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achaoticeternal · 2 days ago
𝗺𝗮𝗸𝗲 𝘂𝗽 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗺𝗶𝗻𝗱
CHECKMATE SERIES pairing: druig x asgardian!reader
summary: when you make your first ventures to Midgard, you meet a remarkable group called the Eternals. but one of them seems to be bothered by your existence. (based on a series of requests and checkmate by conan gray) word count: 2.6k warnings: asshole-ish druig, mild language, mentions of death a/n: this is part one and this series is a SLOWBURN
Tumblr media
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
498 A.D
The early visits to the realm of Midgard were considered to be quite a privilege at your age. Odin, the Allfather himself, granted the Valkyrie permission to allow you into the land of man in order to observe the art of combat and strategy. It was your destiny to join the ranks of the Valkryie as you matured, yet for now, you would watch Odin, Hela, and your brave guardians calculate and control all the nine realms.
Midgard was a decently long time, even by Bifrost; however, the flashing rainbow before your eyes burned itself into your memory. You could feel the temperature change as you made the descent to the realm, now understanding with the other insisted to carry thick layers with you. When you finally landed, a blanket of snow covered the ground for miles upon miles and kept falling from the heavens above. The planet held so much beauty; nothing compared to the halls of Asgard though.
The snow crunched beneath your boots that were slightly too large for your feet. An older member of the Valkyrie offered her old boots for your use. Another woman, who was of average height yet held a strong stance, stayed by your side. She never gave a name for you to refer to her as, so you simply called her your guardian. In the field, it was her job to follow you and make sure nothing happened to you as such a young Valkyrie. Her wavy brunette hair was consistently worn down which was a sharp contrast to the white metallic armor. She consistently carried herself with an aura of strength and resilience and was what you strived to be one day.
Even though you were on the path to becoming a Valkyrie, you were still considered a child by Asgardian terms. And sometimes youthful curiosity got the better of you. You had wandered into the tall evergreen trees in pursuit of a large white wolf that had caught your attention. It didn't quite make sense in your head at the time, but something about this wolf was enchanting and reminded you of Asgardian magic that you had seen the witches of the realm use.
Following it had been a largely simple task, tracking was natural to a Valkyrie, yet the pawprints seemed to have completely stopped. It wasn't snowing hard enough for its tracks to be covered, and you could still feel the same presence of the wolf. An eery feeling of being watched washed over you, and you drew out your knife - ready to attack any who approached with malice. But then a small laugh floated through the air, it was youthful almost like your own.
A girl with ginger hair poked her head out of the bush, "hello!"
In a panic, you lept forward to jab at the surprise. However the illusions disappeared, but the presence didn't. Another laugh echoed from behind you and your raised your arm to slash at the mocking giggle.
Yet before you could step any further, a strange heat washed over your body, causing you to freeze in place. The dagger fell from your hand as you were frozen in shock. Your mind was still very much you, but your body had halted all response. Were there witches on Midgard that your guardian would have failed to mention?
"Sprite, it's not nice to lure the mortals away from their towns to taunt them, especially a child," Another voice spoke from the trees. It had a more masculine tone and you only suspected it to be a warlock of the woods.
"Oh, come on, Druig. She was wi-"
"I demand you to release me at once," You called out, voice faining bravery in order to draw out the unknown subject. Your mind raced with different outcomes in order to determine a possible plan of attack and escape, "And reveal yourself!"
Again, a girl with red hair presented herself and motioned for the other voice to follow. Then out of the foliage, he came with blue eyes as clear as winter skies. He was adorned in black which contrasted his pale skin and the tips of his ears that were pink from the frost. Behind him, another lady in red followed, making signals that you didn't quite recognize from any realm. Maybe it was a language you could learn to pick up in your education.
"Druig - she, myself, and Makkari have all asked you to release her so do so. You're acting like some power-hungry god," A layer of spite in the younger girl's voice, who you assumed to be known as Sprite.
The tension was released from your being and you stumble forward a few steps. You sent a glare to the man and swiped your dagger up from the snow, keeping it at your side in case you would need it again. From Sprite's comment, it seemed that she was mocking your presence as an Asgardian on this planet, "Do you speak ill of the Allfather, of Asgard?"
All three people before you furrowed their brows in confusion at your speech. They had heard of such things only from the humans who lived around you, but your words held more than belief. They held the truth of another being on this planet.
"(Y/N)?!? (Y/N)!" The voice of your guardian weaved through the woods. It held a mix of both concern and annoyance, most likely due to your unannounced disappearance. When she finally stepped through the threshold of green, relief struck her face, "(Y/N)!"
She strode towards you in reprimand, but upon noticing the three strangers, the guardian pulled out her long sword made of Asgardian steel. In the blade of the sword, you could vividly see your own reflection and the man with blue eyes, "Who are you lot?"
The youngest-looking girl spoke first, "I am Sprite, my friend in red of there is Makkari, and the irritating fellow in black is Druig. We are Eternals, we watch over this planet."
"Now who are you?" The man who you now knew as Druig raised his brow, arms crossed over his chest.
Sending a small signal, the older Valkyrie lowered her sword as you began to answer, "We are the Valkyrie, protectors of Asgard, and warriors of the Allfather, Odin."
Makkari looked to Sprite and signed something. She then turned to you to translate, "So you are the people that the humans of this land tell grand stories about. We were wondering if they had started to go a little crazy."
Before the chatting could continue, the sound of a horn called from over the hills. It was a call for return so that we could reconvene to the location of the Bifrost.
"Well, this has been nice and all, but we," The guardian grabbed your wrist to begin the trek back to the group, "must be going. We've completed our observations for today."
