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- I missed you so much. Your soft as cotton touch, sweet and delightful kiss. I’m just looking at you and I can’t believe that you’re here, beautiful as the sunniest day and starriest night, standing right in front of me. - I can see and feel that from your eyes. Never before had anybody looked at me the way that you do now. Like I’m the whole world to you. And existing only for you.

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Face masks are being worn more and more frequently at the moment and i get it.

But.. . Please consider those who find eye contact difficult.

I find eye contact almost impossible (even worse when i am stressed), to make up for this i look at other parts of the face to work out that people are talking to me and what they are saying. I can’t do this when you are wearing a face mask.

I would never dream of asking anyone to take their mask off but i needed to point this out.

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The Art of Eye Contact

eyes have their own vocabulary

it tells more than words could say

those eyes of yours can tell stories

people can see your heart through it

a powerful non verbal communication

some avoids gaze & some fixes their gaze on you

it conveys feelings that lips fear to voice out

it is the secrets of eye contact

holding someone’s gaze creates attraction

the waves of your love reflects to your body’s window

until your soul can’t hide anymore

mesmerized to the silent beauty of your eyes

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Do you have to avoid eye contact to be autistic? Just I can make eye contact if I need to it doesn’t really hurt but if i’m really stressed and about to shutdown or something I can’t make eye contact like I physically cannot

Eye contact is just one among many possible traits, and it is not a make or break trait in and over itself. It is listed in many diagnostic schedules because it is common, not because it is required.

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