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#sexism tw
hmshermitcraft · 2 hours ago
Xisuma has always felt a type of way when he saw Grian wear feminine clothes especially when he's playing Ariana Griande. They was the skirt hugged his waist, the way the crop top showed off his stomach, how he easily clipped his hair out if his face with barrets gifted from the other hermits.
But what upsets him is that it's never for him. Always for someone else. Nothing will ever compare to the hot ripping anger he felt when he saw Grian showing off the outfit for Scar in Aqua Town.
What he doesn't understand is why Grian had changed back into the outfit when Scar didn't answer him. The boiling anger when Ren flirts with him (even out of the dress) even if he flirts with everyone. He decides that he needed to get Grian away from everyone. To keep him safe. Before someone can ruin him
But that's not a problem now is it? Now he has Grian all to himself. Xisuma is glad to supply him with feminine clothing. Too bad he doesn't have his usual sweater anymore.
X told him it covered up too much of his body. That the skirts, dresses and shorts he's supplied with looks much better on him.
Grian believes him. What other choice does he have? Ask the other hermits opinions? HA! He can't. X took away his communicater. Took away his only chance to get help.
At least he still has X. X will make him happy. Make his baby girl happy, because that's who he is to X. His beautiful baby girl.
Silly Grian keeps trying to convince Xisuma that Ariana Griande is a different person. Does she think that will make Xisuma set her free?
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unfriendly-reminders · 11 hours ago
unfriendly reminder!
you can’t talk about feminism without having the discussion of how sexism is different for different races.
you can’t talk about feminism without having the discussion or at least acknowledgement of what “white feminism” is and how it is harmful.
you can’t talk about feminism without realizing it’s different for different types of women.
not all women are the same so it makes sense to see that not all of them face the same kind of discrimination and hate.
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notations · 22 hours ago
girls who exist in male dominated spaces and put up with constant overt sexism are so brave
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oi-levi · a day ago
levi ackerman can beat the absolute shit out of me. if he wants to break every single one of my bones, i will kneel before him and present myself to him, ass up. he can take me in absolutely any way he pleases, in any position. i will slurp his balls. his dick. his fingers. he can shove his tongue in every orifice of my body. if he wants me to eat his asshole, i will obey, no questions asked. if he wants me to lick between his toes, or his armpits, or the crevices of his elbows, i will let my tongue hang out of my mouth. if he asks me to sit, i will sit. if he asks me to roll over, i will do it twice, just so that he knows i am absolutely serious about serving him in every way, shape, and form. levi ackerman has full autonomy over my body, my mind, and my soul. i am nothing but a sack of human flesh and bone, here to preach his gospel, drink his cum, and present to him every single one of my holes for open use.
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giggleboxstudios · 2 days ago
I hate my life so fucking much. A s!ssy blog (that I now blocked) tried to follow me and shit, when I am strictly Safe For Work™︎.
I hate s!ssy culture more than I hate my life. It is absolutely offensive, and it tries to make people see femboys in a bad, REALLY BAD light. And the people in said community often say the "F-Slur" here and there like they just don't CARE!!!
Feminine males should NOT be seen as weak little twerps. This is ironically a form of misogyny! Grow up, Cis people!!
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mellometal · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
OH MY GOD. You just got caught being cringe™️! /j (By the way, I don't endorse bullying the child actors. Don't harass the kids. I feel bad for them more than anything. I know, actors get their start somewhere, but this isn't it. My problems are with Dhar Mann, not the actors.)
Warning: There's Dhar Mann himself below.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hmmm....not everyone, Ayden. Not everyone. There are plenty of people who are pretty disgruntled with Dhar Mann, myself included.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Do you mean giving you constructive criticism about how racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist, misinformed, fatphobic, classist, misinformed, unrealistic, and harmful your videos are? Do you mean people being understandably upset by the narratives you spin because they actually affect them in real life? If that's what you're referring to, let me tell you something.
Not every single issue in the world boils down to not judging a book by its cover. It's not that simple.