Your feet stomped through the snow, attempting to keep up. You craned your neck back to see the reaction of these new Eternals and listened out for any conversing between the three.
"Well, now we know the Earth is capable of receiving visitors," Sprite spoke, her tone carried excitement.
However, Druig's eyes glared in your direction, sensing your eavesdropping on the group, "Yes. And let's hope they don't return."
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
602 A.D
It had been over a century since your first visit to Earth, and not because you didn't want to return. The fall of the Valkyrie kept you from traveling anywhere outside the realm of Asgard. After your guardian had disappeared and all the bodies of the fall Valkyrie's received a warriors funeral, Odin commanded you to stay on Asgard and train alongside his son, Thor.
Thor was loud and not always the brightest. Though he did well in combat, his intellect and diplomacy skills were lacking. Yet the young prince had millennia before he would take his father's place. And even though the pair of you were quite young, he still pledged a position for you on the Royal Asgardian court and a spot at the Warrior's table.
As the pair of you grew up together, you also trained and studied together. From combat to language and diplomatic skills, both of you learned to become the next greatest legends of Asgards. Even Freya, who saw much of your potential, took you under her wing so that you could learn ancient Asgardian magic from herself and her court of witches. With skills in enchantment and conjouring, you began to advance quickly and remain a great asset to the throne.
Yet, your mind still occasionally thought back to Midgard and its people. Though you hadn't been eligible to return to the realm of mortals, you felt a silent calling to the planet. But with Thor having to study the diplomatic relationships between all nine realms, Earth seemed miniscule to him. But maybe you had changed his mind...
"(Y/N), how would you feel about a little vacation?" Thor came boistering into your private study.
"I do not feel like watching the Allfather meet with Laufey, again. We both know that the Frost Giants will be waging war against us and the nine realms soon enough," you sighed.
The young blonde shook his head, "No, no. Father is sending me off to Earth in order to observe how the people think us to be Gods?"
"Midgard? After a hunfred years, now he wants us to return?"
"What? Scared, (Y/N)?" He teased, shoving you lightly.
"No, but I am excited to travel. There's so many interesting things to see. Go, I'll see you at the Bifrost," You added, shoving him out of your space.
When you made your descent to Midgard again, the snow cracked under your feet, an Asgardian seal lightly burned into the ground. The village you had seen a century ago had grown into a little town but the same festivities remained in the air. In the sky above, stars twinkled and you wonder if they knew which one was Asgard.
With a smile, you lowered your head to further observe the small town. You pulled Thor to your side and pointed out things and told him their Midgardian name, "You know so much, my lady!"
Taking in a deep breath of the chilled air, you grabbed Thor's arm and dashed towards the town. He stumbled slightly behind you, but gained his footing and let out a howling laugh. As you approached the square, a giant log sat in the center and had been set ablaze which spread warmth to every corner.
Children ran around, throwing snowballs at each other as men carried barrels of ale and mead into various homes and stalls to share. The women carried baskets of food and mothers would occasionally pass a roll to their children to split. This human nature was admirable yet something caught your eye.
In a corner by the great hall, many youths of the town gathered in a circle while casted images danced above to town. You elbowed Thor to pull his attention, and pointed to the image that portrayed Odin standing atop a great mountain, "Did you ever hear anything about witches on Midgard?"
"Why don't we join and see?" He offered, stomping over to join the group. You shuffled behind him, cautious of what this sorcery was.
However, the mop of ginger hair seemed awfully familiar as the person in the center waved their arms to continue casting illusions. How could this be? Humans couldn't live very long, so how come the ginger girl from centuries ago was now in the village.
"Thor, wai-" but it was too late. The pair of you had crashed into the circle and drawn all attention to the two of you. Children gawked at both of you as Thor held you upon his shoulder with his godly strength as a measure of protection. You rolled your eyes at his foolishness, only to meet blue eyes that you had seen a century ago.
Your brows furrowed as Sprite, if you remembered correctly, motioned for the blue eye man and another man who was taller. You slapped at Thor to get his attention, "Set me down! You've drawn attention to us!"
Begrudgingly, he placed your feet back into the snow and caught a vision of the trio that stood before you. He stood a little taller in order to intimidate them, but he just looked like a fool. They looked over Thor with a curious eye, but then the blue-eyed man spoke, "So, you've returned to Earth, Asgardian?"
"Excuse you," Thor quickly interjected, catching wind of Druig's attitude, "How dare to speak to a lady of Asgard's High Court in such a manner!"
"How are you still alive?" You squinted back, eyes narrowing on Druig.
"How do you all know each other?" The man next to Druig finally spoke, clearly taking this situation less seriously than his friend.
With the tension in the air now cut, Sprite stepped forward to take control of the situation, "Kingo, this is (Y/N), Druig and I met her over a... century ago?"
"Something like that," You nodded sticking out your hand for her to shake. She smiled playfully in response and shook your hand, "Thor, this is Sprite. Clearly, that is Kingo, and Sir Tall-Dark-And-Brooding there is Druig."
"You've got some strength to you, kid," Kingo laughed, chatting with Thor. Thor's eyes lit up in excitement at such a compliment. Immediately, the two began to talk and become friends. As Kingo walked, Thor just followed like a puppy.
"So I'm guessing you guys aren't exactly human?" You quipped, resting a hand on your hip, awaiting their response.
"Clearly," Druig responded, shortly. You stuck your tongue out at him, trying to mock him, only for him to roll his eyes.
"Yes," Sprite elbowed him and he stood up a little straighter, yet with the same bored expression, "We are Eternals, celestial beings sent to watch over the Earth and man and they develop. We also have cosmic energy that we harness to use like powers."
