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opopopopopopopopooooo · 2 days ago
least mustiest to most mustiest - Bonten addition
cw: shitpost im sorry :(
1. koko - showers, probs uses expensive nice smelling shower stuff. 100% keeps a can of air freshener in his office to spray on ppl if they stink mid conversation without saying a word.
2. mochi - uses old spice and other old ppl shit thinks it makes him smell sophisticated and mature but in reality he just smells like an old person.
3. kakucho - smells like a gym rat, showers but douses himself in super manly deodorant probs called like bear blood or sm dumb. smells like protein powder, sweat, axe body spray and more sweat.
4. takeomi - showers but still smells like an ashtray. even if u wash him well after a while the cigarette smell just seeps through his pores, the cigarettes are a part of him, at this point he is a cigarette.
5. haitanis brothers - bathed together when they were little and just never stopped. now rin is scared of water and needs ran to actually bathe properly . once ran tried to sneak in a shower without his little brother and rin didnt talk to him for a month but still made ran bathe with him or he wouldnt take a bath. no showers for rin, only baths bc hes feral. one time when they were little ran got angry at rin and hosed him down in the backyard and rin curled into a ball and cried like a little bitch the whole time.
6. sanzu - another wild child but surprisingly showers enough bc he gets bloody alot and its socially unacceptable to be covered in blood and ppl kept calling the police or asking him if hes ok so he washes it off but thats the only reason otherwise hes too high or coming down or too lazy to shower and just uses deodorant to cover but the must. legend has it if u smell sanzu for long enough ull get a pretty good contact high from his stench alone hes like a defuser but instead of essential oils he defuses crack in smell form.
7. mikey - literally doesnt shower and when he does the water running off his body is darker than his impulses. literally the greasiest thing on the planet bc hes just not in the mood and no one says anything bc they’re scared of him. also only wears flip flops and thats musty enough of its on. literally no one wants to sit next to him when they have a meeting because of the smell radiating off of him.
soz for typos babes
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honeyrolls · 6 months ago
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Tumblr media
Kirby Café
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julieterbang · 3 months ago
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nepeteaa · 2 months ago
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these plush friends are going to be going live on kickstarter on Tuesday 10/12!
you can get an early look at the details on my patreon
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tanuki-kimono · 2 months ago
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Tumblr media
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Tsukimi (moon festival) obi depicting a moon rabbit beside pampa grass, some tsukimi dango (round mochi) and (of course) a glowing moon. This obi is a custom made from a recycled mofuku (mourning obi) which was handpainted by OP’s husband :)
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sweetoothgirl · 10 months ago
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mochi chocolate covered strawberries
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gallusrostromegalus · 10 months ago
Mochi: I will show my love for this small canine by protecting him while respecting his personal space. Sometimes, if I think it appropriate, I will attempt to engage him in traditional feline games. I will also make sure that he knows I am nearby when it is bedtime so he may rest easy.
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uchihaitachi · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Mochi Cream Shop, Shibuya
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fullcravings · a month ago
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Ube Brochi (Purple Yam Brownie Mochi)
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bxnten · 11 days ago
happiest year
i never should have said goodbye but maybe that's what stupid people do
'cause you gave me peace and i wasted it
Tumblr media
mitsuya takashi x fem!reader minor haitani rindou x fem!reader
summary: twelve years later, you’re faced with a ghost of the past and your entire life turns upside down.
“do you regret it?” “regret what?” “following me here.” “no. never.”
genre: bonten executive!reader, romance, heavy angst, exes to lovers, 18+ MDNI
warnings: gang violence, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, sexual themes, profanity, female reader, MCD, unedited
word count: 5.2k
next chapter
Your fingers twitched at your side and you shifted uncomfortably from where you hid behind the leg of the man you had come to learn was your grandfather. It had barely been two weeks since the accident and not even half of a week since you were released from the hospital and a part of you wasn’t even sure if you had even fully processed what had happened yet.
“This is your cousin,” you heard the man say, but his voice was distant as your mind ran amok.