Racism isn't going to stop by not judging BIPOC and AAPI for what they look like based on harmful, racist stereotypes. Sexism isn't going to stop by not judging men, women, and nonbinary people for their AGAB or anything like that. Ableism isn't going to stop by not judging disabled people for their disabilities, regardless of whether they're physical or mental. Fatphobia isn't going to stop by not judging fat people for their weight. Homophobia isn't going to stop by not judging people for their sexual orientation. The stigma around mental illness isn't going to stop by not judging people for their mental illnesses. Classism won't stop by just being nice to homeless people, to people who live in poverty, to people who can't work, or to anyone who's not in the upper class. (Note: I would have added transphobia, but as far as I'm aware, Dhar Mann hasn't made any videos about trans people yet...and I really hope he doesn't because I know that it will upset a lot of people.)
You get my point. Here's some suggestions. How about you educate yourself about these subjects and do some better research? How about you actually TALK TO REAL PEOPLE who are affected by anything listed above and look at these things from THEIR point of view? Looking at resources from the view of people who are affected by racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, ableism, fatphobia, etc. would really help! Obviously everyone has different experiences, but it's SOMETHING.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Woooooooowwwww, I love it when someone exploits their friends when they're vulnerable for views! /s
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dude, wait until your friend has settled down to film your vlogs. Not everyone is cool with getting filmed and shit while they're upset or vulnerable in any way.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Old Nimben, ~11am
Luca: And who might this lovely creature be? 
Tumblr media
Gianna: Can I help you? 
Luca: Crown Prince Luca of Arles-Reine. And you are? 
Gianna: Gianna. Lady Gianna Angers. Can I help you with something or are you just here to bother me?
Tumblr media
Luca: A gentleman may be interested in your hand for a dance at the state banquet tomorrow. May he have it? 
Gianna: Uh… 
Tumblr media
Luca: A lovely creature such as yourself certainly can’t be… 
Gianna: I’m sorry, what? Creature? Why on Percival’s green earth would you refer to me, a human being, as a creature? 
Luca: It’s meant to be a compliment… 
Gianna: I can tell you, I’ve gotten compliments before, but certainly none like that. And to answer your initial question, no, you may not have my hand for a dance. Kindly fuck off and leave me alone. 
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Blue Drawing Room, ~2pm 
TW: Sexism
Henry: Young lady, are you lost? 
Ana: Huh? 
Henry: Are you lost? I don’t believe you’re supposed to be here. 
Tumblr media
Ana: I, uh, I- 
Richard: Anastasia is my heir and has every right to be here. 
Henry: I would assume that your son would be the one to be joining us today, considering that he is the eldest male… 
Tumblr media
Richard: Michael is not interested in politics and will not be the future monarch. Anastasia will be. Do you have a problem with that Henry?
Henry: Fine. She can stay. 
Tumblr media
Luca: Hmmph. What does she know about decision making? Nothing, I presume. 
Richard: Do not speak about my daughter in that matter. If you have a problem with my daughter, then I assure you that this meeting can easily occur with only two people. May we continue as planned? 
Henry: Fine. 
Tumblr media
Ana: Th- thanks Dad.
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Women whose rights be stripped
Much like their clothes from their body
Bleed from their privates
As a monthly reminder
That their bodies will always drip
A lady denied access to a clinic
Her body withheld by her abuser
Uses a clothing hanger
As means to rip out the fetus
Which bestows her with such grief and desperation
That she may just die from suffocation
Her face becomes drained of colour
Hope without a trace
She stares down to see that it was all pointless
As she lies motionless in her place
Only so if hatred and prejudice prospers
Will more souls succumb to the numbers
From what they lost
That deserved to be theirs
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grimbunnies · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Camilla: “Sometimes I think he would rather be friends than partners. He’s not even hinted at marriage, Katrina. I don’t understand.”
Katrina: “You’re too old to be waiting. Both of you. I think you should tell him you’re getting married. A man like Hector needs a woman to direct him. If he doesn’t agree, he’ll never be ready.”
Tumblr media
Katrina: “Now, I want to talk about Freddie. Watcher, I think I could become a doctor at this point. I know so much about sim physiology.”