"We call that witchcraft on Asgard-"
"And are you a so-called Witch?" Druig spoke spitefully. Unsure of what you have done to offend him, you scoffed and shot a glare at him - a warning."
"Do we have an issue, Druig?" You liked the way the name rolled off your tongue but hated the man with the name.
He remained silent and you followed suit. If he didn't provide an explanation, then you simply wouldn't provoke him to answer. It was an old intimidation tactic you had learned in your diplomacy lessons. But your heart thumped against your chest while his blue eyes flickered over your face before boring back in your eyes. A heaviness clung to the air and it was suffocating both of you, yet you couldn't exactly name what it was.
Druig broke eye contact and stomped off back to one of the larger houses. Your gaze followed him as you released a breath you didn't know you were holding. What a pretentious a-
"Would you like to meet the others?" Sprite asked, breaking you from continuing the thought. You refocused on her and quickly looked over to Thor. He was still occupied with Kingo and this would be quite the opportunity to make good relations with these Eternals.
Offering her a tight-lipped smile and a nod, you followed her off to a house of similar fashion to the one Druig entered. And though you tried to shake him, he still clung to the back of your mind - teasing your thoughts...
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
listen to the 'checkmate' playlist here
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sylvies-slut · 2 days ago
Mommy's Milk
Inspired from this ask all the warning are there lets get into it.
On the rare occasion that your child is sleeping peacefully, your resting your head on Druig's shoulder watching a movie, trying to catch up on some sleep.
You shift and notice a stain on ur shirt near your nipple, this movement wakes up ur husband.
"Are you ok darling?" He mutters sleepily.
"I'm fine, sorry for waking you." You start to get up from the couch but he wraps his arms around you.
"Where are you going princess?"
"My breast milk is leaking again." You say averting eye contact, slightly embarrassed.
"I'm sure it's fine Ajak did say you're producing a lot more milk than normal."
"It's just awkward this is the third shirt I've stained just this week." You whine.
He turns your chin to face him, "I have a solution." He pulls you back down on the couch and stares at you with those piercing blue eyes.
"What are you doing Dru?" You smile.
"Showing you that you should never be ashamed of your beautiful body and what and amazing woman you are." His hands inch up from your waist to your breasts. He gives them a gentle squeeze and more liquid protrudes, forming a larger stain on your shirt
"You're making a mess." You laugh as he slips your shirt off, discarding it somewhere in the room. He looks down and your leaking breasts with a hungry look in his eyes.
"May I?" You nod your head.
He licks around your nipple causing you to groan, just before more liquid squirts out he mouths at your nipple swallowing it all, causing your mind to go blank at the sensation.
He groans and switches to the other breast.
"Don't empty me out the baby still needs to feed when they wake up." you joke.
"Quite selfish of them really." He quips before resuming sucking on your breast. Quiet whimpers fall from your mouth at the feeling of the milk seeping out and your husband's skilled tongue licking up every last drop.
Your hand goes to your clit gently rubbing compared to your husbands rapid licking and sucking on your breast. He pushes ur hand away and inserts two digits into your cunt.
Your hands go to his belt buckle.
"So eager."
"I need you Daddy." He licks up the rest of the milk that trickled out of his mouth. He takes out his two fingers and rips off your underwear and sweatpants in one go. He yanks off his shirt exposing his muscles. You feel yourself getting wetter as he drops down his pants, exposing his penis. He pumps his cock a few times with the precum seeping out from the tip.
"Are you ready?"
"Please Daddy!" You exclaim a little too loud. He enters slowing inching his way through your pussy, being carful.
"Don't tease me." With that he thrust his full length into you making you yelp.
"Quieter darling."
You bite on you lip sniffling your moans as he thrusts in and out at a slower pace than your used to.
"Harder Daddy." He speeds up, holding back groans of his own. You feel yourself arriving at your climax as your pussy contracts almost painfully around Druigs cock. His movements become sloppier and he plants his hands on the couch beside your head, steadying himself as he nears his release. You tighten and squirt from your pussy, and unexpectedly your nipples.
You're mildly aware that Druig has also emptied his seed into you, you're lost in the bliss of your orgasm to fully process what you just did. You look to Druig, who has your milk covering his shocked face
"That was—unexpected."
Wipes a bit off his face and looks back at you with childlike glee on his face.
"We have to do that again." he pants.
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thelastharbinger · 2 days ago
When Druig said: “Why should she trust you? You’re asking her to let you erase who she is...Upset?! We’ve trusted you for 7,000 years and look where you’ve gotten us! I’ve watched humans destroy each other, when I could stop it all in a heartbeat. Do you know what that does to someone after centuries? Could our mission have been a mistake? Are we really helping these people build a better world, huh? We’re just like the soldiers down there, pawns to their leaders, blinded by loyalty.”
And when Druig said: “No, Sersi. That makes them [Deviants] us. Eternals, Deviants--Arishem’s children...”
Druig sweetie, I am sorry these dumb bitches (*affectionately*) aren’t on your level. This man with the quickness of a finger rationalized that there was no true difference between Eternals and Deviants, admonished their compliance to letting humans harm one another, was the first to not accept the order of the Celestials as “truth” and vocally questioned their leadership, as well as Ajak’s. Give me more of this man! His brain muy sexy (and Barry is too, hello?!)
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aquanova99 · 9 hours ago
Secrets (Druig x Reader)
A/N: I know it’s taken forever to get something out. And yes I know these timelines don’t match up with the movies. Don’t come for me 😂
A/N: I hope I wrote Druig okay, I’m still trying to figure out how to write more marvel without repeating the same stories over and over again.