Why hadn’t you ever met them before? Why was it that the first time you met your grandfather was when you were in a hospital bed after your parents had been killed? It didn’t make any sense. If your mom was his daughter, why was he never around? Why were you being forced to move 400 kilometers away from your home and friends to live with some people you didn’t even know?
“I’ve never seen her before,” you heard one of the boys accuse--the younger one, you recognized, and the older one slapped him upside the head immediately, scolding him for his insensitivity.
“Your aunt moved to Yamagata after getting married,” your grandfather explained to the younger boy, “They’ve been living there since.”
“Then why is she here now?” the same boy demanded, “I-”
“Manjiro!” the older boy said sharply, shutting the younger one up instantly. “Aunt Yua was killed in a car accident, I told you about this. Remember?”
To his credit, Manjiro looked remorseful at the comment. A frown tugged at his lips and he was looking at you with wide, bashful eyes, “Oh,” he said quietly.
You looked back toward the ground.
It wasn’t like he was wrong, you thought. You knew you didn’t belong there with them. You wanted to go home. You wanted your friends, you wanted to lay in your bed, you wanted your parents.
You didn’t want to be with two boys and an old man you had never met before.
It wasn’t fair, you thought, feeling your throat close up and your fists squeezed together at your sides. Anxiety curled in your stomach and nausea built in your throat. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fai-
Your thoughts were cut off as you felt someone grab your hand. Your eyes darted up, meeting the dark ones of Manjiro as he uncurled the fist at your side, you winced as your nails were pulled out of your skin, blood trickling down your palm.
You hadn’t even felt it.
“Since you’re gonna be living here, I gotta warn you now that you need to stay away from Shin’s room. It totally stinks. You’ll get sick, I definitely do,” Manjiro said, and behind him, you watched as Shinichiro’s mouth dropped open in disbelief as he sputtered out protests. “What’s your name, anyway? Shin’s a loser and didn’t tell me.”
“Manjir-” Shinichiro began, face flushed red.
“Y/n,” you responded quietly and Manjiro gave you a wide, close-eyed smile.
“Well, y/n, I’m definitely gonna be your favorite cousin, you’ll see! I promise to always take care of you, you’re stuck with me forever now!”
Click. Click. Click.
Your eye twitched as you spared Sanzu Haruchiyo a short glance from where you were sitting a few feet away, watching him fiddle with his gun, flicking the safety on and off repeatedly.
Click. Click. Click.
Next to you, Haitani Rindou was rigid, his blunt nails digging into the couch beneath the two of you as he glared at Sanzu. You were sure that the man was just about ready to pull his own gun on Sanzu and put a bullet between his eyes. He had always been one of the most easily irritable of all of the other Bonten executives and nothing vexed him more than repeated noises--you remembered him nearly snapping Takeomi’s wrist at one of the first official Bonten meetings when the man refused to stop clicking his pen.
Click. Click. Click.
Rindou’s lip curled into a snarl and his legs tensed as he prepared to throw himself to his feet. You shot him a dark look.
Don’t you dare, you warned silently.
Everyone was on edge. You and the other executives had arrived at the Bonten base nearly an hour earlier than you usually were supposed to be there for a meeting with one of the leaders of a rising, rival gang and the man had yet to show up. Sanzu had already gone on a twenty-minute rant about how he had some nerve standing them up but Manjiro had told him to shut up before leaving the room to go deal with other business, telling you and the others to wait in case he decided to show up.
Rindou grit his teeth, throwing Sanzu a look of unadulterated hatred before looking back at you and you practically hear him begging you to let him shut Sanzu up. You inhaled deeply in annoyance, pointedly looking away in order to make your answer clear. Rindou let out a loud scoff and shifted away from you and you only rolled your eyes at the childish act.
As much as the pink-haired man was getting on your nerves with his incessant noise, with Manjiro not around, you were left in charge and you weren’t about to tolerate any sort of infighting. You knew damn well that Manjiro would tear into you if his third and the Haitani brothers got into physical conflict under your watch and you weren’t about to deal with that.