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grimbunnies · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Katrina: “Nikita? You’re home later than usual. Nevermind, I have something to discuss with you.”
Tumblr media
Katrina: “I thought that you might like to take on some responsibility in the family business. With your Nonno unwell, we’re a little short on quality people.”
Tumblr media
Nikita: “That’s so sweet of your to offer, but, I’m sorry, I don’t want the job.”
Tumblr media
Katrina: “I thought your dream was to take over the business... I know you’re cross that your Nonno overlooked you for Marcus, but don’t let that ruin your plans.”
Nikita: “Oh, I’m not mad about that anymore. I have a new dream. You know how teenage girls can be, Nonna. We’re fickle.”
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Seems as if I must explain patriarchal language to a feminist. Lol, ok, here we go.
Tumblr media
Let me illustrate, with spoken word I’ve previously written, that I hope to get recorded with some background one day.
You, man, call my mouth a “cocksucker”
One more time,
And I will open ten cans of feminist on you
In meter and rhyme.
I guess you’re just jealous
Because of what my mouth can do
You dribble and drool
In clumsy phrases
And uninspired sex jokes
And tired old cliches
Like a weary aged blind man
groping for a lightswitch
Or maybe a middle schooler
groping for a boob
While my imagination runs wild
And far-reaching
And squeaky clean.
(Most of the time.)
I’ll use metaphors that will leave your skin tingling
Tone and tempo that will have your heart singing.
Maybe one day you’ll get in on it
So I won’t have to take your shit
And flip it
inside out, throw it back, and watch it hit.
I would flip you off,
but as we all should know
That’s supposed
To represent a penis
That gesture’s wide history varies from culture to culture
Sometimes a whole arm gets involved
But they all hinge
On an erect
Sometimes thrust at or up
For good measure.
So hell if I am going to invoke
“Male power” to get on top of my opponent.
There are obscene gestures that could be reclaimed for feminism if we so chose
The thumb in between the first two fingers closed
Why don’t you
‘Lick my clit,’
Instead of
‘Suck my dick,’
Because that is what’s so often neglected
‘Fuck you,’
To be openly tied directly to the faux phallus gesture
Meaning, very literally, ‘I want to rape you’
Or feigning
And for a good portion of the population,
especially men, it still does.
If you’ve never heard phrases like ‘dude, that math test fucked me in the ass’
You either probably pretty privileged
Or socialize primarily with women.
So, that is why you will never see a middle finger from me
I’ll instead write with my furiously
moving fingers
and zingers
I can’t even say “fuck you”
Because see, that’s a representation
Of gendered domination
And why I don’t even like the f-word generally
And try to avoid when possible, except when it’s really needed
Or when I’m too pissed off
To keep my mouth from rape-adjacent clean
If you’re going to insist that “sex” IS “love”
Which I don’t believe either
For aces nor allos not any other non or queer
You can fuck someone you hate
In real life just as easily as words on a slate
And you can love someone you don’t want to nail
Or is your idea of love so shallow and pale?
Associations and connotations
Run deep in our unconsciousness
What are we reinforcing?
I imagine two people going at it
Like rabbits
And using the same term to describe what they’re doing
And a person they hate. ‘Fucker.’
That’s some mighty oxymoronic
Ever notice how, when people refer to it on other ways, don’t say they “fuck” their partners,
there’s almost always more respect and caring there?
Words are powerful.
Again, if “sex” is “love,”
Then why don’t our vocabulary show it?
If “fuck you” meant to make someone feel good,
You know, what an erect, thrusting penis is supposed to do,
Instead of implying rape,
I wonder how much different our world would be
Would we have more true sex positivity?
So NO, I don’t want you to go get raped, ‘get screwed’ ‘screw you’
All I want to do
is grind you into the enlightening dust
With words, ideas, and spiked pixie dust.