A/N: thank you so much for reading! As always requests are open and reblogs are super appreciated 💛
Tumblr media
“I wasn’t expecting to see you again.”
 “My beautiful y/n, as if I could stay away.”
 Y/n laughed as you spun her around and kissed her. Gods, how you had missed her. You, Makkari, and Thena had gone of to find more eternals, but you had grown restless knowing you had left behind y/n. The fact that she was human weighed heavily on your mind. Over the past few years, you had tried to convince her to come live with you. Once she had been in a wreck and you tried to force her to come with you, for whatever reason your powers didn’t work on her.
“Didn’t you say you had very important business to take care of and you didn’t know if you could even come back?”
“I know. Like I said I can’t seem to stay away.”God you were so desperate to let her in. Sersi had her second chance, and now Sprite did too. And here you were biding for time.
“You know one day I’m going to convince you to run away with me.”
 “You know I want but I—”
“Can’t. I’ve heard it before. What I don’t know is why you won’t tell me why you cant come with.”
 “Why won’t you tell me how it seems you never age?”
 “You act as if I should have grey hairs already.”
 “Im acting as if nothing about you has changed for the past however long I’ve known you.” She kissed your cheek and began cooking food for the both of you.
 “Fair enough. I am still older than you though, if that helps.”
 “It doesn’t, you never tell me your age. You could at least lie about it and make less suspicious. It just seems weird that your appearance always seems to stay the same. What are you going to do when I get all old and wrinkly.” You chuckled at her but it was honestly something you’d been dreading. You didn’t even want to imagine a world without her in it. Which was why the battle with Ikaris had been so important. Not that she could know about that. The two of you settled into a comfortable silence after that until she was done cooking the two of you.
 “You know we could always go out.”
 “I like cooking for us anyway.” She smiled sweetly at you.
 Afterwards the two of you took a walk around the park. It had taken a lot of goading from you but you had finally convinced her to enjoy some time outside. The sun was beginning to set before she suddenly froze.
“Hey, lets go back to my place so we can watch a movie, yeah?”
“Is everything okay?”
 You looked to see a group of people staring at you. Avengers. You recognized them. Another group of people you wished you had been allowed to help. You saw Captain America and Tony Stark start heading in your direction.
 “Babe, we need to go. Now.” She tried tugging at your hand.
 “They aren’t going to do anything to you my love Im sure of it.”
 You heard her sigh, “That’s not what I mean—”
 “Well, well, look who it is cap.”
 You were thrown off guard. For a split second you thought they had figured out who you were but now it was very clear their focus was all on y/n.
 “Y/n we’ve been looking everywhere for you.”
 “I’m sure you have.” You were shocked. Apparently y/n had met the avengers at one point and even more surprising was her immediate distaste for them. You’d never seen her turn away anyone. She had her arms crossed and her whole demeanor changed. Your little ray of sunshine suddenly turned ice cold. You reached around their minds to see how they knew her. You saw glimpses of her fighting along side the avengers in the original battle against thanos. Small glimpses in the second battle. You saw her shielding people, disappearing in and out of battle. You looked back over at her, finally understanding why she tried to stay away from the general public. She finally seemed to remember you were there and sighed.
 She turned back to face the group of heroes. “I told you I was done. What do you guys want?”
 “Look we know we messed up but we’re trying to get as many of us back together. Without Vision we could really use you.”
 “Yeah well I could have used you when that building collapsed.” You literally couldn’t speak. You glanced back over and saw a mission going haywire, y/n getting stuck inside a building. Comms were down, the rest of the group assumed she was gone. You saw red, you felt yourself begin moving towards the group but y/n’s hand reached out.
“I don’t think so. You guys can figure it out yourselves.”
 She began pulling you away from the group that had formed. You saw Soteve Rogers ask a question as if you were both still there. Stark reached his arm out and just threw his head back. You looked over at her.
“Just keep quiet. Please.” She whispered to you. “Look at the windows.”
 To be honest you were still in shock that y/n had taken part in these huge battles and you had no idea. From what you saw her ability to shield you began to understand why you couldn’t read her like everyone else. You looked past the cars you were walking by. You came to a stop. Y/n had a good grip on you and almost tripped over you. You couldn’t help walking closer to the car window. You couldn’t see anything. The two of you were completely invisible. She tugged on your hand and the two of you walked in silence until you got near her apartment. She went to the side of the building and finally released you.
 “So now I see why you always want to stay nearby.”
 “Yeah, I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you about it before.” You saw her look down and bite her lip, “Do—do you still want to come in.”
 You chuckled, “Oh my love, theres some things I think I need to tell you as well. Come on."
 The two of you settled into the couch, she had gone back to her usual cheerful self. She crossed her legs and waited for you to continue. You began showing her the things you could create, explaining your powers. How you saw what she could do by reading the minds of Stark and Rogers. She was quiet for a bit.
 “Are you able to read my mind?” She asked quietly
 “My dear, if I could I would have done so a long time ago. I tried to convince you to come live with me when you got in that accident, which I am now realizing wasn’t from a car.”
 She shook her head, “nope. Sorry. Some people came to check out the destruction afterwards and they found me super out of it and got me to the hospital. Then I yelled at the avengers and shortly after you found me.” She looked down at her hands
“So you really aren’t aging, what are gonna do about that?”
 “We need to find Sersi. She can make me human.”
 “Wish she could make me immortal. Then I could make up for all this time hiding. Enjoy life some more.” She threw her head back on the couch. You scootched closer to her and brought her into your chest. That was actually brilliant. You didn’t know if it worked both ways, but you wanted to try. You wanted to Sersi more than ever.