Click. Click. Click.
Sharply, you rose to your feet, heels clicking against the ground much louder and more aggressive than Sanzu’s motions with his gun, gaining the attention of the other executives in the room. Exhaling, you smoothed out your suit jacket and slacks, ensuring that your outfit had not been ruffled from lounging on the couch with Rindou. Sanzu paused with his gun, looking up at you questioningly as did a few of the other men in the room.
“I’m going to the cafe down the street,” you told them, “I rushed to get here and didn’t get my coffee this morning. Do you guys want anything?”
Takeomi and Mochi shook their heads but next to them, Kokonoi spoke up, briefly looking up from the laptop he was typing away on, “Grab me a coffee?” he asked and you made a noise of agreement.
“Me too, please,” Kakucho said and you nodded before looking over at Ran.
“I’m good,” the older brother said, “Thanks, though.”
“Want me to come with you?” Rindou asked, about to rise to his feet but halted when you threw him a dark look, not forgetting the petty way he moved away from you when you refused to let him try to shut Sanzu up.
“I’ll go alone,” you said unkindly and Ran snorted, looking away when Rindou glared at him before settling back into the couch but not before giving you a brief, wounded look that you ignored.
“Grab Mikey some kind of pastry,” Sanzu said, waving his gun at you haphazardly. You raised your eyebrows at him and he looked between you and the gun once before putting it down on his lap, realizing what he had been doing. “Pretty sure he’s still dealing with some of the fuckers at Yokohama-ko about our shipment that got busted. He’ll probably be in a pissy mood when he gets back.”
“Alright,” you said simply.
It was a good idea, you recognized as you left the room. He would appreciate something sweet to calm him down before having to deal with another meeting. You all had been rather disturbed to find out that the cops had raided a major drug shipment at the port of Yokohama but Manjiro had been trying to personally figure out what had happened for three days straight and you knew better than anyone how stressed he was.
Hajime too, you noted, remembering how he had a forty-minute shouting match with the port manager after finding out that Bonten had lost nearly two and a half billion yen because of the raid. The only saving grace was that the feds had been unable to trace the shipment back to Bonten.
If they had... the thought made your blood run cold and you shook your head, trying to rid yourself of the idea. You weren’t sure if you were ready for the day that Bonten was forced fully underground--you knew it was coming, it was inevitable that one day something would slip, but Sanzu was doing a damned good job at weeding out any possible traitors before they could leak anything.
You ignored the way that the guards and lower-ranking members bent at the waist as you walked by, murmuring out short greetings. Usually, you would at the very least acknowledge them but you were too lost in your thoughts to spare them even a glance.
It wasn’t looking good, you knew that. This was the second busted shipment in nearly two months and you couldn’t help the ill-feeling that crawled in your stomach. Could there be a traitor? you wondered but could only sigh. It wasn’t possible, Sanzu was way too thorough with his job and he had been on the port issue like a wolf to its prey. If he hadn’t managed to find anything then it surely wasn’t anything in-house.
You nodded at the doorman as he opened the front doors to the Bonten base as you approached.
“Good morning, l/n-san,” he said respectfully, “Would you like me to pass a message along to the other executives when the Amatsukami representatives arrive so they can let you know before the meeting begins?”
If they show up, you corrected spitefully but instead just nodded, “Yes, thank you,” you said, an amused smile twitching at your lips when you noticed the flush that crawled across the doorman’s face at the direct addresl.
You let out a soft breath as the cool air hit your face, all of your stress washing away as the fresh air hit your lungs. The Bonten base was always too stuffy for your liking, you had bitched to Kokonoi about it before but the man had only rolled his eyes at your request for a new air conditioning system, claiming that there was nothing wrong with the current one and they would only install a new one when necessary.
You had convinced Sanzu to make a tear in the ductwork so there would be reason for a new one but Kokonoi had somehow caught wind of the plan (you were sure that Takeomi had ratted the two of you out but had no proof) and threatened to not finance the installation of a new system if the current one met a questionable end.