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the-badger-mole · 5 days ago
it’s not that I feel like I can’t not be racist... I mean I don’t believe that I am either racist or sexist (I’m a girl btw) and I am actively listening to what POC are saying, but that’s why I’m leaving, cause many POC in the fandom have said all white people are indeed racist cause we benefit from racism in society and I don’t want to perpetuate making the fandom not a safe space for POC, if that makes any sense? idk it’s probably good I leave anyways cause I have heaps of homework to do lol
It sounds like you're really young, so a lot of this stuff you're just now learning (which is also why critical race theory absolutely needs to be taught in school). I'm not a teacher and I don't know you, so the only thing I can tell you is while you are learning and listening, don't be a jerk. And don't take everything personally. As a white person you benefit from this county's racist caste system. That doesn't mean people will assume you're a cross burning klansman. It just means you probably have some blind spots that you will need to address throughout your life.
That said, asking random strangers on the internet if you should leave a fandom because you're worried about inadvertently doing something wrong is not an ideal way to address those blind spots. First of all, from what I can tell, the people calling out racism in the Zutara fandom are talking about specific incidents. If you didn't do it, you shouldn't feel accused, but you should listen to the discussion. Second people who say they don't like or trust white people are probably speaking generally. The way a woman might say she doesn't trust men. Yeah, you're probably going to be fine when when you interact with men, you may even have close guy friends, but too many men aren't safe, especially in fandom spaces, and we know it.
I would suggest asking your IRL POC friends how they're doing and if they're open to talking about their experiences and how you personally can do better. If you're friends with POC within the fandom, ask them, too. But if they're not ready to talk about it, don't insist. I cannot stress that enough. Asking someone to talk about their experiences with racism before they're ready is as intrusive as asking about sexual assault. I'd also suggest reading up on it. Try White Rage and The New Jim Crow to begin with.
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higheverweave · 5 days ago
People who call themselves “Feminist.” But do not adhere to the definition
Of Equality and justice for ALL genders
Confuse the hell out of me because ...
Gender oppression was never just “women.” And “girls.”
It’s been the quiet gender-fluid and Non-binary folks who kept quiet for their safety.
Gender Oppression is Western values being slapped on people so those who are Colonizing can “Understand.” And “make sense of another persons gender.”
How a person relates to their own gender doesn’t need to make sense they don’t owe you an explanation.
Nobody owes you a walkthrough of culturally specific genders because they are not yours if you are not in that culture.
is caring about when men are victims of abuse.
It’s caring about when our men are forced into repressing emotions
It’s about supporting men and Gender non-conformant folks as much as it is about supporting Women.
And without intersectionality it isn’t feminism
If you don’t support Invisibly and Developmentally Disabled Women ,Men, &Trans folks
You aren’t a feminist
If you don’t respect non-western ideas of Gender
You aren’t a feminist.
If you don’t support B.I.P.O.C Women Men and Trans folks
You aren’t a feminist
If you tell somebody their gender isn’t their gender due to religious or political reasons
You aren’t a Feminist.
If you believe gender is only physical and Transfolks are only Trans if they have surgery
You aren’t a Feminist
Feminism may not be the right word for this due to how oppressive White feminism and Terf feminism is.
Yet the point is still there you are inclusive or you are not a feminist.
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book-dragon-not-worm · 6 days ago
Afabs of any gender identity are more oppressed than amabs of any gender identity.
I actually kind of agree with this. It's fairly true, but in most cases, it's the gender that people perceive you as that leads to oppression. I'm not talking about FGM, and female foeticide and all the oppression young female/afab people go through. I mean like street harassment, m//rders, basically violence and misogyny where the aggressor perceives which gender you present as, rather than what you identify as. Like if an amab or even afab masc-presenting person walked down the streets, compared to a more femme-presenting person, the second one would be more prone to misogynist comments and harassment.
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iinmortales · 6 days ago
so basically a guy at work today tried to gatekeep star wars and all scifi/fantasy, told me i wasn’t “losing points” for being a nerd because i own a lightsaber and swords, basically yelled at me in a shitty scottish accent because he thought my family was from scotland (we’re not), tried to tell me my favorite character in marvel was wrong cause he likes someone else better, asked my latino supervisor if he had been inducted into the mafia, and told one of the other guys i work with that he cant be a nerd because he’s black. 
this is going to be a long fucking week. 
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