 “Well we can always try that too.”
Her head snapped up to look at you “And if that doesn’t work?”
 “Then I will change for you. I’ve been around forever anyways.” You said as you kissed her forehead
 “Hmm maybe I shouldn’t be with such an old man. People might thinks it’s weird.”
 “Whatever,” you said as you shoved her off you, “you love me.”
 She laughed and placed a soft kiss on your lips “Yeah, I do.”
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jammesbarnnes · 14 hours ago
Merciless Pt. 2 (Druig Oneshot)
Character/s: Ikaris, Druig
Word Count: 1,278
Inspired By: God Must Hate Me - Catie Turner
Tag List: Tag List: @dontdowhatisayandnobodygetshurt @myriadimagines @lilyswritings @encounterthepast @writinqss @brithedemonspawn @ladyeliot @locke-writes @thedarkqueenofavalon @fangirlsarah16 @randomfandomimagine @amirahiddleston @diana-westmoon @glitchybrit @lost-girl-of-onceuponatime
A/N: LISTEN I was not planning on doing a part two. Rarely do I do. And as much as I would love to keep things nice and sweet you know I just had to break your hearts!!!! Y'all I am so sorry in advance :P I couldn't help myself! I wasn't even sure I'd be able to keep it a secret because it's just too good!!! It's v dark and I am so excited to share it. I feel like the lil devil emoji!!! I wanted to thank you for how much love part one got!! Y'all the the absolute best and I love you so much!!! Feedback is always appreciated!!! 💜💖💜
Tumblr media
Instead, he slowly steps down and smiles.
“You look like hell.”
He wakes in a cold sweat, the hold of a sweet dream shattering in seconds. It crashes and wails, the reality of the world settled deep in a dark blanket. There is nothing but crickets, their weary song a familiar lullaby. You look like hell. Always the same line, the same chuckle, but it never gets any further. There is no resolution in this story, no ending. There is nothing. It goes unfinished. A painting that will never dry. A song unsung. A story unwritten, the artist grown tired and weak. It’s never teased him for that long, though. Even in another world you are not allowed to rest easy, to rest in peace. He is constrained by this scene. Over and over, he fights the urge to run to you, to hold you, to be the one to cry on your shoulder. But he is frozen. Instead he is stuck watching, waiting, cursed to remain indifferent. If he could, he would have warned you. If he could, he would have made an army. For once in his existence, he is powerless. Just before reality splits through like a hammer, destructive, furious, you look at him with a sadness that tears him apart. As if every bone in his body had broken. Crushed. These are not illusions. No one would be cruel enough to create these. No, it is his own mind left to wander, to wonder, at the edge of a cliff. It is all too tempting to jump. To meet you there, wherever you may be.
Perhaps you are having the same dream. Whose to say the dead do not spend eternity in between fantasy and nightmare.
They found your body long after the fire had been set. Finally extinguished, the smoke itself a shield, protecting you, your spirit, your place of worship long after death. Charred. Unrecognizable. They knew, though. Druig would always knew. The lack of a beating heart could never change that. There was nothing left in the wreckage, nothing identifiable. Left to guess, to sift through a graveyard. He never wondered what you’d painted your bedroom. The color swatches you went through before deciding. Maybe he should have. How much of it ended up on the floor, in your hair. How many books did you have? Where they shared, split down the middle, agonizing in your delicacy, never a page torn or bent, or did they rest beneath the couch, solidifying a shaky leg, never to be cracked open? Surely, this place had not always smelled of gasoline and smoke. What lived here before? What life unfolded itself between walls that no longer stood? They tried to go through it all. They tried to tidy it up, to take what they could, but He made sure there was nothing. Whatever you had slipped away into the flames, coddled by the warmth, the safety, the fury.
They doubted. They feared. But they would not believe him when he told them who did this. Not Him. Not their mighty leader.
How easily had this place burned? Did He watch? Gone. Like a fucking coward. No one knew but you. Your love, your life, willing to risk all life on Earth for what? For who? You tore into him. You screamed at him. You wanted to make him hurt the way he hurt you. You understood he was sick, that he was cruel, and you had settled a long time ago to be the one to endure all this. All of Him. This was your doing. No one else to blame. But you vowed you would never let him hurt anyone else. You threatened him, your words careful and sharp, slicing his ego to pieces. You would tell Ajak, and she would let the others know. You would stop him no matter what. You had no idea how true it would come to be. How easily he’d slipped from bed, the two of you rarely sharing it anymore. These days he’d opt for the couch. Or, not to be home altogether. Quietly, the air still the same way it is before the end of war. You heard no crickets. You never had the chance to get out, your bedroom door barricaded. Even with your powers, your everlasting life, there was no escaping this. Too much of you kissed, touched, loved by a flame you could never love back. Too much of you destroyed. There was nothing left to heal. He had taken precautions. He was meticulous in his planning. Druig hoped, night after guilty night, that you had not been scared. He never imagined death. Never had to. His years numerous, hopefully eternal. Now he dreamed of death every night. It is calloused. It is cold. It is the opposite of fire.
What you would have loved to show them. Your home. Your slice of heaven. The only place you could truly be yourself. The linens that smelled too much of you, of all the soaps you’d ever used, all those restless hours awake despite your exhaustion. The baby name books under your side of the bed. New and old. Stained in black ink, name after name circled or crossed off. The want, the need, for another life and the burden of knowing you could never have that. Not with Him. He was your burden to bear. His temper. His selfishness. His hatred. Your family, all of them, would never see the glassware from your wedding, kept pristine. Pretty. Not like your marriage. What was there to do? Trapped. Always feeling trapped. If not you, then someone else. They didn’t deserve that. Neither did you. Neither did you. You persisted. You would have invited them to the kitchen, a place as old as time, with recipes dating thousands of years. To the living room, too small for so many people, you would have laughed. You would have loved. A home full of love. A first for you. How you would have enjoyed them, all of them, if he’d allowed it.
