scar on his cheek from a battle. This was your Druig.
His skin tingles, visible bumps appear on his arms from the cool touch of your hands. His eyes looked into your watchful y/e/c ones, following along as you committed his face in the fire glow to memory. This was no illusion, this was real and you were standing in front of him "This isn't one of Sprite's tricks," he whispers to you, soft and smooth.
"You love me?" you question him, leaning in slowly. He matches your movements and falls closer into you. First, it was the tips of your toes, then your chests molding together perfectly. Designed for each other.
"I've always loved you, beautiful." His arms snake around your waist, closing the gap between you. You press your lips against his own, they were as delicate as you always dreamed they would be. Your hands make their way up his head, tangling them into the dark locks of soft brown hair before resting them on the back of his neck. His fingers feel like a firey blaze on your back, lighting sparks as they trail up your spine.
Your lips move in harmony, full of the love you stored for all these long years. There was no more wonder of what it would be like; no more dreams, just reality, a slow, beautiful reality.
He pulls back and connects his forehead to yours, eyes crinkling from his grin. You swore he never smile this widely, and you have never felt so complete.
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