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artsymeeshee · 9 months ago
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the-blind-geisha · 19 days ago
It's been a crazy year full of ups and downs. It's hard to believe a lot of it happened this year, the more I reflect on it all.
I'm pretty happy what journey my writing has taken me on. Even if part of it was to escape someone, it truly encouraged me to write more to original thoughts that have been buzzing in my head. I found myself falling in love with my original characters, something that I never thought possible. Normally, I fixate on one and then ignore them for years. (Oops lol). But, neh. It's been awesome this year where that's concerned.
My art, I've coached myself on new techniques that have truly made me love my art again. I want to do small background practices and (hope) to learn color theory in the coming new year. Hey, I have to learn how to use my artist tablet somehow. XD;
Many years ago, I stopped watching anime. Not for the reason you might think, but mainly because I didn't want it to consume my life. I wanted to focus on my original stuff and...that didn't happen. LOL Instead, video game characters consumed my life for a time.
I didn't think I'd bother getting back into anime till about a year ago, and this year--looking up new anime and all that to watch--I've found myself realizing why I missed it.
It was such a damn inspiration to me, my writing, and especially my artwork. Anime was the reason I took on the style I did. It was the net that tried to shame me for it, but I am glad to ignore it and go back to how I used to draw. ♥
While the pros certainly outweigh the cons, it's just been hard where fandoms are concerned.
I know I have a lot of folks cheering me on from the sidelines, but as it has been said: it can take that one nasty person to ruin a lifetime of support and love from multiple other sources.
Trust me, the one net positive with all of this? I've gotten stronger. I've learned to ignore the idiots in my life, but that doesn't mean I'm complacent with them. ♥
Sadly, the thing I need to understand is people will always be jealous of me and my accomplishments, no matter what I say or do. People see numbers on any hell site and just decide to blame the person who managed to achieve those numbers without getting to know them.
Numbers don't validate you. I wish I could shout that all across the web.
I'm not saying I've never fallen victim to such a thing. I have for sure. But it's not worth being miserable over. Just enjoy yourself. Life is too damn short for you to be miserable of a talent of yours you're supposed to enjoy.
Stop comparing yourself to others. It's not worth it. Just love yourself.
Have a great New Year, and please, be safe. ♥
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pbandjesse · 5 months ago
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I just saw so many good frogs in the walk over here for village duty. I am a little over heated but I'm in a good mood.
I slept okay last night. I woke up with a while numb hand and it was very annoying and painful. But I was able to fall back asleep. It was all good. I got up and dressed. James was making me breakfast but I honestly felt a little nauseous. So I just brought the pastry I had bought at the Wegmans and headed out.
I had a good drive. It's getting easier and easier for me drive and control the new car. But I was dealing with a lot of stress.
I had to make phonecalls today. And just the general planning of the day had me stressed out. It would end up being fine. But I had an upset belly and also it was so stupid humid today.
Like the humidity was so bad that I thought I was going to pass out a few times. I had to like. Crouch in front of my fan to center myself. It sucked. And my dress material was to thick for this heat.
I had lovely groups though. Everyone worked so hard sewing. The one little boy actually drew the windows and doors in the house he made. It was excellent and I was so proud of him. And honestly just everyone worked so hard.
I had an hour break and used it to make my phone calls. I got the financial stuff set up. And then the insurance things. James helped. The man on the phone wasn't my normal insurance man but he made me feel better about my dumb questions. He was like. They aren't dumb!! But I know they were just a little. James would send emails with information and I would sign documents once they were sent. I hope I did it all correctly. I'm sure someone will tell me if I didn't. But so far so good. I still have to deal with the IRS. But so far so good.
Lunch was good. It was grilled cheeses. I would grab mine to go. The idea of being with people was not for me today. But I would go sit with Charlie in the trading post. Eventually bringing him more grilled cheeses when I found out he missed lunch. Should we have eaten 6 grilled cheeses between us? No. But it was fun.