They had turned on him, an act that could never be forgiven. By you and him.
You had no time to tell them, to warn them. Ikaris ran, but he would always be back, but it was too late. It would always be too late. And so, he dreams of you every night. Stuck in a purgatory, his or your he isn’t sure yet. He didn’t know you, not really. Not what you became. Not what you had to sacrifice of yourself to be able to coexist with Him, but he never stopped thinking about you. Wondering. Shaking his head and laughing at all the things you’d say if you could see him now. He never stopped. This image of you, complicated and grieving, left to wander through the rain as a means of escape, all of it was a fictitious story, a facade, something to calm his nerves when he thought a little too long about the scent of a burning body. There would have been some truth to it, he liked to think. He liked to hope you got out. Whatever reason had pushed you over the edge, he hoped it would have been enough. Hope was for children. Hope was for mortals. Hope was for someone who could afford. Druig sought safety in his seclusion the way you dreamed you had. He knew, no matter what was to happen, it could only end one way: the end of Ikaris.
A life for a life. An eye for an eye. He’d make sure Ikaris would pay for what he’s done to you.
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waspswidows · 2 days ago
I cannot begin to thank everyone enough for all the love on ‘Centuries in the Making’, and I just reached 300 followers which may not seem like a lot for some people but for me it’s a great milestone and I’m so thankful!
Next up will be another angsty smutty oneshot but this time with none other than Rick Flag! Than I will be getting to my one anon request for Alex Summers (don’t worry my precious anon I have not forgotten about you I’ve just been a lil busy but I will get it done don’t you worry!🖤) and then who knows from there!
Is there still a high demand for more Druig or shall I do a Bucky one next? I also have a Bucky x Reader x Steve if anyone’s interested in that👀
Let me know what you want, I have ideas for both!🖤
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m0chaminx · 14 hours ago
Kingo | The Things I'd Do
Tumblr media
𝙒𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 : Smut!!!, Pet names (love, baby etc.), Slight begging, Very slight teasing Minors DNI
Paring : Kingo x F!Eternal Reader
A nice bit of plot, but not really
𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 : You had been flirting with Kingo and he finally made a move
1391 words
𝙂𝙚𝙣𝙙𝙚𝙧 : 𝘍𝘦𝘮𝘢𝘭𝘦 - ɪғ ʏᴏᴜ ʟɪᴋᴇ ɪ ᴄᴏᴜʟᴅ ᴅᴏ ᴀʟᴛᴇʀɴᴀᴛᴇ ᴠᴇʀsɪᴏɴs ᴏғ ᴍᴀʟᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ɢᴇɴᴅᴇʀ ɴᴇᴜᴛʀᴀʟ ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀs :)
You pushed Kingo to the side as a Deviant rushed through. "I had 'em!" Kingo complained throwing his hands up a small pout on his lips. With the gold covering your hand, you rolled your eyes throwing your hand out and any surrounding metal followed your order burring itself into the Deviant killing it on the spot. Your head turned to the side seeing another Deviant rush at you but the familiar gold power ball shot into its side knocking it over to Gilgamesh who finished it off. Kingo chuckled walking to stand in front of you.
"Let me guess, you had em," Kingo mocked flicking your nose. You flicked your fingers out in front of you using the metal lining of Kingo's collar to bring his face closer to yours. You brushed your lips just centimeters from his, and even as your eyes were trained on his lips you could see the blush run across his cheeks.
"I wasn't worried, I knew you had em," You teased eyes flickering to his before letting him go. Kingo stumbled back watching you as you saunter over to Thena.
"What was that?" Sprite asked letting herself be seen standing next to Kingo. Kingo cursed jumping as he noticed her. "So? What's with you and Y/N?"
"Uhhh," Kingo tried to think of an excuse other than wanting to fuck you so hard, so perfectly, so good that you're screaming and crying. "It's called flirting." Kingo managed to speak out followed after you. The blush on his cheeks didn't leave as the dirty thoughts didn't leave his mind. The thoughts of pinning you against the wall, clamping a hand on your moth as you shoved his cock deep inside, over and over and-
"Jesus Kingo," Druig called in surprise watching him pass through the walls of Babylon. "Your thoughts are very loud my friend." Druig laughed watching Kingo turn nearly as red as Makkari's amour. "So our daring Y/N is who you have your eyes set on... along with other things-"
"Okay Druig, I get it," Kingo nearly yelled in defense. "Don't say anything." Kingo pointed a finger at Druig in a threat.
"Alright, alright," Druig chuckled holding his hands up in defense. "But, and you didn't hear this from me, she takes a swim after the battle, down at the lake a mile or two from the crop fields." Druig laughed as Kingo looked stunned at the information already seeing the cogs in his head turn. "Go on then-lover boy." Kingo nodded rushing off past the walls of the town.
You stuck your head under the water trying to rid it of the dirt and the sticky blood from the Deviants. As you breached the water, it covering the top of your chest, you heard the rustling of the trees and mumbling of a very familiar person. "Hello Kingo," You called your back facing him.
"Y/N/N, you heard me coming?" Kango asked stopping at the edge of the water.
"I know your footsteps," You admitted squeezing the water from your hair. "Are you joining me?" You finally turned to face him. "You can leave your amour with mine." You nodded to a rock where your dark red and white amour was rested against. Kingo sighed, this was his only shot. Kingo unclipped the top of his amour revealing his bare chest, and suddenly all your cocky confidence was gone. Kingo didn't only act like a god, but he was also sculpted like one.
