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#music meme
music-class-quotes · 23 hours ago
Drum major: Drumroll please!
Band members: *Does a drumroll on various surfaces*
Drum major: That was a terrible drumroll! Just—SOMEONE HIT AN ACTUAL DRUM
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macrolit · 4 months ago
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omg who did this
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beckmessering · 8 months ago
do you listen to the same 30 seconds of music over and over again because you fell in love with microdetails like those 20 secs of orchestral buildup or that background chord progression ~sneakily~ modulating into a new key or the way the lyrics and melody align *perfectly* on those five words or are you normal
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music-class-quotes · 9 days ago
orchestra: *cleaning up after rehearsal*
cellist: *holding a bunch of stands* I AM STAND MAN
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hr-nm-grnd-zr · 29 days ago
During the sabotage scene in Star Trek Beyond when this happens:
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Why is it classical music? Is this because the music is old? Has the definition of classical music changed? Is this some english joke my foreign brain doesn't understand? Can someone please explain?
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its-short-for-jackalope · 6 months ago
me, a person who has literally never wanted to do drugs & can't even swallow a pill: 🤷🏻
me when "Sugar Pills" by IDKHOW comes on:
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