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my precious niece, Jayla teaches me a lot about asserting your will. she has such a strong sense of self that will always amaze and inspire me. it’s always too soon to give up on what you want but it’s never too late to pursue it passionately. i want EVERYTHING i want!

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„In the beauty of Your breath

In the safety of Your arms

My heart beats to Your melody

Ah love infinity!

The unity upon Your breath

In the purest light

Only a spark of time

Is the most beautiful, indescribable moment

The whole existence is the same

Ah amazement of it all.

What a miracle!

Ah love, love”.



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On pourrait s’imaginer que l’idée d’aimer tout le monde, si elle n’est pas réalisable, ne peut au moins faire de mal. Mais c’est faux car cela entraîne tellement de mensonges, comme par exemple le fait d’inventer des tas de défauts à son conjoint qui justifient une rupture (et par là l’accabler, le torturer bien plus que par un simple aveu), au lieu de reconnaître l’absence de ressenti amoureux ou-et désirant véritable. Ou encore une absence de combativité à l’égard d’un danger, etc. et l’on se destine alors à la société du simulacre, de la machination, de la machinisation, partant de la destruction de l’être et du rôle qu’il joue dans la mémoire et l’intelligence. Cet être qui doit voir ce qu’il est (y compris son néant) pour naturellement se métamorphoser, se synthétiser, se transformer, et choisir, plutôt que de partir d’idées (on trouve les mêmes modulées de différentes façons dans toutes les civilisations, mais d’une façon plus ou moins véridique), forme d’anti-spiritualité dévastatrice propre à notre civilisation chrétienne, les (belles) idées ne se transfigurant pas automatiquement en être, loin s’en faut, mais bien souvent “tuant” ce dernier, on y perd l’acuité de la vision, et la possibilité de naviguer intelligemment dans ce monde et par là d’être à même de donner le meilleur de soi à autrui.

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Who am I kidding? I am me. And there is no way I can withstand the ice. The fact is, I was made from love. Ice will always melt away because of it.

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When you express yourself on

paper, it’s so easy for others to

change it, erase it, crumple it,

burn it to ashes, bury it underneath,

that sometimes, the truth you’ve

known so well becomes a mere

stranger in a crowd of unknown

faces; that when people come

searching for it, they have to look

at a number of pairs of eyes before

they’re able to see the ones that truly

show who you are or have been.

When you express yourself on

paper, maybe leaving it on the

pages isn’t enough, that you

have to express it on all parts

of your body, on the way you walk,

on the languages you speak,

on things and lives that you touch,

on all the days you spend alive,

so that the truth expresses itself

and that no one can ever bury it

because you’re no longer alone in

living, but also is the truth about you.

Expression Doesn’t End in Writing, Samantha M.

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I am living for myself

What do I want

To be happy

Doing what I love

That’s talking to new people

Playing games with people

but this is to be done on my own

in my own safe haven.

Haven’t gotten the foggiest of clues on how to achieve this


maybe soon it will come to me.

Honestly confused about so much right now. Wishing someone would shed some guidance on how to chart my life right now. Where to go and what to do.

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Does the way I wear my hair make me a better person?
Does the way I wear my hair make me a better friend?
Does the way I wear my hair determine my integrity?
I am expressing my creativity…

I am the soul that lives within.


14 years later, and this song couldn’t be more relevant. Powerful. 

💪🏿 💪🏾 💪🏽 💪🏼 💪🏻

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