"No snarky comment?" Kingo asked in a teasing tone, stripping off his pants, not right now. You swore if Kingo wasn't wearing any underwear you would've cum right then and there. "Stars truck?" Kingo stood by the edge just to tease you longer. You sighed using your abilities to pull on the bracelet you gifted him. He stumbled into the water and once it was up to hit waist you dunked him under finally letting him go. You laughed as you watched Kingo come back up whipping his hair around trying to get the water out of his eyes, once he manages that he used both his hands to slick his hair back.
"You all good?" You joked watching as Kingo was sending you a death stare. Your eyes flicked down and you instantly regretted your choice as you watched water roll down his neck, off his shoulders and down his sculpted chest before finally meeting the water again. You didn't even realize Kingo reached out until he took a soft hold of your jaw.
"Distracted love?" Kingo teased his eyes flickering between your eyes and lips. You copied his movement, and without even thinking you wrapped your arms around his neck pressing your lips hard against his. Kingo kissed back almost immediately, keeping one hand on your jaw the other taking your waist and pulling you closer. He sucked in a harsh breath and a cocky smirk broke onto his face ah he felt your bare chest pressing against his. He brought his hand up to squeeze one in his hand and you broke the kiss to let out a whine that Kingo chuckled at. You let your head hang back as he sucked on the skin of your neck, switching between biting and sucking and letting his tongue run over his marks to contrast the rough nips.
"Kingo, please- please do something," You begged, tugging at the waistband of his underwear. Kingo nipped one last time at your collar bone before taking you into another heated kiss. His hand moved from your breast to your thighs meaning to take off your underwear but gripped them hard when he didn't feel them. "I knew you were coming, I don't want to wait any longer."
You're explanation made Kingo chuckle lightly and caress your cheek in adoration. "So thoughtfully and sweet, aren't you love?" Kingo praised finally losing his underwear and tossing them onto a nearby rock. You nodded trying to pull Kingo impossibly closer, "There's no need to rush princess."
"I have been waiting for this since the moment I saw you," You confessed looking at Kingo with complete affection "But you were too goddamn thick to realize." Your laugh at the end of the sentence reassured Kingo that you were merely teasing him. Kingo hooked his hands under your thighs bringing you up to straddle his waist.
"Well, I'm sorry for keeping you waiting so long," Kingo 'apologized', pressing you to one of the smoother rocks nearby. "Let's not keep this from you any longer." Kingo lined his cock at your entrance pressing himself deep inside you. You both let out small sighs as you finally felt full and Kingo finally felt your walls grip him. "Fuck, your tight." Kingo let himself fall forward slightly catching himself on his right hand which pressed against the rock. Your head hung back and your hands tightened on Kingo's shoulders and he attached his lips to your collar bone again. Kingo started his slow deep thrust, rocking you against the rock.
"Holy shit, Kingo," Your moans your quieter than he expected but they were so much pretty this way, he wasn't here now to make you beg and scream, this was about you and him as one. "So good."
Kingo slipped his hand to your waist pulling you close and moving his lips back onto yours. Kingo watched your eyes screw shut as he sped up slightly, "Look at me please," Kingo pleaded, moving his hand off the rock to hold your cheek. You opened your eyes watching Kingo.
"Please, I'm close," You wined tugging on Kingo hair. Kingo groaned pulling you into a kiss his hand dropping down to rub circles on your clit. "Fuck, fuck, fuck. Kingo." Kingo bit on your lip as you moaned in his mouth.
"I'm close baby," Kingo moaned pressing harder against your clit. You let out a loud moan tossing your head back as clenched on his cock as you came. Kingo fell forward burying his head in your neck letting out a breathy moan shooting his cum inside you.
"Holy gods Kingo," You sighed as he pulled out setting your legs in the water. Kingo kissed you one last time before pulling you into the water. Kingo used sign language, to say I love you. You pulled up both back up, "I love you too."
ᴇɴᴅ .
𝘓𝘰𝘷𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶 .
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Do you ever think about how Barry didn't want to wear the now iconic leather jacket in Eternals but Chloé insisted on it because she knew people would love him in it, and lo and behold she was right because people fell head over heels for him? Because I do
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readthinkbeme · a day ago
Tumblr media
Drop your hiking/camping/outdoor imagines below! I need some ideas!
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babybirbb · a day ago
i can't find the post now but i read a post on here where someone said they would've liked to have seen ikaris also turned human and forced to live like one as "punishment" (not sure if that’s how they worded it) instead of dying at the end. a really good post in my opinion, because i agree, i would've liked for the eternals to show him and teach him how to finally live among humans, just like the rest of them had.
so i’m thinking “Oh that’s great except he probably wouldn’t be able to live like that” as in he wouldn’t be able to live among humans and furthermore i realized:
he wouldn’t be able to live with what he'd done
i feel like this is obvious but it just suddenly struck me how he wasn’t gonna be able to live with the fact that he hurt his family, that he failed what he believed was his only purpose, and it’s so tragic how he just couldn’t live with himself because of it (hence the flying into the sun)
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curiosity-cat · 23 days ago
i noticed a suspicious lack of eternals memes so i am here to supply (MAJOR spoilers)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
+ some shippy ones because drukkari and phastos/ben own my whole heart
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mrsmooneyshouse · a day ago
Barry Keoghan bewitched me, i have not known peace since i watched Eternals
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tokkiotears · 17 days ago
A fic where the eternals don't know you're a thing with Druig until they see years of photos of you and him all over your house.❤
Tumblr media
note: am i crying?? maybe.... i took some creative liberty with this one, but kept the main request there <3 i hope you all enjoy as much as i did. idc that its november,,, christmas now..
pairing: druig x (f)reader
summary: the holidays bring your large family of eternals over to celebrate. when they walk into your home and see photo after photo of you and druig, they realize something that has been under their noses for millenia
warnings: sweet sweet puppy love n lovey dovey druig
wc: 1k
Christmas wasn’t a holiday that Eternals celebrated, in fact, you weren’t sure if there were any that they did. Nevertheless, for the sake of old times and catching up on how eternal life was, you were all going to celebrate this year. It had been decided that you would be throwing the event, as it was known that you were the best event planner there ever had been.
