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closuredream · 8 minutes ago
sometimes i think of how easy is for dream to show his love for other people (sometimes for those he doesn't know, like fans) and coming from gaming youtube, you would except him to selfish, full of himself and being able to check all of the point on the toxic masculinity list. but he really does not care and will talk highly and with a grin on his face about how much he loves his friends and family, how much he enjoyed his childhood and how bad of a kid he was on high school, the fact that he wrote a pjo self insert fic and how much he loves cats !!, how his favorite flowers are roses and how happy he gets when he's right or wins something because of how much effort he puts into the things he likes :')
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piningbisexuals · 30 minutes ago
i can see how people would think like that because the production levels are quite different, i feel like the audios of thai dramas are not as good as other countries productions but i agree with you that it all comes down to taste and that commenter shouldnt have tried to bring thai dramas down like that, i feel like they improved a lot recently and there is a lot out there that are good production wise (girl from nowhere, the stranded, who are you, etc etc), especially considerin how south east asia is treated compared to east asia i think that you being upset is totally understandable
I mean... yes some thai shows have bad audio but as you’ve said the production quality has been increased steadily in the past years, and also knocking down a whole country’s series for that when 1) it’s definitely in less than 30% of the series that have this problem & 2) there’s so much more to a series than audio, there’s writing, acting, cinematography, etc. as I said in my post people are allowed to have preferences, I definitely do & spoiler alert it’s thai dramas lol, but that person literally came on a comment I made praising a thai drama JUST to tell me they think thai dramas aren’t as good as kdramas & company. like... it’s the sense of entitlement for me, it’s the generalization for me, it’s the not-so-subtle classism for me. in the end these kinds of people can keep on punching down the underdog but they better keep it to themselves bc I am not sitting around watching them say this bullshit
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littlewarpup · 42 minutes ago
When the gender dysphoria is *~*so strong*~* that you put on a binder and makeup to go to your job where you will be dead named and have the wrong pronouns used for 8 and a half hours~~~
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willexx · an hour ago
alex is nervous when willie goes skateboarding so he puts willie’s helmet on for them, tightens the straps, and places a little kiss on the cracked part of the helmet before kissing willie on the lips. he always says “be careful! i love you!” as willie skates away and willie will scream “I LOVE YOU ALEX MERCER!!!” super loud so all of the ghosts in the area know that alex is their boyfriend <333
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snippetsnitch · an hour ago
Hello! I was the guy who requested the part 2 of Snippet 6 where Hero is captured.
Will you do it, please? I would love to see the continuation of it. :)
Hey there! I haven't forgotten you, especially since you keep asking about the continuation rather often. 😄 I'm sorry to say this, but inspiration hasn't hit yet... My studies for university consume the majority of my time, making it really difficult for me to write at the moment. 🙁
I'll take this opportunity to speak to all of you:
I know that some of you guys' asks have been in my inbox forever, and I'm so happy that you honor my works in this way! Never would I have thought that writing little snippets would bring me over 1800 followers here, that's just really amazing and I'm grateful for all of you. 😍🖤
However, it wouldn't be good for
my mental health,
the quality of my posts and
my feelings towards writing as a voluntary hobby in general,
if I pressured myself to do snippets as fast as possible and in a strict order. 😔 I hope that you understand this. Please have patience, I see your asks in my inbox and I try to write whenever I can, but I don't gain any money from this and I have many responsibilities apart from posting here. 🙏🏻🖤
You can send me asks or prompts whenever you want, because I will always be happy to see them! However, it will take lots of time until they are completed, because my life is just so cram-full at times. 😅
Again, thank you for staying with me for so long, it really means a lot to me! 🖤🖤🖤
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violetsoju · 2 hours ago
hello miss lin!! <33 my reply got kinda long bc i rambled so much so i'm here with two song recs!!! hehe. i forgot what i've rec before so i'm sorry if there are any repeats T^T
get you the moon - kina
i can't hate you - kayou
well... those are kinda similar/same vibes so here are two more songs w different vibes :")
nightlight - illenium
uchiage hanabi - daoko, kenshi yonezu
sending lots of love and good vibes your way <333
hello miss mandy!! i love this 3-5 business days communication timeframe we have hahaha
no worries no worries, there's no repeats! i mean even if there are i don't mind it at all <3 these recs look so good alr omg can't wait to hit play ltr hehe (im always excited to check out your recs bc your taste is also, immaculate ✨)
aaaa thank you for the love and good vibes! im recharged with it now <33 stay hydrated and don't forget spf too!!
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mvrderhoe · 2 hours ago
it's so rare that someone actually tries to fuck me over but like.... babe I'm unhinged. I will literally destroy everything about ur life that u love and leave you a broken shell. I always have receipts, its such a bad idea to try me its almost funny. I caught u cheating in 4k. I have video, texts and audio that can blow up your relationship and get u arrested. It is out of respect for one person who is very dear to me that I keep these things to myself. but now you hurt them? fuck them over? truly a tragic mistake for you.