You let out an irritated puff as you walked down the street, throwing one last dark look in the direction of the building where Takeomi was, still not having gotten over the betrayal.
Your thoughts slowly turned back toward Yukimura and the rest of the Amatsukami representatives and your frown returned. Unlike the other three leaders of the rising gang, Yukimura had always been respectful and prompt in his discussions with you, Manjiro and Takeomi. You had personally met with him several times and you knew very well that it was unlike him to be even five minutes late to any meeting, much less over an hour.
Did something bad happen? you wondered, frown deepening. It was certainly possible. Tension within Amatsukami had risen to unimaginable heights, your informants had explained. Two of the leaders were very much against any sort of dealing with Bonten and the other was neutral but Yukimura had the most influence over the gang so his decision was final.
They wouldn’t kill one of their own though, you rationalized. Amatsukami needed Yukimura, his presence was just about the only thing holding the fragile gang together. If he was killed, they would certainly fall apart.
You paused at the thought.
That’s always an option, you realized, tapping your fingers against your leg. At least if this meeting goes wrong, you amended. If Bonten and Amatsukami were unable to come to an agreement, the best course of action would probably be to take out Yukimura. You decided to talk to Manjiro and Takeomi about it when you returned if the Amatsukami representatives had yet to arrive.
Worse comes to worst, you would send Kakucho after the man tomorrow and you would work with Takeomi to figure out how to handle the fallout of it. You weren’t about to let some second-rate gang stir trouble for everything that you and Manjiro had built.
You clicked your tongue in annoyance at the thoughts running through your head, wishing more than anything that you could just have one easy day. You shook your head as you turned to push open the door of the small cafe, not wanting to take out your sudden irritation on the poor workers. As soon as you walked in, you noticed that most of the conversation died down and several of the customers were watching you warily, eyes trained on your chest.
You briefly glanced down, internally berating yourself for not fully buttoning up your white dress shirt before leaving the Bonten base. Manjiro always preferred for his executives to have their tattoos visible when meeting with potential partners and rivals--some sort of ego thing, you were sure--and you had forgotten to button your shirt before leaving, giving the cafe customers a nice view of your cleavage and the Bonten tattoo branded between your breasts.
Your lips pressed together, once again aggravated. Despite the fact that Bonten couldn’t be fully targeted by the police because of lack of evidence, rumors still ran rampant and even though nobody could prove it, everybody knew what the tattoo meant and the dangers that followed it--especially locals to this area considering their base was just down the street. Sanzu and the Haitanis usually flaunted theirs, reveling in both the deference and dread shown to them because of it but you would rather avoid the attention it brought.
You could only exhale, trying to ignore the stares as you moved to the counter.
“L/n-san, what can I get you?” the cashier asked with a small smile, pointedly ignoring the tattoo decorating your chest. You and the other Bonten executives were frequent customers of the cafe so you supposed they were at least somewhat used to it--at least accustomed enough to not blatantly stare.
“One black coffee and two lattes--one caramel and one vanilla,” you replied, listing off your drink and the ones that you knew Kakucho and Kokonoi liked to drink. You briefly wondered if you should get Kakucho something other than a black coffee because you were pretty sure the only reason he constantly ordered it was because he didn’t know what anything else was but you decided against it--you’d drag him back to the cafe another day to make him try some other drinks. You had to get back in case the Amatsukami representatives decided to show up. “And one anzu danish and a kare pan.”
“That’ll be two thousand yen,” the cashier said and you swiped the card, watching as the receipt printed and she held it out to you. You took the receipt from her hand, ignoring her trembling fingers as you walked over to the other side of the cafe where they would place your order when it was ready.
You felt your phone buzz in your pocket and pulled it out, swiping it open to see who had texted.
