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i love art classes dont get me wrong but a three hour night class was a terrible idea

#its just too long that i cant focus thru it, #we take really small five minute breaks but like i think i need a big one in the middle for this to work, #also its at a really bad time when it comes to like eating food, #my eating habits are slipping aaaaasdaljfsjkf, #i didnt notice but i dont eat three square meals anymore fuck!!!, #breakfast is good ive kept breakfast in check which is important, #lunchtime i just forget i exist so like, #and dinner is never certain like right now i have no clue, #like nothing sounds good either its a problem, #but im hungry and i WANT to eat like ive gotten over the shame factor and most of the time the lack of appetite, #but whats going on wit me nothing sounds good, #dont like college life too much i want to live in a cabin with many friends where we have communal meals at a really long table, #basically the way my schedule is in maine is how i want to live idk how it doesnt translate down here, #probably bc i live with people i dont want to live with, #but like i get up early and am energized and breakfast is fun and lunch is fun and dinner is fun and everything in between is fun, #it might be new york actually nobody here is capable of fun or relaxation, #HATE new york standards like the days here feel short and meaningless and then up there even tho we take our time they feel shorter, #why the fuck bigots always live in the country thats my goddamn element, #gays. gays lets just pick one of those real empty states and take it over, #wyoming is ours comrades let us live in a giant log cabin and drink and eat and be merry, #connor talks, #idk what im doing i just dont want to be in class and i am humgry
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“richard papen is definitely gay” takes make me uncomfortable in general but none more so when they use the scene where francis forces himself on him as their main argument. francis asked him once when they both were relatively sober and the answer was no, but next time when they both were stressed and richard was very drunk and under drugs francis made his move without asking and disregarded richard’s requests to stop. this clearly looks very much like an attempt at rape and i’m sure more people would view it as such if only richard was a woman. instead the discourse is not about how it was a bad thing for francis to do but about how richard “really wanted it” and would’ve realized how gay he is if only they weren’t interrupted by charles.

yes, richard could’ve pushed him away but didn’t. yes, his requests to stop can be read as uncertain and half-hearted. yes, maybe he was starting to get aroused. yes, he can be interpreted as a gay man who doesn’t realize he’s gay bcs of internalized homophobia. none of this matters in the context of this scene. the words that were coming out of his mouth were “cut it out” and “give me a break” which francis wasn’t about to do.

it’s quite jarring how people romanticize this scene and interpret an entire gay sexual awakening into it whereas what i’m hearing all the while is “richard papen is definitely gay bcs his gay friend forced himself on him and he didn’t push him away”.

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new addition to rules:

edit 10 / 27: i legit cannot believe i have to add this but please stop fucking referring to vi has a ’ slut ’ a ‘ twink ‘ and a ’ whore ’ the moment you follow me and then start digging in to his sex life. other than it being hilarious that he doesn’t get laid, it’s so awful and disrespectful to him. dehumanizing my son the second you follow me? just say you don’t think of gay men as human beings. then you can proceed to take ur seme-uke yaoi paddles and beat yourself unconscious with them thx lmao.

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Comfort Movie Tag

Rules: List 7 comfort movies (hard mode for me: no barbie movies)

Also these aren’t in order! :) Check the tags for my ramblings about them!!

1. Castle in the Sky


Originally posted by alvsjo

2. Big Eden


Originally posted by mindmeld

3. Kiki’s Delivery Service


Originally posted by kugurii

4. Ratatouille


Originally posted by moviesandfood

5. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


Originally posted by colorlessdelus

6. Song of the Sea


Originally posted by queentianas

7. Pokemon: The Power of Us


Originally posted by p-j-prinxe

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i am a virgo which every new friend with an interest in astrology (all of them because hello lgbt community) has immediately been like “let me guess…you are a virgo.” i have been trying not to understand the implications of this for years now.

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