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acrosstobear · 3 hours ago
ok @ ferrari i know Mick and Callum are there... together... now where are the pics of Callum looking at Mick like he’s the sun 🔪😤🔪😤🔪
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I recently developed tics, especially in the evenings or when I'm tired/stressed/mad. And yesterday evening I ticced a lot and hurt something in my back, like, thanks buddy. Love that for us :(
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godlivesonthemoon · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
“ i told you, i’ll love you no matter what. i’ll wipe the blood off your skin. i’ll clean the dirt off your hands from every grave you dig. i don’t care if you’re a monster. ” ( zion! )
meme for that specific brand of ships (always accepting) 
Tumblr media
There are people who wish to suffer. People who shall die under his watch. Walking back to his Garden, blood covering his face, torso and fingers, Enel looks like the beast he is, craving for blood, violence and war. He took the throne of Skypiea using his most brutal strength, crushing those who were standing against him, denying him his holy power, arguing with his total supremacy. Those particular people are now dust soiling the lands of his paradise, the few rebellious ones living around always watched and spied by the infamous God of Skypiea. He’ll wipe their existence if they ever dare to raise their voices once again, his mind clouded with the only proof of his total power; thunder itself, offering him all the magic he needs to be forever feared. Today is the day he gave them a bloody reminder of his wrath, his expression betraying his profound hatred, his hands steady, but his fists still clenched as he entered his home, arctic eyes falling on the silver irises of his lover. 
Tumblr media
For one second he stands there, observing the one he beds every night, his heart pumping regularly within his chest, as only the echo of those droplets of blood falling on the marble is disturbing the silence. He’s not wearing any sort of mask when there’s Zion around; he’s gifted by every single inch of his persona. Enel clicks his tongue as he comes closer, his mind still boiling with all that violence he has been serving for a few hours. He curls his lips into the most demonic grimace, madness written all over his features. 
“See? This is who I am. This is what you worship and love. Would you wish to escape before you’d suffer from my whims and pay with the price of your life, Zion?” Enel snarls with a deep voice, while he wonders if one day, Zion wouldn’t leave him as well. He’s despicable, cruel and brutal. He’d be able to harm him, even kill him. It’s unsafe for the thief to remain close, and yet, Zion, stubborn as ever, decides to say something entirely different. 
         “ I told you, I’ll love you no matter what. I'll wipe the blood off your skin. I'll clean the dirt off your hands from every grave you dig. i don’t care if you’re a monster. ”
His voice is sincere, Enel doesn’t sense any sort of lies, nor he feels any fear or disgust emanating from his aura. Zion appears to be perfectly honest, far from using tricks nor lies to fake the most genuine feeling they are both experimenting when they are together. Silently, Enel walks to cross the distance between them, his irises as cold as his expression, while he raises his fingers to eventually brush Zion’s face, cupping his cheek inside of his large palm. He doesn’t care about the blood painting his tan skin, nor the fact it’s not even his in the first place, he eventually scoops Zion within his arms, so they can be face to face once again. He smirks, as he believes his lover wouldn’t dare to push him away even if that states of dirtiness, moving in the direction of his private onsen, his wrath slightly appeased as he knows he’d be loved by this particular man no matter how monstrous he can be. 
“You’re such a twisted mind. I wonder how the world has been able to smash that little head of yours so you see beauty in these horrors I commit in the name of my power.” Enel snarls, before he savagely presses his lips against Zion’s. He wants to taste them over and over gain in another powerful battle, his tongue immediately inviting the smaller one to share that passionate dance. Ah, what a blessed existence! He can even share his most brutal nature without fearing to lose the only person who seems capable to understand his deepest and darkest flaws. From that prior intense wrath, Enel is now surrendering to that intense lust, his kiss suggestive enough to let the thief know what would be his fate in the next minutes.
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arty-cakes · 4 hours ago
Imagine tho, infected Myla unable to do any damage to Cloth because she's an absolute unit. So Cloth is there taking care of Myla as she uselessly keeps attacking and struggling. But then one day Cloth is holding Myla to make her eat and she stops fighting because the radiance is destroyed and Myla, though probably sick from the whole situation, is lucid again. She probably survived with the least amount of damage because Cloth was making sure she ate/drank and was clean.
ooh 🥺 soft...
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venlirps · 4 hours ago
your post reads like someone that wants ben barnes to be cancelled without initiating it and i don’t believe that you really care you just want to be the one to have revealed the info and latinos can be white so i’m a little confused
How does anyone initiate a cancel wave, like I absolutely do not hold that power? I’m on tumblr in my twenties, what forms of social media capital do you think I wield :( I don’t want for anyone to be cancelled for no reason, just for people to do better and for there to be some sort of consensus on what we deem acceptable and why. The few responses I got also seem to echo my concerns, so I was neither the first who revealed that information nor benefited from it in any way. I asked for clarification specifically because I was unsure on how the matter was regarded, and because imho the standards about how we hold people accountable should even out in the community, even when it’s a fan-favorite such as Ben. I’m sure we can both agree it’s admittedly wild to not even mention an actor receiving money for pretending they have an ethnicity they do not, and for collaborating with a racist director etc etc.
Re: the phrasing of the post, it was a genuine question raised from conflicting information. The matter is expressed in much better detail in the articles. And while I do address the point of white Latine in my tags as an aside and I agree, I don’t think the conversation is about that at all - Ben Barnes actively wears tanned makeup to make his skin darker and his relatives in the film (biological mother and sister afaik?) are portrayed by actual Latine actresses who may/may not identify as white, but it’s certainly not our right to determine. Even on a very quick skim through the variables, that reads like brownface. If it’s a rushed conclusion, then I’d be happy to have a deeper conversation thru dms, but it’s not my place to hash out what isn’t a racist representation of Latine identities - I’m just going off on criteria pointed out in similar instances, when the actors were perhaps less popular than Ben. Hope that makes sense !!
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