I helped with trading post for a while. Before I went to sit in the fridge with Charlotte. Then I went to arts and crafts to sew and made s little gift for Charlotte because I want her to like me!! And that is hard!! Because she is so hard to read!! But she seemed to like it. I used the quilting foot to write her name and draw a little cat. She was like. But my name is so long!! And then was excited that I drew her "little boy". It was very cute.
I hung out and helped with trading post for a while until I had my next group. They were excellent and I ended up making a whole cloak with the one girl and it was such a blast. They were so fun and it was something I've never tried so I had a lot of fun figuring it out. She's going to wear it for the skit they are doing for the talent show.
Once they left I was very ready to go swim. But Randy, a camper everyone loves, came and asked if he could use some drawing materials to make a card. So I waited while he did that and then went to swim after he was back with his group.
And it was an excellent swim. I mostly floated on a noodle for an hour. But I had a good time. Eventually CJ and Karl would join me and it was nice to have friends to talk too. I got out after an hour. Took a shower. And went to work on styling before dinner.
I got a few done. And decided I didn't want what they were serving and went to make Mac and cheese instead.
I tried to make it with kettle water but it came out wrong. So I went and microwaved it. And it was better.
A storm started rolling in. So I would spend the next hour or so cleaning. Trying to find things I could pack to bring home. And just enjoying some in podcasts while it rained.
Charlie came and joined me and shared some salad he got. We talked and told stories. I walked with him to the office but his mail didn't come yet. But then he went to bed and I went back to arts to sweep.
I left there at 9 to brush my teeth and then walk over here. I saw so many frogs. Of different kinds and sizes. And it was so cute. Just a great walk. And now I'm laying in front of the fan. I will turn the lights off for the girls soon. But this is a chill group so I'm not worried.
I hope tomorrow is good. We're having a carnival. So I hope for cotton candy.
Sleep good everyone. Take care of yourselves.
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dayseternal-blog · a year ago
Hi days! Since im currently under quarantine, I've been meaning to write my own Naruhina fanfic and i think this is the perfect opportunity to start! im just wondering if you have any tips with writing and also on using AO3 since I'm pretty new to the site :) Thank you so much and I hope ur doing well!
I have so many tips???  For planning, editing, posting, and general thoughts.  I’m sorry, it got out of hand 🙈  Also, everything below the cut are just my own opinions (even if they’re phrased like laws lol).  Other writers will have differing opinions.
Planning Tips 🗒:
1. First to make absolutely clear, you don’t have to plan.  You can write whatever you want because it’s your story.
2. But it’s useful to have a detailed summary or general outline.
3. And it’s useful to choose your verb tense & POV before you start.
4. It’s easier for most people to write from just one perspective (limited 3rd Person).  An example of this would be “Nightdreams,” for which I only wrote Naruto’s thoughts.  Limited 3rd is useful to build angst because everyone can only guess at what the other character is thinking!
5. But if you want both POVs shown, that’s fun, too!!  I’ve done that in diff. ways.  “Undercover” and “Catskin” switches throughout.  “White Lilies” has half/half of the chapter.  “Inspo” switches each chapter.  Whatever you choose, do it deliberately for the amount of information you want to share with the reader!
6. Keep your verb tense consistent!  It’s easier to write in present tense, even though we were taught in school to write stories in past tense.  If your character is having a flashback, you can easily make that distinction between present and past by switching to past tense.
Editing Tips ✅:
1. Each new paragraph belongs to only 1 character’s thoughts, words, and actions.
2. Vary sentence length!  Short sentences and fragments are wonderful to indulge in.
3. Try to keep each paragraph short (no more than about 4 lines).  A bilingual reader told me it’s easier to process.
4. Try to open a chapter with a description of the environment (sounds, space, or feelings) rather than talking or conversation so that you can immerse the reader in the story right away.