Rin: Mikey just finished his call with the port manager at Yokohama 😬 please hurry back with the snacks
Your lips twitched up in amusement as you began to type out a reply but your actions were halted when you felt someone bump into you. You gasped sharply when you felt scalding coffee splatter against your chest and white shirt.
The conversation that had slowly began to pick back up once again silenced.
Motherfucker, you thought furiously, more angry than in pain from the burns because you knew damn well that you wouldn’t be able to get the stain out with water and you’d have to either run back to the apartment you shared with Manjiro to change or sit through the day with a stained shirt.
“Oh god, I’m so sorry!”
“Are you fucking kid-”
The two of you spoke at the same time and your eyes shot up, dark glare meeting a shameful expression. Your words died in your throat and your glare slowly disappeared, a startled expression replacing it as you took in the shoulder-length lilac hair and panicked lavender eyes of the man as he scrambled to find napkins.
Unconsciously, you took a small step back.
“You can’t be serious, y/n. You’re siding with him? After everything he did?”
“Mitsuya?” his name left your mouth barely as a breath before you could stop it and you watched as your ex-lover turned, surprised at the sound of his name. You swore that time seemed to stop as your eyes finally met his. The last time you had seen him, his jaw had been broken and his face had been bloodied and bruised courtesy of your cousin.
He had changed, you thought, stupidly. His hair was longer and his face was sharper--Mitsuya had always been attractive, you knew that better than anyone, but time had certainly done him well.
Of course he changed, you thought sharply, it’s been twelve years.
Would he even recognize you? you wondered, anxiety suddenly causing your throat to close up. How embarrassing would that be?
You watched as his eyes flickered to the tattoo on your chest before rising back to your face and you weren’t sure if you were relieved or even more anxious when you noticed that recognition flashed through his expression.
“Y/n?” Mitsuya asked quietly and suddenly you felt like you were sixteen again, flustered and unsure of what to do, instead of Bonten’s notorious second-in-command. Luckily, you were able to keep the distress off of your face as you just stared at him.
“Of course I’m siding with him. He’s family.”
For a moment, you both just stood there looking at one another and you wished you could read minds because you would sell your soul to know what was running through his head. You knew that the two of you hadn’t parted on the best of terms but-
Mitsuya smiled lightly, halting your train of thoughts immediately as your eyes zeroed in on the familiar smile that made your heart beat erratically in your chest. “‘Mitsuya’, huh?” he asked quietly, “Back to last name basis?”
You opened your mouth to respond but no words left your lips. You were sure you looked like an absolute fool, and you were so fucking grateful that none of the other executives were around to see you act like such an idiot because you knew you'd never hear the end of it.
It’s been twelve years, you reminded yourself, you’re over this. Get a-fucking-hold of yourself.
But deep down you knew damn well that it didn’t matter how much time had passed--Mitsuya Takashi would always hold a special place in your heart. It was why you had so actively avoided him after that fateful conversation twelve years ago--ignoring any and all desperate attempts he made to reach out to you, ignoring his texts and eventually blocking his number when he begged you to at least talk to him. You knew that the moment you spoke to him, you would give right back in.
Mitsuya Takashi was like the sun and you felt like a planet that orbited around him, always being drawn back in no matter how far your path might have strayed. You had thought that separating yourself from him and everyone associated with him would be enough but you should have known better because here he was--one brief encounter and you could already feel yourself being sucked back in.
“I want to ensure they have the best possible future, y/n, and I can’t be in that future. There’s something wrong with me and I… I can’t promise that I won’t hurt them. You should go too, be with them--with Mitsuya. He really loves you, you know?”
“I’m not leaving you.”
“You promised, remember? Stuck with you forever. I’m not leaving.”
“You can’t have both, I-”
“I know. I choose you.”
Your fist curled into a fist at your side, nails digging into your palm harshly. You had done him so wrong. It was easy to not think about when you surrounded yourself with blood and crime; never able to take the time to reflect on your past and all of the terrible things you had done but now being face-to-face with him, it was as if an old wound that had never correctly healed had been ripped right back open.