The stone cottage you owned in the French countryside was the perfect venue. The interior was cozy, the walls plastered in photos and paintings, the floor with mismatched carpets and rugs. There was a small kitchen that led into the living room, warmed by a brick fireplace. The tree was decorated with an assortment of tinsel and ornaments that glittered from the flames.
“Druig!” You call, hoping to reach your husband on the modest second floor. The mug you held in your hands was filled with your favorite: hot chocolate. You double and triple check the food in the oven and that the cookies had been set out. The fireplace was cracking loudly, the ambiance just right. Eventually, you hear the rhythm of footsteps down the staircase, indicating that your husband was about to come rob you of your sweet drink.
“Yes, my darling?” He approaches you from behind, sneaking a kiss onto your temple, “Ooh, is that hot chocolate?”
You roll your eyes playfully, but you don’t resist when his arm reaches around yours and removes the mug from your hand. “You’d better plan on making me more, you thief.”
Druig slips his arm around your waist as he sips on the drink. He pulls your body against his and moves gently with the old Sinatra record playing from the living room. The man gives you a puppy-eyed look, “Oh but of course, my darling wife.”
You lean your head back and rest it on his with closed eyes, “I made your favorites.”
Your voice is nearly a whisper, but an excited hum escapes him. Gently, he takes your hand and twirls you much like he had in the countless dances you’d shared before. “Oh, how I love you, Y/N.”
He traps you between the counter and his body, peppering your face with kisses remnant of the hot chocolate that was once yours. Your hand finds its way to his low back, fingertips grazing over the knit sweater.
The harsh knock on the door startles you both. This is followed by a troubled Kingo shouting, “Let us in! It’s freezing!”
“Oops!” You giggle. Druig sneaks in one more kiss before letting you shuffle towards the door. You swing the door open, greeting everyone. A swift blur lets you know that Makkari has shot right past you and straight towards the fireplace. Snowflakes flurry in the air after her.
“Come on in guys! Welcome!” You squeak, “Please leave your shoes right by the door”
“I hope you heard that Makkari!” Kingo can hardly finish his sentence before there is another brief flash and a pair of boots wobble to a stop on the wooded floor. They file in one by one after the movie star, some shivering more than others.
“There are blankets on the couches and next to the tree,” You tell them in between greetings, “And there is cocoa on the stove.”
You shut the door securely after they all enter, adjusting so that all their shoes are against the wall with your foot.
“Oh, you’re already here?” You hear from the other room. It was Kingo asking the question.
Knowing Druig, he’s probably responded by momentarily raising his brows or with a curt nod.
“Dude, look at these,” Sprite drags Kingo and Ikaris to the wall where all your pictures are hung.
“What the…” Kingo mutters in disbelief, then shrieking, “I missed the wedding?!”
“Wedding?” Ajak looks a tad intrigued, joining the other Eternals at the wall. There are a plethora of photos. Not just the wedding, but the many vacations and triumphs you held. Plenty of candid photos that caught Druig in a softer light that the others didn’t often see.
“That is so much good content for my documentary wasted!” Kingo huffs. Sprite has a look of disbelief on her face.
“Like, when did this all even happen? It hasn’t even been like a thousand years since we last saw each other?”
Phastos grins, placing a gift under the tree. “If you guys paid more attention you would’ve seen it coming.”
You glance to Druig, who is smugly sipping his cocoa and sitting on one of the recliners closest to the fireplace. He throws you a wink. “You’ve lost your chance boys, I beat you to it.”
Sersi grins at you, wiggling her fingers as if to say “show me the ring!”. You girls all gather around, forming a little huddle as you reveal your sparkling ring. Phastos had helped make it. A gorgeous golden band, intricate and delicate, holding a gorgeous pear stone that matched the hue of your husband's eyes. His ring had threads of magic that matched your own. Thena smiles proudly, pulling Gilgamesh closer to look. Ajak turns to you, her fingers pushing a strand of hair from your face.
“I’m so very happy for you.”
“Thank you, Ajak.” You hum, leaning into her touch.
“Alright. Enough of the gossip. I want to try some of this food.” Gilgamesh grumbles, moving towards the kitchen. The room erupts in laughter and everyone but you and Druig crowds into the kitchen to serve themselves dinner.
You offer him a hand which he takes, joining you in standing. Even you can see that the infatuation in his eyes is just as strong as it was the day he first laid eyes on you. “Mine forever?”
“Forever.” He presses a kiss to your forehead, where you can just peek at the message Makkari was signing to you:
“You even have him in the matching Christmas socks? You’ve impressed me!”
You grin at her, leaning into your husband, so very happy that your family surrounds you.
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waspswidows · 2 days ago
You write angst so amazingly well! Please could you write more angsty Druig!
Thank you so much!🥺🖤 I definitely will, I actually just received another request for Druig and I’m planning on making it quite angsty so be sure to look out for that when it comes out!
- hope :)
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