5. If you want a beta, set clear parameters for what you want the beta to look for.  Be specific.  Examples: you want the beta to check your spelling and punctuation, you want the beta to check for clarity in a certain section, you want the beta to be like a soundboard for you to bounce ideas off of, you want the beta to check for sensitivity.  Btw, if you don’t want a beta, that’s absolutely fine.
6. If your story is set in a Japanese-influenced world, please don’t italicize Japanese words.  That just draws attention to a word that doesn’t need attention.  Italics should be used for emphasis, thoughts, maybe words in a letter or newspaper the character is reading.
7. If the characters all have Japanese names, like in Naruto, please find appropriate names for any OCs you make.  This is arguable for an alternate universe.
Posting to AO3 Tips 👊🏼:
1. Write your story on a Google Doc, then when you’re ready, copy&paste into AO3′s RICH TEXT (Not HTML) BOX. 
Tumblr media
It’s always defaulted to HTML.  So make sure you click that Rich Text button before you paste the story in, otherwise your formatting’s gonna get all funky.
2. Before you Post, read through your story!  AO3 sometimes doesn’t “return” your paragraphs properly, so just make sure your spacing is all good.
3. Also check your words that are italicized.  AO3 sometimes adds extra spaces between italicized and normal words.
4. Look at similar stories to yours to see how they tagged ships, triggers, and genres.  The wall of tags is very important!  
5. Keep your story summary simple.  If your story follows a popular trope, you might want to highlight that in the summary.
Miscellaneous Tips 🌻:
1. Have no shame.
2. If you learn by following examples (like I do), study your favorite stories and take mental notes on what makes that story so good to you.  Is it the formatting?  Is it the subject?  Is it the characterization?  What did the writer do?  Turn an analytical eye on those stories.
For example, while I was writing Nightdreams, I studied the formatting (transitions, verb tense, point of view, etc.) in @katarinahime‘s “Serenity Prayer” and the use of description in @missa-chua‘s “Unless the World Were to End.”  I reread them several times.  I tried to emulate their styles in my own writing.
3. For the love of ramen, please don’t make ramen seem like some foreign food that Hinata has never tried before.  Please.
4. Follow @ao3commentoftheday to get a whole writing community’s tips!!  The moderator responds everyday to asks on a wide range of writing concerns.
You are your own #1 Reader.  Write what you want to read because literally no one’s going to read it as often as you do!  This is allllll about what YOU want!
If you have any questions about something I didn’t cover or you’d like me to expand on a tip, let me know :)  Thank you for asking!  And I am so excited!
I hope you love your fanfic!!!!!
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bearpillowmonster · 16 days ago
1. Favorite drawing from this year? Probably this one
2. least favorite drawing from this year? I think I've made some of the best drawings I've ever done just this year and have noticed an immense improvement even just over last year but that doesn't mean I haven't had a few blunders.
Tumblr media
From a distance, it looks alright (since it was my prof pic, it was fine) but man is that rough up close. I wanted it to look metallic but it just...isn't.
3. first drawing from this year? It's tough because it's not the first one I posted here. I actually had the sketch done for a long time but only finished it this January. Here>
4. favorite character you've drawn? Strelitzia
5. favorite little detail in a drawing you did? I added an Easter egg from every world that appears in the first KH. I might not be proud of the drawing but I'm proud of that.
6. longest a drawing has taken to finish? Idk, I have no proof. I know that one took a while though ^^^
7. most popular drawing? Of this year, it's this
8. underrated drawing you did? It's actually this most recent one that sticks out in my mind. I think it's mainly because of the tumblr messing up the tags thing though (that and I posted it on an odd date but I couldn't wait!)
9. any new art mediums you've tried (or overall styles if you haven't tried new mediums)? Yes actually, I hate doing black and white for inktober but I started doing a little bit of a greyscale and it turned out decent. (Here's an ex.!) that stemmed from seeing how good chachacharlieco's art turned out even when in that form.
