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#fuck i love this so much

oh 100%. though there would undoubtedly be some adjustment to the thought of ‘ok she’s me but like… not’, kara is too overflowing with love and compassion to not try and help red daughter in any way she could, including initiating her into her little family the same way she did lena

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im devastated. I have been talking to this girl who’s in college and so young and so crazily in love with me but i just can’t

I met T yesterday just to meet her as friends. As soon as i saw her she started crying. Her soft-ass face was trying so hard not to cry i’m fucking devastated. She rarely cries. Seeing her crying broke me. She kept saying are you feeling cold, do you want my jacket, please eat something, how’s your stomach and go to se a doctor for your stomach issues. The thing that broke me completely was when we parted ways, we hugged and for the first time in months it felt like home and she kissed the right side of head a little and I just realized even tho it’s been a year im still not over her. I’m not over her at all.

I told all this to the new girl and now she’s blocked me so it’s good. I can;t start something new with someone when im still bleeding over my broken past. I still fucking love her even tho we aren’t meant to be. She’s happy and that’s all i need. I just want her happy and i want her to feel loved again by someone who can give her all the happiness in the world.

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yall i replayed konyyl’s route tonight:

-there were many points to where i was speaking in only a frequency dogs could hear

-more than 90% of what i was saying was: “I LOVE HER SO MUCH”, “I LOVE YOU”, “I LOVE HER!!!!!”

-skylla exists and is hot

-konyyl is a himbo and makes dad jokes

-absolutely went into gay panic/crisis mode the moment she was peeking out of the bush, which i relearned that she is strong enough to kick them out of the fuckign ground

-accidental flirting and then immediately sayin. “thats not what i MEANT”

-everything about konyyl makes me fucking weak

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pretty much anyone from undertale, underfell, swapfell, or underswap! though i should add that i have a v strong preference for the skelebros and papyrus specifically haha (excluding fell sans i do not like him)

i’ll also draw for my own AUs, like mishap, undermunch, munchfell, & the crime gang

i’m not really familiar with AUs outside of those, so I’d rather not draw them!

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i’ve been bending my mind trying to imagine how the huelk thing will go and i just can’t imagine them revealing it through nora watching ava do something. BUT i honestly think it would slap if they did something similar to how tyler was revealed to be green nail polish person or whatever we called him. like if there was a moment that revealed to the audience who huelk was but ava still didn’t know so we’d go into her season (if next season is her season) with the Tension. 

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HE PROPOSED WITH A CLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11



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#bark bark bark......, #i talked with my mom for like several hours bccccc we talked abt behavior of ppl in our lives and also about ME and it was very insightful, #in many ways.... she doesnt think im crazy so thats good <3 and i told her about how i feel like i have a calling in the world and it feels, #fucking strange to me. like i was made this way for a reason and i KNOW im meant to do something but i dont know what yet. and she said that, #reminded her of lady gaga lol. who knows !! who the fuck knows. i honest to god dont think its my mental illness i think its more than that., #its not me thinking im better than everyone else it feels like a genuine calling but i dont know what its for . and it fucking bugs me. but, #ill find out., #of course she doesnt think im crazy bc i didnt tell her any of my symptoms bc if she did shed like either be concerned for me or think im, #evil or both. who knows! so thats staying with me ☺ but thats not out of the ordinary bc she said ive always held my cards close to my chest, #and she used to be concerned about that but she realized thats just how i am.... which is true! ........., #but yeah she just thinks thats because im autistic. and like yeah thats def a part of it. at the very least., #i do find myself acting like a bit off a lot now and i have to stop myself ... um so thats fun. im normal i prommy, #[u scroll past thinking 'wow how fucking crazy' contemptfully], #anyway i dont know what to do now. bc we ran out of things 2 talk about. all the hot gossip is GONE. it RAN OUT. and i know i can do sims, #and finish setting that up (UGH!) but dear god. there is so much to do. i just want drama. i just want drama to happen. i just need, #something to happen. please <3, #last winter was probably the most dramatic time of my life and i was having a blast. it wasnt good. it definitely wasnt good. but it was fun, #hearing about the new fucking crazy thing my cousin did. but thats behind us now. shes just sitting in her room having a bad time which like, #thats what u get when u sabotage ur life repeatedly. sorry luv x, #i gotta stop typing im done talking about like stuff thats actually relevant to me. but i love talking to you (the reader) xx, #v
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