“Please, just talk to me. I’m sorry. Please, baby, I’m sorry that I tried to make you choose between me and Mikey. I don’t want to lose you over this, I can’t lose you over this. Just talk to me, please.”
Mitsuya grabbed your hand, uncurling the fist and running his thumb over the crescents imprinted into your skin, wiping away the droplets of blood that had been drawn from your nails on instinct. Everywhere he touched felt like it was burning, his fingertips felt like a fire iron that had just been pulled from a fireplace and you wouldn’t have even been surprised if you looked down and saw burn marks marring your skin.
Mitsuya clicked his tongue quietly, “And here I thought we managed to break you of that habit,” he said, lips curving up into a genuine smile as he finally looked back up at you.
You did, you wanted to say, but I fell back into it after I left you.
Despite your silence, Mitsuya remained undeterred, “Come sit with me for a bit,” he said, “Let me try to get you a little cleaned up. I’m sorry about that, by the way.”
“It was my fault,” your voice finally decided to work and you winced at how hoarse it sounded, “I wasn’t looking where I was going.”
Mitsuya waved off the comment, “Neither was I,” he said simply, “Come on.”
His grip was light against your wrist as he led you over to a table near the door, weak enough so that you could easily pull out of it if you wanted to but you couldn’t stop yourself from trailing after him. Your body seemed to move on its own and your mind wasn’t working well enough to convince it otherwise.
He pulled out a chair for you and motioned for you to sit and you were glad you did because you were pretty sure your knees were about to give out any second. If Mitsuya could tell how unsettled you were (and you were sure he could, he had always been able to read you like a book), he didn’t show it. Instead, he just kneeled in front of you, gently wiping off the coffee as best as he could.
He frowned lightly as he wet a napkin with the water bottle he had on the table, tongue peeking out of his lips as his brows furrowed in concentration, focusing solely on trying to remove the stain from your clothes.
You tried to tell him that he didn’t have to but your voice wasn’t working again and frustration hit you so hard that if you had any less control over yourself, you would have been driven to tears because fuck, you shouldn’t be as affected by him as you were. You were L/N Y/N--Sano Manjiro’s cousin and second-in-command of the most dangerous gang in Japan, you could make most men fucking grovel at your feet with a single look and here you were acting like a lovesick teenager. Your teeth grit together and your hands instinctively went to return to fisting at your sides as your anxiety grew but Mitsuya grabbed your hand, stopping you before your hand could even curl together.
He looked up at you, amused, and you looked away immediately, using all of your willpower to stop heat from rising to your cheeks.
“It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” Mitsuya finally murmured.
“Yeah,” you said quietly, unsure of what else to say.
“What have you…” Mitsuya trailed off and you couldn’t help but wince. What have you been up to? you finished for him but you supposed he got his answer from the way he cut himself off after his eyes drifted to the tattoo that marked your chest. “How have you been?” he amended.
“Okay,” you said after a moment, wishing you had more words to say but what the fuck were you going to tell him?
(“Been pretty great! Killed a couple guys yesterday, watched Sanzu torture a traitor to death the day before, grabbing some coffee for my colleagues before a meeting so we can figure out if we’re going to have someone assassinated or not!”)
You grimaced at the thought, instead deciding to just ask, “What about you?”
“I’ve been good,” Mitsuya said, seemingly pleased that you decided to continue the conversation yourself, “I was here to grab coffee for me and Hakkai, had him come into the studio early to try on some new pieces I just finished.”
The feeling that swept through you was strange and you weren’t even quite sure how to describe it. Happiness? Sadness? Pride? Longing?
“How is that going?” you finally asked, “Designing?”
Mitsuya’s face split into a wide smile, “Good,” he said, leaning back to sit on his heels as he looked up at you, “I signed a contract a few weeks ago to partner with a pretty big brand. We’re prepping for a show next week.”
“You’re gonna be big one day, ‘kashi. You’re so good at this. People’d be crazy not to sign you.”
“Ha! I’m not that good, y/n, but thanks for having faith in me.”