10. favorite art medium? Don't have one, I explore a lot.
11. artist(s) that influenced/inspired your art style? Already mentioned Charlie, but I think a lot of my stuff varies because I never stick to one thing
12. fandom you've drawn the most for? Kingdom Hearts, I don't even have to look.
13. favorite fandom to make fanart of? ^^^^
14. how many drawings did you complete this year? 55? That's how many jpegs I counted in my folder but there're definitely more somewhere.
15. any upcoming planned drawings? I always have WIPs which is part of why that number above is so low, so of course but it's just a matter of whether I finish them or not...
16. favorite piece of art from someone else (if you have one)? There's an old painting that I saw that I've been searching for but can't find again but as for this year, I'll give you three: One, Two-hoo, Three
17. favorite oc/sona drawing? my favorite new OC this year is probably my lightbulb man. I want to make a figure of him so much!
Tumblr media
18. any art events you've participated in? Not recently, though I was apart of Heroes of Dragonstone a few years ago
19. any collabs you've done/would want to do? I'm down for any collabs. This is the most recent one. Which isn't great but I made in on a time limit so...
20. what do you think you've improved on the most over the past year? This bleeds into last year but I've been getting more ambitious with posing. I'd do a lot of putting hands behind backs and cropping out legs but I made an a sort of animatic video that worked well as training. I did a lot of tracing for it in order to get everything down.
21. what do you want to work on the most next? I kind of take it as I go. I suppose backgrounds are a current weakspot.
22. what are you best at drawing/doing (ex: you're good at lineart, or drawings hands, etc.)? I think I do good with pencil drawing but then gets too easy to muck it up when I try to get detailed. I do A LOT of monkey sketches to warm up, (I don't normally show them though) it's a lot of fun though just to see how varied I can make their designs.
23. favorite pose you've drawn? Maybe-
Tumblr media
24. what do you like most about your art style? It's Cartoony. I excel in animals but when I want it to be anime inspired, it's difficult to overcome.
25. best advice you've received this year or something new you learned about art. When I learn something, I usually do it over and over again in all my drawings so I saw this video of someone showing how you use the watercolor tool and paint and then color over then blend then do it all over again, can't find the video again for some reason though.
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dreamquackity · 4 years ago
I think of so many ideas to create my own writing about Jake and Amy while I'm commuting to my college. I've never written any thing till now. Last time I tried writing, I forgot so many things that I thought of them while commuting. But still I tried and ended up creating a terrible thing bc I got distracted and the story went completely on random lines. I want tips on how to create and set borderline and how to remain with same flow and consistency to write. I love your content on A03!!!
Okay if you keep forgetting your ideas I would suggest you start writing them down— HAHA JK I don’t really have time for that the only thing I wrote down stuff for is drama club AU and even for that I just wrote vague stuff I’m on Plan #5 for drama club AU now and even then I haven’t exactly referred to it much it’s just an outline to make sure I’m on track
What you need to ask yourself when you start a fic is “why am I writing this fic?” And I don’t mean that in a “oh I just want to bring joy to people and show my love for this pairing :’)” way no I mean “what exactly is the appeal of this idea? what particular angle to this fic makes it striking to me, so much so that it has to be written?”
E.g. if you’re writing a college AU, it can’t JUST be about a college AU. If you’re drawing from personal experiences or concepts inspired from your life, you need to extract what the core of the idea is and focus on it. Like, how exactly do jake and Amy meet? What’s so important about it? OR, if you’re starting the story after they meet, then what particular incident is driving this story?
