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#i love girls
isoremxru · 2 hours ago
3, 9, 16 !! Pour the 🍵 ✨👀
Self-Reflection Meme
What does your muse think of their own appearance? / What does your muse think of their own sexuality? / What does your muse think of their own romantic relations?
Tumblr media
 It takes her a minute to think up a good enough answer, especially having not put so much thought into the things being questioned before but that doesn’t mean Lisa had no opinion at all. There was simply a lack of passion, enthusiasm, or various synonyms to describe how one usually felt. “I look good enough to get who I want with little effort.” She says this from experience. “I noticed more women in the Human World... interacted with me than Soul Society and men as a whole. They tended to keep prodding for attention.” 
Lots of memories like that in the vault. She shifts herself into a more comfortable position, ponytail sweeping across one shoulder to the other as she recalls countless meetings of the past, not many leaking a sense of romance despite her manga displayed such themes. Lisa was built upon mere carnal desire, leaving no time for either party to grow attached to one another. 
 “I guess there isn’t much to think about for the last one. They come and go.”
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stardust-lesbian · 2 hours ago
The phrase “I want a goth gf 🥺👉🏻👈🏻” when some folks dm me never fails to trigger my fight or flight
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katie618318 · 2 hours ago
Uh oh I accidentally decided that Annie is going to be chosen by the FBI to get close to Rio. Except something happens and they instead want her to get close to his right hand man. Then whoopsies they become best friends
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sothischickshe · 2 hours ago
The fact you didn’t bring up Rio’s hairline when he’s standing on the front lawn staring at Beth. You’ve changed since the Brio sex scene... 😂
😂😂😂😂 OK in my vague defence, I still don't have curtains so basically all I saw when I watched it this morning was the sun but omg i went back to look at that gifset and he looks like the fucking moon 🤣🤣
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wocs · 3 hours ago
i genuinely love the girls so much, even mona and then there’s aria....
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i think she’d end up just being another lavender and probably a crybaby and everyone would probably treat her poorly, especially hermione for obvious reasons
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marauderswritingonig · 4 hours ago
Me: Wizards must have some kind of credit card system right? Or at the very least money in paper notes. Because carrying around kilograms of gold, silver, and bronze is very impractical. Someone explain.
Me: *hears JK R*wling open Twitter*
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