You couldn’t help the solemn smile that pulled at your lips at the thought, “I told you you’d get there,” you said.
Mitsuya let out a soft huff, smiling lightly, “You did,” he said quietly. His eyes met yours with a stare so intense that it took the breath from your lungs, “You always told me.”
You weren’t sure how long the two of you stayed in that position, it could have been two seconds, it could have been twenty minutes but you were only drawn from whatever trance that Mitsuya had managed to put you in when the barista called your name.
You went to rise to your feet but Mitsuya held his hand out to stop you, standing up from where he was kneeling on the floor to walk over to the register. You watched him thank the barista with a smile as he took the three coffees and the small bag containing the two pastries from her hand, bringing them back over to the table and placing them down before taking a seat across from you.
“You should come to the show. It’s sold out but I’m sure I can get you good tickets,” Mitsuya said as he sat down and you hesitated, drawing back slightly.
This isn't a good idea, the logical part of you begged you to listen. You separated from him for a reason.
He seemed to notice your discomfort and flushed, “Ah, um, sorry. I’m probably being too forward,” he laughed wryly and rubbed the back of his neck, “I just thought-it’s my first really big show, you know? And it had been something we talked about before. I don’t know, I just-I thought maybe it would be nice to have you there, yeah? I don’t know, just forget-”
“No,” you said suddenly, more sharply than you intended but you couldn't stand the disappointed expression on his face. It doesn't matter if it's a good idea, the illogical part of you spat, its just one show and it'll make him happy. It's the least you could do after what you did to him. You watched as his face dropped immediately and you went red, realizing how it came out, “No, I mean, I’d like to g-”
You were cut off as a scream ripped through the air, coming from outside the cafe. Immediately, you were on your feet, instinctively reaching for the gun holstered in your waistband, hidden from view by your suit jacket.
You stopped yourself just before pulling it out, remembering where you were and who you were with. You briefly spared a glance at Mitsuya, who seemed to have realized what you were reaching for if the uneasy expression on his face had anything to say about it, eyes trained on where your hand had moved to.
You grimaced, pulling your hand away as you grabbed your coffees and Manjiro’s snacks, moving quickly outside in the direction of the scream.
This was Bonten territory, and for the most part, it should be safe. Their members had direct orders not to cause any issues on territory that they owned, the last thing they needed was to give the cops reason to investigate closer to home. And there shouldn't be a gang in all of fucking Japan brave enough to start something a block away from Bonten's base of operations.
You grit your teeth as you stopped at the entrance of the alley, distantly noting that Mitsuya had followed at your heels. A woman was on the ground, eyes wide and body shaking, tears streaming down her face and a hand pressed against her mouth as the other pointed at a body slumped over a few feet away, so mangled that it was barely recognizable.
“Oh my god,” Mitsuya breathed out behind you.
You could only inhale sharply, trying to calm the rising anxiety as your eyes focused in on the familiar bracelet decorating the man’s wrist.
Yukimura Asahi, you recognized grimly, realizing why the man had been so late to his meeting with Bonten. Fuck.
You pulled out your phone, preparing to call Manjiro and let him know what had happened but paused when you remembered that Mitsuya was beside you.
At once, the rose-colored glasses were gone and you were faced with reality, remembering exactly why you had separated yourself so thoroughly from Mitsuya no matter how much you might have loved him. Mitsuya was a successful fashion designer, building a life and name for himself, and you were neck-deep in blood, one of the leading figures in Tokyo’s underworld.
Your expression returned to a closed-off, cold one and you stepped away from Mitsuya. The flustered sixteen-year-old disappeared and Bonten Number Two reappeared, eyes darkening on the mangled body of Yukimura in the alleyway. As if he could feel your sudden change of heart, Mitsuya looked over at you, lips parting and a hand reaching out for you but you turned and walked away, ignoring his call after you.
You didn’t belong in his world and, more importantly, he didn’t belong in yours.
That couldn’t change now, no matter how deeply you may have wanted it to.
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