Imma use drama club AU as a case study, because it’s the biggest fic I have and I threw everything into it. See, for drama club AU it starts many years after Jake and Amy have already met. The important event that jumpstarts this story is the fact that they have to kiss on stage (I mean… duh doi that’s the literal description of the fic). An important thing to note is how whatever element you’re introducing (character A meeting character B, character A and B experiencing something new) changes things, how the equation is altered etc etc, what new situations they’re put into because of this
Try to start NOT by planning the plot, but by planning big events or tiny moments that you know you just HAVE to include in the story. Like, let’s say you’re writing a fic where two actors have to kiss on stage, and because they’re so weirdly good the first time they try it they start making out on a regular basis, whilst pretending that they’re just practicing kissing. A big event could be “them getting caught during a kissing practice”, or “them kissing in a public place for X reason and getting their picture taken”
lmao look at me straight up talking about drama club AU whilst pretending I’m not talking about drama club AU ANYWAY, after you’ve come up with the core events of your story, what you have to do is figure out how they get from point A to point B, then C, D, E, and so on.
A problem you might run into when thinking of ideas is being too generic. It is really important to ensure that your story has a unique angle to it so you can generate a plot. I’m not saying that that’s the case for whatever ideas you’re having, but you need to focus on something specific, or you’ll find your cup running dry. Thrust your characters into specific situations if you wanna get anywhere.
Also, since you’ve mentioned that you keep getting distracted, I suppose you probably face a problem that plagues many writers: having idea A in mind but as you’re writing it it turns to B and that somehow messes things up? Or some other variation of that. Anyway, my suggestion is that when you sit down and start writing, you should always have an end in mind. I.e. “A will challenge B to an arm wrestling match and that’s the cliffhanger of this chapter!” When you write, constantly keep in mind that THAT is where you need them to end up. However, let’s say, you make a spur of the moment decision to have characters A and B to leave the bar they’re at and start dancing in the snow. “Oh no! Now they can’t arm wrestle! This is a travesty!” - this is a very strange example of what could happen when you write, I often call it “writing myself into a corner” which is probably a normal way to say that I don’t know why I put inverted commas around that
A better example of this is: let’s say, you have this really angsty thing planned for your characters. Let’s say it’s all going great and character A and character B are very much in love. But then character B gets spooked because of event C and decides to break up with A. This is supposed to start a lot of angst because character A still loves B and is completely heartbroken. Anyway, you’re trying to get A to hate B yet still succumb to physical pleasures with B. But then oops! You get an idea for a joke and you write it in. Suddenly, A is a lot more nice to B and they’re joking around a lot more than you INTENDED. You no longer feel in control, how can you do this angst stuff if they’re being so fluffy??????
Should you stop? Should you backspace everything? This all depends. You need to think of your priorities, for the tone of the story at that point in time of the plot. Sometimes, whatever you wrote on a whim is ACTUALLY what would happen and is more in character than what you planned. Other times, you jumped the gun, and it’s much too early for character A and B to be interacting like this.
If you’re really adamant that character A and B MUST go through a certain interaction in a certain manner, you could always repurpose it for a future chapter and tweak it. It’ll all work out in the end, but sometimes certain ideas just won’t work with a certain fic, and there’s nothing you can do except to write another fic lol
I don’t even know what I’m saying at this point, I think this is bad advice, but the best and most important advice I can give you is to READ, and keep writing. Literally!! Like don’t stop!! Once you start writing, you might start to get more observant regarding the way other authors structure their stories, the way they play out certain events. You’ll absorb different styles and create your own style the more you study and PRACTICE. Not everyone starts out the same. Some people are actually super good at writing from the moment they start, they get a fantastic idea early on and BOOM BOOM BOOM they’re just a fantastic writer after their very first attempt! Woo hoo! Sadly, that’s hardly the case. Most writers SUCK when they first start. I did!! I truly look at old words and feel the urge to THROW UP
I used to use ~ as an actual form of punctuation, okay??? That’s BAD, and yet there were still people that liked my writing. But even if people hate your writing, that’s no reason to give up. YOU’LL hate your writing, but you will get better I promise you!!! We all improve at different rates, and the only way to write good stories is to start by writing a few truly horrendous ones first.
You got this!!!!!!!!!!
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